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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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beat the traffic, but also because it's foggy out there. let's get right to bill henley with your most accurate forecast in town. >> and it's pretty widespread, though not looking across delaware the new view you have behind you, the view from easton this morning, that is just thick fog that is getting thicker right now. zero visibility for multiple locations. allentown, pottstown, blue bell, coatesville, lancaster, some thick fog for mt. holly and northeast philadelphia. it has eased a little bit, but we're not done with it yet. trenton, zero visibility. it's been going back and for the between zero and one mile. so a foggy start, but the thick fog won't last all day. once the sun is up a little after 6:00, we'll see the temperatures come up and once that happens, the fog will disappear. 71 right now in new jersey. 71 in philadelphia. we're looking at low 60s for the suburbs. and upper 60s for the lehigh
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valley and delaware. the fog will disappear, we'll get sunshine and look at the warm-up. 90 for new jersey. upper 80s in delg weaware and 9 philadelphia, too. i'll break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. but first jessica boyington is watching fog on the cameras. >> that's right. so a few problems, too. lower makefield, a crash involving a mote cycle 95 north near route 332. earlier all lanes were blocked. it looks like they have opened part of it back up, but you will see some slowdowns moving by the scene. vine street expressway is closed in both directions between broad and the schuylkill expressway. schuylkill dealing with construction booth directions from city line avenue to the blue route. we're seeing scattered lane reconstructions there. and watching fog, it looks like one of our cameras in millville, route 55 right around route 49. back to you. i think there is blame on
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both sides. and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> that is the comment that has president donald trump in a new level of criticism this morning. it's one of a few statements he made on the violence in charlottesville yesterday. >> and now even members of his own party are demanding he rethink his stance. he said the group that was originally permitted, originally planned to protest just wanted to keep the statue of confederate general robert e. lee in its place. the president also said among the anti-hate protesters were some trouble makers and as you are about to hear, the conference was heated as he attempted to defend that position. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. and nobody wants to say that, but i'll say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. >> and this morning we're learning that the president's comments were not planned. the senior white house official tells nbc news that the
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president was not supposed to take any questions, but that he simply, quote, went rogue. david duke praised the president on social media. he thanked him for what he called honesty and courage. he also called the "black lives matter" leftist terrorists. on capitol hill, paul ryan also hit social media. he says the gop needs to be clear. white supremacy is repulsive. he says bigotry is counter to what the country stands for and there can be no moral am big gooity. and yesterday a fifth business leader dropped out of the white house's manufacturing job council. however the ceo of campbell's soup is taking a different approach. denise morris are son says the company condemns the violence and racist ideology, but says it's point to have a voice on issues affecting its industry
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and employees. her decision has led critics to push for a boycott of k56rcampb products. a lot of people are talking about the president's words. here is radio host in philadelphia solomon jones. take a listen. >> he has said on the one hand that he condemns white supremacy, that he condemns neo-nazis, that he condemns those kinds of things which are great, but then on the other hand, he seems to blame the victim and say that both sides are at fault. >> to compare black lives matter owing with any of those na neo-nazis, bigots is an outrage and completely disrespectful to those who are putting their bodies on the line in the "black lives matter" movement. >> he went on to say his organization, quote, has never killed anyone at a rally. the violence in charlottesville is sparking new calls to remove monuments that critics claim symbolize racism. and in philadelphia, the controversy now surrounding the
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statue of former mayor frank rizzo. someone hung an anti-trump sign on the monument late last night. matt delucia joins us live in center city. walk us through this debate. >> reporter: this is not a new call to remove the statue of former mayor rizzo. some do want it removed, others say they want to stay put. this morning the statue remains here in thomas payne plaza, but the conversation continues. one council woman wants the statd ch statue taken called rizzo a ra and they say it's time to start talking about taking it out of the heart of the city fp this is not the first time there was a call to remove it. but you also have folks on the other side, some who have recently signed a petition to keep the statue right where it is, arguing that the former mayor is a big part of the city's history.
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mayor jim kenny's oig issued this at the same time. we think now it is a good time to have that conversation about the statue's future. we need to figure out the proper forum for that conversation, but now is the right time. council woman gim says the statue should be moved to a museum instead of a very public area. she intends to bring it up next month at council. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a second defense attorney wants off of bill cosby's legal team. she filed paperwork yesterday asking to withdraw. cosby's lead attorney has also asked to be taken off the caves. case. a request was filed yesterday. it would give cosby more time to prepare a legal team. typically a new legal team must be in place before the old one can be dismissed. cosby is set for retrial in november on charges that he
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sexually assaulted a woman inside his montgomery county home more than a decade ago. his first trial ended in a mistrial. happening today, people will come together for a prayer vigil and peace walk after a shooting on sunday night. this is video from the scene. tonight people will gather along north 39th street. they say the goal is to save the is it i's kroout fryouth from v. a $15,000 reward is on the table if you can help police find an attempted arson suspect. the man in this video tried to set several city owned cars on fire at a garage in the 12th district police station. the building houses police, firefighters and city workers. they say he soaked a sheet in flammable liquid and set it near vehicles, but he was not able to light it. >> we're asking the public to look at the clothing worn. if you look at specifically the pants he's wearing, the faded nature down the bottom, and also as he leaves the parking garage
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and returns back and forth to the gate and how he walks. >> police think the suspect knew the area based on his familiarity with the building. lead piping is to blame for high lead levels in trenton, that is the result of a city investigation into the problem during a routine sampling trenton water works discovered 14 homes had higher than acceptable lead levels in the drinking water. the city says lead piping is on the line from the homes to the water main and not the water main itself. which means that the homeowners will be responsible for those repairs. taking action, a dell care boy is making the roads safer. the problem he saw in his neighborhood that he is helping get fixed and the sign that started it all. a glitch and a theft. how a couple allegedly got thousands of items delivered to their home for free. and fans getting a chance to engage with their favorite movies in a new way. the theme park that will feature scenes from the hunger games and
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good morning. i'm jessica boyington with a check of the roads. here is 295 at the black horse pike. both directions very difficult to see. northbound toward trenton, southbound toward the 42 freeway, or towards philadelphia, not a slow go, but definitely reduced visibility. there is emergency construction on the atlantic city expressway west near route 73. we have the right lane and right shoulder blocked there. and a crash in lower makefield, we have an accident involving a motorcycle, and earlier all lanes were closed 95 northbound near route 332. now just the right shoulder is
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blocked. i'll be back in ten minutes. 18 before 5:00. still seeing a lot of fog in the area. avalon is one of the spots seeing fog. no fog across delaware. a clear view of philadelphia. temperatures have dropped to 71, so we could still see some spots of fog in the city. there have been a few, but it doesn't last. up to 83 by thoon, tnoon, 87 at. sunshine will take over in the suburbs, foggy start right now, 64. up to 75 at 10:00. and then 80s this afternoon. and lehigh valley, you can see the thik fog, that is the view from easton. the fog will slowly disappear as the temperatures drop at 8:00, we still may have fog, but not by 10:00 and tlg just be sunshine for this afternoon. new jersey, the fog will disappear here, too. 60s will turn into 70s and then
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it's into the 80s this afternoon. and then the fog will disappear at the shore, but the rip current threat is high today as hurricane gert is way offshore, but really kicking up the surf. 81 at noontime and san diego in the low 80s with winds coming off the ocean. delaware, the fog will move out as the temperature moves up. 80s this afternoon. more wet weather on the way before the weekend, but not for the entire weekend. 10 day on 10 when i'm back in ten. predator in a pool. how a drug bust led to this bizarre discovery at a jersey shore hotel. and the cost of care. we look at the way that you can get vet care for your four legged friend without breaking the bank.
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quarter of 5:00. let's take a look at news county by county and state by state. >> we begin at the jersey shore where an alligator now has a new home.
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look at this. come here, buddy. animal control workers safely captured this 3 foot long recommend tile after it was found in the pool at the bay view inn yesterday morning. it's now at the cape may county zoo. authorities found it as they were searching the property in connection to a drug investigation where they arrested seven people. police also removed 33 people and seven dogs from the property. now to berks county, the state gaming commission took this coyote pup from a home in spring township. police say the family bought it from someone out of state. coyotes are considered exotic animals and the family did not have a permit. police cited the family and the coyote is now in a wildlife preservation. and warning for delaware residents, there is and on online scam. it asks people to pay a fee to receive missing money. now, the money could have been leftover in for gotten bank accounts or uncashed checks.
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officials urge you to never provide bank information ifcont. and a couple exploited a computer glitch to get thousands of dollars of items sent to their home for free. prosecutors they stole enough items from lowes to fill an 18-foot trailer. the couple sold the items on facebook for less than half the original price. two local airports are about to get much needed upgrades. yesterday the u.s. department of transportation announced that more than $162 million in airport infrastructure grants, moorestown municipal airport is being $1 million for runway repairs, and $3 million is going to trenton mercer airport for taxiway repairs. the miss america pageant is coming to atlantic city. andujor dan sparks and thomas
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rhett will be among the judges this year. the pageant will hit the stage in a xrchlt on september 10 ac on september 10th. and this weekend, it's clear the shelters in an effort to find loving homes for dogs and cats. >> this a big event. if you are worried about how much having a pet will cost you, jessica boyington takes a closer look at one way to save on caring for your new best friend. >> reporter: some might call their pets family members. maybe even children. that means you want the best possible care for them, right? most don't know that a lot of shelters offer veterinary services at a discounts. >> since he we don't have a history of what vaccines were given, i recommend one year rabies is given today. >> reporter: ramon hassed a don'ted four of his pets from the animal shelter and he also used their veterinary services. >> we look at 150 or so, and
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coming here, $40 for a check. that is amazing. and when you have multiple animals, that savings is wonderful. >> reporter: he gives providence animal shelter glowing reviews. >> well worth it. great staff, friendly, caring. i love it. i bring all four of my dogs here. i've adopted from here. i love it. >> reporter: it's not only a basic checkup and vaccine that you can save money on. justine is the director of public relations. >> we also have a surgery department. mainly spay and neuter, but also like if your pet swallows something that maybe he shouldn't have and the surgery would cost you thousands at another center, we can do it at a fraction of the cost and save your pet's life while we're at it. >> reporter: and you don't have to adopt from the shelter to there your pet checked out. gist make just make an appointment snmt. >> spread the word. majority je
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>> reporter: jessica boyington, nbc 10. and you can save on adoption costs during clear the shelters. 49 rescue groups and shelters will be waiving their fees. go to to see who is participating. that is how we got our dog charl charlie. >> and i thought it was really great because what she said, spread the word because you can help your pet, you can help yourself by saving money and you can help the shelters as well. so you can't lose. >> and free dog walking weather if you like. >> we'll take that, too. >> might be difficult to see in some spots, but the fog will disappear and it will be a nice warm-up. you'll both be looking for shade this afternoon. 67 right now with fog in the suburbs, lehigh valley at 67. i'll give you a full view of all the temperatures here. south jersey 71. and the jersey shore 72.
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there are some cooler neighborhoods in the suburbs especially wheres visibility is down to zero for many spots. 66 in malvern and 69 in fort washington. starting in the 60s, we'll warm into the 80s to near 90 this afternoon. expecting 90 in center city. and upper 80s for somerton and chestnut hill. the fog this morning disappears this afternoon. doylestown starting with fog, we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. 85 degrees in the suburbs. and lehigh valley, any fog there will be clearing. sunny skies and 88 for allentown today. cooler temperatures, but not by much at the shore. 83 for ocean city, atlantic city up to 84. 90 inland for voorhees and in delaware, lots of sunshine at 88. clouds are gone, the rain clouds we had yesterday are completely out of the picture. no wet weather lining up to come our way, not today anyway. looks like it will be clear tomorrow of any rain, too. 90 this afternoon in philadelphia, 80s for tomorrow
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after a morning low of 71. clouds increasing late in the day, but i think it stays dry for the eagles game. the showers and thunderstorms return for friday. and into saturday, not all day on saturday, but a chance of some showers especially early on. by sunday, we're clearing out. and heating up. 90 the high temperature on sunday. sunshine for monday, great news, the eclipse viewing should be just fine. for observing that eclipse monday afternoon. showers and thunderstorms return for tuesday and wednesday. more sunshine to end the workweek thursday and friday. highs will be in the 80s. >> i like that eclipse animation. pretty cool. 8 before 5:00. let's get you to work. we know we have fog everywhere. bill has been telling us, jessica seeing it on all the cameras. >> and let's go to our traffic expert jessica boyington. >> we're watching garden state parkway around the cape may toll plaza, everything looks okay at least in terms of traffic, but you can look up at the street
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lights, it's foggy. so visibility is pretty poor in a lot of parts of new jersey. watching construction, too, 422 right now, that eastbound ramp to route 23 is closed. 8 minutes for the eastbound drive time from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds in the 60s even with the fog. and vine street expressway is closed between broad and the schuylkill and at least until 5:00 this morning before we start to see that clear. back to you. a sign for safety. a delaware boy makes a push for change in his neighborhood. what he's doing to make the roads safer and what inspired him to find a fix. and returning home, the eagles prepare for their preseason kickoff at the linc. what carson wentz says he expects from the home crowd.
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we're watching the roads, well, sort of. you can barely see them right 42
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at atlantic city expressway. so south jersey, you might see spots of reduced visibility. so be careful out there. we'll check in with construction i come back. call him a safety crusader. >> a 9-year-old delaware boy saw a problem in his neighborhood and is getting it fixed. josh worried about people blowing through a stop sign right outside his front door at the intersection of church in newark. while visiting his grand parents, he saw the word stop ahead written on a busy street. he thought, well, that could work in my neighborhood. so he reached out to the mayor. >> i remembered my letter writing skills from school and i just decided to write a letter. >> and that paid off for joey. the mayor invited skroe i to a meeting with the city traffic committee yesterday and they said yes to his idea.
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gloucester township is launching its bike sharing program today. the mayor will kick off the new initiative at the bike share kiosk on west church and washington. the program is free and people will be able to use the app on their smartphones to unlock the bikes and take a spin. the eagles will take the field at the linc tomorrow for their second preseason game and we are expected to see the debuts of am shon jelshon jeffe ronald darby. and carson wentz won't get much more playing time against the bills than he did in the team's first preseason game. and we asked carson what he expected from the crowd at the linc. >> expect them to be loud honestly. for a preseason game, you never really know what to expect, but this is philly. they're hungry, they are ready for it, so i expect to be rocking even though it is just preseason. >> 36,000 fans showed up for the last open practice at the linc. nbc 10 is your official eagles
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station. and today is alumni day, so i'll be headed down there tomorrow and report tomorrow. so you can only watch it right here on nbc 10. our coverage begins at 6:00 with eagles preseason kickoff with keith jones and john clark. and then kickoff 5 eve atkickof. and nbc 10 is a new sponsor of the philadelphia marathon. organizers have announced the american association for cancer research is the title sponsor. marathon weekend kicks off november 18 with the half marathon and kid fun run. the marathon itself is sunday november 19. the money raised from the races helps support more than 30 local charities. the world famous harlem globetrotters are taking over wildwood this week. >> the team will show off their tricks in four games. tonight through saturday. they will also host four clinics each day. might show you how to do some of the tricks.
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globetrotters will give tips to kids between 6 and 12 years of age. always fun for those kids. >> it's great. now for more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. -- >> spreading the blame. new this morning, the president's latest remarks on the violence in charlottesville sparking outrage. and a debate over whether to remove this monument of a polarizing figure. and eclipse glasses are flying off the shelves. where to find them and why they are so important to have. and a lot of fog out there, too. welcome to nbc 10 news "today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. >> and the pier has disappeared completely. i'll give you the full view. you can see the fog extending
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all across the pier. you can just make out the lights. so it is thicker in avalon. in easton, it's socked in. and many points in between seeing zero visibility. blue bell, quakertown, allentown, pottstown. redding is down to zero visibility. it's eased a bit in mt. holly, but look at trenton, zero visibility there. will among ton is domington dow. temperatures have cooled down to the 60s and 70s. the moisture from the rain we had yesterday, once the temperatures start to climb, and they will climb, we will see the fog disappear. bright sunshine this afternoon and 90 in new jersey, up to 90 in philadelphia, and upper 80s for the suburbs. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly the temperatures climb when the fog disappears, but first jessica boyington has your traffic. starting with lower makefield where a crash


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