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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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four weeks in office. >> randy gyllenhaal has been tracking the protests all day. he's live in sky force 10 with more. >> reporter: we are tracking two demonstrations in center city right now that are tying up traffic, including this one. you see a number of bicyclists that started at the art museum. we tracked them go around city hall down to south street. they're heading north into old city. these folks specifically protesting president trump's policies on immigration and climate change. part of the day of action, a general strike. a number of different movements today in center city. a call to bike the strike. bicyclists in philly hoping to send a message to rush hour commuters. >> disrupting the rhythms of every day life so people who wouldn't normally be exposed to these kinds of voices are in a way forced to. >> reporter: demonstrating against president donald trump's policies on immigration is part of the nationwide general strike. just the latest protests since
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trump took office. >> and to really demonstrate that people do have power. it might take the form of profit, calling representatives. >> reporter: also today, a group of lawyers in philadelphia picketing outside city hall joining the general strike. >> already the stand and fight in solidarity with the growing social movements against this administration's racist and xenophobic policies. >> reporter: and this group ready to march through center city tonight calling for an end to stop and risk. putting pressure on the philadelphia police department and the mayor, also standing up to president trump. worried what his policies could mean in inner city communities. >> we're going to rally. we're going to express ourselves. and we are probably going to make traffic a little bit difficult. >> reporter: we have moved sky force 10 over temple university. this is that group that did intend to tie up traffic. they've been doing that, marching north on broad street. this is the group of protesters that are approaching temple
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university. unclear where they're going. they do say they intend to march for a couple of hours. we'll be following them here live north on broad street. i'm randy gyllenhaal. nbc 10 news. on the move. all right. breaking news in florida. nbc news has confirmed the secret service is investigating after someone threw something at president trump's motorcade. this all happened in the past few minutes. he's in florida getting ready for campaign-like rally scheduled for tomorrow. if we learn anything more we'll pass it along. the president touted job growth as he visited this boeing facility in south carolina. he toured the plant as boeing unveiled its new aircraft. he told workers he'll continue to press companies to bring jobs back from overseas and penalize those who don't. turning to our weather. get ready for the warmest weekend we have seen in more than three months. right now, it's still a little chilly for these guys playing tennis in washington township.
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but temperatures will rise in the 60s tomorrow. it's going to be tough to keep t the ice frozen here at the blue cross river rink. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the weather. >> his most accurate forecast has gone all spring on us. >> that's right. what a beautiful picture to start that weekend off. this is a live picture from cape may. the best sunsets always come with some sorts of clouds. it really looks like a painting. but it is a real life picture. it's 40 in atlantic city now. down to 35 in vineland. 42 in philadelphia. 34 in coatesville. so yeah, it's going to be kind of chilly this evening and overnight tonight. but not so much tomorrow. we hit 45 for the high today after 39 yesterday. going up into the mid 60s both saturday and sunday. it's more typical of april
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temperatures. as we go through the night tonight, it doesn't get all that cold in most parts of the area. certainly dry. there's very little wind. just the beginning of a spectacular weekend. we'll see how long that lasts into next week coming up. >> all right. glenn. new at 6:00, an 8-year-old girl is in the hospital after she was stabbed in the face. we just got off the phone with the police chief in delaware county. a woman stabbed that girl in front of other children. right now that woman is in police custody. now, to south philadelphia where one iconic sandwich shop is getting less business than normal for the start of the holiday weekend. >> burglars broke into john's roast pork forcing the place to close. >> they climbed in through the ceiling and got away with money meant for charity. >> rosemary connors joins us to explain. >> reporter: you'd think the steak joints in south philly would be more frenemies than friends.
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not the case says the owner of pat's king of steaks. when he found out what happened here at john's roast pork. he showed up today with a check matching the donation that was stolen. he offered to help out in the kitchen when johns reopened. >> we're going to open tomorrow. if we got to work out of a cigar box we'll be open tomorrow. i can't let down my customers. >> reporter: the thieves broke in by squeezing in through the exhaust system. they swiped the sales and surveillance equipment. >> they took the cash box. you know it had to be more than one person. you have to have a person up there with a rope to tie the cash box to get it up there. >> reporter: because it's too -- >> too heavy. >> reporter: the register had $3,500 inside. the burglars also stole the $1,500 raced from a charity cup to benefit leukemia patients. >> i was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006. >> reporter: the charity theft is disappointing but he says it's easy to put the burglary in
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perspective. loyal customers were in disbelief to see john's roast pork closed down. >> i was bummed. i was looking forward to roast beef and cheese for lunch today. >> it breaks my heart. one guy was like, he goes i'm going back to phoenix tomorrow. that was my last cheese steak. i feel so bad. >> reporter: a rare scene here at johns, usually it's open until 7:00 at night and packed. they're planning to reopen tomorrow morning at 9:00. johns did get another $1,500 check from electric factory concerts. the foundation will get $3,000. reporting live in south philly, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. new video of a pair of serial burglars in montgomery county to show you. hunting for cash in luigi's
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pea piz piz pizzama. they use just a huge crow bar. nothing you'd find in a hardware store. call abington township police with tips. employees at a montgomery county tree company are charged with hiring undocumented workers. they are based in willow grove. the company fired hundred workers after a federal audit found they were not eligible to work in the u.s. federal prosecutors say many workers were rehired under fake social security numbers. from workers to student immigrants, stockton university is taking a stand to protect undocumented students. students and school leaders agreed the university is stockton safe. that means they provide a safe zone for all students, faculty and staff, regardless of immigration status. they're working out the specifics on those protections. expect those, they say, by the end of the month. anyone interested can get
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their hands on one of the iconic trump signs from the defunct taj muha muhaul casincasino. the seller calls it a piece of history and describes the sign as ruby red glass. the bidding closes a week from sunday. senator pat toomey's philadelphia office is moving. protesters have been showing up outside his office on jfk boulevard to raise concerns about the senator's support for president trump and his policies. you may recall the senator revealed he was voting for president trump on election day. as for the move, he says his lease is expiring. starting next month his office will be at the u.s. custom house on federal street. philadelphia leaders tried to show how the extra money raised by the soda tax could pay for more than just preschool. >> renovations at libraries, parks and recs centers are on
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hold. revenue from the tax is supposed to pay for the improvement. even though the city isn't getting the money, you're still paying the taxes. businesses are starting to feel the effects. >> we went from paying $80 for box of syrup, now to about $130, $140. quite significant for a small business like ours. >> a judge will hear arguments against the soda tax in april. tonight, officials at penn state say they're shutting down the fraternity where a pledge died after he fell down the stars. the school says it will be five years before the fraternity will be allowed to regain its status. this after a 19-year-old student fell down the stairs during a pledge acceptance ceremony earlier this month and no one called for help until the next day. he died at the hospital. main line hospital investing $53 million to expand its emergency department. officials say that expansion which includes new treatment
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areas and a parking garage will significantly reduce waiting times. the number of er beds will also more than double from 26 to 57. the hospital's last major expansion was back in 2013. up next, all new at 6:00, keeping history from repeating itself. how a little known piece of the story of world war ii is coming to philadelphia this weekend. plus, it's going to be feeling like springtime for your weekend plans. how warm it's going to be and when chillier weather returns. next with your most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast.
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we now return to that breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. protests in center city, targeting the president. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in sky force 10. i'm noticing that fire in the cross walk. >> reporter: not sure what they're burning. it happened ten seconds ago. this is the group that started at city hall marching north on broad street. they're near temple university. this group specifically protesting against police brutality. philadelphia police, asking them to get rid of the stop and frisk
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policy. they lit something on fire in the middle of the intersection at broad. this is the first time this group has stopped. they did a lot of marching. it appears they have stopped in the street, we are seeing some of their leaders making speeches here. if we can zoom out you can see a number of philadelphia police officers surrounding this crowd. there is a large police presence here, making sure it doesn't get out of hand. the group marched past the expressway, and the police blocked them making sure they couldn't get on to it. something is on fire and it appears they are burning an american flag there. this group of demonstrators marching from city hall now in north philadelphia. a very small fire in the middle of broad street. we'll keep tracking this for you as the demonstration continues. we're told it's supposed to wrap up in the next hour. this crowd is still out here live on broad street. we'll send it back to you in the
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studio. clearly the stars and stripes right there. all right. keep us posted. new at 6:00, a new exhibit is making its first and only stop on the east coast by coming to philadelphia. >> it comes on the 75th anniversary of the presidential executive order that forced japanese americans from their homes and into internment camps. >> nbc 10's denise nakano shares her personal connection. >> reporter: pieces of history. >> we've been waiting and waiting for this to happen. >> reporter: delivered in a crate. >> the story is so little known. >> reporter: unveiled and displayed in the first of its kind exhibition on the east coast in center city, philadelphia. >> just amazing that this now gets to be revealed. >> reporter: the exhibition called uprooted shines a light on farm labor camps during world war ii. it's a little known part of the
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more than two year internment of 120,000 people of japanese ancestry. 2/3 of them american citizens because of their ancestry. >> they still faced that hostility. they knew they were unwelcome. >> reporter: it's an experience teresa from mount airy knows first-hand. >> this is me as a baby. >> reporter: she was born in a farm labor camp in idaho during the japanese american incarceration. her father was one of 33,000 japanese americans who volunteered to work in the labor camp, harvesting sugar beats for food and munitions. >> even though they were rejected by america, they felt an obligation to this country. i mean, they were americans. >> reporter: the story of the internment of japanese americans can be traced back to my own. this is a photo of my father with my grandmother at an internment camp in california. the date, february 10th, 1943.
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nearly a year after president roosevelt's executive order authorizing the incarceration of people who are as little as 1/16 japanese. >> people were put into camps because of fear and racism. i want this exhibit to show that we shouldn't do it again. >> reporter: learning from the past. a painful time in american history revealed in uprooted. in center city, nbc 10 news. learning a little something butt denise and her family's past as well. >> that personal touch to it. you can see the uprooted exhibition at friends center in center city. >> it's free and on display from february 18th through march 9th. to this now, a six foot mounted elk head worth $65,000. it just disappeared from a home in willington. here's the picture of the missing elk head. not small by any means. police say the homeowner's daughter had a party last friday. the head disappeared something
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before the following monday. as you can imagine it wasn't easy to get away with something that big. the thief left behind broken window and holes in the walls. bucks county, an escaped goat that got on the loose in new town. it's back with its owner tonight but not after some fun with police. officers got the call after neighbors saw the goat walking around the police. the police posted a photo with the goat on facebook. that praucompted a caption cont. the owner came and picked it up. here is something to get you hyped about a big weekend warm up. rita's opened today. it's chilly for water ice tonight. this weekend, that's going to be prime water ice eating weather. >> you know what i heard? i heard there was rita's water ice somewhere in the newsroom. but i think it's all gone now. no one told me about it. >> we're fast eaters. >> it will be a busy holiday
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weekend at the jersey shore. we're expecting 60s all weekend long. i guess we could break records? >> yeah, they're going to be pretty close. especially on sunday with temperatures in some areas getting into the upper 60s. records all over the midwest during the day today. temperatures are on the cool side today. but seasonably cool and with the mostly clear skies, they're cooling off even more during the night tonight. in berks county, we showed you that earlier. montgomery and bucks, the pa suburbs in our neighborhood forecast. west callan, 36 degrees right now. west chester 38. exton 38 as well. collegeville still 41 degrees. but north wales and elroy, bedminister, all at 39. and the wind is really dying
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down. three miles an hour in dover, millville. six miles an hour in philadelphia. we haven't seen winds this light in a long time. we have a combination of sunshine, light winds and temperatures in the 60s saturday and sunday. so it's pretty spectacular weekend ahead. and it's also going to be mainly dry as we go through much of next week, too. but we're in a moderate drought. we could use some rain eventually. that may be coming by next weekend. next week we have more 60s on the way. this weekend is not the end of the warm weather. it's not necessarily the end of winter, either. that pattern could change towards the beginning of march. dry kigconditions now, dry conditions back to the west. we have record breaking warmth. here in our area will be in the 60s tomorrow. after 40s today. 57 in allentown.
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62 in robinsville. right at the coast, longport, 54 degrees with a bit of a sea breeze. but saturday and sunday, very warm. monday we cool down a good bit. but that's still ten degrees above average for this time of the year. what a great holiday. like temperatures down here in florida. i'm john clark at spring training. coming up we'll hear from the man who replaces ryan howard at first base. that's next.
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i'm john clark live from clearwater, florida. first full squad work out today. no players from the 2008 word series team are on this squad. the man starting at first base now gets his first chance, first full season in the majors. >> got a lot of confidence. i think it's great. you know, shows the organization has trust in me. but once again, it's nothing that's given to me. it's something i'm going to have to earn throughout spring training. >> reporter: tommy joseph is now the starter at first base after 12 years of ryan howard. it is a changing of the eras. >> we want to build this into something special. there's been a lot of great teams that have played here in philadelphia. it's a historic franchise. we want to be a part of the next core. >> reporter: tommy was a catcher. he started making the transition two years ago in the minors.
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he is working on his defense. >> trying to improve my -- all my range and my feet quickness. >> reporter: tommy still texted with ryan howard and a big piece of how tommy carries himself as a major leaguer comes from watching ryan. >> border line hall of fame career. something i learned from him on the field was how he prepared and how he treated the media. how he treated all of you. how he treated his teammates every day. he wasn't different. >> and ryan howard is just down the street still no job, darren rough, actually signed with a team in south korea. i'm john clark in clearwater, we're right back.
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we continue to watch this day of action protests in ph philadelphia. this group protesting against the stop and frisk policy. other protesters we're watched on bicycles protesting president trump's policies. we'll have more at 11.
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that's our news for 6:00. thanks for being here. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. up next, nbc nightly news. tonight, u.s. gymnastics abuse scandal. day in court for a doctor who treated some of the most famous olympians, accused of preying on dozens of young girls for years. emergency evacuations as the most powerful storm in years slams california. flash flood warnings, hurricane-force winds, flights canceled up and wn the coast. bizarre bomb plot. a man accused of scheming to hide explosives inside target stores. what the feds say was his motive. national security turmoil -- the president's pick to replace michael flynn turns him down who will fill a critical role? surgery on the menu, the new way people are finding to get medical procedure force much less money. and a woman


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