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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taking it back. millions of americans headed back to the malls to return the unwanted gifts. get away day. travelers wrapping up the holidays and flying home. we'll have an update from the airport about what to expect if you're flying out. and smoke signal. a quick thinking neighbor spots a holiday fire and gives firefighters the heads up. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm pam will osborne. >> i'm katy zachry. it is 6:00 on the dot. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei with her neighborhood forecast. good morning, krystal. >> good morning. hope you all had a good weekend be. cape may in new jersey where
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still dry conditions, dark conditions as well. but if you're getting out, maybe you do have to travel early on this morning, things are fine in our area. now if you're going to be flying and you're going west, you may run into some issues. let's talk locally with temperatures on the board. it's chilly out there. some of us still at or below freezing. 32 trenton, coatsville, alan town at 29 degrees. 23 mount pocono. a lot of us have started to be above freezing. philadelphia, 36. wilmington, 37 degrees. what we're looking at are temperatures warming up starting south and driving farther north. here's a look at radar and satellite. this is where we're talking about things okay for travel. light rain starting to move into pennsylvania. that's about it. if you go farther west from the great lakes stretching down into texas, that's where we're tracking a larger system, large cold front. it is bringing rainy weather and potentially delays into your flight. you can get details going to
6:02 am we'll talk more about the forecast temperatures today and a look ahead throughout the rest of the work week into new year's eve. right now we'll look at traffic. >> thank you, krystal. take a look at these travel conditions. travel speeds in the 50s and 60s for the most part. baltimore pike northbound. you won't run into any problems or delays. the 95 again, problem free as well. we do have an accident upper moreland. this is along water town road and moreland road. i know exactly where this is. this is within a five to ten minutes of willow brook mall. be very mindful of this location. when i come back we'll take a look at the accident and the rest of the majors. katy, back to you. >> francesca, thank you. northeast philadelphia, two people are in the hospital after this multi-car crash on the roosevelt boulevard. it happened around 3:00 this morning near the corner of the boulevard and adams avenue in the long crest section. crews had to shut down the inner
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northbound drive of the boulevard while they cleared the scene. all right. get ready. happening today, people across the area are expected to head back out to the malls to return unwanted gifts. now stores are bracing for the mad dash. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live at the cherry hill mall. matt, this should be a busy day there. >> reporter: a busy day especially if you did not like the gift that grandma got you. here's your chance to bring it back and get something else that you do like or something that fits. if you got something that is not the right size. so, yeah, a lot of the malls and stores are going to be a little bit crowded later on today once they open here at the cherry hill mall. it is an empty parking lot right now. they're not open just yet but they will be later on. by one estimate, people will return one out of every ten gifts they get this year. according to cnbc, 30 to 40% of items they bought online can be returned. if you are out to make a good deal on some store credit or you
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got a gift card that you want to redeem, you can pick up some good after christmas deals. clothing, electronics, video games are among some of the items that are usually marked down after the holidays. there's also pressure on retailers to please customers even when some of those customers are exploiting the transaction. >> women, in fact, will order dresses or clothing in more than one size because they're just not sure. they never intend to keep all three. just the one that fits. >> reporter: either way, save your receipt if you did get one with your gift. the cherry hill mall opens at 8:00. coming up at 6:30, i'm going to break down some of the things to keep in mind. the top three things you want to keep in mind if you are going to be making returns and exchange or trying to get a refund after the holidays here. for now live in cherry hill, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, we'll see you back. today is a holiday since christmas fell on sunday.
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trash and recycling gets bumped a day. for septa riders, check normal schedules, they're operating on a modified schedule and new jersey transit operating oen a weekend schedule. live look at philadelphia international airport. officials say give yourself plenty of extra time to park, check in, and get yourself through security. pam? new this morning, a family fight led to a late-night shooting in nice town. that's according to witnesses. investigators were on the street for hours overnight collecting evidence there. police say the man who was shot is in surgery this morning fighting for his life. there were at least five shots fired around 11:30 last night. so far no arrests. and a woman montgomery county told us god had a plan for her and part of that plan was saving a family from a fire on christmas. the woman was taking a walk when she saw smoke coming from the second floor window of a home in willow grove.
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she called 911. when firefighters got there they knocked on the door. the family inside had no idea there was a fire in the upstairs apartment. >> there was a reason for us to take a walk. god had a plan for the family today, for us to take a walk. they would have never heard it. the mom said she didn't hear anything. >> the people who live in the upstairs apartment weren't home. investigators say the fire started in a bedroom but did not say how. it's 6:06. in new jersey, the decision to dedicate money to upgrade the state's 911 response system, it could be up to the voters. if a proposed ballot is approved by the legislature and then by voters, all of the money raised from the new jersey phone lines tax would be dedicated to 911 upgrades. studies found 15% of $1.37 billion raised since 2004 went to build upgrades. one of those upgrades would let callers send a text in case of
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an emergency. a christmas surprise for more than 100 coast guard servers in new jersey. volunteers set up a holiday feast and party at the elk's lodge in millville for the training in cape may. yesterday it was a break from their hard work, a chance to relax a little bit, eat and even call some loved ones back home. the young recruits are from all across the country. >> felt really good. like happy, like i was at home. really nice. >> it's the second year the lodge has welcomed recruits on christmas. organizers say they're already working on next year's christmas event. all right. it is 6:07 now on your monday after the holidays, and for those who are celebrating christmas, a beautiful day yesterday, krystal. >> yeah, it really was. very nice day yesterday. today's forecast isn't a bad one. definitely different than yesterday. for those of you celebrating kwanzaa, temperatures starting
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chilly in the 30s. in philadelphia, 36. suburbs, 33. right at freezing now spots in new jersey. not all of new jersey, portions around 32 degrees. lehigh valley the same at 29 degrees and delaware a bit warmer at 37. starting out on the cool side. we have those clouds that have been building november throughout the night. still dark. hard to tell. but they're there, i promise. continue to thicken up this morning meaning it's a cloudy forecast for us today. as for the chances of rain, they're not great. we will have some isolated chances. here's a look at why. what we're looking at, our area, clouds. farther west, very light rain tracking through parts of pennsylvania. quick moving. last couple of hours this has moved from out of state through pittsburgh. that will continue moving in our direction. it will give you the isolated chances in the northern area for some rain or potentially freezing rain. temperatures are already climbing. i don't think this is very likely. there is an isolated chance that could lead to slippery
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conditions especially if you are going to be traveling farther north. neighborhood temperature today. high temperatures later in the day, actually even into the night as temperatures won't be cooling this evening. 50 for center city. 46 for lands dale, allentown at 40 degrees. lehigh valley, we should see isolated rain showers moving through late this morning and even into the afternoon hours as well. i also think we'll start to see isolated showers along the jersey shore, even parts of delaware. temperature wise, mid upper 40s. low 50s shore points. right near 50 degrees in delaware. after that temperature trend yesterday your christmas day, 50 degrees which was the forecast high. want to do the same today but a big boost on your tuesday for a little cooldown wednesday, thursday that leads into your new year's weekend. we'll get to those details coming up. all right, krystal. time now is 6:10 on your monday. time to get you to work if you have to go there today.
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>> first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio is in for jessica boyington. what do you have? >> academy road north and southbound traffic problem free up to par on the majors so far this morning. traffic in the 50s and 60s for the most part. we took a look at the schuylkill expressway as well as the blue route from 95 looks pretty good as well. in new jersey, take a look at the rest of the majors. 295 as well as the 42 freeway. northbound headed towards the philadelphia area, problem free for the most part. when i come back we'll take a look at the schuylkill as well. kate, back to you. >> thanks, francesca. 2016 has claimed yet another star. >> when we come back we'll take a look back on george michael's life after he died on christmas day. plus, cabinet questions. we'll have an update on the trump administration as the president-elect narrows his choices for the high profile positions.
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♪ ♪ he will always be known for his hit song "last christmas." >> unfortunately the music world is mourning the death of pop legend george michael. ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ yes, i've got to have faith ♪ >> george michael's death comes three decades after he skyrocketed to fame with the boy band wham. he went on to a solo successful career. talking about it at a 2011 interview in london. >> really, i can feel myself becoming a better singer every night.
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i did three years of it and this is really the best. >> michael's manager told the associated press the singer died from heart failure. this morning russian president vladimir putin is calling for a national day of mourning after a plane carrying a famous military band crashed into the black sea. crews found debris from the plane about a mile from where it took off in sochi yesterday. there were 92 people on board including the russian army choir. eleven bodies have been found in the water. still not clear on what caused the plane to go down. president-elect donald trump still has three jobs to fill. the director of national intelligence, secretary of agriculture and secretary of veterans affairs. meanwhile, the confirmation hearings on some of those current picks will start before mr. trump is sworn in.
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both attorney general nominee jeff sessions and secretary of state nominee rex tillerson will face fights in early january as democrats are likely to bring up conflict of interest issues. experts also say mr. trump has broken from tradition as president-elect. he's already tried to get a u.n. resolution concerning israel tabled and threatened to pull a defense contract from lockheed martin. >> really haven't seen a situation like this where a president-elect is speaking out on all sorts of issues in a way that is almost drowning out the person who is still president. >> the president-elect dannouncd over the weekend he will dissolve his charity. a sinkhole is swallowing up a street. happening in the neighborhood in
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frazier. that's about 30 miles north of detroit. the mayor declared a state of emergency. one house is already crumbling. engineers say they are working to find a solution but say things could get worse there before it gets better. all right. sinkholes making a big problem there. looking out for problems on the roads here this morning. >> that's right. first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio is joining us looking at the schuylkill expressway. 6:20, a very busy time on a monday morning. what are you seeing? >> so far we're doing okay. watching the schuylkill express. very light traffic. traffic speeds all around the schuylkill, 95 and the blue route as well as the vine street expressway and the blue route, problem free much that's what we have over there. mass transit, a notification for septa, on the holiday schedule as well as patco and new jersey
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transit. when we come back we'll take a look at the vine street expressway. >> thank you, francesca. a bit of a shock to the system if you're waking up and heading out your door this morning. it's pretty chilly, krystal. >> yeah, that's right. a lot of us in the 30s. north and west of philadelphia, it's cooler. delaware neighborhoods most locations above freezing, but there's still tons of 30s on the map. newark in the 30s. wilmington up to 37 now. some of us are getting closer to that 40 degree mark. nonetheless, you want to grab that coat before you head out the door. drop further south, dover is at 38 degrees. canton at 36. check out lewis beach 4rks 2 degrees. not a bad start this morning. the shore points are also a little bit warmer than most spots. radar and satellite, going to spread out. some clouds. no rain to track and this is a
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very isolated potential of some freezing rain in the northern end of our viewing zone. there is an advisory in place. i don't think it's likely we're going to see much if any of that actually fall. most of the precipitation well to our west. in fact, while there's some very light rain moving through pennsylvania, take a look at the system. the center itself is still way to the northwest of us and that cold front drops all the way through chicago, st. louis, down to dallas feeling the effects of light rain. that's still way to our west. the thing is if you're sitting right now with family and you have travel plans, this may affect you. so if you're heading west, heads up. you might need to get that early jump on your travel conditions. here's a look a little tighter in. tracking temperatures as well. there's a line of rain at 6:00 a.m. as we move along here starting for cincinnati at 3:00 in the afternoon. this is something that continues through today if you have flights any time today. this may affect even philadelphia flights. notice the rain starts to try to creep closer to us as we go
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later in the day on monday. overnight and into tuesday that we will see the showers actually pass through. also going to see temperatures completely moderated as a result. 50 degrees at midnight and tuesday for your philadelphia forecast. by tuesday morning the showers started to break apart. temperatures though still on the warmer side in those mid 50s. then as we look at your holiday temps, passed christmas conditions. now talking new year's eve. it continues through tomorrow. tomorrow a big boost. but by wednesday we start to cool back down and then as we go wednesday into your weekend, there you go. your new year's eve forecast. the arctic air is looking mostly to the north. we will have colder conditions. a dip in your temperatures for new year's in the forecast as we go. the 31st into the first day of 2017. chances of rain are focused monday night into tuesday. we'll see chances on thursday. there's that cooldown not looking quite as aggressive as earlier models are suggesting.
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still only a high of 40. look at those overnight temperatures, down to around the upper 20s to right around 30 degrees for the fireworks celebrations at midnight. sunday, the first day of the new year we may see some afternoon rain showers move through. krystal, thank you. the temple football team is ready to go bowling. we'll have a preview of tomorrow night's game next. plus, andy reid dips into his bag of tricks on sunday night football. we'll explain how a defensive lineman made his way into the record books. on the move, we'll tell you why a zoo in delaware is losing its only tiger. that's next. i will never wash my hair again.
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i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it
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fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. temple will go for their 11th win of the season against wake forest. the owls have been rocked by their departure of their head
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coach to baylor. they'll stake their claim as the best in team history. >> there's definitely some that have been talking about it throughout the year just, you know, going down as one of the greatest teams ever. we know that 11 years it's never been done before. you know, we definitely -- you know, that's not our mindset, you know, but it definitely will be, you know, a blessing to go out there and get this for the university. >> take a look at this. the team took some time off the field and took part in another kind of bowl game. they hit the bowling lanes in dc and played with some veterans there. the team tweeted this is what it's all about, bowling with those who have served our country. on a lateral. he's going to change it. look at this, he's going to throw. touchdown. >> oh, my! >> and take a look at that touchdown pass on sunday night football, but it was not a quarterback who threw it. that's 346 pound lineman jumping and tossing the ball into the end zone for the score.
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po is now the first player since 1982 to record a touchdown pass and be a sack in the same season. good for him. coming up next at 6:30, we'll take you to the mall. >> as stores brace for a busy day of holiday returns, we'll tell you what you need to know if you're returning an item this morning. plus, home from the holidays. we'll have an update from the philadelphia international airport as travelers wrap up the holidays and take to the skies.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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more mall madness. the shopping season keeps rolling on as millions are expected to cash in or swap out on gifts. time to fly. travelers are packing up and heading home after the holidays. we'll tell you what you should expect at the airport today. tribute to.
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>> maria: -- to marie. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, 6:30 on your monday. let's get to meteorologist krystal klei. >> 30s on the board. some of us are still below freezing. a big drop in temperatures last night even though yesterday was sunny across the map and we saw some of us make it to the 50s. no longer there. 31 in pottstown and 29 in reading. allentown also at 29 degrees. areas like northeast philly is 56. 38 for millville and dover at this point. temperatures are above freezing. philadelphia south.
6:31 am
north we do see freezing conditions. sometimes that can call for nasty, icy conditions. this will be a very isolated potential in the berks and lehigh valley area. and further north. if you are driving later today, just a heads up. there is that freezing rain advisory that's in place. north of us as we go through your morning hours. into the afternoon, temperatures start to boost up. things are better, but otherwise it's a pretty clear picture other than those clouds that are currently in place. temperatures, they'll start to warm up nicely. 38 at 8:00 a.m., 43 at 11:00 a.m. we'll track that for the afternoon coming up. right now let's look at traffic. >> thank you. we're over in center city watching traffic. traffic conditions on the vine street expressway. camera at 18th street. so far travel speeds up to par in the 50s or 60s. eastbound, westbound and out of center city. let's take a look at an accident that came into my report five minutes ago in lands town. when i come back we'll take a look at the rest of the majors,
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95 and the schuylkill expressway. katy, back to you. 6:31 and 36 degrees outside. happening today, expect a surge at area malls as people look to return unwanted gifts. or redeem those gift certificates. matt delucia is live. you have some good tips for people coming back with gifts, huh? >> reporter: yeah, an empty parking lot at the cherry hill mall. an hour and a half from now the mall will open. people will be returning items. a lot of stores will be getting ready to accept all of those returns, the things that people did not want. by one estimate people will return one out of every ten gifts they received this year. according to cnbc as much as 30 to 40 items bought online can be returned. that's something to keep in mind. if you were about to make out pretty well on store credit or you got a gift card you want to redeem, you can pick up good after christmas deals.
6:33 am
some things to keep in mind here, clothing, electronics and video games, they're among some of the items usually marked down. you can get some good deals there. what really happens to the things that you bring back? >> they sell it like at an open box store or in some cases it has to be sent to a liquidator or wholesaler. >> reporter: all right. oftentimes you can get that item for a little cheaper. you can get a good bargain for that. a few tips for returns. if you have something you don't want or if something doesn't fit, take a look here. first, save the receipt. if you've been lucky enough to get a gift receipt, hold on to that. a lot of stores are going to require proof of purchase. second, keep the original packaging. some stores might charge you a restocking fee if the packaging is damaged or missing. and, third, don't return used items. come on, guys. some stores are lenient, but most will not take an item back if it's been used or wore unless
6:34 am
it is defective. as i mentioned again, the cherry hill mall here opens at 8:00 a.m. i might just see you here. sorry, mom. live in cherry hill. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, good tips there. thank you for that advice. get ready. it is going to be a busy travel day across our entire region. here's a live look outside of philadelphia international airport. officials say give yourself plenty of extra time to park, check in, and get through security. ♪ i gave you my heart ♪ the very next day you gave it away ♪ >> 6:34. music fans worldwide are remembering george michael this morning. the pop star died at his home in southern england yesterday. he was 53 years old. his manager says it was heart failure. michael's death comes 30 years after he skyrocketed into fame with the boy band wham. he went on to a successful solo career. tributes to michael are pouring in.
6:35 am
elton john said i am in deep shock. i lost a beloved friend. my heart goes out to his family, friends, and all of his fans. south philadelphia neighborhood is dealing with the christmas eve tragedy. an elderly store owner who was killed, she was shot. 81-year-old marie buck ran marie's grocery store for more than four decades. yesterday customers dropped off tributes to her. flowers and candles sit outside the market. police looking for the shooter said a man dressed in black gunned down buck inside her store on saturday night. investigators don't have a motive for the murder. they say nothing was stolen from the store. some neighbors in philadelphia are dealing with an unhappy surprise from christmas morning. they woke up to slashed car tires. here is what they woke up to yesterday. people living on the street in
6:36 am
somerdale, someone slashed tires christmas eve into christmas morning. we spoke to the owner of one. >> i just don't get it. what pleasure does somebody get out of, you know, slashing people's tires? i just don't get it. >> philadelphia police tell us they're looking for the tire slasher. our area is saying good-bye to an endangered species. the 8-year-old tiger named zhanna will be heading to the bronx zoo. she'll live in the tiger mountain exhibit. she'll be considered as an ideal candidate for breeding and will be matched with a male tiger. no word yet if she'll be replaced by another tiger. zhanna is only one of 500 siberian tigers. the holidays aren't over yet. kwanzaa begins today. >> that's right. a week-long celebration of african her ray titage.
6:37 am
each day care ris a core principle. the first day's focus is on unity, followed by self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, creativity. kwanzaa is capped off with a feast and gift giving. also happening today, philadelphia's annual hanukkah parade will roll through the streets of center city. you're looking at video of last year's event. parade begins at aikens at 4:00 and will end at independence mall where the largest menorah is already lit. you can enjoy music, dancing and treats for the kids. new year's eve is getting closer. all is quiet at the blue cross river rink. it will be the place to be ushering in 2017. saturday night will feature two fireworks displays. don't miss it right at the stroke of midnight from sugar hills casino. >> it is 6:37 right now. your monday after christmas.
6:38 am
37 degrees outside. it was cool yesterday but beautiful. >> yes, beautiful yesterday. a bit of a chilly shock this morning if you're heading out your door. "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist krystal, take it away. >> go for it. take it away. >> here's a look at your radar and satellite. tracking the wide view because it's showing off some clouds over us, some rain to our west. this is not a lot of rain. you can barely see it here. light showers and across parts of pennsylvania. going to continue tracking our direction. that's going to give us isolated chances of rain along the northernmost edge of our viewing area. the thing is as this tracks our direction, temperatures are pretty chilly as you track farther north. isolated chances of freezing rain moving in. warmer air taking over our region. not likely we will see that in berks county or the lehigh valley. there was a very isolated chance through your morning hours. overall, all about the clouds in place this morning and your
6:39 am
wind. the winds are not strong. just strong enough in some spots. philadelphia, wilmington, allentown close to 10 miles per hour to make it feel a little cooler than it actually is. kind of a chilly shock as you step out the door with 30s and some of us below freezing this morning. here's your planner as we go through the day. upper 30s by 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia. upper 40s to around 50 degrees this afternoon. cloudy conditions across the mat map. cloudiness around 1:00 in the suburbs. if we look in the lehigh valley, around the low 40s to start your afternoon. there's the chance of isolated showers. we'll have the potential late morning as well as into the afternoon. the chance spreads across the region. delaware, cloudy. close to that in new jersey and jersey shore points we get to around 50 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon. low 50s for highs and mid to late day, that's when we see spotty showers pick up along the new jersey shore as well.
6:40 am
we are tracking the temperatures getting to the mid 50s. philadelphia compared to the suburbs. notice both locations as we go overnight into your tuesday. that's when we pull in chances of rain. just the beginning of tuesday. then we dry out and stay dry until thursday. friday we start to see a cooldown. we'll track that cooldown into your holiday new year's weekend coming up. thanks. now we're going to look at the roads this morning and see how everything is going out there. >> that's right. francesca ruscio is joining us. route 22 typically if it were a typical monday, we would see a jamup on 422. what's it looking like today. >> katy, don't jinx anything. east and westbound traffic for the most part slowly starting to see more volume added onto the majors. eastbound for the schuylkill going to give you 8 minutes. it will take you 8 minutes. travel so far in the 50s and 60s as well.
6:41 am
accident in lansdale. south broad street and vine street for the most part. no reported problems or delays. when i come back we'll take a look at 202, 95 as well as the schuylkill. if you're headed to the mall today, the "nbc 10" response team has some dos and don'ts when it comes to holiday returns. we'll have advice from experts when we come back. plus, an eagles fan favorite is tying the knot. we'll tell you how conor barwin made his engagement announcement this weekend.
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welcome back. 6:44. 36 degrees outside as we take a live look at our camera from the poconos. camelback mountain, quiet there now. i would venture to say with people off to work and school this week, it will be packed later today. meteorologist krystal klei will
6:45 am
join us in minutes with a look at your ski forecast. if you're not crazy about some of the gifts you got this year, you're not alone. >> definitely not alone. millions are expected to go back to the stores today in what retail experts call the biggest gift return day of the year. "nbc 10" reporter harry harrison has all the rules for holiday return. >> reporter: whether it doesn't fit or you just don't like it, sometimes it has to go back. the national retail federation says 1/3 of us will return gifts after the holidays. before you go, here's what you need to know. the first rule, return unwanted gifts right away. remember, your loved ones may have bought your present weeks or months ago. check with the retailer so there are no questions about when you can make the return. next, watch out for restocking fees. they're most common on big ticket items like tvs. "consumer reports" says you can sometimes avoid them by keeping
6:46 am
your receipt and leaving packages unopened. third, know your returns are being tracked. last year the nrf says retailers lost more than $2 billion on return fraud. so a business may deny your return if they notice you take things back often. harry harrison, "nbc 10" responds. one more thing. many retailers change their return policies around the holidays. the nrf says some stores make their policies more lenient to accommodate holiday shoppers. others make it tighter to crack down on fraud. it's best know before you go. >> good tips there. if you have a consumer problem, "nbc 10" responds or telemundo 52 responde. the best way to reach you and we will respond to you. about quarter of 7:00 this monday after christmas. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> erin hill and carson daly joining us with the preview. good morning to both of you.
6:47 am
>> good morning, katy and pamela. >> we'll have the very latest on the pop eye coop george michael dead at the age of 53. this morning what his long time publicist is saying about a possible cause and the tributes are pouring in. >> also ahead, holiday tribute nightmare. set to batter the planes. the impact on millions across the country. >> those stories and pint size ninja warriors. the new fitness craze for kits. when we see you here on "today" pretty much be prepared, ladies. >> nailed it. >> not fun at all. >> not fun. >> we'll see you guys soon. >> thanks, guys. it is 6:47 on your monday. let's get a check on your weather. live look outside with the winds blowing. krystal klei joining us now. high winds expected today?
6:48 am
>> high winds up enough this morning making it feel a little colder than it truly is. the wind chill, feels like temperature we talked about. we're already kind of chilly out there. 30s along the board. 38 degrees at cape may. we're at 41 degrees. then we track up to atlantic city and 44. go a little inland, may's landing nearly freezing at 33 degrees. you factor in some of those light to low end breezy winds and it does feel cold to start out with. hopefully you don't have to work today. you can stay in and wait it out until we get the warmer temperatures today. new jersey neighborhood, same deal. some of us near freezing. readsboro, 32 degrees. 35 degrees in lumbar ton. robbinsville, also at that 35 degree mark. princeton at 31. radar and satellite, nice tight view of our area. there are the clouds. they're going to hang tight. cloudy forecast.
6:49 am
also very isolated chances of rain. where? focused mostly along the northern viewing edge of our rain. up towards the poconos. right along the shore into later today. if you're traveling farther north or to the northwest, you may run into more slick road conditions, even icy spots in the morning hours. for our area, more likely that we'll see precipitation. it will be in the form of rain. very isolated chance of freezing rain. future temperatures here, not a potential for very long. watch the numbers around allentown. pretty quickly we go from 6:00 a.m. through to your lunch hour we boost to freezing. get into the afternoon. only rain possible in the forecast. 35 in allentown, 44 in philadelphia, wilmington, 43. these numbers continue to rise as we go into the evening. why? because warmer air is surging in from the south. so we're even looking at overnight into your tuesday morning. 50 to mid 50s for forecast temperatures. that's going to continue into your tuesday afternoon. we're talking some areas in the
6:50 am
60s. chances of rain tuesday and thursday. how about the focus for your weekend forecast? new year's eve, temperatures in the daytime, partly cloudy around the upper 30s to low 40s. this is a cooldown though after seeing 60 on your tuesday in philadelphia. as we go overnight, it will be chilly, upper 20s to around the low 30z for temperatures and increasing clouds which may affect some of that fireworks viewing. then as we go into your sunday for new year's day, some showers moving in but it will be in the form of rain with those temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 40s for high temperatures. we'll get to your ten day on ten coming up. krystal, thank you. maybe some of you are waking up and you have someplace to go. whether you're going home, to the airport. >> yeah, that's right. or to the mall. francesca ruscio is joining us with a live look. >> cunning of prussia area, watching the road conditions for the most part. doing okay. 50s and 60s.
6:51 am
this is route 202. camera at allen dale road. the schuylkill, 95, problem free for the most part. majors, 295, new jersey turnpike as well as the 42 freeway. northbound for the philadelphia area. you won't run into any problems or delays. taking a look at mass transit, a couple of notifications to make note of, starting on december 23rd and still in effect today on holiday travel. patco and new jersey transit. when i come back we'll take a look at the majors. especially if you're headed towards the mall. the eagles have just one more game to play in what will be a losing season. >> yeah. that game against the rival cowboys follows the bird's victory over the giants thursday night. wedding bells will be ringing for eagles defensive end conor barwin. he picked christmas day to post his engagement announcement on instagram. you can see his fiance's rea
6:52 am
beings to t -- reaction to the engagement ring. carson wentz tweeted this greeting from his pets. one said he's wishing for more positive. like the td pass he threw to nelson agholor in the giants game. >> we've been lacking that big-play touchdown as well. it's been a while. for us as an offense it was huge. for him it was huge. definitely something we can build on. >> the eagles play their season finale against the division rival dallas cowboys. kickoff sunday at the link is at 1:00. next, we're going to run down some of the morning's headlines and some of the headlines we're following throughout the day. >> it includes a philadelphia parade to help you celebrate the holidays. coming up, we'll tell you where and when you can see all the action.
6:53 am
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welcome back. just a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. here are some of the stories we'll be following today. >> first comes the shopping, then come the returns. it's time for the second wave of holiday shopping. when a lot of the stuff at the malls comes back. accords to cnbc, as much as 30 to 40% of items bought online can be returned. it will be a busy travel day across the area. here ace a live look at the philadelphia international airport. officials say give yourself plenty of extra time to park, check in and get yourself through security. don't forget today is a federal holiday since christmas fell on a weekend. trash and recycling are getting bumped a day. as for commuters, you'll have to check out your normal buses and trains. septa operating on a modified holiday schedule.
6:57 am
happening today, philadelphia's annual hanukkah parade will roll through the streets at center city, philadelphia. you're looking at last year's event. the parade begins at aikens oval this afternoon at 4:00 and it will end at independence hall where the largest menorah is already lit. you can enjoy music, dancing and treats for the kids. today marks the beginning of kwanzaa. the week long celebration of african heritage within african-american culture is marking the 50th an ser rar ri. it carries a core principal. the first focus is on unity. it's capped off with gift giving and a feast. good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here. watching 95. southbound through the christiana mall. today is the day. travel speeds in the 50ed and 60s all throughout the delaware
6:58 am
valley. south broad street and vine street. no reported problems there. delay sz. we're going to take a look at the schuylkill. eastbound and westbound. 12 minutes and 11 minutes. happy monday. and here's another look at your radar and satellite maps. still tracking clouds that have been building in. very light rain that's farther to the west of us. what's going to happen is some very light isolated showers or drizzle at best are going to start to move into the area late morning into early afternoon. the focus will be along the northern edge of the viewing area. there is a freezing rain advisory for berks county, lehigh valley through 11:00 a.m. not likely this is going to happen but just a heads up especially if you're traveling farther north with a big travel day. you could run into some slick spots along roadways. let's talk about the ten day. forecast for today in philadelphia, high of 50. that's the same as yesterday. cloudy for the most part dry. but as we go overnight into tuesday, that's when chaps of rain and temperatures continue to rise overnight n. fact,
6:59 am
notice the low for tuesday morning, almost the same as the high for today. we'll get up to 60 tuesday. showers will start to die down by the afternoon and more sunshine wednesday. a bit of a cooldown as we go into the work week falling to thursday rain and gusty conditions friday. that cooldown leading into the new year's. 40 degrees for saturday. some sun. building as we go into the night. fireworks shows and temperatures that will be cold. out at midnight. new year's day at this point looks to bring us some rain into the forecast. hey, don't forget you're updating your forecast by 101.1. >> beautiful day yesterday. >> it was. really great. celebrating christmas, 50 degrees. nice day. >> taking walks outside between present opening. >> that's right. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can always get real time news and weather and traffic at the "nbc 10" app.
7:00 am
>> the tide sh"today" show is cp next. we'll see you later. good morning. breaking overnight. icon lost. pop superstar george michael dies suddenly on christmas day at the age of 53. the singer first hitting it big with wam before finding even greater solo success. this morning, his manager speaks out revealing a possible cause of death as the investigation moves forward and tributes pour in from around the globe. paralyzing blizzard conditions in the midwest for a second straight day. the storm making it nearly impossible for holiday travelers to get back home. this morning, where all that snow and ice is heading next. avoiding conflict. president-elect trump announces plans to dissolve his controversial charitable foundation as his children find themselves at the cenr


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