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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. . breaking overnight florence henderson the "brady bunch" mom beloved mom of millions. people looking for deals and spending. >> donald trump spending part of his thanksgiving to keep 2,000 carrier jobs in the u.s.. protest against the dakota access oil pipeline in multiple force. >> aretha frenklin totally awesome rendition of the national anthem. man takes to the skies to a whole new level. "early today" starts right now. great being with you on this
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friday morning and we begin with breaking news overnight. the country waking up to learn about the loss many called america's tv mom. florence henderson star of the "brady bunch" has died of heart failure. the 82-year-old actress burst on to the scene as carol brady. generations of americans grew up watching reruns of the show. a favorite of millions around the world henderson was surrounded by her friends and family when she died in los angeles thanksgiving night. henderson was also a star on broadway and made countless television appearances including on the "tonight show". she was first woman to host when johnnie carson took time off. reaction is pouring in from around the globe. maureen mccormick tweeted this, florence henderson was a deer friend for so very many years and in my heart. and debra messing tweeted rest
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in peace florence henderson. florence henderson dead at the age of 82. taking a turn, on your mark and getting set and you're certainly going. right now millions of bargain hunters are out in force for black friday. they are already shopping or waiting for stores to open. according to national retail federation consumers are expected to drop nearly $656 million this holiday season. of that consumers are expected to wrap up $117 billion in online sales up 7% to 10% from last year. 137 million people plan to buy stuff this holiday weekend. jay gray is live for us at the newport city mall in new jersey. i can't tell, a lot of shoppers out there right now? >> you would be surprised. there are a lot of shoppers in the mall. the anchor stores have been open
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since last night. those shoppers getting a start on what analysts believe could be a record breaking black friday. shoppers getting a an early start on what some of the analysts believe tab record breaking friday. the deals began while the turkey was still warm. shoppers starting plaque friday on thursday. >> we came to buy some gifts. >> reporter: it comes today through the weekend when six if ten americans are expected to make a holiday purse. >> we know people are planning to spend more money this season as opposed to the last. >> reporter: sales are predicteding to up over last year. once again, big ticket items include electronic, high-tech and television, clothes also continue to be a go-to gift. ultimately, shoppers show up in stores or log in.
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>> yeah, i like the south. >> reporter: everyone looking for a bargain on plaque friday. now a couple of tips, make a list, experts say, keep you from getting into the frenzy the hype of black friday, also, bring your cell phone or your pad, check online, prepare to shop a. lot of stores will match something you find a lower price on. frances, i got you on my list. >> we are officially kicking off the holiday season as well, jay, thank you. president obama spent part of his last thanksgiving in the white house talking to troops. he thanked them for their service. president-elect donald trump spent part of the holiday tweeting he was trying to save jobs in indiana. some job loyalists are fighting against mitt romney as the
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administration's pick of secretary of state. >> reporter: donald trump at his palm beach estate, eager to show he's not just relaxing, tweeting, trying to get carriere company to stay in the u.s., in the midst of a move to mexico was a constant on the campaign trail. carriere, so far, no announcement. intelligence officials telling nbc news, mr. trump has received only two intelligence briefings since the election. far fewer than the nearly daily briefings. >> he is risking the security of the umgs. >> reporter: the washington first reported the news, noting vice president elect mike pence is getting a summary of key security developments, as well
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as the cia's covert operations. during president obama's transition, he requested extra briefings. president bush got into a routine after the recount. >> there is nothing as important for these briefings for the president of the united states. if he discounts then them, then, of course, there could be ramifications. >> reporter: the trump team says national security is his top priority. one senior intelligence official says it's too early with him busy forming his administration. who will be named next? all eyes on secretary of state the top contenders, new york mayor rudy guiliani, a trump loyalist and mitt romney, one of trump's biggest critics during the primary. >> donald trump sa phony, a fraud. >> reporter: a tweet praising loyalty in past secretary of states. echoed by other trump allies.
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>> i can think of 20 other people who would be naturally compatible with the the trump vision of foreign policy. >> reporter: the secretary general insisting he is dedicated. >> he supports nato. >> thanks, to nbc's kristen walker. green party nominee jill stein appears to have met her recount goal for michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin, all three states went trump. the campaign says it has so far raised more than $4.6 million toward funding the recount. a campaign lawyer says they will formally request recounts in the coming days. coming now to syria, where a u.s. service member has been killed. officials say the service member was killed when an ied was detonated. it is the first combat death in
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syria. at least one other american was injured in the attack as well. more than 3 million are advising the islamic state. right now, a massive manhunt is under way in california for two escaped inmates. they escaped from the santa clara county jail thanksgiving eve. four inmates cut the bars to their windows and used bed sheets and clothing to repel down from their 2nd store cell. two of the inmates were immediately caught. the sheriffs deputies add this particular section of the jail is the oldest part of the facility, constructed in the 1950s. it's uncleared if they're on the loose, they should be considered armed and desperate. miss piggy to the rescue.
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there was a moment during the macy's thanksgiving day prarksd right after the muppet diva sang when the parade float suddenly moved. tony bennett took a little spill. miss piggy was there to steady him for the save. also, new york city police officer andrew duffy who was shot last year, he proposed to his girlfriend. as you can imagine, her answer is yes. those aboard the international space station had an international space saving orbit. three brave men with jet packs, they went on the ride of their lives in the first formation flights. a heart pounding story alongside one of the best flight teams in the world. well, of course, they make it look so easy and effortless, but they're flying at 4,000 feet.
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last year they through near an airbus 380 circling the tallest build figure dubai. absolutely amazing they can him do that. just ahead, a thanksgiving tradition, which dog was issued best in show? meteorologist bonnie schneider is out there. >> a little rain no parts of england. for those of you traveling this weekend, watch how we are anticipating delays saturday a and sunday. watch out for that, windy weather if denver. another huge day for travel. that's a look at the big weather story of the day, now, here's . temperatures are cool in for the great lakes with highs in the 40s in cleveland. milder in atlanta. 74 in new orleans. nice 80 degrees in miami. nta.
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74 in new orleans, a nice 80 degrees in miami. degrees in miami. . >> so, frances, we are looking at very warm conditions in florida. many down there for thanksgiving. still ahead the trump ten. is donald trump really to blame for america's latest weight gain. when nationalities collide, chaos, especially when it's on tv on a tv talk show. we'll show you next.
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. it is a thanksgiving fate for millions. the national dog show t. big winner, gia the greyhound, she was the top hound in her group and won the best if show and she beat out 1,800 competitors. this is the fourth best in show in her career. she is the most winning hound in the country. a brawl broke out in the middle of a taping in a russian tv show in moscow.
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it erupted after a polish consultant insulted the living conditions in russia. the host challenged him. the other guests child in as well. look. he punches the polish man in the face. this makes for interesting tv, it was not aired in russia t. channel uploaded this video to youtube instead. calling it the trump 10. some hillary supporters have been eating sense he was elected president a. doctor says some patients have reported back sliding into comfort food since november 8th. meanwhile the losing diet app reported users following the election on shore, our thanksgiving feast yesterday didn't help either. still ahead the passing of a tv legend, florence henderson dead at the age of 82. george soros targeted over protests. steve cedric has those details
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♪ we wish we can show you all of it. some called it a delay of game. some called it the keep of soul's 4 minute rendition of the
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national anthem. aret ra franklin turned the star spangled banner into an amazing performance of the ages. we have a half a day of trading ahead for wall street. 100 million americans head to malls and stores this weekend and donald trump working to keep carriere in the united states. steve, happy friday. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, frances, very interesting. it may be 4:18 on the east coast at the moment. it's a brief window when macys opened again. it's a huge shopping week here. we're talking 8 billion in three days. that's just the online shopping day of all time. the retailers are making hey. don't forget there is 3.trillion debt in america. elsewhere, very interesting to
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see that george soros is getting attack by donald trump supporters, accusing him of organizing protests across the country. he says, no, it's not true. he is disavowing himself from those connections. donald trump says he is making progress in keeping indiana factories open. he says making progress, we'll know soon. he is trying to keep those jobs in the united states before going to mexico. >> we'll see if that happens. steve, thank you very much. just ahead, donald trump's airplane has gold plated fixtures, will he take over air force one when he takes the oval office? you are watching "early today." " see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> mr. of his rallies, one of the most recognizable planes with the exception of air force one. so how do these boeing jets compare? we take a closer look at both planes. >> reporter: they are the two most famous planes in the sky, air fofs one and trump's own plane. one represents the strength of the united states. it even has its own movie. >> get off my plane! >> reporter: the other the strength of the trump brand as seen in this promotional video. you will notice the seatbelts as well as everything else are 24
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karat gold plated. when donald trump assumes his presidency, is he updating or taking a trip back? air force one is a supd up boeing 23re6r7b, 231 feet long. it can seat 1 humidity and reach top speeds of 700 miles an hour. trump's plane is a smallerp 57, it's 155 feet long, reaches speeds of 660 miles per hour. >> when you get on air force one, you are struck by the sheer enormous size. all of the white house, the defense department and some other departments do cram into one airplane. >> reporter: the trump plane is no budget airline. it has gold plated seatbelts a. bathroom with gold plated fixtures, on board features a. trumpish flare that could be brought to air force one. >> the president can put
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anything he wants on air force one. there is an enormous budget to take care of the president. >> if it lacks immeants, it lacks up for what is most important. security. it has electric shields average, fully functioning hospital. an ad advanced communications capability, including 87 different telephones, for the president is always in touch. for air force one, security, priority number one. if trump wanted, will he be allowed to fly on his plane? >> the secret service will say it can't be done. the security will win out in the end. >> a fascinating look inside, still ahead the bizarre story of a california mom abducted three weeks ago and found alive along the road, that story is here on "early today." here on "early today." strength to outru. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" black friday well under way as employees and shoppers hit stores starting last night and this morning we're live inside a toys "r" us with more on what you can expect today. a 2-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot in the stomach on thanksgiving. police say his 4-year-old cousin pulled the trigger. and breaking overnight the actress who played the beloved mrs. brady has died. before we get to those stories we begin with more breaking news out of hamilton township, atlantic county. there's a police investigation at the hamilton mall right now. we do have a crew at the scene gathering information and nbc 10
4:29 am
matt delucia is heading there as we speak. let's take a live look at the mall parking lot. this is right in front of the macy's store. the mall is not open. according to its website the mall opens in a few hours from now 6:00 a.m. there's a lot of police activity in the parking lot. crime scene tape and markers are on the ground. as soon as matt delucia arrives we'll bring you a live report. as always get breaking news updates on the nbc 10 app. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm katy zachary. >> i'm rosemary connors. a lot to get to this morning. we'll stay on top of that breaking news. we hope you had a great thanksgiving. we'll guide you through the holiday shopping. we begin with meteorologist chrissal klei. >> good morning. looking at spotty showers but we'll still be in the forecast today. kind of like yesterday. this is not a wash out forecast. if you have plans to go shopping braving the malls later you should be fine.
4:30 am
toss that umbrella in the car for just in case situation especially in the afternoon hours writ looks more likely we'll see spot showers develop. for your weekend winds starting to pick up saturday into sunday. not as gusty as what we saw this past weekend into early week but winds starting to increase yet again. and as we move ahead that long term extended forecast the next big system, looks like it could bring us quite a bit of rain by mid next week. we're at 44 degrees in philadelphia and 39 in wilmington. lancaster at 43 degrees and 39 atlantic city. so overall again most of us are above freezing. not a bad start to our morning. temperature wise forecast conditions will be similar to what we saw yesterday. for radar and satellite clouds at this point no, rain to track but coming up in a few minutes we'll track the shower potential and talk more about your hour by hour temperatures. let's talk now traffic w


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