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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. -- >> parking lot assault. a driver takes cover when a stranger opens fire on his car at walmart. we're live with the new details on the gunman. handcuffed and charged. a speeding amtrak engineer in philadelphia's deadly derailment surrenders to charges that he caused a catastrophe. and two-wheeled movement. today commuters ditch cars and trains for a healthier ride to work. it's friday, there's a lot going on. 6:00 a.m., good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for the neighborhood. you're going to ride a bike, it will be nice if you had air conditioning on your bike, you had, bill? >> that one large, heavy, bicycle. a nice breeze, a warm breeze this morning. we're in the 70s now. not bad. look at the sunshine. bright sunshine coming up on easton. the ride home might be even steamier as we're heading back to the low 90s in philadelphia. 68 in philadelphia, 72 in new
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jersey. 68 in the lehigh valley. philadelphia, you see the glow of sunlight on the buildings downtown. 79 at 8:00. 86 and climbing at lunchtime. bright sunshine. it's this afternoon that we could see showers and thunderstorms develop. not expecting an all-day rainfall. scattered showers possible for the suburbs and for philadelphia. reaching into delaware and new jersey, as well. cool, warm, but not 90s for the jersey shore. bright, sunny skies and a late-day shower and thunderstorm is possible there. i'll show when the storms are most likely to pop up in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is looking on a friday morning. jessica boyington with an update. right. we're watching out in cherry hill township now, bill. we have sky force 10 live over top of the scene out on route 70 on the eastbound side. there's a gas main break here. to give you anderson idea of where we are -- you an ideas of where we are, we're seeing activity closing down part of the road in between the wegmans
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and ponzio. we're closed eastbound and detouring traffic. the westbound, maybe a lane or so is closed. right now, traffic is still getting by on the westbound side. every once in a while a car is moving through. at least we know there's not any major backups on the westbound side because of it. the eastbound side is closed. again, here looking at the maps system, you see where it is. between grove street and haddonfield road. this is grove street here. this part is haddonfield. on the part of cherry hill or this side of haddonfield, this road pretty much has two names there. moving from that point on route 70 to kings she where this is closedtosh get around, take haddon avenue. follow the detours they have posted. again, there's not a lot of traffic around the area. maybe a little delay approaching the scene or take route 38 to get by for now. we'll keep sky force 10 to top of that and bring you updates. >> thank you. new from overnight, a man who fired a gun at a county has
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been captured. the driver said he was hit by a shower of flying glass. katy zachry is live in quakertown with more. katy? >> reporter: soon you will hear from the victim about how close he thinks he got to getting shot. first, here are the details that led up to the shooting. the victim's car was pulling out of this quakertown walmart parking lot late yesterday afternoon. the victim tells us a car was right on their bumper trying to get around them. that's when the driver of the car, 32-year-old brandon grosso, pulled a shotgun and fired into the victim's car. the bullet shattered the back windshield. there were two people inside, the victim and his mother. they were stunned and shaken. >> we hear bang. i turn around, i see the window has been shot. glass hit me in the arm.
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>> reporter: the victim went on to see if the shotgun was angled any differently, he feels he would be show. for hours last night, police were in bucks county searching for their suspect. they found him soon after our 11:00 news aired. they found him at this quakertown holliday inn express. that suspect, 32-year-old brandon grosso, richland township police tell us they arrested him last night. they arraigned him overnight. and this morning, he is in custody. for now, reporting live in richland township, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thanks for the update. 6:04. also new, investigators trying to figure out what caused this car to crash into a deli in north philly. you see from sky force 10 the car went up on to the sidewalk at 22nd and cambria streets last night and slammed into the front wall of the deli. one person is recovering from minor injuries. two motorcycle riders are hurt after their bikes crashed in philadelphia around 11:00 last night. it happened on kelly drive near the falls bridge on fairmount
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park. we're working to find out the victim's condition. out on bail. nbc10 was outside court in center city last night moments after amtrak engineer brandon bostian was arraigned on manslaughter charges and released on $81,000 bond. the engineer turned himself in to authorities yesterday. bostian said nothing as authorities handcuffed him on the street and led him into the ninth police district in spring garden. the arrest came two years after his speeding train derailed in port richmond killing eight people and injuring 200 others. investigators say bostian was distracted by radio traffic when he accelerated to twice the speed limit going into a sharp curve. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro told nbc10 why he charged bostian after philadelphia prosecutors decided not to. >> my terrific team in the office of attorney general reviewed all of the facts and the law. we determined the charges were warranted to seek justice for victims of the train crash. >> the philadelphia d.a.'s office said it did not charge bostian because there wasn't enough evidence that he acted
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with conscious disregard. happening today, philadelphia's mayor will reveal his plan to fight the opioid epidemic in the city. mayor kenney will outline recommendation was his opioid task force later this morning. that committee got input from experts and citizens. the task force focused on four areas -- prevention and education, treatment, overdose prevention, and involvement in the criminal justice system. also happening, at&t workers are gearing up for a possible strike. thousands of wireless employees plan to picket company stores across the country this weekend unless they get a new contract. the union is looking for a new deal that addresses health care issues and keeps call centers in the u.s. at&t said it will continue to serve its customers in the event of a walkout. communities members are calling on a councilwoman to halt construction of a power plant in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. the group protested outside the office of councilwoman cindy bass yesterday. they say septa should abandon its plan for a natural gas power
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plant and instead switch to clean, renewable energy. protesters worry about how it will impact the health of those who live nearby. >> at that point we can have a better discussion of whether or not it should actually be rezoned or whether there is another solution. >> council woman bass says that she agrees with her cause, but the zoning is already in place. septa has said in the past that the natural gas plant will save money and have minimal environmental impact on the neighborhood. 6:07. already 73 degrees outside. if you exercise outside, now is the time to do it. the coolest part of the day. live picture from boathouse row. runners, walkers, bikers, everybody doing their thing before it gets steamy later today. >> yeah. look how they're dressed. everybody in t-shirts, workout clothes. you got to dress light. bill? yeah, another hot one today. not as hot as yesterday, but the sun is coming up over frawley
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stadium, and the temperatures will shortly be climbing through the 80s and topping out in the low 90s for wilmington. not quite as hot as yesterday. a bit muggier, too. we'll see sunshine this morning. it's this afternoon that we'll see a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. shouldn't affect the ball game today because there's no ball game today. the next home game is next tuesday. delaware right now, 68 degrees in marshallton. harmony hills, 70. to the south, 70s for felton and ellendale. and for the delaware beaches, 70s will warm into the 80s this afternoon. a warm, dry morning. but this afternoon, some showers and thunderstorms will be in store for parts of our area. ex-secluding the lehigh valley. i think they're less -- excluding the lehigh valley. i think they're less there. you see the activity in the ohio valley. this or that could be heading our way for tomorrow afternoon. not today. 77 at 8:00 this morning. look at the warmup for philadelphia, 86. you'll see clouds building this
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afternoon. isolated showers and thunderstorms in philadelphia possible. 89 degrees at 4:00. i think we'll make it to 90 this afternoon. the suburbs, 83 at lunchtime. 85 with the chance of an isolated shower. spotty for the suburbs. less likely to see showers in the lehigh valley. 70s, we'll see the warmup from the 70s into the 680s today. and in delaware, clouds building in the afternoon. scattered showers, possibly a thunderstorm for delaware and new jersey. eventually at the shore, too. upper 80s for new jersey at 4:00. expected to hit 90 this afternoon while it warms into the 80s for the jersey shore. 80s and 90s today. a big change for the weekend. expect springtime. look at that and beyond when i'm back with the ten day in ten minutes. 6:10. looking at route 70 during rush
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hour, even on a good day it gets congested. >> we've got the gas main break. we've launched sky force 10 and jess has an update. heavily traveled, cherry hill on the eastbound side. maybe little bit better than having it on the westbound side because that's traffic will be moving toward camden or philadelphia. we are losing a lane on the westbound side. we're worried about the eastbound side. that's where it's closed and being detoured. in between grove street or haddonfield road and kings highway. christmas in between wegmans and the ponzio's diner where we're seeing this now. you'll need help getting around it. eastbound will be closed for some time. looking on the maps system, an easier way to see that. this is grove high. this is haddonfield and king highway. to get by the scene, you can take the detours they have posted. it won't be that bad for now. as rush hour is beginning to get into that big time, you might
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not want to do that. you can take haddon avenue to get by. you can also take route 38. that might be a good alternate also. there's a crash in norristown on swede street at markley to watch for. and here's the boulevard. around broad street, both directions look good. normal morning volume. back to you. >> thank you. graduation is supposed to be a happy time. a dark plot was uncovered at a local middle school. >> ahead, the tip that led police to a student hit list. plus, not in my neighborhood. a philadelphia community fights back against a plan to convert this building into a swingers club. and ahead, from sitcoms to board games. the golden girls edition of clue is coming. next, the new spin on the two classics.
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the pennsylvania state fire marshall is investigating a tragedy in millersville county. a longtime groundskeeper was killed after the lawnmower he was riding on caught fire. the groundskeeper was riding near the university stadium when the accident happened. still no word on the cause yet. a philadelphia police officer is under arrest and facing charges from a shooting incident at a crash scene. officer ross scott is accused of opening fire on three people inside a car in north philadelphia. the real story may have never come to light if not for the surveillance video s. officer scott was off duty when his car collided with a motorcycle last june. he initially said he was dragged and the men inside the car had a gun. surveillance video show the details that differed from those accounts. the images reveal officer scott fired immediately after being thrown from his bike and fired three shots. one shot nearly missed the driver and passenger. >> getting ready to get out. he has a gun in his hands,
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pointed in the driver's face. >> officer scott faces aggravated assault charges. he's currently suspended but is expected to be dismissed from the police department next month. today you might want to ditch your car and ride your bike to work. it's bike-to-work day. organizations in pennsylvania and delaware will hold events. the groups say biking can improve your help, helps the environment, and doesn't cost much. now to something else fun -- could it be dorothy in the kitchen with a can of hair spray? >> a new addition of clue will go on sale soon. it will feature the golden girls. look at this. the crime in question is who ate the last piece of cheesecake. >> oh, nothing worse. >> people will have to decide if it was blanch, dorothy, rose, or sophia. they get to choose from six metal tokens which include a tube of lipstick and high-heeled slipper. i guess those are possible
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weapons. >> a folded robe, wicker purse. >> afghan? >> that's not one. >> i think they look guilty. it's going to be difficult. >> come on. they're all getting in trouble. >> four ladies in a, how everyone's eating cheesecake, right? >> when it comes to food -- >> that's good. >> all of them. >> all of you. that's the trick. i vote for a "game of thrones" clu game. that's my show. it will be horrifying. don't talk about that. it will give you nightmares. wake up. we have a lot to talk about today. starting off in cherry hill, new jersey, we have sky force 10 live over top of the scene of a gas main break. that's what we're watching here. eastbound closed down to traffic now. this might cause problems. closed eastbound in between grove street or haddonfield road. either side of route 70 changes what the street name is to kings highway. that's in between the wegmans to ponzio's diner.
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on the westbound side, that's moving here. there's one lane getting by. we are losing lanes there, as well. we'll see westbound delays also and with the eastbound side closed and especially moving into rush hour, we will see that there, as well. you can follow the detours they have posted. we'll get you around that. you can take haddon avenue or route 38. they're open and pretty much clear. that can be a great time for you to get out the door. give yourself more time than normal. five minutes from 55 maybe to the walt whitman bridge, if you're heading to philadelphia. speeds into the 60s there, as well. we'll end with the stokesbury regata. closed at fountain green and strawberry mansion drive. back to you. >> 6:18. let's take a live look at the beach in cape may. sunrise about a half hour ago. this is also u always a beautiful time. sit and watch it come up. that will be the perfect place
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to be. bill? >> one of the cooler spots. it's going to be warm at the shore. it's going to be hot inland. philadelphia international, you see the sunshine falling on southwest plains this morning. nice view. nice and clear to start with. it's this afternoon that we're looking at a chance of showers and thunderstorms developing as the temperatures soar once again. won't be as hot as yesterday. if we make it up to 90 again, and that's my forecast, that's three days in a row we've got our first heat wave. helping with the warmup, southwesterly winds. not only does it bring warmer weather but brings additional humidity. that's what we're feeling this morning. and with the wind stirring the trees and the grasses, the pollen is in the moderate to high zone. if you're sneezing in the studio, could be the pollen at fault. 70s to start with. this is typical for this time of year for highs. not morning temperatures. we should be in the 50s for philadelphia. 73. 68 in the lehigh valley and delaware at 70 degrees. some of the temperatures in the suburbs have cooled down, into
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the 60s. not as many as yesterday. atglen, 67. 69 in oxford and at lincoln university. it is 69 in north wales, st. david's, bryn mawr, warrington at 71. low 70s for new hope. we're getting a warm, muggy start. we're on our way to another hot afternoon. a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. won't be an all-day rainfall. don't be surprised if you see some pop up this afternoon for philadelphia and into the suburbs. lansdale could see a shower and 89 degrees. less likely to see any showers for the lehigh valley. you will see the warmup near 90 degrees in allentown today. for new jersey, sunshine and 90 in trenton. a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms in voorheis and hammondton. at the shore, partly sunny. there are the 80s. 84 this afternoon. close to 90 for wilmington and up to 90 degrees for smyrna with a chance of storms also for rehoboth beach. that is today. tomorrow, there's also a possibility of some showers and
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thunderstorms from this system that's moving into the midwest. affecting st. louis. it's not going to look like that. we may see some light showers during the day tomorrow. it's not a big threat for tomorrow. today, heat and humidity. 90 this afternoon. keep an eye on the sky for scattered showers and thunderstorms. a slight chance of a brief shower, mainly in the suburbs and the lehigh valley for saturday. 71 degrees. then drying out on sunday, more wet weather. in fact, everybody's going to see the rain on monday. tuesday, dry. a few more showers on wednesday. turning cooler on thursday. but for memorial day weekend, a warmup, near 80 degrees on sunday. >> thank you. 6:21. a pennsylvania father is charged with leaving a little boy home alone locked in a cage. ahead, the explanation he gave to police. and this -- ♪ those are adults brawling at a high school graduation at the bottom of the screen.
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ha ahead, the seating problem that led to a fist fight.
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♪ ♪
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sixers owner josh harris was in kensington yesterday for the launch of the latest after-school all-stars program. take a look. >> one, two, three -- go, sixers! >> dozens of students from the conwell middle school in port richmond participated in the basketball and dance clinic. harris' family charitable foundation funds this program. another program is scheduled for camden later this fall. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. watching the roads, from the sky, sky force 10 over the scene. cherry hill, route 70 eastbound is closed. working on that there. this might be closed for some time. there's one lane lost on the westbound side. you'll need to learn how to get
6:26 am
around. that i'll be back at 6:30 with updates on how to get around it. for now, we'll check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. 6:26 and warm this morning. this is the coolest part of the day. now 73, no surprise people are getting their workout in at this hour. a steamy afternoon and a chance we'll see some storms later today. i've got your neighborhood forecast to show you when they'll pop up. and a change to cement boys ii men's legacy in south philadelphia. and next week, nbc10 will be in atlantic county. come by and see us at the wawa in the white horse pike in galloway. we'll be there from 5:00 to 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning. the whole crew will be there.
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student hit list. police led to a menacing graduation day plot at a gloucester county middle school. locked in a cage. a pennsylvania father accused of leaving his young son and newborn baby sister home alone in shocking conditions. swingers club squabble. a philadelphia community fights to keep an adult entertainment venue out of their neighborhood. happy friday, may 19th. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. already steamy outside at 6:30. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert forecast. bill? the sun is up. temperatures climbing. a nice view from spring city, starting in the 70s to the low 90s this afternoon. there are cooler neighborhoods. the lehigh valley is down to 68 degrees now. look at that sunshine for easton. 78 degrees at 9:00. 84 degrees at lunchtime. the other cool spot, the suburbs, king of prussia, seeing just a few thin clouds right
6:31 am
now. 80 degrees at 9:00. then up to 83 and climbing at lunchtime. we will be dry and see lots of sunshine this morning. it's this afternoon that will bring us a chance of showers in the suburbs. possibly even a thunderstorm for philadelphia, for delaware and into new jersey. look at those temperatures, right up to 90 in new jersey. looking for cooler weather, cooler at the shore. 84 this afternoon. sunny and warm conditions. may see a late-day shower there. i'll show you when those showers are most likely to pop up when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your friday morning commute. thanks, bill. we're watching cherry hill township over in new jersey, we had a gas main break eastbound of route 70. it's closing that for now. it has been all morning. a lot of work to be done here. westbound side, losing a lane, as well. we'll start to see delays especially through the morning rush on that westbound side. closed at the wegmans area,
6:32 am
ponzio's diner at kings highway. you'll see slowdowns especially in the beginning of the morning commute. again, since that's between grove street, grove street's in here. this is haddonfield road in here. in between that point and kingston highway since we're blocked, you can take haddon avenue to get by. take route 38 or follow detours they have posted there, as well. watching sun glare on the schuylkill expressway. this is the eastbound side. maybe if you're moving eastbound you might run into that. a slowdown, 17 minutes from the blue route to the vine for the drive time moving into center city. >> thank you. 6:32. happening today, president trump embarks on his first international trip as commander in chief. it comes amid turmoil for his administration. nbc10's pamela osborne has more on what's on the itinerary for the president. pam? >> reporter: the trip begins in saudi arabia and israel. it's off to a meeting with the pope followed by the g7 summit in the southern part of the country. afterwards, mr. trump will
6:33 am
travel to brussels, belgium, for a meeting with nato allies. the president's first foreign trip comes a week after he fired fbi director james comey. the fall yacht from that continues with the appointment of special counsel who just so happens to be robert mueller, former director of the fbi. he's been tasked with overseeing the investigation into russian officials and the president's campaign. while many on capitol hill have applauded the department of justice's move, president-elect trump sees it as a witch hunt. >> i think it divides the country. i think we have a divided country because of that and many other things. >> the american people have a right to know the truth. >> the appointment of the special council helps the people to know they're going to do their jobs independently and thoroughly. >> reporter: meantime, president trump is getting closer to selecting a new fbi director. he and attorney general jeff sessions met with four
6:34 am
candidates yesterday. according to reports, former connecticut senator joe lieberman is the front-runner. he's a democrat, and he was al gore's running mate in 2000. the president has said he could name a candidate before he departs for his trip later this afternoon. the senate must confirm whomever president trump noimminates. back to you. >> thank you. new criminal charges for a man accused of crashing his car into a crowd of tourists in new york's times square with deadly results. richard ross faces murder charges for oar -- for charges of murder, attempted murder, and aggravated vehicular homicide. killed one person and injured 22 others. sources tell nbc news that rojas claimed he heard voices. and eighth graders from st. cecil cecilia's school were on a class trip. we spoke with students and parent chaperones who arrived home to loved ones following a day they'll likely never forget.
6:35 am
>> i seen like there lady screaming. then i heard this car. and i got really scared. my mom turned us around, and i started running. >> when i looked back, there was -- you saw a big pillar of smoke. >> i just saw people flying in the air like dolls. so i immediately grabbed the children and ran back to the store. >> a parent chaperone said the st. cecilia staff handled the situation perfectly. a pennsylvania man is under arrest, accused of caging his 2-year-old son. this was yesterday, police discovered the boy home alone with his two younger siblings including a sister born just hours earlier. state troopers forced their way into the home in schuylkill county to find the boy in a makeshift wooden cage, a 1-year-old in a playpen and newborn in a child seat. police arrested the father when he got home 40 minutes later. they didn't know how long the kids were home alone before
6:36 am
that. the mother is in the hospital with complications after giving birth at home tuesday night. in delaware county, sentencing is set for july for donte island who pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a fullcroft police officer. island shot officer christopher dormand seven times last june. the gunfire broke out while the officer was responding to reports of illegal drug activity. dormand spent a few days in the hospital before returning to duty in september. and now to a story nbc10 brought to you first. >> at least five former students will face charges after a hit list was discovered at a gloucester county middle school. the students allegedly made the threats on social media. police say they planned to target fellow classmates and teachers at pittman middle school's eighth grade graduation next month. a student tipped off school leaders. we spoke to a concerned parent outside the school. >> my son was worried. i talked to him a little about it. and you know, he understood, but again, i think these are just kids, and they probably didn't understand what they were saying.
6:37 am
>> officials told us there was no immediate danger, and the students involved have been removed from the school. 6:37. 73 degrees outside. and here are three national headlines developing overnight -- in texas, a firefighter died while battling flames at a thrift store in san antonio. at least two others were hurt. in washington state, two women and a 7-year-old boy are hospitalized after they fell off a ferris wheel. one of the bucket seats flipped during the ride, sending them tumbling on to a metal landing. one of the women is in critical condition. the other woman and the child had minor injuries. and severe weather moved across the plains states. this is a look at incredible lightning over the skies in oklahoma city. tornadoes also touched down in oklahoma, kansas, and texas. no reports of any major damage. 6:37. we're not going to have weather like that, but it will be hot today. it could hit 90s in some places. so let's check in with bill henley and find out how it looks today. bill? already enjoying the
6:38 am
sunshine this morning. you'll notice the humidity is higher. and there's another really warm start. the warm breeze blowing the flags at boathouse row. you see the sunshine. that's going to start the warming process. accelerates during the day. the mugginess this morning may fuel thunderstorms this afternoon. that and the heat. 90 degrees today. we've got our heat wave. the first of the season for philadelphia. storms this afternoon will be scattered around. and then they'll be tapering off during the evening hours. it will still be warm this evening as the clouds break. we'll get a big cooldown for the weekend. our hour-by-hour forecast shows we'll be dry this morning. this is 2:30 this afternoon. look at the scattered, light showers that develop to the west and move into some of the suburbs. possibly even in burks county and the lehigh valley. i think the wet weather is less likely there than seeing it in philadelphia and into new jersey. and eventually into south jersey and delaware, too. that's at 6:00 this evening. and the showers will be moving out during the evening hours, drying out tonight. and cooling down tomorrow. much cooler for the weekend.
6:39 am
not today. 73 degrees to start with. 77 degrees at 8:00. look at lunchtime, 86 degrees with winds out of the west at 11 miles per hour. that's a warm wind blowing this afternoon. 88 degrees at 2:00. we should touch 90 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. and some scattered showers and thunderstorms are a possibility. and you'll see a few of those in the suburbs this afternoon, too. dry this morning, 72 degrees. 80s start at 10:00 this morning for the suburbs. and close to that mark in the lehigh valley. look at the sunshine now. 68 degrees. 87 at 2:00 this afternoon. those winds at 12 miles per hour during the late afternoon hours. we'll be warm. and warm and sunny, too, for the new jersey drive this morning. 72 degrees. look at the warmup. up to 85 at noontime. a chance of some scattered showers this afternoon. those clouds will be lingering into the late afternoon hours. and the shore will see warm temperatures, too. 85 degrees at 2:00. may be some late-day showers and thunderstorms for the shore as you head into the evening hours.
6:40 am
delaware, plenty of sunshine this morning. 85 degrees at noontime. you'll see the showers, possibly a thunderstorm pop up this afternoon. you'll see the temperatures come way down this weekend. today, 90. tomorrow and sunday, low 70s. then another warmup though not like what we've been through through tuesday afternoon. with that will come wet weather, too. i'll show when you you'll need the umbrella when i come back with the ten day on 10. >> thank you. 20 minutes before 7:00. about an hour ago, we launched sky force 10, sent it up to cherry hill to check on the gas main break out there. >> jessica boyington has been watching it and getting you around it. jess? right. that's the important part. this is a big portion of route 70 on the eastbound side. all of the eastbound lanes are closed. it starts around the wegmans area toward ponzio's. kings highway to haddonfield road, we have the closure in place. we're moving one lane on the westbound side. that will cause delays westbound, as well. with the eastbound side all closed down and with the work
6:41 am
still underway, i think it's going to be there for a little bit. especially moving you tloot rush, we'll see -- moving through the rush, we'll see pretty big delays. we're seeing delays on the westbound side in here. to get around it, follow the detours. you might be fine going either direction or take haddon through haddonfield. route 38 will work, as well. 95, seeing slowdowns around the cameras at girard avenue. moving toward center city, this is the southbound side in here. 26 minutes from woodhaven road moving to the vine street expressway. we'll end here where we're going to see delays. the regatta is taking place this weekend. and part of today is the closures, as well. kelly drive between fountain green and strawberry mansion drive will be closed until 8:00 on saturday. back to you. >> thanks. video of parents behaving badly is going viral this morning. >> yeah. look at this. adults brawl while high school graduates walk down the aisle at
6:42 am
the ceremony? tennessee. next, the problem that sparked a rumble in the audience. all new at 6:00, the price of painting. this work of art just made history. coming up, the art and man behind the money.
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everybody, stop! >> new video shows a brawl that broke out at a high school graduation ceremony in tennessee. it wasn't the students fighting -- it was the parents. ♪ it is incredible video. the whole thing may have been prompted by -- vai guessed this earlier -- an age-old problem for events -- >> saving seats. >> saving seats. >> you got to get there early.
6:46 am
[ bleep ] >> show up. don't save seats. neighbors in northeast philadelphia are concerned a developer is again trying to build an adult swingers club in their back yard. >> the city leaders have no confidence in the developer who recently won approval to renovate a building off frankfurt avenue. he owns swingers clubs in atlantic city and port richmond. he says it's a catering hall, but the city has heard that before. they issued a stop work order last year after workers reportedly removed a kitchen and added small rooms. >> you will find out what it's going to be used for for real because you can't trust him. >> we called the permitholder but did not hear back. city leaders will keep an eye on construction. if workers deviate from the plan, the city will order the work to stop again. 6:46. we'll go state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across the area. >> in bucks county, war minister township will ban smoking at parks and recreational areas.
6:47 am
the ordinance was approved by a unanimous vote last night. the ban becomes official next month. it would include all forms of tobacco and ecigarettes. at the jersey shore, the atlantic city police department foundation threw its first-ever spring fling last night showing off the crime-fighting tools for officers. specifically, the department displayed its latest purchase of more than 30 sets of body armor. you'll see lots of cyclists in new castle county this weekend. wilmington's 11th annual grand prix begins today. the event features races for cyclists of all skill levels. they can celebrate their accomplishments at a street festival. in delaware county, villanova university holds its 174th commencement ceremony today. media mogul and mayor michael bloomberg will address the graduates. and a 94-year-old world war ii veteran will receive an honorary doctorate in the humanities. a new record was set yesterday for the purchase price of a painting in new york. >> a japanese collector paid more than $110 million for this
6:48 am
contemporary work by the late gene michelle bisquat. it's called "untitled." sotheby's handled the auction, and the winning bid was a record for the artist. and for any american artist. >> it is a cool picture. pretty cool. >> yeah. we're minutes away now from the top of the hour and the beginning of the "today" show. matt holauer and savannah guthrie join us. >> $100 million million -- a lot of cash. anyway -- >> yeah. >> you could buy a lot of shoes with $100 million." right, trace? >> now you're talking my language. >> yes, i clou-- i know. coming up on a friday, president trump empbarks on his first foreign trip. dogged by scandals and controversies here at home. how will they impact what he hopes to accomplish, and could he name a new fbi director before he leaves? we're live at the white house. also ahead, florida's massive python problem. we're live with the brave people
6:49 am
who are trying to get this under control. and we have one of the most powerful voices in music in concert on our plaza. we're going to hear from mary j. blige in our 8:30 half hour. lots of people gathering on a beautiful morning in the east. we'll see you in a couple of minutes on "today." >> she's our headliner for wawa welcome america on the fourth of july. we're psyched about that. >> awesome. >> that's cool. great. she's fantastic. we love her. >> her song "family affair," one of the great dance songs ever. i'll be dancing about i don't know what. 8:30 or so. >> all right. go ahead -- go ahead. >> no, what? i wasn't going to say -- >> the version -- when you say it's a family affair and you hear it as a title of a song, what do you think of? >> archie bunker? >> no -- do you think of sly and the family stone? 1972? >> sly and the family stone. yes! >> okay. i like that. that's my age group. >> didn't i sing that?
6:50 am
>> anyway, we're having a generational issue here this morning. >> i said -- ♪ it's a family affair ♪ it's a family affair >> sorry that you had to see this. >> i go back to '72. all right, bye. >> see you then. i'm confused. did i sing the wrong song? >> they're working that out. >> they're not on the musical same page. they've admitted that to us. she does one thing, he does another. >> yeah. >> on their -- their ipods. >> check this out. how about that? >> beautiful. >> how beautiful is that? >> let's take that in. >> 72 degrees. it's perfect. later it will get warmer. let's check in with first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> thought it might never come to me. almost time for hoda and kathie lee. heading out the door, look at this -- beautiful sunshine today. a warm and muggy morning. a great start in delaware and new jersey with blue sky. but i don't think it's going to be blue sky all day. there's a chance we'll see some
6:51 am
showers and thunderstorms. the wind bringing in the extra moisture and giving our temperatures a boost again today. if we hit 90 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia, that's the forecast. that is a first heat wave of the season. good news -- it's not 90 at the bus stop. it is going to be warm. 8:00, temperatures 76 degrees in philadelphia. the normal high temperature is 75. we should be in the 50s at 8:00 in the morning this time of year. temperatures will be climbing with bright, sunny skies. nothing to show on the doppler and radar just yet. look to the west. scattered showers in the ohio valley, into kentucky and west virginia. and then this activity is a possibility for us on saturday. now they'll get much more wet weather to the west. on saturday afternoon, late morning and on into the afternoon, clouds will be building. by late morning and early afternoon, showers in burks county and into the suburbs. kind of fizzles as it moves through the philadelphia area. 4:00, they'll be drying out. and then should stay dry on sunday.
6:52 am
the weekend's looking good. just a slight chance of a shower for philadelphia. most of the day, dry. 60s and 70s for saturday and again on sundays. then another warmup next week. not to this level. 90 degrees. a hot one. isolated showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. then out of here this afternoon. tomorrow we'll start off dry, a slight chance of a shower during the day. both days cooler in the 70s. warmer monday with rain and possibly thunderstorms, too. 77 degrees the high temperature, and 80 degrees on tuesday. cooler with a few showers on thursday. warming for the memorial day weekend. >> thanks. vai's fanning himself. >> yeah. i mean -- >> it's steamy in here. as jessica and i know because our hair is like this. >> it's extra curl oh days like this. -- curly on days like this.
6:53 am
everyone wonders, that's why. the studio is hot, but we have a lot to talk about. let's get to cherry hill township. there's a gas main break on route 70 on the eastbound side. you can keep blowing that here. vai keeps waving the thing this direction. between grove street and haddonfield road. that's here. here is grove street. here is haddonfield. around the wegmans, it's just in here. right closed in the eastbound side, headed toward ponzio's. diverting traffic around the scene. you can move through haddonfield that way. take route 38, another tried for you. that's going to be there for some time. that's what i'm predicting now. watching the vine street expressway, cameras around eighth, here is the westbound side moving toward the schuylkill. here, 95, the ben franklin bridge, you're doing just fine. we'll end with route 202, we look good so far. for the morning, nine minutes in both directions from route 30 to the schuylkill. speeds in the mid 60s, as well.
6:54 am
back to you. ♪ vai and i have been dancing to this all day. boys ii named to the group. before they got famous, they performed at the philadelphia high school for the creative and performing arts. the school is on the stretch of broad street to be renamed boys ii men. >> surprised it took this long to be recognized. >> right. and they'll be at the wawa festival on july 4th. mary j. blige is headlining. she's on the "today" show today. nbc10 is a proud sponsor. we'll bring you coverage of wawa welcome america like no one else can. now some more fun -- tomorrow night, dwayne "the rock" johnson hosts the season finale of "saturday night live." >> he's flexing a little muscle for the big show. check it out. >> i always got your backs. >> hey, baby. >> hey, leslie.
6:55 am
>> that's the rock appearing to carry all 13 cast members on his back. he will joined the famed five-timers club when he hosts a fifth time. katy perry is the musical guest. the show will air live. only nbc10 is giving you live access to the finale of "snl." look for live reports at 4:00. we'll be right back.
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6:58 am
good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you watching the roads. right now, sky force 10 is live over top of the scene of an accident, trolley versus car in southwest philadelphia. between 46th and 47th street. no further details. an ambulance on the scene.
6:59 am
one lane of traffic is getting by for now. we'll see delays and keep our eye on that for you and make sure that nothing major is happening or at least with closures or injuries reported on the scene. details to come. in cherry hill township, watching this all morning. a gas main brake closing a portion of grove street -- gas main break closing a portion of grove street. that will be closed for some time. and westbound, we're losing a lane there. 95 around girard. a few minutes ago, i was watching flashing lights. i can't see them anymore. this is the northbound side. we typically don't have delays on that side in the morningtime. heading that direction, watch for delays out of the city. warm this morning and we've got sunshine. temperatures warming up, back in the 90s for some neighborhoods. lehigh valley up to 89. 89 in delaware. look at 90 for new jersey. not at the shore, 84 degrees there. at philadelphia, we'll hit 90 degrees this afternoon. there is a chance we'll see some isolated showers and thunderstorms later today.
7:00 am
>> all right. try to stay cool. we'll have local updates on the nbc10 app. good morning. traveling with baggage. president trump leaving on his first overseas trip today, dogged by mounting controversies at home. the president taking on many of them during a news conference. russia's interference in the election. >> believe me, there's no collusion. >> the sal prosecutor now rubbing that investigation. >> i respect the move. but the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> even talk of impeachment. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> as the white house moves closer to naming a new fbi director as earl as today. the moment a car smashes into a crowd, killing one person, injures more than 20 others. >> multiple people injured. notify


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