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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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search and rescue. dozens are dead after an earthquake in indonesia. crews are now looking for survivors. fallen trooper. more details about the new jersey stoot trooper and south jersey doctor killed in a head-on crash. remember pearl harbor. today we pause to mark the 75th anniversary of the attack that sent the u.s. into world war ii. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary conors. >> and i'm vai sick heam ark. steady rain and let's get right to meteorologist bell henly who has the neighborhood forecast. >> hey, vai. as the rain has ended still a bit misty and damp outside. live view from doylestown this morning. clouds will linger overhead but
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we should see some sunshine this afternoon in the suburbs and much of the rest area. last few showers are in south jersey and cape may courthouse and atlantic city and throws ending shortly and they are all moving offshore and then dry for the rest of the day. philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, allentown and everybody is above freezing this morning. 38 degrees right now in the lehigh vale. you can see some clouds over easton this morning with a few misty sports to be found. mainly just going to be cloudy, but we'll see a nice warmup. but lunchtime 49 degrees and it will be a mostly dry day today after the miss this morning and breaks of sunshine come through this afternoon. i'll go through it hour by hour to show you how quickly the temperatures climb when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica buyington is watching traffic. >> watching the schuylkill expressway right around montgomery drive where very an accident vreen taking out right-hand shoulder the next lane over so we're having pretty slow drive times and pretty
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early for that with two lanes getting by on the schuylkill. center city is 22 minutes right now. checking with the 42 freeway. cameras right around creek road. up ahead is an consistent scene. can't see it in the cameras and we can see the delay. heading northbound on the 42 freeway. you'll be stuck behind some delays and an accident involving a few vehicles up ahead and over to the left-hand side and they may be moving it over and stopping traffic at some point. you can see a complete string of brake lights hand northbound traffic moving towards philadelphia. i'll update you on both of the scenes when i come back in ten minutes. vai. >> jessica, thank you. we're following breaking news from overseas. another earthquake in indonesia. a deadly earthquake rocked indonesia early this morning. the quake has killed close to 100 people. dozens of others are hurt and rescue remembers on scene and are sifting through the rubble in collapsed buildings. indonesian authorities say
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there's no risk of a tsunami. this is the second major earthquake to hit indonesia this year. the last one in march was a magnitude 7.8 quake. we'll continue to follow this story a bring you information as we get it here on air and on the nbc 10 app. meanwhile this morning weary learning more about a fallen state trooper and a south jersey doctor who poet died in the head-on collision. >> more live from the state police barracks. what can you tell us about these two victims? >> the crash is still upped investigation but trooper williams was calling for calls of an erratic driver when he was hit and killed on a head op crash. the driver of that other car has been identified as 61-year-old
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dr. rudle yvmt the vineland high school class of 1953 he was class valedictorian and went on to become a doctor who specialized in psychiatry in elmer. residents in a diner said the crash is all they could talk about. >> small world. elmer is a small town, you though, 2,000 people. >> once in a while i see him at the lunch and he would come and pick up lunch. >> the 31-year-old trooper was just beginning a new life in his dream job with the new jersey state police and joined in january and got married in september. residents and well-wishers came to the barracks where the trooper was stationed and they came to pay their respects. >> you know, god bless. i hope they can carry on. you know, our prayers are with them. >> reporter: as far as the driver of the other car, penn medicine and inspira held said
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rudley worked as a doctor at both of those units there as a private practice physician and investigators at this point are still trying to figure out what led up to this crash. toxicology tests have been performed and we're awaiting those results and we'll let you know the outcome of this investigation. matt delucia, nbc 6 news. >> a woman in amity up toship says a woman in a make halt chased after her on a trail saturday afternoon. the man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she hit him with a rock and he ran away. police say the attacker may be missing one or two front teeth. some real life heros will be honored today in philadelphia. the police department will be handing outcommendation merchandise northeast philly to dozens of officers. one officers will receive the valor award for an extraordinary act of courage while facing an
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armed suspect. >> december 7th, 1942, a date which will live in infamy. >> president franklin d. roosevelt's immortal words to describe the attack on pearl harbor. today marks the 75th anniversary that attack. more than it,000 soldiers and sailors were killed and more than is n.o.w. others wounded when japanese fighter planes surprised the u.s. naval fleet. today in hawaii there will be a wreath presentation and other remembrances at pearl harbor. and a live look at the batt battleship "new jersey." . that ship launched two years to the day that the attack happened. authorities at the pennsylvania game commission plan to conduct toxicology tests
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after what they call the highly suspicious death of a mother bear and three cubs. the dead bears were found in a church parking lot in west wyoming lucerne county. animals had no signs of bullet wounds or other injuries. remember this? do i remember this, vai? >> oh, boy. we're locking at last blizzard and that's why officials are moving along toism president a snow emergency route which would ban parking or driving on city streets when a snow emergency is declared and council should also try to find parking at burr logue lots f.
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ski resorts are getting set to open up. penndot worked through the night to make shuart roads were all salted than it would be safe for the morning rush. and bill assures us we don't have to worry about snow. at least not for now. >> no, no, headed out right now, drying out this morning, it's cloudy and still a little bit damp and for philadelphia just a little bit and fortunately the temperatures will be. >> mostly cloudy this morning and then dry and chill this honk and if it stays all long lapg and into tomorrow. t the last for you showers at the shore, very spotty. light rainfall and not steadier heavier rain we saw last night.
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nothing but rain as the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s, upper 30s and 40s and they will be climbing. in spite of the clouds, philadelphia at can the this morning 44:00. at 1:00 close to 50. the clouds will be thing out and we'll get sunshine breaking this afternoon and 48 degrees at 5:00. for the sebastian burns, al try this morning. this afternoon brakes of sunshine and peeking in the 40s and in the lehigh valley, 39 begrecian and in the. 456 degrees for high temperatures are sum breaks of sunshine. for delaware the clouds are over heard. even the rain will dis-a & p. new jersey and at the shore the
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clouds linger through the morning with a chance of late day breaks of sunshine, but it's going to be hard to find those for most of the afternoon. 40s for both locations today and near 50 degrees and inland and up to 51 degrees at the shore. by this is much warmer than what's heading our way at the end of the week and for the weekend, too. i'll show you what to expect when i come back with the weekend forecast and the ten-day on sock. >> ten minutes past can have on this wednesday. obviously we don't have. downpours. let's chet -- crick roz might be cause. kesway right around montgomery drive where we're losing the next shoulder the right lane over. tee lanes and, 26 minutes, pretty early to have a plus
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route. now on the in. this is a really big drive time. this is typically a four minute trip and now we're at 16 minute and average speeds down into the means. right around 2 the ever90. give yourself an extra to minutes in the. also there owes consumer confidence an other mayor job and conshohocken state rod and we'll end back in new jersey on the northbound side of the turnpike near i-95. the exit ramp is closeder in the woodrow wilson service area.
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more updates in ten? well ole somehow you thought they pulls out and 'high speed gis -- spade helped investigators get think man.
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. quarter after 6:00 right now on this wednesday. you're taking a live lock at downtown doylestown in bucks county where it's 38 degrees outside. meteorologist bill henly tells me a bit misty out there and it's not raining and the rain is pushed out. he'll be back in minute with your neighborhood forecast. now to the presidential transition. >> president-elect donald trump has officially announced his nominee for secretary of defense. last night the president-elect introduced general james mattis
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known as mad dog to a crowd in fayetteville, north carolina. he was there as part of the president-elect's thank-you tour for his supporters. donald trump praised matis and talked about their plans for the future. >> under his leadership such an important position, we will rebuild our military and alliances, destroy terrorists and face our enemies head-on and make america safe again. >> also yesterday the president-elect sparked controversy over air force one. he threatened to cancel a multi-billion dollar contact for two new presidential planes from boeing. and today a delaware supreme court will hear arguments on whether a dozen men on death row should still be excuted. in august justice declared the state's death penalty law unconstitutional and now they must decide if the ruling can be applied retroactively to those men who had already been sentenced to death. >> take a look at this new video
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of a police ghas los angeles. can you see a bicycle required was nearly taken out right there after the chase started last night. police suspected the driver who veered through a parking lot. the car lost a tire and sparks sprayed out of the back of the vehicle. after about an hour another drive got involved and actually boxed the suspect in. can you see the driver in the white pickup. officers in pursuit were unable to make an arrest. >> police want women to keep an eye on their purses. this newly released video can show what you can happen. a woman was putting groceries in the back of an suv when had a man reached inside the car and grabbed her purse from the passenger side. he tried to get in his car and actually sped off and no aheist has been made. >> 17 minutes past 6:00. a lot of people getting up and trying to get out of the door. a lot of brake lights hand let check in with traffic reporter
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jessica boyington. >> you'll want to get out of door early this morning especially if you're out and about this morning. the 42 freeway is what we're looking at right now. traffic at a standstill. 17-minute drive which is normally a four-minute bridge. these are the cameras around creek road. just up ahead around it 95 there's an accident scene with a few vehicles. this traffic is moving towards philly and also 95 right near the woodhaven road. you request see list activity: which ear seeing delays moving no center city. accident around montgomery drive in the right-hand lane and eastbound from the plus route to the vine 27 minutes right now so that's pretty heavy for right now at this time.
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typically it starts to get up there around the 7:00 hour or so. about 45 minutes ahead of schedule and average speeds also in the 20s. schuylkill, 15 and more accidents popping up and more from the turnpike in new jersey. >> some slick wet roads to be wary of but meteorologist bill henly tells us that rain is pushing out of here. no rain overnight hand no ice or snow and now we just have a hill bit of light -- there's bluds and miss. the rain has ended and those will be clearing out. the -- the last few house, those are hello detroit red wings you in a hurry and dry today, tomorrow heading into the
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weekend. it will get colder. snow to the east, snow to the west. the temperatures trent has things coming down. 5th today and 5s tomorrow but today not a pat up at pole. then the temperatures start choate willing. clouds thinning out in the afternoon and 46 degrees. friday is when the wind kicks in and that's the wind that will bring us the much colder air. you'll certainly feel it friday. 20s in the morning and 30s in the afternoon and with winds gusting to 30 miles per hour it's going to feel like it's in the 20s all day long. nuff another blustery day. wind not as strong on saturday. we'll get sunshine and 37 degrees the high temperature and not much warmer on sunday. clouds building on sunday. we could see some showers early
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monday morning and then during the day on monday. the temperatures will recover into the upper -- we'll another cooling trent. >> stand by to bundle up. >> thanks for that, little. >> former fastball foam matt raul on move. we'll break it up to and what it means for the owls in the bowl game and how long prosecutors want congress plan -- congressman fatiat to spend behind bars.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. . just days after winning his first conference title in 49 years temple's football team is looking for a new coach. head coach matt ruehl has resigned to take the job at baylor and as this morning's "daily news" covers suggests
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it's the price of success. past four seasons he's helped the owls reach new heights. temple had two straight bowl appearances and two straight step-win seasons for the first time in school sis try and his players say they will miss him. >> kind of expected it a little bit. i understand how the business works but, yeah, definitely a sadness. >> he really gave meet foundation to be a good player. the at let exdiretiathlettic di the search and one high school teen with the same night received tweets all day saying why, matt, why?
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and he responded i'm a high skochool student, not a footbal coach. >> we're watching the 42 freeway here. accident scene right around creek road. actually right underneath the 225 overpass and 21 minutes rate now headed up towards the walt whitman bridge and average speeds into the teens so updates on this mess and more things when i come back and tonight let's get a check on meteorologist bill henly. it is troy at 6:26. got your neighborhood forecast to show you when the sun will appear. >> and breaking overnight, an earthquake hits indonesia and the death toll is rising as crews search for survivors. an update on the aftermath and more on the deadly hit on a new
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jersey state trooper and south jersey doctor.
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geez rescue effort. crews are sifting through the rubble after an earthquake killed dozens in indonesia. >> crash aftermath. we're learning more about the new jersey state trooper and the south jersey doctor both killed in a head-on collision. >> report low. new jersey governor chris christie's approval rating has dropped to a mark that hasn't been reached in decades. >> good morning. it is 6:30 on this wednesday, december 7th. this is nbc 10 news today and i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm rosemary conors. put the umbrellas away and we're starting to dry out. meteorologist bill henly with the details in the first alert neighborhood forecast. bill? >> that's the last few raindrops in the area this morning. can you see it in cape may courthouse and atlantic city. just some sprinkles and not the steady heavier rain tonight.
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drying out in wilmington and philadelphia and a little bit mist. you'll find damp roads and you won't see any eyes, no snow, none of that. temperatures are just two warm even in the lehigh valley. wilmington, the rain has ended. it's 41 degrees right now and clouds will linger and 42 degrees at 8:00 and 47 degrees at lunchtime and then we'll see some breaks of sunshine later this afternoon, so i'm expecting philadelphia to peak at 50 degrees. mostly cloudy in new jersey and 49 at shortstop just a little bit warmer and a little bit cooler for the lehigh vale. mostly cloudy and late day sunshine will be breaking through and that sets us up for a achilier night tonight. when i come back in ten minutes you can see when you'll get some sunshine later today and first jessica buyingston watching traffic. >> starting off with another accident scene. 25 right around hartford road on the northbound side and the traffic right here is being diverted around and accident
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scene that's taking out the left lane. a few police officers on the scene. saw another emergency vehicle there a few minutes ago and that just left. this is the northbound side and what traffic is moving towards the trenton area away from the philadelphia area and we can see the delays backing up at least past that point and watching the 42 freeway. we're seeing the drive times go down a little bit so that's at least good. 14 minutes on the northbound side from the 55 to the walt whitman bridge. just around 295. there's a few vehicles involved there. hopefully they have that over into the shoulder the next couple of minutes so we'll start to see some relief there. speaking of seeing relief. this accident scene is cleared on the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side right around montgomery drive and 31 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. >> now to that breaking news overseas. an earthquake has rocked indonesia killing at least 97 people dozens of others are hurt and rescue crews are on the scene and they are sifting through the rubble of collapsed
6:33 am
building. the u.s. geological system says it was a 6.4 magnitude quake and indonesian authorities insist at this point there's no tsunami threat but that's something they will continue to watch. we'll continue to follow this han bring you updates right here on air and on the nbc 10 news app. >> this morning we're learning more about the new jersey state trooper and a south jersey doctor who both died following a head-on crash. matt delucia is live for us in belmar. what can you tell us this morning >> reporter: lingering question is why did this crash happen. state police identified the driver of the other car as 61-year-old lloyd rudley who was driving the red toyota monday night on route 55 that crashed free trooper frankie williams' patrol car in millville. according to the facebook page of the vineland high school class of 1973 rudley was class valedictorian and went on to become a doctor who specialized in psychiatry in elmer.
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now, police came out to the port norris barracks to mourn trooper williams. >> you know, god bless and, you know, i hope they can carry on and, you know, our prayers are with them. >> the 31-year-old trooper was just beginning a new life in his dream job with the new jersey state police. he joined in january. he got married in september. philadelphia police treated out condolences saying our thoughts and prayers are with the new jersey state police and family and friends of trooper frankie williams. we saw several of those condolence messages yesterday and a lot of neighbors going up to the barracks to pay their respects and leave floors. as far as dr. rudley is concerned. they confirm he had once worked for both of those organizations in private vac tis in the past. investigators meantime are waiting on toxicology results as they still try to determine who caused that deadly crash monday
6:35 am
night. live in bell marks matt dlush yeah, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. monday night's crash marked the third time in less than a year that a new jersey state trooper was killed on the road. back in march 31-year-old trooper sean cullen was killed in deptford when he stepped out of his cruiser and was hit by a passing vehicle and last summer a new jersey state trooper ian carson was killed after striking a utility pole in salem county. he was responding to a domestic dispute call when his car went off the road. a new jersey supreme court will not hear an appeal from rabbi fred neulander convicted in a plot to kill his wife meaning an appeals court rejection of his bid to overturn his conviction will stand. the 75-year-old is serving a life term for the 1994 beating death of his wife carol. two hired killers have finished
6:36 am
serving their prison sentences >> of:45 and more details on a safety report and it's been decided when there's a accident they will refer to federal guidelines to remove hazardous materials. emergency responders relied on guidelines which did not specify who should be evacuated for a certain type of chemical release. officials have applauded the change. former congressman chakia fattah could spend two decades in prison. that's what prosecutors are recommending. federal prosecutors want to sentence of 17 to 21 years behind bars. a judge will sentence fattah. the eleven-term congressman was
6:37 am
found guilty of racketeering, monday laundering and fraud. he retired after his conviction. there will be a hearing in michigan. an appeals court yesterday dismissed jill stein's recount petition. a court hearing will be held friday over stein's recount request in pennsylvania. so for a recount in wisconsin has donald trump gaining more votes over hillary clinton. and approval ratings for new jersey governor chris christie have reached a new record low, a new quinnipiac university poll finds 77% of voters disapprove the job christie is doing. only 19% approve of his work and pollsters say that is the lowest approval rate for any governor in more than 20 years. 48% of voters also say they believe the governor permly ordered the bridge gait traffic jam. christie has denied any involvement and has not been charged. >> 6:37 right now on this wednesday. just about 41 degrees outside. i know you've been crossing your fingers for snow.
6:38 am
got to head up to the poconos. >> i like snow around christmastime, like a white christmas. we can wait, right? >> right. >> did you start a shoveling service. >> no snow except in the mountains. still damp and the wayne has ended. cloudy and damp cons to start with. breaks of snow and this evening clouds breaking and temperatures come down no the evening hours and will get close to freeze. as far as the fog is concerned, pennsylvania, light fog. two-mile visibility in coatesville. clouds will linger through the morning. 41 degrees in philadelphia. did not get cold and it is chilly outside and that chill will stay with us through the clouds in the morning.
6:39 am
some sunshine breaking through this afternoon and that's when we'll get closer to the 50-degree mark in philadelphia. cloudy skies and 37. the rain has ended in the suburbs. a bit of fog and as that temperature climbed any fog will disappear. only light fog this morning. 46 degrees at lunchtime and then had a little bit warmer once we start to see that sunshine break there you this afternoon. well see that in the lee hi valley. clouds this morning 38 degrees right now and still chilly at lunch time and thing crowds and 47 degrees at 2:00 and partly sunny by 4:00 today. new jersey, chuck goudie to starred with. even with sunshine we'll stay just sort of it. peopletime at the shore 46 degrees and hitting 50 in spite of the clouds and staying in the low 0s and dell way, it is a t
6:40 am
wit. we have more sunshine ahead but forget about the 40s and the 50'd. we're looking at the 0s. >>im -- >> i see flashing lights over there on 95. what are you seeing out there on the cameras? >> woodhaven road heading towards i-95 southbound. we're seeing delays on woodhaven road. it's the ramp and a few moments ago it was closed to traffic of the right now you can clear see that's not the case. cars are moving through but single file past the police activity and an accident that's on ramp. so we'll see some declaes there approaching the beginning of it 95 southbound and, of course, backing up on to woodhaven road. hartford road over in new jersey or myth laurel and it's over
6:41 am
into. le left-hand land. this is hover in new jersey for a crash that seems to be getting teter. at a standstill. nine minutes from 55 to the walt whitman bridge and getting closer to the five-minute drive time we normally see. an accident happened way earlier around 195. because of the accident the exit ramp near the woodrow wilson service area is closed. a viewer reached out to us when she couldn't get help from replacing a sentful gift that her grandson sgloek how the nbc 10 team responds and came
6:42 am
through and got the family a resolution that ended moup that are $500. we'll tell you about the much anticipated and how you can get involved right in our area.
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in today's nbc 10 responds a sentimental gift from a grandparent breaks. >> and after a family didn't get any help from the store where they bought it they turned to nbc 10 responds. >> 8-year-old sean and his grandfather who he called papa close. >> what they would do with his pop. >> reporter: sean lost his pop earlier this year before not before he gave him this mini quad last winter. >> it was real his time gift to him. >> joan walls, says her husband picked it out especially for the
6:46 am
boy. >> he tried it out and he was delighted. >> didn't use it again until april when the weather got warmer and after a few rides the mini quad broke. >> something snapped. it was in the steerl while. >> walls, called walmart which referred her to the manufacturer and she says the manufacturer told her she could get it repaired herself use replacement parts. she wasn't happy with that solution, so she tells us she was referred back to walmart to get the problem sorted out. >> we were always put on hold wait, wait, wait, we'll look into it and nothing ever happened. >> she says she couldn't get refund or repair answers from walmart. >> and finally i got so from us trade i called you. >> nbc 10 responds reached out to walmart and days later the company called walsh offering her a one-time courtesy refund for the mini quad. >> i got my refund back, $535,
6:47 am
which is a lot to us. >> walmart tells nbc 10 responds this was a customer service-related matter and we were happy to help miss walls. >> just grateful, very grateful to channel 10. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> a lot of money all the way around. the manufacturer of the toy did not return our request for comment. she says the mini quad was under a two-month warranty and the break happened just outside that window and walmart went out of it way to satisfy the customer. >> if you have a consumer problem or 62 telemondayo responde, the best way to reach us is right there on the screen and we'll respond to you. 12, 13 minutes from the top of the hour when we sign off and we start the "today" show. >> we said good morning to tamron hall and matt lauer for a preview. hey, guys. >> good morning. >> hi, rosemary. nice to see you both. coming up on a wednesday, investigators are closing in on a pop cause of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland.
6:48 am
we are live with new developments in that investigation. also ahead works will be "time's" person of the year? this morning we'll reveal the answer exclusively. and we're now packing studio 1a with stars including kevin costner, chrissy teigen and olympic champion miss i franklin as we get started on a wednesday morning right here on "today." chrissy teigen cooking this morning. >> cannot wait. >> vai and roams this, particular recipe has been on her social media account. i've been drooling over the pictures and the can't wait to actually eat it. >> can't wait for the "time" person of the year. got to be trump. >> i don't know. >> i know nothing. >> yeah, right. >> all right. let's check in now with the weather. >> a live look right now at that. >> cloudy out there. you can see 59 there, that's from the building and the flag flapping and the mighty delaware. let's check in with bill henley
6:49 am
and find out what the forecast is going to be like. camelback, getting some snow. snow in the mountains and that's where the snow stayed. rain overnight and the snow has ended. there's still some clouds overhead and the rain is over in the lehigh vale, but you can see the cloudy view from east and a little bit misty in some spots. a little bit of light fog but it's not going to last. what we're not seeing are temperatures anywhere near freezing. that's the good news so what is on the ground is not frozen at all. lehigh valley 38 degrees. the suburbs are 39 and it's in the 40s for the rest area. philadelphia, delaware and south jersey. some of those are a little bit cooler and the township is holding at 35 degrees. exxon, chadsford and davis all in the upper 30s. new hope just shy of 40 degrees. that's hour starting point. clouds this morning at the bus stop at 8:00 this morning. you'll see the cloudy skies and the temperatures staying above
6:50 am
freezing. still chilly in allentown at 36 degrees and 37 for reading, exxon you'll be at 39 and low 40s for philadelphia, wilmington, and and there's the last few raindrops. not much left there. just some light showers moving through cape may county and into the atlantic city area. the showers will be moving out and late day sunshine is possible in atlantic city and cape may and most of the day we'll looking at some cloudy skies. eventually the clouds will break and we'll get some sunshine tomorrow but there's colder air back there. that's snow falling way to our west. you wasn't get the snow but will get the cold. during the day today, watch as the clouds start to clear. this is 11:00 this morning and you can see some breaks in the cloud and lock at the temperatures warming not low 40s and as we go into the afternoon the clouds will thin out to more and more sunshine this afternoon and at 4:00, getting closer to sunset and 49 degrees in philadelphia, and then once the
6:51 am
sun is out with clearing skies the temperatures will come down in a hurry. 35 in allentown and 38 in millville and wilmington and down to 39 degrees and falling in philadelphia and that's just the beginning. it turns colder on friday and that's cold weather that's going to stay with us this weekend. these are high temperatures. 33 degrees in the lehigh valley and 37 in philadelphia, and with the wind blowing that's going to feel lake it's in the 20s. not the guy as cold. the winds die down. we'll be watching for showers in the lehigh vale and delaware, too, may have to wait until monday to get the bet weather. 50 degrees this afternoon and 40s tomorrow and here comes the wind and cargo hold. finally less endy. wet weather monday and clears out on tuesday. partly sunny and 48 and here comes yet another round of cold.
6:52 am
38 degrees on wednesday. temperatures in the teens thursday morning and up to 32 afternoons for thursday and friday. brr. >> all right. thank you, bit. eight minutes now before 7:00. we have breaking news right now in camden. a car has hit a new jersey transit train this. happened just a short time ago on river avenue at federal street. we're trying to learn more about injuries. if there are injuries there. the river line is suspended between 36th street and the walter rand transportation center. we have an nbc 10 crew on the way to the scene as we get updates. we'll pass them hey long to you on air and on the nbc 10 app. >> we'll certainly create a little trouble out there for commuters in new jersey. >> a really busy morning is that righting off on boulevard. something new. our cameras right around fox street and an accident over into the on ramp to the southbound boulevard. the southbound traffic is moving toward the schuylkill expressway. simply see more delays there and
6:53 am
it'sing delays for people ash the river dine is suspended between 36th street and the walter rand transportation center due to an accident on the tracks. still watching this big crash on 295 over in mutt laurel just near hartford road. over into the center media now. on the northbound side, taking out the next lane ard part of the next lane over as well. two lanes going northbound towards trenton. i'll be
6:54 am
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decemberpth, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. those were president franklin d. roosevelt's immortal words describing the attack on pearl harbor. today marks the 75th anniversary of the bombings the more than 2,000 sailors and others were killed and a now others wounded. today in hawaii there will be wreath remembrances and other celebrations in pearl harbor. a look at the battle ship "new jersey" in camden where officials will observe the anniversary with a special ceremony at 10:00 this morning. the event will also mark the original launch of the uss "new jersey" which happened on december 7th, 1993, two years after the pearl harbor attack. tonight "nightly news" is remembering pearl harbor during a live broadcast and "nightly" will the feature memories and
6:58 am
honors of >> "time" magazine will be revealed on the "today" show which begins in minutes. ♪ >> "hairspray live" hits your tv screen at 8:00 live right here on nbc 10. it includes an all-star cast featuring jennifer hudson, ariana grande, martin short and harvey fire stein and nobodies 10's keith jones will be making a live appearance hosting a viewing party at the kimmel center. >> good morning, everyone. jessica boyington. the boulevard zoomed in on a crash that's taken out the ramp to the southbound side of the
6:59 am
boulevard from fox street. traffic moving towards the schuylkill expressway will start to see some delays. the river line for jersey transit is suspended in between 36's street due to an accident around the tracks and we'll end with 225 around hartford road and mt. laurel, accident still on the northbound side and traffic moving towards trenton. we'll start to see big delays. >> rain is downbut still a little bit damp at philadelphia international. you can see some clouds overheed and you'll see improving conditions during the day. 39 degrees in the suburbs and 39 in new jersey and 38 in the lehigh vale. nicely above freezing, so we'll be drying out and warming up, too, 41 degrees at philadelphia international, we'll see it warm to 46 degrees by 11:00. still cloudy at that time and late this afternoon we'll see some breaks of sunshine. if we get a little luck to will be a bit earlier. temperatures near 50 degrees this afternoon. heading out the door, you can always get my first alert forecast on 101.4 fm.
7:00 am
>> you can always get realtime news, weather and traffic. >> thanks for watching. "the "today" show is next. good morning. warehouse of horror. as investigators zero in on a potential cause of that warehouse fire in oakland, new images emerge from inside the so-called ghost ship. this morning, the filthy conditions and the latest on that investigation. arctic ast. snow blanketing the plains. temperatures across the country set to plunge 20 to 30 degrees. some cities bracing for subzero cold. doubling down. vice president joe biden hints again at a possible run for the white house in four years. >> hell, donald trump will be 74, i'll be 77, in better shape. >> while president-elect trump talks tough at a late-night rallyn


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