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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 5, 2017 4:00pm-4:37pm EDT

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maria is help credding following her brain tumor diagnosis. >> that man is rocky himself. >> those words are from the 2006 film. she told tmz she's happy, healthy and cancer free. >> campus safety concerns after a local college student was murdered days after starting class. >> how the gruesome crime is changing students both on and off campus. and we have a first alert
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for severe weather. the warning going until 5:00 here for all of you in berks county and lehigh valley. and we have a severe thunderstorm watch across the rest of the area. we'll cover the storms in detail when i come back. and helping harvey victims. how one ka scasino is doing itst to help storm survivors. that's at 5:00.
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first alert weather tracking the threat for storms in parts of our area. all that green that you see there in the red on first alert radar shows where the most severe storms are roigt now. these storms could bring damaging winds and heavy downpours if they hit your neighborhood.
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reading and allentown, you're in the middle of it. that's until 5:00 tonight. the rest of the storms are moving through harrisburg. they will make their way in our direction later. let's check out who is going to have to watch out for the storms. easton at 4:34. clinton at 5:07. these storms have up to 60 mile an hour winds and nickel-size hail. a little further off to the west, one of the storms has got a tornado warning in lancaster county. so we do have to be kind of vigilant because pab one of the storms could spin something up quickly. nothing like that here in the philadelphia area. you can actually see the hail corridor. not particularly tall storms. only up to 35,000 feet. as we take a slice of them, nonetheless, they are potent
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storms. there's the tornado warning right there. we're going to be watching this line with intense lightning make its way towards philadelphia. it will be over the next three or four hours. it's not moving too fast. so that's something we're going to be aware of. we're also watching how they move. they are the ones in the lehigh valley and berks county. >> get the radar and alerts on your smart phone. today temple students are head hadding back to school for the first time since a classmate was murdered over the weekend. >> many of those students say the gruesome crime has them ob edge about their safety.
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we sent nbc 10 to campus to talk to students about what they are doing now to stay safe. he joins us live from campus. what did they tell you? >> reporter: they have a lot to say about what happened over the weekend. also about safety. i can tell you certainly tonight and in the past few days, a whole bunch of conversations around the dinner table surrounding college safety. police tell me one way you can stay safe are these emergency call boxes here at temple university. they are at every single corner. if you have been to other colleges and universities in the area, you know they are there as well. but in talking to so many different college students today, they tell me there are certainly common mistakes they see their friends make. college campuses in the area are swarming with students once again. many tell us safety is notç an issue, but after this weekend, are thinking twice about their actions at night. >> that really hit home for my mom because she's always worried
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about me. but they always tell me don't go home with anyone you don't know. stay with your friends. >> reporter: mary is a junior at temple university. she's well aware of what happened to jenna. targeted by a predator over the weekend after leaving a bar. she's now changing her routine. >> really weird. we're both the same age, both transfer students, both started the same week and in the same program. it hit home a little bit. so i'm taking ubers home a lot now. >> reporter: during the day, it's easy to find students unaware of their surroundings and that's what officers want them to avoid. >> what about phones? >> in the daytime, i didn't hear you. >> she was an negligent victim and not to blame for the actions of another. but students like dominique see too many making vital mistakes all the time. >> girls walking alone, it's
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pretty scary. >> i can can tell you there was a common theme today. that is everybody on campus says they do feel safe. coming up tonight at 5:30, we'll have some common sense tips for students and why some of the students choose not to follow them. that's coming up tonight at 5:30. we're live at temple university, nbc 10 news. >> good information. here's a look at the other stories we're following county by county. lehigh university has temporarily suspended two fraternities and warned two others that could face discipline. the school says they are barred from organized activities and impromptu social gatherings while the university investigates the incidents. steven fisher spoke with students about whether they think the university's policy goes too far. he'll have that story new at 5:00. in montgomery county, prove
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dins police continue to investigate a woman who was pull. ed into a car walking. police believe this could be the car captured from a traffic came camera. the woman told investigator she was walking on lantern lane late sunday night when the attacker droe up. he sexually assaulted her in a secluded area. police are working on a sketch of the driver. in camden county, cherry hill's planning board plans to talk about building a costco at the old garden state park racetrack. the most controversial part is a gas station. there are some neighbors who don't want the pumps so close to their homes. in bucks county, a construction project that will bring a mosque to bensalem can move forward after a lawsuit settlement. they sued back in 2014 claiming they discriminated against the project based on religion. that lawsuit was settled today and it will allow the mosque to be built. quite a show of support
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today as local high school students headed back to school. handshakes, high fives and round of applause greeted students in overbrook. telemundo vice president of news was among those offering encouragement at the suit up event. it was a a way to give students a positive e egoboost as they start the new year. the fellowship black male educators for social justice hosted today's event. shopping and dining at the expense of passenger safety. >> critics of a new air mall program at a pennsylvania airport says there needs to be boundaries. how the program works and what it means for the lines at check points. ahead at 5:00, a husband says he took too much cough medicine and woke up to find his wife dead. investigators are not buying his story. i'm danny.
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new advice from doctors when it comes to the eyes of preschoolers. get them checked. u.s. health officials want children between the ages of 3 and 5 to have at least one vision check. doctors will look for a condition called lazy eye up to 6% of preschoolers have it. if not treated, it can lead to permanent vision lost. some women have turned to high-tech bracelets to help. one bracelet tracks a woman's ovulation cycle and monitors skin temperature and heart rate to calculate the most likely time to conceive. one doctor says the tracker is good because it helps women understand their cycles. but says the device can only give at most two days warning, not the full five days that a woman is typically the most fertile. i'm tracking storms. get ready to rumble. we have severe weather entering the area.
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severe storm warning until 5:00. and these storms are headed toward philadelphia. i'll time it out when you come back. volunteers traveler to texas to rescue animals after harvey tore through the region. an update on the rescue tests that now need a home in our area.
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ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand.
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a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere... is actually real affordable. you learn something new every day. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. for the first time since 9/11, an airport mall in the u.s. is open to the nonflying public and it's here in pennsylvania. starting today the public can shop the mall inside pitsz international airport but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. flight attendants believe the air small a security risk. >> our security is first. e retail sales do not come before security. >> they counter that shoppers must still go through security check points just like airline
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passengers. want to turn to breaking news from sky force 10 in north philadelphia. police say a man was shot at least four times. two of those bullets hit the victim in the face. this happened a short time ago. investigators say someone drove the victim to temple university hospital. he's in stable condition. police have not made any arrests. switch iing gears, lego is taking action after its first drop in sales in more than a decade. the company say it is will revamp its business and cut 1400 jobs. the company needs to hit the reset button. it's the first decline in sales in 13 years. big question for everyone out there. are you ready for some football? >> no more preseason. television's number one show "sunday night football" is getting ready to return to nbc.
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carey underwood is performing the opening number. steelers wideout ann owe brown is taking part in the video. you can watch the giants and cowboys this sunday night on nbc 10. eagles game day kickoff followed by the game plan. we'll break down the highlights on gam day final. >> there you go. in the meantime, first alert radar showing us where the threat for storms is in our area right now.
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>> what are we looking at? damaging winds, hail, heavy rain, intense lightning and we have seen isolated tornadoes off to the west of us. i'm not expecting ta here, but you get strong storms. you can get quick spin ups. you're watching this long line of storms moving through harrisburg. reading and allentown, the darker shade of yellow is a severe thunderstorm warning. it goes until 9:00 tonight. that's for the pennsylvania county. reading you have this line of stongbwc storms. if you are in al lentown, holland, potstown, beware. this could have 60 mile an hour
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winds. plus all that intense lightning first day of school for many kids get them inside. they don't need to be outside during this mess. let's take a look at the three-day rendering. you can see we have some hail. but they are strong enough to cause damaging winds. here's our volume. you can see the taller tops and moving through hampton.
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cooler day tomorrow. only in the low and mid-70s. then we get into thursday.ç let's go to irma. this is the most powerful hurricane on record for the national hurricane center. not for the caribbean and gulf of mexico, but the 185 mile an hour winds and this storm the size of texas is already setting records. it is headed toward puerto rico, the virgin islands. if you have plans to go to the caribbean or florida, they are probably already cancelled or you should look at canceling them. category 5 looks like the cone could go over or north of the islands. even cuba through the straits of florida. then we see the turn that's expected. landfall could likely be somewhere over florida at some point on sunday or monday. let's watch a couple of the forecast models. this is the global forecast
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model. it's up the east coast of florida. it's been so good. it goes up the west coast. why is that bad? tampa has not seen a major hurricane since 1921. it is really something that has people nervous across all of florida. so for us, we're watching the e severe storms. let's keep an eye on irma and update you online. it's nice for the temple game. next at 4:00 on the chopping block. nbc 10 takes you to south jersey for olympics of meat cutting and what's at steak.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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a lot of meat. the fliers skate zone issued a qualifying round for the meat cutting challenge. dozens of e employees layered up and part in the competition. they had an hour to slice 30 pounds of meat. the rr says it's about giving back to the communities here and nationwide. >> a lot of our stores in texas, some of them were affected by hurricane harvey, so instead of opening to the public, which was very difficult to do at this time, they did mobile kitchens so they were able to feed people at shelters and in the area. >> two employees will win the
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chance to compete nationally for a prize and the title of meat cutter of the year. we're working on several stories at 5:00. >> here's erin coleman. >> they are having a huge impact right here in the deval lee. new at 5:00, while protesters take to the streets, we're hearing from local students protected under the program. the impact today's decision could have on their future. and we have a first alert for severe weather moving through the area. how long will it be before it reaches your neighborhood? i'll have the timing.
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right now at 5:00, we're following two weather threats. the severe thunderstorm warning in the philadelphia area and irma, a category 5 hurricane the size of texas. barrelling toward the united states. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. taking a live look at the philadelphia skyline. some clouds are moving in, but the brunt of tonight's weather is still approaching the metro area. >> let's get right to first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza tracking the latest with the storms. who is seeing the local impact right now? >> that would be all of our viewers out in allentown and reading. and berks county. we are going to be watching it move toward the philadelphia area. it's taking two and a half hours
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for them to kind of make their way through the storms. so all of these storms are making their way more north than east. they will make their way through philadelphia. the loigt yellow is the severe thunderstorm watch. that's until 9:00 tonight. the darker yellow, that's where we have the warnings for all of you in the lehigh valley and berks county. that's until 5:00. we're actually going to probably see these extend ed at this point. you can see it includes allentown and richmond. i'm going to put a fan as to where it's going. we will see reading and in all of this. we'll see this moving off to the south and east. and this includes 60 mile an hour winds and nickel-sized hail. that's something you want to make sure you get indoors and avoid. when these rumble through, nobody wants to be outside.


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