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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 11, 2017 8:30am-9:30am EST

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report that russia may return him to the u.s. as a so-called gift for the president. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it's 8:30 on this saturday. let's take a live look outside right now at 8th and market streets in philadelphia. this is from our camera on top of the low orkloews hotel. no snow on the ground here. chances are everything else will melt this weekend. >> the temperature today should melt everything. we're at 31 in trenton, wilmington at 30. vineland, all of a sudden we're sneaking in 31. dover is at 32 and atlantic city
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41 degrees. farther south already feeling that warmup. 24 hours ago we were seven degrees warmer in coatesville, eight degrees warmer in millville. this afternoon everyone will be feeling the difference. current wind speeds not impressive. 5 to 15 miles across the board. they're so light in philadelphia and wilmington, they're not even reporting. those lied winght winds are not to pick up today, but they will tomorrow. we're going to track out all those different types of changes day by day. this morning philadelphia police are searching for a driver who hit one of their officers. the investigator tells us the driver hit this car on 51st in philadelphia. he hit the officer and later went to the hospital with minor injuries. a man is dead, shot by
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police. investigators say they found a gun where the man collapsed. it happened in bridgeton, a community that dealt with a controversial police-involved shooting just a few years ago. now, last night detectives spent hours investigating on south avenue. a law enforcement source tells us it all started with a police chase. the man was running from an officer and pulled out a gun. police shot the man who died a short time later. no word on what led up to that chase. >> it's not even the first time the cops killing blacks and stuff like that. >> show me your hands! >> this recent incident comes two years after the death of jeremy reed. police shot him during a traffic stop. a grand jury eventually cleared the bridgeton officers involved in that shooting. new investigative rules involving use of force were put into place after that case. today delaware's governor is joining loved ones and comrades at the funeral for state correctional officer lieutenant stephen floyd. the officer was killed last week during an inmate revolt at the
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vaughn correctional center in smyrna. his memorial service is being held in dover. also today, cabella's at the christiana mall will be holding a fundraiser for floyd's family. it's a cookoff that will help the floyd family. if you're going to be around center city, it will be a little harder to get around. some streets are closed because of construction projects. pam osborne is there live to show you what's closed and help you get around it. pam? >> reporter: it certainly doesn't look like the broad street we're used to. this section of broad is closed between walnut and locust as crews prepare for this day-long construction projects. i want to give you an idea what's going on down there. this area was closed at 4:00 this morning. we watched construction crews bring in cranes and other heavy
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equipment. this closure will remain in place until 8:00 sunday night. this isn't the only closure you need to be aware of this morning. filbert street at 9th and 10th streets are closed. on north broad street, the eastbound lanes from arch to race will be closed until 4:00, but that's not all. 18th street, callowhill street, washington avenue from broad to 15th streets and race street from 15th to 16th streets will be closed until 3:00. expect to see construction closures on lombard street as well. tomorrow just a couple of closures in the area of 16th street and arch street. last year philly experienced a building boom. as we come back out here live, a study shows there was a 20% increase in building permits for new constructions in 2016. 80% of which were still active just a few weeks ago. so you can see they're getting
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ready to do some of that construction right here, right now. again, those closures taking place today and tomorrow. we have a full list of them on our website, i'm reporting live in center city, nbc 10 news. the white house says president trump has full confidence in his national security adviser, mike flynn. there are reports that flynn spoke to the russian ambassador about conflicts in the region before president trump took office. flynn and other top officials had denied that, but yesterday flynn said he wasn't sure if he talked to the ambassador about the sanctions. >> that he would mislead the american people about what he discussed with a russian ambassador, that makes him, i think, if true, patently unsuitable for office. >> they're looking at his communication with the russian ambassador as it reportedly
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happened just as the obama administration was looki-- the administration was looking at interference in the election. according to a senior u.s. intelligence official, the russians may hand over snowden as a ploy to curry favor with the president. during his campaign, mr. trump called the nsa leaker a spy and a traitor who deserves to be executed. snowden faces federal charges that could send him to prison for decades. snowden retweeted the nbc news story last night and responded, finally, irrefutable evidence that i never cooperated with russian intel. no country trades away spies as the rest would fear they're next. this weekend president trump will be weighing his options after a federal appeals court upheld a freeze on his controversial travel ban. yesterday the president said he is considering signing a new executive order on immigration while the first one is tied up
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in court. he told reporters of air force one he will likely make a move by twitter. president trump tweeted, our legal system is broken. then according to the "new york times," the president posted 77% of refugees allowed into u.s. since travel reprieve. dangerous. the travel ban will be the hot topic on "meet the press" this weekend. bernie sanders will be chuck todd's exclusive guest. "meet the press" comes your way tomorrow morning right here on nbc 10. this morning we've learned that local department store chairman and philanthropist robert boscov has died. boscov was 17 months old.
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he ran the family's schools to save the business from bankruptcy. employees were known to honor boscov and his attention to detail. he also funded donations to art in the area. this morning the search is on for the bandits who stole a smoker from a popular barbecue joint. and the owner has an incentive for anybody with information fpg. police save a man from a burning car. take a look at this live shot outside in philadelphia, sunny city area. beautiful clouds in store as they climb.
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mix of snow/rain, coming up. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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folks to the northeast are bracing for more snow this weekend as they dig out from that recent storm. maine, vermont and connecticut could get 18 more inches of snow. meteorologist krystal klei has those details for us. krystal? >> we're actually going to get another round of wet weather as well, but ours for the most part will be rain before it turns to snow farther in the southeast. we're talking about rainy conditions on your sunday, and as we get to the next work week, windy to kick off the week on monday. so we're looking at a little bit of everything over these next three days. philadelphia, 11:00 a.m., 39 degrees the temperature. by 3:00, we hit our high. 50 degrees is the forecast. sunny, mostly cloudy.
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not a lot of sun today. you're seeing some of it currently more clouds to come. in the lehigh valley, a little cooler. about mid-40s for highs before we start to drop back into the 30s overnight. in delaware, 49 overnight. we'll make it into the low 50s in spots in delaware. upper 50s are even possible in southern delaware. new jersey, you're at 42, 11:00 a.m. the jersey shore back to 47 by 7:00 p.m. we'll track the rain for your sunday and talk about those winds for monday coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal. an animal rescue unfolds right before our cameras. now there's a reward for a shooter that's been targeting geese in bucks county. look out below. we'll show you what was falling from the sky in philadelphia that had police closing roads and people taking cover.
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earthquake in the southern philippines has killed six people and injured more than 120 others. the 6.5 quake sent hundreds running from their homes last night. many have returned tieo take a look at the damage. more than 100 aftershocks have been felt here since the original earthquake. is it just you, bud? >> yeah. >> there's no one else with you? >> no. >> talk about a dramatic rescue. this happened in florida yesterday. a burning car blows up just
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moments after three police officers pulled a driver out of his car. i police dash cam shows you a wider angle of the explosion. the car caught fire after crashing into a concrete barrier. the driver will be okay. it's unclear exactly what led up to that crash. back in our area, a popular barbecue joint in northeast philly is without its smoker this morning. police are looking for the thieves who swiped the equipment that the restaurant calls priceless. the theft happened overnight yesterday just outside jack jack's barbecue at red line road. the smoker weighs two tons. it's valued at $35,000. it's not difficult to spot because of its bright color. the smoker was chained and covered up. still didn't deter the thieves. owner glen gross tells us he's devastated. >> we miss it. we really do need it back. >> it takes a real scumbag to choose a barbecue grill. >> that smoker is our lifeline. >> if you see someone driving
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down the road with a smoker on it, that will raise some red flags. >> i feel violated. it feels like part of me is gone. >> jack jack's is ovffering a $1,000 reward for the smoker's return. an animal rescue in bucks county caught on camera. volunteers are there saving a goose that survived a shooting. authorities will also examine for other geese who died in the area. this as they look for the person responsible. it was a team effort by the people in the neighborhood and a sanctuary farm. it happened just yards away from some homes. neighbors tell us they're heartbroken because of their bond with the geese. >> it put a fear in us, and we were very upset that a person took it upon themselves to do that. >> it's very unusual to see someone hurt a domestic bird. it's not something we come across very often. >> the spca treated the injured
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goose. officials are offering a $500 reward for information on the shooter. this weekend's wednesday's child is a sweet teenager whose smile lights up a room. she's looking for a forever family to love and encourage her. nbc 10's vai sikema introduces us to jade. >> she's with a dance instructor. she's hoping to learn some moves. jade is looking for a forever family, but her needs are quite simple. >> two parents. a dog and siblings. >> jade says all she wants in siblings is someone she can play barbies with or even trucks.
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>> she wants a family to commit to her and commit to her no matter what. a family who can set some boundaries for her and also a family that can be patient. because she's going to need some extra time to become more comfortable in a family setting and to be able to move in with them. so a family that's willing to come alongside of her and walk that journey with her. >> jade is a little shy, but once she gets comfortable in her surroundings, she can be like any other teenage girl, talkative and silly. of course, she loves to dance. oh, and one other thing. she's exceptionally bright. >> jade does well in school. she does do much better in a smaller classroom setting with more individual attention from the teacher. one of her favorite subjects is math. reading is not as much of her favorite subject, but she does do well in school. >> jade is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make
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jade's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to nbc10 and search wednesday's child. a section of market street in center city is back open this morning. it was closed for several hours yesterday because of falling ice. sky force 10 took this video of the ice falling from buildings between 12th and 13th street. one woman tells us plenty of people were yelling, "watch out." you don't know what's going on and people are looking around. it's pretty scary. it's also scary if you've. fortunately, if there is some ice out there it will be melting today because we will be warming up close to the 50s, right, crystal? >> some of us will even make it above the 50-degree mark as we get into the afternoon. you can tell because look at these numbers. we're almost in the 40s in parts
8:50 am
of our philadelphia suburbs. officially at the airport, we're still 32 and close to the same bustleton and fox chamz. by the afternoon, they'll make their way to around 50 degrees in some spots at the philly area. if we look in the. brandon at 28 degrees, reading is at 30 right now. cookstown, and allentown, you're at 28 currently. we snee more snoerm. we will hopefully see some melting because of the chance those temperatures will be warming up so high as was determined yesterday.
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we stay dry, for the most part. we're not. this isn't your typical warmup day where you think a lot of. go through your afternoon, 3:00 p.m., and you can see clouds across the board. so it's cloudy but we don't have any snow. >> by 6:00 p.m., going to bucks county and nearing fill dpefl. that he have now got porkts. this continues into your afternoon. it will be a little recall. and then totally moving out as we go through night tmt. >> 50 in center city. in the suburbs more like mid to
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upper 40s for most part. and even is a little the. you'll be at 46 degrees and that's trl. even delaware looking at low to mid-50s for forecast high temperature temperatures. his wife just made a new deal and it involves a hollywood connection. we'll explain coming up. we've got good news for riders who use uber and lyft. it's coming to the garden state. we'll have new details ahead.
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tinseltown may be calling former vice president joe bid skpn his wife jill biden. we learned they signed on with a
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hollywood talent agency. they didn't specify any projects in the works, but they would it would exemplify politics in the works. stars may include jennifer lawrence and brad pitt. governor chris christie signed a bill yesterday to regulate uber and lyft. it calls for them to carry auto insurance and pay an annual fee to the commission. it also allows the attorney general to decide if criminal background checks used by the companies are sufficient or whether state police should perform those checks. if you are a classic car enthusiasts, the classic car show is happening this weekend. the event is through sunday and will auction off 400 cars. the cupid's chase 5k is at
8:56 am
the philadelphia zoo. we took a picture of them running through the gates not long ago. the goal is to help raise money and provide support for those with disabilities. just about 35 degrees outside. if you drive through center city this morning, you may run into some traffic tie-ups. >> rosemary, just follow the orange cons, which will be taking place this weekend. when we come back, i'll show you all the closings that are hurting because of the connection. >> if you have some lingering snow on some grassy way from you. all the details you need to know for planning your weekend. coming up.
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we've got some streets shut down in philadelphia this weekend. drivers in center city will be dealing with detours. we'll help you get around it in a live report. we'll also follow an investigation of a police shooting in new jersey. it follows changes after another controversial shooting two years ago. a post about the president
9:00 am
goes viral. now he's telling us what would have to happen to get him to stop tweeting about the commander in chief. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. we're going to be about 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday. we're in for a warmup this weekend. let's get those details from meteorologist krystal klei. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. krystal? >> isn't it amazing we're talking 50s today? it's quite chilly out there, so as you get started with your morning, you'll still have the cold. we're only in 30 in parts of pennsylvania suburbs. in the lehigh valley, not a surprise still in the upper 20s right now. delaware picking up nicely, though.
9:01 am
44 degrees. on top of that, winds will calm. winds will not be a big factor in the forecast. this is a pretty mild day altogether with those temperatures picking up to above average this afternoon. take a look at radio and satellite. we already had the clouds. this is not going to be your till cal warmup day where you'll see sun all over the place. we have some more rainy days coming up on 10 in just a while. prosecutors are investigating a deadly police shooting. this happened in bridgeton. detectives were on the scene on south avenue late into the evening. a law enforcement officer tells us this all began with a police chase. a man ran from an officer and pulled a gun. investigators tell us they found a gun near where he collapsed. >> i seen somebody running
9:02 am
across the street, and next thing i knew, gunshots. sdplz the county now has to follow new state standards for investigating officer force case. those rules went into effect following the deadly shooting in 2014. prosecutors cleared the bridgeton officers involved in that case. storm an attorney case when he spotted a man. he thought he was defending his upper deerfield home when police went to the house after a mistaken 911 call visit to his house. there are some road closures that are in effect in center city, so if you have to get
9:03 am
somewhere in the city, this one's for you. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live along broad street to show you what's happening tlg. take a look. this stretch of broad is closed betwe between. i want to give you a closer look at what's going on down there. this area shfs down -- his construction crews brought in. as we said, this isn't the only forclourl system. those restriktsz are in place until 6:00 tonight. on north broad street, the eastbound lanes on race will be closed until 4:00.
9:04 am
washington avenue from broad to 15th streets and race street from the trlt. expect some. tomorrow skwlus a couple areas in the closure of v. therefore street and arc shoot. studies show there was, 80 maersk of that, where we tip someone over. the road closures are in place. people are getting around here without any trouble. we posted a. reporting live if center city this morning. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the visit from the japanese
9:05 am
hosted japan's first couple at dinner at the mar-a-lago resort. th this. meanwhile, the. he was in san diego yesterday. during the week rkts. president trump's plan to build the border wall and the freeze on the president's traveled travel ban. david minsk is still not mincing words. they recounted the joke about destroying the career of a texas
9:06 am
lawmaker. leach said he was so angry when he saw that that he took to twitter, leaving a profanity-laden insult and threatening trump to come after him. >> he's a bully, he intimidates people, he threatens people. he belittles, degrades anything in his way. the president stops tweeting, i'll stop tweeting the president. >> we stopped at a local restaurant to get a customer a take on this. all reaction? $300,000 for the. last year was 54 million to 64 million in 2015.
9:07 am
this morning calls are growing to stop putting mug shots on facebook to the police department. their posts are about accused drug dealers. they call the photos public shaming and not private. they said they posted them with the best of intentions. we're sharing stories about african-americans across our region making a difference for black history week. >> that's joan meyers brown. she opened the school for youngsteres. she received the highest civic
9:08 am
honor from president obama after her work if the arts r. >> i grew up in the era of segregation, so having the opportunity to give to others is important to me. >> we'll have at 7:00 in our nbc 10 celebrates black history special. this saturday, some diners may have been victims of a data breach. one fast food chain made a discovery that's now leading to a warning for their customers. we'll explain what you need to know just ahead. krystal? >> we're 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're up to 50. we'll talk about the temperatures, coming up.
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well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. welcome back. let's look at your forecast high temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 46 our temperatures today. bethlehem 40. we're talking low to mid 40s for high temperatures today. in the suburbs we should make it to 50 in a few spots. newtown 49 degrees, almost to that 50-degree mark. in philadelphia, low 50s to some spots that may pick up a little higher. byberry 51 and that's the same for fairmount.
9:12 am
spots like glassborough may get up to 55 degrees. galloway township, upper 50s and certain parts of delaware, 57 in dover. wilmington just at 53. we' we'll talk about your sunday and rain chances coming up. we have an update of one of the most popular 15. chase utley has found a team for 2017. we'll tell you where he'll be  coming up.
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a data breach at arby's could put your personal information out there for hackers. 35,000 customers may be infected. they found malware on cash registers that may steal people's information when their credit card is swiped. they are told to watch their statements for unauthorized activity. if you just heard what sounds like a dog maybe whining a little bit in our studios, that's because it's time to clear the shelters. this is when we find homes for adoptable pets. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> sasha here. >> sasha is a little nervous. she's a little stressed to be here, which is understandable. but she's very, very is friendly and she's been very excited to meet everyone. she's about two and a half. she was living in a home with children and everything was
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going fine, but they ran into some landlord problems, and they brought her to act. i think she would be great as a family pet again. she probably misses her family. >> sasha has an interesting pattern to her. >> she does. this is called brindle, her pattern, and i know it's kind of silly to think so, but she almost looks like a pitbull/greyhound mix. she has these gorgeous long legs. >> i do see that. >> maybe some space to run around, she would probably love that, too. but anyone who is going to give her some time to decompress. that's important, too. she's a little excited. >> tell us about the adoption. >> today we're going to be at petco grant from 12-3 and
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tomorrow at armando. >> people can swing by there today? >> we'll be there our normal time from 10:00 to 5:00. >> sasha has been giving lots of kisses. got to love her. >> if you are interested in meeting sasha, you can always gi them a call. 267-385-3500 and you can always see them on the web. >> thanks so much. that's going to do it for us for clear the shelters. we'll talk about weather in just a few, but first sports. hey, i'm john clark from csn. sixers center joel embiid is
9:18 am
going to miss the game today, so that's 11 out of 12 games he's missed. joel has a bone bruise and he had no symptoms before that rockets game, and then he played and he had soreness after that. they're being very careful with him. there are three games before the all-star break, and colangelo isn't sure joel will play in any of them. >> we've got two road games next week. we're looking to, obviously hope to get him back before the all-star break. because if there's any chance that he's going to perform in the rising stars game, he's obviously going to have to play competitive basketball before then. >> an msg ban for charles oakley. msg and knicks owner james dolan has banned charles oakley from madison square garden. listen, this is a real personal
9:19 am
foul. >> he has a problem with anger. he's both physically and verbally abusive. he may have a problem with alcohol, we don't know. but those behaviors, being physically and verbally abusive, those are personality problems. >> he's done a tremendous job in his rookie year. >> at the line. fans chanting charles oakley's name. >> fans were taking over msg last night with "free charles oakley" chants and then "fire dolan." he will deal with those claims in court. the flyers did play charles knectme. the flyers have gotten just one goal. they will be joined by wayne simmons on the top line now.
9:20 am
the captain says, he needs to do more. >> i need to take responsibility for all games. we had a chance at what's not going in. >> hopefully the flyers are start scoring some goals today. i'm john clark at csn. one more sports note, former phillies fan favorite chals utley has a job for 2017. according to multiple reports, he has agreed to go to the l.a. dodgers on a one-year deal as backup. when you think baseball, you think those warmer temperatures, and today we're going to actually see a few of those warmer temperatures. not yet, though. your neighborhood forecast for the new jersey area, right now we're still in the 30s. we're at 36 degrees, pitman-clayton the same, you're 37. the same for voorhees.
9:21 am
20 in spots. mt. laurel 28 degrees. princeton, you're now freezing at 32 degrees. starting to climb, though, across the board so we should be in the 40s shortly. your delaware neighborhoods, some spots are in the 40s. wilmington at 31 but reedy point 37 degrees. we go farther south, there are the 40s. 45 in allendale and prijport 35. >> three day outlook. we see mostly cloudy conditions. tomorrow 32 in the morning, 42 in the afternoon. we see rain in the morning but it will continue in and out through the afternoon. it's not a steady rain. we're not talking downpours, necessarily, but you'll need an umbrella if you go out. we're looking in the suburbs.
9:22 am
46 today and 39 sunday. 42 monday but we do have to add that note that monday is a windy day on top of the mix. a little mix of rain and snow is possible. in new jersey, 51 for today. we're at 52 for the shore. delaware you're at 53 today. rain across the map. this isn't constant throughout the day. new jersey will only see 42 degrees in the afternoon and then mid upper 40s for monday with those windy conditions. let's check out the rain for tomorrow. 6:30 in the morning it starts in the northern parts of our viewing area, down to bucks county and mercer county and extending to the shore. it will definitely drop south meaning the whole region is in for that rain, potential. it's just rain we were talking about. by 10:30 in the morning, pockets of rain indicate the more steady
9:23 am
rain that's falling. it's scattered across the board by 5:00 p.m. it starts to break apart. as we go overnight, it completely moves out. on monday that's when the winds start to pick up. by 10:10, gusts are 35 to 45. 40 to 45 gusts are popular. a little windy means it will feel cooler than your forecast. 10, then the low 40s for tomorrow. tuesday we kind of cap around the low 40s wednesday through friday with the chance of a rain/snow mix. we'll be right back.
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9:25 am
a quick reminder.
9:26 am
a stretch of broad street is closed right now from locust to walnut streets right in the heart of broad street there. this is a live look from our kimmel center campus camera. this closure will be in effect until 8:00 tomorrow night. again, it's all because of construction. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you may want to head down to the pennsylvania convention center. yep, it's the 19th annual philadelphia tattoo convention. it's happening all weekend long. it's billed as the largest in the country. if you are also maybe trying to remove some ink from your body, don't worry, they've got some tattoo removal booths as well. hey, did you get to see the stellar show in the sky last night? if not, we've got a little bit for you now. there was the full moon but also an eclipse that made part of the moon appear shaded. there was more. a comet also passed by us early this morning. unfortunately, it wasn't visible to the naked eye. i think everybody is just happy today they're going to see maybe a little bit of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. >> yeah, the temperatures are
9:27 am
much warmer. 50 for the forecast high today compared to 34 that we saw yesterday. then we drop back down sunday at 42 with rain. windy on monday and everything kind of kaucalms down for valentine's day. 50 for tuesday. that's going to do it for us today. i'm rosemary connors for krystal klei. have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week, we check out the former home of warner brothers founder harry warner, and we visit a newport beach home with beautiful harbor views. plus we tour an architectural contemporary situated above the famed sunset strip. but first, a stylish sanctuary with iconic la views. so this is what we call the main floor of the house, and it's kind of centered around the kitchen so that we could take advantage of what we think is kind of the number one selling point about this house-- these views. [music playing] welcome to open house. today, we're featuring some of the best properties in los angeles. and we're starting things off in the echo park section at a craftsman-style sanctuary. perched high above the city, it features iconic los angeles vistas.


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