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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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township yesterday. >> all these guys from stockton university. watching "nbc 10 news today"? >> i never stopped. >> we're getting presents from stockton university. >> regretting freebies. >> we have a surprise for you. >> wayne, here's your breakfast order. >> how fun is that >> so many wonderful people out there. be sure to follow all of us on social media for more pictures from the road and, of course, behind-the-scenes. >> we took a lot of pictures yesterday. more stories we're following for you at 6:00 a.m. >> cvs hold up. robber's attempt at a heist takes an unexpected turn when he runs into the wrong people at the front door. >> bill cosby speaks. who he thanked outside of the courthouse. >> counselor whose dedicated
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their lives helping those overcome their own struggles meet tragedy themselves. just a little bit past 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. cloudy out there and everybody is dealing with the rain. let's get to meteorologist bill henley who has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> a rainy, dreary day. starting off with rain. seeing some moderate showers into pennsylvania. in south jersey just northeast of mount laurel steadier showers and gloucester has been seeing moderate showers as well. starting off with rain and temperatures that are in the 50s right now. there will be some breaks in the rain. starting to see the rain taper off. i'm expecting to see storms develop later today. 50s right now in philadelphia. 54 in the suburbs. 55 degrees for delaware. we'll see temperatures climbing.
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if we get breaks of sunshine this afternoon it will warm into the 70s some suburbs and delaware and possible in new jersey too. 69 degrees with those clouds hanging in with showers developing and chance of thunderstorms at the shore too. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when storms are most likely for your neighborhood. back in ten minute. but first let's see how the roads are looking. >> we have a tractor-trailer accident and breaking news on route 73 northbound. just around 295 in new jersey. it's closed between that point at 295 to route 38. actually right back here is 7/eleven, gives you and why where it is. tractor-trailer involved, a pole down and diesel fuel spill as well. so this might be here for quite some time. this will snarl traffic around mount laurel and even further behind than that because of this northbound side. no traffic is getting by. here's a better look. this is where the closure is just past 295 before it hits
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route 38. you'll be stuck in big delays. my suggestion to you although 295 open the 42 freeway is great. 70 is open. so is route 38. everything still nice clear. all that traffic will go in that direction. church road right in here, that will get you by the scene nicely. before you hit that point take church road and that will get you by. route 73 over in mount laurel is closed right before or after 295 headed towards route 38. watching the tacony palmyra bridge. we're in the process that opening. take the bet ross bridge. burlington bristol. >> scheduled openings to talk about. we'll keep an eye on tacony palmyra . >> 6:03. to breaking news out of texas. take a look at this scene. flames just been doused here. but this was a massive fire. we'll get the video turned around in a second so you can see that.
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this was a police chase. officers were chasing a man in an rv with his children inside. this send the of the chase. the man shot a woman before that chase started this morning. there are the flames right there. right now we're working to see if anyone was hurt. we'll keep you updated on air and online as we get more information about this. robbery attempt at a delaware county cvs sparked a standoff with a s.w.a.t. team sending employees on an escape route to safety. we brought this to you as breaking news as it was folding last night. nbc 10's katy zachary is live at the scene with new information and with the police chief. how did this play out? >> reporter: pretty wild scene and some intense moments for the employees who were at the store and police who responded. let's set the scene. police surrounded this cvs store in media. there was a helicopter above. some officers had actually made their way into the building to
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try and talk with the armed suspect. police were called to the cvs on east baltimore pike in media just before closing time at 10:00. not long before that a gunman dressed in all-black had walked into the store and told the two employees who were working inside that he was announcing a robbery. swrucht as he was leaving the store through the front door police were walking in. they had just arrived. the suspect ran back up stairs to a storage room to hide. the s.w.a.t. team was called in. investigators spent the next couple of hours trying to negotiate with the armed man. at one point they sent in a robot and soon after that the suspect surrendered. >> no injuries. no injuries. and fortunately he's in custody presents time. nobody hurt. >> reporter: fortunately also for this situation there were store at the time this armed robbery and barricaded situation transpired. when the suspect was upstairs in
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that storage room policing walked the two employees to safety. at this time investigators have not released the name of the person they have in custody. reporting in media, katy zachary, "nbc 10 news today". >> now to breaking news from manchester, england where that deadly concert bombing happened. police officers say and soldiers are responding to an incident at a college there. we're working to find out exactly what's happening. we'll bring you updates. police say they have arrested a totally of eight men in connection with monday's deadly bombing. salman abedia was part of a network. his father was among those arrested as was his brother who was picked up in libya for allegedly an isis attack there. nbc news report that abedi was on the radar of the u.s. intelligence community. the jury in place for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. 1 jurors have been chosen two
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are african-american. cosby's lawyers accused the prosecution of trying to keep black people off that jury which was picked from a pool of people from allegheny county. the presiding judge disagreed with the defense claims. yesterday cosby talked about the jury picking process. i just want to be very specific about the wonderful people of allegheny county and i want to also thank the sheriff's department because they made everything very, very smooth here. >> cosby has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence. he says he does not expect to testify at his trial next month. one of two brothers constrict high-profile murder case of a south jersey girl has another run in with the law. dante robinson is charged with a home break in in sicklerville. justin robinson confessed to killing autumn pasquale.
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dante pled guilty to obstruction of justice. two drug counselors were found dead. the facility is unregulated prompting calls for toifr monitoring. the drugs were so potent that police had to use special precautions even touching them. 6:08. 56 degrees. and raining across most of our area. heavy rain to come and the windshield wipers are on our camera that shows you live pictures of citizens bank park. it's dreary, cloudy and the rain is coming down. get heavier later in the day and chance for thunderstorms later in the day as well. let's get you updated with first alert meteorologist bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> a dreary start this morning. a live view of the citizens bank park. check out penns landing. clouds overhead and the wind is blowing. an easterly wind.
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keeping temperatures cool and deep clouds in place for most of the day. we could see breaks of sunshine in dictionary and south jersey and that will lead to a warm up. wind coming in off the ocean keeping temperatures in the 50s for mount holly. 8 mile-per-hour wind in wilmington. we could see strong gusts develop later this afternoon. i think that's the best time most likely time we'll see some thunderstorm activity. no storms right now just a steady rainfall from philadelphia and strength, wilmington. dover you can see to the south there are breaks in the precipitation. there's moving up from the south at about 30 miles per hour. so we will see more wet weather developing during the day. we're keeping our eyes to the south later on for the potential for thunderstorms for our area this evening. not seeing them this morning. those heavier showers to the west, they are going to stay to the west first thing this morning but we could see quite a bit of rainfall during the day today. severe weather out look is greatest for portions of
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pennsylvania and into south jersey and delaware. this is where we could see thunderstorms develop with damaging winds and hail later this afternoon and this evening. the rest of thissed area is the chance of some thunderstorms. so we'll be keeping an eye out later this afternoon and this evening for a chance of those storms. during the day today temperatures will be climbing and we'll see breaks in the rainfall. not going to be an all day rainfall. 4:00 this afternoon, 69 degrees in philadelphia. suburbs warming in to the upper 50s at lunch time and middle 60s at 4:00 and that's when we could see storms pop up in the suburbs and lehigh valley as well after a rainy morning. for delaware, clouds, rain, 57 degrees at 8:00. some scattered showers at noon time and 70 degrees with a chance of some thunderstorms late this afternoon. for new jersey you'll see those clouds hanging in there for most of the morning. easterly winds keeping things cool to begin with. break or go of sunshine is possible this afternoon. 71 degrees at 4:00 and 60s for
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the jersey shore. slight chance of a thunderstorm this morning. a better chance we'll see those storms develop for this evening. weekend that's looking different. at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes >> everybody is making weekend plans. thanks, bill. >> route 73 in south jersey gets clogged easily on good days. add a down pole some big problems. >> heavily trafficked area, really right around mount laurel and 295 as it is. if there's any problem in place especially on that side right now where that traffic is heading, we come up with this where traffic is at a complete standstill. what's happening here there's a diesel fuel spill a tractor-trailer accident and downed pole on route 73 northbound just after this point at 295. so these cars right here just getting off because, of course, 295 is still open. surrounding highways are still open.
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route 73 northbound isn't approaching route 38. so if you're heading in that direction you're going to see massive delays. this is where the closure is on our maps. right after 295 if you don't want to get off on 295 because that will take you in a different direction, stay locally in mount laurel take church road. what i would do. route 70 is still hop. so is route 38. you can still get around. route 73 northbound will give the biggest problem this morning. also route 55 in bedford township. northbound side an overturned car that was here since earlier this morning left over in the shoulder. back to you. students backpacks will be lighter in one local school district. straight ahead the new homework policy lightening the load. >> airport screeners are getting tougher on passengers. changes you might notice at
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security. 12 minutes past 6:00. coming up at 6:00. bar tender busted. the secret business a man was operating in a popular main line restaurant.
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>> watch you screen. traffic cam ration captured a dump truck flying through a red light in washington state. it pushes a car into a grassy ditch. the driver of the car only had my injuries. truck driver is okay. a mugshot you have to see. this miami man looking like a joker is charged with pointing a gun at passing cars. he listed his occupation as
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mod model. there will be no homework during school and holidays and no busy work. teachers would receive training to make sure homework adds value. policies vary from elementary, middle middle and high schools. let's get to you work. 6:17. we continue to have a significant issue on route 73. what's happening here is we have a tractor-trailer that's involved. a diesel fuel spill. pole down route 73 northbound. now traffic snarled. we're not getting anywhere. that looks to be the tractor-trailer there or the tow truck. i can't tell. i see flashing lights. looks like a messy scene. northbound side that's shut down just after 295. right before you head to route 38. that's where this is closed. heavy police presence here as well. all of this traffic trying to get them off into the right-hand side. either way one car at a time moving through the area. that's not going to work for any
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driver heading in that direction. if you're out and about in mount laurel, route 70 is open, 38 is open. 295 still open. a lot of people getting off on that ranch in 295. so if you're moving through the area and trying to get to 73 northbound or at least past that scene in mount laurel take church road. you can see that's still green on our map system. it's a local road. if not trying to get somewhere and trying to stay in that local area church road is your alternate. watching over in old city a water main break 3rd street blocked between walnut and chestnut. end here on 95. drive times 11 minutes on that northbound side moving through delaware from 295 to 495. speeds in the 60s there as well. 6:18. let's take a live look outside. wet every where. this is a live look at broad sfret our campus camera.
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wet, umbrellas up every where you go. >> definitely to start with. gray skies over center city and the view from camden actually. color kiertd. skies match the battleship. gray skies all around. a steady light rain that's been falling in camden. keeping the temperatures from going anywhere this morning. 50s for the lehigh valley. the suburbs. philadelphia is 56 degrees. 54 in south jersey. one degree warmer in delaware. 56 degrees at the jersey shore. in the city temperatures that are in the 50s. we'll warm into the 60s. chance a few neighborhoods will make knit to 70s if we get a or two of sunshine. more likely in delaware and jersey than it is in penalize and for philadelphia. but to start with, no sunshine. rain and look at these temperatures. allentown, quakertown, reading in the middle 50s. the same for philadelphia. wilmington a little bit warmer in atlantic city at 8:00 this morning. isolated shower, thunderstorm possible. but mostly just going to be rain
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in trenton 55 degrees. that's at 8:00 to start with. there's a rain moving through so far this morning. steady rain and still coming down in philadelphia and wilmington. but you can see just to the south it becomes more scattered. we'll get breaks in the rainfall. not an all day rain. clouds will be around all day. watching to the south for thunderstorms for later today. that's when we're most likely to see storms pop up in the area. come up from the south and during the late afternoon and evening hours, that's when we could see stronger storms develop. at 5:00 this evening mainly dry, an isolated shower is possible but then watch what happens between 5:00 and 7:30 this evening the showers are back, an isolated shower is possible and heavy downpours with possibility of some strong thunderstorms moving through trend and then heading in to the new york area. we could still see activity by 11:30 this evening. then overnight tonight we'll start drying out and that's going to give us a dry day
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tomorrow and start the weekend off dry too. saturday start the holiday weekend, a winner with partly to mostly sunny skies. 80 degrees in philadelphia and suburbs. lehigh valley and 78 degrees in new jersey. 79 degrees for delaware. come sunday those clouds will be back. there's a chance we'll see late day showers and thunderstorms. not an all day rainfall but it will be cooler on sunday with clouds returning to the area. then another chance of some storms coming in on memorial daymond. but we have to deal with the rain before we start to dry out. within blowing tomorrow will kick the cloud out in the afternoon make for a pretty nice sunny day saturday. there's your chance for storms and thunderstorms. that chance will antibiotic round for memorial day on monday opinion 81 degrees the high on monday. still in the low 80s as we dry out next tuesday and wednesday turning cooler for the end of the week next chance of showers next week coming through on friday. >> you can count on the nbc 10 app for the first alert forecast and weather alert on the go.
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track the rain and storms right to your neighborhood with our live radar. the app is a free download. a problem with child car seats is sparking a big recall this morning. the flaw that might mean your child isn't protect. >> phasing out. how septa is changing how customers pay for ride. reporter body slam. this politician is hoping to get tloektd congress today but his final rally for votes took a violent turn. at 6:30 we'll play the audio recording during his alleged attack on a journalist.
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>> tsa is test agnew procedure to require passengers to remove more things from their carry on bags. passengers already have to remove their laptop computers for separate screenings but now certain airports they have to take out any devices larger than
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a cell phone including tablets and ereaders. tsa is testing the procedures at ten u.s. airports but philadelphia international airport is not one of them. septa is changing how some commuters pay for rides. beginning june 1st septa will no longer sell transpasses and one day convenience passes. instead customers will be given septa key cards. they can be reloaded online or at fare kiosks. septa will sell tokens and regional rail passes. rain is coming down over the city. in fact just about everybody is seeing steady rainfall this morning. chance for strong thunderstorms later this and this evening. now 56 degrees at 6:26. your neighborhood forecast coming up. also ahead scrutinizing the evidence. up next the secretly taped recording jurors will hear as they try to determine if camden county father killed his son.
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a fiery ending breaking this morning. a father leaves police on a wild chase in an rv with his children inside and comes to a flaming stop. >> reviewing the evidence. jurors have a special request today as they work towards the verdict of a camden county father accused of killing his son. >> bar tender busted. the crime that have officers shutting down a popular main line restaurant. good thursday morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. starting out rainy again this morning. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. >> some moderate showers now moving just to the west. bensalem getting light rain and
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steady rain. these showers are moving up from the south at 30 miles per hour and there are some breaks in the rainfall. so not going all day rainfall. but i want to keep your rain gear with you. later today we're likely to see more showers and possibility this evening of strong thunderstorms. right now just for philadelphia. 56 degrees. 50s for. the suburbs. and if you're stuck in thes in delaware where the winds are now at 20 miles per hour. those are easterly winds coming in off the ocean. that's keeping temperatures from going anywhere. this afternoon we may see some breaks not only in the rain but some breaks with sunshine. some neighborhoods in delaware could make it in the 70s. that's also a possibility in south jersey. without it close to 70 degrees this afternoon, 69 degrees. later this afternoon and into this evening those thunderstorms are a possibility for our area. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when storms are most likely in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. but first jessica boyington had an update.
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>> watching route 73 still where we have it shut down on the northbound side just after the 295 on-ramp. you can see that right in here. what happens a truck actually spilled diesel fuel. an accidents involved. downed pole. all the northbound side success redirected right now in between 295 and route 38. they will see pretty big delays considering this might be there quite some time. so route 73 northbound really seeing some pretty big delays. a lot of people are getting off on 295. route 70 is still open. o route 38 is still hop re-open. schuylkill expressway, taking to you the schuylkill westbound. one lane getting by here. very slow as well. this accident scene is into the right-hand lane. also watching out in old city for this warm and muggy break.
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3rd street between chestnut and walnut streets. updates for you the rest of the morning in ten minutes and check in on route 73 when i come back. >> new information now on breaking news. this is out of texas. look at these flames. this is the end of a police chase. this happened in dallas. officers were chasing a man in an rv with his children inside that rv. investigators say the man shot a woman before this chase started this morning. we learned that children are being checked out at an ambulance on the scene and expected to be okay. unyear if anyone else was hurt. we'll keep an eye on this on the nbc app and "nbc10 news today". >> a secretly taped conversation could help jurors reach a verdict in the creato murder trial. he's accused of killing his toddler. pamela osborne is outside of the camden county courthouse with more on the jury's request that will play out today. >> reporter: on that tape we'll
6:34 am
hear brendan's mom, last of three tapes that jurors will see and hear. this recording a focal point for both the prosecution and defense in the courtroom yesterday. it shows how dj creato acted with detectives. the jury of 11 women and three men watched very closely as creato cried out loud pulling himself back together at times. defense says it shows creato fully cooperating with investigators. the prosecution says it shows dj's lies about his bedtime and time spent near the cooper river. they argue in the days before brendan's body was found dj's mindset shifted. the prosecution's theory that dj suffered brendan with a pillow. it solved his money problems and relationship troubles with his girlfriend who did not like children. >> what was the defendant doing
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the midst of this at 6:40 a.m.? he's checking the snapchat account. >> a lot for jurors to consider. creato's defense arguing that there isn't a single piece of evidence dna, surveillance that connects him to brendan's body. if convicted, though, he could face up to 30 years in life in prison. reporting live now in camden, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news today". the husband of a pregnant woman found dead at the scene of a house fire in philadelphia tells nbc 10 that her ex-boyfriend ditto keep her quiet. kenneth love says his wife was in philadelphia to testify in the case against her ex-boyfriend. he said tavonia love once dated anthony eubanks but pressed charges against him for assault and harassments. she was staying in a rental house. unclear how she ended up in a
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building owned by eubanks. everyone is still in shock and disbelief about this. most of her friends that knew her recently knew that this could happen. they said stay away from, he'll kill you one day. >> following the deadly fire detectives said they found eubanks dead by an apparent suicide. she was not charged before they found his body. a candidate running for congress in a suspect election happening today is now facing charges after he allegedly body slammed a reporter who tried to ask him a question about the gop health care bill. >> i'll talk to you about that later. >> there won't be time. >> sick and tired of you guys. the last guy did the same thing. >> that audio is from guardian newspaper reporter ben jacobs who was doing an interview. he says montana republican greg
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gianforte body slammed him and broke his glasses at his office last night. the candidate spokesperson says the reporter went into was to without permission and greg gianforte claims he tried to grab the reporter's phone and they both fell to the ground. back here at home let's take you state by state and county by county a look at some of the stories. >> in delaware county a bar tender faces charges for allegingly selling cocaine to undercover officers. edson arechaga was arrested yesterday. the restaurant was briefly shut down until a health expert determined drugs had not come in contact with food or drink. >> a candlelight vigil will be held to oppose messages of hate. flyers containing hate speech and supporting the kkk were left in driveways of homes last week. >> to the jersey shore wildwood officials passed an ordinance that banned smoking on the
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boardwalk. north wildwood officials are scheduled to vote on a similar proposal next month. in chester county the devon horse show and country fair begins today. opening day events include a yappy hour and a dog show this evening. the devon horse show is the largest and oldest of its kind in the u.s. it runs through next sunday june 4th. let's check the weather for that event and a lot of other events going into the long holiday weekend. >> see the weather behind us. we'll deal with thunderstorms today. let's check in with bill henley. >> we've seen some steady light rain for most of the area and that includes s abington. doppler screen shows the rain falling. just to the south we're starting to see it become more scattered.
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not the steady rainfall. there will be some breaks in the rain. so far no thunderstorms. but that threat looks likely for later today as they move up from the south into the area that's likely for this evening. 10:00 this morning, still dealing with rain showers. but late this morning and into this a that's where we'll see drying and could see some breaks in the clouds for some sunshine. that will heat things up and could help fuel some storms later today. 8:00 this evening, this is when we could see strong storms take place in new castle county and then moving to the north, those widespread showers will be with us late this evening. during the day, storms are less likely. 56 degrees right now in philadelphia. 17 miles per hour. those winds coming out of the northeast. that keep us in the shower activity this morning. keep us in the 60s this. that's view from philadelphia. for the suburbs a cloudy view, 54 right now. rain this morning. a slight chance of thunderstorms
6:40 am
this morning. likely we'll see storms develop later today. lehigh valley, 56 degrees. be in the 50s for most of the day through the morning hours. then as the rain tapers off in the afternoon, it will remember warming into the 60s. there's a chance we'll see some showers and chance of some afternoon thunderstorms becoming more likely during the evening hours. for new jersey 54 degrees right n now. showers with us. temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. drier in the afternoon than the morning at the shore. 62 trees and isolated thunderstorm is possible. then showers will take a break with some sunshine. we could see 68 degrees at the shore. also 68 degrees in delaware too after temperatures in the 50s. there are some warmer days ahead and some drier days once we get past this we'll start the warm up heading in to this holiday weekend. closer look at that weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 20-minute before 7:00. jessica mentioned and i know it because i drive that area all the time church is the alternate
6:41 am
to get you around the situation. >> route 73 northbound. >> route 73 northbound closed right now. just around 295. there's a diesel fuel spill a tractor-trailer involved. a lot of clean up under way. now they have cones. they just set these up. diverting all traffic off to trite. making them make a right-hand turn. see the southbound side looking slow in the other direction. we're dealing with rain as well. wet roads, on and off-ramps are slippery and dealing with this here. watch for heavy police presence. my suggestion is to not even go in that direction. don't take 73 at all. northbound side still closed after 295 approaching route 38. church road right here runs directly by the scene. that will keep you in the same local area. no separate highways or 295. again 70 and 38 are both open still as well. we're also watching the 26th street ramp to the schuylkill expressway headed westbound. one lane getting by.
6:42 am
in the right-hand lane that's blocked. watch for slippery spots. on and off-ramps are giving people trouble. i'll have another update for you in about ten minutes. 6:42. graco is recalling tens of touchdowns of car seats. >> means your pressure cargo isn't being protected. >> philadelphia is falling downtown list of the u.s. biggest cities. see where we fall now.
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>> quarter to 7:00. this morning philadelphia has fallen to number since on the list of the biggest cities. phoenix surpassed city of brotherly love by 50,000 people. top four remain unchanged. new york remains number one with a population more than double the next largest city.
6:46 am
census data shows south is booming with the end of the 15 fastest growing cities, texas has the most. before you buckle your kids in for a ride to the daycare this morning there's a car seat recall you need to know about. graco is calling 25,000 my ride 65 car seats because the harness webbing can break. seats were made in 2014. graco will provide owners with a replacement harness for free. in today's nbc 10 responds a plan flies to kenya for a safari trip. but his luggage is nowhere to be found. >> months later after returning from his trip he's still without his luggage. he contacted harry hairston and the nbc 10 respond teams. >> is that black rhino. >> he's a traveller with a love for animals including his own exotic fish. >> these are fresh water fish.
6:47 am
>> in august 2016 he took a trip to kenya anxious to news new binoculars like these a gift from his daughter. he said he's now taken up eco traveling. >> eco traveling is like sightseeing for wild wife. >> without woe never see those binoculars again. they were in his checked baggage. he had to spend the rest of the week with the clothes on his back. >> i returned home in usa, i immediately called both airlines, first american and ethiopian. >> he said he got the run around after calling both airlines for six months with no bags or compensation he called nbc 10 responds. we emailed ethiopian airlines. the carrier he flew for his final leg journey. they told us claims involving two airlines generally take longer to resolve. but days after we got involved they sent him a check for
6:48 am
$1,200. >> thank you for helping me. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> fur bag never sthoups u.s. department of transportation says always submit a lost bag claim and when flying two or more airlines contact the final carry. d.o.t. says they are the ones to hold accountable. if you don't have receipts expect to negotiate with the airlines over compensation. if you have a consumer problem, let us know. ways to reach us right there on your screen. we'll respond to you. 6:48. we've seen a lot of south jersey because of the traffic issues. let's give you a look at broad street looking north from our campus camera. a lot of rain there. >> wet across our region? >> we're certainly seeing steady rain right now. there will be breaks in the rain during the afternoon. there's a chance we'll see strong thunderstorms develop later today. right now just rain. look at that dreary view from
6:49 am
easton. rain is falling in philadelphia that's broad street. no ling but right rain in the city. the wind is blowing too that within will be stronger at the shore. ocean city, new jersey, clouds and so just light rain. watching for thunderstorms. there's a possibility this morning but storm ranger 10 up and running in burlington county, has not spotted any storms this morning. but look at the rain for be bensal bensalem. to the south it's starting to dry out. temporary. umbrellas will be up morning. then take a break for much of the afternoon but not afternoon. 55 degrees. really haven't seen the temperatures budget th this afternoon. everybody in the same ballpark this morning. the temperatures will climb. we could see breaks of sunshine. that happens a few neighborhoods will make it into 70s today.
6:50 am
not everybody will get that sunshine breaking through. but everyone has seen rain this morning. doppler radar and satellite shows starting to see breaks in the rain to the south. going to be on and off this morning and into this afternoon. much drier to the south. but you can see the clouds are thinning out. some sunshine in virginia. with sunshine here that can provide some heating which can provide fuel norms later today. but the good news is we're going the start the holiday weekend out dry. in fact tomorrow we'll be dry. nice sunny day on saturday. 78 degrees for philadelphia the suburbs and lehigh valley. upper 70s for new jersey and delaware just a little bit cooler at the shore. sunday we'll see clouds come back with a chance of late day showers and thunderstorms. but can you count on wet weather for today. those storms most likely during the evening hours, we'll be out of the picture for tomorrow. breezy one. start to see sunshine on friday if it doesn't come through today and a lot of sunshine for saturday. clouds start returning on sunday. won't be an all day rainfall but
6:51 am
there's that possibility later in the day on sunday and into the evening hours of seeing showers and thunderstorms and a chance of some of those storms on monday. not an all day rainfall. warmer on monday. warm weather will stay with us for tuesday and wednesday. rain, shower threat will not. we'll be dry for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a chance of showers, little bit cooler on, next friday but by next saturday the clouds will break with sunshine back in the upper 70s. >> nine minutes before. let's get you to work and we continues to stay focused on 73 north. >> i guess the best thing you said was stay away from there. >> somebody that drives on route 73 a lot, living around mount laurel route 73 once something happens you're stuck. that's the case when something happens. northbound side we're seeing all the lanes blocked just past 295. that's where you're seeing people escape right here over in mount laurel. because we had a tractor-trailer
6:52 am
accident. there's a downed pole and diesel fuel spill as well. that portion of route 73 is closed down you can see it on our maps. now we're starting to see big northbound lanes behind the scene. to get around that, route 70 is still open. 38 is open. everything else is still open. no major problems on any of the highways. 295 looks good. trying to stay local and move around in mount laurel or getting to maple shade take church road. that's your best alternate. we're also watching an accident on the commodore barry on 322. no major delays on our maps. here 95 just up above. there's northbound lanes there approaching the commodore barry. >> school is almost out. families are looking for free activities. >> we found some free concert spots. rose street park will kick off
6:53 am
45 nights of free concerts. annual event the community has come to love. kids shows. rock and roll. big bands. free entertainment for the whole family. patience say they rely interest as a summer activity. >> they have a children's concert that they offer a few times, i guess in the summer and it's fabulous. >> outside of delaware county catch free music all summer long at penn's landing. tomorrow we're at the jersey shore showing you what free family fun is offered there. >> we're right back with a look at today's top stories. >> plus how you can join nbc 10 in our effort to help children in poverty. that's up next. ♪
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here's some of the stories we'll be following. >> jurors in the trial of a man accused of killing his 3-year-old son will get a chance to listen to a conversation secretly recorded by the boy's mother. yesterday during the second day of deliberations camden the jury looked at video of dj creato's interview with detectives. he's charged with killing his son brendan and dumping the body at a near cooper river. we have an update on a standoff and robbery at a cvs. the suspect is quincy hudson of wilmington. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a store and negotiated with the gunman for several hours before he surrendered. good morning, everyone. boy with you right now. we're watching the roads and route 73 over in 295 over in mount laurel. still closed on this northbound side. approaching an accident scene
6:58 am
involving a tractor-trailer. diesel full spill and downed pole. this is the closure. massive delays on 295 northbound. no spurp because of that. all the rest of the roads are open. route 70 you can get by. my suggestion is to take church road. police activity onto blue route. be careful onto on and off-ramp and slippery spots today. it's a rainy one. look at the view from camden looking across the battleship new jersey. wind is blowing. winds will be steady and keeping temperatures in the 50s which is where we are now. storm ranger 10 we cents i want out to burlington county showing the light rain. spotting some moderate showers moving through bensalem. won't be all day rainfall. some breaks in the rain. clouds will linger into this afternoon. right now in the 50s but warm in the offenses later today and possibly in the 70s. parts of delaware and south jersey could pop in the 70s with breaks of sunshine.
6:59 am
that may fuel thunderstorms later today. late this afternoon and this evening that's when storms are most likely for our area. >> you'll be seeing a lot of these on social media today because it's red nose day. >> fundraiser aimed at changing the lives of children living in poverty in the u.s. and around the world. nbc and nbc 10 are proud to participate. buy your red nose exclusively at walgreen's. make a donation to the campaign. bill and melinda gates foundation will match donations up to a million dollars. since launched in 2015 red nose has raised more than $60 million. starting at 8:00 nigeriaa warrior, running wild with bear gryllis. tweet us your red nose photos. so great to see your pictures. >> it's funny how the little kids look so cute. us not so much.
7:00 am
>> much cuter onto kids. >> we don't look good in these. >> thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now.


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