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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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breaking from overnight, new information about a plane crash in australia that killed four americans. under fire, search for gunman that opened fire on philadelphia police officers. white house, trump's pick for national security adviser has routes in roxborough. 5:30. 34 degrees. good morning and welcome to nbc
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10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. start with meteorologist bill henley. first alert weather forecast, bill. >> getting a colder start this morning. seeing temperatures in the 20s and 30s. still falling at this hour. 34 degrees in philadelphia. with the north easterly wind at seven miles an hour. going to keep some neighbors a little bit cooler. also see clouds moving in this morning. moving in from the west. 8:00 this morning. mostly cloudy skies in philadelphia. still be up a couple degrees at 8:00. 11:00. 46 start to see breaks in the clouds. lehigh valley is just below freezing right now. 31 degrees to start with. still 31 at 8:00. clouds start to break later in the morning. temperatures will be climbing. even though clouds coming in. cool spot, well, won't be philadelphia or suburbs or lehigh valley. it's going to be the shore. inland areas of new jersey. 51 degrees. little bit chillier with on shore breeze for the shore.
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delaware up to 52. this is going to be the coolest day of the entire week. take a look at trend when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington, has your first alert traffic. thanks, bill. watching an accident scene. have an overturned vehicle. might be an overturned tractor trailer. no reports of that yet. just reports it's an overturned vehicle. blue route northbound ramp to schuylkill expressway westbound. watching police activity there. as you can see in the right hand shoulder still getting by on the ramp for right now. subject to close at any time. keep my eye on that for you. back up on the blue route as well. crash on cheltenham. end here on route 202. no big delays. everything in the green. speeds also into the 60s. vai and tracey. 5:32. developing this morning, philadelphia police come under fire. the search continues for the
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gunman. nbc 10 katy zachry joins us live at 35 police district. >> reporter: minutes ago i got off the phone with police here at the 35th district. they tell me they are still looking for the three men involved. they have not found them yet. at this time, they have not issued a description for the three men they were looking for. now, take a look at video. last night around 10:00, police flocked to the area of fifth. they zensearched by air and on foot. squat team was also called in. officers from the 35th district had been driving when they saw three men shooting at each other. when police stopped their patrol car and got out toll investigate, the men reportedly turned to them and one of them fired in the direction of the officers. i'm told that all three men took off running. police searched the area. coming nearby fisher park, but found nothing. again, we are trying to get a
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suspect description from police. i was told maybe the detectives who were out all night. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. breaking overnight. plane slams into the roof of a maul in melbourne australia. look at the video. learned four americans have been killed. nbc 10 pamela osborne joins us live in the breaking news center. pam, seeing new video of the crash now. tell us what happened. >> reporter: officials in victoria australia have described this tragedy at the state's worst aviation accident in 30 years. five people including four americans were killed when a chartered plane crashed into a shopping mall in melbourne. this is brand new dash cam video taken moments after the plane went down. see a massive fire ball in the distance there and a plume of black smoke. happened before 9:00 a.m. local time, by the way, was an hour before the mall was set to open to the public.
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here's what we know. the plane was taking off from a nearby airport. investigator say right before takeoff, a may day was called in. local media reporting the pilot was an experienced aviator in his 60s. learned late this morning two of the passengers were from texas. they were in australia for a golf trip visiting some of the world's best golf courses in what should a been a trip of a lifetime. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. when i come back at 6:30. tell you what else we're learning about who was on board. for now in the digital operation center, pamela osborne. this morning trying to find a gunman who shot three teenagers. teens, ages 17, 16, 19 were shot on north american street around 7:30 last night. all three are expected to recover from injuries. philadelphia police also want you to take a look at the man in this surveillance video. they say he start add fire outside the famous fourth street
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deli in queen village. video showed the man trying to open car doors near the deli. caught fire just a few months later. this part wasn't seen on camera. president trump's selection to replace michael flynn's national security adviser is from philadelphia. grew up in roxborough. attended germantown academy and west point. highly decorated having serve instead both iraq wars and afghanistan. neighbors say they feel safe under his watch. >> he ha so much character. he's so intelligent and he's such high level integrity. he's just a pleasure to be around. >> the master's appointment was largely received with bipartisan support. online auction for a trump sign has been discontinued. ebay posting was for the sign from the closed taj mahal casino
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in atlantic city. highest bid was $175,000 before it was taken down. seven candidates trying to replace seth williams and become philadelphia's next district attorney. el-shaba el-shabazz. >> with respect to the way he handles how he handles and with respect to the way that i han e handle, the way i handle, we're two different people. >> el-shabazz admits he owes $190,000 in tax liens to the irs and others. he says he's on a repayment plan and would not impact his ability to be a fair district attorney. >> six other candidates running for da.
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today pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants to answer your questions about the state budget and how it could impact you. wolf is holding a facebook town hall. you can post questions on facebook page right now. republicans in pennsylvania are looking to build on presidential win and the senate wins last november. and the man in charge of doing that is from our area. value degiorgio is the newly elected chair. after the victory of president trump one of the biggest challenges is the holding on to trump graph. >> our challenge is to get them into the party as full-time republicans. get registration switched. give us a lot of momentum going into next year. >> how do you do that. >> that's a good question. we don't know yet. some of them are life long democrats. >> those votes could be important as 2018 neearnears.
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billboard shaming philadelphia mayor and top school officials could be on 95 next week. social study teacher behind the billboard idea has raised enough money to put it up. blaming the school district for refusing to negotiate a fair contract. school district tells us it wants to pay teachers fairly, but has to stay on budget. 21 minutes before 6. heading out right now. temperatures falling. colder morning. many neighbors running 10-20 degrees colder than yesterday. clouds are moving. we'll see scattered clouds during the day. cooler day than what we've been used to lately. this is it. one day cool down. back in the warm zone starting tomorrow. helping to keep things warmer overnight. clouds come through mostly cloudy evening. clouds come through dry. see scattered clouds to start with right now. 34 degrees in philadelphia.
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mostly cloudy. 38 degrees at 8:00. there will be breaks of sunshine. filtered sunshine during the day. close to 50 degrees at noontime and into the low 50s this afternoon. the suburbs, 34 degrees right now. dlou clouds are moving in this morning. breaks in the clouds give some sunshine. up to 46 degrees. lehigh valley, one of the colder spots. 31 degrees. cool down a little bit more. 29 at 8:00. then the temperatures climb to the 30s into the 40s this afternoon and into very low 50s. likely between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. 49 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. clouds they'll be moving through new jersey as well with a north easterly wind that will shift during the day. 28 degrees. wind is calm at 88:00. see a little bit of south easterly breeze. especially at shore this afternoon. 40 degrees right now. not as cold as the rest of the
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area right on the shore. go inland. find colder temperatures this morning. 45, partly sunny skies. 10:00. clouds blowing through the afternoon. coming off showers way to the west. winds coming in off the ocean which is going to hold the temperatures in the 40s for the shore. be a bit warmer in delaware after a cold morning. 36 degrees. 36 degrees at 8:00. mostly cloudy skies at eight. clouds thin out. get sunshine just to warm it near 50 degrees. same soeutheasterly winds. back into the 70s. it is going to come with wet weather. look at when you can expect that with the ten day trend when i'm back in ten minutes. 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. got an accident on the blue route. police are there. >> let's find out where that is. jessica boyington has you covered. on one of the ramps too. coming from the blue route
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northbound headed to the schuylkill expressway westbound. that's what ramp this is. not closed right now. police activity there. overturned tractor trailer involved so a few vehicles off to the side right now, including the police car. see the traffic that is moving by there. moving by very slowly. at some point, they probably will close the ramp down just to get everything under control. flip the truck back up and get it out of the way. for now not zoomed in on the point there. the beginning of the ramp there. the lights moving very slowly is. we're watching drive times here. eastbound no problem. 13 minutes from blue route to vine. speeds in the high 50s or low 60s. lastly end here with crash out in cheltenham. >> jessica, thank you. kidnapper strikes twice in delaware. what the attacker forced two women to do. and the warning this morning.
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14 minutes before 6:00 a.m. new castle police searching for a kidnapper who struck twice in less than a week. first attack happened on monday. then sunday night there was another attack about 15 miles away at apartments in pike creek. >> hearing the same thing happened in another apartment community is concerning. >> the most recent incident, police say a man held a woman at gunpoint. forced her in a dark colored suv and physically and sexually assaulted her. man forced the woman to drive to
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an atm to withdraw cash. >> former teen idol says he's suffering if memory loss. the 66-year-old partner star made the revelation after a recent concert where he reportedly struggled to remember lyrics. song he's been singing for most of his career. has a history of dementia and had sensed this was coming. for now he wants to stay focused and enjoy life. >> now let's take you state by state and county by county. look at stories from across our area. chester fth, people get health care through affordable care act are urging lawmakers not to appeal the program. shared personal stories at westchester university last night. president trump wants to replace obamacare, but keep several provisions like coverage for people with prekpigsing conditions. atlantic county. stockton university hosting international compose yum.
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>> this afternoon, delaware transit corporation wants to hear from riders about proposed changes to dart bus service. public hearing workshop begins at 4:00 this afternoon at the dover police station. group plans to put the bus changes into place in may. this morning delaware governor john carney will talk to community members. about the state's budget challenges. first of 12 bijt reset community conversations that the governor will hold over the next few months. now to bank of america county. albright county plans to build new athletic facility. the donation pushed the college past goal to raise $55 million over seven years. one of camden county's most visited spots is in the midst of a makeover. cooper river deepened ahead of the rogata coming in march.
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they'll add a lot of flowers. >> >> mild temperatures in bone dry force are raising concerns so crews burned brush yesterday. on sunday, more than 500 acres in a remote part of manchester township burned. that's unusually large for this time of year. not tomorrow. we'll get into warm temperatures before that rain moves into the area. this morning, the temperatures have gone the other direction. it is a colder start this morning. not making snow at camelback mountain. snow isn't going anywhere. some neighbors in the philadelphia area are also in
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the 20s. now 23 in princeton. since we've been on the air, hope well township has dropped into the 20s this morning. temperatures still falling this morning. watch we get sunshine. we'll see temperatures climb. not going to be bright sunshine all day. clouds coming in this morning. temperature wills still make it into the low 50s. warm for this time of year. just not as warm as it has been. yesterday we were close to 60 degrees in the afternoon. then the temperatures have been peeking in the low 50s cool in the 40s tonight. not as cold as it was last night. because clouds are moving in. some of those clouds will be around into the evening. arriving in allentown. redding clouds moving and temperatures are not going to be able to cool down much more this morning. we will see breaks in the clouds. chances for rain, the first one
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looks like it was going be there coming in this evening, but looks like those are going to fall apart before they reach us. likely stays dry, even though we'll get clouds passing through at times during the morning. 10:00 this morning. 39 degrees. see breaks in the clouds. see some sunshine enough to boost temperatures into the 40s. no signs of showers for our area. any showers likely to stay further to the north. we'll stay dry today and cooler. 53 degrees. high temperature today. tomorrow get a warmer start and look at trend. 63 degrees on a wednesday. in to the 70s for thursday, friday, and saturday. now the question mark is saturday. there's going to be wet weather
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coming in. that's best chance for showers. possibly thunderstorms. if it gets here a little earlier on saturday, we won't reach 70. as it looks right now, showers coming in the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms will not prevent us from hitting 70 degrees on saturday. there's overturned tractor trailer there. on a ramp, jessica, fill us in. >> coming from the blue route northbound. that ramp to schuylkill expressway westbound. it's right in this general area right here. see where they have police officers on either side of where the crash actually happened. we are seeing some delays approaching the scene right now. very minor delays.
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mostly because it's slow by the scene. still seeing right hand shoulder open. as soon as this starts to progress and start to clean that up. probably have to close a lane or so or at least keep this ramp closed for a little bit. just to get that out of the way. create backup on the blue route. going to keep eye on that for you. also checking in with new jersey roads. 295 nice and clear north and south. same goes for turnpike. no problems there. much different story than yesterday morning. 42 freeway looks great on the northbound side, especially moving towards philadelphia. end here. mass transit looks great. everything running on time. septa, patco, new jersey transit and amtrak. updates for you on the blue route and more when i come back. >> thank you, jessica. in just a few months, roots picnic will happen in philadelphia. now know who will be taking the stage. concert lineup includes f pha,
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lil wayne. solange. 21 savage. kim brabra. local family thought they dialed up a great cell phone bill, but bills began to pile up. they called nbc response.
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zoomed in a little bit. that overturned tractor trailer on that ramp. we're watching slowdowns by the scene. not closed yet. as soon as they start to clear that up, i would assume there will be some ramp closures in place. keep eye on that for you: more of the roads in the area when i come back in 6:00 hour. see you then, jess. as early as today, federal aviation administration investigators will inspect the newest obstacle on one montgomery county golf course. >> that obstacle is a crashed
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airplane. crashed sunday. still sitting there because the holiday weekend. faa investigators couldn't get to the scene right away to figure out what went wrong. all people managed to walk away from the crash without any judicio injuries. little girl home from the hospital after getting help from state police. nearly 50 officers rolled out the red carpet for her. she is battling stage four cancer. the strait troopers association orthopediced the reception, complete with a police escort home. firefighters celebrating 50th anniversary this year. done something it's never done before. play in front of 60,000 people.
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flyers and pittsburgh penguins face off outdoors. have exclusive coverage for you. nbc and john clark will host live schedule. take it outside. scheduled guests includes flyers captain. starts saturday at seven. followed by flies versus penguins. >> quite a lineup. including john clark and keith jones. it will be fun. now for more stories we're following for you today at six. no missing child. police say the man who told them a child was taken in a carja carjacking made the whole thing up. targets police, officers in north philadelphia okay after someone pointed a gun at them and fired. >> high angled arrest. police rush to north jersey park. they had to arrest a guy they were looking for before taking
6:00 am
him into hcustody. >> lets get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast. not a cloud to be found. other than thin clouds starting to move into new jersey. shore is going to be a bit cooler today. winds coming in off the ocean. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. suburbs now down to 25 degrees and still falling. 28 degrees in the lehigh valley while it's above freezing in delaware. we will see some breaks of sunshine. clouds though will be moving through this morning, but it comes through without any showers. 46 degrees in delaware.


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