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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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him into hcustody. >> lets get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast. not a cloud to be found. other than thin clouds starting to move into new jersey. shore is going to be a bit cooler today. winds coming in off the ocean. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. suburbs now down to 25 degrees and still falling. 28 degrees in the lehigh valley while it's above freezing in delaware. we will see some breaks of sunshine. clouds though will be moving through this morning, but it comes through without any showers. 46 degrees in delaware.
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in and out of clouds during the day. 49 degrees at 11:00 today. make this the coolest day we've seen in a while. coolest day for the rest of the week. new jersey 51 degrees. partly sunny skies. cooler temperatures at the shore. on shore flow. go through it hour by hour. future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's get a check of traffic. jessica boyington. starting off with this accident scene right here on the blue route northbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway westbound. see overturned tractor trailer in here. lanes still open. right-hand lane still open on this ramp. headed to the schuylkill westbound. expect some possible or bigger delays than what we're seeing right now. considering they're letting one car at a time move through the area. police activity on the scene as well. as soon as they get vehicles out here to flip this car or tractor trailer back up and get it out of way. might see a little bit of a closure. keep our eye on that for you.
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still watching the crash in cheltenham. brook side road. delaware river bridge still closed for structural repairs. connecting the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike. so we're watching that until about april or so. burlington bristol bridge adds alternate. >> new details this morning about breaking news from last night. police said a delivery driver lied when he told them a four-year-old boy was taken in a carjacking. we now know, there never was a four-year-old in the car. there was no carjacking. police are investigating why the driver made the entire story up. now to developing story, search is on for a suspect who fired a shot at philadelphia police. live outside the 35th police district. fern rock. you've spoke on the police. what are they telling you. >> reporter: i talked to the overnight sergets here. he says they have not found the three men involved in this including the one who turned and
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fired shots towards police. if you were in the area of fifth last night. this is what you saw, heavy police presence. streets blocked off. officers searching cars. police helicopter overhead. swat team was called out. response to call officers earlier had driven by a group of men seen shooting at each other. police stopped to investigate the gunfire, one of the men turned toward them and fired shots. i'm told by police that all three men took off running. last seen in the area of fifth avenue. i was there earlier this morning. all the police activity has wrapped up. yet at last check, police were really coming the area searching fisher park.
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new details on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. neighbors reacting to home invasion. police say at least two men armed with electrical tape and plastic ties broke into the victim's home through the garage on friday night. attacked 51-year-old, left him tied up and gagged in a back upstairs bedroom unable to get help for two days. victim's brother broke through second floor window and found him. neighbors were shocked. victim's family says he's in intensive care, but improving and now better able to communicate. breaking news overnight. confirms four americans on board
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this charter plane that crashed into a shopping center in melbourne. pilot reported possible catastrophic engine failure moments before the plane crashed into storage area. rear of the shopping center. four americans and australian pilot died on the crash. in australia on a golfing vacation. nbc 10 pamela osborne following breaking developments. join us live in next half hour with more details about the victims: today the president may sign an executive order issuing a new travel ban. white house hopes the new order will counter the federal court's objection to current ban. expected to target same majority muslim countries. only bar entry to those without a visa or those who have never entered the united states before. employees at the environmental protection agency hear from new boss today. scott pruitt confirmed by senate on friday. expected to lay out vision for agent sigh today.
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needs to be cut down in size and regulations reigned in. billboard shaming philadelphia's mayor and top school officials could be on i-95 next week. told you about this story last week. now the high school social studies teacher behind the billboard idea said he raised enough money to put it up. blaming the school district for refusing to negotiate a fair contract. the school district tell us it wants to pay teachers fairly, but also had to stay on budget. 6:06. 35 degrees. bill henley has been telling us it's the coolest morning of the week, but it looks pretty. >> doesn't it. getting closer to sunrise. happens in 45 minutes. see with the skies brightening, there are clouds coming into the area right now. thin clouds. filter the sunshine this morning. part of what is going to help hold temperatures back during the day.
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35 degrees in philadelphia. some of the suburbs have fallen into the 20s this morning. right now 34 degrees and 29 right now in exton. just below freezing in westchester. gilbertsville chilly at 28 degrees. cold morning, just below freezing. it is completely dry outside. as the day progresses, they wind is going to be shifting. coming in off the ocean. keeps temperatures lower during the day. 4:00 this afternoon. winds up to 11 miles an hour. overnight tonight, they continue to shift. tomorrow they become southwesterly and that's a warming direction for us. we'll get a warmer day for tomorrow, but today, likely the coldest morning of the week 6789
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allentown, quakertown, exton in the 30s. colder weight at the bus stop for philadelphia and wilmington. trenton at 34 degrees. breaks of sunshine. temperatures will be climbing and the clouds that do move through, thin clouds, no sign of any wet weather with those clouds. stay dry during the day today. only chance of showers comes in from the showers that are way to the west. those come through tonight, but likely pass to the north. the poconos might see a few sprinkles overnight. rest of the area should stay dry. neighborhood planner for today. clouds, breaks of sunshine at 9:00. 39 degrees. 50 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon for philadelphia. close to 50 by 1:00 in the suburbs. clouds will pass through dry. get sunshine at 47 degrees at 5:00 today. the lehigh valley dry with clouds and some breaks of sunshine at 9:00. then into the middle to upper 40s this afternoon. those earl winds working at the shore. see temperatures stay cooler at the shore. 40s at 1:00.
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5:00 just a little bit warmer for interior new jersey and delaware too. away from that cooler ocean water influence. as i mentioned. this is going to be the coolest day of the week. maybe you've noticed 7 day forecast at the bottom of the screen. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. nine minutes past 6:00 a.m. been relying on local cameras for overturned track torl trailer. now we have sky force 10. >> jessica boyington has an update. we're watching this overturned tractor trailer. sky force 10 over top of the scene right now. we're looking at the blue route northbound ramp to schuylkill expressway westbound. clearly see overturned tractor trailer i guess coming around the curve, the driver lost control of the tractor trailer. flipped over. good thing no major backup yet on the blue route. this is the blue route northbound right over here. you can see we have a police presence there blocking off portion of exit ramp. i'm going to assume once they have to flip this back over,
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they're going to have to close the ramp just for safety reasons in itself. we will see delays at some point a little bit later. for now allowing one lane to get by. another view from our cameras right here. you can see that traffic still moving by the area for now. officers in new jersey had to scale a cliff to get the guy they were looking for. plus, the power of the drumstick. next, women in south jersey following the workout craze now made famous by the nbc hit show.
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this happened inside a park alongside the hudson river just north of kbsh bridge. before that, he had sold drugs to undercover officers and took off. this morning a tsa trying to figure out why checkpoint at jfk airport was left unattended. because of that, 11 passengers were able to get on flights without going through screenings. security breach happened yesterday morning. confident that the incident presents minimal risk to the aviation transportation system. seven kids recovering after that fell through rice on a pond in central park. witness says kids were dancing
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on the ice last evening when they suddenly plunged into the water. everyone is expected to be okay. now to a new fitness craze. the biggest piece of workout equipment is drumsticks. >> the craze played a big role on nbc hit series, this is us. airing tonight on nbc 10. >> reporter: grab your drum sticks and get ready to rock your workout. >> you may have seen the signature waited green drumsticks on this is us. >> start out nice and slow. >> fueling the fitness fire. dozens of women are rocking a huge calorie burn aimed at core
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strength. >> it's different because it's high energy. you're working your core and just very fast paced. piece people are insane and i'm seriously going to need you to come and get me. >> i'm a huge fan of the show and of pound. >> motto, don't stop when you're tired. stop when you're done. >> pop or not, you'll be thinking of me tomorrow. >> airs on this is us. nbc prime time. it looks deceiving, but you really, really work up a sweat. you work your obliques, you work your gluts, you legs. >> absolutely. it's proof anybody can do it. >> taall the stress comes out o your when you're pounding. >> look fun? right? this is one of the hottest new
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workouts. all next week, vai and i will be hitting the gym to try out workouts. >> hit us up on twitter to tell us what you do to stay fit. address is on the screen. we'll let you know how duo. >> we'll show you how we do. let's find out, let's get another update on the situation on the blue route. >> jessica, what are you seeing. sky force 10 over the top of the scene right now. blue route northbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway. you can see the overturned tractor trailer. right shoulder, at least one lane, one car at a time getting my t by the area. looks like another tractor trailer involved. not flipped over. maybe there was a collision. you can see the portion of this, a really good shot right here.
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see the blue route northbound here. no delays or backups approaching the scene right now. at least letting a car by. that is headed towards the schuylkill westbound. waiting and much watching for for delays when they flip the tractor trailer over. crash in norristown on sandy street around kelly drive. and the accident we've been washing all morning on cheltenham. brook side road around manner road. more updates on the rest of the roads. check in with blue route when i come back. >> thanks for that. 6:18. find out about the day ahead. he's got the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> bill. >> colder morning. see the clouds moving in for the city. center city comcast center. looking past. clouds will move through in and out during the day. don't expect to see any wet weather. stays dry today. little bit cooler. this morning the temperatures in
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the 20s and 30s. lehigh valley. delaware and philadelphia in the middle 30s. colder neighbors just below freezing in park side and 20s in somerton. 20s in summerton. closer to 40 degrees. temperatures will be climbing inle spite of clouds moving in. not going to be completely. bit of sunshine. the clouds in and out during the afternoon hours. doylestown, 52 degrees. easton and allentown in the very low 50s today. breeze is blowing. coming in off the ocean during the day. going to keep the shore a little bit chillier than the rest of the area. expect high temperatures in the upper 40s at the shore. new jersey anterior neighbors warm into the low 50s and low 50s this afternoon for wilmington. this is the coldest day of the
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entire week. clouds move through this morning. we'll still see clouds into the area this evening. coming off a system that's producing rain in missouri and illinois and into michigan. this system is heading to the east, but the chances for any wet whether with this are not looking very good for us. 7:30 this evening. see the clouds coming through. dry for philadelphia. redding, no sign of wet weather. few showers at 7:30 in new york state. getting a little closer. could see a few sprinkles during the early morning hours. poconos just rain. too warm for anything else. stays dry in philadelphia. wilmington, trenton during those early morning hours. then, tomorrow morning, the clouds start to thin out. perfect timing. get sunshine tomorrow: tomorrow begins a warming trend. have temperatures soaring towards the end of the week. today, cool, 53 degrees. not as cold tomorrow morning. down to 41. sunshine and beautiful day
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wednesday. even a warmer for thursday, friday, saturday and potentially saturday: saturday is dependent on when the showers and thunderstorms move in. best chance of seeing wet weather coming through on saturday. these come in a little earlier, we won't get to 70. as it looks now, cold front may be a little bit late. 70 degrees on saturday. turning colder sunday and monday. temporary cooldown. back to 60s next wednesday and thursday. >> bill, thanks. new man advising the president on national security issues. and he has philadelphia roots. nex next, hear from people who know him. not the deal they were promised. ahead on today's nbc 10 responds, family kept getting b bui billed for a cell phone plan designed to save them money.
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president trump's election to replace michael flynn from philadelphia. grew up in roxborough. attended germantown academy. valley forge military academy and west point. masters highly decorated having served in both iraq wars and afghanistan. neighbors in roxborough say they feel safe under his watch. >> he has character and intelligent and high level integrity. just a pleasure to be around. masters appointment was largely received with bipartisan support. highway safety law awareness week in pennsylvania. state police are reminding drivers about recent changes on the roads. one of them is the child passenger safety law. requires rear facing car seats for all kids under the age of two or who don't meet the maximum weight and height set by manufacturer. may not realize it, but the law
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took effect last summer. listen up repeat dui offenders. soon need a system in your vehicle. that law goes into effect this august. requires drivers to have the system in place for a year. >> watching them from the sky this morning. sky force 10 live over top of the scene of overturned tractor trailer on the blue route northbound ramp to schuylkill expressway westbound. still allowing one lane to get by. we're watching this for you. have details on it when i come back. >> and forget the water hazard. check out what now sits on a montgomery golf course. why the wreckage of small plane is still on the fairway. whatever you don't do, don't skip breakfast this morning. hear now how a new study says it could save your life. ♪
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philadelphia police looking for suspects after someone anyoned eaimed a gun and shot at them. escorting brave young girl. dozens of delaware police roll out all the stops for a girl with serious health issues. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. tuesday february 21. nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> chillier start this morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s just below freezing in the 20s for the suburbs. see clouds that are moving through king of prussia. those are high clouds moving in. no rainfall for us today. we'll be in and out of the
6:31 am
clouds. 37 degrees at 9:00. 47 degrees at lunchtime. in fact, everybody will see the temperatures climb into the low 50s with one exception. new jersey, inland. 51 degrees. clouds and sunshine at the shore. shore breeze coming inland is going to keep things cooler. delaware up to 52 degrees. go through it hour by hour in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. we're watching from sky force 10 live over the top of the scene of a overturned tractor trailer. blue route northbound to schuylkill expressway. starting to see light over this exit ramp right here. so looks like a tow trucks on the scene now there on both sides. police activity still there. the good thing is they're still allowing cars to get by the s scene right now. some of the delay or backup is just moving by the ramp. fortunately not watching any of that delay over on the
6:32 am
northbound side. we're not seeing any backup yet. keep an eye on that for you. manfield township in new jersey, vehicle fire just around columbus road around exit 52. we continue to follow breaking news from overseas. >> four americans dead after a small plane crash in australia. nbc 10 pamela osborne live in the breaking news center. the passengers were in all tra australia for the trip of a lifetime. among a group of u.s. golfers to play the best courses. trip ended in tragedy. chartered plane crashed. two of the americans on board have been identified by families. both men are from texas. 70-year-old greg retired fbi agent. his friend, russell, a founding
6:33 am
partner of law firm. late this morning learned the four friends had chartered the flight to take them to another island to play golf. problems from the start. investigator say the plane called in may day right before takeoff. moments later the plane crashed into nearby shopping mall an hour before it was set to open for public. local media reporting the pilot was an experienced aviator in his 60s. no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. a police official says they believe engine failure could have been a factor. breaking news center, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. new details about a breaking news story we told you about last night. reported add four-year-old child was missing following a carjacking in philadelphia. police say the driver has admitted to making the whole story up. authorities investigating why and say he could face charges.
6:34 am
meanwhile continue to follow another developing story. philadelphia police looking for a gunman who fired at them. live outside the 35th police district. what are police telling you. >> reporter: throughout the morning i've been in touch with detectives from northwest detectives as well as 35th district. police from both units tell me they have not found the gunman. around 10:00 last night, police went to the interest. they searched by air and on foot. the squat team was even part of it. that's because officers from the 35th district had been driving and saw three men shooting at each other when they saw people shooting at each other. one of them fired in the direction of officers. all three men were last seen near the intersection of fifth. also police did search extensively nearby fisher park,
6:35 am
but came up with nothing. if you have any information on these men, call the 35th district or northwest detectives. for now, reporting live in fern rock. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 6:35. seven candidates to replace seth williams and become philadelphia's next district attorney. da former number two, ael-shabaz made his candidacy public. williams announced earlier this month he would not seek re-election following an ethics scandal of unreported gifts. >> with respect though the way he handles, how he handles, and with respect to the way i han e handle, the way i handle, we're two different people. >> el-shabazz admits he owes $190,000 in tax liens to irs and others. he's on a repayment plan and would not affect ability to be fair district attorney. >> others running -- also
6:36 am
includes a republican. happening today, federal aviation investigators expected to investigate an airplane. still sitting on the fairway. because of holiday weekend, could not get on scene right away to figure out what went wrong. all four people aboard the cessna managed to walk away from the crash without any injuries. now, let's take you state by state and county by@for look at stories working up across our area. in south jersey. taking steps to prevent wildfires in burlington county. mild temperatures and bone dry forest raising concerns.
6:37 am
vrmts crews are preparing to unify the bank. fix the landscape and add flowers. delaware state police go above and beyond the call of duty to help a young girl battles cancer. nearly 50 officers escorted her from the due ponte children's hospital home yesterday. battling stage four cancer.
6:38 am
6:37. let's get you updated where that is. first we're going to look at sky force 10 in new jersey. get there in just a second. watch sky force 10 or the scene of the overturned tractor trailer. looks like another truck was involved, but wasn't overturned. clearly they have two tow trucks there on the scene right now. a few vehicles involved that are trying to help the situation out. over into the left hand shoulder and part of the grassy area getting off this ramp. we're finally starting to see pretty significant slowdowns moving past the scene right now. this is the blue route right in here. headed northbound. headed towards the schuylkill westbound. we're starting to see just a touch of delays there. we might start to see more as soon as they start to try to clear that up and get it out of the way. expect a little bit of delay on the blue route northbound if you're trying to get to the schuylkill. now to vehicle fire. new jersey 295 just around
6:39 am
columbus road. around exit 52. another crash in cheltenham along brookside road. that's been there all morning long. again, i'll be back in ten minutes. check back in with sky force and see how exit ramp is doing. >> thank you, jessica. >> sun is starting to come up. chilly morning comparetivity. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood and always beautiful pictures now. view from center city. these are just high clouds. we'll still see sunshine today. and the temperatures will be climbing, but overall going to be cooler day. the temperatures into the low 50s this afternoon. that's not bad for february. the normal high temperature is 45 degrees. be above normal again today. mostly cloudy this evening. these clouds come through dry. help keep temperatures a little bit warmer overnight tonight.
6:40 am
35 right now in philadelphia. wind will be present. not going to be terribly strong. shifting this afternoon. blowing clouds through the area. 47 at noontime. 51 at 2:00 this afternoon. suburbs 32 degrees right now. 30s at 8:00. warming in spite of high clouds, we'll get enough sunshine for the clouds to warm to 46 degrees this afternoon. upper 40s and low 50s possible in the suburbs this afternoon. lehigh valley is 28 right now. warming through the 30s this morning. staying dry with clouds in and out during the day today. new jersey some colder neighbors to start with. 27 degrees right now. the wind is calm. skies were clear overnight. that allowed temperatures to cool down overnight. we will get breaks of sunshine during the day. near 50 degrees at noontime and then into the low 50s for interior new jersey. the coolest point is going to be the shore. 39 degrees right now. warmer to start with with those winds coming in off of the ocean. that's cooler ocean air so
6:41 am
temperatures will stay in the 40s. 10:00, noontime. 2:00 this afternoon. becoming more southeasterly later in the day. winds continue to shift major night. tomorrow will be warmer. today in delaware the chilliest of the week, 35 right now. 36 degrees at 8:00. and then upper 40s by lunchtime. clouds will break for sunshine and clouds will pass by without any showers for delaware. warmer weather that's on the way. starting tomorrow. 63 degrees tomorrow afternoon. ten degrees warmer than today. the warming trend continues for thursday. look at friday, up to 71 degrees. possibly saturday. 70. the possibility comes with some showers that are coming in. get here a little bit earlier and stay cooler on saturday. talk about that with a ten day trend when i'm back in ten minutes. 6:41. experts call it the most important meal of the day for good reasons. >> breakfast. have you had yours yet. up next, why experts say
6:42 am
skipping it could put your health in danger. also family discount plan. without the discount. up next, see how harry hairston got a local family hundreds of dollars back.
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hearing the same thing happened in another apartment community is concerning. >> the most recent incident police say a man held a woman at gunpoint. forced her into a dark colored suv and physically and sexually assaulted her. then forced a woman to drive and withdraw cash from atm.
6:46 am
in today's nbc responds. tech savvy family wanted to save cash. >> heard about a deal to lower cell phone bill. when they didn't get what was promised, they call nbc 10 responds. >> family that texts together, stays together. >> the family loves to stay connected, but all that texting and calling was getting expensive. >> basically, we were just looking to save money. >> last summer an employee in target mobile department told joe and his wife linda about a deal. switch to sprint and pay only $113 a month. that included four phone lines and the cost of four iphones on a buy one get one free promotion. >> we believed what they said. >> when the bills arrived, they were charged more than $200 and they kept piling up. they kept e-mails from the target mobile rep showing the promise $113 a month bill.
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>> target told us that they're not responsible. >> so they went to sprint. >> which told them there was a miscommunication and they couldn't honor that low price. . they were fed up. >> i said to my wife, i want to contact channel ten. >> we reached out to sprint and target. sprint has a policy of not discussing customer accounts with the media and worked with them directly to solve the issue. just a few days after we got involved, sprint and they worked out a deal. now they pay $130 a month. >> we would like to thank channel 10 and harry hairtonhel >> target apologizes for experience and has addressed the issue with the local team. they were credited a total of about $480 for their troubles. now if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or
6:48 am
telemundo 62 respond, just let us know about it. best way to reach us is there on your screen. we will respond to you. we're about 12 minutes from top of the hour. >> we get a preview. what a treat. matt lauer and brian gumable. >> how cool. >> how cool is this. i know. i get to work with my best friend here this morning. thrilled to have brian in. >> nice to be here. it's been a while. >> it has been a while. we're going to catch up with him in a little while. got a lot of news. four american tourists killed when their plane crashed into a shopping mall in australia and burst into flames. latest on the overnight investigation. also ahead, are you wasting money spending your kids to preschool. a surprising new study. >> alison stop by and talk about television show and brand new movie. little racing out of the plaza with nascar legend dale earn heart junior.
6:49 am
>> you're going to do a little racing. brian is not racing. refused to race. >> probably get word out and clear the plaza. >> exactly. >> we'll see you at 7:00. >> thanks. 11 minutes before 7:00. how about that. sun coming up. >> it's beautiful. somebody just tweeted us a picture of the sunrise from where they are. >> beautiful pictures coming in, bill nice start this morning. nice and dry. in spite of clouds, these clouds are moving through the area dry. view from margate new jersey. spring city, pennsylvania. see the scattered clouds too. sunshine and sun coming up this morning. wilmington, see sunshine and clouds in and out of clouds during the day today. right now, 35 degrees in delaware. wilmington, one of the warmest spots. lehigh valley in the 20s. of 30s in the suburbs. look at south jersey. 29 degrees right now. some neighbors little bit
6:50 am
colder. mount laurel, turner'sville. all in the 20s to start with. started off in the 30s. 28 degrees. florence 35. we will see enough sunshine for the temperatures to start warming up. allentown, quakertown. >> atlantic city. little bit warmer. clouds moving in. no wet weather associated with these clouds. actually the clouds are coming from a system that's producing rain in the midwest. this is going to miss us. the only chance of sprinkles will come in early tomorrow morning. north of the poconos mountains. allentown, 40 degrees with breaks of sunshine. wilmington, watch as we warm to 46 degrees in philadelphia. noontime and then it's into the 50s this afternoon. you can see more clouds blowing in from the west. still no showers during the afternoon. in and out of the clouds tonight. tomorrow, we're cleared for
6:51 am
sunshine and a warmup. today low 50s. tomorrow low 60s. ten degree increase. warming trend continues on thursday. usually warm weather for thursday, friday, saturday. possibly saturday. if these showers and thunderstorms get here a little bit earlier. we will not reach 70s. as it looks like right now. 70 trees. cold front passes. bring the temperatures down for sunday and monday: then next week, another warming trend. instead of showers, the chance of showers for attitude and wednesday and thursday, we're back in the 60s next wednesday and thursday. >> we'll take it all. want all looks good. thanks, bill. nine minutes before 7:00. get you to work on tuesday morning. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has her eyes on the roads. we're watching them from the sky right now. out in sky force 10. live over top of the scene of an overturned tractor trailer. clearly right there over on the exit ramp. tell you exactly where it is. blue route headed northbound.
6:52 am
now police presence there. two tow trucks in place. several police cars there as well. good news about this, they haven't really started working on flipping that car back over. as you can see. they haven't closed the ramp down yesterday. about one lane, one car at a time really squeezing through the right hand shoulder. we're not seeing any major back ups of delays. just a slight slowdown. that's the ramp. we're watching that for you for any major delays. also moving over into new jersey. some delays moving by the scene right now. here's the schuylkill expressway as well. right around the boulevard. we're almost stopped on westbound side here. eastbound really slow moving towards center city as well. vai and tracey, back to you
6:53 am
guys. before you head to work or school, be sure you eat your breakfast. new study shows skipping breakfast or eating it later in the day increases risk of heart attack or stroke. puts you at risk of diabetes and other illnesses. if you eat wrabreakfast daily you're less likely to have high cholesterol. up next run down this morning's stories. in the cross hairs. philadelphia police want to know who pointed a gun at officers and fired. >> also, you're two cents on the budget. next how you can ask pennsylvania governor about how the state budget impacts you.
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now here are some of the stories we're following today. officers approached a group of men shooting at each other. money wun man turned and fired a shot at officers and took off running. of no officers were hurt. breaking overnight. four americans on a golf vacation and their politic aaei dead after a chartered plane crashed into a shopping center. today pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants to answer your questions about the state budget and how it could impact you personally. town hall at 2:00 this afternoon. post your questions on facebook page. philadelphia cops will have a new place to lay their heads tonight. all the dogs getting new orthopedic beds today. local donation from a company
6:58 am
big barker. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. we're watching from sky force 10 right now. overturned tractor trailer situation on the blue route northbound ramp. schuylkill expressway westbound. we're not seeing any massive delays or backup. you can definitely see two tow trucks in place. officers there as well. work on getting the truck flipped back up on right side. watch for closures of ramp and see backups then on the blue route. also watching 295. there's a vehicle fire here causing delays on the northbound side. just around columbus road. no surprise here. headed westbound. king of prussia area. stop and go.
6:59 am
watching those delays and remember there's going to be delays on the blue route northbound around the schuylkill ramp. one minute before 7:00. colder start this morning. 20s and 30s. cold spot in the lehigh valley. got sunshine and temperatures will be climbing. we will be in and out of clouds. these clouds. in the 50s this afternoon. 53 for philadelphia. the suburbs in the low 50s along with new jersey and lehigh valley. the coolest spot is going to be the shore. little bit of a southeasterly breeze going to keep the temperatures in the 40s at the shore today. while the rest of the area warm into the low 50s today. today, indeed with coldest day of the week. temperatures take off starting tomorrow. don't forget, you can always get first alert forecast on the go on today's 101.1 more fm. >> excellent. >> shaping up to be a great day today. >> local updates throughout the
7:00 am
morning. always get breaking news on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. have a great day. if good morning. breaking overnight, a small plane carrying four americans crashes into a mall in australia. the plane exploding on impact, erupting into a massive fireball. everyone onboard killed. this morning, the likely cause of that crash revealed. take two. president trump retooling his immigration plan, including that controversial travel ban blocked by federal courts. as he introduces his new national security adviser. >> he's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. >> can the president's pick reer to order, after michael flynn's sudden resignation just three weeks into the job. shocking breach. passengers at


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