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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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circumstancing that cause the first direct flight to be diverted. no laughing matter, president trump lashes out at kathy griffin, the effect he said it's had on his 11-year-old son. we are seeing peeks of sun this morning. a live look in philadelphia. a live look at the first alert radar tracking storms to our west heading in our direction. krystal klei is here with our forecast.
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>> yeah. we are finally starting to see a lit bit of sun breakthrough after what seems like endless gray days. this is wilmington, delaware. it is kind of a glow of light. it is burning off some of those clouds throughout the area. this is a little hard to tell here. there's peeks of blue on the screen right now. the clouds are starting to break a tad. it will continue the next couple of hours until we finally have sunshine over our region. it is stajust starting to happe. it is a little more deep gray to thin gray moving off to the east. this is on our satellite viewing. there's no rain right now in our region. wish i could say there's no rain for the rest of the day in the forecast. that's not going to be the case. we do have potential as temperatures warm up.
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we will have that potential to fire up some thunderstorms. we are at 68 in millville and 69 in wilmington. we'll talk more about the look at the thunderstorm potential coming up. >> thank you. breaking news just in. we found out the judge dismissed the jurors in the creato murder trial because they weren't able to reach a verdict. he is accused of leaving his son's body in the woods about a mile from home. the judge told them to go back in and try again today. we are learning they were not able to reach a verdict. they are being dismissed. we have in the courtroom and have been following this story. we'll have a live report coming up and she is tweeting about what's happening in the
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courtroom right now. a little girl in critical condition after her mother found her bl -- >> reporter: yeah. a lot to keep up with. it is on the scene since early this morning. they are interested in the basement. that is where that little girl was found with a bag over her head. investigators removed that evidence from the house and crime scene here on north american street. a couple of hours ago what appeared to be family members arrived. stopped to give two people a hug and offer up her support after briefly talking with officers.
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we know a seven-year-old girl was found. she told officers she thought her 18-year-old son took the car. the mother took the bag off of her head abdomen ran hr daughter outside to police. the child was transported where she was said to be in very critical condition. let's talk about the car. police discovered the mom's car wrecked three blacks away from the family home. no one was inside. police spent the morning searching for the 18-year-old whose mom believed took the car this morning. police trying the determine if it was an accident or intentional act.
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they haven't given us any additional information. i know they spent the morning speaking with members of that family. we will continue to check in throughout the day. i'll join you for another update in 30 minutes. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. the flight he was on had to make an emergency landing. it lead to the aircraft diversi diversion. they tweeted safety is the utmost priority.
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mayor's office says philadelphia's international airport says it is the cause to all on board. opening statements in the trial of a man accused of sexually abusing six girls. investigators say jury selection was completed yesterday. we are in the courtroom right now. look for her live report starting this afternoon on nbc 10 at 4:00. a situation caused panic last night. philadelphia police say what they found appears to be a science project. initially people living in the area and police checked far possible drug lab. the scene the being slecleaned.
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no one was hurt. allegedly putting a -- pulling a knife and gun on another man. the same man hit three blocked cars. the man then barricaded himself inside an autothoubody shop. neighbors joined a philadelphia family mourning a 14-year-old boy gunned down on the street. last night a crowd gathered where someone shot frazier on monday night. they remember the teenager as a great kid. they say he loved boxing and helping younger kids in the neighborhood. they found a 14-year-old shot in the shoulder on a nearly street. >> too many kids getting shot out here, man. too many kids have guns that are doing the shooting. >> at loast check the 16-year-od
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is still in the hospital. what are you seeing on the vine street expressway right now? >> we are seeing residual delays here. we had a crash around 24th street. it was just before the off ramp. we have seeing a lit boifit of w downs. 95 looks okay. northbound from the vine to wood haven roads speeds are down into the 40s. either way you'll get by just fine. eastbound construction over the wall and westbound construction over the bend and following an earlier opening. everything is good to go there. back to you guys.
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going way too far. kathy griffin apologizes for this photo. find out what the president is saying and the effect it had on his 11-year-old son. and the tweet that has so many of us scratching our heads. and we continue to follow breaking news. a mistrial declared in the d.j.creato murder trial. we'll track afternoon thunderstorms coming up. millions of you are online right now,
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the jury in the creato murder case are being dismissed. there suz a hung jury. they could not reach a verdict. he faces first-degree murder and child endangerment. we have more from digital operation center. >> yeah. after ten hours of deliberations. we have been following this since the very beginning of this trial. ten hours of deliberations over four days and the judge did just declare a mistrial.
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the jury could not reach a verdict. he faces first-degree murder and child endangerment. the jury could not agree on either of those two charges. as you know, creato accused of killing his toddler son to save his relationship with his teenaged girlfriend. prosecutors say she didn't like kids. the new trial date set for july 5th. sidney long is getting reaction to this. we'll have more as we learn more information. for now we are live in the breaking flbrea breaking news center. >> thank you. a pennsylvania man under arrest after police found guns in his car at the trump international hotel in washington. they say he did not intend to harm the president.
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brian moles is facing weapons charges. police say they found a rifle in plain sight and handgun in the glove box. there were 90 rounds of ammo. they say he was staying at the hotel to show his support for the president. he may also have ptsd issues. here is a live look at a news conference going on right now. we are watching and monitoring new information. you can also cap the nbc 10 app for updates. it trump tweeted he will make his decision in the next few days. they say he is expected to announce the lust pull out of the accord. there could be wiggle room. during the trip overseaed they prepped the president to stay in the landmark. well, kathy griffin
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apologizing for appearing in a video for holding what appears to be a severed head of donald trump. >> yes. the video shows her slowly lifting the bloody head into view. griffin said she is sorry for going too far. >> i went way too far. >> griffin originally said it was meant to be an attempt at mocking the commander in chief. the president tweeted my children, especially my 11-year-old son are having a hard time with this. sick. the president's tweets are getting a lot of attention today. >> one had the internet lit up overnight. despite the constant negative press followed by the word covfefe.
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it was tleeted followed by this. who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? here is peter alexander with more. >> fired national security security adviser michael flynn expected to related to the russia information. that is according to a source close to flynn. the inquiry is expanding. >> as president trump's son-in-law remains silent white house officials are not denying reports to set up back channel
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communications with top russian officials in the weeks before president trump took office. >> you're asking if he approved of an action that is not a confirmed action. that being said in general terms back channels are an appropriate part of diplomacy. >> repeatedly saying the president is frustrated but not offering any explain nation for why backchannel communications would have been necessary. >> he involved tiered to share what he knows about the meeting. >> he said share with a close associate of putin. also under scrutiny, where he was looking for a direct line to putin. mr. trump reaffirming tweeting russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse has taken over the fake news. a student in a new interview calling the allegations fiction. >> that was peter alexander
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reporting. president trump will meet with the prime minister of vietnam to talk about strengthening trade ties. they will travel to the summit in november. let's take a look. we are at 70 in park side. at the airport 69 degrees. look at that though. a pair of 71s right now. looks like we'll make it to the upper 70s by the afternoon over much of the area. a welcomed warm up. now we are dropping down into our jersey shore neighborhood temps. stone harbor in the mid-60s.
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here is the deal. winds today will be notably different than they were yesterday instead of east coming in from the west. it makes all of the difference with your afternoon highs come warming up. ocean temperatures on the cold side. don't preponderate thexpect tha enjoying the water. this is looking better as well. we were kind of socked in yesterday. today the clouds are thinning out. this is a loop. there it's been down. it hasn't been down entirely. a lot of us have cloud coverage. it will continue breaking especially to the west. what it will allow is for temperatures to warm up. when you have a lot of moisture that's the ingredients for thunderstorms to fire off in the afternoon. scattered thunderstorms potentially. here is the forecast highs. up to 78 in center city and upper 70s possible through
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burkees county. all of us tapping into much better temperatures than we have been seeing. these are actually right near average for this time of year. 79 in trenton. along the jersey shore low 70s for us today. upper 70s for delaware. we do have a severe weather outlook. it's not the highest level threat. a chance of thunderstorms out to the west. it indicates a chance of thunderstorms with damaging w d winds or small hail. it will be farther to the northeast of us. take a look. hour by hour there it is at 4:00. you can see one or two of these could turn stronger producing rumble of thunder or stronger wind gusts. this continues to move out. by 7:00 we are mostly dealing with sun ahead of sunset. i think around 10:00 at night.
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it may clip parts of bucks county as well. we'll see more rain returning coming up. >> all right. thank you. a lot of unusual things on the streets. >> but rarely something like this. a horse broke free and took on manhattan, how the wild team da came to an unexpected end.
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the police athletic league has been all about helping cops. dozens of volunteers and staff will work to raise much needed funds to continue their important mission. here to tell us more helping kids today is commander officer lieutenant. thank you for being here. appreciate you coming. first of all, tell us, it's beaumont, right? >> yes. >> tell us what it is and then your partnership and what you
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have coming up. basically our association is to promote excellence among real estate professionals in the region. >> and you partnership with pal in the event that's coming up. >> obviously it's a great cause. we have been a partner with pal since it first started. it grew from that partnership. >> okay. we were just mentioning this that i'm a pal kid. i grew up boxing with officers as a chieltd. i understand what this does. tell our viewers about the program and what you guys do in the community. >> so the police athletic league is a that works with pal.
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it is an entire unit dedicate today doing youth programming in 19 centers throughout the city. currently we have 19 and we are ant to open up two more. we service kids between 6 to 18 years old at 19 centers right now. we do youth programming and we just do so many great things. it's partners that allow us to do more in the communities that we serve. >> we appreciate all of the work that you do. you guys do terrific work. i'm glad you do two more centers. to recap it's happening this friday, june 2nd from 7:30 to 2:00 p.m. two dozen sites or check out the
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nbc 10 app. >> thank you very much for co coming in. >> thank. we could see stormy weather later today. here is a live look at center city philadelphia. krystal klei is tracking the timing for your neighborhood and good news for those of us who have mied the sun. and jurors have been dismissed after failing to reach a verdict. we have a live look just ahead.
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we continue to get new information and breaking news. a mistrial in the d.j.creato case. a judge dismissed the jury after they couldn't reach a verdict. he is accused of killing his young son and leaving his body in the woods. we have more with what's next in
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the case. >> reporter: they told the judge they could not come to a verdict on this case after days of deliberations and months of deliberation trying to decide this case, they warned them they were having trouble and tome them it was their civic duty and asked them to come back. they arrived about 9:30 this morning. they were saying they could not come to a verdict. the judge then thanked them and dismissed them. now, during the course of these deliberations they have multiple times asked to see the video of d.j.creato being questioned by police. they viewed that multiple times and we would have liked to ask them why but they were you shall sheered out by a deputy taken to
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a shuttle l to be dismissed and go back to their lives. now, in terms of what happens next in this case, just because there's a mistrial here it does not mean creato walks free. bail is at $750,000. it has not been posted at this point. the next thing that will happen is a judge set a date for july 5th and discuss the possibility of a retrial. it could be tried again and go over all of that evidence again. so that is the next thing that could happen in this case. now i'll tell you just a few momenting ago the little by's mother came out and said nothing to reporters. we have been work to gather information here at the courthouse. the jurors have been dismissed. july 5th is the next time we
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will hear something on this case with the possibility of a retrial. nbc 10 news. back to you. we are seeing a lot of clouds out there but a few peeks of sunshine. here is a live look at downtown wilmington. there's a threat for thunderstorms this afternoon. live look at the radar. it shows storms to the west heading in our direction. let's find out if anyone will get wet. >> this is all about the temperatures. when we get this afternoon heating that burns off the clouds it can also fire off the thunderstorms. kind of a double edged sword here. you it's all about the warmth. look at this 24 hour change now. we are 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this exact time. her are the act temperatures.
11:34 am
most of us near philadelphia and wilmington. what we are looking at is that the clouds were spinning that's where the moisture is starting to come in for. >> r if so let's take a look at our forecast. this is very outcome. the breaks are starting to occur, still wes clouts. we start to top in on that. we go to about 4:00 or 5:00 in the evening. we can see showers and storms start to pop up. not everyone will see a stronger thunderstorm. a few spotty areas looks like
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could see nigher better in the days do go. wum talk more information. >> a mother discovered her little girl unconscious with a being over her head in her home. pam, police helped save that happened. >> reporter: yarks i this has been the most nay removed evidence from the home. they are interested in that base m. here is what i can tell use. police say there were several plastic bags down there. it's where the mom made the horrible discovery around 1:00 this morning. a few hours ago what appeared to be family hebs arrived.
11:36 am
think know a 7-year-old girl. had called to report her car stolen. she told officer she thought her 18-year-old son took the car. when she went to get more nfgts she found her seven-year-old unconscious with a bag over here head in the basement. she ran her daughter outside to police where an officer immediately started doing cpr. the child was transported where she was said to be in very critical condition. police discovered the mom's car wrecked 3 blocks away from the family home. police called in canine units and spent the time searching for 18-year-old that took the car.
11:37 am
i checked in with police. we have another reporter on this story throughout the day. we'll continue to check in and see what is happening, if they located that 18-year-old brother. nbc 10 news. of. >> thank you. a massive bombing in afghanistan lees several dead and several more injured. >> we are more on the destruction. >> reporter: the bomb expleoded at the heart of international efforts to support the afghan government. first responders were quick to arri arrive. this is supposed to be the most secure part of kabul. the american embassy shaken but
11:38 am
undamaged. it is a few blocks away, so is the entrance to a military base that serves as 2 headquarters for american and nato troops. the blast went off around 8:30 a.m. just adds many were heading to work. they are struggling to come up with a new policy. the country is more unstable than it that has been in years. bombing along isn't fixing it. after dropping the mother of all bombs they say the administration is conferring sending up to 50,000 more of troops the country. so who was responsible? there are multiple militant
11:39 am
it's going get here. [ bleep ]. >> cell phone showing a charj horse after it gopt lot from its table. >> national spelling bee is underway. the competition ended in a tie for the past three years. eight students from our area are competing this year, five from pennsylvania, two from new jersey and one from delaware. >> wish them luck. >> yes. a simple text to help end hunger in our region. we'll show you an effort to help
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hundreds of thousands of people in our area. and finally can say that we are tracking a warming trend through this afternoon. it sticks are for the next two days.
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following breaking news. the jury could not reach a
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verdict. creato accused of leading the body in the woods. the date is set for july 5th. you can read more and get updates on the nbc 10 app. she is a sweet little girl that would love to find a forever family. now it's time to meet this week's wednesday's child. >> we are at the mud room in ardmore. she loves to paint and also loves to sing and dance and is a typical six-year-old. >> what grade are you in? >> kindergarten. >> you like to read or reading time or recess? loves recess. that's my kind of girl.
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she is a bit shy and takes a little time to warm up to. what six-year-old doesn't, right? >> we have to get the back. >> she is so darling. she is bright and looks forward to being part of a forever family. >> she is six years old. she is in kindergarten. she forms bonds quickly. she is definitely affectionat eric. she loves to give and receive hugs. >> that'sly l cap underneath, that's how you get the money out. or you know what other people do? it's break the piggy bank. you'll have to break him with a hammer. that is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make the
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dream of any wednesday's child come true call -- a malaysia airlines flight has been forced to turn back to australia after a passenger attempted to enter the cockpit. the plane did land safely. we are working on monitoring the investigation. so imagine wraking up every day and now knowing where or how you'll get the next meal. tomorrow volunteers across the region will cather to take a stand. here to tul us more and steven wynn. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> talk to me about food
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insecurity. >> one in five people don't know where their next meal is coming. from that is over 750,000 people. these aren't people who we don't know. these are people who are next door neighbors and are friends. these are people who are like fathers who are eating one nutritious meal a day simply so they know they have enough money in order to make the rent so they can keep a roof over their child's head. >> tell us about the program. >> we are a community based food resource program. last year we gave him 27 million pounds of food. we have a program where people can purchase food.
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we pack 6,000 food boxes throughout the region. we have an ago program. it is sort of a wholistic approach because people having access is one thing. >> and tell us about the event tomorrow. >> i have been there, this is day two in prepping for it. so there will be over 500 volunteers there tomorrow. they will be packing 8,000 food box. it feeds a family of four. it will start at 10:00. truck going and that food will be going from the philadelphia region. >> we are so glad you're telling our viewers about it. what the we do? >> we are trying to make it as easy as possible.
11:48 am
first and foremost simply text the word hungry to 40403. if you maks a we have asking people to volunteering their time as well. volunteer, get involved and the easiest way to to do that and press the hungry -- excuse me, the tool her button. it will help you get keked with people -- connected with people. >> and here is how you can get involved. you can end hunger in our community by texting hungary to 40403. a $25 gift feeds a family of four for more than a week or sign up for details or check out the nbc 10 app.
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i am excited about this because we finally is the sun breakthrou breakthrough. you can tell with our temperatures we are at 69 in philadelphia. we have got mid-60s for the suburbs and upper 60s in the le high valley. delaware breaking the 70s. it's 72 degrees right now. still clouds out there. the break in the clouds is allowing warmer air to raemly boost our temperatures. we are looking at the mid-to upper 70s for our forecast high temperature. here is a look at concerns outside. it will continue the rest of today. you can really tell the difference. s it is a lighter gray out to the west where the moisture will
11:50 am
start heading in later today. it will bring us a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. here are the forecast highs. phillies upper 70s to low 80s. start of june looks very nice. that's the same across the board. suburbs, 77 today, 80 by friday. notice the highs though. 72 degrees today. staying about the same. plenty more sunshine in the past across the area for the next two days. here is the hour by hour forecast. you can see we have the clock here at 4:30. we looked for this a moment ago. when you have moisture in the air and you have heating it kind of lifts that moisture and fires the thunderstorms. it starts to pop over us.
11:51 am
it moves along through 6:00. it won't be for everyone. molds have been consistent in pulling it near parts of philadelphia. 6:00 to about 8:30 mehere. cape may county possibly scattered showers moving by. one more line of storms may pass through 10:30 to 11:30 at night. we finally start to boot that moisture out. it will allow the better forecast. the weekend not necessarily better. saturday models have been pulling back on the rain. 80 in philly. sunday potential of a washout and cooler as well. low 70s for areas like the lehigh valley. better forecast for thursday and friday after the scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. temperatures staying near the 80s for your weekend.
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that cooldown sunday and rainy period may stretch monday into your tuesday. we'll be right back. ♪
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happening today the phillies will take ton marlins this afternoon. looking for a much needed win.
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full coverage right here on nbc 10. we are following several stories beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. nbc 10 erin coleman has a look at what's coming up this afternoon. >> hi. we'll have complete coverage on the breaking news. a mistrial in the case of creato after joo jurors couldn't decide if he murdered his son. plus, here comes the sun, the new mission to get closer to the sun than ever before and good-byes are never easy. a caught on camera moment that is sure to warm your heart. those stories and more on nbc 10 at 4:00. back to you. >> thanks. now to a story that erin mentioned, our top story, the judge in the last hour declared a mistrial after a jury couldn't reach a verdict.
11:56 am
creato will face a new trial in the case. the date is set for july 59. h -- july 5th. you can get updates on nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10 -- actually we'll check in with krystal klei here. the clouds are starting to break finally. it's boosting up the temperatures. >> nice. >> i know. the temperatures will make it to tup the upper 70s. we'll be updating you at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> that's worth coming back to you for. >> yes. >> download the nbc 10 app. thanks. thanks for watching. have a great day. >> now we'll say good bye. take care.
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