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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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forecast. cold conditions outside followed wicked weather that rolled through the region late yesterday. the storms knocked down trees and power lines. today officials will investigate whether tornadoes touched down in lancaster county. also lawyers for bill cosby are preparing to return to court to argue whether the entertainer's trial should be moved out of montgomery county. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. plenty to get to this morning. let's start with the changes to our weather. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate forecast in the region. krystal, what a difference a day makes. >> we were worried about yesterday, worried a line of thunderstorms would roll through and there could be damage. unfortunately that's what we saw. what we were sure of is the cold air behind the front. take a look at the 24-hour change map. this is comparing yesterday morning to right now. 26 degrees colder in allentown, 16 degrees colder in wilmington
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and 19 degrees colder in philadelphia. 20 for vineland and 15 degrees colder in atlantic city than yesterday at this same time. it feels like winter. 38 in philadelphia and 32 coatesville, dover at 37 degrees. because of winds, it feels colder than it really is. current winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour. 13 atlantic city, 20 at dover air force base and 18 coatesville. in philadelphia right now, 14-mile-per-hour sustained winds. these are the constant winds you notice. they're certainly strong enough that it feels very chilly as you step out the door. you need the coat again today. radar and satellite showing us we have clouds, we are dry. we should stay that way for your sunday. temperatures should be colder by a long shot. yesterday we capped at 73 degrees. today at 46 which is right around average for this time of year. we haven't said that in a week or so.
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we're looking at thoegs. we go through the next few days, another big climb. 58 monday, $64 tuesday, by wednesday now looking at potential of up to 70 degrees. we'll talk more about the warmup neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. today investigators from the national weather service will determine if tornadoes touched down. the hardest hit areas are clay, elizabeth and west co-cal co-township. no reports of anyone hurt oopsz. you may want to call what we went through yesterday a weather whiplash. first it was warm, then the storms rolled in. then the temperature took a plunge. minor flooding on the schuylkill expressway led to a traffic jam and in delaware county or cameras in storm force 10 captured intense rain and hail. people enjoying a taste of spring before the storm were jolted back to the reality of february after it passed. >> it was gorgeous. i don't know what happened.
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the weather just completely changed. >> suppose to be cold and snowy, i kind of like the snow, but it's all rainy, kind of muggy out. >> the change of weather also included a little thunder and lightning. take a look at what it was like driving in those conditions. storm force 10 was on i-295 in cherry hill as pouring rain drenched the highway and slowed traffic. delaware got the rain before new jersey. this is in the sharply neighborhood of north wilmington. sheets of heavy rain swept across streets and lawns. in delaware politics, democrats will keep control of the state senate. yesterday stephanie hansen won the special election. vice president joe biden gave her an early endorsement in the race. nbc 10 was at mcvay elementary school where voters were waiting in line even before the polls opened yesterday morning. the special election fills the senate seat vacated by bethany
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hall-long who is now del were's lieutenant governor. tomorrow in montgomery county bill cosby is expected to appear in a hearing in the sex assault case against him. deanna durante fills us in. >> reporter: the area will look different this time tomorrow as the streets will be shut down for news vehicles. as you take a look, you can see security barriers are already in place for when the comedian arrives here at court. the topic for tomorrow's pretrial hearing is a change in venue. defense lawyers say bill cosby cannot get a fair trial here in montgomery county, and they want the case moved out of this county. cosby is charged with the 2004 sexual assault that prosecutors say happened inside his cheltenham home. they say he gave andrea constand red wine and pills and she was unable to stop his assault.
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the defense fought the case from the start saying cosby should never have been charged in the case and bringing up repeatedly a campaign ad that was made by the now district attorney kevin steel in his race for the office. defense attorneys say in that ad that cosby was branded a sexual predator. that has unfairly tarnished the jury pool here. the defense is asking that the case be moved out of the county, prosecutors have said they wouldn't oppose a jury being brought in from out of county. and whatever happens here, it won't be the defense or prosecutors who decide if the case is moved and where. the judge will make that decision and then the supreme court will decide if the case goes to another county what that county will be. tomorrow will be arguments in the case and the comedian is expected to appear. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the search is on for an armed robber.
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one suspect was called after robbing a store on lancaster avenue in villa nova. another suspect seen running into a wooded area. this morning philadelphia police continue the search for clues after family members found a woman dead inside her port richmond home. detectives returned to mercer street to talk to neighbors and look for evidence. relatives found the 57-year-old victim beetd ten and laying in a pool of blood. electronics were missing from the home. there were no signs of a break-in. and investigators say they didn't find a weapon at the scene. neighbors in disbelief. >> who would do something like that? >> investigators are now hoping surveillance video in nearby homes can help them identify the killer. philly police are also still searching for the driver of a white nissan who struck a woman
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in the city's feltonville neighborhood. investigators say the victim suffered a head injury. at last check she was listed in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive. police in camden are asking for your help to find this man, ice fitzpatrick accused of sexually assaulting a woman. investigators say the suspected convinced her to get her in the car, he then drove the woman to a secluded area, assaulted her and stole money from the victim before she could get away. in camden county, two people are facing charges in connection to a fake report of an abduction. police say they got a report about a man trying to pull a woman into a car in gloucester township. they arrested him and detectives termed there was never an abduction. also arrested, madison garaguso,
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charged with filing a fake police report. a public memorial this afternoon at redding san tandera r arena. he was 87 years old. bosskof ran the retail stores for six decades, credited with coming out of are retirement in 2008 to save the business from bankruptcy. he also helped to fund reading programs and the arts in our area. coming up, a celebration shattered in new orleans when a car plows into a crowd watching a mardi gras parade. we'll update what police are revealing about the person they have in custody. overseas investigators track down and shoot a man who rammed a car into a group of people in germany. now police are trying to figure out exactly why he did it. (avo) this holiday...
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welcome back. live look outside philadelphia. this is a view from center city. still pretty dark. you can see the sun starting to creep into the shot under that layer of clouds. as the sun starts to comp, usually we're starting to pick up temperatures to the 60s and 70s. not today. today we'll stay right around average in the 40s for your afternoon highs. you can tell it's cold air because instead of seeing green on radar to our northwest which is where the winds are coming from, we see the whites and the purples. that indicates that colder air mass is slipping into our area. not likely we'll see much in terms of wintery precip aside from maybe a flurry that moves through parts of the poconos. otherwise we stay dry for today. we feel cold. feels-like temperatures, upper 20s this morning. they start climbing, but not be a lot. upper 30s at 3:30 in the afternoon. as we start to go into the evening hours, they drop right back down, feeling like 32 in
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philadelphia, by so:00 at night and even into tomorrow morning. still feeling right around freezing for your temperatures, and even your actual temperatures are going to be just a few degrees warmer than this. so we've got cold air, now that it's affecting us as we move forward, we'll start seeing the temperature climb. even monday afternoon the temperature starts to climb and continues to do so tuesday and wednesday as well. things are, tuesday and wednesday yet again we have moisture pushing in. chances of rain uptick tuesday and wednesday. you can see that philadelphia through dover, redding, atlantic city. we'll talk about the potential for thunderstorms coming up. today new septa transit schedules go into effect. they include expanding route 2 bus service. also route 44 buses will begin making extra evening trips. tomorrow's service on horsham brief bus will be split into two to handle more riders. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," heavy equipment doing a delicate job is part of a
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program to keir shore birds safe. we'll explain.
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this morning 28 people are hurt after a truck plowed into a crowd in a parade in new orleans. five of those victims have serious injuries. police have the driver in custody. they believe he was drunk at the time of the crash. the accident happened during one of the busiest nights of mardi gras. overseas in germany, police there say they have no indication terrorism was the motive for a driver who plowed his car into a crowd of people, killing one man. the suspect is a 35-year-old german man who was driving a rental car. after plowing into the crowd in heidelberg the man was seen getting out of the car with a knife. police shot the suspect. a 73-year-old german man was struck by the car and later died at the hospital. two other people suffered minor
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injuries. rutgers university police are asking students to stay alert and aware of their surroundings following two separate violent incidents near the main campus in new brunswick. a man was stabbed during a robbery and later died. two others were wounded in a shooting. both crimes happened within a mile of the university. overhauling medicaid has been a very hot topic at the national governors meeting in washington. gop governors say they will ask congress to give states more flexibility in doling out health coverage to lower income recipients. democratic governors claim republicans want to underserve the poor so the rich can get tax cuts. tomorrow the governors will be meeting with president trump and congressional leaders. republican congressman darrell issa of california says he wants a special prosecutor to investigate russia's alleged involvement in the president election. issa says president trump's attorney general and former
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surrogate jeff sessions should not lead the investigation. the president has denied that anyone on his campaign team had contact with russian officials before the election. today vice president mike pence will wrap up his visit to las vegas. on friday night the vice president spoke to a group of jewish republicans. he told them america's bond with israel has grown stronger under the trump administration. the vice president also said the administration is committed to achieving peace between israel and the palestinians. >> the president said any agreement must be reached by both sides, and where there will undoubtedly have to be compromises, know this, the trump administration will never compromise the safety and security of the jewish state of israel. >> pence added that the white house is still looking at whether to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. dropping enrollment and a lack of funding could soon shut down some schools in pennsylvania's university
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system. 14 schools are in the system, four of those universities are in our area. cheney, westchester, kutztown and millersville. recommendations may include closings, but others could involve consolidating degree programs and creating new marketing. investors make a snap judgment and auto sales in the fast lane. that's ahead on wall street. cnbc's seema modi gives us a preview. >> we'll find out how wall street feels about snap chat. the stock expected to price on wednesday and begin trading on thursday. following a mixed bag of earnings for retailers in resented weeks, the latest numbers from target on tuesday. analysts think stores open at least a year, see a sales drop 1.4% from a year ago. economic reports on the housing market are ahead. a measure of home contracts
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signed but not yet closed and the case-shiller report on home prices is out on tuesday. will auto sales continue the recent momentum. we'll find out on wednesday. predicts a 1% decline. wolverine returns to the screen next weekend as "logan" is released. hugh jackman is back. i'm seema modi, get all your business news on cnbc. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. let's begin with another look at sunrise in cape may, new jersey. you can see the areas lit, looking very nice at the shore. it's also cooler than just yesterday morning at this exact same time because of that cold front to move through and cause all that damage as well yesterday. now we are dry, but colder. take a look at the temperatures along berks county neighborhood. 32 degrees in fleetwood.
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blandon 34. we go over to the lehigh valley where there's considerable damage in spots. allentown 34 degrees. nazareth at 34 and bethlehem 35 degrees for the current temperature. these will start to climb but not by a lot. low to mid 40s for forecast high temperatures later today. in new jersey, about the same. mid to upper 30s, 37 in turnersvil turnersville. 35 in atco. 35 for the temperature reading right now in princeton. here is a look at our radar and satellite views. we have clouds starting to move across the region. not thick cloud coverage, not producing a lot of storm activity. instead, we want to stay dry today aside from possibly a few flakes in the poconos. otherwise, dry forecast and mostly sunny as we get into the afternoon with upper level clouds thinning out. more clouds building on monday and chances of rain by tuesday.
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today is the dip. 46 but then back up monday by 58. 64 by tuesday. i bump these numbers up because most of our model projections are starting to climb. we've been running warmer than models for the last couple weeks. i wanted to tweak those values to see we're getting closer to the 60s monday into tuesday. in the suburbs about the same. the chance of rain, also looking at showers through the lehigh valley at 57 degrees. in new jersey, 47 for the temperature today, 56 monday and 62 by tuesday. we'll be cooler at the short like we saw this past week. the ocean gives us the moderating effect. rig 46 today, monday at 51, tuesday 55. delaware up to 61 with showers by this coming tuesday. hour-by-hour today, mostly clear conditions, some high level clouds that roll by at 3:00 in
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the afternoon. mostly clear into the night as well with increasing clouds as we go into your monday ahead of the chance of rain tuesday. thunderstorms possible wednesday. this morning there is a new miss philadelphia. 22-year-old nia andrews was crowned at drexel university last night. her platform as miss philadelphia will be to bring awareness to premature birth and the need to support the families of those babies. can "moonlight" outshine "la la land"? we'll get an oscar preview next.
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we are just hours away from hollywood's biggest night. stars will walk the red carpet for the 89th annual academy awards. jimmy kimmel will host the show.
6:25 am
"la la land" is going into the oscars with a record tieing numbers of nominations. could there be upsets? nbc's mike wilbert takes a look at thisier's oscar predictions. >> reporter: "la la land" tops the oscar list for best picture. "moonlight" shines as a possible contender. "hidden figures" was a surprise hit at the box office and went on to win the s.a.g. award for best ensemble. ♪ >> reporter: emma stone has already nabbed several statues this year for "la la land" and is favored to add hollywood's top honor on oscar night. at this point any other win would be considered a big upset in the race. >> reporter: it looked like casey affleck's year for manchester by the sea. but denzel washington has been gaining momentum. he nabbed the s.a.g. award and
6:26 am
it's going to be a close call. >> move out of the way so the mankind -- >> reporter: viola davis is almost a sure bet for best supporting actress. she swept the award season and is expected to continue her winning streak on oscar night. >> reporter: ali expected to walk away with best supporting actor. "la la land's" damian cha sel for best director and best original screenplay expected. disney's "siozootopia." utility workers in monmouth in ocean county have been working to move osprey nests from electric polls. if the nest accidentally trips a line, it can pose a danger to the birds and the power supply. the utility workers volunteered their time yesterday because one of their sons took on the mission to relocate the birds as
6:27 am
part of an eagle scout project. were dressed to impress for carnival celebrations this weekend. the annual pet parade attracted hundreds of dogs of all breeds. they put their best paw forward, dressed as everything from superheroes to clowns and cowboys. 6:27 on this sunday. bill cosby heads back to court tomorrow. deanna durante is looking ahead to what the comedian's lawyers are asking for now. deanna? >> reporter: the lawyers say he can't get a fair trial here in montgomery county, so they want the case moved. we've got that story for you coming up. you can tell from that live shot with deanna, windy conditions, gusts to 26 miles per hour. it's cold. 38. temperature feeling even cooler. a live look outside cape may. we'll talk about what it's doing right now and the days to come.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," communities are waking up to storm damage and flooding brought on by yesterday's severe weather. those storms ushered in the big chill we're feeling this morning. this is a live look at south philadelphia. a bit windy out there. we thought we left winter behind us. it's back. also ahead this morning, president donald trump says he will skip an annual tradition. we'll have the response from the white house correspondents association. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. it's a big chill out there. definitely feel the difference this time today compared to yesterday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all for us. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> last couple days you were wearing the jacket you had broken out back in october. now you have to break back out
6:31 am
the winter coats. it feels very cold out there this morning, especially compared to yesterday. feels like temperatures 14, lancaster 23, 24 for pottstown, philadelphia at 29 for the current feels-like. trenton at 29, atlantic city 28 and dover 27 degrees. getting out the door right now, you're going to notice a difference. the thing is, today we won't warm up like we have the last few days. even in the afternoon you will certainly feel the difference with that colder air that's now settled into our region. current wind gusts. some of us aren't reporting right now, that means the winds aren't quite as strong, allentown and coatesville, 25 to 35 miles per hour. 25 in dover and 20 in wildwood. but we are going to see those gusts continue as we get through the afternoon which means the feels-like or windchill conditions, they last through the afternoon. radar and satellite, high level clouds right now, starting to spres across the region. still in the forecast today, a
6:32 am
mostly to partly sunny day. meaning we will see sunshine, it won't be doing much to help warm us up. here is a look at the climb over the next several hours. 38 right now, 39 at 9:00 a.m., low 40s by noon, with winds at about 16 miles per hour and gusts still stronger. we'll talk about those wind speeds for your afternoon and look more closely at your neighborhood forecast today. the same storm system that hit us caused flooding amd and damage in northeastern pennsylvania. this is from lucerne county. heavy rain and high water there. the flooding uprooted trees, causing some of them to fall into roads, homes and power lines. in fleetwood berks county, several polls caes came down du the storm. route 662 will be closed for the next two days because of downed poelgs. they're working on replacing them.
6:33 am
i would not want to be driving through this. yesterday's storm brought some hail to our area. storm force 10 was in delaware county when the heavy rain and hailstones pelted the windshield. new this morning, police investigating a shooting at a south philadelphia nightclub that wounded one woman. the victim was hit in the shoulder and the leg at club onyx on columbus boulevard. investigators say a man ran from the scene. no arrests yet in this case. the victim is recovering at jefferson hospital. tomorrow bill cosby and his attorneys will return to court in montgomery county. that's where nbc 10's deanna durante is live this morning to tell us about the hearing coming up. >> reporter: the defense attorneys for bill cosby say he can't get a fair trial here in montgomery county and they can't find an impartial jury here. so they're going to ask a judge to take this case out of county. comedian bill cosby has appeared at all his pretrial hearings,
6:34 am
most recently, the 13 claim to have n be assaulted by bill cosby. some accusers have accounts that date back to the late 1960s. in the end the judge is allowing only one won would ma man to testify. the woman claims cosby forced her to take a pill and she was offered red wine. some say the woman's account is similar to that of andrea constand, the woman at the center of this sexual assault case. she claims cosby assaulted her in 2004 in his cheltenham home after she drank red wine and took pills cosby offered her. in 20 o 5 the district attorney declined then to prosecute cosby. but the case was given new life after a flood of women came forward. in a battle for district attorney, the eventual winner used the cosby case in his campaign add. kevin steal branded cosby a sexual predator, and the defense says the international headlines and this add are only some of
6:35 am
the reasons why the case should be moved out of montgomery county. if the judge sides with the defense on this, it won't be up to prosecutors or defense to determine where the case goes to. that decision will be made by the pennsylvania supreme court. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. democrats have a new national chairman. tom perez was president obama's former labor secretary. yesterday party officials chose him over minnesota congressman keith ellison who will be the deputy chairman. perez is the dnc's first latino chairman, he pledged to rebuild the democratic party at the state and local level. he also vowed his party will wage an all-out battle to deny president trump a second term. yesterday the president reacted tweeting, quote, congratulations to thomas perez.
6:36 am
perez responded with his own team, call me tom and don't get me too happy. keith ellison and i and democrats united across the country will be your worst nightmare. in another tweet president trump posted he will not be attending the white house correspondents dinner this year. the annual dinner is the nearly century old tradition and usually involves a master of ceremonies, a comedian roasting the president: the president gelgts to respond with his own jokes. recently president trump declared the press, quote, the enemy of the american people. his feud heightened on friday when his press secretary barred several media outlets from a news briefing. plz will be the first president to skip the event in more than 30 years. last night the white house correspondents association did respond saying it will still have the dinner in april without the president. a little later this morning on "meet the press" town hall politics will be a top issue. moderator chuck todd will sit down exclusively with arkansas senator tom cotton.
6:37 am
he'll also be talking with the democratic national chairman tom perez at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. back to the turning giroux, scores! >> the flyers fought very hard but could not pull out a win over their cross state rivals. they took on the pittsburgh penguins in an outdoor game shown right here on nbc 10. the pens prevailed 4-2. there were plenty of flyers faithful among the sellout crowd. they dressed in their orange and black in their jerseys, made the six-hour drive to steel city. flyers fans say they got a mixed reception from people in pittsburgh. >> there have been a couple of mishaps, but just as many nice people as mean people. >> 80% of them are pretty nice. >> and the other 20? >> the other 20 are not so nice. >> we asked nhl commissioner
6:38 am
gary bettman about the next flyers' outdoor game, he says it could happen at citizens bank park or penn state's beaver stadium. we'll keep you posted. a state lawmaker reaching out to the muslim community organizing a form called where we go from here. we'll take you there after the break. plus a fight to save a beloved mural in philadelphia.
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welcome back. here is a live look outside our neighborhood. you can see the sun now coming up. temperatures not like they were yesterday. we don't have 50s, 60s on the
6:41 am
board. we've got 30s, some of us at freezing. 38 in philadelphia. parts of the pennsylvania suburbs now at 32 degrees. 37 in new jersey and mid 30s for the lehigh valley. delaware as well, mid 30s for the current temperatures with winds up to 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts are a little stronger. that occurs for the rest of today, making it feel colder than it is. only at 38 for the feels-like temperature by 3:00 in the afternoon in philly. in the suburbs, right at freezing. that's what we feel like near lunch hour today in the suburbs and nearly the same for the lehigh valley. good news, it is mostly sunny. we don't have to worry about thunderstorms. it should be a dry to mostly dry forecast. 35 the feels-like temperature at noon. delaware by 3:00 in the afternoon. in new jersey the same and along the shore. 34 the feels-like temperature at noon. 36 by 3:00 in the afternoon and staying dry. in the days to come, though, we
6:42 am
track those chances of rain and a warmup. we'll look at the ten-day coming up. coming up in sports, the sixers and knicks go down to the wire in new york. we'll show you the highlights. plus outside in pittsburgh, the flyers did their very best in rival territory, came up short. we'll show you more from the game next.
6:43 am
6:44 am
president donald trump's controversial ban from seven mostly muslim countries remains on hold. the president is expected to issue a new executive order possibly as soon as this week. we'll stay on top of it. this weekend, a pennsylvania state lawmaker is showing solidarity with the local muslim community. democratic state representative
6:45 am
chris rabb held a community forum called where do we go from here. rabb says he specifically chose a mosque at this location because he wanted to show philadelphians stand with our muslim neighbors. >> any concern people have about what's happening in the oval office, you can multiply that times ten in terms of how quickly things can turn and impact the lives of those most vulnerable. >> rabb says he wants people to be able to talk to state and local officials so everyone can work together. some of the same people who marched in the massive women's rally in philadelphia last month are now defending the affordable care act. repeal and replacement of the aca could have a devastating effect on millions of americans. members of philadelphia's puerto rican community are calling for a beloved mural to be restored after it was vandalized.
6:46 am
lady liberty with the puerto rican flag draped over here, nbc 10 was at a rally at 17th and mt. vernon streets where the mural has adorned that corner for 40 years. somebody defaced it earlier this month. >> this mural sits in the middle of what used to be the largest and oldest puerto rican community in the state of pennsylvania. that history cannot be erased. >> community members are asking the developer who owns the building to restore the mural. 6:46 on this sunday. look at this picture behind me. that sun coming up. looks like it's going to be a great day outside, yes, in terms of not having any rain or storms rolling through, but crystal, it's going to be a touch cooler. >> i got kind of spoiled last weekend, we had 70s, yesterday we had them before the storms rolled through. now that the storms have passed, the cold air has settled. you wouldn't be able to tell from this live view outside cape may. had to show this off again. the beautiful sunrise view so
6:47 am
bright and sunny, still clear right along the shore. weave had a nice layer of clouds kind of build in over areas like philadelphia. still a very beautiful view of the sun reflecting off the buildings. gorgeous shot this morning. unfortunately it doesn't feel gorgeous. temperatures in the 30s, feels-like temperatures mostly in the upper 20s. here are jersey shore neighborhood temperatures. 36 cape may courthouse and dennis township, 37 atlantic city. 35 at harbor towns ship. maze landing at 32 degrees. let's jump to our philadelphia neighborhoods. 38 in society hill and port richmond at 39. 36 for west mt. airy and philadelphia international airport 38 degrees. it feels colder than it actually is because the winds are up 10 to 20 miles per hour sustained winds, gusts a little higher. radar and satellite is showing us what i was talking about. it's clear along the shore. if you can see the gray color that extends for the rest of the
6:48 am
viewing zone, that's where the clouds are. there should be sun that mixes through, especially as we get into the afternoon. some of us mostly sunny as we drop through the shore, actually a pretty nice day if if not for the fact that it weren't so much colder than yesterday. somerton at 45. mid 40s for the suburbs and the lee lie valley low to mid 40s for the high temperatures. that's all we get today. looking at colder air that's moved in from the northwest behind that front. in new jersey 45 degrees. trenton along the shore we've got mid to upper 40s. that's the same in delaware, wilmington with a forecast high of 48 degrees. wind gusts this morning right around 30 miles per hour are the potential max. later part of the day, 25 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts in the forecast. we are windy. windy enough that it feels colder than it truly is. highs forecast in the mid 40s. feels-like temperatures mostly
6:49 am
upper 30s to 40 degrees. that's in the afternoon. winds start to weaken, but still breezy overnight even into tomorrow. i would not be surprised by breezy conditions. here is a look at the ten-day on 10. 46 temp for sunday. monday up to 58. there's the climb, 64. by wednesday up to 70 possible. notice we bring back the moisture. there's the problem again. you get spring-like storms. thunderstorms possible for your wednesday. windy into your thursday as we cool back down. look at friday. there's a chance of some morning rain-snow mixing that would just be for a brief part of your friday with 43 the high. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning. hope you're enjoying your sunday. i'm danny pommells from csn. the flyers and penguins took the rivalry outdoors in pittsburgh.
6:50 am
flyers needed to focus on the much important two points at stake. let's pick it up first period. sidney crosby gets behind the defense. forget about it. bad news, easy goal. penguins up 1-0. second period. brandon manning may be hearing for this hit on jake guentzel who didn't even touch the puck. later flyers down 2-0. they cut it in half. jake voracek stuffs one home. less than two minutes into the period, chris kunitz in the third gives pittsburgh another two-goal lead. the penguins double up on the flyers winning 4-2. john clark has more from heinz field. >> reporter: the flyers say it was an adjustment for them in the first period with the win. wayne simmonds says it was more of a swirling win, but then they got into the game. in fact, they outshot the penguins 38-29. more shots, same result. a loss. they have lost 7 of 9 games with just 13 goals in those nine games. a lot of the flyers are going
6:51 am
from frustrated to angry. >> didn't score too many again. it's simple. it's hard to win a game when you only score four goals. we had the opportunity. it's getting old. as long as you don't find a way to win the game, nobody cares. >> it's deflating. we can get sad for ourselves all we want, but we can not let it happen. they get bounces. we can say it's lucky, but it keeps happening. >> got to have a short memory, whether it's a good game or bad game. it's what have you done for us lately. >> shane scored his first goal in exactly three months and his second power play of the season. he seems to be turning things around. at heinz field in pittsburgh, i'm john clark, csn. how about the sixers in new york to face the knicks. sixers could jump over them in the standings. missing porzingis with a sprained ankle.
6:52 am
third quarter, carmelo anthony doing what he does, scoring the rock inside to put the knicks up 167. dario saric to t.j. mcconnell cuts the lead to one. jalil okafor was a man about his business, give the sixers the lead with under ten ticks left. the sixers could not stop melo when it mattered most, his 36th and 37th point with robert covington's hand in his face. he wins it for new york, 110-109. to the college ranks, senior day on the mainline, home game for kris jenkins, josh hart and the injured darrell reynolds. nova hosting crayton. second half, jalen brunson driving the dish to kris jenkins, liquid from outside, wildcats from outside. donte difficult vincenzo, no. 2 of 16, eric pascal putting the finishing touches on this. 19, season high.
6:53 am
nova wins 79-63, locks up the number one seed in the big east tournament. >> owls hosting dulaine. the final 15 seconds. alton junior comes up empty on the drive and ties it to send it into o.t. at 65. malik morgan is cooler than a polar bear's toenails from deep at the buzzer. tied at 71. chiz alton, junior, help the owls get to victory. scored the first seven points in the second ot. eight free-throws, 11 of his 25 for alton, junior. owls win. phillies grapefruit league homeowner, franco can swing the baseball bat. good-bye. he also had an inside-the-park home run to go with the conventional zinger.
6:54 am
bottom nine, tied at five. brock scored roman quinn from second base. phillies walk off with the victory 6-5. that is your look at sports this sunday morning. thanks for watching, i'm danny pommells.
6:55 am
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today brides-to-be can go to
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brew works, attendees can talk with more than 60 bridal and event vendors as they plan their big day. in south jersey, the flyers of the future got to play hockey for free weekend. the rink at the skate zone in voorhees was open to families, a chance for kids to skate on the same ice as the professionals play on. in south jersey wine lovers got to sip and sample selections from south jersey wineries while exploring hat den field's boutiques. retailers in the downtown area join together for the wine tasting. 6:57 on this sunday. parts of our region are cleaning up because of storm damage this morning after that wicked weather rolled through. in one spot the national weather service will be out to check today to see if any tornadoes touched down. meteorologist krystal klei is following the aftermath of yesterday's weather.
6:58 am
>> it was all part of the same system that passed through, a cold front. now we're dealing with the colder air which means an average winter day. we'll talk about forecast highs and the clouds moving in. will they bring us anymore rain? the details coming up.
6:59 am
7:00 am
the cold winds are blowing this morning. you can see the flags whipping in the winds. we'll tell you how long this return to winter will last coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast. adding up the damage, weather teams in lancaster county to determine if a tornado touched down following yesterday's storm. plus an unusual sighting in north jersey. we have the new video of bears that should be hibernating this time of year. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. let's start with the weather. big changes in 24 hours. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate forecast in the region. fill us in. >> huge changes in the last 24 hours. take a look at the map


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