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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. breaking right now, a teenager shot and killed in mayfair. >> the 14-year-old was hit with gunfire several times. it happened less than two hours ago in the 6200 block of brous avenue. that's where nbc10's brendan hudson is joining us live. >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, we just spoke to police. they told us this 14-year-old was shot and killed weeks before his birthday. officers are still here on scene. they have closed down part of brous avenue. you can see them going over to our left, kind of checking under these cars. they're working to collect evidence, and they're working to ultimately find a motive for this shooting. let's go to some video that we shot not too long ago. police were here shortly after 9:00. they found the 14-year-old lying on the highway.
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he was shot three times in the chest and torso. he died around 9:37 this evening. there was a semiautomatic handgun, and they found shell casings on the ground. now, police believe the suspects are two men. they wore dark colored beanie. we spoke to a neighbor. >> i was down in the basement. i heard pop, pop, pop. i wasn't expecting to see a young kid laying down like that. >> the victim is 14 years of age. he will be 15 next month, in the month of december. so he was shot and killed just weeks before his 15th birthday. >> reporter: coming back live now, you can see officers over on one side of a car. there is a shell casing marker on the ground over there. they are again working to collect evidence. now, we did find out that this 14-year-old was not from this immediate area but did have an
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address connected to a home in this area. this is a residential, quiet area, so you can imagine the shock felt by some of these neighbors. we'll continue to work on this story and work to get an identity of this teenager. reporting live here in mayfair, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. we're following another big story tonight. preparing for a day of downpours. in just hours, this storm right here is going to bring more rain than our area has seen in a month. >> it could have a big impact on your morning commute. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. glenn, everyone from pennsylvania to delaware will be feeling this. >> in the areas of north and west of philadelphia are going to be feeling it first. this first alert we've issued is for all neighborhoods, not just for the rain itself but for the impact, including the morning rush on tuesday all the way into wednesday night. periods of heavy rain. remember, the slippery roads and clogged drains due to all those leaves, those wet leaves add to
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the slippery conditions. the clouds are in. we're starting to see a little bit of rain in the western sky. and there's that big air mass coming at us with a good bit of rain. and here's the hour-by-hour as we go through the night, by 5:00 a.m., may just be in berks county. by 6:00 a.m., it's getting close to philadelphia, just starting. and it gets real slippery just when it first starts. 7:00 a.m., it's covering more of the area. now by 8:00 a.m., starting to get heavier in berks, lehigh, northampton counties. by 9:00, it's getting heavier across even more of the area. so we're going to be seeing a very wet day. it's going to be a very mild day. temperatures going into the 60s. but we've got that threat of rain much of the day and into the following day. more on the timing of the heaviest rain coming up. now, new details about the man behind the attack on the
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ohio state university campus. police say he caused this chaotic scene after he plowed his car into a crowd and then started stabbing people with a butcher knife. this is our first look at that attacker. 18-year-old abdul artan. investigators say the teenager was an osu student and a somali refugee. he became a legal permanent resident in 2014. just before 10:00 this morning, police say artan intentionally plowed his car into a crowd outside a building on the columbus, ohio, campus. he then got out of that car and started chasing and stabbing people with a knife. a campus police officer who was responding to another call nearby saw the whole thing happen and went into action. he was able to quickly shoot and kill artan. in all, 11 people were injured. school workers say it was a horrifying scene. >> you go numb. it's not supposed to happen. sorry.
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so, yeah, it's -- it's scary. >> at this time, police aren't confirming a possible motive, but law enforcement officials tell nbc news shortly before the attack, artan left behind a message on what appears to be his facebook page. it said, quote, the attacks on muslims around the world led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. the post appears to show that artan suggested people screen shot his message before it got taken down. and tonight a prayer vigil was held at ohio state for the victims of the attack. dozens gathered in a church near campus in what they said was a show of solidarity. pushing for a recount. pennsylvania is one of three states where there's a push on to get the votes from the presidential election counted again. this comes as president-elect donald trump officially was named the winner in michigan. today a lawsuit was filed in pennsylvania. here it is right here. part of it mentions concerns voting machines could have been hacked.
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nbc10's denise nakano looked into the claim of cyber hacking. she's joining us now. you spoke to a cybersecurity expert, denise? >> that's right, jim. that expert points out there's been no evidence of cyber hacking, but the recount drama continues in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. and while he says anything's possible, he calls the recount effort a waste of time and money. pennsylvania is at the center of a battle brewing over election results. a recount effort spearheaded by former green party presidential candidate jill stein that brought supporters with petitions to philadelphia city hall. >> there's certainly vulnerabilities, but there's no evidence to show that somebody acted on those vulnerabilities. >> reporter: cybersecurity expert rob devideo says the recount effort is a stretch. >> i'd be the first person saying, yes, we should have a recount if someone came forward, if multiple people came forward with evidence. >> reporter: stein's legal petition mentions a recount is needed to uncover the possibility of voting
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irregularities and cyber hacking. she echoed that sentiment in an interview earlier today on msnbc where she raised the prospect that the election results were hacked without presenting any evidence. >> we've had a lot of hacking. >> dr. stein. >> a lot of hacking in this election, and we want to know that our votes have not been hacked. >> reporter: she's challenging the outcome of results in snep, michigan, and wisconsin, and it's drawing criticism from republicans, including philadelphia's republican party chair. >> it's a scam. they're not satisfied with the results. this is jill stein trying to make a name for herself, make a name for the green party. >> at the end of the day, who's losing out? it's all those people that they're giving false hope to. >> reporter: jill stein has raised $6.4 million for her recount efforts. in pennsylvania alone, getting a statewide recount is complicated and requires several voters in each precinct to file notarized affidavits. denise nakano, nbc10 news. turning to the transition to
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president-elect donald trump, nbc has just learned the soon to be commander in chief is expected to pick georgia congressman tom price to be health and human services secretary. that's according to a high-level source. it comes hours after the president-elect met with retired general david petraeus. he's reportedly considering petraeus for secretary of state. meantime, another contender, former republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be meeting for the second time with the president-elect tomorrow. now to a controversial program that's wilmington fire union says puts lives in danger. >> firefighters want to know why it continues to stay in place. under the rolling bye pass program, the city shuts down one engine a day. today we learned one of them, engine 6, will be shut down until further notice. christopher leach and jerry fic cuss, two firefighters killed fighting a fire this year, were assigned to engine 6. the union protested the closure at tonight's city council public safety meeting.
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>> we went down there to rally around councilman bob williams and those who support us, only to find out that they cut us from their agenda and have yet to give bob williams or any of us an answer on why they cut us. >> the union says it also plans to protest the ruling bypass at the mayor's farewell address wednesday. >> take a good look at this video right here. very clear images of a man wanted by police in bensalem. they say he broke into a woman's home and sexually assaulted her. police say he broke into that apartment early saturday morning. the victim was asleep, and woke up to find the man on top of her. investigators say she fought the man off while her daughter was asleep in the next room. >> my daughter waking up, that was the key that scared him enough to be able to give me the strength and the opportunity to get him out of the house. >> that is the victim speaking right there. the surveillance video is from a nearby gas station after the
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attack. police say the man ran across the city line and into the city of philadelphia. anyone with information is asked to cull police. a delaware teenager is in stable condition after he was shot while walking to school. the incident happened near 27th and van buren in wilmington. police say the 15-year-old ended up on a school bus after he was shot three times. other students let the driver know, and the teenager was taken to the hospital. he is a ninth grader at john dickinson high. a milestone moment today in the effort to rebuild a west philadelphia neighborhood destroyed by the move bombing decades ago. only nbc10 was there as companies interested in redeveloping three dozen vacant homes along pine street toured the area today. in all, 36 new homes are expected to be built. [ explosion ] more than 60 homes burned down after a police helicopter
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dropped a bomb on a house serving as the headquarters of the radical group move back in 1985. efforts to rebuild in the past ended with shoddy homes and expensive repairs. pushing a stroller and struck by a bus. tonight, new details about a crash that claimed a woman's life in center city. a live report is next. a daring rescue. a local police officer runs toward flames to save a man trapped in his burning car. and we have some heavy rain on the way. you can see it there. i have your first alert forecast and how it's going to impact your neighborhood next.
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developing tonight, tragedy in center city. a woman pushing a stroller was hit and killed by a septa bus. >> skyforce10 was overhead just minutes after that crash. it happened as the woman was turning from 23rd street onto chestnut street. that's where nbc10's keith jones is live.
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keith, any word on what led to this deadly crash? >> reporter: i can walk you through it as police told us. the septa bus was coming up here on 23rd street, was making a left hand turnabout the same moment when a woman was pushing a stroller with a child inside. the septa bus didn't stop in time. >> it appears she was close to the crosswalk. we're not exactly sure yet. >> reporter: you can see the woman's shoe. it flew off on impact. this is one of the stroller's tires. here on the sidewalk of chestnut street from skyforce10. >> obviously the infant that was in the stroller is also going to have issues for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the police captain says the child was unharmed. the woman in her 60s died at the scene. investigators are trying to determine the woman's relationship to that child. police collected evidence from inside the number 9 septa bus, which was filled with passengers at the time. we spotted the driver on scene cooperating, but police aren't sure who had the right of way or
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whether the woman with the stroller was inside the crosswalk. regardless, police call it a tragedy just days after thanksgiving. >> it's tragic at any time, especially here in center city with all the bus traffic and pedestrian traffic, we try to avoid this at all costs and we try to keep the lights lit and try to protect everybody down here in center city. >> reporter: back live, there are multiple cameras around this intersection so they're taking a look to see just who was at fault, exactly what had happened hire that led up to this woman in her 60s being killed by a septa bus. meanwhile, that infant child was sent for evaluation. we're told that child is expected to be okay. for now, we're live in center city, keith jones, nbc10 news. i want to show you some video that captures the moment a car goes up in flames with a man still instead. pleasantville police say the man had a medical problem and slammed into another car in the parking lot. that's when police detective adam bromley pulled straight
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towards the burning call and pulled watts out. detective brownley is set to retire next month, and the city will honor him with a life-saving award. that's some bravery right there. >> it really is. running toward those flames to save someone. a busy day tomorrow. a wet day. and during the morning rush too. >> yeah, it's going to start during the morning rush in a good bit of the area. we're going to have more rain tomorrow than we've had the whole month of november put together. and probably more rain than any day in two months. >> wow. >> so, yeah, it has not been very wet lately. and here comes some of this moisture. as you can see, just getting a little bit of it to the west here and then a lot more farther to the west. and that is all moving in this direction, and there's just no doubt about it. our chance of rain tomorrow is 100%. it's not necessarily going to rain 100% of the time, but all neighborhoods are in this first alert.
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it's from tuesday morning through wednesday night, and the periods of heavy rain, remember the slippery roads. that's the main problem, and especially because of the leaves adding to this. but we need the rain. there's a severe drought in new england, and a pretty severe drought in parts of bucks county and the lehigh valley. moderate drought through much of the rest of the area. it's been so dry over months here. up to holland, up to allentown, that's the area that needs the rain the most, and that's the area that's likely to get quite a bit of rain, probably two or more inches. by 7:30 in the morning, it looks like it's raining in a good bit of the area here. then starting to get heavier. look at the yellows and the oranges here. that's toward the end of the morning rush. especially lehigh valley, berks county, chester county going to get that heavy rain. and then that moves right into the philadelphia area. so between 8:00 a.m. and about
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1:p. 1:00 p.m., that is probably going to be the heaviest rain of the day. and the temperature goes up too. here we are, 12:30. we've got areas of heavy rain. very mild. more rain in the afternoon. more rain for the afternoon rush as well. look at these temperatures. our average high is 51 for this time of the year. then it breaks up. it looks like it ends tomorrow night. but, uh-oh, here comes the next area for the wednesday morning rush. and this time, southern parts of the area get hit the hardest, and temperatures really skyrocket on wednesday. some places could get close to 70 degrees. that is incredible for this time of the year. by tomorrow afternoon, a little less than a half of an inch, but as we go through the night tuesday night and into wednesday and then wednesday night, we're talking about one two perhaps three inches of rain in parts of
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the area. and everybody gets rain tomorrow. everybody is mild, and we're going to be seeing those temperatures go up even more as we go into wednesday. 70 degrees. then we start cooling down and drying out, and then another batch of rain sunday night into monday. >> all right, glenn. before you head out the door tomorrow morning, make sure you watch the nbc10 today first alert morning team. rain and slow commutes go hand in hand. watch, weather, traffic, and the news you need to know to start your day beginning at 4:30. logging on and buying a lot. >> oh, yeah. cyber monday is wrapping up. how much experts think will be spec spent on the online holiday and why it could be nearing a record. that's next at 11:00.
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. did you shop? what could be a record setting cyber monday is now wrapping up. >> i helped out. americans are on tap to spend $3.4 billion today. that's a 9% increase from last year alone. by the time the day is over, 122 million people are expected to have bought something online today. that includes, which is hoping to surpass its 23 million orders from last year. experts say cyber monday sales are expected to bypass online orders from black friday. >> still not too late to shop till you drop online. amy fadool, what's going on in sports? >> just so you know, i also partaked in the monday madness and black friday. i do it all over there. the eagles, though, welcomed two new members into the team's hall of fame. that's pretty good shopping there. and the sixers head north of the border where okafor is the center of attention. that's because joel embiid did not play tonight. locked and loaded. stay with us. ♪
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi, i'm amy fadool from csn. the eagles trail the packers right now 27-13 in the fourth quarter. wide receiver nelson agholor did not suit up after a rough game last week. head coach doug pederson said he might deactivate the wide receiver. braden brooks was a surprise deactivation. hospitalized with an undisclosed illness. eagles hall of fame has two new members, jeremiah trotter and merrill reese inducted tonight. they both give a lot of credit for their success to the fans. >> i'm excited for the fans, you know. we got the greatest fans in the national football league. you know, that's one of the things i miss the most coming out of the tunnel and just
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seeing the sea of green. >> i owe it to the fans because they're the ones who receive you positively and warmly and elevate your career. so it's been a great ride, and it's one that i intend to keep going for a long time. >> such a classic voice in merrill reese. congratulations to them. the sixers in toronto tonight, but joel embiid was not. he gets a day of rest after playing yesterday. jerryd bayless also out, missing his second straight game with an injured wrist. with embiid back home, jhalil okafor coming up with the jam. two of his 15 here. end of the first quarter, patrick patterson wa a three quarter rainbow of a shot, and it's good. we wouldn't show it if it didn't go. villanova's kyle lowry picked up the slack for demar derozan. dials in for three of his 24 points. then late in the game, okafor getting his knee looked at. brett brown said afterwards it was nothing serious. sixers fall. >> i thought we did a really good job on demar derozan.
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i think it was obviously a major part of our game plan. he ended up with 14 points and not really a great percentage for demar, but he did a good job of finding his teammates. and more importantly, his teammates really stepped up. a little college basketball news. villanova stays number two behind kentucky in the latest associated press poll that was released earlier today. the wildcats face penn tomorrow in a big five matchup. college football, penn state running back sa kwan barkley who suffer aid right foot injury said today he's feeling fine and is getting ready to play in the championship game again wisconsin this weekend. i'm amy fadool for csn. we're right back after this.
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it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in washington, d.c. look at that beautiful tree. the capitol christmas tree completed its 3,700 mile journey from the national forest in earlier today. tree lighting ceremony to take place on december 6th on the west lawn of the capitol. tune into nbc10 at 7:00 p.m. this friday because our morning team will be live at the blue cross river rink to bring you the holiday tree lighting live right there. it will be a show filled with great musical performances and special guests. and our morning team is staying up late to bring that to you. >> and we want to see your family photos. tweet us your creative holiday family friendly picture using the hashtag nbc10 holiday. you can also send the picture through the nbc10 app.
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little gabriel sitting on santa's lap. the son of somebody very important here, our news operations manager. the rain is getting closer by the minute. it is now into pittsburgh, and it's moving eastward pretty rapidly. and the whole area is growing as you can see. there's plenty of rain headed this way. in the hour by hour, you can see how quickly it advances on the area, and it's right when it first starts that we're going to be seeing some of the biggest problems, i think, when you get those wet leaves. so you've got two days' worth of rain, real warm weather, and then it dries out. >> finally. >> yes. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john goodman -- alexis bledel -- musical guest, david gray --


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