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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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from police. >> reporter: police are saying that a father and son were enjoying a nice evening on their porch but take a look. you see the evidence markers, two men on biked rolled up and started shooting. four bullets struck the 2-year-old in the back. his 26-year-old father was hit in the knee. now a manhunt is underway. the shooters are believed to be in their 20s. one is in a white vest and the other in a red shirt. both were wearing cutoff jeans or shorts and fled on their bikes. >> i'm scared. is this somebody i know? i love a lot of people from martha street. i have neighbors in this block too. i was scared, too. my neighbor ran inside. she was afraid. i'm not having my kid out here. >> reporter: you can see the street is blocked off as police continue their investigation. we saw police put someone in
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handcuffs but they said no one has been formally arrested. as for the victim, the 26-year-old is stable but the 2-year-old is at st. christopher's hospital in critical condition. reporting live, nbc 10 news. a followup to this fiery rush hour wreck. the eastbound lanes could be closed for several more hours. four tractor trailers and a car were all involved in the crash. these pictures from an nbc 10 viewer show the smokey scene from the ground. one person was burned and two others were hurt. a police chase and crash in delaware county. sky force 10 over the scene in chester. the driver was wanted for leaving a hit and run accident. no one was hurt but the driver had minor injuries from the crash. a light show in parts of the
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area tonight. >> and a few thunderstorms are lingering tonight. let get an update on what is happening in your neighborhood. here's tammy souza. >> we're watching a steady stream of showers and thunderstorms in delaware and the southern part of new jersey. this particular cell right here, it has produced a little bit of hail, lightning and heavy downpours. this is moving slowly off to the east of us we're not getting quick movement with this. morris river, be on the lookout, this is moving your way, summer's point at 11:27. cape may at 11:09. behind this, things quiet down a little bit. there is a storm coming out of baltimore that is severe for wind and hail but that will diminish as it approaches. when i come back we'll see if you will see a washout for the weekend too. also tonight, who could do
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this? that is the question family members have after this mother was murdered in delaware county. now police say they know who is responsible. >> brandon hudson joins us live where the victim's boyfriend is being held right now. >> the suspect will go before a district judge tomorrow morning. we tracked down a relative who said she never liked the victim's boyfriend but never suspected he would be arrested for killing her. >> it's reality. chris was a sweetheart. >> reporter: fighting back tears, janice spoke from the heart when she talked about her niece. around 7:00 this morning, the 26-year-old's body was discovered at her home by her own mother. she had been shot once in the chest. >> her mother called me screaming and crying. >> reporter: police arrested thomas' 31-year-old boyfriend and the father of one of her two children. the couple started dating while
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thomas was in high school. >> him being arrested will never bring crystal barrack but give what he deserves. >> reporter: a neighbor says she saw someone run out of this house and come down this breezeway and went through the alley and got away. >> it's senseless you shoot your children's mother and leave her in there to die. >> reporter: the police chief credits neighbors to give them the leads that led to the suspect. despite the closure the emotions are raw. >> it's heart breaking that something like that would happen to someone that good hearted. >> reporter: the victim's two children are staying with their grandmother. the police say they found a weapon similar to the one they believe was used in the crime. i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. james comey will testify in an open session before the senate intelligence committee.
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comey is expected to appear some time after memorial day. senators want to hear about his role in the investigation of russian interference into the 2016 election. all this comes amid a "new york times" report claiming that president trump called comey a real nut job to russian diploma diplomats during their visit to the white house last week and boasted that firing comey eased the pressure on him for the russia investigation. also tonight, the investigation into russia's meddling into the u.s. elections has reached the west wing. that investigation is focusing on a current white house official whose identity has not been revealed. that story was reported by the "washington post." previously, michael flynn and paul manafort may be subjects of
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the investigation. the president and first lady took off for saudi arabia. the nine-day trip includes stops in the middle east and europe. new at 11:00, frightening moments on an american airlines flight. authorities arrested a man who tried to rush the cockpit. other passengers helped duct tape him to a seat. >> the first class attendant was just -- i would never want to go against her. she was tasked with keeping him out of there and she did a great job. >> police say it appeared the man had been drinking. he was given a court date and released. the plan landed in hon lolulu. a toddler is in the hospital after she was run over twice.
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the police have the driver in custody. going to show you video of the victim. the family friend told nbc 10 it started with a dispute over $100. that's when meredith allegedly ran over leah in the driveway and again when he tried to get away. neighbors couldn't believe what they were seeing as leah's mom ran over for help. >> she came to the house with blood all over her. and the baby had a gash in her forehead and the blood was all over her. >> reporter: leah was rushed to the hospital with a skull fracture and cuts and bruises. tonight families hit the streets to fight for their safety. sky force 10 was over the street. they were protesting the plan to take away a traffic light at allegheny and 32nd street.
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children cross here to get to school. some demonstrated in the 1970s to get that traffic light installed after two children were killed crossing the street. >> we spent the night out here all night, 39 years ago to get this traffic light up here and we want to keep it here. >> the state plans to replace them with flashing lights and new pedestrian crossing signs. tonight we're learning more about the driver accused in that deadly crash in times square yesterday. reports say richard rojas was high on pcp when he drove his car into the crowd. in 2012 rojas told police in florida he wanted to kill officers. rojas is charged with murder and 20 counts of attempted murder in that crash. a scene in the lehigh valley that neighbors weren't expected.
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police raided a home and took away atvs and motorcycles. the fbi will only say this is part of an active investigation. agents took a man and woman into custody. as many as ten people lived in the house including children. a teen turns himself in after this video caught him waving a gun in a septa train. we're told the 17-year-old surrendered after seeing the video on television. he pulled the gun after getting into a fight on the line last week. a 2-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot four times. and right now the manhunt is underway for the gunman. this is a live picture from the scene. the boy was outside on the porch with his father when two men came up on bicycles and started firing at the father. but instead hit the little boy. we will keep updating you on this breaking news as we get
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more information. first, coming up, cybersecurity what if you could protect yourself from online crimes? why a new type of insurance could be worth your money. it's never too late. how a 93-year-old man stole the show at the villanova graduation. and what does "snl" have up its sleeve for the season finale? we take you behind the scenes at 30 rock. and a double digit drop for the weekend. good-b good-bye 90s. hello 60s. ♪
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goodyear and cooper tires through may 31st. find your tires online. trust the midas touch. that's irwin medway. the 93-year-old was by far the most popular at villanova university today. his journey to a college degree began during world war ii. >> the war kept him from getting
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that degree until today. as nbc 10's drew smith tells us his education is not over yet. >> irwin put on a cap and gown. he earned this moment after studying at villanova for nearly a quarter century. >> longer than the majority of our graduates have been alive. >> reporter: this isn't his first award. valor in world war ii is well documented. >> we're always moving forward. the germans never gave up territory without a fight. >> reporter: he didn't slow down as he got older. taking advantage of a senior citizen program. >> enthusiastically engaging in every discussion. >> reporter: he couldn't earn credit to a diploma but kept coming back anyway. >> i like people so much. i want to be with the kids. >> reporter: one of his
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professors handed him an honorary doctorate of humanities. >> there is no one like my father. >> reporter: he is a fixture on campus. >> when the basketball coach rides an and stops and talks to me. i like that. >> reporter: and a professor asked him to return this fall knowing this student is willing to learn and set an example of what a lifetime of determination can look like. in villanova, drew smith nbc 10 news. >> and he says he will keep going to class as long as he has his health. >> i'm sure they love being around him, too. also tonight, a new survey says 70% of americans have little or no confidence their online data is secure. but insurance companies are offering a new policy that can protect you if you get hacked. they're called cyberpolicies and
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they can reimburse you if hackers demand money to unlock your data and can restore data you may have lost. it may cost about $100 a year. "saturday night live" has created so many maemorable moments this season. >> tomorrow is the season finale. >> and tonight only nbc 10 is going behind the scenes at 30 rock. >> reporter: in just 24 hours, inside the nbc studios, "saturday night live" goes coast to coast. and only nbc 10 can take you upstairs behind the scenes to the "snl" headquarters. >> on the 8 it th floor we haves hallway full of all the set pieces. we catch the crews working to get the sets in place and we
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spotted bobby mohnahan. this will be his final show. >> the iconic studio. >> hosting tomorrow, "the rock" dwayne johnson who has local roots. a graduate of freedom high school in bethlehem. >> i'm always here for you and i always got your backs. >> hey, baby. >> reporter: outside on 48th street, die hard fans lining up, sleeping on the sidewalk, praying for a ticket. >> you have blankets. >> tissues. >> it is hot out here. >> this is real life. >> reporter: we can tell you alec baldwin will play president trump and the rock has some experience playing former president angry obama. we do know katy perry will rock the stage as the musical guest. we have new video tonight. >> with the edible katy perry.
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i kissed the girl and i liked it. >> and here we are, studio 8-h. this is where the dress rehearsals will happen tomorrow and of course the live broadcast at 11:30. at 30 rockefeller plaza, nbc 10 news. >> i wonder if he saw the podium or spicy. >> yes. >> i guess not because he didn't show it. >> don't miss the season finale tomorrow night of course, you can see it right here live after nbc 10 news at 11:00. in camden, it was a nice night to enjoy music by the water. that's where the flying fish beer garden was happening with neighbors enjoying free country music. but the weather is making a cooldown for the weekend. >> it sure is. we are pleasant out there tonight. take a look. the sky is mainly clear. we have a few clouds drifting through from time to time.
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a beautiful view of the city. 78 in philadelphia. 67 by 2:00 in the morning. we could see a passing shower but much of the activity is to the south of the metro area. and 63 at 5:00 tomorrow morning. the winds will turn to the north and east and that's a big part of why we'll see this cooldown. it's a double digit drop. 20-degree drop. here's what we are looking at. we have showers and storms moving along a line south of the city. they are moving through delaware and south jersey all evening long. we will watch this cell right here, morris river just to the south of you and north of cape may. but it is producing hail, lightning and heavy rain. so in cape may you probably heard the pitter patter of pea-sized hail. sea isle city at 11:21. and atlantic city by 11:39.
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there is a lot of lightning and booming associated with it. this was a severe storm in baltimore. it is now diminishing and will move through the area for delaware and south jersey but the rest of the area could see a sprinkle overnight. to the west, a little bit more activity that could provide an early morning sprinkle. let's take you hour by hour. we are going to be dropping into the 60s and overnight we'll wake up around 66, 62 degrees in philadelphia with a sprinkle possible through your saturday but periods of sunshine and cloud cover as well. we get into sunday morning. there it is 52 degrees. much cooler with the winds out of the east especially around the beaches. and here comes the rain. and we'll look at fairly strong showers and thunderstorms.
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68 in fairmont tomorrow. robbinsville, 68. and in newark we're looking at 64 degrees. your ten day on 10. 68 tomorrow, 66 on sunday. we'll see a shower and storms on monday. 73 there. 78 on tuesday. and then we start to get more seasonal but unfortunately, just in time for all the phillies games we are going to see showers and storms. memorial day weekend right now, saturday is the pick day. we could see rain on sunday and monday. guys? that right there is a student surprise. how this school assembly turned into an emotional family reunion. ♪
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this was a big surprise for a bucks county fifth grader. he had no idea his stepsister alice was about to walk into that elementary auditorium. they thought they would be talking via skype. she had spent six months in south carolina for army basic training. >> so sweet. >> they are probably still hugging. all the wine in cheese you can handle in center city for a good cause. the boys and girls club held its annual wine and cheese fundraiser. john, talking eagles? >> of course, always, right? we're going the hear from malcolm jenkins on the signing of legarrette blount. the phillies lose several games
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in their game in pittsburgh. injuries and a rare win. that is next.
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i'm john clark, the phillys are now 8-1 in the games that heldicson pitches. let's take a look at fans getting to play super mario brothers in the outfield. daniel nava leaves with a tight hamstring. hellickson is hurting. and next pitch he rips an rbi double but he leaves the game with a tight lower back.
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rupp erupts in the ninth. phillies win 7-2. the eagles have added a lot of veterans like legarrette blount this week. jenkins really likes the moves. >> i think we feel a lot better where we are moving forward to. it's exciting. i think the front office is committed to winning. >> everyone can see the eagles are trying to surround carson wentz with as much talent as possible so he can make that jump in his second year and malcolm sees carson taking over this team leadershipwise. >> he let it come naturally. he didn't try to force himself into a leadership role because he is a quarterback. this year we want him to take more of a leadership role. joel embiid is one of the
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players of the years. >> lebron with a ridiculous block here. the cavs up 41 at the half. largest halftime lead in playoff history. they win by 44. for once, boston isn't winning. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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time is running out to nominate someone for the wawa foundation hero award. >> and if you want to nominate
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someone go to our website,, fill out the form. you have until this sunday. so you have to hurry. >> speaking of the weekend, it's going to be cooling off. >> have a double digit drop. it will be in the 60s. we'll see clouds and a peek or two of sunshine. monday we could see periods of rain and thunderstorms. at least we'll get back to the 70s. skip ahead to next weekend. another mixed bag. >> people who thought it was too warm, enjoy the weekend. >> have a great weekend, everybody. "the tonight show" is next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- katy perry -- josh charles -- comedian and actor al mad


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