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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 3, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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zero visibility there. quakertown, pottstown and blue bell is socked in. one mile is actually considered light fog. you have to be a quarter mile visibility or less and so it's just light fog for doylestown and northeast philadelphia. if it's a quarter mile or less it's considered dense. seeing some dense fog. light fog in mount holly. millville is starting to get into the act too. so we haven't seen the end of the fog. it is spreading and getting thicker as the temperatures cool down. and for the cooldown to take place we are running cooler than yesterday skies needed to clear out. lehigh valley 66 degrees. 64 in new jersey. 64 in the suburbs and the moisture level, the humidity stays high. the temperatures climb into the upper 80s in delaware and in the suburbs and the lehigh valley, but there's a good chance we'll see more showers and thunderstorms pop up this afternoon.
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meantime at the shore, you're in for partly sunny skies and 80 degrees this afternoon. i'll take you through the timing of the potential storms this afternoon when i'm back in ten minutes. a little bit of fog out there. jessica has a clear view to start with. >> a little bit of fog but we're also watching construction so a few things you might have to battle before you get to work this morning. a few guys walking around the schuylkill expressway. i figured that it wasn't open yet so you can see some flashing lights up at the top of your screen there. watching this move through the area they haven't let any cars through yet but if you're watching this now at home by the time you get out the door you should be fine. also watching a crash out in springfield. we're watching that intersection. 76 in gloster city near market street looks good. this is the northbound side. so that's what's moving up to the northbound side. back to you. police say a south jersey
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husband killed his wife and faked her drowning in their backyard pool. norman long was arrested yesterday for the murder of his wife michelle. her body was found in june at their home. the prosecutor says long killed his wi his wife, threw her in the pool and went to get takeout food. her daughter talks about her mom. >> she did not deserve this. we are broken about her. >> long was also charged with concealing evidence after officers found bloody paper towels in the crash can. he's currently in the psychiatric hospital after stating he wanted to kill himself. they had been married for 15 years. a deadly crash overnight. a motorcyclist crashed and died. the road was shut down while the police investigated.
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people dealing with discolored water and other worries in the blast zone of the halted pipeline project are calling for a clear plan in case of an emergency. county leaders met with residents at the middle school last night, one of many schools in the blast zone. county officials assured the crowd that odds of an incident are low. the company will build a safe pipeline but not everyone is convinced. >> our children are asking tough questions like mommy, what's in that pipeline? and mommy, are you going to keep us safe? >> meantime a car detailing business showed us the pipeline project contaminated its water. the dirty water keeps flowing even though the drilling project is on hold. and supply of clean water provided to them is running low. officials hope they can get a court injunction to stop the
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state's half finished dune project. the ponds of water accumulated during last weekend's heavy rain, city commissioners relieved to seek a court order to stop the project. >> when they correct it, move on. >> at a public hearing later today people will be able to talk about the impact the project is having on their homes and businesses. we've already heard from a number of business owners. we reached out about the push to renew its legal battle and we've not yet heard back. resistance is the theme as this year's black star film festival begins. they'll show case about race, policing and social protesting. festivities kick off this evening at the gallery and continue through sunday. more than 60 movies are in this year's lineup. they hope the festival doesn't
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just bring exposure but also a place where more movies can take shape. >> we have a film this year that came to be because of thefest rale last year. the director met the vp and so we hear those kinds of story every single year that people met their actors, they met a producer. >> they also stressed this festival is not just for minorities. everyone is welcome to come see the movies and attend the parties. well, a lyft home turns into a kidnapping and a robbery and now they're looking for a man behind the wheel. two sisters left a nightclub. the driver ditched one and drove around for hours before finally dumping here near a 7-11. >> randy, walk us through how this all happened. >> reporter: the two sisters were out celebrating a birthday in center city. they tell police that they used
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the lyft app on their phone to hail a ride home. they hopped into a car and they say that is when things got weird. the sisters tell police that they actually stopped at a gas station in upper darby because the driver wanted the younger sister to get out and get him a bottle of water for some medication. when she got back outside the car and her sister were gone, missing for hours. police were immediately called to that gas station. >> the vehicle is gone, the driver is gone, the sister is gone. >> reporter: it was a mystery for a few hours. the missing woman was eventually found safe two hours later located at this 7-11 in northwest philly. her phone and her credit cards were stolen. now, nbc 10 reached out to lyft for comment. they say they're investigating and cooperating with police but they do not have any records of a ride taking place at that time, location and with that
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vehicle. meantime police here still searching for that driver who took off. seven minutes after 5:00. a nice clear view of boat house row. skies are clear overhead too so the temperatures this morning have cooled down a bit. 60s for south jersey, philadelphia and delaware where the fog has thickened it's the lehigh valley and the suburbs where the temperatures are running a little bit cooler just enough to produce that fog. the fog won't be around all day and we're only seeing pockets of fog in south jersey. at the shore fog free and 69 degrees. in philadelphia 60s this morning. we didn't see that yesterday. port richmond at 71 degrees. center city is in the 60s this morning. definitely cooler than yesterday and the airport is reporting 68 degrees. just a little bit cooler for chestnut hill and park side to start with.
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it's going to be a warm, muggy day today and the satellite shows skies are clear. we'll likely see clouds return once again. the only showers around this morning are right at the shore and they're moving offshore. you can see atlantic city is now dry. those showers have passed by. we'll get a nice break for most of the day at the shore. inland areas, the clouds billowing up once again as the temperature climbs. this is lunchtime. 86 degrees. first shower today may be popping up in the suburbs at that hour. 85 degrees there. 80s for wilmington and millville and look at the showers and thunderstorms developing. this is by 2:00 in the afternoon. 87 in philadelphia with some cooling showers for northeast philadelphia and bucks county. those showers and stretching into trenton, 78 degrees. spotty at 2:00. this is just updated information, but watch what happens as we go into the late afternoon and early commute hours. those showers and thunderstorms like yesterday will still be
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kicking even in the 5:00 hour and during the evening hours as well. 7:00 this evening. there's still a chance of some pretty good downpours in the area with those storms firing up later today. we'll see clearing skies overnight tonight but 11:00 tonight, another round of showers and thunderstorms moving through the suburbs into new castle county and into philadelphia before it clears out for tomorrow. and tomorrow will likely be dry, but the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we will get some wet weather to start the weekend off, but improving conditions over the weekend. i've got your weekend forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in a few minutes. 9 minutes past 5:00 a.m. you may have missed us yesterday, but my two nephews came to visit. >> i saw the picture on social media. >> yes, of course i loaded all those pictures on instagram, twitter and my facebook page. aunt tracy wasn't here when they were here, but we'll bring them
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back. also watching the admiral wilson boulevard. this is moving through camden. heading in that direction right now, no problems moving over the bend. watching the rest of the bridges too. we're not seeing any scheduled opening right now. we're clear over the betsy ross bridge too, so any case one closes that's your alternate there. also watching for downed wires closing a portion of route 30. just around franklin avenue. westbound side moving just fine. too good to be true? the new verizon rewards program that could do more harm than good to your wallet. >> and the bridal shop ruining wedding plans has another letdown. and bringing breast milk to people who need it.
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the debow that will save lives. and where to get your special glasses to safely watch the sky high phenomenon.
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think this morning a breast milk deb milk depot opened its doors. katy visited the depot. she's here to explain how this is creating a really a lifeline for premature babies. >> reporter: even before this location officially opens its doors later today the team behind it has collected hundreds of ounces of breast milk. that is a lot. which speaks to one of the reasons it's opening here in our area. here's a look at some of it. a nursing mom from new jersey is the first donor and pumped all of this extra milk. she's feeding her own baby but still producing an excess amount of breast milk so instead of it going to waste, she's helping
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transform lives by donating it. breast milk carries intrinsic value. it is chock full of nutrients and more easily digested than formula. premature babies and those with health problems will benefit most. moms will drop their milk off here. it will then be sent to another location where it's then shipped to hospitals and homes. >> moms tend to think oh, well, can this breast milk be contaminated or are there any issues with giving this to my baby? it's so much of a screening process, it's to ensure that this milk is going to be okay for the most fragile infants and babies in the n icu that really need it. >> in addition to the large donations they're expecting another big reason behind this depot opening here is the strong
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need for hospitals caring for premature babies. coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you why nursing homs will pack a philadelphia park with their kids this weekend and publicly nurse them. live in the studio, nbc 10. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. one of the top boxing trainers hopes to help people with a criminal record get their name cleared. jackson is the keynote speaker tonight. it's part of the area's unity in the community. jackson himself has been in jail and wants to help others turn their lives around. 68 degrees outside and eclipse excitement is building  this morning. right now a little more than two weeks away from that rare event. the total solar eclipse happens on monday. a swath of states are in the path of the total eclipse of the sun, but even if you're in line to see a partial eclipse here in our area, you'll want to use
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special glasses in order to be safe and you might find them at your local library. thousands of glasses will be given out for free at libraries across the country and there are stores selling them for pretty cheap. franklin institute, they're doing a lot. a special exhibit going on right now. >> you got yours already. you going to share those with us? >> i'd go to mount laurel where i live. >> these work great. it's fantastic. >> i didn't know they made them so i think that's fantastic. >> this is a once in a lifetime situation. once every 100 years? >> no, it's -- >> i understood that it was -- >> no, you have to travel -- we're not going to see a total solar eclipse here. the narrow path across the united states, but -- >> and hotels on that path have already booked up because people
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want to see it. >> i'm glad you explained it. >> i have a room. it's fine. >> you'll get to test these out today if you want to peek at the sun. we will see some sunshine but we'll probably also see another round of showers and thunderstorms. this morning starting off with fog. many of the neighborhoods in the suburbs and the lehigh valley socked in with some thick fog. less likely to see fog in delaware. few spots in south jersey, also cooler there this morning. the cooler temperatures, the high humidity producing the fog along with some very light winds this morning. 64 degrees in west bradford township. fi back in the 80s today. back into the upper 80s. it's going to feel steamier than that. a good chance we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms for philadelphia
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and the suburbs. not an all day rain but quiet this morning. those showers will start to pop up this afternoon. new jersey will be in for some of those as well and delaware too and just like yesterday, most of the day is going to be dry at the shore with some sunshine, very low 80s. for cape may '84 degrees this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms later today. like yesterday could have some heavy downpours. clear in philadelphia. we're seeing a few showers just moving offshore right now and this patch of showers to our west just outside of the area has fizzled so we're starting off with clear skies but with those clear skies that's allowed the temperatures to cool down and to give us the fog this morning. the next round of showers after today comes from this. this is a cold front which is going to bring us much nicer weather over the weekend. but before that gets here, that shower and thunderstorm threat for this afternoon, this is 3:00 this afternoon. this is the forecast rain totals as well as the future cast. it shows the possibility of those heavy downpours.
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in fact, by 3:00 this afternoon, could see an inch of the ground in doylestown in parts of bucks county with a tenth of an inch at burlington. we go into the later afternoon and evening hours, by 9:00 we could see an inch of the rain on the ground in philadelphia and closer to two inches in trenton and closer to three inches in burlington. keep an eye on the sky for those heavy downpours this afternoon. that cold front comes through first thing on saturday. but later in the day on saturday we will clear out. the humidity comes down. that's going to make for a gorgeous day on sunday. a beautiful sunday. sunday will be fantastic. >> nice. >> low humidity. we love sunday. did i make myself clear? >> love it. >> full ten-day in the next half hour. >> was it sunday? he said sunday. >> we heart sunday. >> all right. let's find out what you might reasonably expect if you're headed out the door toward route
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422. >> jessica boyington has you covered. >> i feel like i never get to give good news like that. we're watching 422 right now. cameras around trooper road. a tractor trailer accident, also the ramp from trooper road, so heading to 422 eastbound, you're going to be blocked right there. you can see 422 at the bottom of the screen there. still not seeing any problems or delays that way. this is only affecting the ramp but a lot of flashing lights in the area. there's crash on upper moreland road. the 42 freeway looks good. 4 minutes on the northbound side. in berlin we're still watching these downed wires that are closing a portion of the white horse pike's eastbound side just around franklin avenue. you can see that right in here, but the westbound side is still open. back to you. thank you. no help for women about to walk down the aisle.
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another blow for brides counting on a bankrupt shop. and avoiding deadly mistakes. the backseat safety guidelines that could save your life. don't enroll in that rewards program just yet. why the newest verizon offer could cost you. and a daycare owner arraigned early this morning accused of sexually abusing kids at his center.
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new this morning, a report is giving drivers extra reason to make sure their backseat passengers are buckled up. >> this video just released showing what happens at just 35 miles an hour. if you're not buckled up you could hit and kill the driver. drivers are twice as likely to die when an unbuckled backseat driver moves forward.
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the bridal store with locations across the country closed without warning last month. the company says it will be impossible to fulfill every order that's still left over. a new rewards program has been launched by verizon but there's something you should know before you sign up. we're here with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, it sounds like a great idea. a rewards program for verizon. the new program, but here's the catch. they're also enrolled in this personal program that tracks a wide range of data including brousing habits and device locations. private information for a lot of customers and then verizon turns around and shares that information with several companies including oath which is the merger of aol into yahoo. the program is voluntary, you can opt out, but yeah, you can
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opt out if you know that you need to opt out, guys. >> and then we're taking a look at wall street today. it looks like the futures are in the red just slightly across the board today. the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq all off. taking a breather. the markets poised to pull back because yesterday's milestone for the dow, the index closing about 22,000 for the first time, that was powered by apple's positive earnings report. it took 107 trading days or maybe 154 days if you include weekends and holidays. investors looking for economic reports today so we'll be watching the stocks throughout the day here on cnbc. >> thank you. 5:27 right now. families devastated. this morning moms react to the arraignment of a daycare owner in a child sex abuse case. and from the shower to the kitchen an uninvited guest makes
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himself at home, terrifying the unsuspecting family inside. ♪
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