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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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thinking small. shoppers on this black friday. could end up saving you some cash on saturday. weekend rains. some showers moving through parts of the region right now. what you can expect to see in the morning next in our exclusive neighborhood forecast. me and my old lady hit the floor. >> homes hit. what people in one local neighborhood had happen tonight. nbc10 news at 11:00 starts now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. we begin with skyforce10 live over breaking news at philadelphia's kensington section. you can see here the aftermath of a shoot-out involving police. skyforce10 is just arriving there. officers fired several shots at a suspect they were chasiing
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along east clear field street. one person has been hurt. it appears that was the suspect. we're going to monitor that intersection. as soon as we know more details, we'll let you know. more breaking news to tell you about, this time in south philly. an armored truck has overturned. skyforce10 was over that scene moments ago. this is happening at island and pen rose streets. we are still working to find out if anyone has been hurt. let's take a right hand turn to the black friday frenzy winding down and a push now to let local businesses benefit at the start of the holiday shopping season. nbc10 in south jersey tonight where stores are getting the message out that you can save big by thinking small. nbc10's drew smith is live in haddonfield, camden county. the biggest shopping day of the year may be ending, but still plenty of deals to be had. right, drew? >> reporter: you know, these shoppers have so much energy. some of them started on
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thanksgiving, went all day through black friday today. but if tonight was any indication, with a little pre-event down here in haddonfield, these shops will be packed again tomorrow. people shopping small, taking advantage of sales on downtown streets like this one. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: the flip of a switch ushers out thanksgiving and black friday and welcomes holiday shoppers to small businesses in haddonfield. >> very excited, and we hope we get a lot of presents. >> reporter: kids and adults are excited to check items off their list. >> this is kind of the kickoff for the season. it's really, really nice. ♪ >> reporter: the businesses here know it's important to add a little extra to bring out the crowds in such a competitive marketplace. that's why they light up the sidewalks with candles. >> that will bring a lot of people through this weekend. >> reporter: king's highway shut down to allow for as much foot traffic as possible. minus the occasional horse-drawn
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carriage. >> small town feel. they really do it up with the lights and they have santa claus. >> reporter: santa was in high demand. families all wanted a picture. >> smile! >> reporter: people told us they take pride in where they live. that's why they support small business, and they'll be back saturday. >> happy holidays. >> reporter: it's not just stores feeling the holiday warmth. kids from the camden youth outreach group are selling decorations for a great cause. >> instead of spending money at a walmart or another store that has a lot, you could put money towards a group that does a lot for the community and benefits kids who need help. >> reporter: we talked to some of the shop owners down here. they say the small business saturday idea has grown year after year, and they expect it to be solid again tomorrow. but it also continues through the end of this year. haddonfield doing those candle light shopping every friday night through the end of the year. drew smith, nbc10 news. >> drew, thank you so much. if you hadn't been to that
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haddonfield there, you got to go during the holiday season. if you still want to head out in search of those deals this weekend, the nbc10 app is your complete guide to holiday shopping. download it for free to get the forecast for tonight right on your smartphone. plus we have 2016 holiday shopping trends and a list of stores with the biggest discounts. some shoppers, though, were greeted with rain as they headed out tonight. we're tracking showers. in fact, right now. nbc10 in franklin square tonight where the weather held out for this holiday display. so now the question is what could we expect to see in the morning? with the answer, we turn to meteorologist erika martin. what is it? >> a really nice saturday overall. we did see some scattered showers earlier. it's still a little overcast and? areas of patchy fog. you see some showers still coming down right now. really not a bad night at all. things will start to improve through the overnight hours. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. satellite and radar image
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picking up on mainly overcast skies. hour by hour forecast, starting at 11:00 p.m., getting this going through early tomorrow morning. notice we are seeing a break in those showers. otherwise, conditions for tonight just a little slick. so keep that in mind. neighborhoods right now for the most part along the shore were seeing 50s. uner 40s for egg harbor township. may's landing, 48 for you. atlantic city, current temperature 49 degrees. your fog forecast through the overnight hours, visibility hindered just a little bit. but look at this. by early tomorrow morning, we certainly see an improvement. so a much better saturday in the forecast. the sunshine makes a comeback. i have more details coming up in the full forecast. back to you, keith. in the meantime, we're going to take another look at skyforce10 live over that breaking news in philadelphia's kensington section. a lot of cars in the intersection because we've learned a shoot-out happened here within the last hour involving police. officers fired several shots at a suspect they were chaising here along east clearfield
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street. we do know at this point one person has been hit. it appears that person was the suspect. up to this point, no officers have been hurt. no reports at least. we have a crew headed here on the ground. we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything new. in the meantime, skyforce10 is going to fly over top of that intersection as police continue to investigate. new at 11:00, a motorcycle crash leaves one rider dead and another critically hurt. philadelphia police say the motorcycle crashed into a jeep along grant avenue in northeast philly. it happened around 6:45 tonight. a man on the bike was killed. the woman is in critical condition. the people inside the jeep weren't hurt. also new tonight, neighbors in west philadelphia are on edge after eight homes were hit by gunfire. police say it happened around 7:00 on fallon and westminster streets. we spoke with one man who was watching tv when the bullets started flying.
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>> came through the window and shattered. me and my old lady hit the floor. laid there for about two minutes and then eventually checked around the house and made sure everybody was all right. >> he says his window and door were damaged. fortunately, though, no one was hurd. not the case here. a man is dead, his brother hurt after they were shot in a mall parking lot early this morning. police say demond cotman was shot and killed outside hamilton mall in atlanta county just one hour after the mall closed its doors this morning. his brother was shot in the leg. the shooting happened just 30 steps from the front door of the macy's store. shoppers told us the crime dampened their black friday moods. >> it's a little scary now that i know that there was a shooting right here where i parked. >> tonight we have confirmed that the victim who died was arrested back in march for being, quote, uncooperative in connection with a shooting inside the taj mahal casino. it's unclear if these two shootings have any connection. a pair of north philadelphia
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parents have been charged after their son was accidentally shot by his cousin on thanksgiving. rachel santiago and omar vega have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. investigators say they were making thanksgiving dinner yesterday when the kids got a hold of the weapon somewhere in the living room. the toddler was shot in the chest. >> my baby, my baby, my baby. >> he was screaming that? >> he was screaming. yeah, screaming. save my baby. my baby. >> police say they found two hand gngs inside the home. the victim is in critical but stable condition at saint christopher's hospital. turning now to the transition to trump. the president-elect continues to round out his administration this holiday weekend. today he announced he's filled two more posts. donald mcgone will serve as white house counsel. he's trump's campaign lawyer. he got his law degree from widener university, and he's former campaign chairman of the
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fec. as white house council, m gone's job could involve putting distance between president-elect trump and his business dealings. critics say those businesses could pose conflicts of interest. and the trump team also announced that kt mac far land will serve as deputy national security adviser. she's the third woman named to the trump team, which faced criticism after the initial picks were all white men. meanwhile, the white house is ready for the holidays. look at this. today first lady michelle obama welcomed the official white house christmas tree for her last time. the 19-foot fir tree aroarrivedn a horse drawn carriage. the tree will be decorated in the blue room to honor the u.s. military. mrs. obama will unveil the decorations on tuesday. and the holiday season has arrived in penn's landing. the blue cross river rink is open for business there tonight, and that is just the beginning of what you can enjoy at this
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year's winter fest. nbc10's brandon hudson joins us live from penn's landing with more on how people are enjoying themselves. i see a lot of people out there on the ice. >> reporter: yeah, keith. we just got people on the ice in the last five minutes or so. you can see just how packed this rink is. the zamboni came in not too long ago. it was looking nice and clean before everyone gnd of in a cen location. if anyone is not ice skating, they're enjoying their time outside. they're also indoors. we've got fire pits and the arcades. this is a family tradition for a lot of people. but we met some first-timers who had a memorable first time at winter fest. >> this is so pretty out here. oh, my god. >> reporter: for deanna and her cousins, it's their first ever trip to the blue cross/blue shield winterfest at penn's landing. we joined them on the ice rink through several near falls and breakthrough moments. >> yay, you're doing it! >> reporter: the three girls are from north jersey, visiting
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philly for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> we wanted to do something fun. >> reporter: deanna says a family member found out about winterfest. it's attracted several thousand on opening night despite a rainy evening. the general manager at winterfest hopes to break last year's record of 110,000 visitors. >> we took a parking lot and created it into a winter wonderland. >> reporter: and maybe more visitors as the greater philadelphia area has seen a slight growth in yearly domestic visits since 2013. that's according to visit philly's most recent visitation and economic impact of tourism summary. among all the new attractions, new fire pits kept people warm as good company warmed the heart. the rain didn't make the visit any less magical for victoria stafford's family. parents victoria and joe brought their 2-month-old gavin. >> this is our family tradition. we love this. this whole entire setup gets better and better every single year. >> reporter: winterfest will be going on throughout the end of the year, and if all of this doesn't get you in the christmas
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spirit, maybe next week will when they light the christmas tree. we'll be here for that as well. live here at penn's landing, brandon hudson, nbc10 news. zamboni, too. ice force 10 out there. brandon, thank you so much. tune in next friday at 7:00 p.m. the morning team of tracy davidson, bill henley, and jessica will be live at the blue cross river rink to bring you the holiday tree lining. brandon just mentioned it. it will be a show filled with great musical performances and special guests. you won't want to miss it. almost set on the slopes. ski season is about to kick off at the poconos, but they could still use a little help. when you might be able to hit the mountains. that's next. too much of a good thing. why a sudden surge of shoppers meant headaches for one major retailer today. and behind the bogus stories. a new report that blames a certain someone for helping spread fake news online leading up to the election. and, keith, i'm tracking the
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last of those rain showers pushing offshore. i do have your weekend forecast coming up on the other side of the break. we'll see you then. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. we have an yuch date to breaking news.
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skyforce10 live over an accident in south philadelphia. it's nearby where that armored truck overturned. now we understand a car has driven into a police cruiser near the scene of that accident. this is near the platt bridge. that's what we're looking at right now. i want to show you the armored truck now at island and penrose street just to bring you up to speed. that is what police were attempting to block, an overturned armored vehicle. still not sure if anyone was hurt here. again, the live picture we just showed you before, a car running into a police cruiser, blocking that street near the platt bridge. as soon as we work this whole thing out and bring you, if there's any injury in this, we'll make sure we get it back to you. in the meantime, i want to show you this live picture. ski season has almost arrived. this is camel back mountain resort up in the poconos where the snow guns are firing, creating that manmade snow. nbc10 also visited blue mountain ski resort in carbon county today, where the trails have a
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foundation of machine-made snowpack. but it needs to get a bit cooler for snow guns to cover the whole mountain. last year the poconos struggled amid one of the warmest decembers in history. the resorts say this season things are looking better as soon as it stays cold. >> anybody who enjoys snow sports is real eager after the short type of season we had last year, the whole region was affected. so, yeah, i think we're ready. >> blue mountain is hoping to ep its slopes on december 9th. big boulder opens this weekend. but just a couple of trails. but mild temperatures, of course, some rain dominating the forecast right now. erika martin, will they stick around for the morning? >> we do have mild conditions, but i'm ready for the snow, keith. a live look outside. we do have drier conditions right now. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local fabd forecast. it's quiet right now in philadelphia, but we were seeing some scattered showers earlier. otherwise, current temperatures in the neighborhood or mainly seeing some mid-40s.
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west mount currently at 46 degrees. chestnut hill, 44 for you. port richmond, warmer at 50 degrees. a little gustier for the lehigh valley. kutztown at 44. nazareth, 43. bath, 43. that's your current temperature. suburbs seeing mid-to-upper 40s. so conditions as far as temperatures go, pretty mild for tonight into the morning hours. it looks like exton is currently at 43, and malvern, 42 degrees. new hope currently in the mid-40s. notice show showers pretty much pushing offshore. otherwise, hour by hour showers pushing offshore and clearing by early tomorrow morning. we will see some clouds early saturday and improving as the day progresses. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. here is your fog forecast. visibility hindered just a little bit through the overnight hours but improving tomorrow
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morning as everything starts to mix out. the sun will kim ocome out and improve everything. the travel looks like this. improving by saturday and sunday. it does get gusty for the second half of your saturday into sunday. notice these cooler temperatures. philadelphia mainly seeing mid-to-upper 40s. lehigh valley, mid-40s for you. delaware, 50s on sunday. saturday morning, we are seeing variable winds. then temperatures starting off in the 30s. a few low 30s for the lehigh valley. 40s for philly. vo voorhees, upper 30s to kick off your saturday. future cast outlook. we do have a lot of rain in the forecast for next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. coming up in final, we will talk about your ten day on 10. many black friday shoppers decided to shop online instead of dealing with the crowds this year. but that doesn't mean everything went smoothly. for instance, macy's website couldn't keep up with the demand. some shoppers trying to load the website only to receive a
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message telling them to wait ten seconds and then try again. other customers had problems adding items to their online shopping carts. macy's blamed the issues on number of high online orders. there has been a lot of talk about all of that fake news that americans have been seeing on facebook and whether it impacted the election. well, turns out some of that fake news may have come from russia. according to "the washington post," a group of independent researchers found that a sophisticated russian propaganda effort may have been aimed at hurting hillary clinton and helping donald trump. switching gears now, a story that you really can't miss. one of my favorite of the day. it all started with an accidental text message, and it ended in an open invitation. why one woman welcomed a complete stranger to dinner with open arms, and the message they hope their chance meeting will send this holiday season.
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an arizona grandmother who actually invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner ended up making good on that invitation. you probably saw the pair's viral text message. wanda thought she was texting her granld actually messaging 17-year-old jamal hinton. however, even after they figured out the mixup, she still said the teen was welcome to come over for thanksgiving. so he took her up on her offer. now they hope their chance meeting inspires some love this holiday season. great story there. john clark is up next with sports.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, i'm john clark from csn. more good news than bad news with eagles injuries. all full participants at practice today. still no ryan matthews. still no word if nelson agholor will play monday night. he admitted after saturday's loss he has to get out of his own end. coach pederson says it's a real pocket he scales back nelson's workload. nelson is trying to prove he deserves to play. >> i think the most important thing right now is to let this opportunity that he gave me work itself out. he gave me an opportunity to get better, to calm down and play football, practice hard, and prepare. also just be calm and collect. what's in front of me right now is an opportunity to show ment
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toughness, to show resiliency, to show opportunity to prepare the right way and, you know, be there. next man up mentality. sixers hosting the bulls tonight. no joel embiid. he is resting. sixers fans in the third quarter chanted, free the process. first half. jahlil okafor has been much better as a starter. he's got the dunk but only ten points in this game. sixers can't control the rebound here. it goes to bobby portis, and look out. bulls are up ten at the break. they outscore the sixers 33-17 in the third quarter. dwyane wade, 26 points. bulls still running all over philly. sixers lose 105-89. it was an orange and black friday afternoon. flyers hosting the rangers right here on nbc10. second period, mark striet. look at this behind the net. bad turnover. kevin hayes off the deflection. it is 3-0 rangers after two periods. third period, now 3-1. flyers get to within one.
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final seconds, they are buzzing. but henrik runquist with 40 saves, he is now 18-3-1 versus the flyers in his last 22 games against them. flyers lose 3-2. college hoops. the temple owls with some big wins over ranked teams the last two days. it is the nit season tip-off championship. temple up on number 19, west virginia at the half by 20 points. final seconds now. west virginia needs a three to tie. look who it is for the owls. chiz austin jr. gets a hand on it. owls beat another ranked team 81-77. >> i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend. we're right back. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. merry christmas. >> santa claus took a quick train from the north pole to center city tonight. old saint nick arrived at the franklin square holiday festival to pose for free photos and take down christmas wishes. the franklin square holiday festival also includes a wint beer garden for us adults and a holiday light show. [ siren ] >> santa claus makes his rounds. santa claus made a louder entrance in montgomery county tonight. he got some help from the fire department too. for conshohocken's annual parade
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with santa. they got great weather for that. >> tomorrow is going to be a nice day. a pretty nice weekend overall. i'm tracking the potential for heavier rain, monday, tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. no grumpy attitude. we are in a deficit. rainfall deficit year-to-date. we could definitely use that rain on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. keep track of that. temperatures warmer tuesday, wednesday. overall at least we get a nice weekend. >> i don't see that four-letter word snow on there either. that's nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm keith jones. for erika and all of us here at nbc10, thanks for watching. "the tonight show" is next. make it a great night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin timberlake. tracey ullman. musical guesta


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