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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ a snu a new sandusky sex scandal, the son is facing abuse charges of his own. >> of jeff sandusky behind bars in centre county, pennsylvania. jailed on $200,000 bail. court documents mention two accusers, both minors who had daily contact. >> jeff sandusky's arrest comes four years after jerry sandusky was convicted in a sex abuse scandal that rocked penn state. live in the breaking news story with more. brandon? >> reporter: after reading the details in the paperwork we sat down with a family therapist. he said what happens in court
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may reveal jerry san dus yeekdu influence on his son. >> reporter: involving a 15 and then 16-year-old girl. their 41 year ole correction officer's arrest come ofs more than four years after a jury convicted adopted father, jerry sandusky of molesting young boys. >> it had to have an impact on jeffrey. but it questions, what would make someone make this. >> we sat down with marriage and family therapist, dr. george james. dr. james told us jerry sandusky's conviction in 2012 may have magnified any personal problems jeffrey may have had. in a 2015 interview with the sports site bleecher report, jeff sandusky, defended his father against sex abuse allegations. >> it can seem weird. some times we do things to stay connected to people we love, inappropriate, wrong or across
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the line. >> an attorney for jerry sandusky says he learned of the charges against his son. according to the criminal complaint. jeff sandusky sent a number of texts to the two teen girls asking for oral sex and nude photos. both girls refused and told their parents. which led to a state police investigation and his arrest. >> i think oftentimes in these situations, people are, are using their power and control in inappropriate ways. >> jeff's brother matt sandusky who also accused his father of sexually abusing him said if the allegations against jeff are true, then he "deserves the maximum of whatever sentence the judge will give him." live in the breaking news center, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. turning to our with now. and the ferocious wind that is dying down tonight. >> let's look live at the flags there on top of the building center city. they're still breezy there. but very different from earlier today when the flags were just
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just whipping in the wind. >> sky force 10 over villanova after strong winds brought down a tree on top of the home along mount pleasant road. the resulting hole is covered up as you see by a tarp, fortunately, no one was injured. >> off to the body shop for south jersey resident. strong gusts sent the tree down on the mustang and no injuries here. just a lot of damage. >> more of the same in philadelphia's mount airy area. crews hard at work sectioning off the tree. a casualty of today's winds. >> what should we expect tomorrow? >> bring in chief meteorologist, glen "hurricane" schwartz. glen? >> yeah, jacqueline, the wind will not be near where it was today. dying down. closer to the ground. the flags that you saw there, the top of the buildings, takes longer for the wind to diminish there. you can see from the ground reports, we have some places with less than 10 mile an hour winds. right now. so, it continues to get less and
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less. the temperature is dropping some what. 29 in wilmington. one of the cold spots. 31 in allentown. cold for this time of night and year. sfeelz colder. as you get up in the morning. it gigs to be kind of chilly. but the wind is not going to be much of a factor. so -- 27 degrees, going to feel pretty close to 27 degrees. we are not going to be seeing any real increase in the wind during the day. going to be different. and later in the week, get into that. and some 60s coming up. delving now a race against time as efforts to prevent a catastrophic breach at the dam. governor jerry brown requisted federal assistance from the trump administration for three counties in the path of the oroville dam in northern
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california. nearly 200,000 residents were told to evacuate because the emergency spillway could release a 30-foot wall of water downstream. seeking justice, city of chester announced renewed push to fight crime. >> it includes more reward money and extra patrols for high crime neighborhoods. nbc 10s correspondent spoke to the family of chester's first murder victim of the year. his loved ones are praying the plan will work. >> i do not wish this on anybody. >> eric became delaware county's first murder victim of 2017. shot at close range in the city of chester. >> why? that tea our main question, why? >> we got so close about everything. and i i want to have my friend back. i don't have him. >> william's death one of seven homicides in chester less than two months into the new year. there were 27 in all of last year. and now, chester's mayor and police force are launching what they call a city wide, spiritual
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state of emergency. >> we need you to be involved. family, communities, connected officials, the media, law enforcement, everyone. >> the city is add skpg tra patrols and high crime neighborhoods and increasing the reward from $5,000 to $10,000 for information that leads to convictions in murders like eric williams. this is where williams spent most time here at the family home. on january 2nd, that all changed. his family and police discovered him inside of his car only a couple blocks away at 22nd and howard. shot to death. williams' family of six brothers and sisters remembered him as the glue that held the family together. he loved kids. like loved kids. >> he had a special bond with his 3-year-old daughter. and a 6-year-old step daughter who shared his love of karaoke. a man described as the family protector with a big heart who
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planned to propose to his girlfriend on valentine's day but whose family is mending its own broken heart. >> heartbroken, devastated. new at 11:00, a man under arrest charged with assault after police say he grabbed a female officer and forcibly kissed her. happened this afternoon at the terminal in upper darby, the officer was not hurt. >> u.s. senate confirmed president trump's choice, former goldman saks chairman, mnuchin. republicans say mnuchins strong background in finance makes him a good choice to run the treasury department. also confirmed, president trump's lead for veteran affairs. by a unanimous 100-0 vote, senators approved dr. david shulkin.
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he grew up in montgomery county. >> breaking news from washington at this hour -- senior white house officials confirming right now, national security adviser, mike flynn, has resigned. comes amid allegations that flynn discussed sanctions with russia's ambassador before the trump administration took office. flynn also reportedly apologized to vice president mike pence for misleading him about his talks with russian leaders. we also learned tonight that the justice department last month told the trump administration that flynn may be vulnerable to blackmail. >> president trump welcomed canadian prime minister justin trudeau to the white house to reaffirm the friendship between the u.s. and canada. the leaders spoke about their differences on issues like admitting syrian refugees, president trump reiterated his commitment to tough border enforcement and, screening of visitors. >> new jersey governor chris christie heads to washington tomorrow to have lunch with president trump t that meeting comes amid reports that president trump has been unhappy with members of his senior staff so far.
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so during his radio call-in show tonight, governor christie cautioned not to read too much into the meeting with the president. the governor says, he has no idea what topics will be discussed. >> it would not surprise me at all to spend an hour with him socializing. and talking about our families and life in general. if he wants to talk about, certain business or get my input on anything, he has never been shy to ask. if he asks i'll offer. >> christie was a surrogate for mr. trump during his presidential campaign and was tapped to lead his transition team until he was replaced by vice president mike pence. >> in south philadelphia tonight, a workshop for dozens of concerned immigrant families. the immigration rights group helped families develop a plan in event they're faced with deportation. tonight's workshop come as immigration and customs enforcement agents conduct raids across the country. the latest figures show, close to 700 undocumented immigrants arrested this month. >> tomorrow we'll learn more about the investigation into the murder of a delaware
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correctional officer. the governor is expected to announce his choice to lead the independent review. february 1, lieutenant steven floyd was killed after inmates at the james t. vaughn correctional center took several prison workers hostage. floyd was laid to rest this weekend. >> a fallen officer remembered in north philadelphia tonight. family, neighbors, officers from all over the city came together to remember officer john polowski. eight years ago today, polowski was gunned down after responding to a fight. rashe rasheed scruggs, pleaded guilty. serving life sentence. >> a man is charged with manslaughter after he killed a woman under the influence. police say anthony rocino caused chain reaction crash on 13th in south philadelphia saturday afternoon. investigators say he tried to remove his license plate. after that crash and ran away. the accident killed a woman sitting in a parked car. >> and a woman is dead after
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fire broke out inside this house in frankfurt. we first brought you this story as breaking news at 5:00. fires started around 4:30 this afternoon on akron street. investigators still searching for the cause. >> new details tonight about hate fliers dropped off in some neighborhoods. after a report last night. another person called police saying they found a similar flier. yesterday, residents found these letters. at first almost looks look a valentine's note with hearts. but a closer look reveals messages, asking people to join the ku klux klan. police are asking any one who find any more fliers to call them. >> mayor jim kenny joining fight to get ex-offenders into the work force. the mayor was one of several local lawmakers at pathways to a pardon opportunity fair. rolled out at the high school. attendees were given career and educational resources. up next, phone cawars. the offer from a wireless carrier trying to woo your
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business. >> little bit country. little bit rock 'n' roll. how philadelphia's wooing big name artists to the city of brotherly love. >> your last chance for love. what's happening to a philadelphia landmark after tomorrow? >> now the wind are dying down. but, soon they're going to be coming back. let you know when they will peck up again. plus when you can expect temperatures into the 60s. the most accurate forecast coming up.
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good news for lady gaga fans. adding a second world tour stop. gaga's first show is sold out. tickets for the just added september 11th show at wells fargo center go on sale friday morning. >> all right, time to play a little guess who game here. some one is coming to
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philadelphia who hasn't been here in all most two decades. give you a hint. he is a nationally known musician. and here is a big hint. he has friend in low places. >> garth brooks. set to rock the wells fargo center next month. added a fourth show because of demands. and nbc 10s, keith jones, reports, the reason as much to do with philadelphia as the it does the legendary country music artist. >> we have been given an all access pass to the wells fargo center. the stage behind us. when garth brooks comes to town. the black curtain gone. so 19,000-plus fans will see country music, entertainer of the year, from all angles. >> the head count. the foot traffic growing. inside the wells fargo center, on the southern end of an attractive city. pulling in garth brook, for the first time in 19 years. >> all i want to do is get in front of the philly crowd.
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>> brooks, added fourth show at the center in march. still holds the current record here, six shows in a row, back in 1998. wells fargo complex president, john page was there and planned the upcoming shows directly with the country music icon. >> amazing, his involved with every aspect of the tour, marketing. >> page earned his start in philly years earlier before the wells fargo center inside the spectrum. >> the energy, excitement. people in philadelphia are trained to be great music fans. >> proven ourselves outside of concerts too. hosting the democratic national convention. catching the attention of the best of the best. including brooks. they call the city of brotherly love for a reason. the people come here. and they act as one. they unite. they celebrate. that's, that's got to be -- >> people don't realize what type of performer he is. how much energy he puts into each and every show. for him all about the fans. >> in south philly, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> definitely has a lot of energy. >> yeah.
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>> to a celebration of black history tonight at rutgers university campus. >> she don't know what it means to be a black girl. black girls shouldn't talk how we talk. shouldn't walk how we walk. >> national poetry slam champion porsche o, held a free reading. tomorrow is your last chance at finding love in philadelphia. >> talking about love, iconic center city sculpture moved, wednesday, the center city district. will mark the occasion by playing music and handing out roses to passers-by tomorrow. and the redesign expected to be completed later this spring. >> turning to our weather. finally, a barareak from the hi wind earlier today. >> yes, we saw people wearing heavy coats. >> same story in south philly. later this week we may not need our heaviest coats.
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>> yeah, especially -- by next weekend. that's when we are going to see the most dramatic changes. seeing some changes now. not as windy. the flag atop the building, blowing at a pretty good clip. again the top of a building. wind always at higher levels. 29 degrees. pretty close to 30. everywhere else. and lancaster. 31 in reading, allentown, trenton. with a little bit of wind, feels like it is in the 20s. and not unusual this tomb of night or year. down to 6 miles an hour in wilmington. 9 in dover. 9 in coatsville. we saw wind gusts of 52 miles an hour in philadelphia. 63 miles an hour in reading today. mainly because of that. big blizzard off the new england coast. and the circulation around that, bringing the northwest winds in. so they got -- 2 feet or more in parts of new england.
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and we just got a windy day. this is the next system that we will be watching. a lot of rain in, in texas and up through the plain states. that's a system that we will have to be watching. over the next couple dates. it's generally tracking to the east. and the models have been fairly consistent over the last couple of days. showing that that -- passes to the south. and if it does stay south. stay dry for the rest of the week. and maybe into the middle of next week. valentine's day. no problem with rain. not much wind. not as bad a hair day. as today was. you can see the temperatures, getting into the 40s. in most parts of the area. i don't expect any precipitation around the peak winds. should be 10, 15 niles miles an. that's it. a different story as we head towards wednesday. especially, thursday.
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that's the symbol for wind. 35 wednesday. 40 or higher, on thursday. and all across the area. temperatures a little bit higher on wednesday. then thursday. you can see the colder air coming in. behind it another storm developing. and hitting into new england. that is going to be a different story. but talk about different stories. how about the weekend. we could got up near 60 on saturday. and into the 60s on sunday. at least in parts of the area. either way, way above average. way above. all right. up next. the battle for your business. >> all abut theout these. the new way cell companies are trying to convince you to make the switch. ght-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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for the first time in five years, verizon wireless, new,
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john clark, the sixers had the worst record in the nba over the last three seasons. a new era. when charlotte, bobcat, guaranteed a win for the hornets. the sixers dinged back. bobby jones in the house. and, did not make the trip. no problem. third quarter. sixers up three. and that leads to robert covington. sixers up six. 17 points for big shots. fourth quarter. sicke sixers in transition. trust the friendship. mcconnell, dario. 3. si sixers up by 14. final minute. hornets down 5. turns it over. and it is bthune, chance, guaranteed a win. got to make it. bthune and gloom. look at that. sixers make him eat his word. win their third straight, 105-99. we don't mean any disrespect.
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but, you are not going to overlook us. we are not a guaranteed victory for the other team. and -- if you guarantee something you better back it up. so we are a good team. >> keep fighting. >> can't say that with us. we are not just saying that we used to be in the past few years. love hearing that. brett brown says ben simmons won't practice over the all star break. probably won't see him for three weeks at least if at all. nba got james dolan and charles oakley. looks like michael jordan worked the truce. villanova at depaul. cats, tough time, with them earlier this season. no problems tonight. mikhail bridges, long distance. nova, 13 point lead. ball movement coming up. devanchenzo, the pass for the dunk. cats up 27 points. they win, beat depaul, 75-62. they're now, 25-2.
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phillies. pitchers/catchers reported to spring training today. first workout is tomorrow. ah. soak it in. palm trees. always a sign of hop this team of year. a big season. coming back. the phillies are rebuilding. manager, pete mccannin said maybe they can finish 500. and the president, andy mcphil, what do you say? >> they will know improvement. i wouldn't put a number by it. more players that demonstrate on the current team. belong, part of the future, the more players that percolate up from the system that demonstrate they can be part of the future, a good year. they started getting heinz field ready for the outdoor game in two weeks. on nbc 10, saturday, february 25th. congratulations to the uconn women. they win their 100 straight. that's a record. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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pretty decent valentine's day. wind picks up. thursday windy day. look at the weekend. temperatures up, near, possibly, 60 degrees. >> unreal this winter. >> thank you for being here. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- magic johnson -- luke wilson --


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