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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test night, immigration crackdown. a new draft memo on security and enforcement among the proposals. hiring thousands of border agents and deputy tiesing local law enforcement officers as the president meets with new national security candidates. the president's trump file. what the moscow is collecting about the president, and what one inside er describes as psychological profile. the blastoff from the same launch pad where america sent men to the moon. on the job. a big american company benefits and embraces people with autism. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world
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headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. i'm kristen welker in tonight for kate snow. we begin with the president poised to make key decisions about the nation's security, spending the day at his florida resort interviewing candidates for national security adviser after firing michael flynn last week. those high-level meetings come as we're getting our first glimpse of draft memos which detail possible guidelines for deporting deporting immigrants. immigrant rights groups are expressing concerns. nbc's kelly o'donnell takes a closer look. >> reporter: behind the scenes at the president's mar-a-lago home in palm beach, where a help wanted sign is out. president trump is interviewing four job candidates today to replace fired national security adviser michael flynn, all with military and national security backgrounds. the white house chief of staff insisted the president's choice will not be forced to keep flynn's national
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security counsel team. >> the president has said very clearly that the new nsa director will have total and complete say over the makeup of the nsc. >> reporter: the trump administration is poised to roll out new enforcement plans on immigration. >> general kelly, now secretary kelly, he's really doing the job. you're seeing it. >> reporter: new draft memos, signed by secretary kelly from the department of homeland security. read like a blueprint for the president's priorities. sat night rally, mr. trump emphasized deporting criminals. >> get them the hell out of here, bring them back to where they came from. >> reporter: the draft memos, a get tough approach, recommend hiring 10,000 officers and agents for immigration and customs enforcement. deputy tiesi ining qualified local law enforcement. other priorities, expa died the removal of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. for two years or less. undocumented parents
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who pay smugglers to bring children into the country could face prosecution. immigration advocates are worried. >> if these memos go forward, even if they don't, their intent is to create chaos in communities across the country. >> reporter: tonight trump administration officials push back saying these memos are only drafts that have not been signed off by the white house. while some components may be accurate, revisions are still being made. tonight, kristen, on another issue, the investigation of russian interference into the 2016 election, tonight the senate intelligence committee is asking the white house to preserve any documents, any e-mails that may be useful in their investigation. kristen? >> kel y thank you for that report. and a comment the president made during his rally in florida yesterday about sweden immediately caused a stir on social media and beyond. the president included sweden in a list of countries that had suffered terrorist
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attacks. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden, who would believe this? sweden, they took in large numbers. they're having problems like they never thought possible. you look at what's happening in brussels. you look at what's happening all over the world. take a look at nice. take a look at paris. >> now, those words about sweden sparked a quick backlash from officials in that country who wanted to know what he was talking about because there was no attack in sweden the previous night. the president tweeted his statement referred to a fox news story he saw that night claiming there was a rise in violence by immigrants. from moscow, an intriguing look at how the russian government is viewing president trump as it watches his presidency unfold. the kremlin's observation about his personality and more are being kept in an file. nbc's bill neely has spoken with some insiders who know what's in it. >> reporter: behind the walls of the
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kremlin, they're preparing vladimir putin for a first meeting with america's president. >> everything is under preparation. >> reporter: compiling a dossier on donald trump's mental strengths and weaknesses. >> pages describing psychological portrait of trump, especially based on the last two or three months. >> reporter: the kremlin believe trump can be naive. >> he doesn't understand putin. >> reporter: he picks risky fights, like with the media. >> he's dancing on thin ice. it's a risky game. >> reporter: and relies on his intuition more than his advisers. >> he should listen to the people, especially in areas where he's weak. >> reporter: the kremlin is also watching president trump's problems over russia, including losing his national security adviser with growing alarm. according to putin's former prime minister. is he laughing in the
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kremlin at what's happening in washington? >> absolutely not. not laughing. it's very serious. and his team is nervous. >> reporter: in the kremlin, they want president trump to end u.s. sanctions against russia and to improve relations. but they're worried that signs that cease getting tougher on russia and may not deliver. many believe hard-liners in america want to sabotage the president and his russia plans. some even talk here of a conspiracy. >> intelligence services against president donald trump. they want to order strong him. >> reporter: they want to overthrow him? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: a coup? >> yes. a small coup. >> reporter: many in russia celebrated his election, but doubts are growing that donald trump will be good for russia. putin's analysts are preparing him to meet a u.s. president under pressure. bill neely, nbc news, moscow.
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well, whoever becomes the president's new national security adviser will be joining an administration that is taking a harder line against iran. today in munich on the sidelines of a security conference, chief foreign correspondent richard engel met with iran's foreign minister and asked him about that. >> reporter: the trump administration recently announced it was putting iran on notice. what does that mean to you? >> this type of language from the united states but we don't respond well to this type of language. >> reporter: iran recently carried out a ballistic missile test, the administration, the u.s. administration, called it provocative. was it really the right time for this test? >> we have to provide for our own defense. >> reporter: was it preplanned or was this timed to send a message to washington. >> no, it wasn't timed to send a message to anybody. >> reporter: but u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news under president trump there's an increased risk of an escalation
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or even a confrontation with iran. just over a week ago, the u.s. called off a military raid on an iranian ship. would that have sparked a war? >> it would destroy u.s. credibility and certainly resisted by iran. >> reporter: resisted militarily. >> it would be resisted by iran. >> reporter: president trump has promised to tear up the nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration with iran. which would reimpose sanctions. if new sanctions are put on iran by the united states, will iran respond by restarting the nuclear program? >> the nuclear deal was based on not mutual confidence but mutual lack of confidence. if the agreement is violated, then iran has the right to go back to its program. >> reporter: but the foreign minister says he believes the nuclear deal will last. he also weighed in on president trump's executive order temporarily banning citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries, including iran.
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from entering the u.s. >> this was the singular most important help to the extremists because it provides them with a rallying ground to attract new followers. and that was richard engel reporting from munich. back in this country, authorities in a new jersey suburb are saying it could have been much worse. the crash today of a small plane in which the pilot and everyone else survived. we get details from ron allen in new jersey. >> reporter: on a quiet sunday morning out of the clear, blue sky a plane crashes onto this residential street with no warning. >> it's upside down, yes, and it looks like it's missing a wing. >> i actually seen it go by. a flash. >> the vibration was like a rumbling, like an earthquake. >> reporter: the plane ripped tree tops, clipped power lines. a piece of the wing crashed into a gas station, missing the pumps and missing dozens of multifamily homes that line both sides. street. no residents were injured. >> straight line.
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maybe he was trying to land. >> i'm, like, speechless. really speechless. >> reporter: she was just about to get into that car to run an errand, one of several vehicles the plane destroyed. >> it was so loud. and everyone was just in shock. then everyone started screaming. we went outside and it looked like a war zone. >> reporter: rescuers had to cut the pilot from the wreckage. authorities say he left a small airport on long island sight seeing, encountering some mechanical trouble near the statue of liberty. petway told them he tried to glide the plane down safely in bayonne a short distance away. >> it could have been a disaster. we were very lucky. >> reporter: tonight crews have restored power to hundreds of home as they haul away wreckage from a community grateful the destruction was not worse. >> just incredible. well, authorities in malaysia held their first news conference today since the
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mysterious death of a half-brother of north korea's leader, kim jong-un. with it came news much more arrests in the case. we get the latest from nbc's in malaysia. >> reporter: a death of kim jong-nam, north korea's leader's half-brother. malaysian police confirm they're searching for four suspects, all north korean men who left the country today, the same day kim was killed. >> were any of the suspects you're currently pursuing holding diplomatic passports? >> the four suspects are holding a normal passport. it's not a diplomatic passport. >> reporter: police won't say where they were going, but interpol is now involved to help solve an international murder mystery. already there's one north korean man in custody after a raid at this apartment block where police say he had been living for over a year. south korea's government today said
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the web of north korean nationals can only mean the regime of kim jong-un is behind the assassination. also arrested, a malaysian man and two women. one from indonesia, the other vietnam, suspected of poisoning kim jong-nam in a crowded airport in broad daylight. police are investigating whether one of them is this woman, wearing an lol shirt on airport security video. north korea's embassy here has demanded the body and objected to an autopsy. but malaysian officials say they're still doing tests. >> we are investigating a case of murder. >> reporter: today his body remains here. officials won't release it until they confirm dna from a relative and nobody has come forward to do it. nbc news, kuala lumpur, malaysia. in this country today, a successful and historic launch of a spacex rocket on a supply mission to the international space station. it came one day after the launch was delayed
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because of a problem with an engine part. nbc's kerry sanders reports from florida. >> it-my muss 30. >> reporter: on the second day, a second try and success. >> three, two, one. and lift-off. >> reporter: the spacex lift-off this morning from pad 39-a, the same spot where apollo launched to the moon and where the last space shuttle blasted off six years ago. today's achievement -- >> congratulations. >> cheers. congrats. it was a great day. >> reporter: not just the lift-off. >> stage one, touchdown confirmed. >> reporter: spacex chairman says returning the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket to a landing zone, picture perfect. >> spacex is the only organization that has been able to do that, basically, have a mission take second stage in a payload onto orbit, turn around, come back home, re-enter and land on the dime. >> reporter: a rocket component larger than
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a 16-story building returned to earth from 85 miles in space, a pillow soft landing. less than ten feet from where "x" marks the spot. billionaire spacex owner elon musk tweeting, baby came back. it's been about three hours since the rocket touched down and i can still smell it. it has an acrid smell, like a mash mellow you loeft a campfire for too long and it burned. the payload on board plans, growing food in space for astronauts. lettuce already grown in weightlessness. nasa labs now growing it in simulated martian soil. spacex says it could launch a manned mission to mars in 16 years. kerry sanders, nbc news at the kendyne space center. >> what a great achievement. still ahead tonight, are security officers out of bounds
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>> we're back with nbc news news investigation on a troubling trend on american school. with emphasis on security, some tactics used on young children are being questioned like putting young kids in handcuffs which happened to one child in kansas city. here's stephanie gosk. >> i walk in, my son is sitting like this. he's crying, too, so my first thing is to
6:48 pm
try to get him to calm down. finally is-t dawns on me like, why are you sitting like that? he goes like this. >> reporter: and that was the first moment that you saw -- >> the handcuffs, yeah. like, wow. >> reporter: derek's son caleb was only 7 years old at the time. he was handcuffed in school. when he put the handcuffs on, were you scared? >> i was kind of a little scared, but mostly i was mad because, like, he was, like, holding my hand tightly. >> reporter: according to an incident report, the security officer says caleb was screaming and appeared to be out of control. eventually, he says, he had to cuff the boy to avoid him hurting himself. caleb's lawyer says it was an excessive use of force. >> instead of leveling with him or trying to talk to him about what to do, he was put in handcuffs. >> that hurts! >> reporter: the incident is one of many we found around the country where grade school kids end up in cuffs. fueling the debate over the role of
6:49 pm
security officers in schools. >> children as young as first grade, second grade and third grade are being policed in the hall ways where they're supposed to be learning. >> reporter: our investigation found a number of similar cases of young children being handcuffed. we also found cases of older children being arrested for surprising reasons. can you imagine, kristen, a child being charged with petty larceny for sneaking a carton of milk in the cafeteria. >> very tough to imagine. fascinating investigation, stephanie. it will undoubtedly spark a lot of debate. stephanie gosk will have much more reporting tomorrow morning on "today." coming up next, a witness for a story that led to i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin.
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country's most horrific crimes, the murder of em it's till. here's rehema ellis. >> reporter: for emmett till, time stopped at 14 years old. >> just wasn't going to happen. >> reporter: but in 1955, when the chicago teenager made his first visit to relatives in mississippi, emmett was naive to the violent white supremacy that dominated the south. he whistled at a white woman, carolyn bryant. later her husband and brother-in-law stormed into emmett's family home. pastor wheeler parker was there. >> reporter: what was it like for you that night when those men came into the house? >> horrible. just pure terror. i thought i was going to be killed. >> reporter: he was spared. emmett was kidnapped, brutally beaten, shot and tortured to death. his mother insisted the world should see his mangled body.
6:54 pm
>> a hero would me for more than him just to have died. >> reporter: during the time, he testified emmett grabbed her around the waist. the men were acquitted by an all-white jury, only later to confess. now decades later, he admitted she lied. >> of the physical, sexual, menacing part of her account, she said that part's not true. >> reporter: in a new book she goes on to say, nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him. can you forgive? >> oh, yes. hate is for the hater. i can't carry that. >> reporter: today on which chicago block where emmett played, the street bears his name. >> some people don't know the story, so they talk about it. >> reporter: a story, he says, everyone should know so emmett didn't die in vein.
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finally tonight, the for people with autism, communication skills can make it difficult for them to find their place in the workforce. that's changing at one company in america which has found a way for people with autism to build a career. >> reporter: after working his way through college at a recycling center, jeff is finally on a career
6:58 pm
path at ford motor company. >> i probably applied for 1,000 or more jobs before i found this one. >> reporter: even with a degree in accounting, his job search took a year and a half. until he discovered this joint effort by ford and the autism alliance of michigan to employ adults with autism. it's estimated as many as 80% to 90% of adults like jeff are unemployed or underemployed. >> do you have a natural appetitude for numbers, do you think? >> yeah. >> reporter: he's using his skills in the development system. she says ford looks for jobs highly structured and require great focus. and then trains both the new hires and their coworkers. >> having the teamworking with the individual understand to communicate in a very direct style. that was one of the key learnings the teams had an opportunity to learn about. >> reporter: jeff is one of ford's first
6:59 pm
four hires under in program that will now expand to 24 this year. the company says it's been overwhelmed by the positive response of its employees, many of whom have family members or know someone with autism. an opportunity that is his mother's dearest hope. >> i think finding a place where he fit in has been both of our dreams for him for a long time. and to have a career path sort of tied into that is everything. it's the whole package. >> reporter: jeff is now focused on his further and savoring the experience. when inclusion is job one. anne thompson, nbc news, deerborn, michigan. >> what a great program. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. lester holt will be in tomorrow. i'm kristen welker reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you and good night.
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is >> it was a small new year's eve party. we took off and then shortly thereafter. we saw the police car. my gut was telling my feet to run back to that house. this can't be happening. >> reporter: when the party hostess, had seemed fine all night. then - ufcs. >> my wife just shot herself in the head, please help me, please >> reporter: her death was rulet but not everyone agreed. >> i was always afraid he was march. made mark his feet. always. some jaw dropping knockouts >> reporter: did a fight that s


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