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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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75 years later a look at the tribute planned for the victims and those who survived the attacks on pearl harbor. time magazine reveals the person of the year. and it's an exciting night of television. hair spray live. december 7th, 1941, a day which will live in infamy.
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>> words describing the attack that happened 75 years ago today. more than 2,000 soldiers and sailors were killed and more than a thousand others were wou wound. good morning. i'm erin coleman. there are services to narc anniversary in our area. this is a live look from the battleship new jersey. a ceremony began about an hour ago. matt delucia is live with how people are marking the day 75 years later, matt. >> reporter: right. the ceremony just wrapped up here a few years ago.
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take a look. it was 75 years ago today that the united states was thrust into world war ii. three men served during that war. one of the veterans said that day in 1941 symbolized how unprepared america was for war and the men who gave their lives will also be remembered. there was a tossing of the wreath into the delaware river. >> i'm glad america pauses to remember what happened 75 years ago. >> a day like today it's a day that celebrates all of the things that generation did, that that country has done and it shows this is one of the strongest nations in the world.
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>> reporter: and this one on a more positive note, the 74th anniversary of the launching of the battleship new jersey, the most decorated battleship of the navy. it also served in world war ii. a lot of memories coming back today, good and bad. ie i'm matt delucia. hosting a tribute to the heros of pearl harbor. all right. take a look at video from a fire in philadelphia's neighborhood. crews responded to the call around 7:30 this morning. no one was in the building at the time. one firefighter was treated for a minor injury. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the drive over a car hit a new jersey train has been issued. a summit for disregarding a railroad crossing.
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preliminary reports show the car was trying to get around the gates that was lowered around the tracks at federal street. the car's driver was treated at the hospital for injuries. no one on the hospital was hurt. it was suspended for about 45 minutes between 36th street service reseemed about 7:30 this morning. police have identified the driver as rudley. he crashed into trooper williams patrol car. he was class valedictorian and went onto become a doctor. people came out to mourn treeoor
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williams. >> just god bless. i hope they can carry on. you know, our prayers are with them. >> the 31-year-old trooper was just beginning a new life, taking his dream job with police in january. williams got married in september. taking a live look here. nbc 10 krystal klei is here with a look at your forecast. >> the sun hitting us now. only a few hours for clouds to clear on out. they are going to continue moving off to the east. what you see is the thicker white starting to break apart, thin out a little and move out to the east.
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i have been checking all of the reporting stations. this is into parts of new jersey we'll continue to see a little more sunshine. here is where temperatures are right now. seeing the difference here. wilmington 47 degrees. low 50s later today. we are 43 in mount holly. also at 43 at atlantic city. it is 35 degrees where we saw some of that snow move through yesterday, which is what we expected to see. in philadelphia the mid-40s mark where we are sitting. sun is starting to peek out. i think we'll see a little more sun throughout your afternoon mixing in with clouds. they won't entirely clear. notice winds not a big factor and temperatures are okay. it's not going to last much
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longer. we are going to track big changes in your temperatures and we'll talk about it more coming up. they hope a suspect will catch a man who attacked a jogger. the woman says the man in a mac h hat chased after her. she told police the man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she hit him with a rock and he ran away. he may be missing one or two front teeth. police are looking for the woman who stole a baby jesus statue from a nativity scene. the this is surveillance of what looked like a blanket. the statue was found along with note that didn't make a lot of sense in bethlehem township. the new jersey supreme court will not hear an appeal from
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neulander. an appeals court rejection will stand. the 75-year-old serving a life term for the 1994 beating death of his wife, carroll. we know the convicted former congressman could spend two decades behind bars. he will be sentenced next month. chaka fattah was found guilty of racketeering, money laundering and fraud. he resigned after his conviction. >> happening now delaware supreme court hearing arguments on whether a dozen men on death row should be executed. now they must decide if their
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rulings can be applied ret trro actively to the men already sentenced to death. dennis will m yas will deliver his farewell address. he is expected to talk about his administration's efforts to create jobs, invest in the city's children and develop the river front. hunters killed a record number of bears in new jersey so far in this year's bear hunt. the gun only hunt is supposed to last until saturday but it may end early once hunters reach the limit. a new title for president-elect donald trump and what trump is saying about how it is progressing. and a lot of talk about appealing obamacare. a study shows what's likely to happen if the health dare law is soon no more.
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and we have got our eye on seriously cold air moving into the u.s., how low temperatures go as a result coming up. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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donald trump has a new title. time magazine's person of the year. it says donald trump, president of the divided states of
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america. it will hit newsstands on friday. this morning he called into the "today" show about being named the person of the year. >> it is a great honor especially me growing up reading time magazine and i have been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year and last year. i consider this a very very great honor. >> the president-elect also confirmed mitt romney is still in the running for secretary of state. he will meet privately with some of the victims of the attack at ohio state university. the report says dole worked on behalf of the government for the past six months to make it
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happen. last week's call was a breach of diplomatic protocol. they would consider it unacceptable for the u.s. to recognize that leader as the head of state. today we are getting a clearer idea of how many people it would effect. nearly 30 million people would become uninsured if there is just a repeal without a clear replacement. republicans say that will not happen because they are working on replacement legislation for the president-elect to sign. early indications show the replacement will not involve as much federal regulation and it would eliminate the requirement that americans get health care or face fines. i will always treasure my time serving the people. they gave me a purpose i will always cher ishcherish.
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thank you mr. president. >> barbara boxer just gave her farewell speech on capitol hill a short time ago. she was elected in 1992 after ten years in the house of representatives. she announced last year she would not seek reelection this year. she will be succeeded by california attorney general. a group of democrats and republicans will honor bindden' legacy. he was selected in 1972 which made him the sixth youngest senator. he held that office when he left to become vice president and since served as president of the senate. starting with that live look outside philadelphia here still pretty gray outlook. i can tell you within the last
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hour and a half or so clouds and then periods of clouds. back and forth, nothing we'll see. still clouds hanging around but still sunshine breaking through. we'll track it in a minute. here are your temperatures. 45 degrees right now. kensington, center city. a little cooler at chestnut hill and mid-40s as well. overall we are going to see temperatures right around 50 degrees by later today. pretty nice. it will be slightly above average for this time of year with those temperatures in the low 50s. for delaware neighborhoods temperatures are warming up to mid-to upper 40s because they a have seen a little more. 45 right now. we drop a little further to the south and you can see similar situation around the mid-40s.
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lincoln at 46. milton right at 44 degrees. radar and satellite a bit wider view than we saw a bit ago. clouds may have been thinning out and they are moving off as well as any chances of rain. no more rain for your wednesday. what we'll be looking at is cloud/sun mix. chilly conditions but better off by a long shot. here is your hour by hour. the clouds thinning out, moving off. we have more sun for your afternoon. we continue this. overnight we seem mostly clear. thursday lab little cooler than today with our temperatures. for the most part thursday will remain dry. maybe isolated snow showers along the northern edge. cloud coverage for areas further south including for philadelphia, new jersey, delaware. earlier models tried to give us a rain push.
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it doesn't look like it's very likely now. we'll see a bit more sunshine as we move into your thursday afternoon clearing conditions throughout the night as well. that's when the much colder air moves in. enjoy these temps, while you can. it is 51 for summerton. right around 50 for here. the shore points starting to see more sunshine. 52 ocean city and atlantic city. 50 for us in the next few hours for wilmington. let's talk about the colder air. it will be a big change for us. no longer talking 50s. the arctic air will drop in from the north. the cold air will push out the cool air we have been dealing with. it is going to force its way in. this is by friday that we see this. it will drop our forecast high
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temperatures to the upper 30s and then we see even cooler conditions in your next workweek. we'll get to those details and take a look at how much cooler we get for your friday, saturday and sunday and even more so. more coming up in the next hour. >> hair spray isn't the only thing we are excited about. still ahead, a big party that's bringing together people from a show that truly defined a generation.
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this week's wednesday's child is a boy who loves to learn and explore. nbc 10 introduces us to eric. >> i touched it. >> new jersey adventure aquarium is a place where a child completely looses track of time. he wants a high five. >> reporter: you might spend hours in the sting ray tank alon alone, petting and feeding it and watching it splash around.
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don't splash. those little ones like to splash. eric is kind of an expert on stingrays. >> did you learn something today? >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> to not hold the star fish in my hand where i can get bit. >> ouch. >> nothing a little band ate can't get fixed but what can be fixed is his thirst for knowledge. >> he would bring to a family undying motion and interest and curiosity and action and continual questioning. he needs to be with a family that doesn't mind being questioned non-stop. he wants to explore everything in life completely unlike anybody i ever met.
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>> he is athletic and very creative! he would be the youngest and have an older brother that is 17 or something like that or be an only child in the family. again, he would do best in a family with a strong male role model that is involved with him in sports and anything in terms of activity. >> i touched it. >> listen carefully how eric describes love. >> if someone loves you then someone loves like a family. >> eric is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you would like to make
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eric's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to or call 1-866-do-adopt. 75 years later, today we pause to remember the attack on pearl harbor that changed the course of world war ii. we'll take you live for a look at a memorial planned today and survivors that are marking this historic day. a powerful earthquake rocked one of the world's most popular country. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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roosevelt called it a day that will live in infamy.
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thousands gathered at pearl harbor to remember our greatest heros. we have more on what is a very special day unfolding there. >> reporter: the final resting place for more than a thousand sailors and marines and the centerpiece for today's memorial here. >> a solemn remembrance, 75 years after a surprise attack. >> i went out on topside. planes were diving from every direction. >> waves of heros unleashing a fury on pearl harbor. the waters are clear. thousands traveled for this
11:30 am
sacred memorial to of those who fought here. >> it is a really special moment. >> for most this is a once in a lifetime journey. >> 150 passengers at a time. let them pay their respects and drive them back. >> where he is going and what he is doing is still special every time he docks alongside the arizona. >> it is very emotional to see. >> reporter: especially right now. >> it is a huge honor. i'm very lucky to have been stationed here when the 75 st goi -- 75th is going on. >> reporter: they pause to remember and honor these heros on this special day. nbc news, pearl harbor.
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the tribute will continue through the weekend here. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. tonight nbc nightly news remembering pearl harbor during a live broadcast from hawaii. tom brokaw will join lester hold to discuss. it's after nbc 10 news at 6:00. gloom my start to the day. you can see the sun barely starting to peek through there. this is a live look from the jersey shore. krystal klei is here with a look at the forecast. >> yeah. it depends if you'll see more cloudy or more sun peeking through. there will be cloudiness out there no matter where you head.
11:32 am
we are at 45 degrees now in philadelphia. we have seen some heating out there. we are at 42 in new jersey. it is 46 in delaware where there's been a longer period of sunshine. clouds have built into the area. the mix of clouds and sun, winds are going to remain light and we are going to stay dry. we saw the lingering showers early on but those have since moved out. even the misting conditions are starting to move off as well. today's forecast low 50s moving to about the mid-40s at 6:00. dropping you around 40 as we move overnight in philadelphia. similar set up across the board. a little more sun and we see the mix as we start the evening. we only pick up to about the
11:33 am
upper 40s and in delaware the upper 50s. all of us in the mid-40s as we move into your evening commute and as you head home. thursday mostly dry. we'll also talk about that huge cool down that hits our forecast coming up. checking our nbc 10 headlines now, a firefighter was treated for minor injuries in the port richmond neighborhood. no one was in the building at the time the cause oft fire is under investigation. the drive over a car that hit a new jersey transit train this morning has been issued a summons for disregarding a railroad crossing. the car was trying to get around gates lowered around the tracks at river avenue and federal street. no one on the train was hurt. police looking for a woman
11:34 am
who stole a baby jesus from bethlehem mall. it looks like a blanket. power blackouts and rain are hampering rescue efforts. the magnitude 6.5 quake hit the northern tip this morning killing nearly 100 people. kelly has the latest details. >> reporter: a desperate situation this is the same place where the devastating tsunami hit in 2004. search and rescue operations are urchdway across the province. dozens of collapsed buildings. thousands digging through what's left of those wooden structures trying to reach survivors. at least a dozen have been
11:35 am
rescued. many more havie been killed. it was shallow that usually means that the damage can be more significant. the epi center was just offshore. the concern is tsunami. the rescue efforts are likely to continue through the night. back to you. authorities say there's little chance of finding survivors of a plane crash. it went down shortly after take off this morning. this video shows a huge fire. so far rescuers discovered seven bodies and they are continuing to search through the wreckage. at least ten people are hurt following a hotel fire in indianapolis. around 40 people were inside the
11:36 am
building when the fire started around 3:45 this morning. the cause of the fire under investigation. it apparently started in the basement. >> fire officials say there are no more bodies in the warehouse and 35 out of the 36 victims have been identified. stephanie has the latest on the investigation into what caused the fire. well, the search for victims is over. investigate rers sifting through the ruins looking for clues and the cause. investigators are zeroing in on allian appliances like a refrigerator and sound system.
11:37 am
>> i'm not prepared to draw conclusions from the history. we are still in the process of compiling it. did police miss warning signs? nbc 10 obtained the video who say police used a warehouse to access the roof after a party next door got out of hand. did aufrtss notice possible fire hazards? the police department would not comment because of the ongoing investigation but the mayor defended the force. >> police officers are not trained in zoning laws. >> the city requires annual inspections of all commercial and residential property. zb who is responsible for fire inspections? >> the fire marshal's office is responsible. >> reporter: the head of the firefighter's union says the inspections never took place.
11:38 am
>> the fire marshal position has been vacant for most of the last five years. >> pictures shared exclusively with daily mail show what appear to be exposed wire and propane tanks used to heat water. he says he made improvements to the electrical system himself. there is no official cause of the fire. this video was taken moments before the blaze erupted, people unaware of the imminent danger. he was a dj that night. by chance he had just stepped out for a cigarette. >> you had to watch the exit for hours and just wait and they never came out. >> that was stephanie reporting. all right. take a look at this video of a
11:39 am
police chase in los angeles. a bicycle rider was nearly taken out just after the chase started last night. they suspected the driver of dui. the car lost a tire so sparks sprayed out of the back of that vehicle. after an hour another driver boxed the suspect in. officers were able to make that arrest. >> days after winning the first conference title in 49 years temple's football team is looking far new coach. the head coach resigned to take a job at baylor. it's the price of success. the past four seasons he had helped the owls reach new heights. he had two straight ten win seasons for the first time in school history. players say they will miss him. >> kind of expect it a little
11:40 am
bit. >> if he really gave me a foundation it is for the whole player to be successful. >> temple's athletic director will begin immediately for a new coach. foley will lead the owls on december 27th. a high school student also named matt rhule had a rough day. he was bombarded by tweets saying things like why, matt? why? his reply, i'm a high school student. i'm not a football coach. one of the most exciting television events of the year. we'll take you on a trip down memory lane and look at the popular philadelphia tv show that helped define a generation with some very special guests live in our studio. and today our biggest weather worry, clouds hanging overhead. in the days to come, how about
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we get to go behind hair spray. jennifer hudson is part of the cast which features maddie. she won the role tracy. >> it is one of my dream roles, tracy. the fact that i'm getting to play her on national television with this incredible cast is insane. >> that cast includes harvey firestein. >> we are old friends. i know edna. i can do edna in the blink of an eye. >> it will be move from indoor to outside almost a third of the time. >> even if something goes wrong it will be the most exciting part. >> but nerve racking for younger cast members. >> there are moments where i'm sleeping and i'll be like oh,
11:45 am
gosh. >> it promises to be a bonding experience like no other. >> it's a pleasant change of pace for everybody. i think everybody will be very emotional when it's over. >> plenty of singing and dancing to do. >> it will be fun. you with watch hairspray live right here on nbc 10 tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight the kimmel center will host a private party. philadelphia is one of five u.s. cities that will be featured in cut-ins during that show. tonight will be filled with lots of nostalgia. we have bobby and former american bandstand dancers. thank you for dg here. they will be at tonight's party in center city. there was the show that became the national phenomenon.
11:46 am
it all started right here in philadelphia. >> uh-huh. >> so you were one of the regulars on that show. talk about the experience and what it's been like for you to reunite with some of the dancers. >> it's absolutely been wonderful. it was like new year's eve every day that we went there. there's our picture taken on tv. it was glorious. it was a great experience. we had a whole nation follow our hair styles, our dances, what we were wearing. we were the first rock and roll revolution. we had buying power finally and we were the leaders. as dick clark says, the first reality stars. >> yechlt and you talked about what you were wearing. >> yes. >> my poodle. >> yes. i love it. >> so talk to me act how american bandstand impacted your
11:47 am
career. let us know what you have been up to. >> just continue to work quite a bit since 1959 but dick clark was a very dear friend. he was a nice man. i classified dick as mike schmidt. dick would want the know if the record was selling. my first record was called kissing time. so was it selling in detroit? was it selling in washington? in other words wow get three men on base and he knocks it over the wall for a grand slam. like she just said, 3:30 to 5:00 every day kids want to know what the kids were wearing, what's the new dance, so on and so forth. it created such a great image for everybody. unfortunately we with were talking backstage, it's gone. that era is over unfortunately.
11:48 am
>> the police had wondered where are all of the teenagers? everybody was inside their houses, shades pulled down and watching the stand. >> yes. >> we have some great footage there. >> yes. >> tell us abiliout the party tonight and what you're looking most forward to. >> you can't get your youth back but it's nice to see youth dancing. i wish i had the lungs and i have put on a lot more weight than when i was a dancer. today the dancing is a lot more acrobating. it's fun to see dwrouyouth. i get a little jealous. we'll cut a few steps ourselves. we'll cut the rug. >> really? >> yeah.
11:49 am
>> thank you all so much for being here. philadelphia will be well represented during hairspray live tonight. be sure to watch for a live cut-ins. nbc 10 is proud to partner with the kimmel center for this exciting night on television. thank you for being with us this morning. we really appreciate it. >> yes. >> thank you. >> it will be a good time tonight. let's get a look at your temperatures. we are at 45 degrees in philadelphia and 46 in wilmington. the clouds clearing more so from west to east. temperatures in the mid-40s. millville at 47 degrees. trenton also at 43. slowly but surely numbers are starting to climb. a lot of us will make it to the upper 40s to right around the low 50s.
11:50 am
let's do a little comparison. we are seeing temperatures around the mid-40s. take a look to the west. business mark 5 degrees. k casper negative 4 degrees. we are talking the arctic blast of cold air coming our way. we are looking at forecast high temperatures way colder in the days to come. we'll take a look at that in a moment. let's check in on current conditions now if you're getting out for lunch maybe in a minute. we are seeing scattered clouds. for the most part they are rather spotty. we'll go from complete cloudiness to breaks of sunshine. it will continue later today. some sun, no rain. you don't have to worry about the umbrella if you're getting out for different events going on around town. temperature wise we'll move to the low 30s to low 50s for forecast high temperatures in the next couple of hours. we'll start to see that dip. it is a bit of a chilly start.
11:51 am
lows around the mid-30s. thursday some of us flirting with freezing but not quite there. as we get into the afternoon thursday that colder air mass is already starting to edge in. we are looking at forecast highs only in the mid-40s for your thursday. the winds will also start to increase a bit as we move later in the day thursday as well. the wind will strengthen on your frichl friday. 8:00 at night and only in the 30s. you can imagine by friday morning it will be a cold one. here is a look at the weekend forecast. friday the arctic air mass hits. it sticks around for the weekend. 30s all over the board. 37 saturday in philadelphia. only a high of 33 degrees in the lehigh valley and 39 in delaware. notice your sunday slight warming. we are talking a degree or two at best. you do see that it will be a late di sunday sunday. because it's so cold looking at
11:52 am
rain-snow mix for the suburbs. showers for phil fi aadelphia aw jersey to delaware. it will be a cool air mass that olds on as we move throughout the weekend. you want it to feel like it's a holidays. take a look here. we go from 50 today. we stay pretty dry. i think we could see isolated snow showers. we are looking at dry conditions friday into saturday and sunday as well. as we go into your sunday evening that's what i'm talking about, 30s with chance of showers. monday a little pick up to tuesday. look at the end of this ten day forecast. wednesday we get to 38 degrees. thursday and friday forecasting highs of just 32 with overnight lows down into the teens for your temperatures. we'll talk more about your ten day forecast coming up after the break.
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11:55 am
coming up this afternoon it's day 11:00. this afternoon a viewer tells nbc 10 she couldn't get any help replacing a gift from her grandson when it broke. we'll show you how the response team came through and helped the
11:56 am
family resolve an issue with one of the biggest retailers in the country. right now an update on our top story, people in our area and across the nation marking the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. a ceremony was held this morning. a few men who were there served during that war. one of the veterans we spoke with said that day symbolized how unprepared we were for war and that the men who gave their lives will always be remembered. a wreath was sttossed into the delaware river to honor those who give their lives. krystal klei has a check on your forecast. >> yeah. we are talking about temperatures cooling down in the days to come. we are looking at forecast highs about 50 degrees. we see it drop to the 30s friday, saturday and sunday into next yeweek. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 at
11:57 am
11:00. i'm erin coleman. for krystal aklei and all of us here have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00. s everyth, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement insurance policy from colonial penn life insurance company can help you save money by helping to pay the bills medicare doesn't. so you have affordable coverage with the freedom to choose a plan that best meets your needs and budget. and no one chooses your doctors but you. you can be covered for visits to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and more. so now that you know more about your choices when it comes to a medicare supplement plan, call now. (bright music) ♪
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>> kayla: want to go in the other room and just talk about this? >> adrienne: no. no, i... i had a lot of time to think in the... one thing i realized is that we're all in this together. >> justin: that's right. >> adrienne: [sighs] what were e test results? >> kayla: i think you know. you have breast cancer. [dramatic music] ♪ >> adrienne: [sighs] >> deimos: you are aware that we have servants to take out the garbage, right?


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