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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and 20 minutes of nonstop news begins with rain showers that could put a damper on your friday night plans. we're tracking a system moving into our area from the northwest. >> you should pack your patience and your umbrella if you're planning to go out for black friday shopping. we're monitoring the changing conditions to help you prepare. >> it's certainly a -- satellite radar image picking up on those
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clouds, you see those clouds on the screen here and some green on the screen, otherwise condition s mainly dry right no. > getting this into motion, you can start to see the green on the screen heed in our direction, so i do expect between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00, some showers moving through, current temperatures along the jersey shore mainly in the 50s. temperatures slightly above normal for this time of year. little egg harbor currently at 52 degrees. lots of talk about because we do have a rainfall deficit, we may make a dent in it tuesday,
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wednesday and thursday. i got up early, tried to hit the mall and then get out of here. >> plan everything out, anything figure out which stores we're getting our kids things from. >> this year we could see a change in tradition. >> and it's affecting how stores handal the season. >> you're in the second largest mall in the entire country so how are the crowds looking right now? >> reporter: one of the busiest days here at king of prussia, the second largest mall in the entire country, we're monitoring projections to see whether or not the sales fixtures on black friday hold up, if they do hold up, it will mean that sales
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projections are down again this black friday. she's just one of the thousands flooding the nation eels second largest mall. here they're expecting 500,000 people to come through the weekend, more than last year. >> we have held at a state rate the past few years and most of our stores have hired us for the holidays. >> reporter: but across the country, black friday appears to be fading. last year americans sent $2.3 billion on black friday at all. just under 100 million people will shop today, that will be the lowest level of black friday shopping in 10 years. >> reporter: across the country, stores are hiring roughly
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650,000 seasonal workers. meira hunt hopes one of them can help her find that perfect holiday sweater. and to give you an idea of how important today is for retailers, between today black friday and christmas, retailer will make about 30% of their annual profit. in the jewelry industry, that's as high as 40%. >> sky force 10 was over the king of prussia mall not long after it opened this morning, you can see the parking lot packed as people wasted no time searching for deals in the second largest mall in america. people were also up bright and early in delaware, sky force 10 over the christiania mall in newark, they opened at 6:00 a.m. and hundreds of people were already parked outside. and it was the same thing at the dept forth mall, they also
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opened their doors at 6:00 a.m. all three malls will keep their doors open until 10:00 tonight. if you still plan on going out tonight, download your nbc10 app right on your smart phone. we have a list of stores with the biggest discounts. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a parking lot shooting at the hamilton mall. and today we learned the two victims are brothers. >> nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long joins us from the hamilton mall. >> reporter: i can tell you on what is supposed to be a fun and spirited jovial day. they knew about the shooting and it sort of darkened or dampened
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the mood here. there's crime tape in parking lot area s. these two brothers it seems may have been ambushed. investigators won't confirm whether or not the deadly shooting outside the hamilton mall overnight was h targetedor random. besite those items, detectives placed dozens of shell case evidence markers. >> i ga friend of the friend ofe victim wouldn't share his name on camera, just his condolences to the brothers. >> they told me they were out and had a good time and then that happened. >> reporter: investigators say one of the brothers was shot in the leg and may be key to telling them exactly what happened. the man who died was arrested back in march, he was charged
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with obstruction of justice in a shooting in a crime where severe on were wounded and four weapons were confiscated. i didn't know the guy like that. but it's sad, losing somebody at thanksgiving, black friday. it's unreal. >> detectives return to the mall today as did shoppers who were heart broken to learn a shopper had been killed. >> it's supposed to be a holiday, be happy, family, so i would rather not know what's inside, i want to stay positive. >> and, guys we do know one person died in the moments after the shooting, but in terms of getting our hands on the mall security footage.
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>> meantime an actress known as america's mom has passed away. >> florence henderson was known for her iconic role on "the brady bunch." henderson played carol brady's for the show's five seasons, her character, the mother of a large blended family became a cultural icon. fans have been gathering on the hollywood walk of fame. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news,
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the man whose yusk -- rachel's son and omar's son were both inside of the home at the time of the shooting. george spencer is live where the 2-year-old boy is still in the hospital. >> reporter: that little boy remains in stable but critical conditions and his parents are now charged for allowing those kids to somehow access that gun. it's a family that has known plenty of tragedy. this north philadelphia front stoop was quiet today, a somber contrast to the tears of loved ones flowing here last night, after a 2-year-old boy was accidently shot by his own young cousin yesterday, turning
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thanksgiving day into a day of shock for the victim's mother and father. >> my baby, my baby, my baby. >> reporter: she was screaming? >> yes, my baby, my baby, my baby. >> reporter: now we learn that the parents are being charged with neglecting the welfare of the child. they were cooking thanksgiving dump when their 2-year-old son and his 4-year-old cousin got a hold of the gun and hit the 2-year-old in the chest and the hand. it's not the family's first brush of tragedy. another of their children have been battling cancer. >> she's just finished going through it. >> reporter: now it is their young son in the fight of his life. >> parents, if they have guns, please, please have it in the
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security spot. with kids, you know, don't touch it. >> reporter: that is a reminder that several of the neighbors -- they actually found two handguns in that family's home. this investigation is ongoing, but for family and neighbors, the focus is on this 2-year-old boy in the hospital. now to the presidential transition. president-elect donald trump is back at work today. just hours ago he named kathleen casey mcfarland as the deputy security advisor. she will work long side the national security advisor. trump also named donald mcgahn
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who will serve as white house counsel. this comes as another possible pick is causing some controversy. many supporters are upset got trump considering former republican nominee mitt romney. yesterday kellyanne conway addressed the dispute. she side receiving a deluge of social media and -- in another tweet she made other secretary of state saying kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state flew around the world less, counseled potus more. this comes after trump celebrat celebrated thanksgiving with his family. the meal had six choices of main
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courses, including turkey, beef tenderloin and leg of lampe. there were eight choices of dessert. donald trump's post said, quote, ready to eat, so much to be thankful for this year. new details on former green party nominee jill stein's effort to force a recount in three battle ground states. today she's expected to file an appeal from wisconsin. she's also trying to get enough funding to force recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. president-elect trump won pennsylvania by a narrow margin. former delaware bureau beaches are set to get a beach. rehoboth beach are getting an $11 million sand infusion. it's part of a long term beach
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restoration project. al. and the state park is offering a black friday deal, admission to all state parks is free today. hiking and bike trails will be open. this is the second year of this black friday deal. and spieaking of getting outdoors, music and holiday cheer at the center city hall today. hundreds of christmas lights and of course santa claus. it's split between the city's may have been courtyard and the -- you can celebrate the holiday season in camden county, it's the fist night of haddonfield's candle light
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shopping. tonight there's a tree lighting ceremony at 6:30, followed by santa's arifle. it's beginning to look a lot like winter, take a live look at the blue cross river rink. it didn't take long for people to get out and lays up those ice skates. >> andrea klein-thomas is out there lye. >> reporter: it's the day after thanksgiving, there is no school here today, so people just got their whole families together so they could come down. we talked to kids specifically, we wanted to know what they felt about being down here. for 8-year-old diana foggial, coming to winter fest has become her family's thanksgiving tradition. how much do you like coming here. >> i can't even tell you.
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too much. >> reporter: winter fest reopened today, this year visitors will notice some changes. >> it looks much nicer over there, they have more chairs and more fireplaces. >> the food and games have returned and just for opening day. 4. >> what is the best part of this whole part. ? >> ice skating. >> ice skating continues to be something that the whole family can even joy.
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>> reporter: adults are having a great time too. we'll be reporting on that in the next hour. >> i heard andrea was going to try on ice skates out there. tune in next friday at 7:00 p.m. look at this, the morning team of tracy davidson, vai sikehema. if you're not in the mood to any black friday shopping, you can join in on small business saturday. the city of philadelphia is
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trying to make it easy for you was no meter parking. shoppers can also park at certain lots for a flat rate of $8 on saturday and sunday. >> dealing with some rain today, what will it look like tonight? >> that's right, keith and erin, we have some passing clouds with fog. t the holiday weekend, it will be dry on saturday and sunday, and it will be gusty for the second half of your weekend. a live look outside seeing overcast skies. 53 degrees, the winds are calm, we see mainly 50s, fox chase 53.
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andorra 51. and port richmond current temperatures 43 degrees. hour by hour forecast starting at 4:00 p.m. you can see the greens on the screen and those will light showers working their way towards norther towards north philly. your three-day outlook looks like this. temps in the low 50s, sunday seeing a mix of sun and clouds, and monday i am tracking the potential for heavy downpours, especially tuesday and wednesday. lehigh valley seeing some upper 40s on sunday. this will be the coolest day of the weekend with those breezes and those increases gusts. otherwise your future cast outlook, i'm going to track this for you starting monday into
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tuesday, because we do need some rain showers and it looks like we just might get this as we get into motion there, we can see those greens on the screen, all those showers moving across the entire delaware valley, so more rain on the way, so the good news is we will make a dent in that rainfall. here is your 10-day on 10. tomorrow temperatures averaging out in the lower 50s, upper 50s tuesday, and wednesday, we're going to see low 60s, so certainly temperatures will be very comfortable and mild. and then tracking some showers for the first half of thursday, be sure you follow us on social media at nbc philadelphia for more updates. many of us shop online, of course to score those big deals of the holiday season. >> but there is a big warning about using free public wi-fi. the nbc10 responds team has the information you need to protect your personal information and your money.
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plus a tale of two ski seasons, how the poconos is preparing for a busy winter after a slow start to the slopes last year. and a new job title for president-elect donald trump. we'll explain the meaning behind this bizarre santa claus display. stocks closed higher today, posting a three-week winning streerk. streak .
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taking a live look at citizen's bank park. >> it was not black friday sales, it was red phillies day. they took holiday photos on the field with the phillies ball
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girls. fans cashed in on jerseys, hats and bottles. >> and the flyers fans came to purchase -- you'll find discounted items online on cyber monday. let's take a live look right now, wells fargo center, the flyers took on the new york rangers this afternoon. the flyers came up short, they lost 3-2, but now crews have to turn this around, change the floor, get ready for the philadelphia 76ers. here's time lapse video, how long it takes to go from ice to hard wood. it takes does s s dozens of peo to go through the process. >> it's coming. >> that's right.
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>> slowly. >> hopefully the sixers notch another win too under their belts. while children are making their holiday wish lists, parents should be checking them twice. >> the toys that could lead to an emergency room visit and how to pick out a give it for the little ones in your life. >> there's some snow on the ground at the pocono ski resorts, but they still need mother nature to cooperate. and we have the answers as far as mother nature's concerned, so be sure you download the free nbc10 app for more information.
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right now at 4:00, up in the
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poconos, they're doing the snow dance right now. the ski resorts have gotten a much better start than the slow start last year because of the cooler temperatures. >> most resorts are planning on an early december opening. >> reporter: if it were just a few degrees colder, there would -- >> right now we're still hopeful for december 9 for our opening date, but it's all going to depend on mother nature. >> reporter: we have got at least two feet of man-made snow right here, but the plan over the next few days and weeks is to monitor mother nature to make sure the temperature and humidity reach the critical point to keep those snow makers working overtime. over at camel back mountain, the same story, the snow guns are
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firing, but they'll need a few more days too. it all can't cool soon enough for the jennings family. >> i like it because you get to spend time with family and friends and it's really nice. >> they're stocking up on discounted ski supplies. but hoping for a better season than last year. >> last year there was no snow. >> reporter: 2015 saw the pocon poconos struggle amid one of the warmest snow seasons in history. they say this season it's looking better as long as it stays cool. >> everybody is real eager, after the short season we had last year, the whole area was affected. we're looking forward to a good one. first alert radar is tracking rain showers moving through parts of our area tonight. grab an umbrella if you're still heading out this evening for some black friday shopping. >> let's take a live look now at
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8th and market streets in center city, where there's no rain out there. we know many of you probably have friday night plans, whether it's shopping, maybe going out for dinner, a lot going on. >> that includes the traffic that i was referring to of course. >> erika martin is here to get you prepared. >> a live look outside, you can expect some showers later, i will show you in just a bit in our hour by hour, and if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your neighborhood forecast. it was a lovely day, the temperature was around the normal high of 53 degrees. so overall a pretty nice day. neighborhood forecasts right now for jersey, 53 degrees. florence 51, princeton 59 and robbinsville currently at 53 degrees. satellite and rare images picking up on these clouds.
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seeing one or two passing showers. otherwise everything right now is mainly dry, but we do have some showers on the way. a sneak peek into the holiday weekend, it does look dry on saturday and sunday, also gustier, so keep that in mind, and your hour by hour forecast is picking up on some showers moving towards the northeast as the low pressure system continues to work its way to the northeast. i do have more information coming up in the 10-day on 10. tonight investigators are trying to figure out who's behind a deadly shooting at the hamilton mall on black friday. two brothers were shot just steps from the macy's store early this morning. a 20-year-old was killed, his brother was shot in the leg and survived. it's not clear if the shooting was targeted eed or random. a philadelphia couple is
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waiting to see if charges will be filed in the shooting of their 2-year-old. sky force 10 over the black friday crowds at the cherry hill mall. some people trying to get into spaces some people trying to get out of spaces. hundreds lined up to be the first inside the mall of america, outside minneapolis this morning. the first 200 guests were given gift cards ranging in value from $10 to $500. others received mystery scratchoff tickets for prizes. >> this morning people took to the aisles of toys "r" us. some left with their cart pretty
4:35 pm
full. one mom says there is one main reason why she's out so early. >> go out while she's sleeping, get it home, put it away and she has no clue. >> some people we talked to were to committed to getting to the stores right when they opened, they slept in the parking lot. >> that's commitment there. in delaware, shoppers crowded into the kohl's store in cam deafen. kohl's is open 24 hours. and if you still have to go out to the store tonight, the nbc10 app is your holiday shopping guide. it all started with an accidental text message ended in an open invitation to thanksgiving dinner.
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>> why a grand mother welcomed a young stranger to her thanksgiving dinner with open arm and the message they hope they'll send this holiday season. how breast feeding can help's the pain for babies after some of their doctor's visits.
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the president-elect is getting a new job title in japan. a huge statue called santa trump is now on display there. it depicts the soon to be commander in chief holding a smart phone and a sign reading, make america pen pineapple apple pen. each year homes in the area are adorned with santa's designed to depict news events from the past year. >> i'll be looking that one up a
4:40 pm
little bit later. experts want to make sure that toys are safe for your children. avoid buying toys with small pieces or long cords for children under 3, they could cause a choking hazards. make sure there's no is -- projectile air rockets, darts, slingshots, they aren't recommend for young children of any age. beebee guns should also not be considered toys. a new study finds a benefit of breast feeding you probably haven't heard of before. breast feeding may help ease baby's pain during vaccinations, they observed 10,000 infants as they were struck with a needle. those who were nursing appeared
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to feel less pain. first alert weather is tracking some friday night rain. >> the great news is for this holiday weekend, travel, everything will clear, we have temperatures in the 50s on saturday, but a gusty southern beach forecast coming up. don't forget that nbc10 is your official eagles statement. join us on sunday at 9:30 and we'll have a look at jeremiah trotter's career. you won't want to miss it.
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i love this story. an accidental text message led to a unique thanksgiving.
4:45 pm
>> wanda dench mistakenly added a t to a text message september. but when the teen pointed out the mistake, the dench family invited him anyway. >> i want to get to know him. >> the teen later went to his real grandmother's house for a thanksgiving meal. their story has gone viral, being viewed by millions online. >> it was like where were you? where did you go? the christmas season has officially arrived at the white house. first lady michelle obama was on hand to receive a huge christmas tree this morning. the 19-foot douglas fir tree was delivered to the white house this morning. it was dropped off by horse and
4:46 pm
carriage as is tradition. the christmas tree will go on display in the white house blue room. and the icon it christmas tree is all right on display in rockefeller center. the 94-foot tall tree is being decorated with more than 15,000 lights. you can watch the flip of the switch on the tree at rockefeller center right here on nbc10. tune in to christmas at rockefeller center next wednesday at 7:00 p.m. take a look right now at the blue cross river reasoning winter fest at penn's landing. the famous ice rink is open. the blue cross riverrink winter fest is open now through january 5.
4:47 pm
you can skate on december 3 through 18, 1:00 through 5:00 p.m. we do have a link to more information on the nbc10 mobile app. be sure to tune in next friday at 7:00 p.m., the morning team, tracy davidson, va ooirk -- to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. it will be a show with special music performances and guests. we're dealing with some rain in some spots, let's get right over to first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> we had a pretty nice day with overkas skies. right now averaging temperatures from the low 50s to upper 40s. with conditions right now are pretty mild as far as
4:48 pm
temperatures go, it looks like west bradford township at 50, gilbertsville also seeing 50, bedminster also seeing 49 degrees. 52 for newark, greenville 51 degrees. so notice these temperatures are really comfortable right now. lincoln 53, allendale 56 and redding current temperature 55 degrees. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. here's the current weather story, satellite and radar story picking up on some clouds right around the philly metro area. one or two passing showers, but it's really overcast right now and notice the lowering clouds ceilings so i do expect some areas of patchy fog to develop soon enough as the overnight hours go. as far as precip, that will be
4:49 pm
our hour by hour forecast starting at 4:30 p.m., that continues to work its way northeastward there, by about 6:00 p.m., we're seeing passing showers, certainly not going to be a washout, but not going to be dry, give yourself some extra time because of those areas of patchy fog, everything clearing by early tomorrow morning. otherwise temperatures tomorrow morning mainly in the 50s, wild wood seeing 52, 54 for the most part, philadelphia 53 for you, wilmington 53 degrees, and harrington 53 degrees as well. your 10-day on 10, we have a little bit of a mixed bag, because sunday, temperature also drop. on monday clouds develop as a low pressure system develops right around the ohio valley, monday, tuesday, wednesday, a second system develops from the
4:50 pm
southwest and heads in our direction, bringing us more showers for the first half of thursday, but then its does dry up by friday and saturday. back to you. more and more shoppers are tackling their holiday to do list online. >> but there is a warning about using public wi-fi when your shop. the nbc10 responds team has the information you need to protect your personal information before making your next purchase.
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it is the busiest shopping day of the year for shopping.
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you can see its pretty packed in there right now. right now at 4:00, nbc10 responds with the risks of free public wi-fi. >> a lot of people in there of course probably using that. and what seems like convenience could put your personal information in danger. >> reporter: it's never been easier to stay connected. public wi-fi is the way to stay connected on the go. but if you do log on to a free wi-fi network, your personal investigation is at risk. thieves can put up fake websites to hack you. here's how to stay save, first change the settings on your phone so it doesn't connect to the nearest wi-fi. any time you login with a password, that information and anything in your accounts could be vulnerable to hackers. next, don't online shop on
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public wi-fi, add items to your shopping cart, but don't put any credit card information in until you're on a secure server. and you might also consider getting a virtual private network. it's a small price to pay to protect your identity. if you have a problem for nbc10 responds let us know. the first ways to reach us are right there on your screen and we will respond to you. question for you, were you brave enough to shop at the mall today? i wasn't. >> not me. >> no way. >> look at this scene from the cherry hill mall. parking lot after parking lot filled with cars. why are stores worried about sales on this black friday? i am tracking some showers moving through, overnight into
4:56 pm
tomorrow, however things look better on saturday and sunday. >> plus a thanksgiving tragedy for a family in north philadelphia, what was learned about the parents of a 2-year-old boy who was accidentally shot and the criminal charges they now face.
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4:58 pm
. right now at 5:00. new details in the shooting of a toddler in north philadelphia.
4:59 pm
these are the child's parents who are now facing charges. >> police say their nephew accidentally shot their 2-year-old son yesterday. george? >> reporter: we know that family members and loved ones have been arriving to this hospital all day to hold vigil over that 2-year-old boy in critical but stable condition. it comes as we have also confirmed that his parents are now facing charges of endangerment in this thanksgiving day accident. on north 9th street, just after sunset last night, a thanksgiving day police investigation after a 4-year-old boy accidently shot his 2-year-old cousin while they were playing with a gun in the living room. >> it was horrible. you know, it breaks me in pieces because it's a baby, you know what i mean? it's a baby with another baby. >> reporter: tonight we have confirmed the parents of that
5:00 pm
young victim are being faced with charges for allowing that little boy to get hold of the gun. the kids got a hold of the weapon somewhere in the living room. neighbors say the boy's father ran out screaming. >> my baby, my baby, my baby. >> reporter: he was screaming? >> he was screaming, my baby, my baby. >> reporter: outside the empty house today, we saw the family's grill, they're known for selling barbecued meats on street corners as a way to maker ends meet as their daughter fights cancer. >> she just finished it. maybe she's probably in remission. >> reporter: police now tell us thi they ended up finding two handguns in the home, a painful reminder for parents to keep any weapons locked up and away from kids. >> it's a sad story, it's very sad. >> reporter: again t


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