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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tracking winter weather. the season may not officially be here but certainly look and feel like it later today. we're keeping a onclose eye on first alert radar as the system is expected to bring snow and rain move towards our region. this morning we're also following shooting investigation in atlantic city. police are trying to track down who shot a man overnight and left him for dead at front door of casino. practicing history. banks of delaware river will be peaked with on looks watching a dry run of annual christmas day re-enactment. those details coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, thanks for being with us. it's 6:00 this sunday. nbc 10 weather team issued a first alert that takes place this afternoon. this will not be a major storm, of course, but we want to make
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sure you're prepared for some snow and rain and the timing of it. let's get to crystal. s krystal. >> we will see things change from snow to rain overnight. most of us feel like what we actually are because winds aren't high. mount pocono, 7 degrees what it feels like outside, 18 in allentown. some of us are still feeling the fb effects of feels-like. lancaster, pottstown, feels like 25 to kick off the morning. it does feel very chilly out there again. radar showing a wide view, this is snow. checking the surface through pennsylvania. we are seeing snow through much of what radar is showing here. go through maryland and near
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delaware, some of this not making it to the surface yet. don't be deceived thinking it will come in the next half hour. what we're looking at, some tracking to the north which will give us snow along northern parts of viewing area. the better potential will actually move in own as that system continues to approach the area. but a close leer, we've got cloudiness. won't be surprised if a few flakes in chester county and delaware later this morning. overall focus of this first alert starts this afternoon, hits overpass anight and contin morning commute. coming up we'll time that out and talk about sunday if you have afternoon plans. breaking news overnight, police on the scene of a shooting just outside of tropicana casino in atlantic city. the victim was found in the valley parking area around 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell nbc 10 the man barely conscious atmosphere emergency crews loaded into the ambulance. right now working to find out his condition. you just get shot?
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>> no. no. this video from instagram shows shooting victim lying on the ground outside the casino. witnesses tell us a fight led to the gunfire. we're waiting to hear from police about any suspects in the case. we'll be keeping you updated this morning right here on the air and nbc 10 app. we have new details about a fire at a refinery in southwest philadelphia. we first told you about this last night as breaking news. we've learned since then company officials at philadelphia energy solution quigley took care of the incident that caused the fire. it only happened for minutes and was placed under control. officials at the refinery will not say how the fire started. what we do know hazmat crews and firefighters called to the scene before 11:00 last night. . police closed roads in the area while crews brought flames under control. fortunately nobody was hurt
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here. now, back to our weather. there are some businesses that welcome wintry we have at aundrea cline-thomas. >> reporter: it's good for some people because it puts people in the holiday spirit. john wears a light jacket unzipped as he sells another christmas tree. >> i don't know why i have a coat on. >> reporter: he says the excitement of having a satisfied customer keeps him warm. the business's trademark trailer. >> this is our home away from home every since we started. >> that was more than 40 years ago. the trailer has everything he needs. >> heat. heat. okay. we want to be nice and warm in here. >> in northampton, temperatures at a frigid 24 degrees. >> temperatures being so low, any type of precipitation could freeze on the roadway. >> penndot prepared for snow on
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what could be a slippery morning commute. >> we'll keep crews out late in the night. >> john doesn't mind the forecast. >> that's the best time to buy a tree when you have a little mist and that snow falling down. >> cold weather is good for business. >> okay, guys. merry christmas. thank you. see you again next year. >> right now all is quite at this penndot yard. later this evening, a lot of these trucks will be out putting salt down on the road ahead of monday morning's commute. reporting south whitehall township, aundrea cline-thomas. nbc 10 news. make sure you have this free nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet especially over the next 24 hours. with the app you can track winter weather with up to the minute radar and customize first alert forecast for your own neighborhood. it will send you a message if your child's school is closed or opening late because of the weather. now to news from delaware bureau, hunters will be allowed to target antlerless deer
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because of the change in the law. it began for the first time in october. antlerless deer started sunday and runs through saturday. bear hunt. former senator calling it immoral. some protesters arrested for protesting the bear hunt. they have killed a record 629 bears as of friday. today in center city philadelphia, students will host a christmas party for struggling and less fortunate families. children, parents will enjoy food, games and a visit from santa claus. high school students will act as worker elves during the event which begins at 11:30. families can witness history on delaware river. hundreds of people will re-enact george washington's dangerous river crossing which turned the tide of the war. it will happen at 1:00 at historic park in bucks county.
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today is a dress rehearsal for annual christmas day re-enactment. this holiday season delaware county sheriff's office is giving back to a family who lost practically everything in a fire. santa claus made quite the entrance in springfield yesterday. it was all part of an event. sheriff and employees took 50 kids out for a day of christmas shopping at walmart. colin and declan maguire were part of the group. they were invited after the sheriff's department heard a story on nbc 10 are. their home was destroyed in an accidental garage fire last month. >> i think it's a wonderful thing to do and i am very appreciative of all they are doing to help us. >> after doing some shopping, the children, including the maguires were treated to a wrapping party with lunch. seven minutes past 6:00 this sunday. coming up transition to trump
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continues to clarify. we take a closer look at the man who is expected to be nominated to head the state department. we'll also tell you why his business ties are raising concerns. plus this -- ♪ it truly is the sound of music. just ahead philadelphia group heading to hollywood and in the running for a grammy award.
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welcome back. we're starting off looking at camel back in poconos. snow not falling but being made. that's not going to be the situation i suspect later this evening because we're going to see actual snow falling in the area. in fact, it may start early to midafternoon. see some of those flakes falling over poconos. what you see here is the area that is under a first alert. the lehigh valley, berks county,
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parts of pennsylvania suburbs. here is why. lehigh valley extending tonight through the suburbs tonight through tomorrow morning. rain/snow mix. a rain snow mix southern areas of this area. in delaware, more likely see rain with the forecast. a few flakes mixing in very briefly overnight hours. here is what we're looking at. accumulating snow in these zones we mentioned. that will then again change over to wintry conditions and rain by tomorrow. here is the forecast for today. highs in the 30s. very cold through much of the day, 37 in center city. notice by this afternoon, through 10:00 p.m., snow showers possible. temperatures lingering around freezing for forecast temperatures. in new jersey 36 in voorhees,
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atlantic city at 42 and smyrna with a high of 40 degrees. some may climb higher. overall a very cold forecast. a little warmer for monday. we'll talk about why and the rain conditions coming up. president-elect donald trump has once again turned to the world of business to fill an all important cabinet position in his administration. nbc news has learned he's chosen rex tillerson for secretary of state. >> reporter: stirlson worked exxonmobil 40 years most of it building a relationship with kremlin. he was named head of operations in russia. won access to prize arctic oil resources in 2011, after tillerson took ceo job. in 2013 he was given order of friendship by vladimir putin.
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outspoken opponent of u.s. sanctions against ukraine which led to cancellation of a major deal with russia. close ties already raising questions about his ability to get senate confirmation. an issue john mccain raised with kasie hunt today. >> i believe vladimir putin is a thug and bully and murderer. i believe that the relationship between mr. tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined. during his time at the world's largest public energy company, tillerson acknowledged the science behind climate change supporting a carbon tax while also expressing support for paris climate agreement. >> everybody here knows the mission. >> also served as president of the boy scouts of america and key to changing its policy toward allowing gay youth to participate. the 64-year-old executive has never served in a government position but exxonmobil has operations in most of the world's countries. >> that was andrea mitchell
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reporting. the trump transition will be front and center on "meet the press" this morning. chuck todd will be talking to incoming chief of staff reince priebus this morning on nbc 10. >> stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes saint nicolas soon would be there. >> hopping a plane to the north pole.
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6. developing, death toll risen for the bombing in turkey. the blast killed 28 people including police. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. turkey declared a day of mourning with flags at half-staff. this year's nobel prize
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winners has their awards. science and literature in stockholm sweden. singer songwriter bob dylan was not there. the u.s. ambassador who did attend read his speech saying dylan was honored to be included among the giants of writing. well, while you may be shivering in the cold here, think about folks in fargo north dakota and be thankful you're not there. temperatures well below freezing. the high temperature was just 9 degrees. as you can see these tailgaters at a college football game didn't seem too bothered by frigid conditions. they seemed to love it. it's not frozen solid but this fountain in memphis, tennessee looks sort of like a slushy mess and a pond a slushy kind of pond out there. temperatures in the teens and 20s in memphis yesterday. here is another sign of just how cold it's been in our area this weekend. concourse lake in fairmount park was icing over yesterday.
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>> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> temperatures only climbing in the afternoon to barely above freezing in some spots, no surprise we're starting to see that. today make it day three of those forecast highs in the 30s, check out the bottom of your screen where you have seven-day forecast for your neighborhood. right now looking at philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. a lot of us are right around the upper 20s again today. kensington 29, chestnut hill sitting at 28. officially at 29 and we are seeing some spots right around freezing. fort richmond 32. areas like summerton, 36 as you get out the door. yet again another layer up day. i can't say how many layers i put on if i get outside because you're feeling cold conditions throughout the day. now we're looking at lehigh valley neighborhoods as well as berks county. redding 34, fleetwood 23 and we
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are colder as we track north. allentown 23, walnut fort 24, low mid-20s to start off the morning for parts of the lehigh and berks county where we will start to see snow moving in. winter weather advisory in place, shaded in purple. notice just to the north of philadelphia and includes right through many of our suburb counties, berks county, lehigh valley and that continues right on north through the poconos. this is in effect through the and 4:00 a.m. for suburbs, 9:00 a.m. for lehigh valley. that's when we're looking at everything at least changing over to rain in the forecast. radar and satellite, wide view. what we have going on is interesting. already clouds developing which is what we expected. radar picking up on snow potential farther along to the east than what models were projecting. so snow is certainly falling over that southwest corner of pennsylvania. not seeing those reports yet
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where radars are turning. some may not be making it to the ground yet but we are seeing that cold air mass and moisture stretching in. we are looking at that greepg creeping in. a few flakes are possible. most of us will have to wait for tonight for that. a tighter view is what we're going to certainly see throughout the forecast today. there is a look at hour by hour. this is where we are getting reports of snow moving through. if we time this out here, notice we start to see snow showers over northern edge by this afternoon. 3:00 we start the clock. 3:00 to 8:00 a.m., could see south of the suburbs, a break before the next round hits. the front comes in forcing colder air. the rain/snow mix in the northern counties of that's why we have first alert in effect for that zone. problem is as we go from 1:00
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a.m. to 4:00 a.m., we may see icy concerns, i-78 to i-80 looking at northern zones. by 6:00 a.m., that's when we turn over to rain completely and that will continue throughout the morning commute meaning wet roadways are a guarantee across the region. talk about a high flying visit to the north pole. families from lehigh valley on a special flight to go see santa yesterday. >> stockings were hung by the chimney with in hopes saint nicholas soon would be there. >> families jumped on lehigh express yesterday. they got to go on a quick flight to see where santa lived. when they arrived, they met old saint nick themselves. >> them and their parents, first time on an aircraft, they were very, very excited. not only were they flying for the first time but going to the north pole to see santa. it just doesn't get better than that. >> after the flight the kids got to meet with santa and also
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received some presents from him. united airlines helped organize the event. >> the sound of music. next we you to the philadelphia group whose vocal talents are taking them all the way to the grammy awards.
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6:24 on sunday. a live look at camelback resort in poconos mountains where they are making snow. certainly cold enough to do it this weekend. they will get a little real snow to help put fresh powder on the slopes. meteorologist krystal klei will have did he details on first alert we issued and winter weather we're tracking. philadelphia area known for award winning musicians hall &
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oates, the roots, will smith. another group gaining attention after they were nominated for a grammy. monique braxton introduces us to them. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: they are philadelphia's own the crossing, stellar musical adaptation has been nominated for best musical performance by recording academy of music. >> it's amazing, another example of the choral scene in america, another way they are letting us know they are paying attention. >> reporter: so laid back, they are excited about being a part of the music industry's biggest night. >> first time nominated for a grammy. >> yes. >> the story of a german lutheran theologian. he was one of the first to condemn adolf hitler and
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anti-semitism. >> it was a nice surprise to see it actually has been getting a lot of play. >> we met the composer and a tenor at the cathedral. here they replayed the riveting performance back in 2013. as the vocal ensemble prepares to walk the red carpet at the grammys in hollywood, the crossing hopes to shine a spotlight on music they have made famous in philadelphia. >> new classical music, if we can bring that sort of energy to the city, we're happy to do so. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: monique braxton, nbc 10 news. minutes before 6:30 on
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sunday. right now investigating an overnight shooting. next working together. new details after a man found wounded just outside of the tropicana casino. and snow is already falling to our west in parts of pennsylvania. we're tracking that and when it may hit your coming up. here is a live look outside from our lowe's cam where right now things are still dry. >> you can track wintry weather
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behold our greatest opus! right now on nbc 10 news we're tracking winter weather. a look at first alert radar. the threat of snow, sleet, ice or rain could impact our region today and into early tomorrow. breaking right now a shooting investigation is under way in atlantic city. a man was shot and collapsed right at the door of tropicana casino. we'll have details just ahead. plus authorities are investigating a fire at a refinery. flames lit up the night sky above southfully following the
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fire and hazmat incident. we'll have more in just a moment. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us this sunday. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30. we'll have a first alert that will take effect this afternoon. what does that mean? we want to make sure you're aware of this wintry weather coming. we could have rain and snow that will affect your commute tomorrow morning. let's go to krystal klei who is watching the weather closely and will get us up to date on what's going on. >> more than enough time to prepare for monday morning commute. it's certainly going to be a wet one at the least, in some spots icy if you have a drive north of philadelphia. lehigh valley, berks county and pennsylvania suburbs. that includes chester county, bucks and montgomery county we're looking at.
6:31 am
even parts of delaware county we're looking at the potential for rain/snow line to drop south but we'll see that wintry mix. it starts this afternoon with some snow poconos and lehigh valley. later through the day, overnight through monday morning, wee see snow move in and a mix of rain spread across the board for that commute. accumulation possible for parts of our areas, lehigh and berks county. we could see 1 to 3 inches of snow. temperatures ahead of this happening, it's just going to be cold again. cold and cloudy for sunday. 29 in philadelphia, 24 in allentown, coatesville 25, flick city 26 degrees. it doesn't matter which you're stepping out in, you're going to feel it. ed wider view. got to show it wide, still cloudy. look a little to the west and we've got snow. i've been looking all over the region and observation points at
6:32 am
the ground where we can see what's actually happening. we certainly have snow in west pennsylvania. we'll take more about the potential for that to move into our area and when coming up. breaking news from overnight, police on the scene of a shooting outside tropicana casino. the vehicle found in the valet parking area around 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell nbc 10 the man was barely conscious as emergency crews loaded him into the ambulance. right we're working to find more on his condition. >> did you just get shot? >> no. no. >> call the cops. >> his video from instagram shows the shooting victim lying on the ground just outside of the casino. witnesses tell us a fight led to the gunfire. we're waiting to hear from police about any suspects in the case. we'll be keeping you posted right her on air and nbc 10 app. new this morning police
6:33 am
investigating a robbery at wendy's on main road early this morning. authorities tell us nobody was hurt. they are trying to figure out exactly what was stolen here. so far no arrests in this case. now, the new details about the fire at a refinery in southwest philadelphia. we first told you about this fire last night as breaking news. since then we've learned from company officials that philadelphia energy solutions, they were able to quickly take care of the problem that started the fire. they tell us the incident only lasted minutes and placed under control. the fire happened on the side of the plant officials at the refinery will not say exactly how the fire started. we do know hazmat and firefighters called to the scene before 11:00 last night. police closed down roads in the area while crews brought the flames under control. nobody here hurt. now back to our coverage of the wintry mix coming our way. there are some businesses that welcome this kind of weather. nbc 10 aundrea cline-thomas
6:34 am
reports. >> reporter: for some, they say winter weather is good for business because it puts people in the holiday spirit. john wears a light jacket unzipped as he sells another white hope christmas tree. >> i don't know why i have a coat on. >> reporter: he says the excitement of having a satisfied customer keeps him warm. the focus is the business's trademark trailer. >> this is our home away from home every since we started. >> that was more than 40 years ago. the trailer has everything he needs. >> heat. heat. okay. we want to be nice and warm in here. >> in northampton, temperatures at a frigid 24 degrees. >> temperatures being so low, any type of precipitation could freeze on the roadway. >> penndot prepared for snow on what could be a slippery morning commute. >> we're going to keep crews out well into the night. >> john doesn't mind the forecast. >> that's the best time to buy a tree when you have a little mist and that snow falling down. >> cold weather is good for business.
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>> okay, guys. merry christmas. thank you. see you again next year. >> right now all is quite at this penndot yard. later this evening, a lot of these trucks will be out putting salt down on the road ahead of monday morning's commute. reporting south whitehall township, aundrea cline-thomas. nbc 10 news. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app especially today because you'll be able to track the winter weather with up to the minute radar. you'll get weather alerts sent straight to your phone and tablet plus customize first alert forecast for your own neighborhood. the app will also tell you when the school is closed or opening late because of the weather outside. today changes go into effect on septa's regional rail line. the schedule to most of those lines will be adjusted that means some trains will depart earlier or later than scheduled. changes impact 14 separate stations. right now go to or nbc
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10 app for further details. news out of bucks county where a former middle school teacher accused of exchanging illicit videos from students will serve time in prison. a judge sentenced joseph becker to serve 11 to 23 months in the bucks county correctional facility. back in june, becker pleaded guilty to multiple charges including unlawful contact with a minor. he admitted to pressuring a 14-year-old student to send him graphic video that were sexual in nature. becker taught math. a special recognition for wilmington firefighter who lost her life trying to save others. yesterday received medal of honor and posthumously promoted to lieutenant. ♪ >> her funeral held at wilmington's chase center. hope died last week from
6:37 am
injuries she suffered during an arson in september. she ran back in to rescue two firefighters who were later found dead at the scene. many paid tribute to the sacrifice she made. >> an honor. you've taught me so much. you served with dedication and valor. rest in peace. rest in peace. >> the department's first african-american woman firefighter. the fire chief officially retired her badge during the service. captain leech and hicks killed in the blaze. a woman facing murder charges for allegedly starting the fire on purpose. pennsylvania governor tom wolf and his wife will host open house at governor's residence in harrisburg. all part of the candlelight house tour. during the visit can drop off gifts for toys for tots and write holiday cards for veterans. coming up, we have new
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details about a man caught on camera putting trump graffiti. his connection to city government and why he's not facing charges. oh deer. we'll show you more of what happened when two deer darted through a car wash in berks county. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. welcome back. starting out with a look at today's forecast, you have plans for sunday. we are under first alert beginning this afternoon but really not going to feel the effects for most of our neighborhoods until tonight. you can get outdoors but quite
6:41 am
cold. 31 by midafternoon, kickoff time if you're going to the eagles game. we will be cloudy but dry as well. can you plan for drier conditions. the forecast high will tap around mid to upper 30s. again, similar to what we saw yesterday. in the pennsylvania suburbs, 32 degrees at 1:00 meaning we barely hit freezing. the mark at 32 degrees right around your early afternoon. we'll cap mid-30s but we don't stay there long. we're back to freezing by 5:00 in the evening. and we are looking at lehigh valley around freezing even into the afternoon close to 32 degrees. we will start to see some snow flurries nearing lehigh valley this afternoon. in delaware, mid-30s at 1:00, same for new jersey. cloudiness across the board and a little warmer for the jersey shore. so this is a look at snow/rain timing. like i mentioned afternoon time, 2:00 through 10:00 p.m. on off snow showers through the poconos
6:42 am
as well as lehigh valley. that looks like about it for range of where we see snow beginning. by midnight see the front itself moving. that's when we bring rain to areas philadelphia and south and snow for areas and a mix for areas further north. from 1:00 to 4:00, mixing line presses further to the north. we'll track that coming up. a south jersey community is trying to turn tragedy into triumph after the murder of a local singer. there's a new wish wall in honor of christina grimmie. organizers unveiled the wish wall yesterday at the library. that's where grimmie grew up. people are encouraged to write down meaningful messages and post them. they can do it at the wall or online. the wish wall foundation assesses the wishes and does what it can to make more meaningful and realistic ones come true. grimmie was a finalist on "the
6:43 am
voice." she was shot and killed signing autographs after a performance in orlando back in june. the gunman then killed himself. christina grimmie was 22 years old. man oh man. so brutal. this video shows two deer running right through a car wash in berks county. here is a close leer at it. they ran through the car wash on route 100 friday. fortunately no one was hurt. the deer ran off. as far as we know they are okay. there was a little bit of damage. one of the canopies at the car wash was damaged when the deer ran right through it. just ahead, can the eagles right the ship? we looked at their matchup against visiting redskins. also head no charges fired. we will tell you what happened to an employee who sprayed anti-trump graffiti.
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. this morning, new details about city of philadelphia attorney caught on camera spraying anti-donald trump graffiti. duncan lloyd an assistant city solicitors will not face any charges and will keep his job. he's one of two men in this video. lloyd spray painted a derogatory at the same time about donald trump on the side of a supermarket. the other watches and takes a picture. city officials tells "philadelphia inquirer" police have not submit add warrant for charges thus no charges filed in the case. lloyd on a two-week leave without pay and has been ordered to do community service. this weekend campaign manager president-elect trump returned to south jersey roots for a christmas parade. she didn't receive a warm welcome from everyone but that
6:47 am
didn't stop her from getting into the christmas spirit. >> i want to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, merry christmas. kellyanne conway was grand marshal for christmas parade last night. hundreds lined the parade route. protesters also in the crowd but conway avoided any talk of politics. instead, asked people there to pray. >> for eight years i would ask you to pray for outgoing president and victoria. i would ask you to pray for our new vice president and president. >> she grew up and attended st. joe's high school. at the parade she received a key for the town. president-elect donald trump appears to be moving closer to nominating exxonmobil ceo rex rex tillerson.
6:48 am
he has no experience. was liaison kremlin. he met with vladimir putin several occasions and that's something that has republican leaders concerned. >> >> i believe vladimir putin is a thug and bully and murderer. i believe the relationship needs to be examined. the news of trump's choice came hours after "the washington post" reported that the cia believes russia interfered in the election to help mr. trump win the presidency. president-elect transition team slamming the report saying it's time to move on. 6:48 right now on this sunday. we have issued a first alert. there's a wintry mix on the way late today into tomorrow. we want to make sure you're aware especially you head back to school and work. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei with the details. krystal. >> reporter: that's right. we have first alert for a couple
6:49 am
days warning you in enough time for changing conditions we expect as we move in tonight. if you're getting out the door, you know the drill at this point, layer up. mid to upper 20s across the map here. so areas like marshall ton, 27, claymont the same, wilmington the same. drop further south, about the same numbers, allen dale at 25, rehoboth beach at 28. all of us of below freezing. radar and satellite, nice view again. got to show it because what's coming is the focus of that first alert. we're cloudy right now. take a look over in central and west pennsylvania and farther west. we've got snow that's falling. that's purple, light purple, the white you see. this is pressing our direction. this is ahead of a large storm system with associated warm front. interesting thing about warm front moving in, it's going to
6:50 am
warm up our temperatures right as some of the moisture moving in, changing snow into rain for our forecasting period. that starts tonight. let's go through this hour by hour, really take it throughout. there's the snow we're looking at right now. if you notice radar is actually showing extension all the way through about d.c. i've been checking some observation points at the surface. not a lot of snow actually making it to the ground at this appoint. light flurries, a few flakes mixing in. still a few are possible. we go through the morning, though. we'll have better snow starting to build along poconos, northern edge by this afternoon. 3:00 a.m., that will continue poconos, lehigh valley, on and off 2:00 to 10:00. we could see brief extension snowflakes mixing in through parts of the suburb to mercer county here. that will continue to move off. a break briefly 10:00 to
6:51 am
midnight. from midnight on, right back in that moisture. this is the front starting to creep into place. snow for berks county and lehigh valley. a mix through the suburbs. could see flakes in philadelphia. rain is more likely to move through new jersey and delaware. as we move along morning hours 2:00 to 6:00 a.m., rain/snow line presses quickly to the north and we'll see rain for the morning commute. some icing is a concern along areas near i-78. >> 6:51 right now on sunday. coming up in sports, hats off. flyers make it eight wins in a row. next we'll tell you more about who they will later on today.
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6:54 am
>> i'm john clark from csn. flyers are the hottest fema in hockey. eight straight wins. flyers have longest winning streak in 14 years. stars up 1-0 late in the first. power play for shane. dallas up 2-1 in the third. schenn shining on the power play again. how about tipping it off his stick. take a look. it goes right through the legs
6:55 am
of wayne symmonds. tied at two. see what's going on here. 2-for-2. second goal for schenn. two minutes left, power play again. schenn gets the hat trick. flyers winter 4-2. that's second career hat track, fans are throwing their hats on the ice. in his first hat trick, an older woman got so excited she threw her bra on the ice. jake voracek, anything interest thrown on the ice yesterday? >> a bud light. i didn't have a chance to look around. >> was it full or empty? >> i don't know. do you want me to try it or what? >> hats off to the flyers. they unveiled their stadium series jerseys. they are going to wear them at heinz field against penguins saturday february 25th. they will be back in black. onto the eagles. they say today they desperately need a win. if you remember that first meeting with the redskins in
6:56 am
washington this year, the defense gave up to 500 yards of offense, 230 yards on the ground. so i asked malcolm jenkins, does the defense take that personal. >> nothing about the situation we're in right now that doesn't make you angry, whether our record or back in the division or think back to the last time we played, get motivated, plenty to be upset about, plenty of reasons to have an attitude and have some bite to you. i think you'll see a team with some energy, with a little bit of attitude and hopefully that turns into a win. >> more with malcolm this morning on "eagles gameday kickoff", then "eagles game plan" at 10:00 a.m. afterwards tonight "eagles gameday final" after sunday night football. villanova, they are 10-0. they have won 16 straight going back to last season. that matches the longest winning streak in school history. the cats are the number one team
6:57 am
in history. they have a tough test on the road at 23rd ranked notre dame. huge game for josh hart. a career high 37 points. jay wright says josh is as good a player as anyone in the country. he was the only cat in double figures. struggle but forced turnover. jalen brunson finishes and cats get their first lead of the day and hold on to beat the irish 74-66. the cats will host temple, owls at depaul. first josh brown he'll do it all. owls improve to 7-3, beat blue demons 74-65. lasalle and penn lost their games. onto sixers. no joel embiid tonight, but making a debut, see if there's any restrictions. congrats to northwest raiders from philly. they win the division 1 pop warner super bowl. they shut out santa clara and get their third straight title.
6:58 am
they have a lot of them. congrats to st. joe's prep who won a state title in high school football. i'm john clark. enjoy your eagles sunday. it's just a few minutes before 7:00 right now on this sunday. right now on "nbc 10 news today," we continue to follow breaking news out of atlantic city. police there are investigating an overnight shooting. we're working to gather more details about the man found wounded right at the door of tropicana casino. that's coming up. .
6:59 am
7:00 am
snow is coming. you can see it on first alert radar. one of the places in camelback mountains. a skiers and snowboard paradise. more ahead. >> have you been shot? >> no. >> breaking news out of atlantic city, a man shot. we have video from a witness who started recording moments after the shooting. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 o


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