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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> hey, they're at my neck right now with a knife. >> inside the hostage standoff. >> i am bleeding out. i need medical attention. >> inmates revolt inside a delaware prison. the problems before the violence and the corrections officer who died protecting others. >> all of us mourn the family of the officer. i'm chip rosenfield. tonight the standoff is over at the vaughan correctional center in smyrna but the investigation is just beginning. aundrea cline-thomas is live at the delaware state police barracks in newark with the latest. aundrea?
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>> reporter: flags are being flown at half-staff to honor sergeant steven floyd and tonight new radio transmission that reveals the tension behind those prison walls. >> hey, they're at my neck right now with a knife if you don't hurry up and turn these phones on. >> reporter: desperation from a man who identified himself as officer wilkerson, presumably one of four employees being held by inmates at the james vaughn prison. >> we're going together. >> reporter: demands included access to phones and waters. negotiators didn't realize the water was being poured into foot lockers used to barricade the doors. by wednesday evening, two of the four employees were released. negotiators tried to convince inmates to give up more. >> i'm just trying to get this thing over with so everybody can go home safe. >> reporter: by 5:00 a.m., law enforcement used a backhoe and charged into the building, handcuffing inmates and rescuing a female employee.
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sadly -- >> sergeant steven floyd was with the department of 16 years was pronounced dead. >> they put him into a closet. the lieutenants had come in to the building to enter into the building and sergeant floyd yelled to them and told them it was a trap. >> reporter: the 47-year-old corrections officer is credited with saving lives. meanwhile the investigation continues into why his own was taken. 120 inmates were in thenfb2ñ bug when this all started. while some were transferred out early, all of them are considered suspects. sergeant floyd leaves behind a wife and three children. reporting live from newark, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> a somber scene this afternoon. a procession brought the body of sergeant floyd from the vaughn correctional center to the medical examiner's office. the 47-year-old was a 16-year veteran of the department as aundrea just mentioned, the father of three.
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flags still flying at half-staff across the state of delaware tonight. governor carney called for all flags to be lowered in memory of sergeant floyd. those flags are to remain at half-staff until further notice from the governor. the deadly standoff is leading to questions about staffing levels in delaware prisons. nbc 10's keith jones is here with a closer look at that. >> reporter: the union for corrections officers in delaware said sergeant floyd's death is due directly to severe staffing issues and desperate calls for help, as they call it, that went unanswered by former governor jack markell's administration. the state's secretary of safety and homeland security admits statewide on any given day prisons are short about 90 positions out of 1700. the union's president says the overtime cost for officers statewide has reached more than $20 million and vaughn correction center is unsafe. >> sergeant floyd didn't have to die yesterday.
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we've been asking for help from the previous governor and we got none. >> reporter: the current governor, john carney, has only been in office for a few weeks. the union president says they hope his administration will resolve these issues. former governor jack markell hasn't returned our request for comment. jim, back to you. >> keith jones, thank you. nbc 10 investigators found in 2004 at the same prison an inmate took a prison counselor hostage sexually assaulted her. after seven hours, officers shot and killed the inmate.emóp recommendations were put into affect as a result of that incident and you can read more about that on the nbc 10 app. to our first alert weather now. people bundled up tonight in spring garden and it will only get colder. an arctic blast is moving in right now. first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is here. glenn, it will feel like the
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teens when we wake up? >> you can see why, colder and colder air into the region. 35 in philadelphia now. 48 today. nowhere near that tomorrow. 30 in coatesville and allentown and, of course, it feels like muchk>g1 colder than that alrea. 50 on wednesday, 48 today. look at the drop as we head to friday and saturday, that is extreme. plus the wind making it feel like it's in the teens by morning. even in philadelphia here and watch the temperature go up during the day tomorrow. doesn't go up very much at all. what a change from what we've seen over the last two days. we'll see how much colder it's going to get saturday morning, and it is going to get colder than that, and when it will warm up again in a few minutes. >> see you soon glenn. president trump's administration could impose new sanctions on iran as early as tomorrow. the new sanctions are in response to repeated ballistic
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missile tests. today the president repeated his national security advisor's warning that iran is formally on notice. we stillss.ñ don'tyoñz know wha sanctions could be imposed but nbc news reports they won't violate the existing deal. meanwhile, the president and prime minister of australia are offering mixed messages on a refugee deal that allows mostly muslim refugees rejected by australia to be resettled in the u.s. australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull insists the president is still on but president trump is calling the deal made by the obama administration dumb in his words and he's vowing to review it. >> i said why? why are we doing this? what's the purpose? so we'll see what happens. >> australia's prime minister called his conversation with the president "frank and forthright." many on capitol hill saw that as a direct insult, including senator john mccain. today mccain called australia's ambassador to try to smooth things over. president trump suggested
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pulling federal funding from the university of california berkeley on twitter came after a night of violent protests at the school. students set fires on campus last night. police in riot gear were ready to go trying to control crowds and students were even fighting with each other. protests prompted the cancellation of a speech by a controversial breitbart news editor. this morning, the president tweeted "if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view, no federal funds?" hundreds took to the streets of center city, philadelphia tonight, to protest the trump administration. sky force 10 over market street as the group made its way toward city hall. demonstrators say they feel many of the president's policies are divisive and discriminatory. >> save our schools! save our schools! demonstrators also made noise outside a republican event in delaware county tonight. nbc 10 in drexel hill, they
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voiced concerns about president trump's pick for secretary of education. they were trying to send a message to pennsylvania senator pat toomey. turns out senator toomey was not there tonight. it comes as he announced his intention to vote to confirm betsy devos as education secretary. testimony begins tomorrow in the penalty phase of the civil trial involving this deadly building collapse in philadelphia. all six defendants were found liable in the case. now the jury has to decide how much each defendant will pay to the survivors and relatives who filed the suit. seven people died and 12 others were hurt when a wall crushed the salvation army thrift store on market street in june of 2013. the jury is expected to begin deliberating in about a week. a montgomery county woman accused in the rape and murder of her adopted daughter is facing federal charges tonight. nbc 10 has learned today sara packer charged with theft of federal money and recordsix÷ tampering. she's accused of cashing thousands of dollars of social security checks for her daughter
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grace after grace was killed. the 14-year-old was found dismembered in the woods in october and now u.s. senator bob casey is demanding a federal investigation into social security funds asking the agency to take a heart look at the packer case. senator casey told nbc 10's deanna durante he hopes the social security administration keeps something like this from happening again. a judge will rule whether a criminal misconduct complaint against new jersey governor chris christie can go forward. a former firefighter filed the complaint over the george washington bridge lane closing scandal. he accuses the governor of knowing about the political retaliation plot against the democratic mayor but did nothing stop it. governor christie denied any involvement. meanwhile, the sentencing for two of christie's former aides has been postponed. bridgette kelly and bill baroni were supposed to be sentenced for their role in the scandal. that's been pushed back to march. new video tonight of a car
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bursting into flames as bystanders rushed to rescue the driver in montgomery county. a witness caught it all with her cell phone right here. we're told the driver went down an embankment at greenwood and west avenues in jenkintown around 2:00 this afternoon. two men pulled him from the car as emergency responders arrived. the driver is now in the hospital but is expected to be okay. up next, safe and sound. a toddler reunited with her parents after a thief stole an suv with her inside. we'll take you inside the other deal. >> i'm glad to be here today. a woman's survival story. how she fought off a man who attacked her at work. and sidelined. a girl sues to play on the boy's basketball team. why she's being kicked out of school. glenn? >> that cold blast is moving in right now. how cold it's going to get for your weekend in your most accurate forecast.
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a woman in upper darby had to fight off a man she thought wanted to kill her. you can see(
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seconds. the mom ran inside this laundromat around 5:30 to get a toy for her child. when she ran out, the car and baby were gone. a reunion between mom and her baby moments after a heart-dropping car theft in south philadelphia. police tell us the woman, who owns this laundromat at eighth and mckeen ran inside and seconds later her car was stolen with baby inside. >> when that individual was driving, hears a baby in the backseat, it turns into a much higher crime. >> reporter: police say the suspect abandoned a 19-month-old in her car seat at the corner of ninth and emily street a quarter mile from where he stole the car. this woman saw the thief leave the baby. >> the baby was crying but we carried her. >> reporter: investigators are looking for a gray rav 4 with the pennsylvania license plate jmt-4321. tonight we learned this part of south philly is a hot spot for recent car thefts. according to the police crime report web site, six of them happened since january 19 within
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a mile and a half of tonight's car theft. all but two happened in the a.m. hours. >> if any any chance, especially there's a baby in the car, lock your car. >> reporter: police say take your keys with you after you lock your car. detectives are looking at surveillance video for any clues. live in south philadelphia, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> glad the child is okay. all right, brandon. a new jersey girl who sued her school to play on the boys basketball team has now been expelled. seventh grader sydney phillips sued st. theresa school in union county after she was told she could not be on the team. the school didn't have enough girls to form an all girl's team. she lost in court and her family is appealing the decision. but the archdiocese of newark says it's school policy to remove a student if parents implicate the school in a legal matter. you're going to have to keep dreaming of spring. punxsatawney phil predicted six more weeks of winter after seeing his shadow this morning. >> he has spoken.
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i'm sorry. >> thousands of people gathered today at gobbler's knob about 65 miles northeast of pittsburgh. records dating back to 1887 show phil has predicted a longer winter 103 times while forecasting an early spring just 18 times, including last year. glenn that doesn't seem fair, does it? >> well, and that part of pennsylvania there is six more weeks of winter just about all the time. here we've had eight straight months of wyabove-average temperatures and no reason to expect that to change. here is the jersey shore and cape may. things are quiet but they're getting cooler like they're getting cooler everywhere else. 37 in wildwood, 35 in philly. temperatures down into the 20s in some suburbs, 19 degrees in mount pocono and in some of the close in neighborhoods, this is chester, montgomery, bucks
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counties, 27 already, 30 in west bred ford town shship. 30 in west chester. bedminster, fort washington, a lot of places right at 30, of course that means it will be in the 20s within minutes. newtown 32 degrees. so all those areas will be way down with some wind making it feel like the teens. that wind coming out of the northwest bringing in the colder air around the great lakes now it's not record breaking or anything but we've been 50 degrees yesterday, 48 degrees today so this is quite a change. tomorrow morning we're feeling like it's in the teens in suburbs and bare 24r0i in philadelphia and through the morning and everyone in the middle of the afternoon only feeling like the low to mid-20s. again, after a 48-degree day.
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tomorrow night you head out late tomorrow night feeling like it's in the teens. 14 in pottstown, then it goes lower. eight in pottstown, nine in allentown by 6:00 a.m. saturday. that's the coldest part of the weekend even saturday during the day it won't warm up a whole lot, it will feel like it's in the 20s for the most part and and saturday night there n the teens. it will be cold for the first half of the weekend to be sure. i don't expect any kind of precipitation tomorrow but a lot of clouds that will help keep the temperature down to 32 in redding, 31 in bethlehem, 33. remember how warm it's been the last couple days, fairmount 36. see the cloudy symbols. a lot of clouds around helping
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to keep that temperature down but not seeing any kind of precipitation tomorrow or for the next few days and that includes the weekend. we don't have any threat for precipitation now, taking it out of sunday, for everywhere. it will be colder on saturday, bright and sunny, a little bit of a breeze. lehigh valley doesn't even get to 30 and sunday temperatures are close to average. we expect it to be dry and then it starts to really warm up next week and that is just going to be temporary, too. so here's the arctic air coming in this weekend and then it starts moving out but that is going to be temporary, too. >> all right, glenn. well, the president versus the terminator. why president trump is now in a war of words with arnold schwarzenegger. plus, a dog with a new leash on life. a happy ending for a pet that
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survived a dangerous ordeal.
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from trash bag to a forever home. our cameras were there when francis the dachshund who was found in the trash was officially adopted. francis will be joining a family of two other dachshunds. her owner says it was meant to be. very cute. this is not so cute. looks like a "celebrity apprentice" feud is heating up between president donald trump and the show's current host arnold schwarzenegger. take a listen. >> and i want to just pray for around if we can for those ratings, okay? >> president trump at the national prayer breakfast in washington this morning. mr. trump told the room full of dignitarys the show's ratings went down the tubes after he left calling it a "total
11:24 pm
disaster." well it didn't take long for arnold schwarzenegger to fire back on twitter with this. >> hey, donald, i have a great idea, why don't we switch jobs. you take over tv because you're such an expert in ratings and i take over your job and then people can finally sleep comfortably again. hmm? >> oh, boy. a spokesman for the former california governor says arnold schwarzenegger is praying the president can start improving his own approval ratings which are the worst in history for an incoming president. john clark, i would not like to be in the middle of that fight, how about you? >> maybe donald will say "i'll be back." eventually. how about the eagles? who could they be targeting in free agency? which receiver? more awards for joel embiid, and the flyers get a game winner from somebody who hasn't scored in three months. can you read my mind who it is. that's next. ♪
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i'm john clark from csn. flyers coming off that bad loss. the coach says they have to play better defensively. tonight the flyers had one of their best defensive effort of the season. they give up their first goal here, nesterov, 1-0 canadiens but the flyers play so well from their second period, they're struggling, power play? it gets a boost here. claude giroux gets his second goal in his last 17 games and we are tied up at third period. this guy hasn't scored in three months. matt reed let out all his frustrations. what a shot. flyers win 2-1, matt reed, what a relief, it has been a long
11:29 pm
time. >> i consider myself a religious guy and i know things are going to change when i trust the guy upstairs to give me another opportunity so i can't get too frustrated. >> reporter: last year about this time you had a home stand that propelled you to the playoffs. how important to get the first win on this home stand? >> we talked about that. last year i put -- in the playoff spot and right now we're in a tight race, a lot of teams fighting for two spots so so it's important to get those winds here. >> sixers, you don't want to go to san antonio short handed. no joel embiid, no robert covington. but ilia stow have three, sixers were up four in the half. spurs up four in the fourth, kawhi leonard on the break. 19 points for him and then tony parker lob, sixers with 13 points, they lose 102-86.
11:30 pm
they haven't won in san antonio [ñ embiid, 'ç the eastern conference rookie of the month. he has been selected to play in the skills challenge during all-star weekend. will the sixers let him play? we'll see eagles, reports the birds are looking to go over agency. i'm sure carson wentz would like that. congrats to our players correspondent malcolm jenkins, he wins the highest honors for community outreach, a 2017 byron white award. nice job malcolm jenkins. i'm john clark. we're right back. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely,
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we're all going to wake up to a cold morning. >> and it will be colder on saturday morning. not record breaking but it's quite a change from 50 degrees that we had today. low temperatures in the morning, low 20s and teens in the suburbs then it starts warming up a bit by monday then it gets wet tuesday into wednesday. warm wednesday and look at the end of next week. getting cold again. >> no snow, beginning of february. >> not in the forecast. >> that's our news, thanks for watching. ♪ave a great night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen stewart --


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