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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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rampage. jury still deliberating bill cosby's fate without a decision. the fbi's probe into russia now includes the president himself. 6:00 a.m. nbc good morning. >> you can see behind us it will -ea day.solutely gorgeousa bill. >> feels better already with temperatures cooler and humidity down. some sunshine for philadelphia, 62 degrees right now. warm to 70 degrees at 9:00 and by lunchtime, straight degrees. a little bit of a breeze outeasterly but will be pleasant. new jersey at 57 degrees. the warm spot this morning has also been the cloudiest spot at lehigh valley east and the clouds will linger for the morning hours. there will be breaks of sunshine
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and temperatures warm up in lehigh valley as well. low 80s for philadelphia in suburbs and 70 in new jersey and even cooler at the shore thanks to the sea breezes, 71 high temperature and 80 degrees in lehigh valley and 80 degrees for telling la wear. we're back in 10 minutes. first, jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> watching 95 around broad street, our cameras showing on the northbound side we have fire department activity, police activity on the scene. an earlier car fire that's put out and still taking up some lanes. within the last 15 minutes or so this car was completely engulfed in flames and the fire department have put it out. if you're moving northbound past broad street to the stadium area you might be trying to head towards center city or bridges,
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watch for delays there. watch for a crash northbound between washington road and harrison street blocking the road there. drive times, everything green for the most part. schuylkill, rt 30 and 202. the attack on congresswoman. >> the game will go on today despite yesterday's shooting. republican scalise was one shot and in critical condition with more operations to come. last night, president trump made a surprise visit to check on him. the lone gunman who opened fire had past run-ins with police and long history of lashing out at republicans. pamela osborne is in our digital operations center with more on the attack and the heroes that emerged. >> tracy, lawmakers say had it
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not been for two capitol police officers assigned to protect congressman scalise, lives would have been lost. the police protecting lawmakers on capitol hill. james hodgkinson of illinois opened fire on republicans with a high power rifle during practice they returned fire shooting hodgkinson and he later died of his injuries. the 66-year-old gunman later asked if players on the field were democrats or republicans before opening fire. his motives remain under investigation but his online presence suggests he was anti-republican. hodgkinson had a history of arrests which included a 2006 incident in which he allegedly pulled a gun on a man who went to his home to confront him about hitting the man's girlfriend. take a listen to what lawmakers experienced on that field yesterday. >> he had a rifle and i think he had an automatic pistol.
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there were dozens if not hundreds of shots fired. the security detail saved a lot of lives because they attacked the shooter. the heroes are the capitol police and alexandria police. >> congressman scalise remains in critical condition and president trump visited him yesterday and the charity baseball game will go on as scheduled today. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thanks. our coverage continues in the next half hour. a local congressman says he was supposed to be at that practice. the mistake that kept ryan costello out of harm's way. jurors in the bill cosby trial will begin fourth day of deliberations today. last night, they went home after making two more requests. one of the questions focused on the testimony of police detective richard schaefer testified cosby gave andrea
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constand three half tablets of benadryl on the night he says he sexually assaulted her. and a look at the courthouse. matt will have a live report on fatigue setting in for jurors coming up at 6:30. the special counsel on the russian activities in the 2016 election are also focusing on obstruction of justice. robert mueller is reportedly interviewing three top intelligence officials as parts of a widening probe. it comes the same week a friend of mr. trump's suggests the president is considering firing mueller, a claim the white house has denied. a spokesperson for his lawyer released a statement last night saying the fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous and inexcusable and illegal.
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meantime a new poll out from ap shows a clear majority of americans think the president meddled in the russia probe. the survey found 6 in 10 people believe trump attempted to obstruct the investigation. just 1 in 5 support his decision to fire fbi director james comey. now to breaking news from yesterday's deadly high-rise fire in london. officials just announced the death toll has risen to 17 now. they said this morning it will take weeks to search the charred building and go in the apartments. that number could rise. the authorities genuinely don't know how many victims died in the blaze. officials say it will be a miracle if any survivors are found inside. family and friends come together for funeral services for a 1-year-old boy police say was raped and killed in southwest philadelphia.
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mason yates was found unresponsive last week. the boy's stepfather faces charges he murdered and sexually assaulted the child. the police arrested him last beak but added the new -- last week but added the new charges several weeks ago. a doctor will remain in jail. a judge ordered kauffman to remain behind bars until a detention hearing on monday. kauffman is accused of waving a gun when investigators served a search warrant in his office and it is not related to the april 2012 death of his wife, april and he maintains his innocence. a look at camelback mountain. looks absolutely gorgeous. looks cloudy. it will get warmer but not to the point it will get uncomfortable. let's check in with bill and the most accurate forecast.
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>> not much more comfortable. humidity is low. look at wilmington, nice and sunny in the area this morning. a few clouds blowing into the area in the lehigh valley. you won't see hot temperatures, in the 60s in delaware. temperatures warmer at the point today and lincoln, 59 and the beach, 66 degrees. a nice day all around, not just south jersey and philadelphia, doppler radar clear and a few clouds blowing into the mountains and lehigh valley. no showers expected today. those for tomorrow. for today, a pretty good warm-up. humidity stays low, sunshine, scattered low and 78 degrees at noontime and low 80s at 4:00 this afternoon.
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some clouds are blowing in and out this morning at 8:00. partly cloudy and 65 degrees and bright sunshine and near 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. cloudy in lehigh valley, 66 degree, sun takes over at noontime. the firefly festival, no problem, sunny skies today, upper 70s to low 80s, you will see a similar warm-up for new jersey, 64 at 8:00, 76 by noontime and 77 by 4:00. winds coming off the ocean, keeps temperatures in the 70s for new jersey. at the shore, a little cooler in 60s and peeking in the low 70s today. no showers today and you may have noticed that with the forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen, 70 for each part of our area. i will show you how long the shower threat lasts.
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back in 10 minutes. >> about a half hour ago we had a car fire on 95. let's get an update on that. >> jessica has you covered. >> we have a car fire on broad street on the northbound side of 95. it's under control, not on fire anymore but still seeing lane restrictions. the fire department and police department. if you're moving on the northbound side of 95, maybe past the stadium area or trying to get to the area bridge or center city you might pass this scene and it will be slow. we're only seeing one lane getting by. look at this back up. a lot of backup is merging down to one lane on the northbound side. big delays there. the schuylkill expressway, looks like on our drive time not seeing any increase. 14 minutes. still really light on the eastbound side and blue ridge to the vine. here's 73 around cooper road in
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voorhees, new jersey. no problems southbound there. thank you. police have a warning for riders and the offer you want to turn down if you're approached on the subway. the fight is on, the event in the boxing ring later this summer. a toxic secret and new report out this morning saying there could be a dangerous ingredient in baby food.
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new this morning, crews have been battling a fire in a philadelphia row home. everyone inside got out safely. no one is reported hurt. philadelphia police are asking for your help to catch a man selling stun guns on septa
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trains. police say michael luna is selling stun guns on the l train. and they have a warrant for his arrest and you're asked to call philadelphia police. philadelphia has won another legal battle over the tax on sugary drinks. yesterday, a commonwealth panel allowed the so-called soda tax to remain in effect. the tax charging distributors went into effect and funds the pre-k program. those who oppose the tax say it's costing jobs and promise to appeal the case all the way to the pennsylvania supreme court. from the campaign trail to the boxing ring, another big matchup to talk about this morning. >> floyd mayweather and mixed martial arts star conor mcgregor will face off. he's best known as an mma fighter and it will be a boxing match. they pair up august 6th.
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49-0 in his professional career but hasn't fought since 2015. a topic a lot of people have been talking about today. we've been talking about it today as well. who do you think will win? tweet us your thoughts. our twitter handle on your screen. >> i'm one of those saps who paid $200 to -- >> all right. everybody is going to vai's house. >> only on over. i'm only charging 20 bucks per person. >> a cover at the door. >> you have to cover that thing. expensive. >> hopefully you're not taking 95 to get to vai's house, which you wouldn't, he's over in jersey. we had an earlier car fire, way over here. the fire is out and we're still seeing lanes blocked past the stadium and over towards the bridges as you head to new jersey you will see delays there and watching delays for septa. inbound service, 30 minute delay
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right now, a pretty significant hit on your morning commute right now. the trains still running on time. and everything looks good so far, 21 minutes westbound and eastbound from route 1 to valley ford, speed still in the 60s. let's see how the weather looks outside this thursday morning. beautiful sunshine above wilmington. bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> sunshine like that, temperatures are warming up quickly. cooling neighborhoods especially in south jersey. 57 degrees, philadelphia and suburbs and lehigh valley. neighborhoods in the 50s right now quickly warm through the 60s and into the 70s, low 80s this afternoon possible for some neighborhoods. audubon is 60 degrees, look at mt. laurel, all in the 50s to
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start with, dramatically cooler than yesterday. robbinsville at 60 and the humidity is lower here and we will see that humidity stay low today. a few scattered clouds in lehigh valley but no rain happening today. over the weekend a different story. look at the showers and thunderstorms to the west. a system that brings the threat of showers in our area tomorrow and for the weekend. earlier tomorrow morning some showers are possible. in harrisburg, there might be a light scattered showers early tomorrow morning after a dry day today. and seeing it at 8:00 in the suburbs and new jersey, too. look at the afternoon on friday. i want you to notice it's not an all day tomorrow. the chance is with us through today but there are breaks in the participation.
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friday evening for dover, looking good for the firefly festival. but there are more chances of showers over the weekend. saturday, they return during the day and into sunday, a possibility father's day not only steamy conditions, lots of humidity, chance of showers in the morning and possible friday afternoon as temperatures get close to 90 degrees on father's day. today, a beauty. humidity stays low today. clouds don't start moving in until tonight and not an all day rainfall for friday, mostly cloudy skies through the day. the chance of showers during the day on saturday and father's day. most of each day will be dry. steamy, yes, the humidity ramps up saturday and you will see it sunday and 86 degrees and we finally dry out for wednesday, thursday, friday, to see a chance of showers and
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thunderstorms return on friday. next saturday, looking nice and sunny, up to 84. >> looks good. 26 minutes past 6:00, airport expansions across the country could hit your wallets. how much prices could be going up in the years to come. protecting plastic bags why lawmakers don't want to let cities go green at the checkout. y26vey y5yy
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6:23 right now. a quinnipiac poll finds chris christie has the worst approval in two decades. and checking in with new jersey voters found the democratic nominee holds a significant race for governor finding phil murphy leading the republican candidate 55-26%.
6:24 am
saying her service as christy's lieutenant-governor gave them a negative impression of her. the senate has approved legislation from taxing or banning the plastic grocery bags. supporters of the bill say it will protect 1500 jobs but environmental groups are against it arguing bans on plastic bags can help communities fight litter. governor wolf opposes the bill but has not decided if he will veto the bill. major airport expansions could translate to higher costs for travelers. most airplane rates will rise by 20% by 2021 because they will have increased costs for the carriers and those costs will be passed on to consumers. the townsends inlet toll
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bridge is now moved up from the estimate of july fourth. crews have been working to fix defects at the end of that bridge, to this month. good morning, everyone. we're watching the road and watching 95. it looks like our camera is back in play. on broad street on the northbound side because of an earlier car fire, i will have details at 6:30. right now, a check on today's forecast with bill henley. >> look at this beautiful view from the lafayette hotel, sunshine and clouds and 65 degrees. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> good morning. i'm in norristown, the crosby trial, no verdict yet in sight and we're now entering day four of jury deliberations. we'll break down what happened yesterday coming up.
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congress men attacked. new details about the congressman that narrowly missed being in the line of fire. and the bill cosby jury specifically requested rehearing certain testimony. toxic in baby food. good morning. it's thursday, june 15th. i'm va sikahema. >> we will go to bill for the forecast. >> sunshine and a few scattered clouds. definitely still cooler than the last few days.
6:30 am
mostly sunny skies and 77 degrees at noontime. some clouds in the lehigh valley. son will break and 80s in lehigh valley. look at the sunny skies for wilmington this morning. 76 degrees at 8:00. through it all, the humidity stays low. 79 degrees in new jersey except the shore, 71, winds come off the ocean. low 80s in philadelphia, the lehigh valley and delaware. i'll break it down hour-by-hour for your neighborhood. first, let's see how the traffic is looking. jessica boyington with an update. >> the southbound side at girard avenue starting to see some delays. from woodhaven road to 676. not seeing major delays here but up ahead there is an accident
6:31 am
scene new into our system. we are watching the northbound side for delays. around broad street we had an earlier car fire with lane or so getting by. the stadium area is where you see delays there. watching 95 from delaware, northbound from 295. average speeds into the 60s. >> now to the bill cosby trial, where three late nights and now 26 hours of deliberations still hasn't resulted in a verdict see. fatigue appears to be setting in among the jurors. matt is outside the montgomery county courthouse. they will be back at it again this morning and hopefully they got a good night's rest. >> reporter: that's right. they are entering day four of deliberations. bill cosby has been bringing a pillow into the courthouse and
6:32 am
taking naps. he left last night and didn't take questions or say anything to reporters as he left. the jury went home earlier than they had. the judge said they had worked enough for the day. some jurors even closed their eyes as the court reporter read back the testimony. and the testimony of richard schaefer of bill cosby giving andrea constand three half tablets of benadryl on the night he assaulted her. a spokesman said he is in good spirits and confident the jury is taking their time to make the right decision. gloria allred who represents more of the victims says there's nothing to do but wait. >> they're hoping for a verdict and hoping it will be a just verdict. they're constantly checking in
6:33 am
to see what's happening, why it's taking so long, what we predict might happen. when will it end? we can't answer any of those questions because only the jury knows and i don't know if they know at this point. >> reporter: this jury has been at it more than 24 total hours of deliberation. so far no end in sight. they have not made any mention of a deadlock. that is the good news there. they'll be back again for more deliberations in a couple hours. nbc10 news. >> thank you. keep in mind if there is a verdict, count on nbc10 to tell you first and we will be staked out in the courtroom to tell you the minute anything happens or get it from the nbc10 app. lawmakers at baseball practice attacked left a congressman with gunshot wounds. >> congressman scalise who was shot was left in critical
6:34 am
condition. he suffered a single shot to his left hip which fractured bones and injured internal organs. president trump visited scalise last night. the suspect, james hodgkinson, died in a shootout with capitol police. his social media revealed he disliked republican policies and opposed donald trump. yesterday on the floor, sanders made and emotional appeal for peace, whose campaign he volunteered for. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> investigators say the gunman from illinois spent the least six weeks before yesterday's
6:35 am
attack. that's a witness recording the dozens of gunshots that sent republicans and lawmakers aides running for cover in alexandria, virginia yesterday. the two capitol police officers who engaged the gunman and took him down are being called heroes. a local congressman from our area would have been at the practice if he hadn't missed his ride. he said it was by two minutes he missed his ride. >> he was still visibly shaken. >> steve plays second, the gunman, shooter was on the third base side firing across third base, shortstop and second base so i would have been right in the line of fire. that's a scary thing you realize, oh, because i'm a member of congress i could have been on a baseball field where somebody did what they did. yeah. >> costello is expected to be among lawmakers on hand at
6:36 am
tonight's charity game in washington. republican patrick meehan was also on the baseball team but missed yesterday's practice because of a previous commitment on capitol hill. lauren will be there for the game and we will have reports starting at 4:00 this afternoon. for stories making headlines county by county. >> working to solve a series of smash & grabbing burglaries, just off i-70 are working to see if the crimes were caught on surveillance video. so far, no description of the burglars or car involved. police in lehigh valley are looking for this man in this sketch that pulled over people
6:37 am
and wears a shirt that says police. in delaware, governor signed a wage bill across the state and employers won't be able to ask man or woman how much they've been paid in other jobs. philadelphia passed a similar bill in january. state officials helped cut the ribbon for the grand opening of housing for new veterans. they were renovated as part of the national effort to end veteran homelessness and provide safe homes for vets. they will provide onsite support services. >> it's 6:37. much cooler morning it's been the last week with the heat. >> let's check in with bill henley on what they have to face for the weekend. >> a cooler start. not only humidity but much cooler this morning. look at the bright sunshine. temperatures warm up, only low 80s this afternoon i'm
6:38 am
forecasting for philadelphia. right now, 62 degrees, a beautiful morning. 60s at 8:00, low 70s by 10:00 and humidity staying low at noontime. we will get close to 80s and make to it the very low 80s this afternoon. suburbs down to 64, up to 76 degrees at lunchtime and low 80s this afternoon. mostly afternoon, temperatures in the 70s. lehigh valley, still clouds around slowly thinning out. a bit warmer in lehigh valley than the rest of the area because of clouds breaking overnight. temperatures warm to 78 degrees at 2:00 and 84 by this afternoon. new jersey will likely stay in the 70s this afternoon. cooler right now, 57 degrees and will warm to 60s and 70s. winds out of the southeast and you get a little bit of ocean
6:39 am
influence and at the shore you really feel that cooler weather coming off the ocean. 60s to start with, low 70s starting at noontime and through the afternoon as winds are coming right off the ocean, easterly winds at 14 miles an hour at 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. delaware, sunny skies, 64 degrees, a beautiful day for the music festival that starts in dover today. 82 at 2:00 and for philadelphia, redington, and dover and reading, a chance you will need your umbrella at times. i will take a closer look at that rainfall threat when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> see you then. let's see what's happening on the roads in schuylkill.
6:40 am
>> jessica, how does it look. >> getting around on route 1, we are seeing delays crawling past this point approaching montgomery from the blue ridge to the expressway, not too bad. speeds averaging to 40s and definitely slow spots passing city avenue and moving towards the boulevard we are seeing normal slowdowns, watching 95 also. and on girard avenue, you can still get by the scene just fine. the other direction are pretty much doubled in that drive time for 30 minutes from woodhaven road to the vines, speeds in the 20s. watching trenton train, 7218, 30 minute delays and the others running on time with nothing major happening there. princeton still watching for a
6:41 am
closure on washington road to harristown. thank you. purchasing something can be as easy and flashing your phone but one man said when he tried to return something it wasn't so easy. >> and tech trouble at a popular shoe store. and a new report suggests baby food may contain dangerous toxins. a crash between a car and garbage truck caught on camera, saying neither driver may be to blame on this one.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ check out this surveillance video from northwest pennsylvania showing a trash truck slamming into a car happening in erie. it caused the truck to run directly into a barber shop. witnesses say a traffic light
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which quickly turned from green to red may be to blame. new this morning, researchers said they found traceable levels of lead in some baby food. researchers are not saying how much lead or which brand. researchers say it's in the environment and can't simply be removed. the biggest sources of lead poisoning are old peeling paint and discourage parents from worrying too much about baby food but recommend they make their own baby food if they can using produce. doctors in the battle against brain disorders, ai dupont children's hospital opened a new facility where doctors can combine p.e.t. and m.r.i.s in a single image to pinpoint areas of the brain triggering seizures. a man struggled to get a refund on some shoes. the store told him the problem
6:46 am
all centered around the way he paid for those shoes. >> after those answers didn't fit well he called harry harrisston and nbc10 responds. >> these are the shoes. >> reporter: stewart cohen shows us the four pairs of shoes he bought for his new job expecting to be on his feet for hours a day. the job didn't work out. >> i figured if i didn't have the job i couldn't afford the shoes. >> reporter: he took the shoes and retreat back to payless where he bought them. payless wouldn't give him a refund. the reason he used the payment option on his phone, samsung pay. >> they say it's not policy to return electronic payments. >> reporter: cohen never heard of the policy and couldn't find it anywhere in writing. >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: he said he spent about two hours in the store and even tried calling payless corporate offices himself. still no help. >> when you run out of options you call nbc10 responds. >> reporter: payless tells us it still doesn't have the ability
6:47 am
to process samsung paid refunds but expects to get that capability soon. the same day we called payless, the company contacted cohen to apologize. it issued him this refund check and a gift card as a good will gesture. >> i want to thank nbc10 very much. >> reporter: harry harrison, nbc10 responds. >> we checked their website and no mention of electronic payment or returns but does mention a happiness guarantee. if you're using new technologies like samsung pay ask the store how they handle refunds and returns before you buy. if you have a problem the information is right there on the screen, let us know and we will respond to you. another busy news day a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and savannah guthrie are in new york this morning with a preview of what's
6:48 am
happening. the shooting in washington, d.c. will be among the stories they're covering. let's go to new york and find out what's happening. guys. >> good morning. >> sorry about that. didn't need to make you stall. we're with you now. >> good morning to both of you. president trump and the first lady made a late night visit to the hospital to see congressman scalise in critical condition after that shooting at the baseball field. we will hear from another congressman injured and his staffer shot, live for the first time. >> and the investigation into the russian meddling has now expanded to include president trump and whether he obstructed justice. live from the white house at that story. >> from oscar winner to ceo, gwyneth paltrow to talk about how she grew her business into an empire on "today." >> a lot to get to. look forward to it all. >> thanks, guys.
6:49 am
well, the phillies teamed up with citizens bank to get food for the hungry last night. fans took non-perishable food items to the game and got a buy one get one free ticket. fans participated in that. >> a live picture right now of the tower. looks beautiful. >> the comcast tower. >> comcast tower. those are the upper floors. we'll be at floors 13 and 14, is that where we will be? >> is that tower leaning or just me? >> let's hope not. >> the leaning tower of philadelphia we have going there. >> let's check in with bill. >> get those guys a level. see if there's still time to fix that. a beautiful morning and great day ahead. look at this view at the nbc10 studios, yes, we have scattered
6:50 am
clouds but the nice sunshine is bright and it will warm temperatures from the 60s and 70s where we are right now into the 80s this afternoon. the exception will be the shore. beautiful sunshine, bright clear skies over ocean city. a few people enjoying the morning. only low 70s. cool 59 degrees at the jersey shore and 57 degrees in south jersey. where we're seeing clouds is where we have the highest temperature now. and break for sunshine. look at the 50s for andorra, summerton, 58 degrees and 69 in port richmond. humidity stays low with the warm-up. you can see the lehigh valley and suburbs, no rain with those clouds, not today. you will need sunglasses and get sunshine and nice warm-up for lehigh valley. tomorrow, this is what starts
6:51 am
moving in. this is what is here tomorrow. a chance of showers and thundershowers extends to mysterious and that will extend to our area through the weekend and into next week. you can see for yourself the hour-by-hour futurecast shows showers arriving early tomorrow. not during the day, we're dry. early tomorrow morning, chance of scattered showers and you will see possibly thunderstorms popping up later and for the lehigh valley and it moves to new jersey during the afternoon hours. you won't see an all day rain for lehigh valley and i'm not expecting all day rain either. the chance for showers and thundershowers will be around for both days. 80s and steaminess returns saturday and especially muggy on sunday. 90 in philadelphia. even those areas that don't reach 90 will feel a lot hotter because of the low humidity.
6:52 am
low humidity, 81 degrees. clouds moving in, chance of showers. not an all day rainfall for friday, and chance for thundershowers at times on saturday and sunday. father's day, 90, very humid conditions. the best chance is monday with high of 86 degrees. we finally dry out next week for tuesday, wednesday and thursday and round of showers next friday. >> thank you. eight minutes before 7:00, let's get you to work. it's been sort of smooth except for the car fire. >> jessica is checking it out. >> 95 and broad street is where we had the earlier car fire. everything is back to normal. we're watching this northside moving nicely and we had delays earlier, moving from center city from the northeast and watching
6:53 am
southbound. 34 minutes for a typical drive time and speeds in the 20s. a little bit slow, watch for a crash on 95 on the northbound side around girard avenue. back to you. >> thank you. rocky is ready to greet visitors in philadelphia again, the iconic statute open at the art museum. the area around the statute had been closed to the public for two weeks so crews could make improvements to the site and the work is done. apollo creed and others all 4l rocky is back! get ready for four days of music and fun. >> very big deal. the firefly music festival begins today in delaware. the east coast largest music and camping festival. this is video from dover last year. performing on nine stages more
6:54 am
than 140 bands. you can find a list of all bands performing on our nbc10 app. still ahead, the biggest stories we're following today. >> the shift in the jury in the bill cosby trial. and an investigation into a near tragedy.
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here are the stories we're following today. >> in washington the annual congressional baseball game for charity will go on today despite yesterday's shooting at the republican practice. congressman steve scalise is in critical condition and will need more surgery. president trump is visiting him at the hospital last night.
6:58 am
we're learning more about the gunman. he didn't like republicans and opposed president trump. and lauren will be at today's charity game and you can see her report at 4:00. jurors are clearly showing signs of exhaustion as they get set to enter their fourth day of deliberations. yesterday, they asked to re-hear questions from a police detective and cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting constand in 2004 and he has pleaded not guilty. if there is a verdict, count on us with an nbc alert. good morning, everyone. first alert traffic report, jessica here, watching the
6:59 am
schuylkill. there is a slowdown, i don't know if we want to call it that. also watching in princeton for this crash. looks like we re-opened this route washington road and harriston street. heading northbound on route 1, watch for delays. we have breaks of sunshine in the lehigh valley. clouds lingering there. look at the sunny skies, a live view from the lafayette hotel. wilmington looking good, nice and sunny and important day in delaware because of thenizes music. easterly winds at 10:00 and 71 degrees at 1:00 and the sea breezy kicks in and brings the temperature down in the afternoon. we warm up to low 70s and 80s this afternoon and humidity stays nice and low during the
7:00 am
day. >> which means our hair stays, jessica. >> thanks for watching. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. critical condition. congressman steve scalise recovering from extensive injuries after that gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice. the president and first lady making a surprise visit to his bedside overnight as new video taken during the attack emerges. this morning a live interview with another congressman who was injured and his staffer who was shot. breaking overnight, president trump reportedly now under investigation for obstruction of justice. special counsel robert mueller looking into whether he inappropriately tried to get the fbi to drop its probe into fired national security advisor michael flynn. developments moving quickly and we are live at the white house. was it unsafe


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