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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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withhouse hour by hour. thank you for watching. i'm jacqueline london. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt up next. see you back here at 11:00. travel alert. the rush is on. the busiest memorial weekend in a decade. tonight the danger on our highways and bridges, those tougher tsa screenings and the holiday weekend storm threatening tens of millions. high stakes, president trump, his final stop in a whirlw tour signaling big shifts on russia and climate change. also, melania's moment, her debut on the world stage. fitbit murder mystery. how a personal fitness tracker could be the key to solving a horrific crime. what it may mean for future investigations. hitting home, a popular website some home sellers say is costing them tens of thousands. a one-man mission to make sure these
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veteran's names are never forgotten. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm craig melvin in for lester tonight. the great memorial get away is off and running. nearly 40 million folks are traveling this weekend. tens of millions will be dealing with a big storm system that could ruin their plans. for the vast majority who are driving to the beach or that backyard barbecue, a warning about this country's crumbling in infrastructu infrastructure. roads are broken and a plan to fix them is elusive and if you're flying, there may be new rules at the airport. we start with tom costello at regan international airport. >> reporter: good evening. the new procedures at ten airports affect you if you're going on
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with carry ones. you have to remove electronics larger than a cell phone out of your bag and food and books fr s at the check point and crumbling roads and airports and railroads, it's under strain from neglect years and years across the country. the summer travel kick off and the nation's ageing roads, bridges, railroads and airports are again buckling under the load. from new york's pen station to the akon in this case pacific coast highway. the civil engineers say fixing what is crumbling in america would cost a stunning $4.6 trillion a quarter of the total u.s. economy. president trump promising to spend a trillion dollars on upgrades and repairs, his new budget would cut spending. >> the budget on infrastructure is more important than ever. >> reporter: in exchange for tax incentives and cut on the profits.
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it happening from new york's laguardia airport, now being rebuilt by a swedish construction company to the parkway in san francisco. >> on the inner loop, we're bogged down. >> reporter: where states can't afford to rebuild highways, companies are doing work and collecting tolls. for the expressway on i-495, the tolls go up or down based on the level of congestion at the time. it can quickly get expensive. what's the most you've had to pay on these tolls? >> over $19. >> reporter: for how far? >> five or six miles. >> reporter: nearby a come pan pany charges $6.50. >> it's worth it no to sit in traffic for a little extra money. i'm fine paying the tolls. >> reporter: private partnerships keep taxes low but citizens still pay through rising tolls. >> they will get a better service or modern road or airport. >> reporter: the nation's infrastructure is so bad, it will ultimately take real
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tax money to get the work done. tom costello, arlington, virginia. >> we're also following a major storm threatening some 50 million people this memorial day weekend. meteorologist janice huff is tracking it tonight. >> craig, tornados and large hail and damaging winds and this will stretch from dallas to nashville right in the middle around st. louis, kansas city and springfield tomorrow is where the likelihood or tornados will be and very heavy rain, as well as large hail. that spreads to the east on sunday so you're looking at austin, dallas, shreveport, memphis, nashville, lekkixington and ohio. the biggest threat damaging winds and hail and spreads eastward on monday, not a severe threat but rain on the seaboard and could see strong thunderstorms around atlanta, jackson and new orleans. >> janice huff, thank you. president trump remains in sicily tonight, one day before wrapping up nine days of travel to
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europe and the middle east. today at the g 7 summit president trump came under pressure to stick with the landmark agreement to reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming. more on that tonight from hallie jackson. >> reporter: in sicily, a performance tonight for the world's most powerful leaders but just off stage, less harmony. >> there is no doubt this will be the most alcohol l challenging g 7 summit in years. >> reporter: in the presidents' day by a twist signaling he may be more in tune than they thought on russia and the environment. a white house advisor says the president's views on climate change are evolving during these talks, as he faces pressure to stay in the landmark paris climate agreement. then toward moscow, this potentially significant suggestion. >> we're not lowering our sanctions on russia. if anything, we would look to get tougher on russia. >> reporter: that would bring the president more in line with his g 7 allies. even as he draws the
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line on trade. siting specifically an imbalance with germany he finds unfair. quote, i don't have a problem with germany, i have a problem with german trade he said according to his advisor. >> i always thought the europe trip would be more difficult for him because of his ambivalence about europe. >> reporter: for president trump, a tale of two trips, in the middle east open arms, in europe just the elbows. tomorrow, back to washington and to a tangle of troubles as former house speaker john boehner calls foreign affairs a bright spot for president trump but adding everything else he's done is a complete disaster. hillary clinton adding telling graduates her own college days under president nixon feel awfully familiar. >> a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice. >> reporter: back home, that widening russia investigation has the white house
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facing what aids call a new reality now. multiple administration sources tell nbc a war room is getting set up run by jared kushner, steve bannon and reince priebus in d.c. as the president remains overseas tonight, craig? >> hallie jackson in italy, thank you. back here, a republican candidate backed by president trump has won a special congressional election in montana. that's despite greg gianforte being charged for allegedly slamming a reporter the day before. gianforte apologized and president trump called it a great win in montana. back in the headlines tonight, one of the into must d.c. area snipers, late word a federal judge overturned two life sentences without parole for the then 17-year-old was one of two people convicted of terrorizing resident with random shootings in 2002. more from pete
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williams. >> reporter: the victims were shot at random in parking lots, going to school, mowing the lawn. gripping the washington area in fear in the fall of 2002. during theater flying weeks, ten people were killed, three more were wounded including a 13-year-old boy. the sniper's turned out to be john alan mohammed, a mentally disturbed ban and wanted it to look like she was another random verdict. he was executed seven years later. the other was leboyd malvo who said he was brainwashed by the old ehrmann. he was twice sentenced to life without patrol but life without parole sentences for juveniles unconstitutional and last year the court said that ruling should apply retroactively to cases on appeal. today a federal judge in virginia said because of those two rulings, malvo must get new hearings.
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prosecutors could appeal, though, that seems a long shot. one prosecutor would likely seek a life sentence. today's court decision doesn't rule that out as long as there is the possibility of parole. craig? >> thank you. authorities in the u.k. know much more about the movements of the suicide bomber that killed 22 people at a concert arena in manchester and arre arrested a large part of a terror network there. nbc's bill neely with the latest. >> reporter: tonight a new arrest and more searches. immense progress says police, confident they have captured a terror cell. >> we're very happy we've got our hands around some of the key players that we're concerned about. >> just loose ends to chase down he says. police tell nbc news they know how salman abedi's powerful bomb was built and the phone call he made minutes before the attack to tell his mother and brother
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good-bye and forgive me. they have tracked his path from libya through turkey and germany unhint dered where he bought the pack pack and finished the deadly plot months in the making. tonight, manchester's first big event since the bombing. athletics protected by dozens of articmed police. across britain police reviewed and in some cases increased security at more than 1,000 sports events this weekend. secretary of state rex tillerson is in britain and apologized for the u.s. leaking of british intelligence about the bomb. >> we take full responsibility for that, and we are obviously, regret that that happened. >> reporter: funerals for all 22 victims are on hold until post moo mortoms are over.
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arian th ariana grande is pledging to come back for a memorial. mass gunman ambushed a bus carrying christians to a monastery. at least 28 people were killed and it came on the eve of the star of the muslim holy month of ramadan. egypt responded by launching air strikes on militant bases in neighboring libya. in connecticut today, a man appeared in court in a urd mamurder case that reveals law enforcement's lead to personal devices. the key piece of evidence, a fitbit, a fitness tracker that records your every move. when police examined one, it told a different tale than told by her husband, the suspect. nbc's stephanie gosk explains. >> reporter: richard debate told
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connecticut police a terrifying story about the morning of december 23rd, 2015. an intruder covered in a dark green camouflage suit with a mask tortured him and fatally shot his wife connie according to court documents but investigators didn't buy it. debate was charged with murder. he plead not guilty and appeared in court again today. the story, police say, started to unravel for multiple reasons but among the evidence, a little device worn by millions, a fitbit. connie debate's every step was logged the morning of the murder. police put together a nearly minute to minute digital timeline, crucial this detail. debate told police his wife came home during the intrusion. he told her to run, and said the intruder chased her to the basement and shot her. but connie's fitbit logged more than 1200 steps in the house. police say total distance from garage to basement would have been 125 feet. his lawyer did not
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respond to our request for an interview. this case the latest of an example how electronic footprints are used in crime solvi solving. it used to be wipe off the fingerprints and close the door and you're good. >> now if you open or close my apartment door there is a record in the cloud. turn on or off the lights, the same happens. these records law enforce the can get access to from legal processes. >> reporter: in this case a 48-year-old father of two says he's innocent. will a fitbit prove to be a credible witness. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. stillfinding your home's value. is it what a popular online real estate says it is? some say no and are suing. melania trump in the spotlig mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson.
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i'm back now with news for home sellers. one of the most popular websites is zillow that lists homes and estimates values but some sellers complain zillow easie's estimates are way off driving down offering and they are suing. jo ling kent explains. >> reporter: barbara says the internet is scaring off buyers. >> it's a huge road block to selling the house. >> reporter: at the beginning of the year, popular online real estate company zillow estimated her home's value was $652,000.
6:47 pm
a few months later it plummeted by $116,000, landing at $90,000 below her asking price. >> there is no ability to tell zillow stay away from my property. >> reporter: there are 110 million homes on zillow. it's often where people encounter the first value. she is suing alleging they are illegal appraisals and violate consumer protection laws. zillow says it's without merit and refuses to remove home prices at buybuyer's request because it's gathered from public records. >> listing agents put opinions on homes and buying agents put opinions on homes and so does zillow. >> reporter: this week, zillow launched a $1 million competition for a better alga rhythm to protect home prices. the company says the contest is not a response to the lawsuit and current
6:48 pm
zestimates have an error rate of 5%. >> they can be off by as little as 2 or 3% and as much as 40%. >> reporter: as lolos angeles realtor says zillow estimates can be higher or lower than the estimate. >> my life savings are in this house. >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. we're back with the warning system
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for first lady melania trump, this last week has put her in the spotlight at her husband's side and beyond for her middtrip to the middle east. >> reporter: first lady melania trump stepping out onto the world stage. the former model under a microscope from the moment she touched down from her fashion
6:52 pm
covering up in saudi arabia and the vatican and today, turning heads wearing a $50,000 dolche and gabana coat. today tweeting out this photo with u.s. soldiers, later mingling with other first spouses. this after visiting a local school in audio arabia and hospitals in israel, rome and brussels. and she showed her charm. joking with the pope about feeding the president a slovenia dessert. acknowledging for the first time this week she's a catholic. the one time she raised eyebrows, she swatted the president's hand after they landed in israel. critics pounced on a sign of discord but those close to her say she may have thought it was inappropriate
6:53 pm
given the setting. she's the first modern day first lady not born in the u.s. >> she has the advantage of speaking several languages. that the a terrific role for her on a global stage to show she can be a diplomat for our country. >> reporter: the first lady's cautious embrace of her new role. kristen welker, nbc news. there is an outcry among many west coast politicians and scientists tonight over the proposed elimination of federal funding and president trump's budget for an earthquake early warning system. that system is under development in california, oregon and washington state. critics say the system can be a life-saving tool for millions who live in areas prone to earthquakes. when we come back on this memorial day weekend, inspiring america. one man's unique fun in art class. come close, come close. i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working,
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6:57 pm
kerry sanders tonight on how he is inspiring america. in a forgotten corner of a tampa graveyard, long after the military bestowed honors, andrew lumish spends his day returning glory to veterans' gravestones. >> they are completely ignored. they were forgotten. >> reporter: one fanfare or personal connection to the war dead, andrew spent the last five years restoring honor to those who fought for our nation. who wh what is common among everybody's stones here? >> everybody is heroes. >> reporter: heroes. >> every one of them. >> reporter: like lewis franklin vaughn that died september 26th, 198. andrew researched this sailor's story discovering lewis had been the family's only surviving child. >> by 1918 they had lost their three daughters.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: every uncovered stone reveals a personal story. >> you're not going to read about lewis franklin vaughn in the history books but if i tell you the story and sacrifice he made for his country and the sacrifice his family made, he's a hero. >> reporter: nicknamed the good secemetarian, when they posted joe la la lazarra's phstory, the family responded. joe's 90-year-old brother sam was touched by andrew. andrew didn't know your brother? >> no. >> reporter: didn't know your family? >> no. >> reporter: what do you think of this stranger that does this for you? >> god brought him down to us. >> reporter: he never served in the service but service to the vets on honor code all
6:59 pm
its own. kerry sanders nbc news, tampa. that will do it for us, i'm craig melv melvin. for all of us at katy perry choking back tears inside the pop star's emotional night in london. >> now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra new video. katy perry nearly breaks down as she stops her concert. >> it's awful. it's awful. >> her powerful message about manchester. plus, two days after camming london, security on high alert
7:00 pm
for "wonder woman"'s hollywood premiere. >> it's an awful tragedy. >> the new super hero joined the original, lynda carter. >> this is going to be an epic event. >> scott disick and bella thorne. it's already over? right on the heels of their poolside pda. why she reportedly ran from the former kardashian bad boy new single leo dicaprio putting the moves on "it "girl bella hadid. all new gossip from cannes. >> it's is surreal, you guys. first lady melania turning heads in a floral jacket. >> wait until you hear the price tag. then zac efron on his "baywatch" "bromance" with the rock. plus, charissa has carrie underwood on


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