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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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moment now. for his attorneys this has been a seven-year fight and for thomas and his family it's been far longer and far more painful. >> everyone is very happy. very, very happy. >> you could hear that chuckle of joy in the voice of the fiance of a now innocent man. she's a long-time friend of sean thomas's family but she's only seen him in prison. as of today, that is changing. >> it's going to be a good feeling. >> reporter: a good feeling and a long time coming. nbc 10 was on the scene of the murder back in 1990 for which thomas was convicted. a bullet right through the window on this street. but he insisted he was four miles away. now being held in custody for an attempted theft of a motorcycle.
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his attorney says that fundamental discrepancy stood out. >> what he said basically is true. >> as for the attorneys and the innocence project dug deeper, they said witness accounts were never seen. >> thomas' fiance got to call his mother this morning offering the news of his eminent release after a judge vacated his sentence. >> they knew this day was coming. >> reporter: and today it finally did. thomas's mother says he spent the last 24 years in the library studying every legal option but ultimately his work combined with the work of outside lawyers to free him including lawyers from the same district attorney's office that originally prosecuted his case. >> we'll be watching it.
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the nbc 10 investigators are at the prison where thomas will be released any moment now. we are working to talk to him. as soon as he comes out, you'll hear from him coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. we have new information about breaking news we have been following in germantown. four people shot there. what can you tell us, mitch? >> reporter: police have completely sealed off morton street. you can see they have circled all of the bullet casings that came off during this shooting. multiple people shot. the four people shot, two of the victims are at least are one man and one woman do not know their condition, but they were taken away on gurneys and ambulances. police say the suspects were wearing all black and jumped into a black suv and they fled. we're told one of the victims may have been in that suv as that car showed up at einstein
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hospital's emergency room. that's the latest from sky force 10. back to you in the studio. overseas tonight, britain's prime minister has increased the nation's terror threat level saying another attack may be imminent. >> now new details are emerging about the suspect and his young victims. the suicide bomber is a 22-year-old who had a british passport but it's unclear where he was born. the isz lammic state he was one of their fighters, but investigators are not confirming whether he was part of that terror group. a 23-year-old man has also been arrested. police have not released his name. 22 people died in the attack as they left the concert. an 18-year-old was a second year college student who was a big arkansas iana fan. you see her posing in that picture there on the left. that was taken in 2015. on the right, that is 8-year-old
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girl who also lost her life in last night's bombing. one of her teachers remembers her as a beautiful little girl. tonight an outpouring of love and support for the victims. hundreds of people gathered outside of city hall in manchester in solidarity for those who have been impacted. one local woman is still waiting to hear from her friend who attended the concert in manchester and still missing. >> lauren mayk is joining us live in center city with more on the story. >> we spoke with a group of friends who have personal connections to what happened in manchester. some of them are from manchester. some have lived there and they came together tonight to support each other and the city. under the city flag, they held signs supporting another community far away. the city of manchester where a deadly attack killed concert go-ers 24 hours ago. >> i lived in manchester for
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awhile. i have friends and family there, and i a connection and want. ed to do something. >> her friend was at the concert and is still missing. >> he was still missing as of an hour ago. he was with friends and left about 20 minutes before the concert ended to get a drink. >> reporter: the explosion happened the end of the concert. >> it's home to many boxing matches, lots of high profile musical acts. it's a big deal. >> she's living in philly now, but is from manchester. >> i spoke to my family this morning. >> reporter: a as friends gather for support, she's confident the city of manchester will come together too. >> the city is browsed at the moment, but it will bounce back as it has before. >> another man who was here one of these friends says he has family at that concert and they are okay.
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this group tonight also observing a moment of silence marking the time this attack happened one day ago. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. tonight we are tracking the measures in place here at home to keep you safe in the wake of this deadly manchester attack. crews are across the region from philadelphia to camden and atlantic city checking in on security. the boardwalk and beaches attract huge crowds. especially in the summer. now the city's police officers are watching you even when you can't see them. in a brand new surveillance center, hundreds of cameras are monitoring the boardwalk, beaches and other areas around the clock. >> it's such a great tool for situational awareness. >> there are more than 500 cameras in the surveillance center and more will be added. this coming weekend, hall and oats will headline the
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series. the festival is coming to the parkway. the mayor says the city is working with local and federal law enforcement to make sure all large events are properly secured. coverage of the terror in manchester continues after this broadcast on "nbc nightly news." the latest on the suspect and new developments in the case. president trump's $4.1 trillion budget for 2018 arrived on capitol hill. it cuts taxes on wealthy people in businesses. but that comes at the expense of programs like medicaid, student loans and retirement plans for federal workers. local food banks worry if the budget is approved, it could have a devastating impact. they are already trying to seek 750,000 people throughout the year in just our area alone. >> former cia director is
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accusing to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. at a house intelligence e committee hearing e he stopped short of calling the ties between russia and the trump campaign collusion. if the reports are true, president trump shared classified information with the russians. he is in violation of two protocols. new jersey congressman tom mcarthur is quitting his spot in a group of moderate republican who is resigned as co-chair of the tuesday group today and criticized colleagues for being unwilling to compromise. he was key in reviving the republican bill to replace obamacare and him getting a pass for the health care plan. >> more than half the jury has been seated now in the bill cosby sexual assault case. cosby's team and prosecutors have settled on ten jurors. six men and four women, only one
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of the jurors is black. the trial is slated to begin on june 5th in montgomery county. the fate of a new jersey man accuse d of murdering his toddlr son is now in the hands of a jury. jurors in the trial will now decide if he's gmt of murdering his 3-year-old son. deliberations began late today. this after a ten-day trial and hours of closing arguments. the defense took aim at the prosecution for its lack of physical evidence. while prosecutors referred to him as pathetic. >> he's the only person in this entire earth whose life is better. >> jurors will begin the first day of testimony tomorrow morning. >> to our first alert weather, people taking advantage of a break in the rain in the middle of this wet workweek.
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glenn schwartz is here with the forecast. >> there's plenty of rain. the computers show we have the surface wind helping to keep some moisture in. and by the morning rush from philadelphia area, delaware, south jersey and the enginejers shore areas most likely to see some of the rain.
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temperatures pretty uniform. it's been way e below normal during the day today. there's the threat of rain. first thing in the morning, but we have bigger threats coming before the end of the week. that plus the latest on the weekend is coming up. you'll want to stay with track of the changing forecasts. from memorial day to labor day, that's only tonight at 11:00. up next at 6:00, get ready for the biggest wawa welcome america concert inside access to the biggest birthday party. ♪
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delaware is is losing hundreds of jobs, they will move 450 jobs out of the state. they will also be shutting down in center in new castle county by the end of next year. people who work there will be offered jobs in chicago or buffalo. pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to make universal background checks a requirement for buying all guns. a group of representatives drod that bill and called this common
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sense legislation and say it closes a dangerous gap in the state's gun laws. the biggest wawa welcome america festival ever is coming to the parkway this summer. here's a live look where in just over a month, the biggest birthday bash is take oefrg the parkway. we learned the event will feature more fireworks and more free events tr kids and families. plus the queen of hip hop soul. the six-day festival of free events across the city kicks off june 29th and ends july 4th with 12 full hours of nonstop activities. the fun begins with a popular wawa day, a free lunch for everybody. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: during the festival, you can go to e free museums and movies. >> we have new events for millennials. >> reporter: patriotic events and concerts like the philly pop
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on july 3rd in front of independence hall. can't be there? no problem. watch it on nbc 10 and mun do. the exclusive tv partners. >> if you are not there live on site, you can check us out online, on demand and on air. mary j. blige headlines the concert on the parkway. the mayor made it clear these are fans singing one of her songs. and the fire wworks new this ye at 9:30. again live on nbc 10. fireworks will also light up the sky on june 30th and july 1st. and right now on the nbc 10 app, you can read up on all the big name performers for wawa welcome america and all the dates and times for the events. our free app has everything you need to know about all of the
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fun. turning to our first alert weather. hopefully no rain on the fourlt, but a cloudy day. not the prettiest day, but at least it's not raining. you're looking live from our campus camera. some rain could roll into our area later tonight. it all depends on where you live. chief meteorologist glenn schwartz is here timing out the chances where you live in our neighborhood forecast. this rain is not reaching the ground. it's farther to the south. everybody has clouds and there's plenty of rain. but the heaviest of this is still going out to sea. so it's not expecting heavy rain during the night tonight. there are plenty other chances for heavy rain.
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we have some around dallas. some around omaha. there's a lot of cloudiness and a lot of rain out there. we have cloudy skies right now. we're in the mid-60s. fairly uniform with the temperatures. only 62 degrees. newtown at 65 degrees. i'm not expecting real warm weather because a lot of the clouds hanging around. as we go to 9:00 p.m., you see it's generally dry. but the rain in had atlantic city later on during the night and then it starts spreading to other parts of the area. by tomorrow morning's rush, some rain in philadelphia. atlantic city, possibly up to
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trenton. and then it goes away. the clouds don't go away. but the rain does. most of the day tomorrow is dry. temperatures still below normal but a touch of sunshine could push us into the 70s. reading up to 72 degrees. then watch what happens tomorrow night and into thursday morning. now we're getting hit. thunderstorms in the morning. the a.m. rush on thursday look at that. we're tapering off but look what happens. then we finally may warm up a little bit if we get a little bit of sunshine thursday afternoon. we could also see a thunderstorm thursday afternoon. then what happens for the holiday weekend. the best day looks like
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saturday. the best chance of rain is on sunday. we have a mixture on monday and delaware. join us at 11:00 for the first alert summer outlook. i'll help you get ready for the summer season with the temperatures and the storms. taking a live look at the pennsylvania prison where shawn thomas is now a free man. you see that smile on his face after spending more than two decades behind bars. we're going to talk to him and have more on his story tonight at 11:00. i'm john clark. we're going to hear from carson wentz and the new weapon. it's the first day for the new team. a lot of new players to mix tokt at practice.
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phillies are benching three hitters. that's next as well. ♪
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i'm john clark from csn. the eagles started their organized team activities today. today the first real practice with the entire team. three eagles were not there. that's four now. a lot of new faces. doug peterson notices a big thing with carson wentz. >> the biggest thing i have seen is leadership. >> the eagles want to see carson wentz take over this team. be the biggest leader. he is doing that.
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>> it's come orr gabically as a quarterback here. so i've been looking forward to that and i feel that's continuing to grow every day. >> he's definitely a great leader. he's the first one in the building and last one to leave. he's a great leader. >> carson has new weapons on offense, take a look. and two more receivers. the eagles drafted. >> a lot of talented guys in our room. it's going to bring out the best in everyone. so we're all leaning on each other. >> louisiaegarrette blount is t biggest addition. he's looking at using two backs on plays sometimes. lots of options now. >> offensively and defensively, we're a talented group. >> carson only played a half in
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the preseason. he became the starter just a week before the season started. now he has an entire off season. >> i have seen him sort of come in rejuvenated. >> i love the guys in that locker room. we have a chance to do something special. >> the phillies have lost 18 of 22. so pete is sitting three of his hitters to get things going. they will sit against the rockies. phillies win tonight finally. i'm dpoing out on a limb. >> we'll see how good you are. we'll be right back. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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and donated. that's at 11:00 right after "the voice." that's our news at 6:00. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. see us at 11:00 with the summer outlook. see you then. breaking news tonight. the terror threat here in britain raised to its highest levels. fears of another attack may be imminent. the military being deployed as isis claims responsibility for the concert massacre. a suicide bomber targeting children seeing pop superstar ariana grande. an 8-year-old girl among 22 dead. dozens injured. did the suspect slip through the hands of law enforcement? soft target stepped-up security at home. concerns about attacks at large events. a monumental task to protect them. staggering cuts. president trump proposing major reductions to medicaid and programs for the poor. sharp reaction tonight from democrats and republicans. and remembering roger moore. reaction pouring in to


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