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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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thanks for watching. >> up next nbc "nightly news." knew tonight, anti-semitism uproar. president trump condemns a wave of threat against jews. what he tells nbc news after criticism he didn't comment fast enough. trump's deportation plan. new detail ossen a much more aggressive effort to deport undocumented immigrants. flood calamity, roads into rivers and dramatic rescues in california. officials warn a critical dam is not out of danger. americans killed in tragic crash in australia. what caused the plane to plunge exploding into a mall? fighting dementia. after a former teen idol's devastating diagnosis. what you can do to combat it. when a young girl put out the call for
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math help, wait till you see who came to the rescue. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. against the recent wave of anti-se mmitic crimes and threats across the country. president trump offered his most direct language on the issue in clear terms denouncing the recent pattern of anti-se m anti-semitic remarks as materialabterrible. tonight a major civil rights group says mr. trump still has not gone far enough. white house correspondent hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: in st. louis, rows of vandalized headstones at a jewish cemetery. in san diego, the 12th bomb threat against a jewish community center just this week. 70 incidents across
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the country this year alone. in washington, a president watching. >> i think he needs to take a leadership role and speak out more strongly against all of this hate. >> reporter: today, president trump's response in an exclus i ive interview. >> i think it's terrible. i think it's horrible. whether it's anything you want to think about having to do with a divide, anti-semitism is terrible. >> you're denouncing once and for all? >> of course. i do it where ever i get a chance, i do it. >> reporter: he had the chance twice, last week. >> as far as people, jewish people, so many friends, a daughter who happens to be here right now. number one, i am the least anti-semitic person that you've seen in your entire life. number two, racism, the least racest person.
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quiet, quiet. >> reporter: the president's message today, to some, too little, too late. >> we have a serious of anti-semitic attacks on jewish communities and cemeteries and this president said nothing over the weekend. his silence is poison. nothing the president, today, mitigated the cancer growing in the white house that starts with him. >> i'm asking is he comfortable with his role as the person who needs to be delivering a broader message? >> he's very comfortable and understands as the leader of the free world that he has an awesome responsibility to make it very clear where we're going as a country and what our values are. >> reporter: also today, the president's new national security advisor had his first meeting in the situation room here at the white house. that is where president trump received a briefing from his national security team, including now lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. lester. >> thank you. the trump administration also unveiled its details for the sweeping plan
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to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. as the president's immigration policies continue to meet with resistance, activists unfurled a large banner reading refugees welcome at the base of the statue of liberty. the incident now under investigation. for more on the president's deportation plan we turn to our justice correspondent, pete williams. >> reporter: the secretary of homeland security calls for vastly more aggressive enforcement of immigration laws already on the books to reduce the number of people here illeg illegally and fulfill a central donald trump campaign pledge. >> most illegal immigrants are lower skilled with less education who compete against american workers. >> reporter: as of today anyone here illegally are subject to deportations. any time undocumented migrants are picked up for any violation and their fingerprints are sent to homeland
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security, they could be deported. in theory traffic violations though they say they will concentrate on serious offenses. young people like 18-year-old eduarado feared what might happened. >> as a child i was afraid my parents would be deported and i would stay here. now that i'm grown up, i'm afraid my whole family will be deported. >> reporter: dreamers are allowed to stay. to handle the extra work, it calls for hiring 5,000 more border patrol agents and 10,000 i.c.e. agents. people held at the border will be held until court hearings. immediate deportation without any hearing for people picked up who have been here illegally less than two years. it used to be two weeks. prosecution or removal for adults who pay human smugglers who pay to have their
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children brought here. it puts millions of people in fear they could be sent home. >> anybody undocumented whether going to the grocery store or dropping off kids to school, at any given day they could be deported. >> reporter: most of this will take months, years to fully enforce and homeland officials say they don't plan any mass round ups. on a separate note a revived trump executive order on restricting travel from seven mainly muslim countries is expected in day or so. lester. >> pete. thank you. we go to situation playing out on the border. immigrants crossing over, making a raa run for it trying to get in, trying to get to a safe place. it's not the mexico border and they're not trying to get into the united states. they are trying to get out. kevin tibbels explains from the u.s.-canada border. >> reporter: in the dead of winter they cross illegally from the united states to canada. many arriving in emerson. population, 650. this somali man found
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frostbitten and alone. sergeant cory meyers describes it. >> they are not well equipped to handle the conditions out here. kit be dangerous. >> reporter: out here the border is hard to see and harder to police. this year already more than 100 have made the journey seeming asylum. >> everybody that was at the port of entry are treated with the same level of respect and professionalism. >> reporter: this group with children in tow crossed from new york into quebec yesterday. he described how someone pointed the way. >> he said you cross this field. that's the border. if you go there it's canada. >> kind of freaks you out in the middle of the night you're dead sleep. >> reporter: in emerson, local politician says asylum seekers wake up residents seeking help. >> it's the ban that president trump has put on and that's scaring the people. >> reporter: once in
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canada, they can remain until they their refugee case is heard. the salvation army in nearby winnipeg has had to make new beds available. >> we're doing what we can do to help these folks. they're here in canada, they need help. >> reporter: many now wonder how many are planning to cross and will they survive the winter? kevin tibbels, nbc news, emerson. we turn to a state of emergency in california with powerful storms. rains turning roads into rivers. rising flood waters leaving people stranded. there's dramatic rescues to tell you about as high water pushes through levees and dams. miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: a state of emergency in san jose. the calls for help flooding in as the water begins to rise. more than 100 people if he were ferry to safe. away from what firefighters cause toxic flood waters
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pouring into homes. >> i didn't expect it to be there bad this fast. >> reporter: the water rescues continued through the day. >> you got two people trapped. >> reporter: the high drama triggered by the swollen coyote creek toing its bank in farm country. the airport and freeways taking on water. some clinging from trees. >> i cannot say the worse is over. the peak level my continue to rise. >> reporter: reservoirs across california are at or above capacity. this is the race to release water. it's all headed downstream towards vulnerable community. from sacramento to san francisco, wash out bringing downhill sides and massive trees. >> had the truck not stopped the tree, it would have fallen into the house. >> reporter: tonight this region is saturated with nowhere for the water to go. now there's even more rain in the forecast
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next week. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san jose. in australia, officials are trying to determine what caused plane to plunge out of the sky exploding on impact into a shopping mall killing the pilot and four americans on board. we're now seeing the flight's tragic last moments. >> reporter: the final moments of what should have been a dream vacation captured by a witness in this video obtained by australia's channel 10. a charter plane coming in low and fast toward a melbourne shopping mall. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: seconds later it explodes in a fire ball next to a busy highway. >> pretty horrible. >> reporter: we're learning more about those on board. an australian pilot and four americans, golf friends from texas. 70-year-old greg dahaven was a retired fbi agent on what his sister called a once in a lifetime trip.
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>> it was everything he could have hoped for because it included his wife and his second love, golf. >> reporter: glen garland was a former energy executive. russ munch and his neighbor john washburn whose daughter spoke to us on the phone. >> he was really, really smart and he have a really good dad. >> reporter: the group's charter flight took off just after 9:00 a.m. crashing into the storage area of the shopping mall. the pilot had reported a catastrophic engine failure on the twin aircraft similar to this one. >> i'm a little surprised because this airplane has such a good record that an engine failure would result in a loss of control and an accident of this severity is pretty unusual. >> reporter: tonight investigators look for answers while families mourn. nbc news. now to the growing backlash against an ultra conservative
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provocator, milo yiannopoulos resigned today as editor of breitbart news which critics say endorsed pediphilia. he's also been disinvited to speak at major gathering. he offended women, gay, muslims and more finally went too more. we get more. >> reporter: pulled from this week's high profiled conservative event, milo yiannopoulos spoke out in new york city. >> america has a free speech problem. >> reporter: a champion of free speech to some and offensive instigator to others resigned today from breitbart news. just part of the fall out from these 2016 comments. sharing his thoughts on the legal age of con se consent. >> there are people capable of giving consent at a younger age. >> reporter: he went onto describe in graphic detail his
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relationship with a priest at the age of 14. in statement organizers of cpac say they pulled their invitation due to the revelation of an offensive video in the past 24 hours condoning pedaphilia. the release of his book was cancelled. >> i'm a gay man and a child abuse victim. i'm guilty of language which i regret and anyone who suggests i turn a blind eye to illegal activity or the abuse of minors is wrong. >> reporter: the 32-year-old courts controversy. he's behind some of the most insind area headlines at breitbart where he was hired by steve bannon. twitter banned him for life. violent protests at berkeley led officials to cancel his speaking engagement on campus. it was an outcry. president trump tweeted if uc berkeley
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we're back now with a reaction pouring in after the devastating diagnosis revealed by former teen idol david cassidy going public saying he's battling dement dementia. the numbers expected to grow as baby boomers get older. it's a diagnosis with a lot of people asking what can they do to prevent it. here is kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: david cassidy, the new face of dementia. at 66, revealing his diagnosis saying i was in denial but part of me knew this was coming. he said his grandfather and mother both suffered from dementia. the star revealed his diagnosis one day after tmz posted video showing him struggling
6:48 pm
to remember lyrics and falling off stage at a concert. he has publicly battl battled alcoholism said it was demen sha. >> i'll always be an addict. i'm not drinking. >> reporter: hst a declid alzheimer's is the most common type. it can be caused by damage to the brain's blood vessels after a stroke or diseases like parkinson's. >> what is the most important thing people need to know about depld dement dementia? >> you should go in to get evaluated because there are things that can be treated and cured. the earlier you go in, the more likely you are to have success with treatment of dementia itself. >> reporter: even with family history it could be prevented with regular exercise, healthy diet and keeping your brain
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she was born at the national zoo in 2013 but will join clhina's breeding program. indulge me for a moment to follow up on a charming viral video that featured a little boy in portland, oregon letting a local reporter know he wanted someone else to interview him. >> lester holt. >> lester holt. was lester holt part of this morning's coverage? >> i usually i see him more on the news than you. >> i'm lester. how are you? >> his name is jayden. we finally met today. the 7-year-old was visiting family in new york and to our delight stopped by and got a behind the scenes tour of "nightly news" along with his cousin. >> what does that say? >> good evening and welcome to the "nightly news" studio. >> they know the secret of how easy it is now. he made my day and a big thanks to kgw tv
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drew karney about being a great sport about this. there's more on our facebook page. the officer who went way beyond the call of duty when he got an unusual request for help.
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finally tonight, police officers are used to calls for help but not like this. a fifth grader in ohio had an unusual request for the cops. help with her homework. gabe gutierrez has a story of a valuable lesson this more ways than one. >> how are you? >> reporter: fifth grader and lieutenant b.j.gruber met for the first time over lunch but they already knew each other. >> she was up doing her homework and decided the best thing to do was the call the police for help. >> reporter: a few days ago on the facebook page of the marion, ohio police department she asked i'm having trouble with my homework. could you help me? >> it was unique. i've never been asked to help with homework before. >> reporter: she posted the math problem and lieutenant
6:58 pm
gruber wrote back. >> do the numbers in the parentheses first. >> reporter: she followed with another head scratcher. >> take the number from the first parentheses and the number from the second and multiply it by two. >> reporter: he's better at crime than solving math problems. that advise was wrong. you're supposed to add the first and multiply that by two. of course. >> math is not my favorite subject. >> reporter: call it a teachable moment but one that's not the most important lesson from a veteran cop who may not have all the answers but wants to be asked the questions. >> i love engaging people. it's one of my favorite parts of my job. >> reporter: she heard about the department's community outreach program from a t-shirt an officer had given her last year. >> it's worth showing the world that police officers are worthy of your trust. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: on duty to protect and serve and sometimes even
6:59 pm
tutor. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> that's going to do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you fo hoda kotb's secret adoption. she becomes a first time mom at 52. it's a girl for hoda kotb.
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>> her undercover mission to become a mom with her wealthy boyfriend. is a wedding next? george clooney today giving his first interview about becoming a father at 56. >> it's going to be an adventure. new video, flip or flop moments after her morning tv face-off with her ex tarek. their competing interviews today about their divorce. who they both have been spotted with now. >> angelina jolie praising bra as a dad? hugh jackman's cancer scare. >> we have been with each other every step of the way. in the extra feed, kylie jenner breaks the internet, before and after.


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