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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the big chill tonight's frigid temperatures just the beginning. the first alert weather team is tracking snowy weather on the way. and a final farewell, we're there as a local community comes out to say good-bye to a fallen firefighter. and trump transition -- who president-elect donald trump is expected to pick for secretary of state. >> right now, bitter cold blast, you better bundle up. we have freezing temperatures today and tomorrow, some of us could see snow. the first alert weather team tracking big changes that will impact your sunday and beyond. good evening, i'm randy gyllenhaal. nbc 10 has issued a first alert
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for tomorrow. we're here to keep you prepared for the cold that's weather here and the wintry weather that's still to come. a live look at camelback mountain. they're busy making snow, but tomorrow they'll be getting some of the real thing, but first we have to get through another freezing night. how cold will it get? let's head to meteorologist erica martin. >> we have another cold night in the forecast, as the temperatures for today only topped out at about 38 degrees, at philadelphia international airport. allentown below the freezing mark and coatesville at 28 degrees, we have a little bit of a substance with the winds. the winds are diminishing a little bit. going northwest to west. they're dying down. the feelts-like temperatures right now. they don't feel very good. it feels very colder than the actual temperatures, it feels like 25 degrees from allentown, philly 28 and burlington, 27 degrees. by 8:30 it's going to feel like
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it's only in the teens, 14 for allentown, trenton, 18 for you. and philadelphia, it's going to feel like a very cold bitterly cold 18 degrees and pause this again at 10:30 p.m., i want you to get some perspective of how dangerously cold it is tonight. it's going to be that way through tomorrow. temperatures climbing by monday. but of course as randy mentioned, the next big weather story would be that we're tracking rain, perhaps a wintry mix and some snow depending on where you live. randy, back to you. here is another sign of just how cold it is getting. you can see concourse lake in fairmont park, it is beginning to ice over. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas is live in south whitehall with more on how people are getting ready for the wintry weather, hey, andrea. >> what a different a week makes, we were in the same spot. but now i've got my gloves and my hat on. it comes as this region as you've heard is preparing for
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winter weather that could impact your monday morning commute. at fountain street auto service, they're checking tire pressure, battery and fluids as a precaution. by monday it could be snow that drivers have to deal with. >> temperatures being so low any time of precipitation coming down could freeze on the roads. >> a preview across the region of what's to come. flurries were spotted at 56 and overbrook in philadelphia. penndot crews put down salt on slick spots. >> western lehigh and northern burkes counties it caused a little bit of snow to get a coating on the road and very cold temperatures, well below freezing, there were some slippery conditions. >> the real concern starts tomorrow. >> we're going to keep crews out well into the night tomorrow night and monday morning's rush hour. >> so as of tonight, penndot will still have a few trucks out to monitor potential slick
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spots. tomorrow morning officials are going to be coming together to figure out a plan of action, how to tackle that winter weather, that starts tomorrow into monday morning. reporting live from south whitehall township, andrea cline-thomas. you can keep track of all the weather changes by downloading the nbc 10 app. check out live weather radar to see what is happening in your neck of the woods. next up, lost in the line of duty. hundreds gather to honor a fallen firefighter in wilmington, who was severely injured while responding to a suspicious fire. artie hope spent weeks in the hospital fighting for her life. after a tough battle she died last week. today elected leaders and her family were at the chase center in wilmington to remember her life. >> first responders from across delaware arrived to honor firefighter ardith hope, her casket draped in the american flag came to the memorial with a huge procession, the governor told the crowd her sacrifice was
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felt by the entire state. >> firefighters never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they save. and in the case of artie, in the hearts of all of those touched, by her heroism. >> lieutenant hope was responding to an arson in september. she ran back into the burning home trying to rescue two other firefighters who were stuck, but the roof collapsed. lieutenant chris leach and senior firefighter jerry fix were killed while hope suffered serious injuries and died last week. >> it's been an honor to serve alongside of you, you taught me so much. you served with dedication and valor. rest in peace, my sister. rest in peace. >> lieutenant hope was the department's first african-american female firefighter. the fire chief you just saw officially retired her back today. in philadelphia, firefighters
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spent the night battling a fire in overbrook, rescuing two kids and an adult when their house caught fire. it started around midnight in the basement of a house on malverne avenue. crews put the flames out in minutes, nobody was hurt, but investigators are still looking into what caused that blaze. and a big development today in the presidential transition. we now know who president-elect donald trump is expected to pick for secretary of state. nbc news has learned that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson will be nominated to head the state department. the 64-year-old oil executive has no formal government or diplomatic experience. he also has a close business relationship with russian president vladimir putin. you see them shaking hands there. trump is also expected to name former u.n. ambassador john bolton as deputy secretary of state, an official announcement expected sometime next week. this comes as the "washington post" reports that the c.i.a. has concluded that russia aimed
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specifically to help mr. trump win the election. key senators in both parties were reportedly given a closed-door briefing last week, the c.i.a. assessed that russia was intentionally meddling in the election to support trump. yesterday president obama ordered intelligence officials to carry out a full review of the cyberattacks by russia during the election. today the president-elect is spending the day at the army/navy game. this is video just into our news room of him at the game in baltimore. he tweeted that he was going to the big match-up as a show of support for our armed forces. and in about an hour, trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway, will lead the christmas parade in new jersey. but her appearance is not without controversy. several anti-fascist groups will protest. she's getting a key to the city. conway was raised there and went to st. joe's high school in
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hamilton. next up, a heartfelt tribute to a new jersey singer gunned down after a performance in florida. >>. [ cheers and applause ] a wish wall in honor of christina grimmie was unveiled this afternoon in marlton. she was raised in that city, people are encouraged to write meaningful messages and post them on the wall. it was made by the group girl talk marlton with the message to stop violence. grimmie was shot and killed while signing autographs after a performance in orlando in june. the gunman killed himself. christina grimmie was 22 years old. this holiday season, the delaware county sheriffs office is giving back to a family who lost everything in a fire. [ sirens ] >> nbc 10 in springfield where santa claus made quite an entrance this morning. it was all part of a shop with the sheriff event.
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sheriffs office employees took 50 kids out for a day of christmas shopping at walmart. colin and declan mcguire were part of the group of kids, they were invited a of the sheriffs office saw a story on nbc 10 about a young boy telling squaus to make sure the mcguire family had everything they need for christmas. >> i think it's a wonderful thing to do and i'm very appreciative of all that they're doing to help us. >> after doing some shopping, the children were treated to a wrapping party as well as a lunch. >> still ahead, you better watch out, it's not santa keeping an eye on you tonight. but the police, find out where officers are cracking down on drunk drivers tonight and secret santas that work in south jersey, the surprise some local shoppers receive to make their holiday as little bit bright they are year. and feeling frigid, today's blast of cold air just the beginning, a winter weather weekend is coming, the changes tomorrow and monday morning, to head into the first alert neighborhood forecast. @@@@
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the first alert weather team is tracking some big changes that could impact the rest of your weekend ant the start of your work week. snow is on the way for some, rain for others, it depends on where you live, meteorologist erica martin will let you know when and where in a few minutes. defense secretary ash carter said extra u.s. forces will help kurdish and arab fighters capture the isis strong hold of raqqah. carter says president obama approved the plan last week and this move brings the total number of american troops in syria to about 500. congress averting another government shutdown with less than an hour to spare, the senate approved a stop-gap spending measure just before the midnight deadline it keeps the government operating through
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april. the bill provides flood relief for louisiana, drought relief for california. and help for the lead problem in the drinking water in flint, michigan. up next, back to black, the flyers unveiling the special jerseys they're going to wear for their outdoor game against the penguins. plus -- destination north pole, some local families experience a trip of a lifetime today. they get to meet santa claus himself. erica? i'm tracking two major weather stories. one includes a frigid saturday night and the other tracking snowshowers and rain details coming up in the full forecast. see you then. the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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left untreated, these symptoms could lead to more serious problems including tooth loss. gum crisis averted. it is early december, but it kind of feels more like the middle of winter. you can see the wind turning the turbines over at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia, it will be a cold game for the birds tomorrow and the cold is just the beginning. we have issued a first alert for
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tomorrow, the radar is tracking snow for some parts of our area. meteorologist erica martin will break the timing of that coming up in two minutes. first up from our delaware bureau, the december anterless deer season opens today and runs eight days. environmental control officials remind hunters that only deer without antlers may be targeted. this year hunting will be permitted on sunday. be advised police across delaware will be cracking down on impaired driving today. dozens of officers will set up d.u.i. checkpoints in wilmington and bear and new castle county. dover and kent county. state police will be working with local law enforcement to conduct those checks. paying it forward, today families got a big holiday surprise, when they showed up at a south jersey store. the organization pay away the lay-away stunned families at the
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burlington coat factory in cherry hill. the nonprofit group raises money to pay off lay-away balances on gifts for children. some parents say it feels nice to get a helping hand this time of year. >> it's a great gift. i appreciate it our family appreciates it. and thank you, thanks a lot. >> pay away the lay-away is holding similar surprises at stores all across the country. a high-flying visit to the north pole, some lehigh valley families got a special flight to see santa claus. ten families -- >> stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that st. nicholas soon would be there. >> ten families hopping on board the north pole express at the lehigh valley international airport. they got to go on a quick flight to see where santa claus lives. when they arrived they got to meet old saint nick himself. it feels like the north pole today and tomorrow. some areas could look like it,
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too. meteorologist erica martin is tracking the changes. >> conditions for tonight, dangerously cold. we're tracking the system that you just mentioned, so weather headlines include frigid conditions for your saturday night. temperatures below the freezing mark for some, that would be below 32 degrees fahrenheit so weather headlines include rain, snow and ice on the approach. so getting here as the system moves in however it does depend on your neighborhood so just one moment i'll show you hour by hour forecast. but speaking of neighborhoods, we are mainly seeing 20s. lenhartsville, 27 degrees for you. a 28 for bath, walnut, upper 20s. and bethlehem, 30. so philadelphia, the philly metro area seeing mainly 30s. low to mid 30s. chestnut hill 32. kensington seeing a pair of 3's. port richmond at 35 degrees. the shoreline 30s and some 20s. le deal is that the northwesterly winds are calming down, so it does help with that
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just a little bit. the feels-like temperatures very frigid indeed. still may's landing, 29, upper township at 29 degrees so here it is, what can we expect as far as the winds go? they initially were out of the northwest and now we're seeing westerly. dying down quite a bit. but still the feels-like temperatures in the 20s. low to mid 20s. satellite and radar image picking up on some light flurries moving through parts of lehigh valley. the lake-effect moisture moving in with the northwesterlies shifting in out of the west. starting this at 6:00 p.m. if you look at the bottom of the screen. you'll see the local neighborhood forecast. get this into motion and notice the clouds developing tomorrow morning. parts of burke, northampton and lehigh valley. it depends on where you live. temperatures will be much colder, below the freezing mark. but then notice through the overnight hours we start to see all of that colder air retreat,
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warmer air on the approach. a warm front slides into place. so mainly rain that would be overnight monday into tuesday. i certainly do expect a messy monday morning commute and then everything clears, i would say by about 1:00, 2:00 p.m. monday. your ten-day on 10 includes the colder temperatures, at least warming up slightly by monday and tuesday, we're seeing low to mid 40s. notice here trending to the freezing mark again by thursday. highs in the upper 20s and then overnight lows mainly in the teens, we are tracking a potential for showers. possibly a wintry mix later next week. here's john with sports. we've got two long-winning streaks on the line, villanova, a big road test at notre dame and one of the cats has career day and the flyers streaking for their longest win streak in 14 years. hats off to them. that's a hint, that's next.
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time to check in with jose diaz balart for what's coming up on nbc news. >> coming up, president-elect trump's apparent choice of secretary of state just who is rex tillerson? also a blast of winter weather bringing severe cold and lots of snow to the northern part of the country. and inside the world of fake news, what's driving it? who's behind it? that and more when i see you in just a couple of minutes. thank you, jose, we'll see you in a few minutes. i'm john clark from csn, the flyers are the hottest pro team in the city, the hottest team in hockey, they win their eighth straight game, their longest winning streak in 14 years, here they are facing the stars, the stars are up 1-0.
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flyers power play, braden shen deflected it in shen shining on the power play, tips it off his stick. watch it fw through the legs of wayne simmons. nice. we're tied 2-2. power play again. braden shenn. how about the hat trick? flyers win 4-2. braden's second career hat trick. danke schenn indeed. >> i think tonight's feeling in the locker room. whatever up one or down one or whatever the circumstances may be. we're finding ways right now and you need to get on the streaks, throughout the 82-game season to propel yourself forward for the playoffs. >> the flyers unveil their stadium series jerseys today.
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they're going to wear them at heinz field against the penguins. back in black. it looks cool. speaking of streaking, villanova has started their season with ten straight wins, 16 straight wins going back to last season. matching the longest winning streak in school history. tough test on the road. at number 23, notre dame. huge game for josh hart. drains the three, career-high 37 points. he's as good as any player in the country. nova, trailing, most of the way. struggling, but they force the turnover. jalen brunson finishes, cats get their first lead of the day and they hold on to beat the irish, 74-66. they are 10-0. temple won, lasalle lost and penn lost. on to the eagles, the players they say they need a win tomorrow. they led the redskins clinch the nfc east title last december. at the first meeting this year in baesh, the birds defense gave up close to 500 yards of
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offense. i asked malcolm jenkins if the defense takes it personal. >> it's the situation we're in right now that doesn't make you angry. would it be our record or that we're back in the division or you think back to the last time we played them, there's plenty to get motivated for. plenty to be upset about. plenty of reasons to have an attitude and have some bite to yourself. i think you'll see a team with some imagery and a little bit of attitude and hopefully that takes us to a win. >> more with malcolm tomorrow morning on eagles game day. kickoff at 9:30 and eagles game plan and then on to the 6ers, no joel embiid. nurlens noel. >> the little guy has his pants and his swing.
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look at this, crushing the drive. you know what they say, like father, like son. he looks a lot like him. but no cigarettes or beer allowed for the little kid out there. randy. like his dad. >> thank you, john. today's cold weather could not stop jeep enthusiasts from supporting a great cause in delaware. hundreds of jeepers came out for the annual jeeps for joy supply drive. nbc 10's tim furlong was there. and nbc 10's sports was there as well. also a jeep rankler. volunteers from the ronald mcdonald house and dupont hospital were there. a parade of jeeps delivered all of those supplies. a cool story. >> i'm so glad that tim was bundled up because it was so cold today. the feels-like temperatures, strong northwesterly gusts and very quick look here. our hour-by-hour forecast. i want to show you important because this is all about your neighborhood where you live. you could potentially see some snow, a coating, unfortunately
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also a wintry mix that could lead to some ice. however everything changing over to rain by sunday into monday. here's a quick look at your ten-day forecast. the good news is, at least we get back into the 40s by monday. 40s not bad. by thursday into friday we see temperatures dropping to the teens and 20s. for erica, john and all of us, i'm randy gyllenhaal. "nbc nightly news" is next. and for updates, head to
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on this saturday night, world stage. president elect trump turns to corporate tycoon as secretary of state with no government experience, but no stranger to international negotiation, including close ties to russia's vladimir putin. blast of winter. tens of millions feeling the effects of bitter cold and three feet of snow. where is it all hitting and for how long. last stand, appeals for restraint. a syrian government forces move to take control of aleppo. and tens of thousands stream out of deceased city. he makes his living by making it up. look at the business of fake news and what's driving it. cup of kindness. stop by the coffee truck that draws


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