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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in the teenage suspect's basement. armed with underwear. protesters bring their laundry and a message to philadelphia police. and summer setbacks. amtrak reveals new headaches ahead for commuters. and there's the fog. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. final day of plea, and it's usher -- of may, and it's ushering out with the haze of fog behind us. let's get to bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? yeah, across the area, look at wilmington. a live view from frawley stadium. not much sim provement yet in -- not as much improvement yet in spring city. you can barely make out the trees in that view. and you see beach avenue, but not a great view from the marquis de lafayette hotel this morning. fog thicker in some areas than others. we're starting to see some improvement. coatesville, two-mile visibility now that the sun is up.
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we'll see a little bit of heating to start with. that will accelerate. trenton and northeast philadelphia have been down to zero visibility. wrightstown still at zero visibility. millville is improving, along with -- well, dover and wilmington still holding at one-mile visibility. a foggy start this morning for the next couple of hours. there's a chance we'll see more showers. you see some to the northwest. thunderstorms are most likely this afternoon. right now, 60 in the lehigh valley and new jersey. the suburbs, 57 degrees. a breeze at three miles per hour. we'll watch the temperatures climb. snienl finally at noontime -- sunshine finally at noontime for king of prussia. sunshine breaking through for the entire area. upper 70s this afternoon, warming to 78 degrees for new jersey. even a nice warmup at the shore, too. 72. there is that chance of an isolated shower and thunderstorm this afternoon. i'll show when you those are most likely when i come back with your hour-by-hour forecast. first, jessica boyington, watching first alert traffic.
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thanks. cameras at 17th street on the boulevard, everything looks good so farme. one of our cameras has not as much fog as others. watching heavy fog this morning. both directions look okay now. everything's moving. watching the schuylkill expressway, drive times here, everything looks good so far. both directions are okay. we're not seeing any increase now. the eastbound drive time from the blue route to the vine, 12 minutes. speeds into the 60s still, as well. we'll end here over on route 70 in cherry hill. cameras just around kings highway. you can see the fog here moving through both directions, looks good. watch for the clearing of a construction prong around cropwell road -- project around cropwell road. everything looks good. you see all the drive times up, as well. back to you. now to breaking news that we're following this morning. a 7-year-old girl is in critical condition right now after she was found in an olney home with a bag over her head. police gave her cpr and rushed her to the hospital. officers were at the house
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investigating a sinkhotolen car. police say whoever stole the car crashed it and abandoned it. officers want to question the teenager who lives at the home. breaking news from overseas. a suicide car bomb attack in afghanistan has killed at least 80 people and injured hundreds more. it happened in a highly secured diplomatic area of kabul near several embassies and the presidential palace. the target is not known. officials say most of the casualties are civilians. so far no group has claimed responsibility. today opening statements begin in the trial of a bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six girls from the same family. prosecutors say lee kaplan of feasterville fathered two children with one of the girls. investigators say the girls' parents gifted them to caplan. jury selection was completed yesterday. nbc10 will have more from the courtroom today. look for live reports starting this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00. in cumberland county, a man is accused of stealing a car from a vineland gas station with
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a baby inside. officers say 31-year-old pedro ortiz stole the car yesterday. the baby's mother says she just had run into the store, thought the car was locked. police found it and the suspect a short distance away. the baby is okay. today in washington, president donald trump will meet with the prime minister of vietnam to talk about strengthening trade ties. former national security adviser michael flynn will hand over documents to the senate intelligence committee as part of its probe into russia meddling in the 2016 election. sources say flynn will provide documents related to his businesses, as well as personal documents by next week. the panel narrowed its request after flynn invoked protection undersome discrimination and refused to provide a subpoena this month. he misled vice president mike pence about his dealings with the russian ambassador. president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen, tells nbc news that if he's subpoenaed by
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congress he will testify as part of the investigation into russian interference in the u.s. election. earlier cohen said that he would not comply with senate and house requests for information. those requests are the same ones sent to former national security adviser michael flynn and former trump campaign manager paul manafort. here at home, philadelphia police charged a man with dui after he allegedly pulled a knife and a gun on another driver at 26th and brown streets. police say the same man drove off, hit three parked cars a few blocks away, and when officers got there, they said the man barricaded himself in an auto body shop in fairmount. he eventually turned himself in to police. a pair of black lives matter activists send a message to philadelphia police about the so-called stop-and-fondle procedure. >> they delivered underwear to officers at police headquarters. >> want to ask a question -- >> no problem. >> okay. >> keep your lands to yourself, please. -- hands to yourself, please. >> they said it was a symbolic
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gesture after police were accused of stopping young black men and searching their underwear and private parts in public. the aclu says while there are fewer stop-and-frisk incidents, police stop minorities at a higher rate. the officials deny the stop-and-frisk claims and say victims should file a complaint if they feel their rights were violated. in cumberland county, crews start repairs on the maurice river bridge. many people heading to the jersey shore use the bridge over county roads 670 between commercial and maurice river townships. the $827,000 improvement project will take six months to complete. today in the lehigh valley, the copley northhampton bridge that connects the lehigh valley to the northamp ton county will begin. it will be available for peds
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pedestrians who -- for pedestrians who use the bridge. atlantic city will get more than $2 million today for a road, fencing, and runway work. cape may airport will be given $2 million for drainage work and improvements. hammondton municipal airport will spend its funding on runways. a mural at children's hospital of philadelphia is on display in camden. it was unveiled at the bb&t pavillion yesterday. live nation and the lunds-- and the lundy law foundation co-sponsored the production. 6:07. a live look the i-95. girard point bridge. you see the fog there. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? we'll start with fog. we will see some sunshine this afternoon. it is on hold to start with. this is the live view from penn's landing. doesn't look too foggy. you see fog in delaware and new jersey. the fog it sta-- fog is startino ease already. good news because it was down to
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zero visibility in parts of philadelphia. 62 in the city along with delaware. 50s for the suburbs and lehigh valley at 60 degrees. still some areas of fog in south jersey. the temperatures are holding right in the very low 60s for woodstown, piles grove, lumberton. the temperatures will warm today into the 70s, something that hasn't happened the last couple of days. we'll finally get sunshine this afternoon. that could fuel some of these. some showers and thunderstorms. for now, they're two the northwest, and they've been trending to the north. those thunderstorms over harrisburg will still be going as they move northeast. most of the area won't see thunderstorms until this afternoon. that's when we'll see some daytime heating to help fire up the storms. 1:30 this afternoon, clouds break, sunshine. you might see some rain showers in delaware and south jersey. this is the biggest threat for this afternoon. that's 3:30 this afternoon. storms starting to move into chester county and wilmington, philadelphia, into south jersey. 4:30 this afternoon shows that
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line of showers is dissipating. a few more showers could pop up at 7:30 this evening, into the 8:30 hour. not all-day rainfall or clouds. the planner starts with clouds and fog. 63 at 8:00. warming to 71 at lunchtime. still cloudy, but clouds will break this afternoon. 78 degrees. another chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms for philadelphia and the suburbs. nice warmup here, too. getting sunshine starting at lunchtime. 71 degrees. middle to upper 70s for the suburbs this afternoon. the lehigh valley, still seeing fog. at 8:00, mostly cloudy. 70 at noontime. lots of sunshine later today. delaware, the fog will ease out of here. a nice warmup in spite of clouds for delaware and new jersey, low 70s by lunchtime. the afternoon clouds break. 70s this afternoon. we could see showers and thunderstorms develop. the showers are less likely at the shore. the clouds will linger through
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the morning hour. temperatures near 70 at the shore today. not warm enough for you? there's warmer weather ahead before we get to the weekend. i'll show you what to expect with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:10. final day of the month, wednesday. let's find out what the roads are looking like. >> jessica boyington has you covered. jess? right. watching the vine street expressway. a new accident into the camera system. you see that on the cameras around 24th street, the eastbound side. this is traffic coming off the schuylkill expressway or at least the eastbound side that's moving toward 95. a tractor-trailer involved, another vehicle here, as well. i haven't seen it move in or out. there may be another vehicle involved in front of this. either way at least the two involved -- fortunately it is to the right-hand shoulder. that means traffic still can get by. maybe a little bit slow. it will start to back up a little on to the schuylkill. right now watching this on the eastbound side. the westbound side right now unaffected. 95 through delaware,
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everything's good both directions. ten minutes for drive times from 295 to 495, and speeds still into the mid 60s there, as well. watching heavy fog, this is the garden state parkway near the cape may toll plaza. you see both directions, both directions limited visibility. keep your distance with cars in front of you or behind you if you can. watching both directions there, everything looks good so far. we'll check in with the vine street expressway again in ten. >> thank you. amazon is refunding customers millions of dollars. >> still ahead, who's in line for a payout. plus, photo shoot shock. at 6:45, kathy griffin's apology for this gory picture showing her holding a bloodied donald trump mask. >> reporter: good morning, i'm matt delucia. we're continuing our week-long shore tour in sea isle city today. coming up after the break, we're going sailing. come along.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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6:15. nbc10 taking you on a shore tour. today we've moved on to sea isle city. >> yeah. year after year, visitors go for adventures on the water. matt delucia is live in sea isle this morning to school us. tell us about that, matt. >> reporter: right, school in the summer, but it's a little bit fun because it's on the water. you don't see a lot of sailboats on the ocean or the bay. that's because sailing is fun but a bit challenging. at the yacht club at south korea -- at sea isle, they're getting kids schooled earli. >> they love it. >> reporter: beyond the bay at the yacht club, these kids are using nature's motor -- the wind -- to keep their boats moving. >> watching them have the aha moments with, say, tacking and like turning around.
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it's amaking. >> reporter: abby guest started young, got pretty good at it, and became an instructor. another one, andy seabold, started sailing when he was 4 years old. >> i'm 75 and still sailing. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: he helps run a camp for kids every year teaching more than 100 how to rig up a boat, bring it to the water, and literally set sail. >> we try to create an opportunity for kids to get interested in sailing, and then eventually they want to race sailboats. >> reporter: the camps run for a week. day one can be tough, but it gets better. >> it's pretty easy if you have an open mind. if you don't have an open mind about it, it's going to be a little bit difficult to understand like where the wind's coming from and how to figure out all that. >> reporter: you need patience? >> you do need patience. >> reporter: on the playground at sea. i'm jealous. i wish i could have done it when i was their age. >> being able to do something new and go back and tell their
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friends they know how to sail is so much fun to tell people. >> reporter: there are camps for beginners as well as the more advanced sailors, and it is a competitive sport, believe it or not. you may have seen sailing races on tv. some of these kids, the graduates, they go on to be very competitive and compete in races and become very good at sailing. i'm live in sea isle city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> yeah. some kids may be in america's cup someday. i come from a heritage where my january testers sailed ---- my ancestors sailed. ripe ri ripe. >> reporter: we need to get you out there, a lot of fun. >> yeah. speaking of gps -- >> that's jessica. >> i was going to say, the only -- the only thing i'm doing on a
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boat is lounging, that's it. only thing i'm going to do in a boat, you can sail me around. perfect. you can get your practice. watching the vine street expressway, the vine street expressway and our cameras around 24th street, watching an accident here. a tractor-trailer involved. another vehicle here, police activity just got to the scene. a penndot crew there, as well. the right lane is blocked. of course getting off of the ramp from the schuylkill expressway will be a little bit slow and backed up especially around this time. we're just getting into the beginnings of rush hour, as well. also watching a crash in hatfield township. 40-foot road at elroy, brand new into the system here. watching heavy fog all morning pretty much. this is over in millville. route 55, around our cameras at route 49. no delays or backups, definitely reduced visibility there. we're watching that. also with the fog, speed restrictions in place. 45 miles per hour due to heavy fog on the new jersey turnpike, delaware bridge, up north to the george washington bridge. for our viewers, probably only
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affecting viewers at trenton or past that area. watch for reduced speeds there. you can take 295 as an alternate if you're nervous about it. other than that, you'll be fine on the turnpike. back to you. >> 6:19. we've been highlighting shore towns as part of our shore tour. let's look at cape may. very foggy conditions there. fog conditions across the region. let's find out more from bill henley. it will take time to burn off, but it will. philadelphia international, thick fog in the area. so far no delays being reported at the airport. starting to see the skies brighten a little over wilmington. sun is up. temperatures will start to climb, and a little bit of breeze developing. that's doing away with the fog at least in delaware. parts of south jersey getting socked in with thick fog in the suburbs. 62 in philadelphia. some of the suburbs have dropped into the 50s the last couple of days. we're seeing a few of those numbers. low 60s. not a lot warmer in the 50s, still a little bit warmer than
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yesterday. exton is 61, 58 in wars doing ton. britain -- warringtan. bryn mawr is 51. warming to the 70s today. we haven't gotten close to that the last couple of days. today we'll get sunshine. the fog will burn off with a little bit of a warmup. that happens first thing this morning. cloudy through the morning, start to break this afternoon. during the afternoon, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. we could see some thunderstorms developing. i've been tracking thunderstorms to the northwest. you see harrisburg getting showers and thunderstorms. this line is going to fall apart as it moves into the area this morning. there's a possibility of another line developing this afternoon. that will give us a chance of stronger thunderstorms developing this afternoon. the chance of thunderstorms from the ohio valley through the northeast. for our area, isolated storms this afternoon, could be capable of producing damaging winds and hail, though the chance is greater to the northeast. watch out for thunderstorms
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developing this afternoon. not everybody will see that. we'll all get the warmup. 78 degrees and sunshine this afternoon. followed by a bright, sunny day tomorrow. the rain finally takes a break. no fog in the morning. 61 to start, 78 in the afternoon. friday, warmer, 82, partly sunny skies. the clouds will move in, though, friday night, and then if you're out late friday night, might run into some more rain as we head into saturday morning. saturday night, another chance of showers during the day on saturday. up to 80 degrees. it's rainy conditions for sunday and monday. that will cool us down on monday. and still a few showers on tuesday. they're out of here for next wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> thanks. 6:21. trouble ahead for amtrak riders. next, the change that has new york's governor predicting what he calls a summer from hell for commuters. plus, panic on the street of manayunk. the discovery in a college student's apartment that brought out the bomb squad. later, saving the day. police craft a plan to celebrate a little boy's birthday after no one showed up to his party.
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♪ i'm all right nobody worry about me ♪ happening at 8:00 tonight, a free outdoor summer movie series returns to penn's landing. tonight's feature, the 1980 comedy classic "caddyshack." tracy and i love it so much. the movie series runs through august at columbus boulevard and ray street. today new jersey lawmakers will hold a hearing to address the impact of repairs at new york's penn station on commuters in summer. the service on the morris and essex lines in new jersey will end at hoboken, forcing thousands on p.a.t.h. trains and ferries. amtrak will do the track, and infrastructure repairs will take place at penn station in july and august. yesterday amtrak announced how service will be impacted including cuts in service between new york and washington and between new york and
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harrisburg. acela service will not be affected. the repairs were ordered after two recent derailments and numerous other delays. 6:26. a foggy start, but starting to improve. you see the building in this view of the adventure aquarium. 62 degrees, a warmer day. we'll see sunshine, but there's still a chance you'll need the umbrella. >> reporter: the report of a stolen vehicle ends one a 7-year-old child being found inside of a home with a bag on her head. she's in critical condition now. we'll have much more about the investigation when we come back. what if there was a paint for your door...
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disturbing discovery. breaking overnight, the search for a car theft suspect leads
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police to an unconscious child is in the suspect's basement. trouble in the air. also breaking overnight, the inaugural flight from philadelphia to iceland makes an emergency landing with the mayor on board. trump's tweet. a cal ripkryptic tweet on socia that he deleted in the middle of the night. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. the fog starting to lift a little bit. >> a little bit. but foggier than you're used to. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? the sun is up. starting to see warming, but it's going to be slow to start with. a better view of some of the trees at spring city. still plenty of fog and fog at cape may. we have a clear view of the beach this morning. improving conditions. we'll get sunshine for the shore today. as well as the rest of the area. thicker in bluebell than the
6:31 am
rest of the area. coatesville seeing improving conditions. improving in pottstown, too. zero visibility is what we started with at 4:30 this morning for trenton, northeast philadelphia, mt. holly, improving that. back to zero visibility in millville. it hasn't changed all morning for wilmington and dover. fog to start, and then a chance of some of these storms for this afternoon. we could see a shower this morning. a storm threat this afternoon. we could see strong storms later today. 50s and low 60s now, a bit warmer than yesterday. it will be considerably warmer this afternoon, up to 78 in philadelphia. 77 for the suburbs. sunshine, in the new jersey, the jersey shore, 80 degrees. i'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood and tell you when the storms are likely to pop up when i'm back in ten minutes. first we'll see how the fog is affecting traffic. jessica boyington back on the job. back on the job. watching through center city, watching the vine. around 24th street, the cameras showing an accident involving a
6:32 am
few vehicles. at least a tractor-trailer and another. penndot crew on the scene. a police officer on the scene, as well. this is the eastbound side of the vine street expressway. this will affect track coming from the schuylkill -- traffic coming from the schuylkill to 95. the good thing, to the shoulder, not blocking any lanes. definitely slowdowns moving through the scene. watching a crash in hatfield township, 40-foot road at elroy road, that was in the system in the last half hour or so. watching fog, too. route 55 at deptford center road. moving through deptford seeing delays and slowdowns. 42 and 295, the area gets a little bit busy especially when moving toward philadelphia and heading to the bridges. we're seeing delays on 55. heavy fog there, as well. the southbound side looks okay. back to you. >> thank you. back to breaking news in philadelphia. a search for a car thief led police to an unconscious child with a bag over her head.
6:33 am
pamela osborne is live on the scene in olney with the surprising turn of events. pam? >> reporter: the basement is where that little girl was found unresponsive this morning. the house itself is being held as a crime scene. you can see a couple of police cruisers here this morning. police doing everything they could to help. there was even one officer who never stopped doing cpr on the 7-year-old until they delivered her to doctors at einstein. here's what i can tell -- police were called here around 1:30 this morning for a report of a stolen vehicle. that's when things took a major turn. the mother who was filling -- filing that report went inside to get some paperwork for police. that is when she found her daughter unresponsive with a bag over her head in the basement. she removed the bag and ran her daughter outside to police who immediately started cpr. detectives with the special victims unit were here earlier this morning gathering evidence, talking to people at the home. police found several plastic
6:34 am
bags on the floor in the basement. as for the 7-year-old, doctors were able to find a pulse. take a listen to how far philly police went to save this girl's life. >> that police officer immediately started cpr and contacted another police unit. the other police unit arrived on the scene. the officer continued doing cpr and was driven by a police vehicle to einstein hospital where that 7-year-old child was unconscious and in critical condition. >> reporter: back to the car. police found the mother's vehicle wrecked about three blocks from the family home. whoever took the car was gone. initially she told officers that she thought her 18-year-old son who stays in the basement may have taken the car. police had k-9s out earlier searching for the 18-year-old who is the brother of that 7-year-old girl. police are going to be interviewing the people home as
6:35 am
well as the mother of that child as they try to figure out exactly what happened and how she ended up with a bag over her head. reporting from olney, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thanks. nbc10 learned technical problems caused the first direct flight from philadelphia to iceland to be diverted to boston. philadelphia mayor kenney was on the flight when it took off from philadelphia national airport last night. his office tells us that he spent the night in boston. here's a look at the plane's track from when it left philadelphia and moved to iceland. it then shows that the plane backtracked to boston. a new flight has been scheduled for passengers. they'll take off from boston at 4:30 this afternoon. the mayor's office says it isn't clear if kenney will continue to iceland at this point. overnight, iceland air tweeted a rubber smoking e smell was detected -- a rubber smell was detected on board that led to an aircraft diversion.
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"safety is our most important priority." stay with us for updates on this breaking news, on air and on line. 6:36. jurors will have to get back to work today deciding the fate of a camden county father accused of killing his young son even after the judge that they can't reach a verdict. the judge in the d.j. creato murder trial told the injury resume deliberations today after -- the injury to resume deliberations today after they said they were split. prosecutors contend that d.j. creato killed his 3-year-old son brendan to preserve a relationship with his girlfriend. creato says the boy wandered away. the body was found in a park near the father's home in 2015. sidney long has been covering the case from the beginning. she'll number the courtroom again today. you can see her live reports this afternoon starting at 4:00. new to new details on a hazmat situation that caused panic in manayunk last night. philadelphia police say they found what atto be a science project in -- what appears to be a science project in an apartment.
6:37 am
police reported chemicals, and police checked for a possible drug lab. the scene was cleaned up. no one was hurt. we have new details about tiger woods' dui arrest from over the weekend. a police report shows woods told officers that he had four medications in the system when police pulled up to his car, including vicodin. the report says woods was asleep at the wheel with the car running and seemed confused. the champion golfer told police he had the pills because he was recovering from surgery. two breathalyzer tests showed woods had no alcohol in his system. nbc10 investigators looked at the problem of drugged driving and why it's so difficult for police to punish those responsible. check out the story right now on 6:37. 62 degrees. a little bit warmer than it's been in the mornings. boy, this fog is thicker than it's been the last few mornings, too. >> let's check in with bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. tell us more.
6:38 am
yeah. seeing slow improvement. 95 in south philadelphia. the fog will disappear. the clouds will break for sunshine. looking at afternoon thunderstorms that will pop up. isolated thunderstorms are possible. and they could be strong storms. they'll be clearing out for this evening. that will lead us into a couple of nice, dry days finally. and we'll be drying out nicely this afternoon. no rain just yet except this line of showers and thunderstorm activity. thunderstorms southwest of pottsville, going to be moving into western berks county. you will see a little rain this morning. the chance of afternoon storms will be back with us later today. 62 now. 63 at 8:00. the little bit of a warmup will help ease the fog out of here. by lunchtime, 71 degrees. this afternoon, we finally get sunshine. late afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible in philadelphia. and you could see some develop during the afternoon in the suburbs, too. the fog will dispotato this
6:39 am
morning -- dissipate this morning. finally sunshine at lunchtime. percently to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. 76 degrees at 4:00. the suburbs, some of them will see some showers and thunderstorms develop just after the 2:00 hour. the lehigh valley, 60 degrees now. still going to be right around the 60-degree mark at 8:00. expect to see fog in the area at 8:00. then the clouds finally break as we go into the afternoon hours, 77 degrees in the lehigh valley. new jersey, the fog will thin out. the clouds still around at lunchtime. partly to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. enough sunshine to warm us into the 70s. there's a chance of showers in new jersey this afternoon. doesn't look like it is as likely as in pennsylvania, though. the jersey shore, fog to start with. we've seen into cape may, 63 degrees. still at 63 at 8:00. then as the temperatures warm, fog disappears. finally the clouds break. 70 degrees at the shore this afternoon. delaware, the fog has thinned. still cloudy skies over frawley
6:40 am
stadium. 71 degrees. still looking at mostly cloudy skies at lunchtime. middle to upper citiz70s this afternoon. the next seven days, nice and dry. you may have noticed that with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it turns damp this weekend. i'll have that coming up. >> all right. the fog starting to clear a little bit. it's impacting the roads, as well. a little bit more visible out there. >> jessica boyington has you covered. what are you watching? yeah, a quick update on the vine street expressway moving through 24th. the accident scene completely gone. it was to the right-hand shoulder. all the traffic getting by. that's a good thing. now seeing more of a delay westbound moving toward the schuylkill expressway. also watching major fog. the 42 freeway, almost can't even see the roads here. around the cameras at the atlantic city expressway. here is the 42 freeway northbound. right here is where we're moving toward the split at the black horse pike before it turns to the expressway. headlights still on, at least they should be because it's hard
6:41 am
to see even through our camera. the roads are dealing with the reduced visibility, as well. watching a crash in hatfield township, 40 foot road at elroy road. we'll end on the p.a. turnpike. and drive times, everything's green, both directions, west, east, 22 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. speeds into the 60s and even up into the 70s. averaging on the eastbound side in spots. >> thanks. 6:41. tweeted and now deleted. next, the president's late-night twitter post that left many people baffled. and the national bee begins today. next, a quick test that you can take on your lunch break today to test your own skills. and texas police save the day when no one showed up to this little boy's birthday party. the surprise up next.
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quarter to 7:00. come to the screen and look at this video. you have to see this. a water pipe erupts and sends part of the street flying into the air, covering nearby cars with pavement, debris. this happened in kiev, the capital of ukraine. it instantly caused flooding along the street as thousands of gallons of water gushed out. you see the surprised neighbors rush out to see what happened. new this morning, a jetblue plane made an emergency landing after a laptop's lithium battery caught fire. no one was hurt when the plane landed last night in grand rapids, michigan. jetblue said there were reports of smoke coming from a carry-on bag. the plane was checked over and continued on to its final destination in san francisco. following a couple of stories that are trending this morning -- >> that includes a tweet from president trump that got a lot of attention from last night. take a look at what it said. this is what it said with a puzzling misspelling at the end, right? that was re-tweeted more than
6:46 am
100,000 times overnight. the word was trending. by this morning, the tweet has been taken down from the president's twitter page. just in the past half hour, a new tweet from the president who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe. making fun of everybody trying to figure out what that meant overnight. >> yeah. also trending, comedian kathy griffin is apologizing for appearing in a video holding what appears to be the severed head of president trump. we blurred a freeze frame of the video as it may be disturbing to some viewers. the video showed the comedian slowly lifting the bloody head into view. tonight griffin said that she's sorry for going too far. >> i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i move the line, and then i cross it. i went way too far. >> griffin said the project was an artsy attempt at mocking the commander in chief. amazon customers will soon get refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases made by their
6:47 am
kid. the federal feed commission says refunds will occur for charges between 2011 and 2016. they said customers should have been notified by e-mail if you are getting a refund. you have until may 28th of next year to submit a request for a refund. go to to see if you are eligible to get a refund and start the process. margate is forcing cliefdri to slow down in the name of safety. they've lowered the speed limit on atlantic avenue from 35 to 25 miles per hour. city leaders say they're trying to cut down on accidents. the mayor denies opponents' claims that the change is aimed at making money from speeding tickets. the bee bscripps national spelling bee started to n washington. this year there are rule changes including a written test that they're giving ahead of time that can be used to break a tie. the competition ended in a tie for the past three years. eight students from our area will compete this year. five from pennsylvania, two from
6:48 am
new jersey, one from delaware. we'll keep you updated on how they do as they move forward. and you can test your spelling skills on or on our nbc10 app. it's cool the way we have it set up. you can listen to five words, see them, listen to them, you can hear them used in a sentence, and then you can try to spell them yourself. >> motown. m-o-t -- >> no. we tried this word. our producers said, all of you try this word -- mascenous. here's what we came up with. >> put it up there, right -- >> we had to listen to it. we had to listen to in the app. we listened to it. bottom line is -- those were all attempts because none of us got it right. >> what is the correct spelling, tracy davidson? >> let's see it. >> it's m-a-e-c-e-n-a-s. >> tracy spelled it right. >> no, no. i -- no. i didn't. none of us did. >> we knew that we were wrong,
6:49 am
right? when i responded to the e-mail, it was like underlined because it was like spell checking it like no. and i had to redo it. it would spell check again, i was like, no. >> you tried to perfect your answer? >> eventually i was like, i'm giving up. i'm sending it in. i knew it was wrong, by the way. >> the macenus is a ligament in the knee -- no, meniscus. >> don't be fooled -- >> might affect your driving, though. >> don't do more work. are we going to traffic? >> producers say it means skilled artisan which means one of you skilled artisans, take over. we're dealing with fog, bill? >> yes. we have fog, you are correct, jessica boyington. >> f-o-g. >> and here you see it. cape may. all right. no traffic on beach avenue. not a problem there.
6:50 am
the fog is easing. the live view, a nice improvement so far. other areas seeing fog. this is the view from the nbc10 studios. a better view of the trees, but there's still definitely fog in the area. and looking across the delaware, we can see some of the buildings. the fog will be thinning. it will take some time. it will be out of here completely later this morning. one-mile visibility in coatesville. fog for bluebell and mt. holly. the thickest fog reported now toms river and millville, both at zero visibility. as the temperature climbs, the fog will thin. 62 in philadelphia. really nobody is much cooler. 70s for this afternoon. we haven't been close to that for the last couple of days. we'll get sunshine. not this morning. not at the bus stop. skies will be cloudy. still fog. temperatures not much warmer than they are now. doppler radar and the satellite shows we're dry right now. look at the showers and thunderstorm activity. the showers dying down.
6:51 am
swinging through the lehigh valley and burks county neighborhoods first thing this morning. this afternoon as temperatures heat up, likely to see more thunderstorms develop. hour-by-hour forecast, the first showers popping up in lancaster, switching through westchester and philadelphia. look how it dies out as it moves into new jersey. this evening, a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms starting at 8:30 this evening. and then later this evening, moving through delaware. there's some opportunities to see some storms develop. and there's a potential for storms, damaging winds and hail. the winds, isolated. not everybody is going to see them. the greater threat is to the northeast. it will be slightly more likely for our area than it is for the ohio valley and other areas, too. watch out for the storms this afternoon. 78 this afternoon. definitely warmer and nice and sunny for tomorrow. 78 the high temperature. and 80s on friday. the clouds will be building
6:52 am
later on friday. if you're out friday night and into saturday morning, you may see some showers, 80 degrees the high on saturday. saturday night and sunday, the rain is back. and it's going to be a rainy end to the weekend and into next week. sunday and monday the rain coming down. drying out for wednesday, there's, and friday. >> thanks -- wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> thanks, bill. >> you're welcome. 6:52. let's get you to work. we're having fun with the spelling. >> we're not having any fun with the spelling. no. >> more volume. at least it's moving on 95. yes, we've been dealing with reduced visibility all day. the fog an issue. right now, 95, nothing reported here. a little slowdown but that's normal for now. 95 at girard. outbound, 28 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. speeds there are in the 20s. i'm watching speed restrictions on jersey roads. fog on the new jersey turnpike from the delaware memorial
6:53 am
bridge, the entire length north toward the george washington bridge. our viewers probably only a little past trenton will need that. watch for speed restrictions down to 45 miles per hour on the turnpike. take 295 as an alternate. you're also going to see fog there, as well. you can see that right around route 38. we look okay. police with these cars moving along -- at least with these cars moving along. the visibility is poor here, as well. no increase in drive times. 422, we'll end with a slowdown. almost doubling our drive time right here. we're at 13 minutes on the eastbound side from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. >> thank you. now to an unusual rescue in texas. >> it involves a little boy's birthday party. graham day was looking forward to celebrating his 8-year-old birthday party last weekend. the family was new to the neighborhood and he hadn't made a lot of friends. when no one showed up, his mom went to the police department -- smart mom -- and said, can somebody talk to my boy, he wants to be an officer one day. when they heard the story, all
6:54 am
of the officers on shift showed up plus a few firefighters. >> god works in all kinds of different ways. at that time, i think it was just the right place for us to be at the right time. >> the birthday boy couldn't have been happier. since the party, graham has had several children come over to say hi. next, back with the top stories that we're following for you today. >> and that includes a problem on the board, the inaugural flight from philly to iceland that forced a big midair u-turn. we salute those who fumble.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
if gravity's your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. we're following two breaking stories. iceland's first flight from philadelphia to iceland had to make an emergency landing overnight. a rubber smell on board forced this big u-turn.
6:58 am
mayor kenney was aboard the flight. his office told us he spent the night in boston. at home, a 7-year-old girl in critical condition after her mother found her with a being over her head at their home in olney. police gave her cpr and rushed her to the hospital. officers were at the house investigating a stolen car. whoever stole the car crashed it and abandoned it. officers want to question a teenager who lives at the home. today jurors will resume deliberations in the d.j. creato murder trial each after telling a -- even after telling a judge yesterday they couldn't reach a verdict. the judge told the jury to keep working. creato is accused of killing his 3-year-old son brendan to preserve a relationship with his teenage girlfriend. and opening statements are scheduled to begin in the trial of a bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six girls from the same family. prosecutors say lee kaplan of feasterville fathered two children with one of the girls. investigators say the girls' parents gifted them to kaplan. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. watching fog this morning and
6:59 am
volume. here's the schuylkill expressway. showing some of that. cameras around montgomery drive. this is eastbound. we are seeing a heavier drive time, adding ten minutes to the commute in total from the blue route to the vine. 23 minutes right now. average speeds are dropping, and now they're do the 30s, as well. -- they're into the 30s, as well. upper hanover, church road at school house road. watching more of the fog. here's the 42 freeway moving through deptford at route 41. slow moving on the northbound side toward philadelphia. well, we've been watching improving conditions at cape may. the fog is back. that's a live view for from auto -- live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. fog to start with in much of the area. 62 degrees. already a little warmer than yesterday. the fog is tarting to ease in philadelphia. the temperatures warm up, the fog disappears as a result. 71 degrees at noontime. and then we warm into the 70s with some sunshine this afternoon. but it will come with a chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms. they could be strong, a potential for damaging winds and
7:00 am
hail. >> all right. thank you. local updates throughout the morning on the nbc10 app. good morning. breaking news. massive attack. [ sirens ] the rush hour suicide bombing in a highly secure neighborhood in the heart of afghanistan's capital. 80 people killed, 350 wounded. the taliban denying responsibility. so, who was behind it? ready to cooperate? michael flynn, president trump's fired national security adviser, agrees to hand over documents to the senate panel investigating russia's meddling in the election. this, after a garbled tweet from the president left up for hours, leads to confusion


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