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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 27, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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you're awful. come on. "la la land." >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. >> an oscar flub of epic proportions that even hollywood would find unbelievable. there were also the big winners of the night and a few surprises too. all that while president trump was wining and dining 46 of our nation's governors and previewing a major speech before congress. new details on the drunk driver who cops say blew three times the legal limit, injuring 28 at mardi gras. a teen walks away after surviving a seven-story fall when his car drove off a parking
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garage. saying good-bye to two fan favorites. actor bill paxton gone at just 61. the judge who helped give reality tv its start, "the people's court" judge wapner. "early today" starts now. i'm francis riviera. a night of glitz, glamor and emotional moments at the 89th academy awards. it's being overshadowed by a major screwup. it happened in the final moments of the ceremony when the oscar for best picture was mistakenly given to "la la land" instead of "moonlight." we're live outside the theater in hollywood with those details. jennifer, how could all this happen? >> reporter: well, it was just a mix-up of the envelope. that's what price waterhouse cooper said in a statement they just released. it was the best argument though for watching all the way to the very end. it was a twist that nobody saw coming and it's all anybody's talking about.
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>> "la la land." >> reporter: for several minutes it appeared a best picture win had capped a magical seven oscar night for "la la land." only it didn't. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." you won best picture. >> reporter: during acceptance speeches show producers realized presenters faye dunaway and warren beatty had read from the wrong card. the audience was stunned. so was the "moonlight" team. >> clearly, even in my dreams this could not be true. to hell with dreams, because this is true. >> reporter: the win was "moonlight's" third of the night, including best shoorting actor from herschel ali, the first muslim actor to win an oscar. >> thank you, really appreciate it. peace and blessings. >> reporter: december entitlement the disappointment "la la land" came away with six awards including best director and best actress for emma stone. >> i realize a moment like this is a huge confluence of luck and
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opportunity. >> casey affleck, "manchester by the sea." >> reporter: joining the ranks of best actor winners, casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." >> i'm just dumb founded that i'm included. >> reporter: supporting actress to viola davis for "fences" that also earned her a tony on broadway. >> i became an artist and thank god i did. >> reporter: in between the awards host jimmy kimmel welcomed unsuspecting tourists to the ceremony. he sent a live tweet to president trump. >> is that okay to say? >> reporter: the moment that trump the them all? >> we didn't do this, you guys chose us. thank you for the choice. >> reporter: was the mix-up that gave "moonlight" a best picture win. and i have to add that kevin o'connell won for sound mixing. he won after 21 nominations finally took home the trophy last night. so good for him. i'm jennifer bjorklund live.
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>> jennifer, thank you for that report. the country is watching president trump's performance after his first month in office. a new poll from nbc news/"wall street journal" shows the president with a job approval rating of 44%, aed. low for a newly inaugurated commander in chief. if you break down favorability ratings 84% of democrats hold a negative view of the president. 85% of republicans view him positively. politico is reporting white house press secretary sean spicer has begun random checks of staffers' phones in an effort to crack down on leaks to the media which the president criticized for using unnamed sources within his administration. there is growing debate over whether a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate possible ties between trump campaign officials and russia after one prominent republican in congress called for an outside investigation. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports now from the white house. >> reporter: for the trump white house, one word is an
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instant flash point. russia. >> russia is fake news. this is fake news put out by the media. >> reporter: the president lamented again, russia talk is fake news, put out by the dems and played up by the media in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks. at issue the intelligence community already determined russian hackers did interfere with the 2016 campaign. but still under investigation, did trump campaign associates have improper contacts with figures in russia? the white house said no. >> i think the real easy answer here is that the fbi has already said this story is b.s., those are their words. >> reporter: ratcheting up the tension, friday california republican congressman darrell issa suggested that a special counsel, not the attorney general, should oversee the russia investigation. >> you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine, jeff sessions, who was on the campaign, and who is an appointee. you're going to need to use the special prosecutor's statute and
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office. >> reporter: other republicans disagreed and said a special prosecutor is a step too far. >> the justice department over the course of time has shown itself with the professionals that are there to have the ability to investigate these type of thins. >> briefed by fbi director comey, senator tom cotton says the bureau's work on this is counterintelligence, not a criminal probe. >> there's no allegations of any crime occurring, there's not even indication there's criminal investigations under way bit fbi. >> reporter: after the white house acknowledged it urged the fbi to discredit news reports and chairman of the intelligence committees said they were asked to help as well democrats insist that crosses a line. >> you have seen a flurry of activities that are completely inappropriate. let's have the investigation and find out the truth. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. >> >> there's new information on the suspected drunk driver whose pickup truck plowed through a mardi gras crowd in new orleans saturday. police say 25-year-old neilson
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rizzuto hit 32 people and multiple vehicles before crashing into a dump truck and he blew three times the blood are legal blood alcohol level. a first responder said it was a miracle no one was killed. rizzuto was held on $125,000 bond after being arrested for several charges including two counts of first degree negligent and vehicular injuring. those both carry a maximum sentence of five years in jail. he's not yet entered a plea. movie fans this morning are mourning the death of 61-year-old actor bill paxton. he died this weekend following complications of surgery. paxton played so many memorable roles including a storm chaser in the movie "twister" which inspired a generation of storm chasers. some of those fans in tornado alley paid tribute sunday by spelling out his initials using gps coordinates. nbc's jacob rascon takes a look back. >> reporter: whether he was playing a bit part or commanding
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the lead role, bill paxton left an indelible mark on hollywood. in the 1980s playing characters killed by a terminator. and an alien. rising to fame in the '90s as the passionate storm chaser in the film "twister." >> i think we're going in! >> reporter: and the greedy fortune hunter in "titanic." >> it's payday, boys. >> reporter: paxton also had memorable tv roles including preliminary mist bill henderson in the hbo series "big love." >> i just went to see her. >> you had no right to do that. >> reporter: the texas native witnessed history watching president kennedy giving a speech in ft. worth, the day before the president was assassinated. his family revealed the 61-year-old actor died after an operation saying, it is with heavy hearts we share the news that bill paxton has passed away due to complications from surgery. just two weeks ago, paxton was full of energy on nbc's "last call with carson daly," calling
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himself a working actor. >> you see big stars who work all the time. i've never had that one movie that really put it all together for me. >> reporter: paxton leaves behind two children and louise, his wife of 30 years. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. meanwhile, another star in his own right has passed. judge joseph wapner, who presided over "the people's court" for the show's first 12 years, has died. you may recall he was must-see tv for dustin hoffman's "rain man." >> that's it, you blew it, you together to see your program, it's finished. >> four minutes to was that wapner. >> judge wapner spent 20 years on the bench in los angeles before "the people's court." he was 97 years old. now to the daytona motor speedway. we have here, watch this. >> drivers! start your engines! >> that was actor owen wilson
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who got them going. the crash-filled daytona 500 featured nine cautions and had over three dozen lead changes throughout the 200-lap race. but in the final turn of the race it was kurt busch who passed an out of gas kyle larson to take the 500-mile race. it was busch's first win at daytona in some 16 attempts, so congrats to him and his team. severe thunderstorms and possible tornados are in store this week. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your forecast. what are we looking at now? >> nothing today, frances. it looks pretty quiet. tuesday and wednesday could be very active severe weather days. ending february with a bang. right now steady rains over arkansas and areas near memphis. the worst of the storms will be throughout tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening. this is tomorrow. 25 million people are at risk of severe storms, damage from wind, hail, all the ingredients possible even for tornados too. in this area from little rock to jonesboro to paducah is most at risk. these will continue tuesday night through the overnight through early wednesday morning. 62 million people at risk from the middle of the ohio valley
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all the way to the east coast come wedne nday morning.
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bounty, the quicker picker upper "leading the news," bill owens, father of the navy s.e.a.l. killed during an anti-terror raid in yemen, refused to meet with president trump. owens told "the miami herald" he was at dover air force base to receive his son's casket when he was told the president was coming. owens said he didn't want to see him because his family wanted a private ceremony. he was also troubled by the president's campaign attacks on the kahn family whose army officer son died in iraq. owens is calling for investigation into the raid. a white house spokesperson said the president would support such an investigation. there's controversy in texas after a transgender teenager won the state title for girls wrestling even though the wrestler identifies as a boy. 17-year-old mac beggs is taking testosterone to transition female to male.
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he wanted to wrestle with the boys but state policy forced him to wrestle according to the gender listed on his birth certificate. one parent argued the testosterone gave him an unfair advantage. the suit failed because the state allows wrestlers to use december treason for valid medical reasons. one teen is covering after surviving a seven-story fall in his car. the teenaged driver plummeted from a parking garage and landed upside down on the roof of a hardware store below. firefighters arrived on the scene to find the boy inside the closed car sitting in complete shock, just a few cuts and wounds. it's still unclear why the teen drove off the building. houston fire department's captain says it is amazing he wasn't more seriously injured, god was on his side, he says. just ahead, what's the one thing that all investors are watching this week? we'll have that for you here next on "early today."
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"fast forwarding" into monday. "ed today" show's savannah guthrie returns from maternity leave. president george w. bush will discuss his book "portraits of courage" profiling amazing wounded warriors. vermont senator bernie sanders tweets he and bill nye the science guy will hold a facebook live conversation on climate change this morning at 10:30 eastern.
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stock futures are slightly higher. many investors are a little skittish ahead of president donald trump's big speech tomorrow night. cnbc's nancy hungerford is here with the story, good morning to you. >> good morning. investors will be watching closely that joint address in congress from president donald trump looking for three key things. more information on tax cuts, infrastructure plans, and deregulation agenda. that is what investors want to see because it was another fresh record on wall street on friday. many traders say in order to push these markets higher they want additional information on implementation of donald trump's proposed economic reforms. elsewhere in the world, samsung is making sure not to be outdone by the competition at barcelona's mobile world congress. they had previously said they would not unveil the galaxy s8 at the event but teased audiences with a video of the upcoming device and set a march 29th date for an event to unveil the product in new york city.
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elsewhere, takata could be reversing course and setting up a compensation fund for victims who may have experienced injury due to faulty air bags. this is a report in the "wall street journal" coming as japan japan's takata gets ready to plead guilty to criminal conduct in a detroit court. >> thanks so much for an update, appreciate it. still ahead, jimmy kimmel rounds up oscar nominees for a special edition of "mean tweets." plus how chance the rapper got his fans to get out to the movies this weekend. besides vid. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto.
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oh look at me, i'm ryan gosling, i have perfect bone structure and kind eyes. go [ bleep ] yourself, ryan gosling. >> lin-manuel miranda looks like he's getting a 1996 sitcom with his haircut. >> now is a good time to remind everyone about this dog that looks like tilda swinton. >> i think jeff bridges wears pants a lot less than we all think he does. oh, that's actually true. >> it's even funnier when you read them, as mean as they are, to say they're true, funny. >> jeff bridges doesn't wear pants at all. >> chance the rapper's doing everything in his power to get his fans out, to get out and see get out. the artist saw the newly rele e released film this weekend and loved it so much he bought out an entire chicago movie theet sore people could see it for free. i bought all the tickets to
4:24 am
#getout at chatham theater on 87th. pull up with i.d. and enjoy the movie. >> i did the math, three shows, 300 people in the theater, so about $15,000. but just his passion for what he just saw. because we've thought about that. you get to a movie, you want to call your friends go see the movie! a lot of people saw "get out" this weekend, it dominated the box office. the redefined horror film brought in $30.5 million, beating out "the lego batman" at $19 million. keanu reeves' "john wick 2" in third place, kind of disappointing, only $9 million. >> big weekend for movies and oscar even with the big flub. >> i've got to see "moonlight" now. the game universe sit good-bye to one of its own. this is "early today." great usd car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new
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tell know what it means for where the case will take place. summarize ending. hollywood's biggest night comes with a twist and a lot of confusion when announcing the award for best picture. good morning. nbc 10 today. i'm pamela osborne. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with first alert neighborhood forecast. most accurate forecast in town. bill, feels like feb again. yes, it is cold this morning. nice clear view across delaware.
4:29 am
we will see p sunshine to start with. skies clear overnight, you get colder temperatures. nothing to show you on the radar just yet. to the west, those are the clouds that will be moving in during the day. see some sunshine this morning. start the warming process. we'll get mostly cloudy afternoon. 33 droes right now in philadelphia. look at the 20s for the suburbs and lehigh valley, new jersey 30s. and will 30 in delaware. some sunshine this morning and the clouds coming in 50s this afternoon for delaware and the lehigh valley up to 57 degrees for new jersey and middle 50s for philadelphia area and suburbs as well. i'm brek it down hour by hour, show you when the clouds are moving in when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington, with your first alert traffic. starting off on 95. we have a vehicle fire here. on the northbound side approaching the blue route. actually, looks like the fire has finally been put out. is on right hand shoulder. next part of the lane over on the northbound side.
4:30 am
so, again, this is traffic moving and approaching philadelphia international airport. heading in that direction. traffic is getting by. nothing major at this time. as you can see we have a few lanes getting by. again, 95 northbound approaching the blue route. and also trying to watch route 422. we have a crash there. the vine street expressway is open in both directions. between broad street and schuylkill. no construction there. don't have to worry about alternate. updates on 422 and 95 when i come back. pamela and vai, baa back to you. this morning. growing effort to clean up hundreds of damaged jewish head stones in philadelphia. cemetery over the weekend. investigator are now looking for whoever is responsible. meantime, the anti-defamation league is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and paternal order of police is offering


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