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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 25, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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. neighbors are in disbelieve while police are looking for leads. three candidates square off today in a state scandal in delaware. coming up in a live report, we'll explain why one party is pumping big bucks into this race. we're off to a warm start today, and then changes are coming later on. a light breeze out there. we'll fill you in on the storms that will usher in that change in our first alert forecast. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on a saturday.
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let's begin with the weather. chr krystal klei is filling us in. >> it starts nice but you'll see big changes as we head into the afternoon and evening. it's an incredibly mild start this morning. 1 in lancaster. that's warmer than the average this time of year. wilmington at 52 and millville at 54. so it's going to be pretty easy for us begin to see upper 50s and low 70s for high temperatures when you're starting this warm out there. take a look at radar and satellite. this is the wide view. we don't have a lot going on where we are, but if you track to the west, this line of showers and thunderstorms is starting to head our way and that's what's going to cause all of the changes to the forecast. here's a closer look for us. clouds out there this morning. you may see fog, but overall, what we're going to see is a mix
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of clouds and sun through the first half of your day. in fact, we track the hours through the first half of the day, and we climb. i do think in parts of philadelphia we'll make it to the low 70s again today. then the winds crank up and with the winds comes the rain. on top of the rain, much cooler air behind the rain. so we're tracking all of those changes. we'll take a closer look neighborhood by neighborhood and hour by hour and take a look sunday. >> thanks, krystal. new this morning philadelphia police are searching for a hit and rul-and driver. a driver hit a woman and then took off. the woman is in critical condition. philadelphia police are also looking for the person who killed a woman inside her home. skyforce 10 which you can see was over the scene in port richmond where a family member discovered the victim lying face down in her living room.
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it all happened on mercer street. it appears the woman's killer stole some valuables from her house. neighbors tell us they can't believe anybody would want to kill the 57-year-old who lived in this home most of her life. >> she used to work at the armingo diner when it was up there. kwee quiet woman, nice woman. i've known her for a long time. >> she suffered obvious trauma to the head. she was lying in a pool of blood. >> they're hoping cameras in the area will help them with the case. a helicopter crash happened in new jersey just outside of noncht it came down near an apartment complex. its tail hit the garage. the helicopter is registered to a business center in newark, new castle, county. now to some new details about a hit-and-run in
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keepingtkeep in kensington's neighborhood. they continue to search for drive. this is a photo of the victim in the hospital. he lived just across the street from where he was run over. last night we spoke to one of his friends. >> everybody knew him. he was just a great guy, you know. from the store to his house, to the store to his house. everybody loves him. >> he's in critical condition. today they'll decide if democrats will continue to control the state senate. the polls open in just a few hours. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, rose may. right now the delaware state senate has ten republicans and ten democrats. democrats have had control of the house, the senate, and the governor's office since 2008. they've had control of the senate since way back in the
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191 1970s. now, this might seem like a small town election but it's taken on national significance. we're at the mcvai elementary school. the reason why this is so important now is that people are looking at this as the first big test since president trump took office. democrats have spent a lot of money on this election. this race is expected to top a million dollars. so here is what we're looking at. it's the tenth district seat. it's been vacant since betsy hall left to take the seat of governor. stephanie hanson, republican john moreno and libertarian joe lancen dorfer. it's expected to be a big
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electioning not expected to have a huge turnout given the recent turn of events. the polls open at 7:00 this morning and close at 8:00 this evening. now, live in newark, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, matt. another election is happening today. former labor secretary tom perez and minnesota congressman keith ellison seen on the right are the leading candidates. more than 400 democrat is officials will vote. it will be up to the new leader to charter a new strategy. a department of homeland security report is discredited donald trump's travel ban. last night they got a copy of the draft memo. they include citizenship in any of the seven mostly muslim countries covered by the travel ban is unlikely to indicate terror threats in the u.s. as you know they have put the ban on hold mchlt the meantime the president said he is working on a new executive order.
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cnn, "new york times," and other media outlets are complaining about the white house bearing them from an off camera but on the record briefing yesterday. this came after president trump slammed the media at cpac, the political action conference. both cnn and the times condemn the move. president trump kept up with his criticism of the media. he said, more fake news. media doesn't tell the truth. a great danger to our country. t"the new york times" has been joke, cnn, sad. the president promised action on immigration, plus the rebuilding of the military and he promised to put american interests first. >> the' era of empty talk is over. it's over. now is the time for action. >> also president trump repeated his vow to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. the border wall is one of the
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many "hot topics" at political town halls these days. tomorrow at "meet the press," chuck todd will be sitting down with political senator tom cotton who took heated questions this weekend. eight minutes past 5:00 on this saturday. 57 degrees outside. retail downsizing. another major department store is making cuts that could potentially impact malls in our area. those details ahead. plus, pipeline protests. hundreds of people come out to fight pumping gas in new jersey.
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today we're tracking a warm weather forecast. then things start to cool down as storms roll through. 59 at 8:00 a.m.
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67 by noon and spots many philly will make it back. it's a cold front. right around 4:00 to 6:00 we'll start to see the temperature quickly take a plunge as winds kick up at that point. here's the suburbs. upper 50s to about mid-60s at noon. should be upper 60s early afternoon and mid 60s all we'll see for lehigh valley. storms will be there. also the first to see the line move out many the late afternoon. delaware, 58 at 8:00 a.m. 69 by noon. same for new jersey and delaware in the early afternoon. right around 70 because when the storm moves in, the temperatures start to fall. jersey shore, rather, we should see upper 50s for high temperatures before the number starts to drop and the same deal, storms start to pass through. let's talk about the stormy
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afternoon. 3:00 to 8:00. as we go through the next several hours it will pass through philadelphia, from 4:00 to 6:00 and from 6:00 to 8:00 move offshore altogether. we've got strong wind gusts that could knock things around in the backyard. as for temperatures, they'll start very mild and drop fast overnight. overnight we'll look at how low they go. the annual pink invitation at gymnastics meet will continue this weekend. 3,000 young gymnasts from all over the northeast are continuing to raise money for the breast cancer awareness. still ahead, danger addiction trend. you may be surprised by what doctors say people will resort to when they can't get their hands on opioids.
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in south jersey, a plan to run a natural gas pipeline through the federally protected pinelands is moving forward despite protests. >> see you in court, see you in court. >> hundreds of demonstrators were in cherry yil, it will run from cumberland to cape may. it will provide energy for thousands along the coast. labors are in favor of the job that the pipeline will create but environmentalists are worried about the damage it will cost. >> it needs work. >> i want to preserve clean drinking water for my children and grandchildren.
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>> they're citing pollution concerns and lack of benefits for the pine lands area. there are similar concerns to the dakota access pipeline. the company building that pipeline says oil could be flowing in less than two weeks. they're prepared to lay pipe underneath the missouri res vor. they say it affects their drinking water and cultural sites. >> let's heather head down to pennsylvania where a food pantry is deciding what to do after someone stow its delivery truck. watch the top of your screen. surveillance video showing the truck parked. another truck parks nearby, hops in and drives off. the truck left behind had also been stolen. doctors in the lehigh valley are seeing a new trend as they fight the opioid even tellic and they say it can be deadly.
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patients unable to get prescription pills are instead resorting to over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medicine like immode yum are using that to get high. two parents were near death. >> going up and down, dizziness, light headedness, feeling like she or he tried to pass out. she first tried to deny it. he said, i know what causes it and she finally admitted to it the drug is safe but families should be on the look oout for excessive use. jcpenney is getting ready to close dozens of stores all across the country. drew smith checked with some experts and says we're in a time where stores are adapting but it's not in a total decline.
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>> reporter: jcpenney is planning to close 14% of its stores. this mall is already planning for a vacancy. this follows macy's and sears in this trend facing pressure from online competition. >> i shop online like all the time. >> reporter: online shopping has made it easy to avoid the mall. there are tons of options and it only takes minutes to order. give it a couple of days to ship and your product is right on your doorstep. you never had to leave the house. so physical stores are looking to offer you things you can't find in a box. >> in some of the malls, we've seen shifts for more restaurant concepts and things like bowling alleys and thalters. >> there is an opportunity to reuse that space for homes, officers, even industrial space. >> will's already infrastructure
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in space and really it's an opportunity to drive additional opportunity to drive traffic to the retail that already exists. >> reporter: the mall isn't going anywhere, but you can expect new stores and strategy. drew smith, "nbc 10 news." well, if you do have plans to go out shopping today organization can do it the first half of the day, but it's an interesting one. layer, that's going to be a necessity. you won't need a jacket this morning. you will need it this evening. indoor plans, that's also probably a good idea at least for late afternoon into the early evening when the storms pass by. that's when you're going to need an umbrella. gloves and scarves tonight, you might need as we drop back down. here's look at our neighborhood
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temperatures right now. really a mild start. 60 degrees. 59 at graduate city and parkside at 57. our lowest spot is still much warmer than average for this time of year at 54 degrees in buffington. i think some may make it to the low 70s. right now, 58 in mount laurel. here's your radar. our close views show clouds moving through. overall at h point it's a dry forecast. later today that changes because of that line of storms ha's starting to edge on into far western pennsylvania and soon enough will make it to us. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. some of the clouds building in through the morning hours, they
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linger. you see breaks many the clouds by the afternoon. up into the poconos, you may see showers forming. the oranges and yellows are where the storms are passing through. kent county, bucks countying and up yorkt through the lehigh valley. scattered thunderstorms that could be strong to even severe in nature. that's where you have the damaging winding are possible here. this is not going to be a pretty site although it will be short-lived. you see 7:00 p.m. just some lingering rain, but still showers and thunderstorms through new jersey. 7:00 to about 9:00, that's offshore entirely. and we actually to see clearing overnight into sunday. the problem is much colder air moves in. the highs for today are early afternoon. lansdale, 68.
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allentown, 70. cooler here, upper 50s. highs many delaware. that's for today. we'll talk about tomorrow and the drop in temps coming up in your last half hour. toshlts the flyers and penguins face off. philadelphia and pittsburgh are also facing off when it comes to foochl food. aramark delivers. the chicken and waffle fries is on the left side. smoekd gouda, grave, bacon, and onions. on the right is the steel city pot roast, fries topped with pot roast, gravy, and fries. what's not to love. we'll have exclusive coverage of the game. it starts with our live pregame show. let's take it outside.
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ken jones is in pittsburgh with john clark tonight at 7:00 followed by the flyers an penguins right here on nbc 10. practice makes perfect. up next, young singers from our area get ready for a special performance in hop of black history month. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support.
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veterans day may be months awash but that didn't stop folks in delaware county to help raise money or for vets. the money raised will be used to find homes for our military veterans. ♪ these young singers are gearing up for a big performance today at the johnson house in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. members of the keystone state boy choir, pennsylvania girls' choir, along with singers from pen hall really for the good raised up. it tells of the story of the underground railroad. it starts at the johnsonhouse in
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germantown. 5:26 right now. voters in northern delaware are going to the polls to decide a special state senate race that's sparked a lot of interest and a lot of money. matt delucia is live where the vote willing start in a few hours. matt? >> that's right. rosemary. a lot of money was spent to get people to vote on saturday. i'll tell you about it next. we're tracking thunderstorms for your the afternoon. we'll take a look at when they pass. here's a live look outside. dry now but not later today. the details coming up.
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an investigation is on on who killed a woman inside her home. no one has clues on who would want to hurt her. bill cosby's lawyers will be back in court to iron out
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another issue related to his trial in montgomery county. this time the judge h rule how many previous accusers will be allow odd tell their story in court. we're tracking a line of storms moving in and change our weather for the weekend. we even got the details in just a few moments in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. krystal klei is tracking the forecast. we're looking for that to happen a little later on this afternoon. >> that's exactly right. it will start this evening. by this afternoon you might have to take some cover at least briefly while a line of thunderstorms roll through. you saw that a moment ago. temperatures are currently very mild again. this is no surprise after the 70s we've seen the last couple


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