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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a stormy end toe a warm weather streak. you can see those storms moving in from the west. we've got you covered with the timing of the rain in your neighborhood in just moments in the forecast. a woman is beaten in her home. police are hoping something outside her house will lead them to a killer. special election. three candidates face off in delaware that's getting national attention. we'll explain why one party is pumping big bucks into this race. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connor at 6:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's begin with our weekend weather because do have changes on the way. meteorologist krystal klei has the forecast in the region. krystal? >> today's one of those days if you need to get stuff done
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outdoors, first half of the day is the day to do that, second half of the day, not so much. here are the temperatures. they're way warmer than average for this time of year. that's no surprise after seeing 70s in philadelphia the last few days. 61 in allentown, 61 in reading, 52, wilmington, low 50s for atlantic stichlt across the board temperatures are very mild to start. they're going o climb throughout your morning hours but then we start to see a dip in the afternoon as they round of storms moves in. so here are the current wind speeds. light right now. 3 miles an hour. 5 in coatesville and 8 can allentown. this will be changing later today all because of that line of storms. we know how that works. when you have storms roll through, winds pick up. the winds stay strong even through tomorrow behind this line of storms which is going to lead to some props for our forecast. what we see are clouds hanging
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overhead. we ar going to continue with the clouds through the morning hours. it's try and temperatures are mild. you can certainly get out for the job. 67 by noon. we are seeing some breaks of sun through the first half of your day, but notice the winds are starting to pick up and in the afternoon, that's when the thunderstorms move in. we're going to track that hour by hour and talk more about the dip in your temperatures for tomorrow coming un. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a hit-and-run in the city's neighborhood. authorities say a driver in a white nissan hit a woman around 1:30 this morning. the driver thn took off. right now the woman is in the hospital in critical condition. philly police are also looking for the person who killed a woman inside her home. skyforce 10 as you can see was over the scene in port richmond where a family member discovered the victim and beaten lying face down in her living room. this happened on mercer street
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yesterday. it appears the killer stole some valuables from the house. neighbors tell us they can't believe anybody would want to harm the 57-year-old who lived in this home most of her life. >> used to live in the armingo diner. quiet woman, nice woman. i've known her a long time. >> she suffered trauma to the head and was lying in a pool of blood. >> police are hoping private surveillance cameras on the block will lead the police to the killer. a helicopter crash landed in new jersey just outside of new york. the chopper came down near an apartment complex and the tail hit a garage. the helicopter is registered to baze center. now to new details about a hit-and-run in kensington.
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police are now testing the vehicle and checking for evidence as they continue to search for the driver. this is a photo of the victim who is in the hospital. he lived just across the street from where he was run over. last night we spoke to one of his friends. >> everybody knew him. he was a great guy. he was from this house to the store and from the store to his house. everybody loved him. >> he's in critical condition. delaware will be holding a special election to decide whether the democrats will continue to control the state senate. matt delucia is outside where the polls will happen in less than an hour. matt. >> reporter: less than an hour. we're starting to see some poll workers starting to show up here. this is a big election in determining the power and balance of power in the state
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senate. right now they have ten democrats and ten republicans. people are looking at this election as the first big test since president trump took office. democrats have spent a lot of money on this special election trying to ensure a win. take a look at one of the ads. you might have seen one of these recently. even joe biden has thrown in his support. the tenth district seat has been there. take a look. these are the candidates vying for the seat. ste they have hot control of the house since 2008 and they have held the state senate since the
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'70s. it includes middle town, glasgow, and parts of new york. of course, you have people coming out to vote on a saturday. right now the weather not too bad but as we've been hearing in the forecast. that could change later on in the day. so certainly people are expected to come out and vote a little bit early and we expect those polls to open a little under an hour from now at 7:00 a.m. live in newark, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, matt. a homeland security report is discrediting donald trump's travel ban. last night the "associated press" got a copy of the draft memo. the report says that any of the seven cities is unlikely to contain terrorists to the u.s. in the meantime the president said he is working on a new executive order. we've learned this morning that the son of boxer muhammad
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ali was detained after returning from jamaica. he was born in philadelphia and holds a u.s. pat port. his lawyers say officials questions ali junior for two hours asking about his name and whether he is muslim. all international travelers are suspect or up for inspection. on the record informational briefing. this snuff came yesterday after trump slammed cpac. both cnn and the "times" condemned the move. president trump kept up his criticism with a tweet last night. it reads more fake news. media knowing le doesn't tell the truth, a great danger to our country. the failing "new york times" has become a joke. likewise, cnn. sad. health care was one of the topics touched on at cpac.
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trump alps promised the rebuilding of the military and promised to put americans first. >> the era of empty talk is over. it's over. now is the time for action. >> also president trump repeated his vow to build a wall at the mexican border. it's been one of the "hot topics" across the country. tomorrow chuck todd will be sitting down with tom cotton who took quite a bit of heat at a town haller earlier this week. "meet the press" comes tomorrow morning right here on. >> narrator: nbc 10. tom prer aids and keith ellison seen on the right are the leading candidates. more than 400 democratic officials will be voting. it will be up to the new leader
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to chart a new strategy for the party. coming up, pretty in pink. thousands of young gymnasts are showing off their moves for a good cause. we'll show you where you can see them perform next. next, stealing from the food for the needy. we'll show you the one thing a pantry in poconos needs to operate. ♪ ♪
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well, if you need to get out today, timing is going to be key. the first half of the day, the temperatures will be fine. if you go out in the second half of the day, you've about got a chance of running into rain and thunderstorms which may become strong at some points in the afternoon. take a look at the trend here. 58 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., 63. as we get to the early afternoon, we should make it to the low 70s. but then we'll start to drop off because by around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. rain and thunderstorms will
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move into the region and it will cause a few issues. it will be short-lived. nonetheless, it's passing through. in the suburbs, we're many the low 60s. you see cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. not a ton of sun today. even some patchy fog in the lehigh valley. there are the thunderstorms i was talking about as we get into the afternoon. in delaware, 67, 67 by 11:00 a.m. mid-50s for the shore and then we'll start to see that drop off as we go into the afternoon and storms start to move in. let's talk about the stormy conditions. winds, 3 to 4. by about 4:00 to 6:00, the storms will pass through philadelphia and 6:00 to 8:00, they move from new jersey on out. the problem is along with rain comes the thunderstorms because of warm air we'll have in place. that means strong and damaging
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winds are possible with the thunderstorms and a big drop in your temperatures. we'll look closely at all of those changes coming up. the annual pink invitational gymnastics meet continues this weekend at the convention center in center city. this is video from last year's convenient. 3,000 young gymnasts from all over the northeast are competing to raise money for breast cancer patients. protesters lose a fight to stop a pipeline from going through the pinelands, but they say their bat sl far from over. we'll explain the next step for them when we come back. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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my giant.
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in south jersey a plan to run a pipeline through the pinelands is moving forward despite protests. [ chanting ] >> hundreds of demonstrators were in chely hill as the pinelands commission voted 9/5 in favor of the project. the pipeline will run for 22 miles from cumberland to upper temperature in cape may county. it will supply energy for thousands of customers along the coast. labors will in favor of the jobs the pipeline will create but environmentalists are worried about the damage it will cause. >> it creates work. >> i want to provide clean drinking water for my children and grandchildren. there are similar concerns for the dakota access pipeline. just days after authorities removed protesters from the area, the company building that pipeline says oil could be flowing in less than two weeks.
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workers have finished drilling and are now preparing to lay pipe under the missouri river reservoir. they say the pipeline threatens their drinking water and cultural sites. let's check out northern pennsylvania where a food pantry is deciding what to do after squun someone stole their delivery truck. video shows another truck parks near by and hops in the truck and takes off. the truck left behind was also stolen. doctors in the lehigh valley are seeing a new trend as they fight the opioid epidemic. they say it can be deadly. patients unable to get prescription bills are resorting to over-the-counter medicine like imodium are using that to
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get high. two patients were recently admitted with erratic heartbeats and near death. >> going up and down, up and down, dizziness, lightheadedness, dizziness like they were going to pass out. >> at first she denied it but then he said, know e what causes this and she finally admitted to it. >> in normal dosages the drug is says but families should be on the lookout for excessive use. jcpenney is getting ready to close dozens of stores across the country. nbc 10's drew smith checked with experts to say traditional stores will have to adapt to the times but it's not a total decline. >> reporter: jcpenney is planning to close 14% of its stores. the full list is coming next month. but according to reports, the owners of the willow grove mall are already planning for a
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vacancy. this follows macy's and sears in this trend facing online competition. >> i shop online all the time. >> online shopping has made it easy to avoid the mall. there are tons of options and it only takes minutes to order. give it a couple of days to ship and the product is right on your doorstep. you never had to leave your house. so now physical stores are looking to offer you things you can't find in a box. >> in some of the malls in particular, we've seen strategies continue to include more restaurant concepts but bowling alleys and movie theaters. >> reporter: lauren gilchrist is a researcher. she said as malls shift away from anchor stores there is an opportunity to reuse that space for homes, offices, and industrial space. >> it's an opportunity to drive traffic to the retail that already exists. >> reporter: so the mall suspect going anywhere, but yo can
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expect new stores and strategies. drew smith, "nbc 10 news." and if you're heading out today, take a look at our check list. this is a day when you see a lot. a, you need layers. this morning you won't even need a jacket. we're in the 50s, 60s, 70s. but by tonight you will need a jacket. so prep for that. if you want to be outdoors, you can but make sure to have plans to be indoors because rain showers and thunderstorms will move in. sunglasses, you can just leave at home. really there will be breaks o sun in the morning. but otherwise plenty of clouds. gloves and scarves. you don't need it this morning. you doend need it this afternoon. that's something you will need if you have those evening plans as the cooldown moves in. here are the temperatures in
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your philadelphia neighborhoods. pen sports sitting at 57. upp eper 50s, low 60s. going to mack their way o the low 70s by early h afternoon. along the jersey shore, we've got the moderating effect. we're in 47 in upper township. 50 forly city and a little warmer for the current temperatures that begin your day. looking at ray tar and satellite, we even been checking on this all morning long. we've got that line of rain and thunderstorms creeping through western pennsylvania and it's going to make its way to us as we get about mid afternoon through the early evening hours. then it moves on out. here it is hour by hour. the clouds, peaks of sun yu see breaking through at about 3:00 in afternoon. baltimore through berks down tichlt it indicates the thunderstorms that start tracking along, stretching along the board. the reds are concerning.
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that's where we could see damaging winds. can't rule that out. they'll be scattered in nature. if you've about got patio furniture in backyard, put this on through. it's not long-lasting rain. then it's out overnight and we're left with more clear conditions into your sunday. these are the highs for the early part of your day before the drop adjustment low 70s in philadelphia and upper 60s through the is suburbs. 57, ocean city. look at the drop-off for the highs. then we start to climb again, 56, monday, low to mid-50s tuesday. showers and a drop-off cooldown into your new england weekend. 6:22 on this saturday. 57 degrees outside. the flyers and the penguins will
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face off tonight outside, but the bigger contest may be at the concession stands. we'll tell you about the fry war between philly and pittsburgh that will have fans in both cities loosening their belts.
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tonight the flyers and penguins face off right leer on n nbc 10. you're looking at them plays here. the temperature hit 70 trees. krystal klei tells us that the weather will cool down and there is a chan of rain. "let's take it outside" with john clark and keith right here on nbc 10. the philadelphia fb hockey rivalry will also be a food fight. aramark has created a special menu featurie ining dueling fry stack. breaded chicken, smoked gouda, bacon, and onions on top of french fries. on the right, steel city pot
6:27 am
roast fry stack. fries stacked with pot roast, gravy, and cheese. these young singers are gearing up for a big performance today at the johnson house in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. members of the boy's choir, pa girlss choir rehearsed e ed tod "the good rise up." it's decision day and nbc 10's matt due lee shah is live at a polling place in newark. hi, matt. >> hi, rosemary. it's not tuesday. it's saturday. it's a special election in parts of delaware. we'll explain why so much money and attention is being focused on this one race. and temperatures may be mild right now, but we've got big
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changes for your afternoon. we're tracking thunderstorms in our forecast. we'll look at when they hit. a live look outside center city show as light breeze that will turn windy today. the details on all of it coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds,
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man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. we are tracking storms for your saturday. you can see the rain on first alert radar heading your way. we'll fill you in on the timing. a woman is left bleeding in the street hit by a hit-and-run driver. we'll tell you about the clues police are looking at to catch the person responsible. hiding the dough under the dough, how the judge says the owners of the famous shores pizza place, manco & manco hid thousands of dollars from the government. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 6:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the weather. krystal? >> it's really the day of change. we've been call about for it ending on a cooler and rainy note. here are the temperatures. really impressive numbers. much warmer than typical. no surprise. 57 in philadelphia, 52 in wilmington, allentown sitting at 51. and 51 in atlantic city. the temperatures will continue to climb, some of us back in low 70s. but then we have the deal with this moving in. the rain starting to move in past p.a. it's starting to move in past%. what's going to happen, it will pass in. for us, it's late afternoon and early evening that rain will pass through. here's what we expect. the warm air we have now, you
6:32 am
see. the back cold front knocked out the cold air and brings us thunderstorms through the area with cooler air in behind the front. what we're looking at is by 4:00 to 5:00, a big change in the forecast. stronger winds, rainy conditions, and overnight into tomorrow, cooler temperatures with winds still holding on, making it feel even colder, feechbl feeling like winter. we'll talk more about the dip in temperature and the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> new this morning philadelphia police are searching for a hit-and-run driver in feltonville. authoritying say a driver in a white nissan struck a woman just after 1:30 this morning and the driver took off. the woman is in critical condition. philly police are also searching for a person who killed a woman inside her home. a family member discovered the 57-year-old beaten and lying
6:33 am
face down in her living room. according to investigators it appears the woman's killer stole some valuables from her house. there was no forced entry. they're hoping private surveillance cameras will help solve the case. >> let's go to philly where loved ones remember a shooting victim. someone killed christina tostado outside of an exotic dance club. police are offering an award for leads to the shooter. cosby's lawyers are headed to court on monday. yesterday a judge rules that only one additional accuser in the case can test in court. that woman claims cosby drugged her in 1996 at a los angeles hotel. cosby's trial will begin in
6:34 am
jun june. the tax evasion sentence for the owners of the manco & manco pizza chain includes prison time. they gave him 15 months in prison, his wife mair three month months'. they have to pay restitution. they were able to hide the cash delivered to their house covered in pizza dough. they pleaded guilty to charges in 2015. it's a saturday decision day for voters. the polls will soon be opening. nbc 10's matt delucia is follow it for us. matt? >> reporter: and, rosemary, polling is already under way here at mcvay elementary school. it's a big day. it may decide the balance of
6:35 am
power in the delaware state senate. right now there are ten democrats and ten republicans. they're looking at this as the first big test. they're trying to ensure a win. here's one of the ads you might have seen recently. even former joe biden through in his support. this is the race for the 10th district seat. democrat stephanie hansen, republican john marino and libertarian joe lanzen dorfer. they have had control since 2008 and thedom carats have held the senate since the early '70s. polls are expected to open. the tenth district including
6:36 am
middletown, glasgow, and parts of newark. there are about 35,000 registered voters in this district but there are a ht of spots that is getting a bit of national attention as well. again, those polls open in just about 30 minutes from now. live from newark, matt due lee shah, c 10 news. >> thanks a lot, matt. we're learning more details over what happened when prisoners took hostages at a prison. an attorney representing his family along with two correctional officers who survived said they were brutally beating finance hours. also according to the attorney during the 20-hour ordeal inmates lit a blanket on fire and tossed it on joshua wilson and winslow smith. >> smith's injuries, i mean he was beaten from head to toe. i mean literally.
6:37 am
if he were here, he would want to shake your hands but his hands still can't grasp anything. >> the attorneys say the uprising started when the inmates staged a fight after they came back from the yafrmd he insists it was a carefully planned attack. 6:37. what it means if you have a pre-existing condition, how it would be covered. those details are all next.
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welcome back. we're starting with a look at the current temperatures. if you're starting on a morning jog, very nice out there. you to have a nice blanket of
6:40 am
clouds. the sun's picking up. low 60s for parts of the lehigh valley and in delaware, 62. patchy fog. driving shout be fine. also notice the winding are pretty light right now. it ooh going to be a different story by this afternoon. thunderstorms to develop by later in the day and strong winds with them. before that passes, temperatures will make their way to the low 70s. low 70s for new jersey, mid to upper 60s in lehigh valley and 68. that's the forecast high. some spots may make it to 70 as well. so there are the storms right now. they're just starting to pass through western pennsylvania. you see rain coming down. that's going to be moving in our direction as we get into the afternoon. although currently we have clouds across the region. this is an impressive temperature trend. we pick up to 73 on thursday and
6:41 am
70 for yesterday which, by the way, tied a record for warmth in philadelphia. the average is down to 64. take a look. still up to 72. then there is a big drop for your sunday. only a high of 46 which is perfectly average. we'll talk more about that drop coming up in a few minutes. tonight, a new miss philadelphia will be crowned. the 96th anniversary pa jinlt will be held. 15 contestants are vying for the title. they'll try to win over the judges for talent, evening gown, and competition. it was in 2015 that our own traffic reporter francesca was a winner. >> were they able to step it up against the witz ards? we've got it all for you in your
6:42 am
saturday morning sports. this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. this morning we're getting a look at the republican plan that would repeal many parts of the affordable care act otherwise known as the obamacare act. it calls for expanding tax credit and help with savings for individuals. it would cut federal spending on tax incentives and medicaid. it would provide you to have health insurance and the legislation would cut federal funding to planned parenthood. today rallies supporting the
6:45 am
affordable care act is set for 12:30. bob casey of pennsylvania will be featured as a speaker at the event. republicans in congress and president trump have promised to repeal and replace the aca. take a live look at cape may, new jersey. we have some clouds in place across the region. but seeing sun as well this morning. clouds are going to thicken up as we head into the afternoon. that's when we'll start to see showers and thunderstorms develop. the first half of the day, looks really good. later today it will be a little soggy out there. temperatures are in the berks county area. hopewell at 68. we track a little farther along, 60 for whitehall, 59 for allentown and bath the same. upper 50s for the current
6:46 am
temperature reading. going to make its way in the mid to upper 60s. yesterday, by the way, we saw upper 70s in parts of the lehigh valley, setting records across the board. not going to be quite as warm tofrmtd so right now it's some clouds. you can see a live look as we head out the door. that's not going to be the case. there's the rain we have our eye on. we have been warning about this for a week strachlt we knew this was coming. warm air in front of it, cold air behind it. that's what's going to happen. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. clouds around 6:30 in the morning. they're showing more cloud coverage than i think is right. some clouds. notice that the rainy afternoon. now we have that cold front creeping in. the heavier rain develops.
6:47 am
lehigh through bucks county into kent county. those are the scattered thunderstorms that could have strength to them to turn severe. that means damaging winds moving through, small hail can't be ruled out. it will be moving out. off the shore entirely leaving us with clear e conditions for your sunday, which also lead to colder conditions. winds will be a factor in this. you see from 6:00 a.m. through to your afternoon, 3:00 p.m., gusts at 35 to 40mile-per-hour gusts roughly in the forecast. those continue. 25 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts which will make it feel colder than it truly is. there you go. even into tomorrow morning you
6:48 am
see 25 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts meaning it's windy for your sunday, feeling like a cold one. take a look at the temperature difference. 70 osen the board today. only mid to upper 40s. we'll talk about your ten-day forecast coming up. hey, hey, good morning. happy safrmd i'm danny pommells from csn. sixers back on the court for the first time since the all-star break hosting the wizards. and stopping washington means slowing down this guy, john wall. this is not slowing them down. thunderous dunk over the player. he was two rebounds short of a triple-double. this gentleman, roshon jones, 12-10. now, earlier in the day
6:49 am
sixers' president brian colangelo said simmons will not play at all this saturday oomz. the fracture in his right foot has not fully healed. >> it does continue to, you know, i guess progress appropriately, but at a slower pace than what anyone hoped for. he's heartbroken. he wants to play. he wants to be out there. unfortunately that's not going to happen this season. >> well, from the hardwood to the ice, flyers and penguins outdoors. heinz field should be a good one, but have you seen this yesterday? the temperature? a record-high of 76 in pittsburgh. the wind may pick up and there's a chance of rain. so the flyers are playing one of their biggest rivals as well. playing this game outside makes this game even more important. >> it doesn't get any better than this. we all know where we're at in the standings.
6:50 am
>> you've about got to pinch yourself a little bit. it's definitely pretty cool to see. >> i've been playing since i was 3 years old. you go out and try to enjoy the game. you've about got to find a way to love the game and just play with passion. >> exclusive like a velvet road. that's what we have today right here as nbc 10 with john and keith jones will be out there. game time is at 8:00 on nbc 10. have a look. alec asher towing the slab for the yankees. a first inning jack no doubt. asher, two innings. we go to the ninth. cameron perkins leading the hard knock live, 2 for 2. they take it on the chin, 9/4. meanwhile the phillies host the yankees today. you can see the game on csn at
6:51 am
1:00. that's a look at sports. danny pommells, csn. coming up at 7:00, the "today" show. we check in with melvin jones to find out what's next. hey, guys. >> where are you going, rosemary? we hear you. >> can you seal us? >> yes. tell us what's going on. >> okay. well, coming up on this saturday morning. first of all, 28 million are under a severe weather threat this morning as a deadly winter storm makes its way east after wreaking havoc for millions in the midwest. the unusual springlike conditions here quickly coming to an end. also ahead, the president facing another hurdle in his attempt to impose the controversial travel ban. the very agency responsible for supporting it now claims that's an incidecidental threat of it. the fbi publicly discredit a national news article. >> are you ready for tonight.
6:52 am
we'll tell you everything you need to know including who we expect to take home the gold. >> those stories and more when we get started very shortly here on a saturday morning here on "today," rosemary. >> all right. i'm back. i'm okay. >> there you are. we were getting worried. >> thanks for that. people around the country remain on giraffe watch this weekend. thousands have been watching this live stream as the injure rafr is expect to give birthday at any time. veterinarians are closely observing the 15-year-old giraffe named april. this will be her fourth calf. we'll be right back.
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dwrourd can give hockey a try for free. they'll be holding clinics for kids. it starts at 8:00, in voorhees, 1:10 this afternoon and in northeast philly it's 4:25. here's a brief flash from the pga toufrmt sean stefani stripped down to his underwear to play a shot from a water hazard in florida today. he stayed dry and ended up with a bogey for a hole. stefani did not make the cut for the tournament but at least he got some national exposure.
6:56 am
pun intended. today the independence visitor center will be honoring black history month at 1:00. the center will hold a program called pennsylvania hall. a new perspective in the fight for freedom. they can learn about the an ridge niece meeting place that stood for three days before being destroyed. that did not stop folks in delaware county to raise money. hundreds attended the homeless for heroes fund-raiser in ridley township. it will be used to find homes for military veterans. a lot going on in our region today. today the weather will cooperate. tomorrow it's going to be colder. >> that's exactly right. we've got this big cooldown ahead. we're going to see it climb through the 60s. this morning. then the afternoon. not long lived but we will have rain and thunderstorms pass through which means gusty conditions.
6:57 am
the cooldown follows. only a high of 46. by the way, it will feel colder. about the upper 20s due to the winds. we do have another warm juned to and whiz. >> that's going to do it for us for now. we'll have an update in about 20 minutes during the "today" show and then we're back for a full hour of news a little bit latter on this morning at 8:30. the "today" show is coming up next. have a good one.
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good morning. wintry blast. a powerful winter storm setting sights on the east coast this morning. a day after pounding the midwest. chaos on the roads. >> semi versus a vehicle. a vehicle under the semi. >> a plane off a runway. heavy knsnow burying millions. today, 28 million under a severe weather threat. high winds to flash floods and possibly tornadoes. we are following it all. travel trouble. hours after a fiery speech from the president. >> we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> a draft document from the department of homeland security leaks to the press stating that peoplero


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