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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hold on to our hats, the wind warning and how strong it will be. hate handouts, the message that several new jersey families woke up to this morning. welcome home, the biggest hits the flyers handed out to a local family in need. good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. we are getting a full taste of the weather spectrum. the umbrellas were out in center city today. nbc10 near 20th and market as the rain came down this morning. and here's a live look at philadelphia international airport. in the last hour, the faa cancelled a ground stop that had been in effect due to the high winds.
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and our first alert meteorologist has the most accurate weather forecast in town. let's get right to erika martin with more on the heavy weather that's heading our way. >> we have this front moving through delmarva, and we're starting to see an increase in the wind gusts. i'm starting your wind gusts hour by hour starting at 6:00 p.m. and going through 8:00 p.m. there's a difference between your sustained wind gusts over a long period of time and sustained winds, that little bit of push in the wind that you feel walking or driving. we're seeing all right an increase in those wind gusts, 13 for trenton, 34 for pottstown, philadelphia 31 for you, and wilmington 34-mile-per-hour wind gusts, so the national weather service has issued a high wind warning starting at midnight until 6:00 p.m. on monday, the entire day effectively.
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41-mile-per-hour wind speeds for philadelphia, at midnight 37 for trenton, mt. holly also seeing really strong wind gusts, so the story for today will be the increase in those wind speeds and wind gusts. i'll be timing those out for you and the 10-day on ten. four people are in the hospital in north philadelphia after police say they were suffering from possible carbon monoxide poisoning, firefighters had to break into one of the homes to rescue two of the victims and after that, neighbors got the okay to go back into their homes. now to the growing battle over immigration, hundreds of undocumented immigrants were arrested this week across the nation in what authorities insist are routine law enforcement operations. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in south philadelphia where committee members learn how to bring safety to our neighborhoods in an immigration
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raid. lauren? >> reporter: the idea behind this training is that i.c.e. agents won't do enforcements in sensitive places like churches or hospitals. i checked with i.c.e and they told me there can be exceptions, but yes, they try to avoid pliesplies places like houses of worship. >> this is a law enforcement enforcement, stay five feet back. >> in south philadelphia, they're role playing. they're practicing what to do with i.c.e. agents come to th-- >> the movement these people are all training to be a part of, called sanctuary in the streets. with a text or a phone call, word would go out to attend an interfaith service, this comes
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after enforcement actions around the country are getting attention. president trump tweeting this morning, the crackdown on illegal criminal is merely the keeping of my promise. vanessa volunteered to help elect president trump. >> it's law and order, it's reclaiming our country under a law that is actually enforced. >> reporter: back in south philadelphia in this church basement, there is uncertainty about what will happen now. but a plan for how those who spent their sunday here might be involved. >> i feel like while i need to be there for others. >> reporter: how they make determinations on their enforcement orders, they sent me a statement in part saying i. krvm e. regularly conducts targeted enforcement operations during which additional
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resources and personnel are dedicated to and prehelpeding deportable foreign nationals. now as for the training, an organizer tells me that after today's workshop, more than 500 people in the philadelphia region have been trained. live in south philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. right now, president trump is on his way back to washington after spending the weekend in florida. earlier this morning on "meet the press," president trump's policy advisor talked about what's next for the travel ban. >> the bottom line is we're pursuing every possible action to keep our country safe from terrorism. >> reporter: steven miller says there's still a lot of avenues to take in the court system. also on the show this morning, former candidate bernie sanders, he called the travel ban a shell game. sanders says president trump is backtracking on every economic promise he made to the american people.
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well the too mupic of sanct cities also came up this morning with new jersey governor cri christ christie. here's what he said. >> reporter: the federal government should be enforcing federal law and they have to make clear that federal law will be enforced. if that's the president's desire, then he should go ahead and make sure that's done. at the state level, we're doing whatever we can to keep our streets save, that's why our prison capacity is an all-time low. someone put up posters at penn state calling on students to report illegal immigrants. the university is calling the posters deeply offensive. the posters started popping up on public bulletin boards on the main campus. u.s. immigration and custom officials call the signs bogus.
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investigators are calling this fire in mercer county suspicious, overnight a fire damaged a gas station in hamilton township and you can see, some flames and smoke come fr ing from the roof of a station here on greenwood avenue. firefighters got that under control around midnight. no one was hurt. and police in south jersey are looking into who left hate flyers on neighborhood doors. >> reporter: somebody put pieces of paper inside plastic bags and then tossed them into yards and driveways in this neighborhood. one of those neighbors shared a photo of what was found with nbc10, you can see that flyer asking people to join the ku klux klan and to love your own race. there's a phone number on there,
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we blurred it out, it does have a north carolina area code and police actually found one of those flyers on a closed business store front, so they assume whoever put them out here does not know this area well. we spoke with a member of the town council, he's upset that this happened here. >> there's no room for that kind of hate here in maple shade. >> i am surprised, i don't know -- it was a shock to me. >> reporter: police have a request for anybody who finds an additional flyer to call them directly, don't put it out on facebook right away, they want to figure out who's putting these out here, but right now it's unclear who did toss those out here overnight. they're continuing to look into it. we're live in maple shade. $2,500 and no questions asked. that is the reward for anyone who knows what happened to a barbecue smoker that was stolen from a popular spot in northeast philadelphia. take a look, it happened at fat jack's barbecue on.
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the smoker that weighs about 4,000 pounds and worth about $3,000 was stolen last night. and right now the store is continuing to make their products without their smoker. septa's slowdown, what the city of philadelphia is doing to make sure people have transportation while they work to repair damaged track and train cars.
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68 people were affected by
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pepper spray spread through the air conditioning system. septa will be adding for rail cars to the septa line. septa pulled more than 100 rail cars from service at the start of last week, because of cracks found on two subway cars. the transit agency says crews are working to speed up repairs to get even more cars back on the tracks in the days ahead. >> still ahead, the assist of a lifetime, how the flyers are helping a local family get into a new home. and denise, i'm tracking some really strong winds that are picking up tonight and tomorrow morning. we have a high wind warning in effect until 6:00 p.m., i will have your most accurate forecast coming up. i'll see you after the break. fios in the house!
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this 9-month-old was born
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with tumors behind her eyes. from the moment is she was born she has been battling. but this morning, sieriana got an assist from people that know all about it. >> reporter: michelle and her family got their first glimpse of their newly rebuilt home in mayfair. >> this is amazing. this is, wow, i can't believe it. >> reporter: from the bedroom to the basement, from the kitchen to new office space, a total home makeover all possible from a michaels foundation and flyers charities. >> they say thank you, but we say a bigger thank you, because we get a lot more out of it than the family we're helping. >> we help families get through the hard times so they can focus on getting their child well. >> reporter: this marks the sixth year flyers players and
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their wives have been part of a building hope for kids program. >> it's really fun for the flyers wives and the flyers wives charities to come together on this team and all work together on this project. >> reporter: for families who have been through the roughest of times, there's almost no words to express their gratitude. >> there's actually people that want to help. >> this angel up there, i have no words for them. this is amazing. >> tears of joy there, the family tells us that siriana has had multiple surgeries and is doing well. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin with your fwoiorec. a coastal system is beginning to develop right around the delmarva, this system will continue to intensify and work
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its way northeastward. as it does, it will start to affect us by way of increasing wind speeds. now we are not going to see any rain, however, we do have a wind advisory that has been issued, starting at midnight until 6:00 p.m., including the lehigh valley, montgomery county, chester county and delaware county, however we do have a high wind warning in effect for cumberland county, salem, atlantic, ocean, kent, newcastle county. so new jersey and delaware seeing the problem here with a high wind warning in effect at midnight and he's why, we're expecting really strong wind speeds and i'm going to time this out at least through noon tomorrow. notice wind gusts here for pottstown, 34 miles an hour, millville 43, along with dover and 48-mile-per-hour wind gusts for wildwood, get this going and then we'll pause this just after
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midnight, 50 for wildwood and atlantic city, 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts for millville tomorrow morning, notice how they start to increase quite a bit here, especially because by that time the low will be just offshore heading toward new england. the wind gusts will be high, dangerously high winds for dover. the winds will not subside into tuesday. we have this wind advisory in effect for the lehigh valley, we're not there yet, still some light freezing rain moving through and some areas of sleet and slick patches as well. warnersville 33 degrees, along with cookstown, 34 for white hall and 33 for bethlehem. we're seeing lots of mid to upper 30s, so conditions are above the freezing mark, so the
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hey, hey, good to see you, hope you're enjoying your sunday, danny pommells. the sixers ending the heat's
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13-game winning streak, is that joel okafor did not make it for tomorrow's game. >> as the all-star break gets closer, possible deals have more of a chance. and although speculation is rampa rampant, all throughout stuff, you learn that as the deadline gets closer, that the reality that something could happen goes to a higher level. >> from the hardwood to the ice, the flyers overtime gave them a 2-2-1 mark in their winning streak, making yesterday's two points that much more valuable. >> we didn't get that many points as we wanted to in this home stand, we wanted to finish strong and we did. we should feel good about
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ourselves, we got a bill on that. and we got a big road trip coming, and we just got to stick to our system and play for each other like we have been playing lately. >> well, there was snow on the ground this past week, but phillies spring training gets under way tomorrow when pitchers and catchers report. tuesday the first full squad workout. the squad trying to sweep the tigers, owls up 14 at the break. second half, clinton rose 18, owls won 64-62. quakers out to a bad start, a.j. takes a trip to jaysville, parts of a 20-5 run throughout the game. second half, quakers get the
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steel, and on the break, ryan bedly does the honors. quakers win, 82-63. the ncaa tournament selection commission has the wildcats at number one. something jay wright didn't know until he was asked about it after yesterday's win over xavier. >> it's pretty cool. that's good, i mean that's probably where we are right now in power rankings. but you just know that it doesn't mean anything, because he's really at the end, right, at the end of the tournament season, where you get pranked is what's going to be important. this is more for the media and fans right now. >> a lot of pressure surrounding that nova squad. i'm danny pommells, we'll be right back.
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erika is back with a final check on the forecast. we're talking about high winds? >> a high wind warning for most of the area. the reason why that's so important, right now there is that low pressure system developing over the delmarva, it's going to increase, intensify and continue to move eastward. i do have an associated cold front. high wind warning is in effect for new jersey and, all of new jersey in fact and delaware. and now in the p.a. area, or pennsylvania area, we're seeing that watch, but i want to show you hour by hour, starting at 11:00 p.m., how quickly these gusts start to increase. so i would not be surprised if by tomorrow we start to see lot it of power outages, that's one of my biggest concerns and of course debris just flying around. >> i know you'll have an update on our news at 11:00. that does it for all of us here, see you back here tonight at 11:00, nbc nightly news is next.
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on this sunday night, border wars. president trump faces big protests in mexico over trade and his plans for a wall while his administration defends the travel ban and plans its next moves. russia's ambitions. how moscow is targeting other elections, this time in europe, trying to boost far right candidates there. >> painful legacy. the name on a building evokes slavery and caused protests and now yale university finally agrees to a name change joining others that have done the same. and dinner with friends. it all began with a chance meeting, a shared concern and a photograph. how two families, one jewish, one muslim, quickly found common ground. "nightly news" begins now. test. test. test. test. test.


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