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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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that breaking new, an active shooter reported on the campus of ohio state university. we've just learned that seven people were taken to the hospital. police are on the scene and the school is advising students to run, hide and fight. we are following the development frs praeking news center. fill us in. >> here's what we know right now. ohio state university u sent an alert on campus that said there is an active shooter ton campus. just a few minutes ago at the top of broadcast, we were told seven people had been injure and taken to area hospitals we are still working to find out the extent of their injuries. we do not know if they were shot. now, right now, we're look iingt
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a live look from the campus in columbus, ohio. the university sent out several tweeting telling students to shelter in place, telling students to run, fight or hide. get out of view from the shooter and at last resort sort, take action and fight back if life is in imminent danger. we are taking various looks from columbus, ohio. we have our affiliate nbc cameras on the scene an we've been gathering a bumpbl of information from our reporters who was close to the action. thr multiple federal agencies responding as we speak. this is the nation's third largest university with about 65,000 stupts. here's what one told television stations a short time ago about what he encountered. >> i was going to class and just people were running. and was nervous. >> here in the digital operations center, i'm listening to the feeds we have from our fellow reporters on the dpround
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and it appears right now, have surrounding a parking pa ganlg. i am hearing they're on the fifth floor. our reporter says there are police dogs in and out of the structure we are trying to determine how the area on campus all plays together initially where people reported hearing shots fired, so stay with nbc 10 for updates as soon as their b available, we'll bring them to you. >> thanks for that. now more breaking news. shot on his way to school. a 15-year-old boy is recovering after getting shot moments before he stepped on the schoolbus. the victim is a ninth grader at john dickinson high school in wilmington. we are at the scene of the shooting to fill us in on exactly what happened there. matt. >> right, we are at the intersection of 27th and van buren streets here in wilmington. this is where the shooting happened this morning across the street from where i am standing. this is right before 7:00 as kids were getting ready to head the school, so a lot of kids
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were out at that time. take a look at video from earlier just within the past couple of hours. there was a car across the street from where i am standing that had a bullet hole in the windshield. now, police say the 15-year-old flagged down the schoolbus after he was shot in the arm and abdomen. the boy got on the bus and then other students let the boy know he was shot. now, the driver stopped the bus, called dispatch and police. the 15-year-old is at the hospital in stable condition. i've been talking with parents here this morning. one heard about shoot iing and rushed to make sure his son was o okay. >> i know sometimes when he's late, me might catch another bus to get to school. making sure he was okay. he was all right. a couple of other kid was kind of shaken up. >> police say the shooting is still under investigation, including whether this is an accident or if this boy was targeted. coming up at 11:30, i'm talking
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a parents and community leaders about what if anything can be done to keep the kids safe. nbc 10 news. now, your b nbc 10 first alert weather. >> pleasant start to our day, but take a look at the system to the west of us on the first alert radar. you can see rain is heading right for us. crystal is tracking that wet weather on the move. >> yeah, and for the most part today, we're going to stay dry. things will be b all right, but we are tracking it heading our way overnight an pi tuesday morning, a more wet forecast. right now, temperatures are creeping up to nearly the 50s. 48 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington at 47 and we have some spot areas in the 50s. northeast philly and atlantic city both checking in at 50 degrees even now, so we're starting to see the temperatures up. radar shows up we have clouds down to the southwest of us and we're going to start seeing those spread across the reernlgs giving more clear and scattered cloud coverage early afternoon
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and by this evening into tonight, more cloudy weather forecast ahead of the rain starting to pull in. we saw on radar where the system is. the it's a lot of rain. orange, yellows and reds, that's stronger activity. heavier rain, possibly thunderstorms that will make their way into our area over the next couple of days. this isn't going to be a half day rain event. we're looking at quite a bit of rain for tuesday, wednesday and early on into thursday. so, p for today, the forecast now, we're at 48, but by 1:00, in the low 50s. that will be about the same throughout your afternoon. 53 degrees at 4:00. winds better off, but those winds are going to start picking up strength yet again as we move into this next system. the it's two systems that will be affecting us. coming up u, we need to track both, talking about rain and where it will be in our area. right now, a search is underway for two men wanted for shooting a patron they followed
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out of a bar in philadelphia. pam? >> i can tell you, just checked in with police. they say the victim is is still in stable condition. the victim was walking here in the area of 66 and mallvern when one of two summits who police are looking for now opened fire on the victim. according to police, the victim was followed from a nearby stop and go store, right nearby a neighborhood bar. they say the victim was in the store. so were the suspects. when victim left the store, the two suspects followed. one pulled out a gun and fired five shots. victim was hit once in the hip and was transported to the hospital. police got a description of one of the suspect suspects. about 5'6" with medium build and tattoos on his face. police say they're going to be
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checking in with nearby busin s businesses for their surveillance cameras to see if they have an image of the suspects they are now looking for. reporting live, i'm pamela osbourn, nbc 10 news. not much left of a ray cant home in camera don that went up in plames this morning. the fire started on north 32nd street around 3:30. fortunately, nobody was hurt. right now, developers are talking a walking tour of a philadelphia neighborhood targeted for revitalization. the redevelopment plan covers an area of the creek where the police bombing and fire during the 1985 move stand off devastated doeses of homes. some were poorly rebuilt. others remain vacant. the city is inviting developers to submit ideas for rebuilding the area aluongo sage avenue and pine street. you know what that means. it is monday night football at the link. here's a live look at the eagles net camera high atop the stadium where the eagles host the
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packers this evening. the first come into the contest with a 5-5 record. they've won their home games this season, but a little bit of good luck there. the quarterback match up as carson wentz facing aaron rodgers. both qbs believe their squads can get back in the playoff race. >> we're all smart guys. we realize what's at stake. we got six games left. we're going to put our best foot forward. >> i feel like we can run the table. i really do. the offense is start iing to click. a little bit more. just got to put together a game more consistent from the first snap to the last. >> kickoff tonight at the link is at 8:30. at halftime, during the game, the eagles will induct former pro bowl linebacker, jeremiah trotter and merrill reece into the team's hall of fame. both men were beam with pride at a special luncheon yesterday. >> this is the greatest honor that i've ever received and it's
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amazing to be honored for something that you do that you love so much. . >> on o a personal goal, this is up there. just shows all the hard work you put in and people recognize it and awards for it. >> reece called trotter's name nor eight seasons as an eeg. nine minutes past 11:00. mourning in one nation, celebrations in another. how cubans are paying their respects to fidel castro. also ahead, there's been another milestone as ties between the u.s. and the communist country continue to be restored. now to a live look from the campus of ohio state university in columbus, where there are reports of an active shooter. at the school's main campus. at least seven students have been taken to the hospital. stay with nbc 10 here on the air and on the app for updates. and look at radar, tracking this area of rain that's heading
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our direction. we'll talk about when that forecast turns wet and how long we're talking these showers moving through. that's coming up.
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that breaking news we continue to follow, an active shooter on the campus of ohio state university. seven people are in the hospital. the school is advising students to continue to shelter in place. katie zachary is monitoring tall
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developments from columbus. >> i'm here in our digital operations center where we have a bunch of hands just trying to grasp all of the new information that's coming in to our news room. we have affiliate reporters on the scene who tell us that they have just in the last few minutes, seen police taking away two people in handcuffs. those people are being termed to us as people of sfwres. now, an alert went out on campus not long ago saying there was an active shooter on the campus. we have recently in just a last ten minutes, spoke ton a student on the campus. she says she's huddling in her dorm room with our classmates. her doors are locked. they have not seen or heard anything related to the shooting yet, but u there are messages being sent via e-mail and text messages by friends and there
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was a picture she shared with us that rereceived from class nates on campus that shows a body on the ground near a fire truck. we are working to verify the authenticity of that picture and we should hopefully soon know who this person is and the extent of the injuries to them. two young men, okay, specifically, when i at the top of this broadcast, i was tell you two people were seen being walk ed off the campus by polic in handcuffs. we know two young men in handcuffs were taken away by police. also, we are hearing there's an additional person that was taken to the hospital, so instead of the seven we reported, we are now hearing eight are in the hospital at this time. we are do not know if they were injured by gunfire, we are again working to learn the extent of their injuries there. so, we are take iing a live loo we are showing you live pictures right now from the campus and columbus, ohio. there are multiple federal agencies responding to the college campus. just to recap, this is the nation's third largest
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university with about 65,000 students. and if we do have the sound, do we have the sound that we can play for them? okay, earlier, we shared with you some sound from a student who said he actually heard gunfire and saw a body. a lot is happen ong this campus in columbus, ohio, as you can see from the live feed there. we are working our source you are sour us and will have another update in about ten minutes. >> live for us in our breaking news center, a very fluid situation there. thank you. we'll be checking in shortly. in other new, nine days of official mourning underway in cuba as the island nation remembers fidel castro. the former president died late friday at the age of 90. his funeral will be held this sunday. this is a live look at havana, where many cubans are paying their respects. his death comes as the first direct flight frs the u.s. are flying to cuba today. sarah rosario has more on that and more on the reaction coming
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from miami's little ha vab van na district. >> dancing on sidewalks rhythms of pots and pans. they haven't stopped partying since friday. >> a dictator, a thug, a murder muhrerer. >> celebrating the death of fidel castro, ruling for more than 50 years. >> hopefully, we will have a featured democracy in cuba and i'll be able to go back and visit the land of my birth. >> even though his brother, raul, is in charge, cubans hope castro's communism dies with him, making room for prosperity and political freedom. a a good thing for the economy, tourism. american airlines and jet blue launched the first commercial flights from miami and new york to havana, another step of restoring diplomatic relations. this as cubaens in the homeland are in the midst of nine days of
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mourning. today, they'll pass his remains in revolution scare. the ladies in white forced to celebrate behipd closed doors, telling nbc news they'd be put in jail if they marched the streets the first sunday in 13 years they haven't protested, but exiled cubans in miami are celebrating for them. >> those are tears of -- >> joy and sadness at the same time. >> recalling years of turmoil and hardship, hoping to see a free cuba in their lifetime. just three days after castro's death, the first commercial flight has arrived in cuba. this flight took off after 7:30. it's the first commercial flight to the communist nation in more than half a century. castro cut off relations with with the u.s. in 1959. you can see more local reaction to castro's death and read more
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about how world leaders are weighing in on what will happen to cuba right now. back to this breaking news from ohio state university. this is where there have been reports of an active shooter. we have new details just in to our news room. we're told one suspect is dead. and eight people have been taken to the hospital. of course, this is very fluid situation. it's unclear if there is more than one suspect. also, we're working to try to find out the extent of injuries to the people in the hospital. the campus son lockdown. in fact, ohio state university has been tweeting out regularly this morning, telling students to run, hide, fight and to shelter in place. ohio state university is one of the nation's largest universities as katie mentioned, 65,000 student ons that main campus in columbus. we're going to follow this and keep you updates throughout the hour and the day.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we're beginning with a look at your philadelphia neighborhoods where temperatures are making their way into the 50s. we're expegting low to mid-50s, so we're getting there. sitting at 51 degree. the airport is at 48, still holding to the up 40s and we see that for richmond. so, starting out getting ready for your afternoon, things look good here. just before your lunch hour. as we look across the board, we see we're still sunny through most of the area, but clouds pretty dense to our southwest. we're going to start to move our direction as we move through your afternoon and especially into the evening. that's because we are ahead of the system that's going bring us plenty of rain, so enjoy this while you can. 55 degrees and notice these icons showing a nice mix of sun and clouds.
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landsville at 53. allentown, the same. we drop through delaware, new jersey, the shore, most values around the low to mid-50s. atlantic city, trenton, vor hees at 54. smyrna up to 56. good news is that you're going to the eagles game tonight, things should stay dry. so we're going to see the mix of clouds and sun for tailgating weather. start time, this is a late game, 8:30. 49 degrees your temperature. so for kickoff, we'll see more clouds building in and by end of game, pretty cloudy conditions. 46 for the temperature. winds not a major concern, so this is a good forecast for those heading to the game. that's what we're looking at to the west of us now. not going to affect us today. we see pretty clear, but we put this into motion, roll through your monday. now, we're monday night. the rain is getting ready to move into pennsylvania. we go from monday night into tuesday morning. 7:30 a.m., now, we see the leading edge of rain starting to
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move right into our zone. this is not just a morning event. we're talking an all day event we're looking at rain moving through. pockets of heavier rain, possible as we move along. there's your lunch hour. philadelphia to trenton, but extending through new jersey, delaware as well. from 12:30 through your afternoon, maybe some breaks, but overall, cloudiness and rain moving through. the pocket of yellow are going to be breaks where we see heavier rain move out and replace with lighter rain. we're going to see this on o and off u throughout your tuesday and tha going to take a little breather through your rain before system two moves in. now, we're tracking the showers moving back in to will mipg ton, dover, philadelphia. that will start to move on into your overnight through thursday morning. temperatures are going to be affected. we'll get to that coming up in the next half hour.
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the this morning, we are following breaking news out of columbus, ohio where authorities at ohio state university are warning students of an active shooter on campus. katie is watching the latest dwromt dwomts and we should tell our viewers, you're able to monitor the feeds an reports from our colleagues on the ground in columbus. >> yeah, there's a lot to share that's just happened in the last five minutes. the nbc station in columbus has
11:25 am
reported one suspect is dead and eight people have been taken to the hospital. now, students on campus say they saw one person on the ground and in fact, a student on campus in the last half hour shared with us a picture of a body on the ground and we are still trying to verify the authenticity of that. we are not showing it to you at this time. we are going to be taking a bunch of live pictures showing you what's going on on the campus. major law enforcement presence here. and let me tell you wh we've learned in the last little bit. now, according to msnbc, they've been speaking on the ground to student witnesses who say three things happened in this order. okay, earlier this morning, people saw red suv deliberately crash into a crowd of people. next thing that happened, a fire alarm went off. that was followed by studenting hearing gunfire. we are still trying to learn where this happened. we understand at watts hall,
11:26 am
located at 19th and college, street, which is on the campus of ohio state university, there is a lot of activity inside watts hall. we've also learned from our reporter on the ground that there is an equal amount of police activity across campus at a parking garage structure, where in the last half hour, where we're seeing this video here and from the video i've seen, it looks like we're looking at video outside the parking garage structure, so we know at least two men who we're looking at now are being taken away in handcuffs by police. i can also tel you that according to ohio state university's website, in just the last few minutes, they have put out that the campus is open, but about 14 buildings remain closed. all classes have been canceled for the day. and they've alerted students and staff that they will continue to see a very heavy law enforcement presence on the campus. just to recap.
11:27 am
ohio state university is the country's third largest university with more than 65,000 students. you can understand the fear that is reverberating across this college campus. we're going to stay on this story and share the latest with you coming up shortly. >> we'll be check ng with you soon. and also, we should note that john kasich, the governor of ohio, has just tweeted ohio's thoughts and prayers go out. be safe, listen to first responders. that seems to coincide with what we're see iing from ohio state university, telling students to wait for instructions from police and only call 911 if they have information. we are going to stay on top of this situation out of columbus. we're also watching a breaking news story in our area out of wilmington, where a teenager was shot on his way to school. coming up, the frightening moments abroad the schoolbus after students learned what happened to one of their classmates. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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that breaking new us, an active shooter on the campus of ohio state university. authorities are on the scene there in columbus, the school is advising students to shelter in place and to run, hide or fight. katie is following all of the developments in our break iing news center and getting new video in from the scene. >> we are and i have to tell you, a sigh of relief for a will the of people because what we're hearing from nbc news is that it is reported the shooting incident has been reported to be over. now, let's get to our video that we have just in to our news room moments ago. what you're looking at is video of two men being taken away in handcuffs by police. it appears they were taken possibly i should say they were taken from a parking garage structure. i know from reporters on the ground, there were two areas on campus. watts hall and also a parking
11:32 am
garage structure across campus. where police were focused in on. so, let's recap. our nbc affiliate is in columbus is report thag the shooting suspect on ohio state university campus is dead. and in addition to that, we have seen that video we just shared with you of two young men being ta taken away in handcuffs by police. right now, at least 14 buildings are closed until further notice. students are still being told to shelter in place. we've heard from some student witnesses who say to us three specific things happened that triggered this. according to witnesses, they saw a red suv deliberately into a crowd of people earlier this morning, then a fire alarm went off. then students heard shots. what i'm being told because we have a bunch of people following this story, that the shelter in place at the ohio state university has been lifted.
11:33 am
it is not clear, according to nbc news, it is not clear if the gun involved, if there was a gun involved or if there was another weapon like a large knife used. so we are still working to figure out what weapon was used in this. we know eight people have been taken to the hospital. we do not know the extent of their injuries, but there is obviously a nearby hospital when you're dealing with a state university of 65,000 students. so, eight people taken to the hospital. we do have some sound right now. some comments from some student witnesses. let's listen to that. >> i was going to class and just all the people were returning and was nervous. >> again, the late from the shooting is that the incident is over. the shelter in place, has been
11:34 am
lifted. the scene is secure. big sigh of relief for so many people. all of their families and friends watching. back to you. >> live for us in the breaking news center, thank for that to follow up on what the said. we have more breaking news. the search now on for the person who shot a teenager in wilmington just before he got on the schoolbus this morning. let's check in matt. >> the search continues at this hour, we're at 27 and van buren streets here in wilmington. this is where the shooting happened before 7:00 the morning as kids were heading to school. 911 dispatchers got several calls of people saying there were shots fired in this area at that time. take a look at video where you can see there was a car just across the street from where i am now, that had a bullet hole
11:35 am
in the windshield h. police say a 15-year-old boy, he's the boy who was shot. he flagged down a schoolbus after he was hit in the arm and the abdomen with bullets. a spokesperson from the bus company says the boy got on the bus and other students there let the driver know that the boy had been shot. the driver stopped and the bus driver called dispatch, who then calleded police. the 15-year-old is at the hospital now. he's in stable condition. expected to pull through here, but the full picture of what happened is still being figured out at this hour. i haven't talked to parents though and community leaders here about if and how they can keep the kids safe. >> there's going to be kids, but this day and age, i don't know really, it's hard to pinpoint. you know what i mean? it's bad business. it's bad. the parents are shaken. they don't want the come out. the police only so much they can only do so many places. you know, so few seconds, so it's like what can you really do. >> we catch them at aerlly age and let them know what this is all about and what's going on in the city.
11:36 am
and how it affects each and every one of them. their lives, the other people's lives. and maybe some changes that come. >> now, the wilmington peace keepers, they say they're going to have a meeting tonight to talk about what they can do. police say this is still under investigation. including whether or not this is an accident ore if this boy was for some reason targeted in this shooting. >> thanks for that, matt. we're also vfollowing another police search in philadelphia. police are looking for two men wanted for shooting a patron outside of a bar. pamela osborne is live at the scene of that shooting with more. >> the victim was here where we're standing now. this is melbourne and 66th. when two men one of whom opened fire on the victim right here as the victim was walking. according to police, the victim was followed from a nearby stop and go store. they say the victim was in the
11:37 am
store. the summits were also nd of that store when the victim left to walk home, the two suspects followed behind. one of the men pulled out a gun and fired five shots at the victim. the victim was hit once in the hip and transported to the hospital. that victim we know is in stable condition. right now. police got a good description of one of the suspects. he's about 5'6", with a medium built. he has tattoos on his face as well. police said they're going to be check ng with nearby businesses to see if any of the surveillance cameras captured m images of the two men. >> today, election officials in wisconsin will meet to go over timeline for a recount of state's election. jill stein requested the recount. she said it's important to see if hacking affected the votes.
11:38 am
election officials say there's no evidence that ballots were hacked. they admit it will be difficult to finish a recount by the federal recount. jill stein is expected to request a recount in pennsylvania. she has until 5:00 this afternoon to file the request. donald trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania by more than 70,000 votes. under state law, that wide of a margin, would not trigger a mandatory recount. president-elect trump has blasted stein's recount effort and the backing by hillary clinton. he's been tweeting since yesterday. in one in addition to winning the electoral college in a landsli landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally. that claim has not been backed up by any evidence. meantime, his transition to president could include more cabinet poims this week. a key decision involves his decision for secretary of state. reports say it's between mitt romney and former new york mayor, rudy giuliani. yesterday, trump's campaign
11:39 am
manager caused a stir by saying supporters would feel betrayed by romney. out of washington, there could soon be a new house democratic leader in congress. house democrats vote on wednesday whether nancy pelosi should keep her position. she said she has enough support to win. pelosi is being challenged by ohio congressman, tim ryan. he says his colleagues understand the november election was about change and that the party needs a new message and a new messenger. right now, a local radio station is holding its annul camp out for hunger campaign. president steve from wummr are broadcast thg week from the parking lot at xfinity live. they'll be there until friday collecting food. they've been dropping off nonperishable donations all morning long. last year, listeners filled more than 38 tractor trailers full of food the help fight hunger in
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the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. we to stay on top of the breaking news in columbus, ohio. the campus now secure after an active shooter situation this morning. police told students to shelter
11:43 am
in place, that warning now lifted. let's check in with katie zachary. she's been following the development our breaking news center. >> we continue to follow that breaking news on the campus of ohio state in columbus. the shelter in place has been lifted. this just happened within the last ten minutes and police say they have secured the area. our station in columbus reports that one suspect is dead and two people were taken away in handcuffs. those two, young men. a total of eight people we know were rushed to the hospital, this is new information. is listed in krit condition. the others, seven rather, are in stable and new information. nbc news reports that some of the students were attacked with a large knife. we don't know if any students were shot. initially, this came out as an active shooter situation on the campus. ohio state warns students of an active shooter around 9:56, so once again, the god nod news tr
11:44 am
all clear. the campus is safe, but all classes have been canceled for the rest of the day and i just checked the university's website and at least 14 buildings around all of this police activity remain closed until further notice. we will continue to update the situation throughout the day as well as on the nbc 10 app and nbc 10 news starting at 4:00. back to you. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we're expecting big changes out there as we move into tomorrow. today is dry. we're under a first alert for rain returning under all b neighborhoods and that starts tuesday morning, lasts threw wednesday night. we're talking a two-day event here. we're looking at periods of heavy rain, but rainy conditions extending through most of the 48 hours. again, starting tomorrow for the morning commute and on top of that, there's a lot of leaves out there, so some leaf piles may be covering drainage areas
11:45 am
radar and satellite, the wide view shows us we're mostly clear, but we see this line of clouds starting to develop to our southwest. clouds all the way across, then the showers over central parts of the u.s. tra starting to track up to the great lakes. what's going to happen is this front is going to continue moving along to the east, meaning by tuesday morning, we're going start funneling in all the rain to area, then second system wednesday, which gives us round two of the rainy conditions. so, for today, things look good. clear out there now. we'll see scattered clouds in afternoon. 54 in philadelphia. lehigh valley. that's a constant. right in those mid-50s. delaware with a forecast high. there's changes to those temperatures. you can take the peek at the bottom of the screen with our seven-day forecast, but right now, we've got to talk winds, too, today, they're light. around 15 miles per hour gusts. lighter than what we've seen in the last two days.
11:46 am
overnigtd, they'll pick up a bit, but with a cold front moving in tomorrow, we start to see the winds less by tuesday morning, which means the windchill falls back into place feeling chillier than it is. as we go into the afternoon for your tuesday. this is about the time that front will pass our region. now, we're looking around 35 per hour gusts for areas like philadelphia and into new jersey as well. so windier conditions for tuesday with this front passage once it moves out, the winds drop off quickly overnight, but breezy tuesday into your wednesday with winds picking back up. so that's something we'll have to watch much of this week. winds then the chances of rain. the biggest and most important part of our first lert, so your tuesday, wednesday and early hours of thursday sh we are looking at the chances of rain moving into the forecast. you can see across the board, each location going to be wet. for that two-day stretch. more about your temperatures, a look at ten-day coming up. >> thanks for that. the man who brought us the
11:47 am
legendary sound of philadelphia is bringing us an evening of style and grace. kenny gamble and his wife, they're the forces behind the ooefbt that kobts to make a difference in lives of youth in our area. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> you are both founders of universal companies. tell us about the mission and why the programs have been so successful. >> the mission is to develop an educational program. we believe that many problems in the communities, because of u a lack of education, so, our programs are geared and education and also, community development. taking all of houses and abandoned lots and building homes for people who don't have homes. that's what universal is doing. >> an important event this thursday that you were telling me has been a year in making in terms of the planning.
11:48 am
>> it is our fourth year. our annual mags show. as well as our culinary academy at universal. it is an event that we're proud to present. and our young men and our young ladies from our culinary academy, will prepare the entire menu. which is absolutely outstanding and awesome. and boys to men and our girls to women, they will participate in the event themselves as hostesses and -- as well. zbh we've been looking at video of the event from years past and it's really an incredible show in terms of the fashion and cultural experience. >> it's spectacular. it's something you have never seen in the city of philadelphia when you see the models walk down the stairs at the university of the art.
11:49 am
the gar mets as well as boys of philadelphia. this year, we're adding drexel university, antoinette school of marketing and design arts and design. >> again, working toward that mission of bringing everybody together. we have information on that event which will ul pull up, but kenny, we want to talk about your recent honor. >> that was great. what really made it great is that myself, our long time friend, patty labelle and marian anderson was a tremendous icon. it's really great when your hometown recognizes you. a lot of people were in the
11:50 am
audience we grew up with with. it's a blessing. >> now to the information about the show that's coming up this thursday as we said, it's going to be at the university of arts. 6:00 in the evening until 8:00. you can go to our site, nbc or to the app for more information. thank you so much for being here. we're going to take a quick break and be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record,
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we continue to stay on top of the breakings out of columbus, ohio. the campus now secure after an activer situation earlier this morning. katie? this has been an incredibly fluid situation we've been following for really the last four. we've been going live giving you updates. the shelter in place has been lifted. police are secured the area around watts hall on the campus of ohio state university. our station in columbus reports that one suspect is dead and two people were seen taken away in handcuffs. a total of eight people were rushed to the hospital, one we're told is in critical condition and new information that we learned from an official
11:54 am
is that some of those injured were injured with a knife. now, we were again, we are hearing that some of those injured were injured with a large knife. we don't know if any of the students were shot. initially, this came out as an active shooter situation, so we are still waiting to hear from police about where that component comes in to it. this happened before 10:00 this morning. about 9:56. once again though, the campus is now safe for students. all classes have been canceled for the rest of the day. i was on their website, more than a dozen buildings remain closed. as the investigation into this stabbing and potential shooting is investigated. and we are show iing you right now, the website of ohio state university where they have been updatings and faculty via tweets, really. they've also been, so they've relied on social media over the last hour and a half as this
11:55 am
scene, frenetic scene has played out on campus, but we can tell you that the scene is now secure. the university is telling everyone there will be a strong police presence throughout the rest of the day. all klaases on the camera have been canceled and more than a dozen buildings remain closed as people now you have local police, federal police, launched their investigation into the the people behind this. >> happening live in our breaking new center, thank you very much. before we leave you this morpg, talk about cyber monday. the deals that continue to fill up our in boxes. experts predict sales will hit $3.4 billion, a nearly 10% increase from last year and except that 36% of customers will shop on cyber monday. 76ers are promoting a cyber monday deal for basketball tickets online. another deal, the philadelphia orchestra.
11:56 am
they've got a deal on their web for department store, many of them are now ordering online and then picking up in the stores. >> it's easier than standing in line out in the cold. and we have kids at home. >> one snag though, buyers say some order os were canceled because of inventory issue. including how to stay safe, keep your information safe by avoiding scams and wi-fi tricks. one last look of our weather with crystal. all clear out there. >> for now. yeah, but we are looking at those changes, clouds start building in today. the eagles game will be dry but tuesday morning through wednesday, rain and notice those temperatures. nearly 70 by wednesday, which could lead to thunderstorms developing as well. >> that's going to do it for us for now. i'm for all of us here, have a good one, be hur sure to tune in to nbc news at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll have the latest from the
11:57 am
campus of ohio state university. have a good day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> kayla: who are the other flowers from? >> roman: from ma. she brought them out earlier. >> kayla: well, she shouldn't even be out of bed, not with that cough. >> roman: hey, come on. you know ma. she won't take no for an answer. she insisted i bring her to out here visit her son on this first year anniversary. >> kayla: i can't believe it's been a year already. >> roman: i know. amazing. you know what i try to focus on, was just how lucky we were that we had him back for a while, even though it was... way too briefly. >> kimberly: thank god he had that time with his family, huh? that you all were here for him when he really needed you. >> kayla: yeah. there wasn't a moment


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