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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  September 11, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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hundreds of miles away. and we'll never forget the victims of the september 11th terrorist attacks 16 years later. a lot to get to. 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc10 today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm tvia sikahema. we'll start with krystal klei and the most accurate first alert forecast. >> perfect weather kicking off our monday for work or school, sending the kids out the door. they do not need an umbrella today. we are going to stay dry. all that moisture hanging well to the south will make its way to us, just not yet. so we are looking at a nice day ahead. temperatures currently, 57 in philadelphia. 48 in mt. holly. wimbledon, 51. coatesville -- wilmington, 51. coatesville, 54. today will be warmer than we have seen the last couple of
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days of the weekend. the weekend was beautiful. today just slightly warmer. similar picture outside. let's talk temperatures over the next several hours as you get out the door this morning. 59 the temperature at 8:00 a.m. you still might want the light jacket. up to 69 by 11:00 a.m. sunny to mostly sunny with scattered clouds expected by this afternoon. those are the clouds from irma's moisture. we're going to talk more about the track of irma, as well as look more closely at when rain returns to the region coming up. now to traffic and jessica boyington. we're starting on the vine street expressway right now. moving through center city. cameras around 8th street. we were open all morning. didn't deal with the construction projects here. heading to the off ramp. if you look back here, this is the traffic coming off of the ben franklin bridge. no big problems or delays. heading westbound toward the schuylkill, you'll get there just fine. watch for the crash in pottstown at armand hammer boulevard. the p.a. looks good. all green westbound and eastbound from route 1 to valley
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forge. just a 21-minute trip. take a look at the impact from hurricane irma. this is from marco island. you see the heavy rain and wind battering the trees there. here's what we know. storms are a category 1 with winds around 75 miles per hour, down ten miles an hour since we went on the air at 4:00 a.m. irma creating heavy rain and a threat for storm surges along the coastline as it moves north. more than three million homes and businesses are without hour. utilities cut off power ahead of the storm in several places as a safety precaution. there are reports of tornadoes caused by the storm. cleanup efforts will begin along the atlantic coast. >> we have more from south florida and tim furlong joining
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us with the damage in floodwaters. >> reporter: good morning from south florida -- in ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: good morning from south florida. we're looking at damage caused by hurricane irma now that the wind has calmed down. leak at this shopping center, basically under water here. plenty of debris is out here. also you see some of the waves that are kind of being the ripples in the water here caused by some of the winds that we're feelinga this time in ft. lauderdale. also the wind has caused a lot of damage, as you see. across the street, there's a few branches and even trees that are basically blocking some of the roads here which is creating a big problem for first responders who are basically going around some of the neighborhoods to assess the damage. back here at the shopping center, i want to show you a little bit of how strong the winds were in the last 24 hours. look at this tree that is basically blocking one of the exits from this shopping center. it was basically ripped out from
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the ground. you can only imagine the strength of the wind that was formed here in the last 24 hours. this is just one example for what first responders, for what the police are going around assessing in the area. plenty of damage still in the area. we know there's a curfew here until 10:00 this morning. in ft. lauderdale, nbc10 news. meanwhile this morning, utility workers are headed south to help restore power to the millions of people who lost it. these employees from new jersey's pse&g should reach the affected areas later today. the delmarva power crews are also on their way to help irma victims in the south. in newark yesterday, 120 employees loaded up their trucks, and they left. they'll head to florida or georgia, whichever -- wherever they are needed most. pico crews also on the way. 200 workers and employees left yesterday. >> they might send our crews one
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way, split them up even. it depends on where it's needed. they're relying on the host utility to help direct them to where they're needed. >> peco said superstorm sandy and the 2014 ice storm prepared crews to help in the disaster. washington working to make sure relief supplies reach the storm victims. president trump met with his team at camp david to ensure funds and aid get to where they're going. fema almost ran out of money after hurricane harvey, but congress approved another $15 billion in aid. >> going to cost a lot of money. right now we're worried about lives. >> congress will likely have to come up with more money by mid-october to help those who are uninsured cover their losses. cost estimates for harvey and irma are already in the hundreds of billions of dollars. this morning the storm has passed tampa. there it still the threat for the storm surge along the gulf coast. that's when all the water sucked out to sea comes rushing back in. >> nbc10 national correspondent sarah dollof live in tampa.
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give us an update of the conditions this morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight swept across the tampa/st. petersburg area, home to some three million people who are now waiting for daylight to see how their homes and businesses fared. roaring up the florida coast, hurricane irma is weakened but still dangerous. high winds and storm surges leaving homes inundate by water, city streets transformed into rivers. and millions without power. >> it is deadly, it is massive. there will be damage to the system. we're already seeing it. >> reporter: more than 100,000 filling emergency shelters across the state. >> trying to survive. helping one another everywhere we can. again, my grandkids are safe. >> reporter: the phenomenon, sometimes called hurricane bulge, pulling water temporarily
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into the storm stranding two manatees in sarasota later rescued by good samaritans. miami escaped the eye of the storm but not the damage. parts of the city submerged. >> whoa, i just got part of a wave. >> reporter: cranes toppled. continues forced emergency personnel off the road at points, at sea, a daring rescue. >> my home, everything i own. i was doing everything i could to save it. it got out of hand. >> reporter: a monster storm not yet releasing its grip on the sunshine state. an astronomical 5.5 million people reportedly without power this hour. meanwhile, a mandatory curfew remains in place not only for the tampa/st. petersburg area, but also miami and much of south florida. >> thank you. stay safe out there. nbc10 will be watching developments out of florida all morning long. in addition to sarah, christian
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and tim will keep you updated on air, on line, and on the nbc10 app. 5:38. relatives of those lost at the world trade center will gather once more at the national september 11th memorial and museum to honor the nearly 3,000 people killed that day. the ceremony begins with a citywide moment of silence at 8:46 this morning. the moment hijackers flew into the north tower. five other moments of silence will be observed throughout the day. in between, relatives will read aloud the names of those killed at the twin you to evers. since midnight, nypd has been tweeting the names for each of the officers it holocaust with the -- officers it lost with the hash tag #neverforget. yesterday crews broke ground on the final piece of the national memorial at the park. a 93-foot tower of voices.
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40 tubular windchimes, one for each victim, scheduled to be completed next year. at philly international, the tsa will host a ceremony where leaders will talk about how the attacks reshaped our world. at the jersey shore, a million-dollar settlement in a case that investigators have been digging into for years now. atlantic city must pay $3 million in a lawsuit. david castellani was arrested and needed more than 200 stitches after he was bitten by a police dog after the arrest. a grand jury cleared the officers of wrongdoing. today, senator bob casey will meet with young immigrants in pennsylvania protected by the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy or daca. casey's office says the meeting is to reaffirm his commitment to protecting what he calls american values. he will also call for swift passage of the dream act that
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continues to protect immigrants brought here by their parents as children. on radar and satellite, we're showing how different the forecast is from north to south along the east coast. it is a clear picture over us. we don't have clouds to worry about. it's going to be a sunny day once the sun comes up. look as we go south, we run into the wall of clouds ahead of the rain that's associated with irma. that's all moving our direction. soon enough the clouds by this afternoon will start to spread in. and then by late tuesday into wednesday, some of the rain, the moisture will move in, as well. that's what we're looking at over the next several days. today, a very good forecast. sending the kids out the door, 7:00 a.m., 56. 62 at 9:00 a.m. 76, that temperature in the afternoon as we're heading home, mid to upper citizen for high temperatures. expected just scattered sun and clouds building over the region. in the suburbs, 59 by 9:00 a.m. sweater weather.
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you may want a light jacket for the kids. they do not need the umbrella or rain jacket. more cloud coverage by 3:00. 73 the high in the lehigh valley. delaware, 53 this morning. a light jacket action there. 61 by 9:00 a.m. 74 for 3:00. upper 70s for the highs. in new jersey, 9:00 a.m., 61. famer sunny out there. and at the shore, same deal. pretty clear picture, cooler, 64 to 71 by the afternoon. we'll cap right in those lower 70s along the jersey shore. winds today lighter than what we saw saturday and sunday when it was a tad breezy in the afternoon. around five to ten miles per hour, up to 15 possible. that's not going to bring any issues. the wind is mostly coming from the north. we are staying dry. like i mentioned, no worry of rain. a very different picture farther south looking at hurricane irma. a massive extension of rain through northern florida, all the way to georgia. extending into parts of south carolina and now alabama.
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they will see more threats throughout the afternoon and evening tonight as irma continues to track along to the northwest. we'll talk more about the track and the impact of rain for us coming up. >> all right. thank you. 18 minutes before 6:00 a.m. this will give you help in the cherry hill area. >> jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. jessica? >> checking in with route 73 at route 70 now, actually moving through this circle looks great so far. not seeing big problems or anything that's going to hold you back too much there. not so much, it's not the same story anyway in southampton township. an overturned tractor-trailer on route 70's eastbound side at 76. you see a little red on the map systems here. i'll keep my eyes on that. ending with the rest of jersey road, 295 and the 42 freeway clear on the northbound and southbound sides. >> jessica boyington, thank you. remembering rollie. coming up, how the legendariville villanova -- ledgendary villanova coach will
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right now irma is weakening over florida but remains a category-1 hurricane with winds of 70 miles per hour. >> the storm is northeast of tampa, continuing to threaten the coast with storm surges and heavy rains. let's hope is what it looks like inside miami national airport right now. the damage you can see, the flooded waiting areas, ceiling tiles that fell during the storm. now the airport will be closed today. it will begin limited flights tomorrow. >> krystal klei now at the desk. you mentioned that irma is lopsided. explain what that means. >> yeah. well, so it was a really symmetric circle that we were tracking yesterday with all the strength from the ocean waters.
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now that it's interacted with land for more than 12 hours, we're seeing the top half, very rainy. the bottom half has started to dry out. good news for the areas that flooded yesterday. they will have more rain today. let's start by looking at radar. you see what i'm talking about there. the center of the storm is moving out of tampa's way. a little rain on the bottom side. it's not the perfect circle like it was, say, yesterday, before it made landfall over the keys. the difference is now that it made land interaction, it doesn't have the warm water to feed or energize. it the back side is starting to dry out. still because of the wrap-around effect, areas like tampa are concerned with storm surge. but the concern not quite as high as it would have been if this had made landfall over tampa. the heavy rain extending into georgia. the rain bands will continue pressing along to the north throughout today. rain still going to be a threat throughout our afternoon hours
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as periods of heavy rain hit town by town tracking north. here's the track updates from the national hurricane center. what we're looking sat by around 2:00 p.m., it's likely to have weakened to a tropical storm. packing a punch through georgia and alabama through monday afternoon through tuesday. tuesday into wednesday really falling apart. some of the moisture will silver spring our way. a chance of showers in the workweek. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. you can keep your eye on the storm by using the nbc10 app. a free download that will show why irma is and send alerts about dangerous weather in our area. 5:48. 16 years ago today america changed forever. the attacks on september 11th claimed almost 3,000 lives. >> this morning, services will be held around the area to remember the victims. we have more from the garden of reflection in bucks county. the community lost a lot of
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loved ones in 2001. >> reporter: it did. and that's how this garden of reflection came to be. it was created to remember the 2,973 people who died in the september 11th attacks. nine of those who were killed were from lower makefield. 18 were from bucks county. at last year's memorial, laughed ones and friends as well as other mourners came together to honor ault of the lives that -- honor all of the lives that were lost. the tradition will continue here today. in a few hours, there will be music and prayer. that begins at 8:30 this morning. tonight at 7:00, there will be a second event hosted by special guest lyndon harris, former paster of st. paul's chapel which is located right near ground zero. people will also be honoring the first responders who rushed in to the twin you to force save lives -- towers who saved lives and those who helped in the
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days, weeks, and months after the attacks. if you're attending the remembrance, it would be a good idea to get here early. a lot of people are expected to attend. organizers would like to remind people that there will be no seating to accommodate the crowds that are expected to come here. >> thank you. 5: 5:50. today, washington is imposing the toughest sanctions ever on north korea. pyongyang says the u.s. will pay a heavy price if the sanctions are approved by the u.n. security council. in a statement, north korea says it is ready and willing to respond with measures of its own. the u.s. is calling for a vote on new u.n. sanctions against north korea. a draft resolution on the sanctions includes a ban on all oil and natural gas exports to the country and a freeze on all foreign financial assets of the government and its leader, kim jong-un.
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talking temperatures, across the board, crisp again this morning. it has been feeling consistently like fall every time you wake up. in the afternoon, things will feel more summer-esque. 47 in the lehigh valley. and the pennsylvania suburbs. 57 in philadelphia. we've got low 50s for parts of soufth jersey along to the -- south jersey along to the shore, as well. the lehigh valley, spots are more chilly. brandon, 45. reading at 48. same for stinking springs. whitehall, 45. nazareth better at 51. 47 now the current reading. radar and satellite, a clear pictures over us. the clouds are not too far out over parts of the vaes. they'll be moving -- the virginias. they'll be moving our way by this afternoon. not rain yet, just cloud coverage. overall, partly cloudy and a nice afternoon ahead. 78 the high in philadelphia. 75 for the lehigh valley and 78 at the jersey shore. delaware, your forecast high also at 78 degrees. fairly close to average even
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though we were below average over our weekend. this will be closer than that. as we go throughout the day, we are tracking clouds increasing. that's because of irma's moisture moving our way. let's look at irma. right now the rain is heaviest over northern florida and stretching into georgia. as this moves along, it will downgrade from category 1 to a tropical storm this afternoon. the heavy rain bands extend. alabama all the way to south carolina. look at this by monday. some of the heaviest rain over at least. monday into tuesday. now it's breaking apart, moving west. and some of it swinging to the northeast. this moisture is going to start tracking our way. this is tuesday night. some showers may start to approach delaware. as we get into wednesday morning particularly, then we are looking at a little rain in our forecast. on and off shower and rain wednesday. that trends continues into thursday, even friday and saturday. it looks like we'll have a chance of on and off showers.
5:53 am
back to irma, there's the center of the storm. you see the heaviest rain, like i mentioned, extending mostly into georgia, passing through jacksonville, as well, rain totals in the forecast over the next, say, 36 hours or so as we get into your tuesday afternoon. we are looking at still maybe three more inches for orlando. they've already gotten their heaviest hit. next up will be areas like savannah at six inches and four inches for charleston. >> thanks. seven before 6:00. we'll get you out the door on this monday. we'll see the roads. >> jessica boyington's looking at the schuylkill and girard. how's it looking? >> yeah. schuylkill and around girard looking great so far. westbound side is right here. you see the off ramp here. no problems there. eastbound toward center city. not seeing an increase in drive times yet. still into the green there. let's get back and watch for a crash on bridge road at township line road. moving to new jersey and southampton township. no return tractor-trailer on
5:54 am
route 70's eastbound side at 76. we've been watching pottstown, high at arm askpand hammer. no big problems in new jersey besides the big thing on route 70 now and 206. back to you. happening today, family, friends, and fans will begin paying last respects to a coaching legends. a viewing for former coach rollie massimino will be at st. thomas villanova church at 4:00 this afternoon. his funeral is tomorrow. the coach is best remembered for leading villanova to a national championship in 1985. he was 82. let's switch geergs. the eagles start with a big win. >> this was big. they played the redskins in d.c. the win ends a five-game losing streak against the skins. the eagles came out aggressive. carson deep to nelson aguilar.
5:55 am
touchdown. in the second half, the defense slams it. brandon graham with the sack there. fletcher cox picking up the loose ball, takes it in. danced a little bit. the players said they needed the win to hush up critics of head coach doug peterson. >> there was hoopla with the article that came out the day before the game. which was very unfortunate that it came out the day before the game. it is what it is. we don't care what outside people are trying to say. the coach, guys gave their all. >> the eagles' next play sunday at arrowhead stadium in kansas city. the chiefs looked good in week one against the patriots. kickoff at 1:00. and lady gaga wows a soldout audience at the wells fargo center. the special treat for one young fan. we'll show that next. also, rough trip. how pope francis suffered an
5:56 am
injury during a weekend tour in colombia.
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at the jersey shore the new miss america will take her ceremonial toe dip at the jersey shore. here's the big moment when she was crowned. take a look. >> miss north dakota -- [ cheers ] >> there it is. and there she is. cara mund from north dakota beat out 50 other contestants to take the title in atlantic city. miss new jersey and miss pennsylvania made it into the top ten. and miss new jersey was even in the top three. lady gaga made one little boy's night. >> so sweet. look at video from her concert at the wells fargo center in south philly last night. ♪ she brought the young fan on stage as she sang "the edge of glory." this video was posted on twitter. a description says the boy has autism. the singer embraced the boy at one point during the song. lady gaga will perform at the wells fargo center again tonight. >> looked like she reached out. cupped his face. how nice for that little boy. now for more of the stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. --
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>> irma loses strength. the hurricane weakened to a category-1 storm overnight but continues to batter florida. remember on the way. crews from our area heading south to help those in hurricane-ravaged neighborhoods. and never forget. communities across the country and local remarking 16 years since the 9/11 attacks. 6:00 a.m. thanks for being with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we're tracking hurricane irma's path and the chilly start in our area. we may not feel irma's effect until tomorrow apparently. let's get the details from meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast for your neighborhood. >> we won't feel much effect of irma today. more clouds tomorrow, then chances of rain. today, no bruck necessary. clear -- no umbrella necessary. clear here. top to bottom, left to right, nice view over the region. we will see scattered clouds today. and they'roi


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