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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00 no break from the rain today. a live look at radar shows where the heaviest showers are falling right now as our warm an wet weather pattern continues. fog continued on route 30 in thorndale. you can see headlights but not much else. fog continues to be a
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problem throughout most of our area this morning. thick fog caused a stop earlier. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, what's it looking like out there? >> yeah. we still have fog around a good bit of the area and we have rain. some of the heavier rain of the day moving in right now. drier air down by washington will be moving up. we have patches into philadelphia itself. that is not going to last. we are not talking about multiple inches of rain during the day today but there is more back to the west. some of this will be s going to be moving in later today and into tonight. let's check out the fog. we still have zero visibility in
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coatsville. 1 mile in blue bell. three quarters many mount holly. visibility is over 1 mile now. it is improving but only slightly. so it is slow to move out. futurecast showing the rain tapering off as we go through the afternoon and not a whole lot around during the afternoon rush. there will be some and then we have more coming in early this evening and then another round coming in closer to midnight. there are many hours of rain left before we see any diekinds changes out there. it is quite mild, 58 in philadelphia. the average high for this time of year is only 50 degrees. so we'll see dramatic changes over the next 24 hours. we'll give it to you hour by hour coming up.
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>> thanks. the rain could create slippery spots and slow traffic in our area. let's check in with jessica boyingt boyington. >> this is the expressway. our camera right around city avenue. no surprise it is low here. the drive time to the blue route is about 16 minutes. speeds into the 40s. an accident out in plymouth in virginia avenue. watch for that. moving over into new jersey a vehicle spun out on 295 headed southbound. the right shoulder is closed. no big delays right now. there were delays moving down the southbound side and northbound side on 295 as well. those accidents seem to clear out of the way. watch the on and off ramps as well. here is route 30 right around 295.
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again, showing no more real big delays there. this is flights arriving into philadelphia. 24 minute delays there. some in new york as well to half an hour. back to you. in philadelphia two police officers are recovering from bike rounds. th -- bite wounds. they saw a man trying to break into a parked car. when the officers tried to approach him a violent struggle took place. he bit them on their hands and the skin was broken. >> you always think of guns, some times knives. incidents like this you could be severely injured. >> both officers are expected to be okay. friends and family remembering a 14-year-old.
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he was gunned down monday night while he was with his friends. sources say detectives are looking into the possibility that someone targeted him. the motive points to attempted robbery. >> it is just shocking. like i feel bad for his mom. i can't imagine what she is going through right now. >> police are searching for the gunman and another man. they are asking anyone who has information to call police. new video showed an armed rb rob robbery. one asked the cashier to fill a bag with cash. take a good look. if you recognize either of the men call philadelphia police. happening now a judge is hearing arguments in a complaint against new jersey governor chris christie. william brennan filed a criminal complaint that christie violated
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the law by not reopening the lanes on the george washington bridge. christie denies any wrong doing and said he had no involvement in the closure. in burlington county today military families can make their holiday season a little bit brighter. they can pick up a christmas tree at the family assistance center at 2:00 this afternoon. trees were donated by local farmers. those are one example of how this time of year is the season of giving. one of the best known local charity events is underway this week. pamela osborne is in south philadelphia where the annual camp out for hunger has been going on all week, pamela. >> reporter: i can tell you, just this morning so far three trailers worth of food, that large have already left here today. it has really been like a drive through this morning. you can see cars coming in right here and dropping off their
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donations. you can see camp out for hunger is prepared to take all of those gifts. the rain was hardly enough to damp l t dampen the excitement. inside they hosted their broadcast from the xfinity live parking lot. outside the donations kept coming. >> last year we had about 1,700 pounds. >> this year keith johnson and his coworkers dropped off nearly 3,000 pounds of non-perishable food items. >> it helped the competition. >> it will be putting more food in the hands of our hungry neighbors. last year wmmr listeners and business owners raised over 580 tons of food.
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this year they hope to do even better. >> it puts a smile on your fachlface. i feel like this is what the holidays is about. >> they encouraged listen toers help end hunger here. >> no one should be hungry in america. no one should be homeless in america. if you're upset about what's going on in the country and you want to do something that will make your feel better and make people's lives better is to do something like this. to tribute, mentor, volunteer, bla whatever you the do is getting people back focused on what's important. >> so maybe coming out in the rain isn't really your thing. that's okay. we checked in with other organizations. the united way has a sex on their web site where you can figure out the type of volunteer activity that works best for you. maybe you're good at cooking
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food. they will connect you to other organizations who need that type of help. there is also a drive where you can donate by using your phone. reporting live, i'm pamela osbor osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. kim will be visiting preston and steve later on this afternoon and the nbc 10 team will make an appearance friday morning. make sure you say hello during the camp out for hunger. tonight philadelphia police officers will be recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty. this is video from last year's event. going from one job to another president-elect donald trump's big announcement this morning as we learn more about some of his newest cabinet picks. plus deadly tornados rip through parts of the south as millions continue to deal with the aftermath of raging wild
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fires. we have got a warm and wet day across the area. i'll let you know what's in store for the weekend with my first alert neighborhood forecast just ahead. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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more -- president-elect donald trump is holding a news conference to detail how he'll completely leave his business to avoid conflicts of interest. the presidency is a far more important task he tweeted this morning. >> the american people are seeing the leadership and energy that our president-elect is going to bring to the white house. >> two more people confirmed this morning they have been offered cabinet positions. >> can you gentlemen confirm this has happened now? >> goldman sachs as treasury secretary. >> our number one priority is tax reform. >> and ross as commerce secretary. still up in the air, secretary of state.
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>> narrowed it down to a very small group of people. >> including mitt romney. he had dinner with trump last night. >> the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective capable people. >> we talked about secretary of labor. >> republican leaders on capitol hill today. the senate says they are ready to quickly confirm trump's cabinet. we learned trump is kicking off his tour tomorrow, a state that he won. he has a rally in scincinnati. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. nancy pelosi has been house democratic leaders. she faces a challenge by tim ryan of ohio. the ashes of former cuban leader fidel castro has begun a
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four-day journey to the final resting place. the remains of the 90-year-old leader were taken from cuba's defense ministry. a tornado out dpts break in several southern states overnight killed at least five people and left four children in critical condition. among the hardest hit was the tennessee border. tim is there with a look at the damage. >> reporter: a flash flood warning is still in effect in several counties in tennessee. a tornado destroyed many homes and businesses. we are in a community. power is out where this convenience store got hit hard. power lines were ripped down. the roof was torn off and thrown across the parking lot.
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debris is shutting down some major highways. we spoke with the chief of police. he tells me is majority is near the rifrmt the chief believes there are at least a few fatalities. a shelter is open from those displaced. the national weather service says they expect the flash flood warning to last through early afternoon. back to you. rain is moving through the region of tennessee where wild fires have claimed four lives. an inch of rain fell overnight which should help firefighters. more than 150 structured were destroyed or badly damaged. it fuelled flames near g gatlinburg. >> those were unbelievable scenes of that fire.
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and here our biggest weather problem has been the fog. very dense this morning and only lifting slowly. we still have a lot of places reporting low visibility. we have showers and thunderstorms today and tonight but we are going to be seeing changes tomorrow brought in by wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour blowing the leaves around. you can see on the radar everything moving from southwest to northeast. it is not a steady rain like it was yesterday. we have had a little burst of it within the last hour. we have drier air coming up from baltimore and washington for at least a few hours. there's more rain back there that's going to be coming through before the day is over. let's take a look at some of the visibilities. that's how dense the fog is. chester county still with zero visibility to get into the low-lying area. the fog sinks right in.
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it's hard to break out. redding a little over a mile. blue bell up to 1 mile visibility. things improving at the airport but still not great. it's improving in wilmington as well. we are seeing many places with better visibilities than what we saw even one hour ago. the temperatures way above average for this time of year including temperatures into the 60s even at this hour of the day, even with all of the cloud cover. it is extremely mild for this time of the year. near 50 is the high, the average high. we are seeing temperatures well into the 60s in delaware with a southeast wind. 64 in georgetown. 62 here. cooler at the beaches with wind coming in off of that water. through the afternoon we'll see temperatures rising into the 60s across much of the area.
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more showers and maybe thunderstorms later on this afternoon. all of that thick cloud cover cuts down the threat of thunderstorms, especially severe thunderstorms. it is dry for a while. here comes the cold front that will change everything. that's towards midnight. that's when we could actually see the heaviest rain and thunderstorms coming through. by tomorrow morning, dry. no fog. we have got wind out there. temperature not really going up very much during the day. we start off around 50 and we stay in the 50s tomorrow. today we are mostly rising into the 60s. farther to the north only 56 in allentown and easton. remember those numbers as we go down to delaware. the beach up near 70.
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other parts close to 72. that's what the neighborhood weather is all about. you have 15 to 20 degree temperature contrasts across the area. this is the way we can show it to you. philadelphia we have the nasty weather today. we have dry weather the next couple of days. a little bit cooler. lehigh valley only 48 degrees for a high on friday. still not extreme but you can see the dry weather both thursday and friday once we get rid of all of that moitstusture today. the ten day forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thanks. tragedy for cirque du soleil. they are trying to figure out what caused the death of a worker right before the start of one of the popular shows.
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it will kick off the centennial. the interim president and ceo of philadelphia and melanie, board of director. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having us. >> let's start by talking about the mission of the urban league.
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tell us about what that is. >> the mission of the urban league nationally and locally is the empowerment of african americans and others to achieve economic and social equality. it is a mission that's been around over the country for 106 years and here locally in 2017 for 100 years. >> let's talk about that 100 years. the celebration is 100 years and moving forward. it is quite a milestone. >> it is. >> what's in store as you hit that mark? >> we will actually kick off the celebration at our luncheon this friday. we will kick it off by presenting two centennial awards. one is vivian harvey. back then it was the telephone company and has now evolved to horizon.
11:25 am
we will present another award to evans. he was just sworn in as the congressman for the second congressional district. what people don't know is he started off his career early on at the urban league of philadelphia. since that time he remained to his mission. >> what is your hope now as you hit that 100 year mark? what's your hope? >> it's sort of audacious. >> that's okay. >> when you think about 100 years i often say i wonder if they ever thought it would need to be around for 100 years. we know that is the case and as we look out to the future what we think is strategically is that the urban league will need to be here. when we look at where we are as a city, as a county, as a region
11:26 am
many people in this area are locked out and left behind. the urban league is that anchor in the community that is making sure that people are moving forward and getting retrained, new tools for their portfolio, if you will, so that they can get sustainable living wage jobs and take care of themselves and their families. we are looking right now at a program called urban tech. i'm so excited about this program because it is preparing for people in this technology sector. it is a certification that comes with the graduation and people will move into all sorts of help desk jobs, software, hardware, things that the future is holding for us. the urban league is ready to go. >> thank you for being here. i want to give information.
11:27 am
it is the 14th an you'll whitney m. young jr. luncheon. it runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for more information head to our web site, or check out the nbc 10 app. the rain is falling and thick fog continues to be a problem for much of our area. this morning a live look at philadelphia international airport shows just what we are talking about. there is an impact on flights in and out of the airport. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let us know when the skies will clear just ahead. >> reporter: and when we come back we'll give you a look at how this year's camp out for hunger is doing. we'll also tell you other ways you can help out our neighbors. my favorite part about being a dad --
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umbrellas and rain gear is a must today. here is a live look at cape may. poor visibility throughout the area because of the fog that's sticking around. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge in philadelphia. it is there but you can barely see it. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, when is it going to get better? >> it is sure taking its good old time. that picture behind it shows it. that's the skyline behind her. you can't see it yet. things are improving just slowly. you can see this area of heavier rain moved through philadelphia headed through new york city and the drier air towards baltimore
11:32 am
and washington starting to come in. it is still cloudy but not like the steadier rain we have seen in the last couple of hours. things are tapering off. there will be more rain. you can see right now about the entire philadelphia area has at least some rain. as we go through the afternoon there will be more but especially in the northern parts of the area. we taper off a little bit towards the afternoon rush and then more comes in from the west. especially again between philadelphia and allentown. then later on tonight look at this area coming up. that's midnight. that's the cold front itself that is going to lead to the changes that come in tomorrow. still zero visibility here.
11:33 am
philly international is holding. mount holly is improving as well. jersey shore and atlantic city still fog. so has wilmington. we are starting to see improvement from the south and that will come up through much of the rest of the area. the temperatures are up too. upper 50s and low 60s. we'll talk more about the dramatic changes in a few minutes. >> the death toll has risen to four today as they plan to rebuild following the devastating wild fires. nearly 500 acres around the great smoky national park have been torn apart. authorities are not ruling out arson. >> it's so hot. >> it is the largest fire seen until volunteer state in 100
11:34 am
years. a fire storm around the great smoky mountain national part. the devastation staggering. more than 100 buildings damaged or destroyed. it burned some homes to their foundation. 14,000 evacuated and now some coming hope to find out how bad it was. in pigeon forge. >> it was a lifetime of memories. >> my first bb gun is right here, what's left of it anyway. >> the loss tempered by what was saved. >> my family is all accounted for. that's what we have been telling each other. we can rebuild but we can't replace. >> for michael, he left his home to see if the fire was moving closer. when it did and so quickly he was cut off from his wife and
11:35 am
daughte daughters. >> we got up to the house and it was completely engulfed. i got out and i screamed her name. >> again overnight hundreds spent the night in shelters. >> it was nothing but red. i was taking care of an elderly lady. i had to get her out and the animals out. that's the only thing we had time to get. dollywood, flames ripped through the flinringes. dolly saying she is heartbroken and praying for a all of the families. what sparked the wild fire is unclear but it appears to be human caused. teams are still trying to tame a monster, a fast-moving blaze that took the mayor of
11:36 am
gatlinburg's business and his home. an accident during rehearsal for sefor cirque du soleil. it happened just before 7:00 last night. officials say the worker was struck by a lift. he later died at the hospital. last night's scheduled show was cancelled. investigators analyzing the charter plane that went down killing 71 people including most members of a brazilian soccer team. >> reporter: video posted to social media shows excited young soccer players looking forward to the biggest game of their lives. now their families, teammates and fans faced with devastating
11:37 am
loss. supporters joining hand ts chanting the names of their fallen comrades. investigators are figuring out what went wrong. as the plane approached the pilot reported electrical problems before crashing into this hillside. the surviving crew member say the plane ran out of fuel. >> i think very quickly it will become apparent if this is a fuel issue orange iss range iss. >> six people were saved. in the wake of the tragedy an outpouring of support from the soccer world. teams in europe paying tribute with moments of silence. rising from the minor leagues to reach the finals, a team that inspired fans now being morned
11:38 am
by an entire nation. they tell nbc 10 news the doctor was set to arrive here to help identify the bodies he says the column bee yan side that was selt to play that brazilian team they say now the trophy should go in honor of the fallen. back to you. new details this morning of the effort to get a presidential recount in pennsylvania. jill stiein will get a court hearing on her suit. stein's attorney will face off with the republican party. she calls it completely without merit since donald trump won by nearly 70,000 votes. hillary clinton has not made many public appearances but last night she was in new york city for the snow flake ball.
11:39 am
cell phone video show the former presidential candidate introducing katie perry for the united nations childrens fund. the holiday season is also the season of giving. one major charity effort is underway. let's check in with pamela osborne live at the camp out for hunger, pamela. >> reporter: we have been here for about three hours now. i can't even begin to count the number of boxes we have seen like this fill up this morning. take a look at some of the pallets and some of the other boxes that are full. three trailers worth of food have already headed out of here this morning. $1 to $10 to one can of food to 10,000 pounds of food. we'll take it. >> reporter: the rain was hardly enough to dampen the excitement
11:40 am
on the largest food drive in the nation. inside the preston and steve show hoeged their show live from the xfinity live parking lot. >> last year we had about 1,700 pounds. >> this week keith johnson dropped off nearly 3,000 pounds of non-perishable food items. >> we set up a little competiti competition. so we put different groups against each other. it helped. >> the friendly competition putting even more foods in the hands of our hungry neighbors. last year wmmr listeners raised over 580 tons of food. this year they hope to do even better. >> it puts a smile on your face. >> joining steven preston who took time to encourage listeners and philadelphians to help end
11:41 am
the hunger here. >> you shouldn't be hungry. no one should be there in america. >> if you're upset about what happened in the country and you really want to do something that will make your feel better and make peoples lives better to volunteer to volunteer in schools, rec centers, whatever you can do will gem get them back focused on what's important. >> reporter: and there's plenty you can do to get involved especially if you don't want to come out here in the rain. the united rain has a spernl section that will allow you to take a look at local organizations, the type of volunteers that you need. maybe your skill is cooking a really delicious maeal. you heard him saying they were able to do so much food because
11:42 am
they did this drive at work. you can start your own fundraiser and do it on your phone or tablet as well. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. so many ways to give. we'll be visiting later on this afternoon. the nbc 10 morning team will make an appearance on frad morning. make sure you stop by during the camp out for hunger. up next we take a look at a new rock musical in philadelphia th that stresses before the game. why perfecting your ten any game could be just what the doctor ordered. >> we have more rain coming in but we'll also get a break from this wet weather. i'll let you know when the sun will shine again and what's in store if the weekend just ahead.
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this week's wednesday's child are twins. they are hoping to find a family to support them and keep them together. >> they are confined to
11:46 am
wheelchairs. >> they are siblings and they have been together their whole life. any nurturing or affection they just love it and they blossom and grow. >> no worries if you don't have any experience as a physical therapi therapist. >> all of the training for protective adoptive families. they will go to any medical appointments so they can get firsthand knowledge of the children's care and of course there will be nurse support for the children so they will not be alone or feel as though it's too much for them. >> they have lots of support. what they need is lots of love, the kind that only forever families can give. >> you can look in the eyes and see the love they receive they give right back.
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if you would like to make their dreams come true go to a north carolina prosecutor says a charlotte police officer acted lawfully when she shot and killed scott. scott was the african american man killed while sitting in his vehicle at an apartment complex. police called for scott to drop his gun but scott's family says he was unarmed. his wife recorded the moments before and after the shooting. also just in this morning, nancy pelosi reelected as house democratic leader. she faced a challenge of tim ryan of ohio. want to live longer? maybe take up tennis. us a tra
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australian researchers say it is linked to lower risk of death of any cause follow bid swimming, aerobics. recognize the city behind me? philadelphia is back here somewhere. at least we can see something n now. all morning we haven't been able to see a thing. that is a sign of improvements. areas of rain moving through. we had a little burst and we'll be getting a little bit of a break. you can see the heavier rain moving in towards new york city. this other area will be moving towards the lehigh valley. there is more rain to come. we are not done with this thing yet. tomorrow we are going to be done with it. let's check the visibility. still zero in coatsville. we have quaker town, vibl
11:49 am
visibilities quite a bit. it causes some delays. trenton a mile and a half. dense fog continues but is breaking up in much of the rest of the area. it has taken long enough hasn't it? as we head towards the shore we have winds coming in off of the ocean. it will prevent readings from getting into the 60s unless you get inland. it is still way above normal for this time of year. through the afternoon we see heavier rain towards the north and west. by dinner time we are generally less active than we are right now but that's not the end of it either. the actual cold front that's
11:50 am
going to lead to the changes is coming in during the night, maybe in the mild -- middle of the night. by tomorrow morning everybody is clear. there's no fog anymore. going to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. 58 degrees for a high. it may level off or even go down during the afternoon. allentown's high 52 degrees. now, remember in delaware we are seeing some places near 70 today only into the mid-50s during the day tomorrow. so it will be a good bit cooler but it is also going to be sunny. it will be windy. we have clouds today, wind tomorrow and dry weather for friday, saturday and into sunday. we could see some rain sunday night into monday and then another batch coming in tuesday and into wednesday and some
11:51 am
winter-like temperatures are going to be coming towards the end of next week. we'll be right back. it's part rock musical, part film, part play and a work unlike anything you have ever seen before. here to tell us what's in store for audiences are michael and leah and candy here? >> yes. >> the show mascot? >> yes. >> both of you involved with the production of kids. tell us what we can expect. >> you can expect several narratives. music is used as a language to show how humans are unknowingly connected to one another. >> give us a sample.
11:52 am
why not? >> make sure i set it up a little bit. >> yeah. >> so it's very early in the piece and when we first meet her she is entering this mysterious fox. she has some very seemingly dark feelings and the danger of dealing with what's inside. her boyfriend gives her a call. he knows she is going through some stuff. we learn that he has gifted her this y this. due to her angst over this box she decides to ease up on him by making up a song with the two cards he taught her. >> right. >> so we will play this at the beginning. >> all right. >> and i'll play this. >> but she is holding candy right now. >> all right. take it away.
11:53 am
♪ ♪ i only picked it up a couple of times but you can see how expertly i play ♪. >> thank you. that is wonderful. just a taste of what audiences can expect. >> for sure. >> all right. michael, leah, thanks for being with us. we have more on how you can see jib. it runs through december 17th at christ church neighborhood
11:54 am
house. address is 20 north american street. it is right by church street just behind christ church. you can find it pretty easily. for more go to or check out the nbc 10 app. thank you guys again and candy for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you so much. >> see you in the theater.
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coming up this afternoon it's day six of ellen's 12 days of given. jennifer aniston stopped by the show. then it's our nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon nbc 10 takes on a story that has an impact beyond the money. this one involves dna test results, the story and the answers this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. from all of us here on nbc 10 have a great day. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming.
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>> steve: here you go, man. >> rafe: thanks. >> steve: wow. you look like you could use something stronger. should i break out the bourbon? >> rafe: no. not yet, anyway. >> steve: tell me what i can do to help. >> rafe: i want to hire black patch to get hope out of prison. dig up some dirt on fitzpatrick or even trask. anything. could really use all the help i can get. >> steve: i hear you. >> rafe: and justin, he's working on an appeal, but... well, considering that hope admitted she killed stefano, i find it highly unlikely that a court is gonna want to hear an argument for a more lenient sentence. >> steve: so that's where the dirt/coercion comes into play? >> rafe: yeah. >> steve: that's called blackmail, dude.


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