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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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exclusive. tim? >> reporter: the little league is trying to dig out of a big financial hole. turns out these lights here and a big mistake, they're going to put the plans this league has in the on-deck circle a little bit longer. >> thought it was a joke -- >> reporter: sorry, joe, it's not a joke. the local municipal electric company told the new castle president they've been under billing for 12 years, and the lotion owes $17,000 -- and the league owes $17,000. >> safety lights come on nightly. the field lights would only come on for a weeknight game. >> reporter: the local electric folks admit this was their billing error. i tried to play middleman. you can't let them slide on this? because it's a little league? they say they can't just let anyone slide on a bill. they answer to every citizen in new castle and need to treat everyone fairly, even a nonprofit league for kids. >> the electric was actually used, and it just wasn't billed. they used this electric.
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you know, it's -- needs to be paid for. >> baseballs and softballs from last year. >> reporter: running a league and fields isn't cheap. $17,000 is one-third of the annual operating budget. >> it's not a money-making league. >> reporter: they're working out a payment plan and have a gofundme page. a big donation would be a home run. if that strikes out, the scoreboard and back stops will have to wait to be replaced. you know the deal -- there's no crying in baseball. >> you know, we owe the money. we'll do our best to pay it back. >> reporter: the power company checked. out of all their customer, only the baseball league was getting underbilled. you ask k make a donation through the league's facebook page. if they don't raise enough, they're not going to be able to replace there way-too-low back stop. when you get your hot dog at the concession stand, keep your head on a swivel. if somebody yells "foul ball,"
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get out of the way. nbc10 news. >> or bring your glove along with you. >> we'll keep an eye on how much that gofundme page grows. to your first alert weather now. how about this i do -- this is a live look at the links. the wind turbines moving in the breeze. temperatures in the 70s. beautiful. >> golfers are loving the february taste of spring. maybe some playing hooky. we found this guy shaking the rust off his swing. it is all people are talking about. the unusually warm weather in february. >> so rare it is breaking records. let's go right to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to see what's happening in your neighborhood. glenn, beautiful day. yeah. there are a lot of neighborhoods that are unseasonably warm or record warm and not just in this area. this goes back several states, back to the west and to the south and to the north. boston set records today, all over the place.
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thousands of records set in the u.s. this month alone. 70 at philadelphia now. 73 in northeast philly and in allentown. cooling off. delaware, south jersey, the wind comes in off the ocean. yeah, cooling off into the 60s in february. yeah. these were some of the records, philadelphia tied 74 degrees set in 1985. allentown beat the record by a degree. reading tied it. trenton beat the record by a degree. atlantic city and wilmington did not break the records because they are closer to the water. the wind direction prevented that from happening. one more day of 70-plus before the plunge comes. we'll talk more about the timing of that and the timing of when those storms are coming in a few minutes. in is what democracy looks likes! this is what democracy looks
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like! >> the people versus the pipeline. that could be the name of a future court case in new jersey. today opponents protested a vote that allows the pinelands pipeline to move forward. south jersey gas plans to run the pipeline from maurice river township in cumberland county to the bl england power plant in upper township. nbc10's andrea cline-thomas is joining us in cherry hill where the vote happened. this project has caused a lot of uproar. >> reporter: it's caused an uproar for years. it will not stop despite commissioners voting for the pipeline. repeatedly showing up in large numbers, chanting, even singing did not sway pinelands commissioners. >> do the right thing! >> reporter: commissioners approved the pipeline to run through the natural pipeline. in response -- >> see you in court! >> when democracy is made a mockery of, the option we have is to go to court. that's what we will do. >> reporter: the sierra club
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plans to sue. it says the pipeline will not serve a majority of the customers in the pinelands as required. they also say commissioners did not properly engage the public. today's vote was taken before public comment was heard. >> there was a previous public comment period that was over 6,000 comments that we received regarding this application. we digested those prior to the meeting today. >> reporter: the commission chairman voted for the pipeline. what do you say to them when they're clearly upset about the pipeline being built? the. >> it's fantastic to see them out here. a sign that democracy works. >> everyone's getting in the cart and driving away. they're going to go home, turn their light switches on, turn their tvs on. a simple fact of life. there is alternatives, better alternatives. this is what we have. >> reporter: still environmentalists fear what we have will cause irreversible damage to the largest tract of untouched wetlands in the state.
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>> our yellowstone, our yosemite. you do not put a pipeline through yellowstone or yosemite. >> reporter: south jersey gas is pleased with approval today. coming up at 6:00, why they say the pipeline is needed. reporting live in cherry hill, andrea cline-thomas, nbc10 news. toerng we tonight, philadelphia police looking for a hit-and-run driver. commissioners found a vehicle they believe took off after hitting a man last night in kensington in this crosswalk. right there is the man who was hit. the car had damage, and officers are making sure it's the same vehicle. a major decision in the case against comedian bill cosby just months before his sexual assault trial begins in june. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting former temple employee andrea con stand in his home in 2004. a montgomery county judge ruled one of 13 accusers can testify. that woman claims cosby assaulted her in the late 1990s at a california hotel.
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one attorney not affiliated with the case says this is a win for the defense. >> every prosecutor wants as much evidence as they can possibly garner before going to trial. >> lawyers will be back in court tomorrow to argue if cosby'strem should be moved from montgomery county or a jury should be brought in from another county. in south jersey, a series of lewd incidents has police in burlington county on alert. the most recent happened yesterday near kings grant and woodland drive. a man was hiding in the bushes, performing a sexual act as several women walked by. in january, a naked man chased two teen girls in the township before jumping into a jeep and driving off. before that, two different women in medford township reported seeing a man get out of his car without any clothes on. police say the description of the man is similar in all of these incidents. sighting a series of problems with septa. a councilman wants a deeper look
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into the history. he introduced a resolution at yesterday's council session. johnson pointed to tuesday's derailment in upper darby. in addition to cars sidelined by broken parts. septa says it welcomes the opportunity. tonight a high school basketball team will forfeit the season including the playoffs. this after some of its players didn't listen to their coach after a loss and instead went into the stands of the opposing team. the school district upheld the principal's decision today at a.i. dupont high school in wilmington after their game against delaware military academy. the principal at a.i. dupont says players acted in a way that violates standards of sportsmanship and conduct. the nhl is hoping they don't have to cancel tomorrow's outdoor game between the flyers and the penguins. >> looking dicey. 60,000 fans waiting to see the teams play outside at heinz field. that's where nbc10's keith jones is. it comes down to the weather. crazy.
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>> reporter: it is crazy. mid 70s. i talked to nhl officials. they were surprised at how well the ice is holding up behind us. they say the passes when the penguins were out weren't getting stopped by the melting, but there was some water. you could tell it was melting a little on the ice. there's a family skate going on behind us. i want to show out penguins skating first. you could tell it was wet. a closeup look. pens players getting a feel as the sun sets behind the yellow stands at heinz field. let's go back out live. this is a look at the family skate, at least for the pittsburgh penguins. now the guy in charge of the ice has been monitoring it closely and is paying close attention as you can imagine to the forecast. well, it would be smart if he paid attention to the most accurate forecast in the philadelphia area at least. glenn "hurricane" schwartz, our chief meteorologist there at nbc10, has been monitoring the situation in western pennsylvania. glenn, we're looking forward to a temperature drompt a major one at that, too. how -- temperature drop.
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a major one at that, too. how cold will it be after the puck drops at 8:00? >> keith, it's going to be a tremendous drop in the next 24 hours. this represents the cold front that is going to change that. it's about to get the showers in to cleveland, to cincinnati. it's going rain in pittsburgh during the night tonight as that front comes through. and obviously in the 70s now. close to 780 for the high. by 6:00 a.m., 58 mp. 10:00 a.m., 50. 2:00 p.m., 48. the temperature doesn't go up during the afternoon tomorrow, it goes down. by 10:00 tomorrow, down to 31 degrees. temperatures will be dropping through the 30s during the game. if they were having it tonight, it's a different story. by tomorrow night, it's like wintertime again. >> reporter: the flyers are
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here. they've been paying close attention. they been wearing shorts and a t-shirt, san adults. some are wearing caps -- sandals. some are wearing caps. they're taking to the ice for practice at 6:00. in the meantime, we'll bring you behind the scenes with a special coming up tomorrow at 7:00 for a full hour called "let's take it outside." including a look at some of the greatest moments in flyers/penguins history. the showdown starts 7:00 p.m. for a full hour tomorrow night only on nbc10. when i see you next at 5:30, we'll take you inside the ring. wayne simmons, the flyers, going to take on bernard hopkins. we've got the whole thing for you inside that boxing ring. for now, live at heinz field, nbc10 news. >> so many good things to come. and the puck drops there maybe, if the weather holds out. >> fingers crossed, keith. >> right. >> see you in a bit. also this even, they look like soldiers, and they train like soldiers. >> these men are members of a
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militia, and they are training here in pennsylvania. >> stand by -- [ gunfire ] >> nbc10 has got an exclusive and rare access tock what members say they're training for and why they're telling the public not to worry. plus, car insurance rates on the rise. why you could be paying more for other people's mistakes. and talk about a wake-up call, how guests made their fiery escape from this hotel. get news updates.
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tonight only on 10, inside the new militia. we found citizen soldiers actively training right in the pocono mountains. >> nbc10's mitch blocker shows who these soldiers are and what they're about. >> reporter: on this very private property in remote rural pennsylvania just west of the lehigh valley -- >> let's line up. >> reporter: these citizen soldiers, members of the pennsylvania state militia, are engaged in real-life military-style patriot games. >> coming up, clear -- >> reporter: nbc news was granted rare access after months of negotiating. the 22 or so active members worried good how they might be portrayed. >> i wouldn't say that we're right wing. i wouldn't say we're left wing. we're just the guys in the
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middle. >> reporter: they say they're ready to protect fellow americans. >> whether it's a hurricane or say it's a huge riot. we've seen that a lot, riots. it only takes one storeowner to contact us and say, you know, i don't want my place burned down. >> reporter: private militia training is legal in the u.s., as long as members don't incite violence or civil unrest. and follow local gun laws. the southern poverty law center tracks extreme anti-government militia groups, identifying 165 nationwide in 2016. the pennsylvania state militia is not on their list. >> there are lots of militias that we do not list because they're not governed by conspiracy theories. they're not out there thinking that the united nations is going to jack boot its way into the back yards. >> reporter: many in the psm have law enforcement or military backgrounds. others are average joes fancying themselves as g.i. joe. >> clear. >> clear. >> i work retail as a salesman. >> i'm a college student. >> i'm a college professor. >> go, go, go.
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>> reporter: all licensed gun owners, but even in rural pennsylvania, guys running around in fatigues with assault rifles can raise concerns and lead to a visit from the pennsylvania state police. >> the only problem is, everybody gets all up in arms and starts calls us. >> absolutely. basically they came by to say hello, figure out the situation, make sure we're not isis. which they confirmed. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc10 news. members and militia groups nationwide skyrocketed after president obama took office in 2008. experts believe that was over a fear of having gun rights weakened. the psm founder believes even more people will be willing to join militias under the trump presidency. two groups in delaware asking for a federal investigations of the state's -- four major -- the state's four major prisons. a local branch of the naacp
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addressed to the attorney general of the upds. earlier this month, there were prisoners at vaughn correctional center in smyrna revolted, taking officers hostage. lieutenant steven floyd was killed. governor carney launched a special commission to investigate. a fire at a south jersey hotel had people jumping from windows early this morning. look at this video of the violence. the police chief tells us it could be a week before they know what started this fire at the ramada. you see how much dlj is to the roof. two people were hurt, including a police officer. he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the other person was injured was the woman in the room when the fire started. sky force 10 with breaking news in the port richmond neighborhood. mitch blocker is aboard sky force 10. what's going on sneer. >> reporter: jim, philadelphia police are in the port richmond section of philadelphia looking at a suspicious death. they are investigating a
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41-year-old woman found by a relative unresponsive inside her home here at port richmond. our preliminary information from police say that it looks like she was hit in the head. the medics pronounced her dead about an hour ago. so far no arrests. police, as you see, still on the scene here investigating a suspicious death of a 41-year-old woman in port richmond section of philadelphia. that's the latest from sky force 10. mitch blocker, nbc10 news. >> all right. thanks. to our weather. we are enjoying the sunshine in the northeast, the midwest is getting hit by this snow. this is what it looked like in sioux city, iowa, today. they broke a record for more than eight inches of snow. a really different scene here at home. live look at cape may this evening. certainly warm enough to maybe dip your toes in the water or at least walk on the sand for a few. >> that would be okay. >> why not? and on warm days like this, philadelphia's rittenhouse square, another popular place to
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hang out. >> it is. you may not know all of the rules of what is and is not allowed at rittenhouse park. and you may remember the recent controversy about sitting on the walls. last month the city put up signs banning it. the public quickly fought back, and the city changed course. nbc10 found there are still a lot of rules that might surprise you. >> from food to pets to performances. see it all now on, no matter where you go, though, enjoy the weather while you can. storms, cooler weather, it's going to arrive for part of the weekend. here is glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah. we sometimes call this a half and half weekend. half is going to be warm. half is going to be cold. we're just going to get a limited amount of rain. it might be an hour or less in parts of the area. total. 70 at philadelphia now. average high is 46. 72 new jersey. even warmer lehigh valley,
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cooler in much of delaware where the wind is coming off of cooler delaware bay. the warmest places are farther to the north, away from the water. so sinking spring, leonardsville at 70. new trepolia at 70. mertstown, 72. bethlehem and easton and bath at 70 degrees. even after 5:00. we tied records in philadelphia, reading, and beat records in allentown and trenton during the day today. i don't think we'll be breaking records tomorrow. the records are higher, and the showers and storms will be coming in, preventing it probably from getting as warm as today. we've got one more day of 70-plus weather. the warmest february ever recorded is just days away. weav we're going to smash that record. not just here but over large portions of the country. the gusty thunderstorms between 4:00 and 7:00 tomorrow.
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there is what we're talking about. the line -- this is what we're talking about. the line headed toward cincinnati now. we're timing it out to come in to our area late tomorrow afternoon. most of the i day is dry. 4:00, it hits the western suburbs between 3:00 and 4:00. philadelphia, between 4:00 and 5:00. new jersey, between 5:00 and 6:00. and then it's gone. so this is a temporary thing. and then by sunday, it's windy, it's much colder, but it's dry. what a change from one day to the next. those are normal temperatures for this time of the year. to this now -- hollywood comes to bucks county. find out which stars were seen around town, next. >> reporter: i'm rosemary connors for nbc10 "at issue." bears, coyotes, and foxes. creatures that have popped up in back yards.
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sunday morning we'll discuss if there's reason for concern. >> if you are seeing a coyote or fox in your yard, it probably sees something that is appealing to it. might be food left out, garbage. if you have a pet, it's something to be concerned about. >> coming up sunday at 11:30 following "meet the press."
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a brush with hollywood in bucks county. yesterday a few township police officers took selfies with philadelphia's own kevin hart and actress nicole kidman.
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they shot a scene for "untouchable" inside the black bass hotel on river road. you've been there? >> yeah. great place. beautiful spot. >> earlier, hart was spotted by lucky locals as he shot scenes for the film in kensington. the movie is set in new york city. have to make a stop there. >> yeah. to this now -- insurance premiums for drivers, they're going up. the average premium up 16% last year. >> insurers blame drivers for taking their eyes off the road and becoming a danger behind the wheel. >> every american is going to pay more because of the distracted driving epidemic in the united states. that's because very often no fault can be attributed in an accident, and also because many people who are distracted driving certainly aren't going to admit to it. >> insurance companies say the sharp spike is caused by drivers distracted by smartphones getting into accidents. what can you do to mitigate the cost? nbc has more ahead on "nbc
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nightly news" with lester holt after nbc10 news at 6:00. more breaking news from sky force 10. mitch blocker, clearly over a fire. where are you? >> reporter: yeah, we're in camden. a house fire here. we know that it's on hayden street. firefighters are poking holes in the roost and ripping off some of the -- the roof and ripping off some of the shingles, letting heat and smoke out. we did see paramedics here, as well, with a stretcher. it was empty. a house fire in camden and crews obviously have responded. that's the latest from sky force 10, nbc10 news. >> all right. the last time we saw former president barack obama he was on vacation. >> tonight he's back on the east coast. we'll show you where he was spotted today. plus, the white house takes on the fbi and the press all in one day, next at 5:00.
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president trump gave a speech to a leading conservative group. >> he touched on a lot from his intent with the media and his intent to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> i'm not against the media. i'm not against the press. i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them. and i tell you, i love good stories. but we won't -- we'll build a wall, don't worry about it. we are build being the wall. remember, we are getting the bad ones out. these are bad dudes. we're getting the bad ones out.
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so we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> ronald reagan was the last president to address the conference as a first-year president. >> the president lashed out at the fbi today on twitter about leaks inside the agency. comes after reports his chief of staff asked the fbi to dispute media reports connecting trump aides to russian intelligence agents. the white house getting involved during a pending investigation is unusual. apparently no rules were broken. at an informal press briefing held by sean spicer, some white house reporters were left out. that class reporters from cnn and "the new york times," two outlets the president has repeatedly taken to task. the "times" released a statement saying this has never happened before. cnn also condemned the move tweeting that it's unaccept tanl. -- unacceptable. >>. oh, my god! obama is in the building! >> obama! [ wild cheers ]
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>> obama exiting the building. president obama caused a friendsen in new york city today. he was leaving an office building on 5th avenue in manhattan when crowds, as you health care reform started going wild. he gave a quick wave before getting into the suv. [ cheers ] here are the other top stories we're following on nbc10 news at 5:00 -- pipeline protesters promising to take their battle to court. this after a plan to run a gas pipeline through the new jersey pinelands got the go ahead. it will run 22 miles from millville to upper township. a major court ruling in the bill cosby case. a judge says only one of the 13 accusers prosecutors wanted to put on the stand will be allowed to testify. the woman said cosby drugged her in an l.a. hotel in 1996. cosby's sexual assault trial in montgomery county begins in june. right now, philadelphia police are processing a car possibly linked to a hit-and-run investigation in kensington. police believe it's the car that hit a man last night. he's in critical condition.
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detectives are still looking for the driver. and new details tonight for sixers fans hoping to see top draft pick ben simmons play this year. >> today the team said he won't play any games after his most recent scan on his injured foot. the sixers' president faced the media for the first time since the trade deadline passed. he said ben simmons' foot is still not healed all the way. with the team trading one big man yesterday, are the sixers tanking again? hear what fans had to say about the team's future. >> really tough. probably one of the best people on the job last year. him out is going to hurt the team. maybe next year he'll come back. >> i know it's for the team in the long run. now it might be a hurt piece, be suffering a bit. i feel as though the season is not over. >> the fans will have to wait until next year to see simmons and joel embiid playing together. and tomorrow the flyers and
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penguins in pittsburgh. >> this time the ice isout doors which could be problematic. keith jones is part of our exclusive coverage from heinz field. when you heard about the assignment weeks ago, you probably thought you would really have to work hard to stay warm out there today. >> reporter: i didn't think i'd be rallying up my sleeves, that's for sure. listen, nhl officials, they could make the call tonight to postpone this game from saturday night to sunday. however, i talked to some officials out there. they were surprised at how well the ice is holding up, though there is melting. look behind me now. the zambonis are treating ice, making sure it's in good shape. the flyers are expected to practice at 6:00. the last time wayne simmons was on a stage this big, he took home the mvp of the all-star game a few weeks ago. simmons has emerged as a standout player for the flyers. he's also their tough guy. we took him inside the ring to do what -- to face off against philly's own bernard hopkins.
5:35 pm
the alien, a sweet science. here's a preview. >> right hand, double right hand. everything's relaxed. let it flow. that was a good right hand. feel the power. like on the ice -- feel the power. jab the right hand. turn to the left. do it again. make good with your foot. good. knees -- good. 30 seconds. do it again. do it again. >> it come on. >> come -- all right. >> reporter: that is just a taste of what happened inside the ring. you can catch the full -- they're testing the sirens and the announcers here.
5:36 pm
quite loud now. you can get a full taste of what that was like in the ring with our pregame special. let's take it outside. i'll be here with john clark. we'll have eric lindross and tons of flyers features tomorrow. 7:00 for a full hour. the puck drops at 8:00. the flyers are up next. they're scheduled to practice at 6:00. there will be a family skate afterwards. see what they think of the ice coming up at 6:00. live at heinz field in pittsburgh, keith jones, nbc10 news. >> it looked like he was doing well in the ring, upper cuts and punches. pretty strong. >> reporter: he is pretty scrappy. you got to catch that piece, too. it's really well done, awesome, too, seeing bernard hopkins compete. >> i know. having him in your ear telling you what to do, has to be intimidating but next. >> next time you'll be in the ring, keith. >> reporter: nope. no, i won't. >> not happening? all right. never mind. glenn, doesn't look like hockey weather there.
5:37 pm
we broke records at home, as well. >> in pittsburgh, close to 80. it's going to drop 40 degrees in 24 hours. they'll probably be in good shape tomorrow night. different story here at the jersey shore. this is some of the coldest weather that we've seen in the area. barely above 50 degrees. that ocean is cold. 42 degrees in water. 64 at the airport in atlantic city. 61 at the airport in wildwood. at the beaches, in the 50s. 73 in northeast philly, allentown, even 64 at mt. pocono. we've been showing these records. there's one other record that's even more impressive. that allentown temperature 77 is the warm eest ever recorded in e month of february. that is an incredible record. winter chill is on the way by
5:38 pm
the end of the weekend. that's coming up. >> from the heat to the chill. with the new administration and new policies on immigration. a lot of people have questions about what this means for them and their families. tonight, our sister station, telemundo 62, is here to answer your questions. we'll show you how at 5:00.
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this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
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tonight answers about
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immigration. >> our sister station, telemundo 62, wants to help viewers know their rights. lawyers and immigration experts are standing by to answer viewer questions. >> telemundo 62's reporter live at the hotline where calls are coming in. inez? >> reporter: these phones have been ringing off the hook with viewers asking about their immigration cases, things about citizenship, who to do about family who may not have documentation, who to do if they're confronted by immigration officers. we have 45 minutes left at this phone bank where immigration lawyers are answering viewer questions, specific questions. they can call the number on the screen. >> all right. good to hear the phones ringing. we'll try to get your questions answered for you. it's deja vu for a local store, but not in a good way. they've been hit by thieves four times now. next at 5:00, an inside look at the damage left behind and what the thieves used to cause all the damage. also coming up, new on nbc10
5:42 pm
news at 6:00, south jersey police officers have a new weapon against criminals. how their job to keep you safe gets more high tech starting today.
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welcome back. here are the stories we're following county by county. to montgomery county, a supermarket and deli in norristown is back open after it was targeted by burglars for the fourth time in just two years. we spoke with the owner of cinco de mayo. he noticed this latest break-in before 8:00 this morning. you see two cash registers and a safe damaged there. police still haven't released surveillance video but say someone used a sledgehammer on them. in berks county, we've learned the fbi still investigating how money was spent under the administration of reading's former mayor. we'll show you video from july of 2015 right here.
5:45 pm
that's when federal agents raided reading city hall. the fbi is looking into former mayor vaughn spencer and how he was spending federal money. reading's new administration has no connection to the probe, but he's said to be cooperating fully. in lehigh county, the allentown school board approved $9.5 million in bond to put toward two new schools. the money will be used to buy land for a new elementary school on gordon street and a possible replacement for harrison morton middle school. a proposal to begin train service in maryland could become reality. the results of a study on the potential service will be made available in early april. officials tell us it's as far south as septa plans to go. doctors in the lehigh valley are seeing a strange new trend as they fight the ongoing opioid epidemic. people unable to get prescription pills are instead resorting to over-the-counter diarrhea medicine to get high. at lehigh valley hospital, two patients have recently been admitted overdosing from the --
5:46 pm
this anti-diarrhea drug, the generic name for drugs like imodium. addicts will take dozens of pills to achieve an opioid high. it can come with deadly consequences including losing consciousness and a rapid, fluctuating heart rate. >> was going up and down, up and down. dizziness, feeling like he or she may pass out. >> she tried to deny it. she finally admitted to it. >> in normal doses, the drug is safe and good for digestive problems. families should be on the lookout for excessive use which could mean an opioid addiction. in a couple of weeks we'll hear if more local j.p. penny stores are closing. the -- jcpenney stores are closing. they say the list of closures will be out by mid-march. republicans paid their respects at the funeral of
5:47 pm
boscov after he died from pancreatic cancer this month. he was 87 years old. students at st. james middle school in north philadelphia celebrated black history month with a living wax museum. each student chose prominent african-americans from the past and the present to represent. when they were touched, the students came to life there, introducing themselves and highlighting notable achievements. what a great idea. now to our gorgeous friday weather. the blue cross river rink at penn's landing, it's looking soggy. looking more like a pond than an ice rink. >> hopefully you took the time to get outside. big changes coming for the weekend. glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, there is no way we're going to see temperatures like it this on sunday. we'll be close to it tomorrow.
5:48 pm
back but that's it. near 70 in much of the area. cooler in delaware. closer to the water. as we go in to new jersey, the closer you are to the river, the warmer it is. closer to the ocean, the cooler it is. 70 in audubon, turnersville, voorheis, mt. warrell. warmer in swedesboro, closer to the delaware river. 67 in piney hollow. 69 in princeton. 70 in robinsville. dry conditions, a lot of sunshine helped push the temperatures to record levels today. this is representing the cold front that will end that. just about on top of cincinnati, ohio. and by tomorrow, this is at 4:30, it's coming in. so it's going to rain late tomorrow, most of the day is dry. you could get a burst here, real
5:49 pm
downpours, thunder and lightning, gusty winds. it's not going to last long. going to sit it out, and it will move past. and the temperature will drop. so here we go, every half hour -- at 5:00, bucks county, down through wilmington. at 5:30, through philadelphia. at 6:00, already drying out in -- from philly north and west. it's starting to get heavier down toward the shore which may get the heaviest of it between 6:30 and 7:00. overall, 4:00 western suburbs to 7:00 at the shore. right in between in philly, making about 5:30. figure on half hour to an hour's worth of rain. and then colder weather coming in. so the weekend -- 50/50. warm, cold. cold and windy, dry, but these are normal temperatures for this time of the year. we've been spoiled.
5:50 pm
that will warm up some more next week. back up to sky force 10. mitch blocker is our eyes and ears in the sky. where are you here, and what's going on, mitch? >> reporter: jim, we're there delaware county, over rosemont. looking at what police describe as a high-angle rescue. it looks like a 17-year-old fell into the ravine. they have since rescued the 17-year-old. just saw at the end here we get -- what appeared to be put into an ambulance. this is just off lancaster avenue. at this point, we don't know what the injuries are. police appear to have completed what they call a high-angle rescue in the ravine at rosemont, delaware county. back to you in the studio. talk about turning a negative into a positive. >> a montgomery county tourism organization used angry social media comments -- and we know they're out let it -- to create a yearly pizza tournament. creative. the idea for montgomery county's
5:51 pm
best pizza tournament came after a list of the top-10 pizza joints was posted on facebook last year. many responses were negative for leaving other shops off the list. now, starting march 1st, vote for your favorites from a list of 64 restaurants on the valley forge visitor's bureau facebook page. go to to find the link. and be nice. >> yes. nothing wrong with that ever. >> yeah. also tonight, hold on to that balloon. >> nbc10's ted greensburg shows why a local city is cracking down. >> reporter: a reason to celebrate with balloons could be a reason to hit with a fine. >> it really amounts to littering. >> reporter: i'm ted greensburg. how jersey shore communities going green could cost you some green. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach.
5:52 pm
why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. lester holt joining us from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." lester? hey, jim and jacqueline. ahead, what we've learned about the latest draft plan to replace obamacare. we'll tell you what gets scrapped, who pays, what about those with existing conditions. also, from an aircraft carrier at sea, we go inside the air war against isis. and we'll look at rising auto insurance rates. the price of all that distracted driving. we'll look at ways you can still
5:55 pm
save when we see you coming up on "nbc nightly news." you two have a great weekend. >> and i guess we can't expect to see nightly news tonight from 30 rock plaza because the weather is so mild. >> now i've got to be inside unfortunately. >> see you then at 6:30. thank you. to this now -- atlantic city is latest jersey shore community to ban the release of balloons. >> leaders say it's to protect the environment. nbc 10's ted greensburg found out some believe the laws are simply hot air. >> reporter: for birthdays, weddings, and even funerals, balloons are a big seller at throw me a party in egg harbor township. >> we'll go through quite a few helium tanks every month. >> reporter: sending balloons soaring like this in atlantic city could soon get you popped with a fine of up to $500. >> i agree, this way it doesn't hurt the animals and the water or litter. >> reporter: environmental groups pushed for the new
5:56 pm
balloon release ban passed this week similar to laws already approved in neighboring ventner margate, and longport, and being considered in ocean city. >> turtles, dolphins, even whales mistake them for jellyfish or food, and they're ingesting them. and they're dying. >> i particular's just hogwash. all you're doing is destroying celebration, not worth it. >> i beg to differ. you can celebrate a ton -- hundreds of other ways. >> reporter: leaders say anyone caught violating the law will likely get a warning initially. they tell me this is about targeting the intentional release of balloons, not mistakes. >> if a kid lets a balloon out, what are you going do? lock the kid up? we're going to have the children and families understand that and try to tie the balloons around the wrist of the kids. >> balloon releases are rare. you don't get a lot of them. >> reporter: the owner of throw me a party says the latex balloons he sells are biodegradable. he doesn't think the bans will
5:57 pm
affect his business at all. atlantic city's new law officially gets off the ground next month. ted greensburg, nbc10 news. next at 6:00, the fight against criminals in south jersey getting more high tech tonight. >> the new way officers can get connected with the information they need to keep you and your family safe. plus, 70s now. some storms coming in tomorrow. i'm tracking a 30-degree temperature drop coming up in the next accurate, first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
high-flying protests. hundreds fight against pumping gas through the south jersey pinelands. a pivotal ruling in the cosby criminal case. a local judge says who can and cannot testify about sex abuse. seems like spring. temperature records shattered around the region today. we're tracking thunderstorms and plunging temperatures for your weekend. right now at 6:00, a bill cosby court ruling that could spell the difference in his sex assault trial. prosecutors wanted 13 accusers to testify against the comedian. today a judge ruled only one woman can tell her story on the stand. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. first up, cosby's legal steam relieved that only -- legal team is relieved that only one person
6:00 pm
can testify against him. >> but it's not devastating for the prosecution. everybody knows who bill cosby is. of course. everybody grew up with him. >> reporter: his fame could be a blessing and a curse, according to former prosecutor-turned-defense attorney david zealous. the case has played out on tv with women who accused bill cosby of sexual assault. some saying it happened as far back as the late 1960s. accusers have told their stories to newspapers and magazines. more than 30 spoke to "new york" magazine, coming together to share stories. >> every prosecutor wants as much evidence as they can possibly garner before going to trial. >> reporter: that's why zealous says prosecutors in montgomery county offered up 13 women, some kwho have gone public -- some who have gone public, others who haven't, wanting them to testify before a judge in the trial. in the end, the judge is allowing only one other with a similar story to testify. a woman who like the accuser in the criminal case said cosby gave her red wine and pills and claims


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