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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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earlier accident that still hasn't cleared on the vine street expressway westbound. as you see, you must take the exit for schuylkill eastbound. look at traffic right now. again, for the most part, it has happened in a little over two hours ago. we are still dealing with the situation right now on the vine street expressway. and i will update you all as soon as it has cleared. 95 southbound, woodhaven to the vine, very early. it will take you 13 minutes. >> thank you. right now, britain's terror alert is at its highest possible level as fear across the country grows that another attack could happen at any moment. nbc10's matt delucia is monitoring the overnight developments from our digital operations center. matt? >> reporter: that means there is not only the belief that there could be another terrorist attack but that it could be imminent. we're also learning more about the man police say blew himself up outside the manchester arena monday night. 22-year-old salman abedi, he was born and raised in the city he attacked. embassy news has learned that abedi, whose family is from libya, received training abroad
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by a terrorist organization, though his allegiance is not yet clear. police have arrested his brother and have not ruled out the possibility that he had help carrying out the deadly attack. 22 dead, 59 wounded. there have been tributes, you see some there, pouring in from around the world. the eiffel tower, coliseum, and empire state building dark in honor of the victims. >> shocked. very close to home. manchester, we stand strong. nothing's going to stop that. >> reporter: we'll continue to follow the investigation into the bombing and the ways that the victims are being remembered on and the nbc10 app. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia. >> thank you. we're learning more about the victims including an 8-year-old being remembered in her village as a beautiful little girl. we're hearing from one of her teachers who says the thought that anyone could go out to a concert and not come home is
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heartbreaking. another victim, 15-year-old olivia campbell. her mother describes her as "my darling, precious, gorgeous girl." we're also learning about 18-year-old georgina calendar. she met ariana grande at another one of her concerts at manchester arena two years ago. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for continuing coverage on the terror in manchester. new this morning in our area, philadelphia police are investigating a murder in cobbs creek. they tell us it's unusual that there were no 911 calls after the man was shot in the head here on residential street. a person walking on south 58th street found the victim around 1:00 this morning and called for help. a philadelphia toddler shot four times continues to recover this morning. this as police have released surveillance video in the case. investigators tell us the two suspected gunman seen in this video pulled up on their bicycles friday night. they opened fire, hitting the
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father once and hitting his 2-year-old son, price johnson, four times. >> i was like, oh, my god. this baby's so tiny. how can he be shot four times and still be okay? i couldn't fathom it at all. how dare you shoot a 2-year-old child? >> price is out of the hospital. his father has had surgery and is doing okay. the family has not been able to return to their home telling us they fear for their safety. first night of freedom. the philadelphia man who spent 24 years behind bars for a crime he says he did not commit is now out of prison. one of the first things that sean thomas did when he was released in schuylkill county was hug his mother. the philadelphia innocence project helped convince a judge to vacate his conviction for a 1990 killing. thomas claimed at the time of the murder he was being held at the old youth study center for trying to steal a motorcycle. >> been a struggle. hard struggle. just can't give up. >> i'm thankful that i'm here to
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really see him walk out that gate. that's all i want. >> with his fiancee by his side, thomas says he hopes to start a new life down south. his first meal after he got out was at red lobster on roosevelt boulevard. then he headed to a celebration with his family. >> it's a blessing. it's a blessing. definitely a blessing to have my brother back home. >> feel wonderful. you know, feel like i never left. >> hear more coming up at 6:00 this morning when we'll talk to him about his fight for freedom and dreams for the future. 4:34 on this wednesday. now to stories that we'll be following throughout the day -- jurors will begin their first full day of deliberations in the camden county trial of the man accused of killing his young son. jurors in the d.j. creato trial got the case yesterday. prosecutors contend creato
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killed his 3-year-old son to preserve a relationship with his girlfriend who did not like children. the defense claims the prosecution had little physical evidence pointing to their clients. americans of the american red cross and philadelphia fire department will go door to door for a fire safety campaign. it will happen in several neighborhoods today. the effort follows two deadly fires on sunday including this one on diamond street that killed three people. officials will install smoke alarms and give out fire-prevention information. let's head to camden. cooper university hospital will officially rename 3 cooper plaza in honor of its former ceo john sheridan and his wife. it will be known as sheridan pavillion. the couple was found dead in their home. sheridan stabbed his wife, killed himself, and set the home on fire. others vehemently disagree.
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earlier the medical examiner changed the cause of death from suicide to undetermined. neighbors in chester county continue to look for a mother who vanished more than a month ago. here's the story -- nbc10 joined the group as they passed out flyers in the malvern development where anna macheska lives. state police say she was last season april 10th. her husband told officers she left their home in a panic and was late for work. weeks later, investigators found her car but no sign of the woman. >> the biggest problem is the fact that there's been so much time that's gone by. and that concerns all of us. >> i don't know what the outcome of this is going previously -- going to be, but i hope the outcome is positive. >> the group made an e-mail account to send tips to. you can go to our website,, to find a link to the account. a lot of new details about a bank robbery in northeast philly. police tell us that this man demanded money from a teller at the republic bank on frankfurt avenue yesterday afternoon. walnuts he got the -- once he got the money, investigators
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believe he took off in this red suv. police believe the man also robbed the same bank branch back in january. 4:37. coming up, survivors story. these philadelphia police officers all cheated death. ahead, their bravery is creating a unique bond. the future of tmi, three mile island, is up for auction. why the power plant is in trouble and what it means for 700 pennsylvania jobs. trouble on the train. why a new jersey transit passenger had to ride within inches of this open door. and take a live look outside. looking over boathouse row. still dark, but we're tracking light rain in areas and heavy rain in areas. we'll look at when it moves out and when the next round moves back in.
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good morning, everyone. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. we're dealing with an accident in montgomery county, north wales, along county line road and stump road. it's taking out a lane. you might want to use an alternate. earlier this morning, we had an overnight accident that was taking out the vine street expressway on the westbound side. now it is clear. earlier we were only able to exit from the schuylkill expressway for the eastbound side. as you see now, we're doing really well on the vine street expressway. both directions. you can head westbound for the schuylkill expressway no problem. majors in new jersey, 295, the turnpike, as well as the 42 freeway, good to go in the clear. another update in ten minutes. we'll start with a live view outside. this is in center city philadelphia. looking at just a light breeze whipping the flag around on top of one of the buildings. and what we're going to deal with today will be just light to breezy conditions. this morning, we're also dealing with rain out there. radar and satellite view showing
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us we've got light rain hanging along the shore. a steady rain moving into the northern portions of delaware, and then you see a bit of heavier rain that's not going to be long lasting passing through chester and burks county. this will continue into montgomery, bucks, and the lehigh valley about the next hour. most of this is going to be moving out in the next two to three hours. take a look. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. doing a pretty nice job on the model. showing where the rain is currently. we start putting this into motion, 6:00 a.m., lingering, maybe heavier in the suburbs. as we go from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m., most of this is falling apart. i think some of this will only be sprinkles still making it to the ground. from 8:00 a.m. on, everything moves out entirely. leaving us with clouds, peeks of sun are possible. maybe a few sprinkles starting to make their way back in new delaware and western-most parts of the viewing area. that's into the evening hours, 6:30 p.m., ahead of the steadier rain for thursday much coming
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up, we'll track the rain for thursday and talk about the holiday weekend forecast. 4:42 on this wednesday. here's a look at stories we're working on for nbc10 news at 5:00 -- president trump meets with pope francis at the vatican as part of his first trip overseas. we break down the historic visit. scare on the runway. passengers forced to plie plane at newark -- to flee a plane at newark liberty airport. the problem that affected people for hours. and trapped in a tire. puppy ends up in a tight spot. it takes quite the effort to free her.
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this morning, we're hearing from a philadelphia police officer for the first time since she was shot in the line of duty. nbc10 was at the annual law enforcement awards luncheon yesterday where officer sylvia young was honored. a gunman fired 18 shots into officer young's patrol car in west philadelphia last year. university of pennsylvania
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officer ed miller chased down the suspect and was also shot twice. young tells us her connection to miller is very strong and special. >> we have a bond that won't ever be broke. it's like we're connected now. i never met him before that night and will never forget him. >> also honored, police officer jesse hartnett who survived an atlantic shooting after josh fidel shot him in the head at pointblank range last year. now to our county-by-county coverage. officials say an emergency message that went out about the hope creek nuclear generating station was a false alarm. homeowners in salem and cumberland counties got the alert last night. dispatchers received thousands of concerned phone calls about the message. officials tell us the alert was related to a drill and should have never gone out.
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an electric power auction could decide the future of the remaining reactor at the three mile island nuclear plant near harrisburg. if no one bids to buy power from tmi, plant's owner says it could close in the next fee yours putting around 700 jobs at risk. a glut of cheap natural gas has cut the price tmi can charge for power. tmi was the scene of the worst nuclear accident in 1979. let's head to mercer county. teachers in the princeton school district have reached an agreement to extend their current contract for another two years through 2020. the four-year pact was set to expire in june of next year. the extension gives both sides more time to work out a future, more long-term contract. in montgomery county, the county will launch the pulse point app later on this morning. the app lets people trained in cpr know when and where they can help someone who goes into sudden cardiac arrest. it could get them there before first responders arrive. montgomery's the first county in
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southeastern pennsylvania to use the pulse point app. staying in montgomery county, the montgomery county planning commission wants to hear how bicycling can be improved in the area. the group is creating a plan called bike motco. recommendations can be submitted at the upper dublin township building in ft. washington this evening. hundreds of people in delaware could be losing their jobs. the financial services company hsbc announced it's moving 450 jobs out of the state and shutting down its center in new castle county. folks who work there will be offered jobs in chicago or buffalo, new york. this evening in cape may county, wildwood officials could approve a measure to prohibit smoking on the boardwalk. if passed, it could happen in january of next year. smokers could pay $1,000 fine or spend 90 days in jail. north wildwood is also considering a boardwalk smoking ban. every wednesday through the month of may, we take the morning show on the road and
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help you jump-start your day. we broadcast live from a different wawa in our area every week. today we're at the wawa on the white horse pike in galloway township. we say good morning to tracy davidson and vai sikahema. hey, guys. good morning, rosemary. >> good morning. yeah, we've got to be more specific. there's like a dozen wawas at the white horse pike. >> yeah, white horse pike and pomona road. i already have my coffee as -- >> good thing we got here early. there's like six wawas along white horse pike. got to get everybody here on time. >> do you know who didn't have trouble? ted greenberg. join us. >> our host. >> he's hosting us. >> good to see you guys. happy you're here. >> i know. it's great. >> we always talk to each other on tv. >> that's right. now we can have coffee together right here. >> and we can have coffee with you. come on out. we have free coffee, and we can't wait to meet you. >> back to you, rosemary. >> all right, vai, tracy, and
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ted. now to the first alert traffic. francesca ruscio is keeping an eye on the schuylkill expressway. we'll start things off on the schuylkill expressway. very little to know traffic as of now. this is from montgomery drive, eastbound is this side, westbound, the headlights. little to no traffic at 4:49 now. toward the heart of rush hour, this picture will be changing unfortunately. 422 now, eastbound route 29 toward the schuylkill expressway, going to take you eight minutes. travel speeds hanging strong. very early to be seeing anything too severe on the majors. in terms of secondary roads, we're watching for the accident at county line and stump road. road closures over north wales. i don't have any updates as long as it's cleared. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 4:49 on this wednesday. about 57 degrees. meteorologist krystal klei has the forecast. a stretch of wet weather, when
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it's it going to end -- when's it going to end? >> i just want a stretch of sunny skies. not happening again. the temperatures not affected by the rain. not bad. nearly 60 in penns port. andora at 55. 58 for torresdale. a light jacket will do. a light jacket with a hood if are you getting an early start to your morning because of this. the first alert radar, what you see is a pocket of steadier to heavier rain through parts of burks county, the lehigh valley. now, chester county heading into upper montgomery and upper bucks county as we speak. mostly seeing a break in the rain for philadelphia and parts of south jersey. a light rain near parts of the shore and a steadier rain through delaware. this will be moving into south jersey and philly soon enough. this is not going to last the entire day. these areas of heavier rain are going to move on out. as they move out, we will see a
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chance of peeks of sunshine today. we saw the timing a moment ago. i think around 8:00 a.m. most of the rain is out by 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., everything is out. a few sprinkles here. temperaturewise, into the low 70s. 70 degrees in summerton. 73 for center city. you see low 70s for the suburbs and low to possibly mid 70s for parts of the lehigh valley. in new jersey, 68 for trenton, 71 voorheis. cooler along the jersey shore, 67 across the board. in delaware, upper 60s to low 70s, as well. cooler in rehoboth beach, 68 for new smyrna. cloudy conditions tonight. we're jumping ahead to tonight into your thursday. this is the next rounds of rain. more impressive. this will be around 3:00 in the workweek. starting tonight, cloudy, we go from 11:00 to 3:00 a.m., a nice
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line of storms, could see a thunderstorm pop as we go through the night and into your morning commute. still rainy conditions. this isn't a complete washout, you can see, but pockets of heavier rain all over the board through 9:00 a.m. scattered showers through the day. and then as we go into the evening, we again could start to see spots of thunderstorms moving throughout the area. that will start to clear out, though, as we get into your friday morning. coming up, we'll take a look at your holiday weekend forecast. it's a 50/50 forecast. there's another rounds of rain to find over that stretch. >> we'll be watching closely. thanks. driving is getting more dangerous. and the nbc10 investigators are teague to the streets to see -- are taking to the streets to see what's being done. here's a preview of a story starting at 4:00. >> reporter: across our area -- >> put your hands behind your back, sir. >> reporter: -- impaired driving on the rise. >> you are under arrest for dwi.
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>> reporter: devastating families. >> it's unbelievable pain, anger, and frustration. >> reporter: repeat offenders behind the wheel. >> if someone wants to drive a car, they're going to drive. >> reporter: it's not just drinking. police see more drug driving incidents. >> i can't even wake them up sometimes. >> reporter: doing more damage on our roadways. >> the last chance to tell him how much i loved him or how proud i was of him. >> reporter: for the investigators, nbc10 news. >> watch our full investigations today starting on nbc10 news at 4:00. more problems for passengers who take new jersey transit. new video shows riders within inches of the speeding train's engine. next, why one man was trapped here for his entire trip. spreading the wealth. next, the trenton family who won $429 million is offering to help organizations important to you.
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we have information on the repairs at the rail station that will affect commuters. most areas will be spared from the big delays this summer thanks to a new agreement between new jersey transit and amtrak. only the morris and essex line service will be affected. the line will end at hoboken, reducing the number of trains traveling to penn station. fares will be cut in half. this is due to recent derailments and problems. amtrak is replacing aging tracks and equipment at penn station from july through labor day. for the second time in a week, new jersey is dealing with rpt reports of an open door on a train. the passenger took a picture of the door stuck open and safety bar missing. >> and by the time i noticed that the door was opened, the doors to the platform were closed. and there was no way to get to a conductor. the train was so packed. i rode in the vestibule from newark to new brunswick.
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>> new jersey transit is says someone may have tampered with the safety bar, and they are investigating. there was another open door on a transit train. it traveled 30 minutes before eight stops before anything was done. new jersey transit is urging customers to report any future incidents. there's a new winner of "the voice." take a look. >> chris, you did it! [ cheers ] >> chris blue took the title for teach alic team alicia. the singer from knoxville wins $100,000 and recording contract. coming up, there will be changes in the judges' chairs. miley cyrus will be back for her second go-around. for the first time an idol defects to "the voice." jennifer hudson has been preparing by judging the uk "voice." they will repolice alicia keys -- replace alicia keys and gwen
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stefani. the snip family from trenton has that moment we've dreamed of -- they won a $429 million powerball jackpot. now, they're talking about how they're going to spend the money to help people in their community. last year, pearly smith and her adult children decided they wanted to give back. they formed the smith family foundation. so far they've given away $16 million in different ways. 100 bookbags filled with supplies to trenton public school students. they're hoping to build a bridge in bridgeton. in haiti, they're building a three-room schoolhouse. >> didn't go out and buy your mansions and those fancy cars, whatever they -- lamborghinis, no. >> the whole idea of the foundation is to transform lives. >> the family is now taking grant applications for nonprofits in the trenton area. if you'd like some more information, go to we have a link to the family's foundation. certainly that money went to the right people.
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now here are more of the stories that we're following on nbc10 news at 5:00 a.m. -- meeting the pope. overnight, president trump sat down with pope francis at the vatican. and his wihirlwind trip isn't over yet. more on the terror attack at the ariana grande concert. we're learning more about the training the attacker received. emergency on the runway. passengers rush off a plane at newark liberty airport after the engine catches fire. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." a few minutes before 5:00 on this wednesday. i'm rosemary connors. this morning we're taking the show on the road. tracy davidson and vai sikahema join us live from the wawa in galloway township atlantic county. good morning, guys. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. the wawa, if you want to see us, we'll be here all morning. the one on white horse township,
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pomona is the cross road. >> white horse pike, pomona road. >> the team is here, ted greensburg is hosting, jessica boyington, and bill henley is here. we've seen showers, what's to come? you don't need the umbrella now. a dry spot. i don't think it's going to last. there are still more showers on the way. may notice puddles on the ground at this brand-sparchging-new wawa. the clouds are overhead. yes, indeed. we will see breaks of sunshine later. we have wet weather including the shore. cape may, a damp view of beach avenue. the rain has been coming down. there will be more showers this morning. but doesn't look like it's going to be an all-day rainfall for cape may. we're seeing the shower activity just move in to corbin city. and heading toward galloway township right now. a few sprinkles in the


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