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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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roads are with francesca ruscio. thank you. so far, little to no traffic. we're doing well on the schuylkill expressway from the vine street both directions. eastbound from the philadelphia area, traffic is moving just fine. again, still very early. it's 4:30 now. in new jersey, on the majors, 295, the new jersey turnpike, 42 freeway both directions, we are doing just fine in terms of travel speeds. again, too early to be seeing any noticeable delays. that's always great news. and 95 right now, we're going to be looking at the southbound travel times. travel speeds in the 1996. little to no traffic. woodhain to the vine will take you -- woodhaven to the vine will take you 13 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. breaking from overnight, nbc news has now confirmed that former panamanian dictator manuel noriega has died. he was a u.s. ally until the american invasion of panama in 1989 ousted him from power. he later served a 17-year sentence in the u.s. for drug smuggling. noriega spent the final years of his life in a panamanian prison
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for murdering political opponents during his regime. he was 83 years old. now an update to a story we brought you last night as breaking news. one teenager is dead and another in want hospital from a shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. nbc10 on the scene near the corner of franklin avenue and east orleans street last night. police tell us a 14-year-old who was shot several times in the neck and back died at the hospital. the 16-year-old who suffered a shoulder wound is now in stable condition. there are no arrests in the case. we're telling three high-profile court cases in the day ahead. >> we begin in camden. jury deliberations will continue in the d.j. creato murder trial. he pleaded not guilty to killing his 3-year-old son in 2015. last week jurors reviewed two pieces of evidence for the third time. one was this video of police interviewing creato the day he was -- that his son was found dead. the jury also reviewed creato's 911 call that reported brendan missing. in atlantic county today, a judge is expected to make a ruling in the april kauffman
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murder case. the radio host and veterans advocate was found shot to death in her lynnwood home in 2012. at a hearing last week, the prosecutor asked the judge for a dna sample from kauffman's husband, dr. james kauffman. in bucks county court today, jury selection in the lee captain sexual assault trial is set to begin. he's accused of attacking six girls from the same family at a home in feefasterville. he fathered two children with a girl who was gifted to him by her parents. he lawyer filed paperwork that would allow him to use insanity as a defense. today in philadelphia, red cross volunteers will hand out smoke detectors in a neighborhood still reeling from a fire that hilled two children and their grandmother -- that killed two children and their grandmother. memories and charred photos are all the family has left of 7-year-old dean. he along with 9-year-old prudence and their mother, monique gulery, were killed when flames gutted their row home
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monday morning. officials are investigating the cause. family said they're confident that the fire was not an accident. >> we're thinking it was intentionally because the flames were too intense for it to be like a cigarette being left out. you know? >> the red cross will help the two survivors of the fire. the parents of the young children killed, once they get out of the hospital. today delaware takes a legal step forward in the fight against opioid addiction. the governor will sign a law that expands access to drug treatment centers and cracks down on how opioids are prescribed by doctors. the law empowers the department of justice to step in and assist people currently being denied access to opioid treatment programs. here's a live look at philly international now where a celebration is scheduled for this evening. iceland air will make its first direct flight from philadelphia to reykjavik. the mayor of iceland will be
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there for the departure. today the "rocky" statue will be down for the count. nbc10 was at the art museum this morning where the statue will be blocked from public view for the next two weeks for renovation work. the "rocky" statue a favorite of locals and tourists alike. officials said they thank you everyone for their patience and cooperation during the renovation project. a philadelphia diner that served its last meal last night will hold a free block party today to thank customers for decades of business. little pete's in center city closed its doors for good last night. the iconic 24-hour diner was a haven for hungry patrons for nearly 40 years. crews will soon demolish little pete's to make way for a new hotel. customers tell us they'll miss their eating and meeting place. >> we came here on our first day. >> they've always had the best food actually. it was always homemade-quality stuff. >> i knew that little pete's was closing and said, "we have to come." >> it's been an institution. >> little pete's block party at 7th and chancellor runs today
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from 11:00 to 3:00. the diner's fairmount location will remain open. >> hungry just looking at the opinion cakes there. >> i know -- at the pancakes there. >> i know. a s.w.a.t. team raided a trenton family's hodel e ho-- family's home, but it was the wrong house. throwing helmets and punches. ahead, the bench-clearing brawl that could lead to a superstar's suspension. this morning, our "shore tour" series takes us to margate. we'll feature the atlantic county community with a look at what's happening over the summer. 4:35. 57 degrees. we're starting off dry. a breeze blowing. the clouds still with us overhead. you may need the umbrella at times during the day. i'll show you when that's most likely to happen with your neighborhood forecast coming up.
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good morning, everyone. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. we'll start in maple shade, new jersey. looking at route 73, both directions from our route 38 camera. as you see, northbound for route 90 for the betsy ross bridge. if you need to head to the philadelphia area right now you won't see any delays. that's always great news for route 73. conditions look just fine. let's look at the schuylkill expressway from our montgomery drive camera. little to no cars out now. it's still pretty early. it picture will be changing as we approach the heart of rush hour. travel speeds in the 60s. problem free on the schuylkill and 95 in case you were wondering. if you need to head to 95, 202 looks good, headed route 30 toward the schuylkill expressway. it will take you ten minutes. this is what we normally see for travel times. these will be changing toward the heart of rush hour. travel speeds, still in the 60s. we'll look at 95 and the rest of the majors coming up in ten minutes. 4:38. clouds overhead. a little bit of light fog.
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this is in easton. most of the area, though, is fog free this morning. cool with temperatures that have dropped into the 50s. cloudy skies, the rain not here yet. there are a couple of chances for some showers during the day. as far as fog is concerned, hazelton at one-mile visibility. saw that in coatesville, too, now two-mile visibility. temperatures are cooling. there's a possibility the fog will be thickening in the suburbs. doesn't look like an issue for trenton, northeast philadelphia, philadelphia and wilmington as the visibility is excellent now. and that extends to the jersey shore and into central delaware for dover. as far as temperatures, we're back where we were yesterday, in the 50s this morning. the lehigh valley, philadelphia, delaware, and south jersey, all in the 50s. we'll warm back in the 60s as we did yesterday. possibly warmer than yesterday, but not a lot. the clouds are going to stay with us. so pittman, turnersville, vor -- voorheis in the middle 60s.
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mid to upper 60s if we get a thinning of the clouds this afternoon. it doesn't look like the clouds will budge for us for today. two chances for showers and some thunderstorms. you see some wet weather that's moving through northwestern pennsylvania. those storms are a possibility later today. late this afternoon and this evening. to the south, you see scattered showers that are moving through maryland, in toward delaware. it gives us a chance of showers this morning and early this afternoon. not a big threat. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 this morning, we might see spotty showers in delaware, south jersey, into the suburbs. very light rainfall. there is a chance we could see some downpours develop at 9:00. it looks a little bit more steady. then look how it breaks apart by noontime. that's noontime. now you can start to see the approaching system, the approaching chance of some showers and thunderstorms late this afternoon, especially likely this evening. at 7:30 this evening, they'll be moving through the lehigh valley and into the suburbs and toward philadelphia. through it all, the temperatures
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are going to stay cool today, in the 60s. warmer weather is ahead starting tomorrow. thursday and friday will see temperatures near or just a little above normal for friday, turning cooler over the weekend. there will be more days when you will likely need the umbrella. we'll show you when you're likely to need the umbrella and rain gear with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. tonight on nbc10, "america's got talent" returns with a new host, supermodel tyra banks. she takes the reins along with simon cowell, heidi klum, and howie mandel. expect surprises including a rather musically talented chicken. >> okay. also tonight, dancing takes center stage with the premiere of "world of dance." jennifer lopez will judge teams and single dancers in everything from hip-hop to clogging.
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they'll compete for a million-dollar prize. watch at 8:00 followed by "world of dance" at 10:00 and nbc10 at 11:00. >> i'm looking forward to that. creative. here's a look at stories we're working on for 5:00 a.m. -- >> tiger woods under arrest. the famous golfer speaks out about his dui charge. hear what he blames for his arrest. and panic at a parade. horses at a memorial day event run out of control and straight into the crowd. banning cameras. why taking pictures or videos inside pennsylvania courtrooms could soon leave you facing jail time. and there are a few memorial day events happening in our area today. the burlington county freeholders sponsoring a service at veterans memorial park in burlington township at 11:30. and wilmington will host its 150th consecutive memorial day parade at 6:00 tonight.
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overcast skies and a few showers didn't wash out the memorial day weekend at the jersey shore. we found plenty of people on the boardwalk out for a stroll or doing some pregame or pre-summer shopping. pregame shopping. yeah, you got to get your game face on. >> yeah. >> a handful of people hit the sand for a quick walk along the water. >> we had nice weather on saturday and sunday. nicer than i expected. i was expecting rain. i'm completely burned. it was a fun trip. >> sunscreen always required. >> got to have it. the boardwalk businesses along asbury avenue remained busy despite the gloomy weather. this morning our "shore tour" takes you to margate county. >> we're looking at shore towns by what they have to offer. matt delucia was in ocean city yesterday and is in margate this morning. people getting ready for a popular bike ready. explain that. >> reporter: that's right. there are a lot of things going on in margate over the next few months. one event in particular is
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coming up this weekend. it's le tour de down beach. the smiley bells are ready. it's the biggest family bike ride on the island. a 14-mile ride. those are photos from last year. margate, lawn port, ventner, and atlantic city run this event together. it's happening this sundays morning. it's -- this sunday morning. it's the first big event of the season here. >> go up the boardwalk to the end, come all the way back to the point in longport, and they end up behind us at tomatoes restaurant, our title sponsor. they throw a big barbecue in the parking lot. it's a lot of fun. free music, lots of free food, water, ice from the local businesses. wonderful family event. >> reporter: right here is where the bike tour ends on sunday morning. there are new businesses here in town to check out here in margate. the ice cream shops, restaurants, and of course once you end up here, there's a
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junior's doughnuts here. i had a couple of those yesterday. i'm filled with doughnuts here down the shore. that's one of the big things here. one attraction's been around this area for more than 100 years. you might have a good guess as to where we're heading next when i see you in the next half hour at 5:00. for now, live in margate, nbc10 news. >> i've got my guess. >> yeah. matt sent back a box of doughnuts yesterday. a big hit here. by the way, when tomato restaurant is your title sponsor, that's going to be a good event. shore tour continues at 5:15. matt delucia will feature lucy the elephant. and at 6:15, he'll look at boating and fishing in the bay. 4:47. roman catholic high school in center city is expanding. today the school will celebrate the groundbreaking of the howard center for the arts. the new building will eventually house choral and ceramic studios along with space for drama, computer design, and photography classes. construction begins in the
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summer. should be open by next spring. also today, philly goes robotic. 400 elementary, middle, and high school students will learn how to design, program, and build robots at the seventh annual philly robotics expo. the event at the university of pennsylvania pairs engineering and science with some of the most creative young minds in the city. 4:48. 57 degrees. back-to-work tuesday. let's get you to work. >> we'll check in with francesca ruscio looking at septa. what are you seeing? we did get a notification from septa involving the norristown high-speed line. they are operating with delays because of equipment problems. just be mindful of that if you need to head out and take the norris-bound high-speed line. for traffic notifications, download the nbc10 app. patco and septa on schedule. 95 at broad, this is northbound for the philly area. you see this is the exit for 611 patterson avenue. southbound, we have a couple of
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cars on the southbound side. no delays for 95. earlier, we looked at the schuylkill, the schuylkill is looking fine. route 422, route 29 toward the schuylkill, it will take you eight minutes. and by the time we get to the heart of rush hour, this number will fluctuate 15 minutes, 16 minutes. be mindful of that. it usually takes you eight minutes. travel speeds in the 60s. when i come back, we'll look at the majors over new jersey and what your new jersey commute could look like for you. back to you. >> thank you. about 4:50. it might be good practice to have an umbrella in the back seat as you leave today. >> it seems like that's been a good thing to have in the back seat for a while. >> yeah, my sunglasses are getting lonely. there are chances later in the week to use them. not today. clouds are still with us. here's the view from the nbc10 studios. not seeing rain in the area yet. that includes wilmington draw and frawley stadium. the temperatures across the board in the 50s. south jersey, philadelphia,
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delaware, the suburbs in the 50s. we saw temperatures warm to the upper 50s and low 60s yesterday. warmer this afternoon. this morning, close to where we were for cochranville, 55. 55 in unionville. middle 50s for bedminster, elroy, and warrington to start with. clouds overhead, so far it's dry. there's a chance of spotty showers this morning. they should be light. 58 in philadelphia. bus stop weather has clouds over exton, reading, quakertown, atlantic city, everybody in the 50s to start with. didn't see sunshine break through yesterday. it's likely that we'll be cloudy again today. we will see storms this evening. storms are in northwestern pennsylvania. and some scattered showers are possible this morning and during the afternoon from the showers that are coming up from the south. so far, most of those are off shore. the chance of showers stays with us today. showers and a chance of thunderstorms today. late-day thunderstorms are possible tomorrow. look at the leap in the
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temperature. up ten degrees for tomorrow. then finally we've got sunshine. in fact, bright sunshine and a nice day for thursday. 76 the high. warmer on friday. friday we'll start with sunshine. clear skies to start. the clouds will be increasing. come friday night and into sunday, we could see showers, possibly thunderstorms. 78 on saturday. still a chance of some more showers, more times to use your umbrella for sunday and monday. finally next week, toward the end of next week, we'll be drying out. look at the rainy stretch which continues through wednesday of next week. temperatures cool for sunday and monday, back into the 70s for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thank you. we're following breaking news in philadelphia's thacony neighborhood. a man was shot in the chest at the 7-eleven. he's listed in stable condition. now it's unclear what led to the
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shooting. we'll bring you updates on air and on line throughout the mornin morning. our county-by-county coverage begins at the lehigh county zoo. people mourning a giraffe. >> the giraffe named ernie injured his neck saturday after becoming overly aggressive. he died sunday. ernie arrived just last week from the kansas city zoo. the lehigh valley zoo said, "words cannot convey the depths of our sadness over the loss of ernie. however, we realize it is not just our loss but our community's loss, as well." in montgomery county, former gymnastics instructor daniel herb of hatboro will spend six to ten years in school for sexually assaulting a girl. he admitted to molesting a girl inside the gym and elsewhere from 2012 to 2015 when the girl was between 8 and 11-years-old. a local college baseball team punches their ticket to the
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post season and a shot at the national title. >> next, the blue hens are riding high and ready to represent delaware in the ncaa tournament for the first time in 16 years. and patriotic proposal. a memorial day parade in bucks county takes an unexpected turn. try these. finding good-looking well-made shoes with a great fit isn't easy. oh, finally, a perfect fit! that's funny. that's how tom refers to our life insurance through the colonial penn program. -what? -life insurance through the colonial penn program. that's the perfect fit for us. -was it affordable? -yes! we like the coverage so much, we also got a policy for me. if anything happens to either one of us, we won't be leaving our final expenses as a burden to each other or our kids. colonial penn program? that's the one with-- "who is alex trebek?" (laughter) (alex trebek) finding the right life insurance can seem overwhelming these days. the average cost of a funeral is over $8500
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4:55. we now know the name of the navy s.e.a.l. who died in an accident over north jersey. remington spirit was a member of the elite team the leap frogs. the navy said the team was jumping over liberty state park sunday when his parachute failed to open. he plunged into new york harbor. a manhattan museum held a moment of silence for peters during a memorial day ceremony. in kensington, a suspected drug dealer was busted for allegedly handing out nearly two dozen free samples of heroin. investigators say the suspect did not know two of the men he handed free baggies to were undercover septa police officers.
4:56 am
a family in trenton is calling for justice. >> they're angry after a s.w.a.t. unit barged into their home only to find out it was the wrong house. sonya balpase daniels showed nbc10 where she said the officers mistakenly broke down her door wednesday. she told us the officers used a flash bomb in the kitchen before realizing it was the wrong home. the family also shared photos of the damage left behind. her son said she had high blood pressure because of the terrifying situation, and they're considering legal action. >> they're coming with the gun, puts me on the floor. i said, "what happened, what happened?" she said, "don't say nothing. the police will explain later." >> somebody got to be held accountable. we pay the price for mistakes. >> reporter: they said an apparently intelligence gap led to the raid at the wrong house. you can expect suspensions and fines from this wild fight in san francisco.
4:57 am
fans are pointing to recent history between the pitcher and batter. national superstar bryce harper charged a man -- >> hit by alevers -- >> each landed punches on the other as the benches emptied. harper cannot faced strickland since hitting two homers off of him in 2014 in the playoffs. sometimes this happens in -- in baseball. this is what they did afterward. >> baseball's a weapon. to be able to use that to hissed have -- i guess that's just what he wanted to do in that situation. >> didn't expect that. it's part of the game. that's what he decided to do. go time. you got to protect yourself and stand your own ground. >> this was latest series of incidents across major league baseball. millville's mike trout on the disabled list for the first time in his career. the angels superstar tore a ligament during this slide in miami over the weekend. trout is scheduled to have
4:58 am
surgery tomorrow. two-time lead mvp was having his best season yet. the playoff push is on for members of a local college baseball team. there were cheers as the university of delaware's team got word they are heading to lovett, texas, for round one of the ncaa baseball tournament. delaware has not qualified for the tournament since 2001. they won their conference in north carolina over the weekend. players say confidence is key. >> this wasn't expected out of us. so to be here means a lot. and i'm very confident. i know if we play like we've been playing, we can beat any team in the country. >> they will get a first chance on friday afternoon when they play texas tech. the team hits the road for the tournament tomorrow. >> all right, hens. go do it. >> yeah. memorial day will now have an extra special meaning for a couple from bucks county. >> watch what happened when rich cornicki hopped out of a passing fire truck during a parade.
4:59 am
>> hey! >> hey! >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> what? >> she's like, what are you doing getting out of the truck, honey? >> he surprised cheryl by popping the question. of course she said yes. the crowd goes nuts. held up the parade for a few minutes. we're told they've been dating for nine years. they attend the langhorne memorial day parade every year. we congratulate the happy couple. >> how sweet is she. >> look at her showing off the rock there. >> uh-huh. now for more of the stories we're following now on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> awaiting his fate. today the jury will return to court to decide if a camden county man is guilty of killing his 3-year-old son. unexpected reaction. tiger woods says his dui arrest is not what it seems. why he claims it's all a medication mistake. courtroom ban. taking pictures or videos in pennsylvania court rooms could soon be a crime.
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5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we are all interested in the timing of the rain that's about to hit us. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate nbc10 first alert neighborhood forecast. i'm not expecting widespread rain. there's a chance you'll need the umbrella. we'll see showers during the day, but not a lot of activity. we're starting out drier than yesterday. yesterday at this time, we were looking at a damp beach avenue as rain had fallen overnight. not this morning. just cloudy overhead. the showers are farther to the south. you see cloudy skies in cape may, morris river, and atlantic city to start. the showers and some thunderstorm activity moving through maryland and delaware. not impressive this morning. a chance of scattered showers, and late today, a possibility of thunderstorms from that line of storms. most


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