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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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a live look at the radar shows where the heaviest rain is m coming down. here is a look at the wet roads in new castle county delaware. it shows the rain coming down
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along route 202. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here. a lot of rain in our future. >> yeah, absolutely right. we are under the first alert today and tomorrow because we are going to see a second system pass through tomorrow. right now all of the green is showing off. the yellow the heavier rain. the heavier rain is to the suburbs and through the lehigh valley. this looks like southern portions of delaware actually seeing a little break with cloud cover. delaware you go into more central parts of new jersey and along the shore we are seeing the light rain as well. philadelphia moderate rain and heavier rain. the yellows you can see more steady to heavy showers falling through at this point. it is all up to the northeast. this line of storms is moving from west to east.
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the moisture is pumping across the area northeast. right now temperatures very moderate as a result of the rain we saw. allentown 54. that's the same for wilmington. it is 57 in philadelphia. a lot of us should see temperatures make their way into the 60s by later this afternoon. here is your forecast for us as we get into your afternoon. right now upper 50s. rain consistent across the board here. winds will pick up as well. we are talking againsgusts arou to 20 miles per hour. later gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. 4:00 at 62 degrees. in the days to come we actually see temperatures boost even more. we'll track out the rain the rest of today into wednesday coming up. >> we'll see you then. the rain could create slippery shots and slow traffic in our area. let's check in with jessica
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boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> we are not seeing much because we can't see a lot of it with reduced visibility. this is an accident scene. this is from the northbound side right here. right now it is over into the right hand shoulder. hard to see on a lot of our roads. the blue route had an accident scene approaching the expressway. some delays remain. this is headed northbound. there is also an accident on upper moreland. over in new jersey there was a power outage on route 38. might be a little sticky spot to move through. all lanes are open. watch for police around the scene. here is the freeway. it look is okay around creek road. this is headed northbound. no problems or delays other than wet roads and reduced visibility. back to you. >> thanks for that.
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breaking news now. a hit-and-run investigation. police are holding a news conference to talk about the crash that killed an eight-year-old girl earlier this month. this is family of hers. >> i have four children. she is my third child. >> so we can't begin to know the depth of their pain. we will be here for this family. we have the captain on this who is one of the best out there. i guarantee you his people will be out there pounding the pavement to find out who is responsible. i don't know if you wanted to say anything. >> sure. >> i just want to reiterate what he was saying.
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>> joseph bolog-o-l-o-g-n-b-o-l. >> they were talking about an investigation into a hit-and-run that killed eight-year-old jianna pojian jianna powell. we have more breaking news we are following. police arrested a suspect they say broke into a home and sexually assaulted a woman. pamela osborne is live with more on how investigators tracked the man down. what can you tell us? >> derrick anderson was arraigned a short time ago. we were here as police walked to the magistrates office. can you tell us what you were doing inside of that woman's house? did you know she had a child at home?
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anderson did not respond to my questions although he was talking to officers as he tried to shield his face by turning it to the side there. police say they were able to identify the 21-year-old after they released surveillance of suspects wanted in connection with a home invasion assault. they say anderson was located in an abandoned vehicle that was parked in philly. police say anderson allegedly broke into a home and sexually assaulted her before she was able to fight him off. her young daughter was also home at the time of the attack. she has been charged with burglary as well as other charges. he is scheduled to be back before a judge again, december 6th. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. police have identified the 14-year-old boy shot and killed in mayfair last night. they say he was shot in the
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chest. he died a short time later at the hospital. police are looking for two men. at this point they tell us the motive for the shooting remains unknown. today new castle county the school district in wilmington is starting a corner to corner watch program to help prevent violen violence. the incident happened near 27th. the 15-year-old boy after he had been shot three times. he took the student to the hospital where he remains in stable condition. she a ninth grader. police are still looking for the gunman. philadelphia police looking for five men who tried to abduct another man and then shot him. it happened around 11:00 last night. police say at least 16 bullets were fire department.
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the victim is expected to survive. new details this morning in the case of a septa bus that struck and killed a woman pushing a baby stroller. it happened as the woman was at the crosswalk at 23rd and chestnut heading south. at the same time the bus was making a left hand turn onto chestnut. the baby who was nine months old is okay. police collected evidence from inside the septa bus. three passengers were on board at the time. none of them were hurt. the 32-year-old woman that was driving the bus is cooperating with police. new video shows a pair of suspects wanted for a pair of politically charged vandalism. the cameras caught them spray painting the market with a message against president-elect donald trump.
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if you recognize the men call philadelphia police. happening today service industry workers rallying for a $15 an hour minimum wage. fast food plois, uber and other workers walked off the job as part of a national day of disobedience. a rally planned this evening at 5:00. the eagles play off chances are now slim following their 27-13 loss on monday night football. it was also the first defeat this season. right now you're looking at wentz' nfl rushing touchdown. >> obviously it's tough.
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we got jordan. to lose him we felt confident but struggled to get into a rhythm. >> there is no quit in this team. everybody is fighting to the end. that's a sign that things are heading in the right direction. >> peterson will talk more about the loss with reporters today at noon. next up for the eagles, a trip to cincinnati. kick off is sunday at 1:00. up next details about a plane crash that killed members of a hockey team. and flames from raging wild fires continue to spread in parts of tennessee. and rain is falling all over the region as we speak. we will be tracking the rain by later today and your wednesday. details are coming up. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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fuel or specioused an electrical probably before it crashed. >> reporter: a plane carrying 81 people including a top brazilian soccer team crashed just before 10:00 p.m. on approach to columbia. a handful of people appear to have survived. it includes at least one soccer player rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. pictures show twisted metal wreckag wreckage. flight radar shows the plane circling repeatedly before finally going down. they say the only way to reach the plane was to drive a 4x4 back wards in a muddy track. the plane circled the airport many times. the pilot told of electrical problems on board. one journalist said he was
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surprised the plane was allowed to fly in such bad weather. a facebook video on the team's site shows an excited team preparing to play in the first leg of a match. play has now been suspended. at least 15 journalists also reportedly traveling on the plane. it is a fairy tale success story. despite being underdogs they made the big time after quite a few years in the wilderness. >> the team posted a statement saying quote may got accompany our athletes, officials, journalists and other guests traveling with our delegation. in the transition to trump president-elect donald trump plan to have a private dinner tonight with mitt romney. you're looking at their first meeting earlier this month.
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romney was a fierce critic of the trump campaign. president-elect donald trump selected health and human services secretary. it is tom price. she a leading critic of president obama's health care law. if confirmed price would play a key role to repeal and replace the affordable care act. today he plans to sit down with bob corker. new video this morning gives us an up close look at the wild fire continuing to burn across one part of tennessee. wind is whipping the flames that have burned 500 acres of tennessee's great smoky mountains. the fire destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands of people to flee their homes. the fire was burning not far from the famous dollywood resort. no structures inside the park
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have been damaged. tourists have been forced to leave the area. pictures showing the fire burning right outside. they believe the fire might be a case of arson. and the second system that will be effecting us tomorrow will be rain to parts of tennessee. for us first alert all neighborhoods we are under the first alert because the whole region is wet right now. wind today through tomorrow night. we'll get a little break tonight into early wednesday morning. we are looking at a wet forecast. it is periods of heavy rain which could lead to street flooding and slippery roads especially because we have leaves all over the place. here is a look at rain totals. these numbers will go up. we are looking at areas here.
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kensington .55 points. we'll get to more of that in the next half hour. now for radar and satellite the wide view here. showers stretching from georgia through new england. the line of rain will continue shifting from west to east. notice where it is pumping. as it shifts along we are getting the push to the northeast. that's where everything is moving out to. because it is this constant line there is no end in site. it shows us the deeper greens, lighter greens and then the yellows. the yellows show pockets of heaviest rain moving through. areas are really getting a good hit at this point. values are really starting to boost as well. we drop further south into philadelphia it's a moderate rain. it is through chester into
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wilmington. we are getting much more rain than the southern half. we do see some lighter showers as well as along the bay. near cape may is where we see the break. more of a light rain near parts of the shore like atlantic city. your hour by hour forecast, it is going a little too heavy here. we are looking at more pockets of yellow. what it shows us is pretty complete throughout our area. we put this into motion and we continue to track the showers moving along through 5:30 this evening. it is getting more broken up and lighter in spots. if we continue this it will start to move out. moving out here as we move into the overnight hours, 10:00 or 11:00 still clouds overnight but we get a break from the rain. clouds continue in here. it will be mostly be dry, just isolated showers. if you're driving after 8:00 a.m. you will see rain moving
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through. it is right into the early part of the afternoon. we go 11:30 into the afternoon that we start to see it move off. still going to see it have a second round here into early thursday morning. 1:00 a.m. we still see spotty showers and maybe pockets of heavier rains. we could see thunderstorms as well into the early hours. as we go into your thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. and finally move everything out we are looking at a dry forecast for your thursday. we still have the rest of today your wednesday with this rain moving through. we'll notice winds starting to pick up. by 2:00 gusts around 30 to 35 miles per hour. the windy conditions will dip as we move overnight into wednesday. that's when we get the break from the rain as well. light rains to start your morning. as we move into the afternoon they pick right back up. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour for wednesday. so in the afternoon windy weather, wet weather both today and tomorrow.
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we'll get to your ten day forecast and when we dry out completely coming up. >> all right. looking forward to that. thanks. a holiday tradition celebrating its 40th year. find out what's in store for the year's festival of lights.
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>> welcome back. it's 11:23. a holiday tradition will come alive. it's the 40th annual delaware
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county festival of lights. here to tell us much more is mario. he is live from our digital operations center. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> so we are talking about 40 years of free family fun. what is in store this year? >> we have been doing this. it started back in 1976. at that point we had around 75 lights. this year we'll be over 10,000 lights. it is the jewel of delaware county. we have all different types of children to come in. they sing. all of the families and the best thing is we have a nursing home where we take them over and we can drive them through to see the lights. we are so proud of the festival of lights. it is the one that supports it. we have hot chocolate that
11:25 am
evening. we have a choir from the middle school. with the family night to celebrate the beginning of the christmas holidays. >> i would imagine it's not just people in media. people from all over come? >> yes. it is a huge success. it's something we are proud of. we have the summer festival. it is our jewel. it is something we started on december 2rd. it will end on january 1st, new year's day. it gives you that festive mood. >> it definitely does. a great thing this time of year. thank you so much. we appreciate your time with us this morning talking about this great tradition. the lights go on for the delaware county festival of lights at rose tree park. the tree lighting ceremony is at
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7:00. the trees and displays are lit from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. for more information head to or check out the nbc 10 app. well, break out that umbrella. you'll definitely need it today. rain is falling all across our area. crystal will let us know how long we will be getting this much-needed wet weather.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. we issued a first alert through tomorrow night because of the falling rain in our area. we are expecting heavy rain out of two systems. this shows where the heaviest rain is hitting as we speak. krystal klei is here with our forecast.
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it's not going away any time soon. >> that's right. it has been timing out as we expected. we are seeing rain across the entire area. it will continue throughout the rest of the day. looking at our cameras you can see how gray it is out there. we get heavier pockets of rain. rain is reported across the board. temperatures are pretty moderate. the good news is it's rain, not snow. this is delaware, lehigh valley. up to 57 already in philadelphia. the average for this time of year is 51 degrees. we will make it to the low 60s later on today. we are tracking those conditions that will show us rather that we are going to have very high accumulation by the end of this. looking at your radar and satellite it's pretty light rain. we are starting to see more steady rain move through delaware up through wilmington and trenton. this is pockets of heavier rain as well. that's the yellow you see.
11:31 am
let's track some of this. first we'll track down to the shore. cape may in the clear. cloudy, but not rain. they are about to see the next round of rain as it moves over the bay. as we get the more central spots in new jersey. it is also more into south central parts of new jersey. if you look up to wilmington it's a more steady rain. we can tell because it's the deeper green. it indicates a little faster rain rates. philadelphia under tenth of an inch an hour. it is over in areas like west cheste westchester. these areas looking about .3 falling each other. it is quite a bit when you think about how long we have been seeing the rain. gusts aren't reporting
11:32 am
everywhere yet. we see this picking up steam. we'll continue seeing that with gusts moving from around the 20s to the 30s. we'll talk more about the conditions today and into the days to come in just a bit. rain and slick conditions and here is another reason why, fallen leaves. they are warning drivers to be careful of the leaves combined with all of this rain it could be like driving on ice. >> you definitely don't want to break hard on those leaves. you want to take a patch of leaves that you happen to drive over very slowly. >> i will do what i have to do regardless of the weather. as long as it's not snow i'm cool. make sure you download the nbc 10 a. you can track the rainy conditions right where you live.
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an official period of mourning continues in cuba after the death of former leader fidel castro. we'll take a live look at the scene in havana where castro's brother, raul castro will deliver a message to the crowds gathered to mourn. we have more on how to nation is reacting to the death of the man who ruled there for decades. >> reporter: with tears in their eyes and flags in their hands thousands wait in line for hours to pay respect to fidel castro. >> you see soldiers crying, old ladies crying. >> reporter: the boom of 21 cannon salute during the official nine days of mourning. many of those will be joined by thousands of others for a special tribute. in power now his brother, raul will speak tonight reflecting on castro's life and legacy.
11:34 am
government and state workers asked mourners to sign oath pledging loyalty to his ideals. >> he was an incredible man. he was incredible. he did many many things for cuba. >> reporter: now looking ahead for many lies an uncertain future with loosened u.s. trade restrictions an embassy in havana. >> i don't think anyone can say what's going to happen. >> reporter: cubans celebrate hoping far chance of democracy many in the homeland waiting to see what happens. happening now new jersey governor is about to make a m
11:35 am
mattress. as soon as we learn more about what governor christie will address we'll bring it to you. students at the ohio state university are back in class today one day after a student plowed into pedestrians with a car and started slashing them with a knife. we show you how the university is coping. >> reporter: abdul rasak at his graduation. on monday nearing his first semester he launched a deliberate attack on his classmates. >> i think it's some type of terrorist attack. he did it purposely. he crashed his car into people.
11:36 am
>> surveillance cameras captured the suspect alone driving a relative's car. they say he jumped a curb crashing into unsuspected faculty and students. he got out of the car with a butcher knife. 11 faculty, student and staff members were injured. the entire campus went into lockdown. >> you go numb. >> law enforcement officials say they are still far from determining a motive but have not ruled out terrorism. authorities say he left behind a message on his facebook page. asacks on muslims around the world lead to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. it also mentioned the killed by a u.s. drone in 2011. they say he was born in somalia.
11:37 am
he was a lufl permanent u.s. resident. the student interviewed him on his first day of classes. quoting him, if people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what they will think. i don't blame them. it's the media that puts the picture in their heads. the investigation only just beginning. >> investigators are looking to see if anyone gave him any help or perhaps direction from overseas. new research found more evidence linking brain injuries. they studied soldiers with traumatic brain injuries. they were disruped in patients.
11:38 am
experts say it could lead to new disorders. this is interesting. they say it's possible to feel high on god. religion could have the same response as even using drugs. the spiritual experience triggered activity in areas of the brain linked to reward. a new program that uses joe ga we deuce tresz. it is happening for the tons poration program. he and his team of instructor.
11:39 am
we talked to the positive ip pact it is having there. >> some of the students some in j tated. all of a sudden they are sitting in a owe go camp. >> are started a campaign misgiving. they have tie trying to fund lasses you'll have a link to your web site so you can support the cause. today is the day americans are urge today volunteer or make donations to local national and
11:40 am
international charities. most charities generate a vast majority of their contributions at the end of the year. gives tuesday has focused fundraising efforts on a specific day. it is 11:40. lovers get ready for a premise toic paradise. we talk about our brand any exhibit. m. the first system already bringing us plenty of rain, how much we may see by the end of all of this.
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...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. fans of jurassic world were mesmerized by seeing the historic creatures on the big screen. now they are bringing the dinosaurs and their world to life and in a very big way. he filmed it when he was 12. you are now 15. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> this is the north american debut. what can people expect as it relates to the movie? >> it's amazing.
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it's like the closest thing you'll see to real dinosaurs. you get like the t rex. you hai'm pretty sure -- it's great. >> you have become a dinosaur ek pert i'm guessing in. >> a little bit. >> and this is almost in some ways like an amusement park ride. >> so first you walk into the ferry and then you're on a vip experience tour. it's amazing. sk >> you were telling me you went through the exhibit. you said there may be additions to the exhibit here in philly.
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>> they added in a raber they added in wrapter raining area. >> it is so interesting. i mean, some of like the most iconic dinosaurs walked around in nrt america which is amazing. i think it was so long ago and heem are down to that. >> something out of a movie almost? >> uh-huh. yes. >> dell me what it was like. a lot of people think it look green screen. it usz practical set.
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> . >> if you're looking for that interactive experience of jura srk sic borld. inones now to 2013. to nbc 10 app. th thanks for supporting your phillies spirit. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. so we are starting out with a look outside philadelphia. visibility is dropping a bit with pockets of hi i haver rain. in a few moment. >> yeah, we'll take a look like
11:47 am
light now. let's listen in. >> he was pretty proud to take me on the oldest operating state house in america, indianapolis. when i toured the state house i had two thoughts. the first one was how truly extraordinary it is and what a great working space for the elected officials to do the peoples business in that state. the second thought i had was what would i think if governor hogan came here and how would i fe feel? i have been discussing the need to renovate the state house. my visit to maryland convinced
11:48 am
me was it something i would have to figure out a way to do. the state house was built in 1792. it is the second oldest behind maryland. it's had 17 different building projects between 1792 and 1958. it has not had any significant renovations to this portion, the executive portion in over 60 years. so what's happened? for instance, in years like this one, the kpekt ifr branch spent on band aid problems. the there. >> there is no fire suppression in this portion of the building.
11:49 am
>> all right. we are going jump out of this news conference right now at the state house where new jersey chris christie was talking about the need to renovate the state house. we'll have more at 4:00. here is krystal with the weather. >> we have some limited visibility due to pockets of heavier rain. this is the first of two that will effect us that we have been warning about for the last several days straight. radar and satellite showing us why. we have the deep green over much of the viewing area. areas like allentown about to get the negs hit of yellow showers. look at your lehigh valley are pretty impressive.
11:50 am
look at this. a lot of areas already picked up more than an inch of rain. in new jersey not quite as high. philadelphia north is where we are seeing highest areas of all. so from a quarter of an inch to half an inch. the values are higher if you stretch further north and into the lehigh valley. here your neighborhood forecast. it will be rm warmer. 57 in allentown. not tapering off until the
11:51 am
evening. ocean city at 60. notice some of these icons are showing off these whirls. it will be windy. gusts 35 to 35 miles per hour in our forecast especially across parts of shore points. through 8:00 air to an irk adds well. we go into your morning. overnight we'll break in rain. as we move through we'll continue to see a push of moisture tli the selkd system. now about # .-- shore points la little lower. southern portions of delaware the same. we are looking at pretty
11:52 am
impressive numbers which is exactly what we were expecting. rainy conditions will continue suz and wt. -- so this is way warmer than average. it means we keep the rain and some of the snow or icy forecast. we will finally start to dry out and temperatures will fall back down. looking at a temperature of 53 degrees. as for your weekend we do cool down quite a bit. 50 saturday and 49 sunday. we will track the potential for rain again in the forecast and drying out after that second round on your ten day. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00 ellen debuts her presidential medal of freedom and it is day five of her 12 day of give aways. a viewer says cancelling his internet service nearly ruined his credit. we'll tell you how they helped sort out the information even after he was dus kuidisconnecte.
11:56 am
our morning team will be live for the blue cross river rink to bring you the lol day dry liking life ch. >> wntd we watt to your family photos. used we have a final check your rainany forecast. -- rainy forecast. >> yes. green will continue through much of today. we'll be tracking those showers. this is looking through parts of allen downto allento allentown. if we drop south now we are starting to see heavier shadows
11:57 am
band-aid in -- heavier rains moving into the weekend. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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>> victor: only reason we have that damn cranberry concoction is because sonny likes it, and he doesn't even show up. >> maggie: his mother is facing a major life decision. and depending on said decision, his parents might reconcile, so he decided to stay with them instead of his grumpy great-uncle. the lout. >> victor: choosing between justin and lucas is not an it's a no-brainer.ision. it's like trying to choose between beirut and the bahamas for a fun weekend. >> maggie: victor just loves thanksgiving. it always brings out the best in him. >> philip: it's easier to be mad at sonny than scared about brady. >> victor: oh, don't try and analyze me. >> maggie: even if he's right? i'm worried too. >> victor: he should be with his family. he's grieving. not with a bunch of strangers.


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