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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 29, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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family who has not served in the military. nice looking family there. >> we salute them for their service and dedication to making the country what it is. >> definitely. now to more stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. -- >> a family in mourning. a brother and sister are found murdered in their kensington home sparking a hunt for their killer. remembering the fallen. today we pause to honor the men and women who have died fighting for our freedom. we're live with memorial service happening -- memorials happening across the area this morning. take a look outside. it's a rainy start. the first alert radar is tracking morning showers, but there are improving conditions ahead for your memorial day holiday. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. you see behind us, a little overcast out there. morning showers, as you said. >> morning showers. >> looks like we hope that it will improve. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most create
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forecast for your neighborhood. bill? rain has ended in some neighborhoods. delaware and new jersey now, cloudy skies. you still could see a shower this morning. steady rainfall is moving out. it's ended in cape may. just up the coast, atlantic city still see something showers. the showers are in central new jersey and pennsylvania, too. atlantic city getting light rain. ship bottom seeing rain showers. it's tapering off in philadelphia. i'm watching another line of showers, steadier into burks county and the lehigh valley now. allentown getting light rain along with lynn, just moving into lehigh. to the south, these showers are moving through chester county. coatesville seeing some light fog along with showers this morning. visibility at one mile there. and newark, you're about to get a few more raindrops before the showers taper off for most of the day. most of the day is dry. this afternoon, it's going to be dry for just about everyone. philadelphia, 59. 58 in the lehigh valley.
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showers in the suburbs, 55 degrees. there's a chance of scattered showers this morning, but it becomes less likely as we go into the late morning hours. 61 degrees at lunchtime. won't be a warm day. typically close to 80 degrees for memorial day. today 60s for new jersey, the suburbs, philadelphia. the lehigh valley up to 69 with showers ending this morning. at the shore, the last few showers this morning, and a mostly cloudy afternoon. i'll break it down and show you when the showers are likely to end in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. now to francesca ruscio and a look at the roads. still looking good. northbound for the philadelphia area, a couple of cars out there. overall either direction not seeing any noticeable memorial day delays. the rest of the majors, 295, the turnpike. the 42 freeway, everything is
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clear and on time and schedule in terms of travel speeds. the schuylkill expressway, from the garden -- spring garden street camera, either direction we're doing okay in terms of volume. little to no volume this morning. if you look, we have wet conditions. all is well on the schuylkill expressway. we had a couple of raindrops collecting on the cameras. as you see, little to no traffic as of now. when i come back, we'll look at 95, and i'll have another update in ten minutes. back to you. >> see you then. 59 degrees at 6:03. it is memorial day, today we honor the men and women who died serving our country. >> that's right. events are being held across our area to remember our fallen heroes. nbc10's pamela osborne is live for us along penn's landing in center city. just one of the memorials will be held today. hi, pam. >> reporter: good morning. at 2:00 this afternoon, the seaport museum is going to have its memorial day celebration. it's going to begin with a wreath-laying ceremony. one of many events plan wanted for the area.
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you're -- planned for the area. you're looking at video from last year's remembrance at washington scare. at 4:00, things begin at the tomb of the unknown soldier. there will be a wreath laying ceremony. at 8:30, high school students will place 648 flags at the philadelphia veterans memorial. the display will begin at 12:30. at 9:00, lansdale, langhorne, and bristol bucks counties will have their memorial day parades. at 10:00, pottstown parades step off, as well. there are even more events planned for this memorial day throughout our area. we've been compiling a full list of what's happening closest to you. you can find it on our website,
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reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. today president trump will visit arlington national cemetery to honor america's fallen. you're looking at president trump's stop in arlington on the day before his inauguration in january. today the president will place a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and will speak at a remembrance ceremony. vice president mike pence will observe memorial day by kicking off the project hero bike ride in washington. the annual cycling event raises funds for nonprofits that helps wounded veterans, particularly those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. this morning, a family demanding justice after a brother and sister were shot and killed inside their kensington home. the 54-year-old woman and her 49-year-old brother were found dead inside the home yesterday on clearfield street. police said both had been shot in the head inside a second-floor bedroom. the woman who identified herself as a sister of the victims has a message for the killer. >> we're coming for you.
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you're going -- we're going to get you. believe me, it's not the end. my brother raymond, first of all, was a good brother. he didn't deserve that. tina was a god-fearing woman. she didn't deserve that. >> neighbors say they hadn't seen the woman since friday. it's not clear when the pair was killed. police say no arrests have been made, and no weapon has been found. also in kensington, a suspect under arrest in a deadly double stabbing. nbc10 was on the scene on frankfurt avenue. the violence inside an apartment last night left a man dead, another in critical condition. investigators are trying to determine the motive. new this morning, police in jackson, ocean county, are looking for a man who used a machete to damage a home and car. richard mccrone faces a list of charges. he's also accused of eluding police by driving away from a traffic stop. he was in a gray dodge ram pickup. anyone with information is urged to call jackson police. 6:06. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a
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malfunction that cost a navy parachutist his life during jersey city's fleet week. police say the member of the elite navy leapfrogs had some kind of problem with his parachute yesterday, and that parachute did not open properly. he crashed into the water and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. a piece of the broken chute was recovered in a parking lot. the victim's name won't be released until his family is notified. new overnight, south korea's president has called for a security meeting just hours after north korea conducted another missile test. the u.s. military says they fired what appears to be a short-range missile off their east coast this morning. the missile was tracked for six minutes until it landed in the sea of japan. that's about 280 miles from where it was launched on. sunday, north korea also claimed to have tested a new type of anti-aircraft-guided weapon. 6:07. let's take you to cape may. a shot from our camera at the
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marqu -- the marquis de lafayet hotel. >> we're seeing improving conditions at the shore, the southern part at least. bill henley with more details on when the rain will move out of the area. bill? some areas have seen it end already. wilmington is dry now. there will be a few more showers moving through wilmington first thing this morning, and then it will be mainly dry during the day. have seen light fog in coatesville along with rain showers. it's not an issue for the rest of the area. good visibility extends to the jersey shore. atlantic city has rain, that's brought the visibility down with light fog there. the rain showers, we have a couple batches. this is the rain that moved through philadelphia and most of delaware and south jersey overnight. it's slowly moving to the northeast. you see it's still falling in atlantic city and barn cut. that rain ends this morning. this line of showers, not much to it. there are some raindrops moving into the wilmington area. eventually reaching into
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philadelphia. the suburbs, you'll see it, as well. westchester sprinkles in the area. the steadier rain has been in the lehigh valley and in burks county. reading getting a break. you see a few more showers moving in this morning. and in t lehigh valley, nothing but light rain. there's a cemo lehigh valley. more you'll see late rodud thuns moving into central harrisburg are lehigh valley a chance of a thunderstormer today. the hour-by-hour forecast, mainly dry in dela. lehigh valll some wet weather aafternoon, mo cloudykia chce of late-day showers. we see to mig w see a little bi
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sunshine late this afternoon into this evening. intif the 70s. don't expect a big warmup. during the day today, your memorial day planner, 50s, we'll warm into the 60s for philadelphia. mostly cloudy day today. less likely to see rain this afternoon. the suburbs, a few showers this morning. mainly just cloudy. 61 at noon. 66 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. the clouds will linger in the lehigh valley. showers at 8:00. there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm at lunchtime. at 4:00, mostly cloudy skies. look, temperatures parked in the low 60s in the lehigh valley. and delaware with clouds lingering through the day after a few showers this morning. a break or two of sunshine might pop the temperatures into the low 70s. if you don't see that sunshine, it's going to be stuck in the 60s like you'll see for most of new jersey and for the jersey shore, as well. some sunshine late, but temperatures will be cooler as the wind continues to come off of the ocean during the day.
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that's memorial day. a look at the rest of the week and into next week with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks. see you then. 6:10. temperatures are pushing into the 60s. we're waiting for them to go up. as we drive to work this morning, it's so early there's usually no one on the roads. this morning, there was really no one on the roads. >> francesca ruscio is -- >> faster than i could say it. >> francesca ruscio looking at 95. what are you seeing? little to no traffic right now. 95, this is southbound for the philadelphia area. you see the camera at girard avenue. typically bumper to bumper. the travel speeds, hanging strong in the 60s. woodhaven to the vine, it's only going to take you 14 minutes. northbound for the philly suburbs, little to no traffic. maybe one or two cars, three cars if that h. let's look at route 202 now. still very green. mow major problems or delays. route 2 toward the schuylkill
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expressway will take you ten minutes. we'll look at 95 as well as the schuylkill expressway coming up in ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you. joe biden is putting new jersey in the political spotlight. >> ahead, the local race he's calling the most important one in the country. plus, the end of an era. a beloved local diner prepares to close its doors to make way for something new. >> reporter: good morning, i'm live in ocean city. it's breakfast time. what's breakfast without some baked goods and doughnuts? we're at dot's pastry shop in ocean city -- what's this? they're closed? not for us. we're going inside next. first a look at memorial day events across our area today.
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a quarter past 6:00 on this memorial day. we're seeing a few more showers today. a live look at the world war i memorial in radner along wayne avenue. bill henley will be back in a few minutes with when the rain will start clearing out in just a minute or two. now to the nbc10 jersey shore tour. all this week we're highlighting a different shore up to with what's new this summer and what makes them so unique. >> that's right. a lot of them this morning. we're starting in negotiate. matt delucia is -- in ocean city. matt delucia is showing one business that's offering up sweet treats to visitors and him and his photographer, most importantly. matt? >> reporter: hi. if we had smell-o-vision, this would be perfect. it paesmells so good. they've been working in dot's
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pastry shop for hours now. you see the goods in the display case. my photographer, brian, will walk back here to show what they're busy working on. they've got the doughnuts, cinnamon rolls. this place has been in business since 1947. it's been around for a very, very long time here. they've got this down to a science. and these folks have been saying that memorial day weekend has been very busy. take a listen. >> this morning, our day starts at 2:15. everything's fresh every morning. we don't freeze anything. if we get the dough rolling until 2:30 or so, we start with sticky buns, we're on doughnuts. go to cookies, cakes, pies, after we get it done. >> how many people do you have working on this now? >> so far we have about six, but we'll end with about 15. >> reporter: and how busy has this weekend been for you? >> crazy. people are loving the beach, the weather's been great. we've been really busy.
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>> reporter: looking live, they're making cinnamon twist doughnuts. this is the start of the process. they've got the friyer in the back, several folks here. people have been coming here for years. down the shore it's good for seasonal jobs and for the kids to come and get work experience. that is what they're doing here at dot's pastry shop. i've got to get out of here because i'm going to start eating. look at this -- i'm surrounded by it. vai and katy, maybe, maybe i'll bring something back for you. >> how about a dozen? >> a couple of dozen for here and a couple dozen to go. when we leave work today, that would help out. >> thanks. let's look now. we'll tell you what this is. we're looking at center city philadelphia. a cloudy start to the morning. rain showers earlier. they've moved on. some of the area is still experiencing rain. bill henley with the most create forecast for the neighborhood. bill? you're right. rain has tapered off in
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philadelphia. there's showers over the lehigh valley, easton this morning. a cloudy one this morning and this afternoon, too, to keep things cool today. spring city, pennsylvania, count on more showers this morning before it dries out this afternoon. 50s for south jersey. philadelphia holding at 60 in delaware. and in the suburbs, the temperatures are starting in the 50s. upper 50s for most locations. exton, malvern, all at 57 now along with new hope. we'll warm into the 60s. even though it's a normal temperature morning, 50s right now, only warming into the 60s this afternoon. that's cooler than normal. you can blame the clouds and winds out of the northeast for keeping the clouds and keeping us cool through the day. 66 at 3:00. 67 at 5:00 this afternoon. nowhere near the 80-degree mark which is what we'd normally get close to. we have been tracking showers. you see the light rain showers moving north of atlantic city. seeing a few raindrops into
6:20 am
burlington county. this is an improvement. we saw a steady rain through burlington county at 4:30 this morning. a few showers still in philadelphia. now the showers have tapered off. a few sprinkles are moving into wilmington now and the lehigh valley. still norm activity in -- still thunderstorm activity in central pennsylvania. that should track north, but we might see an isolated thunderstorm in the lehigh valley later this morning. by noontime, 12:15, you see a few scattered light showers in the trenton area, not the widespread rainfall we saw late. later today, we may have breaks of sunshine before the sun sets at 7:15. more likely in maryland, delaware, and south jersey, and less likely north of philadelphia. might see some thinning of the clouds in reading and some of the suburbs. that's at 7:15 this evening. the clouds come back late tonight, at midnight. it will be dry if you're out late tonight. first thing tomorrow morning, looking at more wet weather. that's 9:00 in the morning. showers and a chance of a
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thunderstorm. that's not the only opportunity for showers tomorrow. we'll see late-day showers, too. today will be drying out as we go through the day. 68 the high thanks to mostly cloudy skies. a chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday. and late wednesday, we could see showers. we will see sunshine with a nice warmup wednesday. a dry day thursday. clouds come back friday. friday into saturday, showers could move through. they're out of the day saturday only to return sunday and monday. another dry stretch starts on tuesday. continues into wednesday. cooler wednesday, just 73 degrees. >> thanks. a group of new jersey eighth graders made a big statement on their school trip to washington, d.c. still ahead, the snub they sent to house speaker paul ryan. plus, even rocky needs a vacation. yes, he. does at 6:-- yes, he does. at 6:45 when the famous statue will be taken temporarily out of commission. first a look at memorial day events happening today. fire.
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load. that volley of gunfire marked the traditional decoration day service at laurel hills cemetery in east falls. the cemetery is where weather philadelphia's first memorial day observance was held in 1868. the civil war re-enactors placed a wreath at the grave site of general george meade who led the union army to victory at the battle of gettysburg. next month will mark the next step toward medical marijuana becoming a reality in pennsylvania. that's when the state will announce who can grow, process, and dispense the drug. nbc10 was in berwyn, chester county, recently. advocates and doctors talked
6:26 am
about details of the process. pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana last year. it won't be distributed until next year. state senator andy dinniman supports the law saying patients suffering from various illnesses will benefit most. >> there is no reason why we should not make this medication possible when we know that there are those whose conditions can be assisted. >> only about 40 out of hundreds of applicants across pennsylvania will get to grow, process, and dispense marijuana for medical purposes. live view of the world war i memorial in radner. getting ready for the memorial day parade. clouds overhead and a chance of light showers this morning. right now, 59 at 6:26. i'll show when the rain ends with the neighborhood forecast ahead. >> thank you. all, family vacations are
6:27 am
change -- also, family vacations are changing. the new trend coming up at 6:45.
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a triple tragedy. two children and their grandmother are killed when fire ravages their north philadelphia home. primary push. joe biden offers star power in a local race he's calling the most important one in the nation. airborne scare. a camera's recording when a little boy goes flying off a water park's giant slide. good morning. it's 6:30. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. let's good night right to meteorologist bill henley with the most create first alert neighborhood forecast. and showers are moving through, bill. yeah, we have a few showers. most of the area is seeing rain ending. philadelphia, look at the clouds
6:31 am
overhead. a little bit misty to start with. the rain showers that are at the shore are exiting atlantic city, improving conditions in ship bottom. might get a few more sprinkles before the rain ends. the steady rain that we've been tracking since we went on the air at 4:30 this morning is really going to become more spotty. you see wilmington getting a few light showers now into chester and montgomery and the lehigh valley. reading is getting some light rain showers, and burks county, kutztown getting rain. pottstown, scattered, light rain showers. nothing heavy. just enough to make for a dreary morning. you see the rain clouds and the fog that is inundate at wilmington now. that's the view from frawley stadium. the rain showers end, but clouds lingering into the late morning, early afternoon hours. the winds out of the northeast will keep clouds in place for most of the day. that's true of the suburbs, too. 55 now in king of prussia. mostly cloudy skies. still cloudy at lunchtime.
6:32 am
61 degrees. in spite of the clouds, temperatures will climb, only into the upper 60s this afternoon. still a chance of a shower this morning in filtz and the suburbs, nothing more than a light rain showers in new jersey. and at the shore, you might see a few more sprinkles. mostly it's going to be cloudy during the day. 70 degrees in delaware if we get some sunshine late this afternoon and early this evening. that is a possibility. i'll break it down hour by hour, show you what to expect in your neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. first, we'll see what's happening on the roads with francesca ruscio. thanks. we're dealing with an accident on 95 at melrose on the southbound side. multi-vehicle accident taking out the left lane. only two lanes are getting by because there's little to no traffic on the roadways. we're not seeing a lot of delays. again, emergency crews are on the scene. this happened about 20 minutes ago. another accident, little egg harbor township on the garden state parkway, northbound near exit 58. it is affecting traffic in the area. we have yellow. so this is indicating some minor delays. but the vehicle is off the
6:33 am
roadway, and it is an accident with injuries. be mindful of that traveling in and out of the area in south jersey. septa and patco running on special holiday schedules because of memorial day. amtrak, new jersey transit right on time and on schedule. you can download the nbc10 app for all of your mass transit notifications. back to you at the desk. it is, of course, memorial day 2017. add to we honor the -- today we honor the men and women who died serving our country. >> events are being held across thia e i-- acrosshonor our fallen heroes. pamela osborne with more. >> reporter: hi, we're talking about the memorial at the seaport museum. it will begin with a wreath-laying ceremony. one of many events planned for our area. you're looking at video from last year's remembrance at washington square. at 4:00, things begin at the tomb of the unknown soldier. there will be a wreath-laying
6:34 am
ceremony, as well as reflections. and later this morning at 8:30, high school students will be placing 648 flags at the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial. each one of those flags representing a fallen service member who will be honored today. the display of the flags will begin at 12:30. and in cherry hill, a ceremony will feature a flyover with f-16 jets, weather permitting, of course. there are quite a few events happening throughout the area. many of them are free. for a full list of what's happening closest to you in your neighborhood, go to reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. if you plan on taking to the road for memorial day, you'll have a lot of company. >> yeah. more than half a million drivers are expected to travel on the pennsylvania turnpike today. officials say over the weekend, more than 2.3 million drivers
6:35 am
ll road. in new jersey, nearlyke there. aaa expects meml 12-year high. and over onhe hing the weather cooperates for several concerts are reschedule many visitors tell us they plan on heading back to the beach as long as the weather area with the free nbc10 apmine sparked a house fire in children and their grandmother. it's the second wnd killed thre members in philadelphia. 100 firefighters rushed to the home at north 6th street and montgomery avenue yesterday
6:36 am
morning. 9-year-old prudence and her brother died. their grandmother was also killed. a neighbor who escaped the flames said he could hear people crying for help. >> murder somebody -- i heard somebody saying, "please help me, help me. my kids are in there." >> two other people were able to jump from a back window of the home and survived. this came exactly one week after a couple and their grandson died in a house fire in the overbrook neighborhood of philadelphia. the man you see on the ground -- >> the man surrounded by police in mississippi charged with eight murders in a shooting rampage. police said it began with an argument between the man and estranged wife over the children. the sheriff's deputy is among the murder victims. he was called to investigate a domestic dispute yesterday. when he arrived, he was shot and killed. police say the suspect, willie godbolt, killed three women in the home and then drove to two
6:37 am
more homes, killing four more people before he was caught. godbold confessed to a reporter following his arrest. >> i was having a conversation with my step daddy and my mama and her. my wife. it was about me taking my children home. somebody called the officers. my intentions was to have them kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> medics took godbolt to a hospital with a gunshot wound. a man who lost his wife and two other family members described the rampage. >> the deputy was called out and said, "come on, mr. godbolt, let's go." he shot him. then he just -- he started shooting everybody. >> vincent mitchell called the shootings an unbelievable nightmare. new details overnight. we've learned a teenager is one of two people injured in a shooting in wilmington. a 14-year-old girl and 38-year-old man were found shot near the corner of 7th and van buren last night. both were rushed to the hospital
6:38 am
and are expected to survive. no arrests have yet been made. a hazmat situation is under control in cumberland county. neighbors in millville reported a strong smell of sulfur in the area of north 8th and e streets last night. first responders and county crews found a chlorine leak at a water treatment plant. there are no reports of anyone injured or ill. you' you're seeing a barn collapse. a viewer shared the video of the wall front tumbling down in lehigh township. officers blocked off traffic for safety reasons. no animals were inside the barn. no one was hurt. it's unclear what started the fire. about 20 minutes before 7:00 on your memorial day. temperatures in the philadelphia area are pushing 60 degrees. we're not quite there yet. >> yeah. let's check in with bill henley and the most create forecast for
6:39 am
your neighborhood. -- most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? we're seeing sprinkles even in the areas that have seen the steadied rain come to an end. you can look closely, raindrops on the lens. this is the live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. a lot rainier to start with on beach avenue this morning. the steady rain has moved out for now. that steady rainfall that came through overnight, now exiting the shore. still showers in the area. not a lot of rainfall here, but just enough to keep umbrellas going up this morning. the good news is most of the rain is going to be ending for memorial day activities during the day today. the parade in radner might see a few sprinkles this morning. but mostly it is going to be dry. mostly it's going to be cloudy, too. the hour-by-hour forecast shows at 8:30 this morning, the heavier rain stays out of the picture for most of the areas. this may take a glancing blow at the lehigh valley at noontime. a few scattered showers at philadelphia and lingering showers at the shore. the steady rain at 10:00 for the
6:40 am
lehigh valley will keep on going. by lunchtime, getting closer to lunchtime at 11:30, mostly just cloudy skies. so the clouds will linger for most of the day. that will keep us cool along with northeasterly winds keeping clouds in place. look at the cloudy view from the adventure aquarium. 59 now. showers first thing this morning at 8:00. then mainly dry during the day. also mostly cloudy. the suburbs, showers this morning are a possibility. mostly cloudy skies. you might see a light shower at 10:00. by lunchtime, the showers move on. then a mostly cloudy and cool afternoon. the lehigh valley, more likely where you'll see lingering showers this morning. 58 degrees. cloudy in easton. the clouds will stay put. a midday shower is possible. an isolated thunderstorm is not out of the question, but i think most of the activity misses us. 60s tlanch fhis afternoon for t
6:41 am
lehigh valley. the clouds will stay put. 65 degrees at 4:00. after the 4:00 hour, we might get breaks of sunshine in parts of the area including the shore. look at 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. the showers this morning will be long gone by the afternoon hours at the shore. delaware, you see the rain moving through frawley stadium now. most of the day, you're looking at cloudy skies. there is a possibility that after 4:00 we'll get sunshine. 69 degrees at 4:00. we get the sunshine in delaware and parts of south jersey. temperatures will make it into the low 70s. not much warmer than that today. for warmer weather, you have to look beyond today and into the workweek. a look at that with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:41. let's update the accident in little egg harbor township. >> we haven't had a lot going on. but there is one thing that could affect drivers. francesca? we are following this accident, little egg harbor township in south jersey. so far, we know originally it was taking out a few lanes. again, this is on the garden
6:42 am
state parkway northbound near exit 58. what we know so far is that it has reopened to traffic. it did cause some slowdowns. so earlier we had yellow, now we have green. a vehicle is off the roadway with injuries. again, good news for travellers in the area. it has reopened it. looking at the accident scene on 95 southbound at melrose avenue. it originally was blocking the left lane. now it's moving to the shoulder. it's clear for traffic to now just resume by. again, two accidents have officially cleared. coming up, the rest of the majors and what it could mean for the memorial day day. back to you. >> see you then. snubbed by students. coming up next, speaker speaker gets dissed by a -- speaker paul ryan gets dissed by eighth graders. a little boy goes flying off a water slide. how the pork is responding to -- how the park is responding to the scary scene. and she's back! a jersey shore's favorite great white has returned. where mary lee is spending her
6:43 am
memorial day weekend coming up.
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it is, of course, memorial day. as we honor our nation's fallen heroes, we'll be dodging a few raindrops. here's the world war i memorial in henley. meteorologist bill henley will be back in a few minutes with the first alert forecast to help you plan around the rain. [ "taps" playing ] yesterday, friends and descendants of a local world war i unit held their 99th annual memorial service in valley forge. it's the only group that's met continuously since the end of the great war.
6:47 am
[ horns ] thousands of bikers rode into washington, d.c., with a memorial day message. the annual rolling thunder ride for freedom took place yesterday and calls on lawmakers to bring soldiers missing in action or held prisoner back home. it was the 30th year for the event. former vice president mike pence is endorsing a candidates in the new jersey governor's race calling the contest the most important in the nation. biden was in north jersey yesterday at a rally for phil murphy, the democratic front-runner. he served under former president obama as ambassador to germany. murphy and his rivals are looking to succeed republican governor chris christie. six democrats are vying for the gubernatorial nomination. five republicans are in the race including current lieutenant governor kim guadagno. the primary is one week from tomorrow on june 6th. a group of eighth graders from north jersey are making headlines for schooling house speaker paul ryan. about half of the 200 kids refused to pose for a photo with
6:48 am
ryan during a field trip to washington last week. this image shows the scene before the photo was taken. students who opted out of the picture pointed to ryan's unwillingness to criticize president trump. new this morning, an expansion plan at the lehigh valley zoo has encounter the tragedy. a young giraffe that was brought there from kansas city to be reunited with his father has died. ernie arrived on friday but turned aggressive against his father and hurt his neck. he died yesterday. his father is okay. both giraffes were part of a new african exhibit that is scheduled to open there next month. a water park in the bay area near san francisco is looking into the situation. a 10-year-old boy being launched right off a water slide. take another look at this child. he was flying off the end of the three-story slide. the boy only suffered scrapes and bruises. the park shut down the slide. officials are investigating what went wrong. today is the last chance to
6:49 am
grab a bite to eat at a diner famous for late-night meals. little pete's diner will serve up the last meal tonight at 11:59 p.m. it's been a fixture at south 17th and chancellor in center city, serving meals 24 hours a day for nearly four decades. according to city zoning notices, the diner will be torn down to make way for a new hotel. >> grab a bite at little pete's. head to the rocky statue. today is the last chance to pose with rocky for the next couple of weeks because it's been closed for improvements. the area will be blocked to visitors starting tomorrow. the department of parks and rec is replacing -- paving and improving perimeter protection around the statue. memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer vacation season. >> that's right. this year, travel experts predict that people will not be opting for long weekends. instead, more will be going on what's going on micro adventures, quick three-day weekend trips. experts say because of overseas
6:50 am
security concerns, people are looking for fun experiences close by. >> trips, three, four, five days from home as the most viable, easiest to plan and afford types of vacation this summer. >> experts also predict the smaller trips could lead to a hike in gas prices. >> micro adventures, also got micro rain. a little bit of rain moving through now. you see it there on the camera lens in wilmington. we'll check in with first alert meteorologist bill henley with more details on this situation. bill? we're looking at light rain, no heavy rain. most of the area looks like this -- cloudy skies. the rain has tapered off. the nbc10 studios, here's the mostly cloudy view that we've seen so far this morning. we have seen light rainfall. the rain will end, the clouds will linger. even though, yes, it is damp now at frawley stadium and wilmington, those showers, last few showers, will be moving on and drying out.
6:51 am
still 60 in delaware. in wilmington, south jersey is 58 degrees. and 50s for philadelphia and the suburbs. a few showers in the suburbs with temperatures to 56 in west colin township, kenneth square is 58. 56 in warrington. 50s, warming only into the 60s. the clouds will be lingering for most of the morning and into this afternoon. what becomes less likely is rainfall. you might see a sprinkle this morning in radner. 60 at 9:00. the parade gets going at 9:45. cloudy and 62 with winds out of the northeast at eight miles per hour. by 11:00, the wind becomes more easterly at seven miles per hour. the temperatures stay where they are. there goes the steady rainfall we had overnight. these are showers that we saw on the live view from wilmington at frawley stadium. just some very light showers moving through wilmington right now. and that's all we're in for for the rest of the morning and into
6:52 am
this afternoon. we'll see the clouds break. no rain this afternoon. the clouds in pennsylvania wi wiwill -- the showers will most likely miss us to the north. a slight chance of a shower in the lehigh valley this morning. plan on clouds for most of the day for philadelphia and the suburbs and the lehigh valley. a late-day shower, late morning shower is possible in the lehigh valley. mostly cloudy. you see what it does with the temperatures in the 60s. warm temperatures at the shore, not happening today. i expect to see breaks of sunshine late in the afternoon. you might see some of those breaks in extreme south jersey. without the breaks of sunshine, the clouds will linger. 72 in delaware, 4:00 this afternoon. the clouds will be thinning. some neighborhoods will get sunshine in delaware later today. showers this morning, tapering off quickly. and this afternoon, mostly
6:53 am
cloudy skies. tomorrow, a chance of showers and storms in the morning. late in the day for tuesday. by wednesday, we'll see sunshine finally. and late afternoon showers are a possibility into the evening hours. but they'll firm warm into the 80s on wednesday. dry on thursday, but clouds return on friday. and friday night, if you're out late, you'll likely see rain showers moving through the area into early saturday morning. it should be dry during the day friday and saturday. showers and thunderstorms sunday and monday, drying out once again on tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks for that. a few minutes before 7:00. on a typical monday we'd see traffic really picking up. we're not seeing that now. francesca has a traffic update. >> as light as it has been, there have still been problems, right? that's right. we're looking at an accident on the schuylkill expressway. it was taking out the right lane and the shoulder. now it's just off to the shoulder on the eastbound side near montgomery drive. again, a multi-vehicle accident. emergency crews are on scene. you can see how it's not really affecting traffic flow. traveling from the blue route toward the vine, it will take
6:54 am
you 12 minutes. the travel speeds in the 60s. however, wet roadways affecting traffic. watch for the slick spots. always a good fyi. still, an accident in north wales at knapp road and north wales at the intersection. a car is off to the shoulder. not really affecting traffic in and around the area. and for mass transit, septa and patco operating on holiday schedules. you can always download the app for all of your mass transit notifications. it's just for today. you see amtrak and new jersey transit on time and on schedule. back to you. >> thanks. two great white sharks are swimming near the jersey shore. you need to do your theme music while i'm reading -- ♪ >> there you go. and delaware beaches this holiday weekend. >> including one that's become somewhat of a local favorite the past few years. ploo mary lee is back. here are the latest ping was her tracker from the past week on the left. on the right is video of researchers tagging her in 2012.
6:55 am
the 16-foot great white was close to lewis and cape may on saturday. she pinged further out to sea last night. the second tagged great white, cisco, has been swimming primarily off the delaware coast. up next, we'll be back with a final look at the memorial day holiday forecast.
6:56 am
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. let's get one last check on the roads. here's route 73 for the atlantic city expressway. either direction, we're not seeing any noticeable delays over in south jersey. this was a typical pattern for all of the south jersey majors. here's a look at mass transit.
6:59 am
se septa and patco running on special holiday schedules for today. amtrak and new jersey transit on time and on schedule. for all of you veterans out there, thank you for your service. just before 7:00. we're still seeing clouds in the area and a few showers just moving back to philadelphia. we've seen a few sprinkles in cape may. most of the rain has ended at the shore. the clouds will linger for most of the day. this is the line of light showers moving through wilmington and into philadelphia. you see light showers moving through west philly, into north philly now. and to the north, some heavier showers just a little bit stronger coming through northern berks county and into lehigh valley. the showers will taper off. sunshine and going to be limited this afternoon. now it's 60 degrees in philadelphia. we'll warm into the upper 60s today. and we could see some late breaks of sunshine for the lehigh valley. excuse me -- for delaware. 70, clouds lingering in the lehigh valley. a late morning shower in the lehigh valley while the rest of
7:00 am
us are drying out. >> all right. thank you. we tip our hat to all our men and women who serve in the military. we thank you. have a great day. good morning. on the defensive. president trump pushing back amid new reports his son-in-law jared kushner tried to establish a secret back channel with russia. as the president faces surprising criticism from one of the leaders he met with on his first foreign trip. while jerlny's chancellor signaling she can no longer rely on the u.s. new defiance. north korea conducts another missile test, its third in less than a mon. overnight, world leaders condemning the launch. one even calling for concrete action. is tension in the region finally reaching a breaking point? shut down. a brand-new water slide in california closed again


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