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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new video shows the chaos following an explosion at an ariana grande concert as we learn breaking details about the attack. a kidnapping mystery in philadelphia. witnesses watch as a man is assaulted and abducted. now police are trying to figure out who he is and where he is. and student brawl. police officers try to came an unruly crowd at a septa station. there's a lot going on at 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema fe. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley. hey, clouds over delaware and new jersey, but dry. no rain here. a breeze is blowing. this is going to help warm things up today. that and sunshine, too. that's the view from center city. the clouds won't clear out completely. in fact, they'll be returning late today. this morning, a bit of fog. just got thicker in reading. zero visibility there.
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it won't last very long. there's little bit of a breeze, and that's going help mix the atmosphere, get rid of the fog. there are some spots of fog in pottstown, light fog in doylestown. pockets in south jersey, and dover went from one mile last hour to zero visibility this morning. some fog to start with. the temperatures will be climbing. and that will get rid of the fog. the fogs, they'll clear a little bit, but we will see the clouds return late this afternoon and evening. not during the day in philadelphia. 9 clinic, 65. -- 9:00, 65. clouds returning at lunchtime. 70s, something we didn't see yesterday. the best chance of seeing rain will be late this afternoon and this evening for the jersey shore and portions of central and southern delaware will get it later today. irela i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when the showers are expected coming up in ten minutes.
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first to traffic and francesca ruscio with an update. thank you. we'll look at an overview of the majors starting with the blue route. travel speeds in the 60s. we're doing okay on certain parts of the schuylkill. let's zoom in on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound. earlier we had overnight construction. that still hasn't cleared, and it's causing delays on the westbound side. this is what the live shot looks like. traveling 95 to the vine street expressway, along this stretch take you 13 minutes from the avenue. travel sfeepeeds still stalling. one lane is getting by. once you pass the construction site, you'll be fine as you continue on the schuylkill. 295, 42 freeway, everything on time and on schedule. everything is very green on the new jersey majors. when i come back, we'll look at the construction on the vine street expressway as well as the schuylkill. back to you. breaking news now in england. an ariana grande concert ended in blood, death, and terror.
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>> here's what we know up to minute -- 22 people including children are dead after a lone suicide bomber blew himself up near the box office. dozens are hurt. president trump reacted overnight to the terror attack calling those responsible for it "losers." in a video that a concert-goer posted on twitter, you hear the blast and see the chaos that followed. [ screams ] >> british prime minister theresa may called the terror attack appalling. she is suspending her re-election campaign for the time being out of respect for the victims. we are continuing to get new video and information in to nbc10. you can count on us for any new developments coming up in this hour. ariana grande's response to the twang, plus president trump weighing in during his trip to the west bank. vai? new information on a story we've been telling you about. a woman found stabbed in kensington has died. the victim was found at i and
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cuyahoga streets around 2:30 this morning. police tell us she had gone to a playground near there and came out with stab wounds. now to a developing story. a man is attacked, carjacked, and abducted as witnesses watch in disbelief. now philadelphia police are trying to figure out who he is and who took him. nbc10's pamela osborne is live at east falls with more on the mystery the philadelphia police are trying to solve. pam? >> reporter: was this a case of road rage? that is what police are working to find out as they try to track down the people involved. here's what we know -- it was just after 7:00 last night near the intersection of fox and roberts avenue in east falls. police say a man got out of a brown minivan and beat up the driver of another car. a woman who witnessed the attack describes what she saw. she was so worried by what she witnessed that she asked us ton show her face or use her name. >> man was sitting there kicking and punching on the car. >> that's when the person winning the fight forced the
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victim into the0[diez 2kminiva. and laid him down in the back of the minivan and continued to assault him. >> reporter: investigators say another man took the victim's car and drove off with the two suspects inside of that minivan. police have not issued a missing persons report yet. they are looking for the driver of that minivan. in his 20s, 6'4", a husky build. anyone with information should give police a call. pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> 6:05. today in camden county, closing arguments are expected in the damage creato murder trialment -- the d.j. creato murder trial. he pleaded not guilty to killing his 3-year-old son in 2015 to keep his teenage girlfriend from leaving him. happening now, president trump is in the west bank. his first overseas trip since coming to office.
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he is meeting with ma muds -- mahmoud abbas. the president said he wants to broken a peace deal between the palestinians and israel. mr. trump said that includes stopping terrorism like the deadly bombing in print last night. >> our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed. we cannot stands a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people. >> in israel yesterday, mr. trump visited the western wall in jerusalem. also met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. back in washington, the white house will roll out president trump's proposed budget for next year. the $4.1 trillion plan includes cuts to programs for the poor such as food stamps and medicaid. it calls for slashing the college loan programs and retirement benefits for federal workers. the spending plan also features lower tax rates and a 10% boost in military spending.
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6:06, 61 degrees. warmer than yesterday morning. drier. sunrise probably happened half an hour ago, bill? about 20 minutes ago. looks great, doesn't it? we'll see some sunshine today which is something we couldn't say about yesterday. this morning, we're seeing some areas of fog. this is a live view from the pagoda cam in reading. reading is one of those areas reporting zero visibility this morning. spring city, no real fog. you see the clouds overhead. clouds will thin this morning and return this afternoon. they're at zero visibility in reading. light fog in pottstown, not bad in coatesville or bluebell. coatsville tends to get foggier as temperatures cool down. in philadelphia, six-mile visibility. should not impact the airport. it is dover that is socked in with the zero visibility. the fog will disapeer pressure
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and now that the sun is up that's going to happen. the sunshine -- won't be brilliant sunshine. we'll get enough to warm from the 50s. voorheis and turnersville at 69. 58 in robinsville. to the low 70s this afternoon. we'll keep an eye on the doppler radar. to the south, wet weather is this morning. and that's going to be moving in late this afternoon. the first to see it will be the jersey shore and central and southern delaware. then that spreads to the north into the evening hours. there you see the wet weather already moving into virginia this morning. that's tonight. today, you can probably get around without the umbrella. breaks of sun, then mostly cloudy this afternoon. the suburbs, you'll see a bit of sunshine. that will do away with the fog as temperatures climb from the upper 60s. no seen of showers at 4:00. it should be dry through the day in the lehigh valley, too. fog disappears. breaks of sunshine at lunchtime
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before clouds return later today. delaware, a mostly cloudy day. there are thin spots in the clouds. you'll see a little bit of sunshine in between 8:00 and noontime. a chance of showers fromth south late this afternoon. new jersey, 69 at noontime. 717 this afternoon and late-day showers at the jersey shore, should be dry as we're heading into color. 70s today and warmer heading into the holiday weekend. there's another chance of wet weather. look at that in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:10. looks like there are folks dealing with the construction issues on the schuylkill. >> let's get you updated on that. first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio is in for jen. this overnight construction site is behind schedule from clearing out on the schuylkill westbound. as you see, traffic is being reduced to one lane. look at how it's affecting travel times. 95 on the vine,a this stretch it's going to take you 14
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minutes. speeds falling into the case, and in some cases single digits. we're seeing a backup. 95 southbound, the typical bloerng volume -- the typical volume. it will take you 12 minutes, no delays. still dealing with an accident in preliminary athat key and butler pike. i'll have another update in the next ten minutes. back to you. a woman's risk for breast cancer could be influenced by what she drinks. >> ahead, doctors explain the impact kwien have on a woman's health. plus, bill cosby's jury. theg&ibj[:.ñs9vno carrierringriz
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now to new details about the deadly terror attack at the ariana grande concert in manchester, england. british prime minister theresa may spoke and said police think they know the identity of the attacker. here's what we know -- children are among the 22 people killed, dozens more hurt. people in england are using social media to hunt for people missing since the attack. >> this attack stands out for its cowardice, deliberately attacking children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives. >> meantime, in the last couple of hours, president trump called the lone suicide bomber a "loser" and asked nations around to world to work together to stop terrorism. stay with us for updates this morning. philadelphia police expect to make more arrests following a fight among students that was planned in advance on social
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media. take a look. >> hey! >> witnesses captured the chaos outside a septa station yesterday afternoon. it involved dozens of students. you see one officer get knocked down here. he suffered bruised ribs. two other officers and two students were hurt. a business owner who asked that we not show her face said fights in public are getting worse. >> after it happened -- last week, and this week it happened again. i said, i don't want nip to get hurt. >> no one hurt in the fight, had serious injuries. investigators are looking into whether the brawl was sinked -- linked to a similar one last friday. the trustee at penn station will gather to look at recommendations after a death of a pledge in north jersey. timothy piazza died after
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drinking a dangerous amount of alcohol, falling downstairs, and laying alone for hours. the fraternity is now closed. 6:15. we'll look at the schuylkill near campus. >> francesca ruscio? the overnight construction site still createation bit of a -- creating a bit of a delay on the schuylkill expressway near university heavy. once again, approaching south street. it is behind schedule. we are seeing how it's affecting this portion of the schuylkill expressway from 95 toward the vine street expressway. it's going to take 13 minutes. we're seeing massive delays along that stretch. as for 422, not seeing delays. route 29 toward the schuylkill expressway, it's going to take nine minutes westbound. we're doing very good, as well. earlier we checked on 202, 95, typical morning volume. over new jersey, this is 295, near sloan avenue. again, we're doing pretty good
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in either direction. we have a couple of cars in the road on 295. nothing all that major. when i come back, we'll look at the rest of the majors, the 42 freeway and center city commute. >> thank you very much. 6:17. 61 degrees. warmer than it was yesterday morning and drier. a live look at the beach in cape may now. let's find out what's to come with all of our neighborhoods and first alert meteorologist bill henley. a change in the last couple of minutes. it went from clouds and thick fog to, well, the fog disappearing in reading now that the sun is up. that's starting to move the temperatures. breaks of sunshine, a little blue over delaware and new jersey. that's a change in the last 20 minutes. still mostly cloudy skies at ocean city. a nice, dry morning, yes, some thin spots in the clouds. you see breaks of sunshine before rain returns later today at the shore. 51 degrees in the lehigh valley. 61 in philadelphia. 50s in south jersey and delaware with the cooler temperatures in the lehigh valley, that's where we've seen thicker fog. now 55 degrees at reading. as we saw on that view, it's
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starting to disappear. the temperature at nazareth at 52. low 70s this afternoon. a nice improvement from yesterday. what up won't see is rain this morning. a dry start to the day. 50s for allentown, quakertown, and exton. 58 in reading. clouds are breaking for some sunshine in reading. you'll see some in wilmington and philadelphia, too. rain late this afternoon and this evening for atlantic city. it's going to be arriving in trenton later this evening. so mainly dry during the day today. certainly dry this morning, too. this is doppler radar, the satellite shows scattered clouds but no wet weather. that's to the south. and it's making slow progress. in the carolinas and virginia. hasn't moved much since we've been on the air at 4:30 this morning. that movement happens during the day today. by this evening, we'll see rain in south jersey, central and southern delaware. at 6:45, so mainly dry for the area. that changes during the late
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evening and overnight. this is 11:00 tonight, you see light rain showers in philadelphia. steadier at the shore. central and southern delaware. overnight, we'll see steady rain through the area. tomorrow morning, a rainy start. in galloway township, if you're coming to see us at the wawa, you'll need the rain gear. we'll provide the coffee to warm you up. then mother nature provides sunshine later in the day to warm temperatures back into the 70s in the afternoon. 70s for today. partly sunny skies this morning, then clouds return this afternoon. 75 tomorrow. we'll get the showers tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. we'll dry out during the day on wednesday. then thursday, rain moves back in. it will keep temperatures cooler thursday afternoon. a warmup going into the weekend. 74 on friday. mainly dry during the day on sunday. i think late sunday and into memorial day monday, showers will be returning to the area, even a chance of a thunderstorm
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on monday. then we dry out after the weekend. wouldn't you know it. high temperature, 80 on tuesday. 82 on wednesday. and near 80 degrees next thursday. we're days away from the start of the hurricane season. the first alert weather team and teams who fly into the storms are ready. today at 4:00, meteorologist krystal klei will take you on a tour of the plane used to get information from inside the huge storms. next, a change at penn state to make mealtime nature inclusive for the -- more inclusive for the students. plus, a runaway boat. an unusual problem for police when an out-of-control vehicle was on the water. chris christie: addiction is a disease. it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore.
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i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit
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someone vandalized the frank rizzo mural in south philadelphia yesterday. it's not the first time it's
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happened. you see blotches of black paint on the mural of the late former mayor. the mural arts philadelphia is asking for donations to restore the artwork which is the most commonly vandalized in the mural -- the most vandalized mural in the city. some regard him as a racist or fascist. starting this fall, students at penn state's main campus will have a kosher option for the first time. you're looking at the school's new kosher dining hall called pure. the kitchen and facility will follow jewish dietary laws. it will also cater to those with food allergies and other health concerns. 5,000 jewish students attend classes in university park. the number of them come from the philadelphia area. actor, comedian, and writer kevin hart will be in philadelphia tonight for the annual arts and business council awards celebration. the council is honoring hart for an award for his artistic excellence during a gala at the art museum. the council is also paying tribute to philanthropists keith
6:25 am
and katherine sax with a leadership award. good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio. delays on the schuylkill due to a construction site that's not cleared approaching south street. folks are better off taking 611 or staying on 95 to get to center city. again, this is snenear passyunk. 95 to the vine will take you 18 minutes. now to weather and meteorologist bill henley. 6:25. seeing a little bit of sunshine. it's a little bit warmer and drier. the clouds not producing any showers this morning. but that will change later today. i've got your neighborhood forecast coming up. also ahead, free family fun. nbc10 has done the legwork to show you places to take the family this summer. and ahead, kid-friendly spots where you can go behind the scenes. and "nbc10 news today" will look a little different tomorrow because we'll be more casual than we look here. the team will be on the road in
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atlantic county, we'll be like at the wawa in white horse pike throughout the morning. if that's your wawa, say hello.
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oh, my god. >> an act of terror. a suicide bomber targets a concert packed with children. we have breaking details on the attack and president trump's reaction. jury search. lawyers encounter a list of problems with the pool of potential jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. walking free. a philadelphia man imprisoned 24 years for a crime he didn't commit could soon be released. the fight that helped clear his name. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" on a tuesday. i'm vai sikahema. >> tuesday, we're here. i'm tracy davidson. a lot to get including new information about the terror attack. right now, let's get you updated
6:30 am
on the forecast. drier today. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. bill? thursday won't be dry, but today will be mainly dry. we've got sunshine this morning. this is a view from easton. the fog is starting to disappear. reading is
6:31 am
ñr'g traffic is looking. francesca ruscio with an update. no one likes tuesday, especially if you're stuck on the schuylkill expressway westbound near passyunk. we're jammed because of an overnight construction site which hasn't cleared near south street. jammed from passyunk to south street. i'll show on the maps what this looks like. again, travel speeds now are crawling in the single digits. take 95 or 611 toward the vine street expressway, center city area. once you pass this overnight construction site, traffic then begins to resume into the 60s. normal speeds once you pass it. again, it's only taking up the right lane and hasn't cleared creating massive delays. 6:31, we're following traffic. a suicide bomber targeted an ariana grande concert. the death toll rose overnight. now it is at 22. and we know children are among the dead. dozens more are injured.
6:32 am
the attack happened outside the manchester arena 200 miles outside of london. the bomber set off an improvised explosive device as concert-goers were leaving. matt delucia is following new developments and has reaction in our digital operations center this morning. matt? >> reporter: police in manchester are calling this the most horrific incident they have faced. they are treating this as a terrorist attack. >> oh, my god. roy >> reporter: cell phone video. you can hear the blast from inside the arena. the explosion happened around 10:30 local time outside the venue. pop star ariana grande had just wrapped up her concert. and witnesses ran for the exits after hearing the explosion. president trump spoke about the attack earlier, a couple of hours ago, calling whoever is responsible "losers in life." british prime ministerer it he'sa may spoke a few minutes ago. here's a -- prime minister
6:33 am
theresa may spoke a few minutes ago. he was a portion of her comments. >> there's no doubt that the people of manchester and this country have fallen victim to a callus terrorist attack. an attack that targeted some of the youngest people in our society with cold calculation. >> reporter: also in the last hour, we spoke with an assistant professor of political science at rutgers university in camden. i asked in his opinion what would investigators be doing now? >> right now they're looking at forensic evidence through the bodies to see what clues they could gain. mostly about the sophistication that went building the device and the source. they're combing through the extensive social media available from the concert-goers. >> reporter: and ariana grande said, "broken. from the bottom of my heart, ia. so sorry.
6:34 am
i don't have words." prime minister theresa may said police and security services believe they know the identity of the attacker. police are looking to see if the person is part of a larger network. nbc10 news. >> count onnent to bri-- count to bring you the latest. extensive live coverage coming up on the "today" show in less than 30 minutes. today lawyers will continue to question potential jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a temple university employee at his home in 2004. so far three white men and two white men have been chosen. lawyers will question up to 100 people a day until 12 jurors and six alternates are chosen to hear the case which is scheduled to begin in montgomery county on june 5th. one-third of the juror pool says
6:35 am
they have a friend or family member involved in a sexual assault. others said they have already an opinion of guilt or innocence. others said it would be difficult to be sequestered so far from home as the jury proceeds. the jury will be assembled in norristown, a five-hour drive. and keith jones is in pittsburgh for the jury selection. look for his live reports this afternoon at 4:00. and you can get the latest updates any time on the nbc10 app. police in chester county arrested a man seen on security camera video punching a man with cerebral palsy. we want to warn you, this might be difficult to watch. the man in the yellow sweatshirt is seen sucker punching the other man in the face as he stood outside the 7-eleven in westchester. the suspect was allegedly making fun of the victim before he hit him. he's seen walking off right after the attack. neighbors in the area can't believe this happened in their community. >> you don't see westchester on the news much for that. college stuff, yeah, but they're college kids.
6:36 am
that -- and then the people that came out after that guy and didn't even like check on him to see if the other guy was okay. are you joking me? >> police arrested barry baker and charged him with assault and other offenses. our county-by-county coverage starts in ocean county where someone is slashing tires on parked cars. >> about 30 vehicles been targeted in beachwood ocean county. police are asking people to be alert and monitor security cameras especially for anythin[ suspicious from 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m., may 15th and 16th. right now, officers have no leads. expect a slower rides on wilmington's line through theçí 2nd. crews are replacing rail ties and tracks along a five-mile span between the wilmington and claymont stations. inbound and outbound trains could be running 20 minutes later than normal. residents in delaware county
6:37 am
heard from traffic experts at a town hall meeting in chadds ford. people on the boerdser wirders concord township e are concerned about plans to widen ridge road from two to six lanes and how the traffic would impact the community. residents want township leaders to reconsider their plans. the famous trenton makes, the world takes sign is getting a green upgrade. a new color changing and energy-efficient lighting system will replace the current sign. the current -- the project was approved by the delaware river joint toll bridge commission. the $647,000 project will be completed later this year. 6:37. warmer than yesterday morning. >> breezier, as well. bill? we're not getting rain although we had clouds in the area. you see a little bit of sunlight making it through. breaks of sunshine this morning. more likely you'll see them this morning than this afternoon.
6:38 am
clouds have broke not in new jersey, scattered -- broken in new jersey, scattered clouds in delaware. sunshine leading to warmer temperatures. five degrees warmer than this time yesterday at philadelphia. near 70 at noontime after breaks of sunshine this morning. the clouds are back this afternoon. won't see any rain in the suburbs, any fog this morning will quickly disappear as we warm from the 50s into the upper 60s at noontime. a mostly cloudy but dry afternoon. a bit more sunshine in the lehigh valley than the rest of the area. to start, 51 degrees. 62 at 10:00, close to 70 this afternoon. clouds will be building in new jersey after some sunshine. the wet weather holds off until this evening for inland areas. at the shore, late this afternoon, possibly even at 2:00 this afternoon, the chances increase into the late afternoon hours at the shore. for northern delaware, staying dry. it's central and southern delaware that will see the first showers as the systems move up from the south. some sunshine breaking through.
6:39 am
just a little bit over frawley stadium in delaware now. 69 mostly cloudy at noontime. low 70s this afternoon. we have more wet weather on the way for tonight and into tomorrow. in fact, the rainy period will be around until the end of the workweek. we will see some dry spots, too. i'll look at the ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. >> see you then. about 20, 21 minutes before 7:00. you see the fog that bill was talking about behinds us in center city. you can see it there on route 422. >> right. francesca ruscio with the update. we're looking at 422 now. yes, but see the fog here. be mindful of that. and route 29 toward the schuylkill, going to take you 16 minutes. good news on the schuylkill expressway. westbound, the overnight construction site has cleared. expect residual delays, again, once you pass that where it was, again, approaching south street is where the construction site
6:40 am
was. you will resume with normal travel speeds. still in the single digits, but expect residual delays. 611, stay on 95 to avoid the traffic. and again, route 202 looks good. very green. route 30 toward the schuylkill expressway will take you nine minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:40. nbc10 is helping you fill your summer schedule with free fun. >> next, the budget friendly day trips that you can take the trips coming up in about ten minutes. and wine and breast cancer. the link between the two will impact women's health. and all new at 6:00, harry hairston to the rescue. a woman paid hundreds to go to a conference that got canceled. with her refund in limbo, she calls nbc10 responds for help. you can watch harry work at lightning speed to have the problem rectified next at 6:00. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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breaking developments in the manchester, england, terror attack. we're learning that police in the uk have evacuated a shopping center in manchesterment one person manchester. one person is under arrest. it's unclear if this is related to the concert attack. within the hour, british prime minister theresa may said officials believe they know who the suicide bomber was who blew himself up at an ariana grande concert. they're not releasing the bomber's name yet. 22 people including children are dead. that's the most recent numbers in terms of death toll. it's being called the worst attack ever to hit north of england. this morning, president trump also reacted to the terror
6:45 am
attack. >> we'll call them from now on losers. that's what they are. they're losers. >> the president also called on nations around the world to work together to stop terrorism. stay with us for updates throughout the day. at home, a philadelphia man who's been in prison for nearly a quarter century for a crime he did not commit could be free by tomorrow. >> sean thomas will have a hearing today to determine the time of his release. back in 1994, a jury convicted thomas of murder. authorities threw out the conviction in 2015 after a witness admitted to lying about thomas' role in that killing. his mother said thomas fought every day in prison to clear his name. >> i'm proud because not only did he just sit in jail and do nothing, but he knew he was innocent and did something about it. >> lawyers who helped thomas said that while they couldn't get back the last 24 years of his life, they could give him a future.
6:46 am
new, a half glass of wine a day may increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. that's according to data from more than 100 studies of 12 million women. drinking half a glass a day increased breast cancer risk by 5% in younger women and 9% in post menopausal women. exercise appears to lower the risk of the disease. watch this video of an unusual rescue in florida. see the boat -- this is near ft. myers beach. there's no one on board. the men inside were thrown into the water, and the boat garnspeeding out -- boat began speeding out of control. a coast guard officer jumped on board and shut it down. an nbc10 viewer said she paid big bucks for a chance to meet some of her favorite celebrities. problem is the event got canceled. >> despite her request for a refund, the company never returned her money. she called harry hairston and nbc10 responds. >> looking forward to seeing them -- >> reporter: courtney mitchell
6:47 am
couldn't wait to travel and meet her favorite tv stars at a conference called eyecon. >> never went to atlanta before. fact that it was in atlanta was something we were interested in. >> reporter: for about $1,000, she and a friend would meet, shake hands, and take pictures with celebrities. that never happened. a month before the march concert was to take place, organizers canceled the event. eyecon sent her an e-mail offering a full refund. 14 days later, still no refund. for weeks she tried to reach the company through emails, texts, facebook messages, and phone calls. her efforts got her nowhere. >> at my wit's end. >> reporter: she wrote nbc10 responds. we contacted the company. while we were interviewing mitchell, we've received good news to share with her. they are giving you a refund. >> you're kidding? >> reporter: just got off the
6:48 am
phone with them. yes, indeed. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: what do you think? >> that's amazing. >> reporter: you're amazed? all right. >> can i hug you? >> sure thing. my gosh. i can't believe but that. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc10 responds. >> yeah. eyecon said it didn't know mitchell still needed a refund. the company has a new e-mail address and phone number. they said several people run social media, so the messages may have been overlooked. if you have a consumer problem for nbc responds or telemundo responde, the best ways to reach us are on the screen. 6:48. 61 degrees outside. dry compared to yesterday morning. looks nice. a love look at penn's landing. let's find out what's to come. bill? nice breaks of sunshine this morning. there's still plenty of clouds around. you see in spring city, pennsylvania, a little bit of sunshine. mostly foggy.
6:49 am
ocean city, new jersey, a few thin spots in the clouds there, too. the clouds are still over penn's landing. the clouds will break through enough to start the warming process. warming into the 70s this afternoon. low 50s in the lehigh valley where we've seen some of the thickest fog this morning. there's also been some fog in central delaware. largely fog free for northern delaware and wilmington. at 61 in philadelphia, warms into the 70s this afternoon. something we really didn't see yesterday. didn't see sunshine, either, but you woole go net enough to sunshine into the low 70s at 1:00. later this afternoon, the clouds take over. this evening, you can count on rain returning to the area. scattered clouds, more breaks in the clouds over new jersey and burlington and camden counties. this is what's on tap for tonight. the first of the wet weather in virginia and the carolinas will reach into delaware and the jersey shore late this afternoon and this evening.
6:50 am
light rain in cape may. moving into philadelphia, too. the steadiest rain will come in overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. we're not looking at a lot of rain, but we could some accumulation by 11:00 tonight. overnight tonight, the steadier showers. tomorrow, pulling away, close to half an inch in philadelphia. by the time it's done, around half an inch in philadelphia. not the soaker we saw yesterday. mainly dry during the day. clouds and sunshine this morning. mostly cloudy this afternoon. the rain returns this evening, and tomorrow we start with some rain. then it dries up. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. back into the middle 70s. thursday is a different story entirely. rainy conditions to start early in the morning. chance of thunderstorms during the day that's going to limit the warmup to 69 degrees. by friday, the showers will be ending in the morning. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. 74 degrees. here comes the warmer weather for the weekend. 81 on saturday.
6:51 am
a chance of showers late on sunday and into monday for memorial day. even a possibility of thunderstorms. then we get three in a row, dry days for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thank you. let's get you to work. >> francesca ruscio looking at mass transit. what are you seeing? we're looking at mass transit. we got a notification from the septa involving the trenton line for train 7218, operating 14 minutes late. however, amtrak, patco and new jersey, everything on time and on schedule. for the latest updates, you can download our nbc10 app. good news for the schuylkill expressway westbound. we had an overnight construction site blocking the right lane before south street. earlier we were delayed from passyunk to south street. now it has cleared. expect residual delays. traffic is slowly crawling by. once you get past south street, you see that traffic will begin to resume with travel speeds back in the 50s and 60s. that's always good news for the schuylkill which you hardly
6:52 am
hear. 95 at indiana street, southbound toward the vine, it's going to take you 35 minutes. seeing the typical, usual volume. the update in red. we are seeing southbound delays, northbound it's an opposite story. doing well on the northbound side overall. so again, overview majors, seeing more red right now. again, eastbound toward the center city area for the schuylkill. blue route near baltimore pike, still in the 60s. when i come back, i'll have another update and look at the majors. >> thank you. this morning, we continue our free family fun series bringing ideas that are free for the family this spring and summer. >> there are museums and factory tours an hour's drive of philadelphia for free. if chips are your thing, head to the herr's potato chip factory in nottingham, chester county. you can see how potato chips are made, package period, and get a taste of one straight off the line. >> how to eat them.
6:53 am
the crayola experience in easton has free deals. law enforcement, emts, and the military get in free this month. nurses are free through june. there are floors of hands-on attractions and a live show on how crayons are made. and if you're an animal lover, the marine mammal stranding center in atlantic county gives free tours. there you can see animals in the intensive care unit and learn how stranded animals are put back into the wild. tomorrow morning, we'll tell you places where kids eat free. next, the top stories that we're covering for you on this tuesday. >> that includes terror in manchester. we're back with the latest developments on the deadly attack at an ariana grande concert.
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what if there was a paint for your door... ...that not only made a big first impression... ...but was designed to withstand sunlight this bright... ...this bright... ...or even this bright. if a paint could protect your door's color against the strongest uv rays... makes you wonder... is it still paint? aura grand entrance from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
6:57 am
the terror attack in manchester, england, is one of the many stories we're following today. >> a shopping center in manchester was evacuated after reports of a loud bang. a person has been arrested. we're getting conflicting information about whether this is connected to last night's terror attack. meantime, british prime minister theresa may says foeshlts believe they know the lone bomber who blew himself up at the concert. they know his identity. they're not releasing the bomber's name. children are among the 22 killed. dozens are hurt. president trump is calling for international cooperation for stopping terrorism. you can count on extensive live coverage coming up. developing at home, philadelphia police searching for three apparent kidnappers and their victim. a witness told police a man stepped out of the brown minivan at roberts avenue and fox at east falls and beat up the driver of another car. the attacker then threw the diver into the minivan and took
6:58 am
a. two other men from the minivan took off in the driver's car. jury selection continues in pittsburgh ahead of bill cosby's sexual assault trial next month. three white men and two white women have been picked so far. and today in camden county other closing arguments expected in the d.j. creato murder trial. the prosecutors and defense rested their cases last week. creato pleaded not guilty to killing his 3-year-old son in 2015 to keep his teenage girlfriend from leaving him. good morning, everyone. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. let's get a last check on the roads. ì% expressway at 24th, doing a hoof okay. if went black. if you head eastbound 495, westbound for the schuylkill, not seeing any delays on the vine street expressway. septa train 503 on the thorndale line is ten minutes late. everything else is running on time and on schedule. let's get a last look at 95. typical morning volume.
6:59 am
delays on the southbound side, woodhaven to the vine. it will take you 36 minutes. have a good day. we've seen a range of conditions this morning in this one view from reading. it was fogged in to start. with fog around, but no we've got sunshine. that is fading as clouds move sb back into the area. clouds, breaks of sunshine. you see a little bit of sunshine coming through the clouds in easton. that sunshine will fade this afternoon. we will see enough breaks of sunshine, enough of them to warm into the upper 60s by lunchtime. what you won't see is any rain during the day in philadelphia, the suburbs, rain coming for the jersey shore. delaware, central and southern delaware, seeing showers returning later today. and eventually moving into philadelphia this evening. overnight, wet weather in galloway township as we head to wawa tomorrow morning. >> excellent. see you there.
7:00 am
we'll continue to update the situation in manchester, england, throughout the morning. good morning. terror in manchester. >> oh, my god. >> a horrific bombing at britain's largest concert arena. the death toll rising to 22 overnight. 59 others injured. many of the victims teenagers and children, attending an ariana grande concert. chaos as the blast went off. a stampede of crowds, children separates from their parents. police now saying it was the work of a suicide bomber. president trump in the middle east, condemning whoever did this. >> i will call them, from now on, losers because that's what they are. they are losers. >> this morning, the wounded,


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