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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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into your early afternoon. temperatures today may not make it to the 80s. but they're still going to be nice across the neighborhoods. coming up, we'll talk more about conditions for your wednesday into the weekend. now we'll talk traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're starting on the schuylkill expressway this morning. our cameras around montgomery drive showing you a disabled vehicle here. now it's on the eastbound side. that's traffic that's moving up toward center city. right now still blocked in the two left lanes. you can see as more traffic starts to head out the door, everybody's going around the scene and into the right-hand lane. the off ramp is still open. again, we still have one lane open on the eastbound side. clearly nothing going on there on the westbound side. just traffic moving into center city. we'll have to watch the disabled vehicle. also watching 95. this time moving through delaware. north and southbound, no real problems now. this is at least in the yellow which it shouldn't be. usually a 10 to 11-minute trip. 295 to 495, speeds into the 60s. 4:30. 66 degrees.
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police say a philadelphia mom brought a high-potent drug to the doorsteps of -- her daughter's elementary school, exposing kids to dozens of doses. police say delinda williams dropped 29 baggies of fentanyl in the parking lot of st. bernette school. experts say fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than heroin. parents praised the school's response. >> the school took great care of the kids. none of the kids were near it. they called police. police came right away. >> the police filed child endangerment and drug charges against williams. she's out on bail this morning. now to our continuing coverage in the mystery of the death of a student at lafayette college. an autopsy will be performed on five mccray williams. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: lafayette college is a campus of about 2,500 students, most live on campus. they're dealing with the loss of a classmate. a large crowd gathered on the quad to remember 19-year-old mccray williams, a freshman lacrosse recruit. he had been a standout athlete at a boarding school in the boston area. the headmaster of the school in a letter to students said that williams died after suffering a severe head injury in a fall. williams was found unconscious sunday and died monday. the lehigh coroner's office found no signs of obvious injury. right now, the college is cooperating with investigators. >> we provided counseling to not only the student athletes but to any students here who would like to avail themselves of that. we have counselors available 24/7. and you know, we'll do what we can in the coming days and weeks to help students cope with this. >> reporter: this morning, there are still looming questions which friends and family hope will be answered with the autopsy.
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that is scheduled for today. his father told our nbc station in boston his son planned to be an investment banker or doctor since he liked to help people. his family donated mccray's organs to five people. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc10 news. 4:33. a followup to a story in chester county. police filed charges against a teenager accused of threatening students on social media. investigators say the 14-year-old westchester east high school student posted racial threats on instagram. the threats were aimed at other freshmen on the now-deleted account. parents in the community were so concerned, they pulled their kids from school earlier this week. the teen is facing terroristic threats, harassment, and other charges. crews are racing to bring food, water, and other supplies to the florida keys and restore power across florida as hurricane irma pummelled the state. >> the white house says the president will visit florida on thursday but did not give any
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specific locations or times. about half of florida remains without electricity after irma knocked down power lines. about 110,000 people remain in shelters throughout the state. people have lost homes, and others have lost jobs. the hurricane irma is blamed for more than a dozen deaths in florida along with four in south carolina and two others in georgia. thanks to the aerial views, we have a clearer view of the damage irma did to the florida keys. in the pictures you see boats and homes destroyed in marathon. crews are checking bridges along the lone highway into the keys so that residents can go home and check on their properties. in new york city last night, the empire state building went dark for the victims of hurricane irma and to show solidarity with everyone affected by the storm. wawa recently opened more than 100 stores across florida. >> they're working to get every store back only. wawa staff and managers in our
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area are helping company employees and stores in florida. they've sent two water tank force ft. myers where wroinresi are under a boil-water advisory. wawa stores here have launched a ten-day relief campaign to raise money for the red cross. >> we're still getting a sense of what the damage is and what the need is. it's going to be significant. >> 85 of wawa's 122 stores in florida have reopened. >> just to sell much-needed gas. wawa is headquartered in delaware county. in minutes we'll get an update on recovery efforts across florida. we'll show what's being done to help those most impacted. you can help and find ways to help on our nbc10 app. you can see pictures of the damage left behind there. 4:35. pennsylvania senator at it toomey is one of six senators who -- pat toomey is one of six senators who accepted a dinner invitation at the white house. the president invited senators from both parties to does tax
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reform. senator toomey called the meeting "constructive," and said he's optimistic they'll find a way to get the job done. new this morning, new york city mayor bill de blasio will get to run for a second term in office. he won the democratic nomination for the seat in yesterday's primaries with more than three quarters of the vote. his main competition in the november elections will be republican state assemblywoman nicole mal iot ikis and independent candidate bo deedle. former democratic nominee holliday is in new york city -- hillary clinton is in new york city promoting her book, "what happened," at a barnes and noble. she'll bring her signing tour to the academy of music in philadelphia on november 30th. the memoir recounts the 2016 campaign from her perspective. the white house accused clinton of propping up book sales with attacks against the president. and this morning, clinton will have her first live tv interview since losing the election. she'll sit down with the "today"
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show's matt lauer and savannah guthrie at 7:00. a message in the sand. how a new jersey mayor is using governor chris christie's infamous beach trip to make a point in a new campaign ad. coach controversy. who may be eyeing the head coaching spot with the eagles and what he says about the current man in charge. and new at 5:00 a.m., espn apology. the network is distancing itself from a commentator after her controversial comments about president trump. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now with the check on the roads. we're watching the schuylkill expressway. here's our cameras around montgomery drive. now the disabled vehicle started to cause more problems than we've seen within the last half hour or so. here on the eastbound side,
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traffic moving toward center city starting to back up pretty much behind the scene. two lanes blocked on the left side. one lane blocked on the right-hand side. the right-hand shoulder is open as is the off ramp. the eastbound side dealing with problems. westbound looks good. watch for construction on the boulevard. we watched this yesterday, too. northbound between 9th and summerdale avenue, part of the outer lanes blocked until 9:00 this morning. another 20 minutes or so. it will be a half hour before that clears. by the time you get out the door, the inner drive is still open. you can get by the scene. the p.a. turnpike looks good. 22 minutes at the most on the eastbound side from valley forge to route 1 with speeds into the 60s. updates on the schuylkill expressway, that's when i come back in ten. let's talk temperatures this morning. we're at 66 in philadelphia. actually pretty nice start to our morning. it's warmer than it's been the last couple of days.
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58 in pottstown. monday these were in the 40s. not bad. 61 in trenton. millville, 63. dover, the same. 63. and yeah, one more, wildwood at 63 degrees, too. we've got these 60s to start off your morning. upper 50s farther north. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures yet again will move around the mid to upper 70s for highs. might flirt with 80. because of the spot showers, i think that will be a little more difficult. on radar and satellite now, it's just clouds overhead. you do see some of the showers that are moving in. that is the moisture from what's left of irma. irma kind of fell apart and dried out overnight. mostly light pockets of rain. inherently with a spot shower, you can get one area that heats up enough energy to, say, dump a small, heavy period. it doesn't look like that's going to be much at all across the region for us. 66. 4:41 this morning. we'll be at 72 degrees around noon. then you see we bump up to around the mid 70s by 4:00. winds will shift directions
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here. right now the flow is still coming in from the southwest. notice that climate change in direction from coming from southeast. late day, that might help keep temperatures below the 80-degree mark. at the shore, 63. still clear. mostly cloudy in the late morning and afternoon hours. mid 70s where we will cap it off today. in delaware, same deal as everywhere. spot showers possible. an isolated thunderstorm possible, too. that's less likely. 72 at noon. 75 by 2:00. 77 at 4:00 p.m. not bad. temperatures will be right near average for this time of year. take a look. the average is 79. that's what we hit yesterday. we'll be right near that again today. we'll be a little warmer into the low 80s for thursday, friday. and these days also come with chances of showers. we'll track that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. in the dark and left in ruins. we take you live to miami as the damage left behind from hurricane irma is still impacting millions.
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and helping hand. a nun picks up a chainsaw, and it's part of the cleanup effort. [ shouting ] chaos on the field. a football rivalry ends in violence, and it's caught on camera.
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4:45 this wednesday morning. we're learning more about irma's impact and recovery efforts that are just beginning. the florida keys have been described as a war zone. >> nbc's sara rosario joins us live from miami. there is damage left behind there, but nothing compared to the keys, right? >> reporter: you're exactly right. here in downtown miami, the flooding has receded. many trees are still down across the city, as you can see behind me. power is slowly starting to come back on. as anxious residents are returning to their homes in the
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keys, they're getting there and realizing there's nothing to return to. today a clear look at the path of destruction left by irma in the florida keys. >> we come back, and we're in shock. everything was -- you know, devastating. >> reporter: the storm ripping through the chain of islands as a category-4 hurricane causing widespread destruction. >> we need water, food, we need gas. >> reporter: the u.s. navy answering the call. deploying by air and sea. shipping in much-needed supplies. brought to the island on the "uss abraham lincoln," the warship is now a mission of mercy. >> we can provide an extra 100,000 gallons of water per day. >> reporter: this as search and rescue teams look for the stranded or anyone in need. the storm now leaves many homeless, and some without a job. >> not going to be any tourism for quite some time which is going to make life tough.
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no way to make a living. >> reporter: beaten but not battered -- >> we're going to come back strong. everybody that lives in this community. we will survive. we will survive this. >> reporter: the effects of irma can be felt from charleston to jacksonville. good news for the many without power across the southeast, florida's large ecst utility provider says the lights could be back on by this weekend. back to you. >> thank you. there are so many crews from our area helping restore power there. >> yeah. >> my favorite video. >> here's a nun with a chainsaw. sister margaret ann. she grabbed the chainsaw. you know what, she's not going
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to wait for people to come and help. getting right to work. >> i'm telling you. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ the star-studded benefit raised more than $44 million for hurricane victims. the "hand in hand" telethon brought together stars from movies, music, and television. the mobile benefit organizations including the united way and save the children. >> love seeing that. boy, they got together fast and made that happen. >> absolutely. it's great because any time there's a major disaster like this, it's nice to see people come together for that. we are starting to see the moisture of irma finally make its way to us. we've been talking about this for the last few days. now it's visible on radar. take a look on our radar and satellite map. you see the showers. irma really fell apart, dried out some overnight, a very good thing. still showers across a good chunk of the country here. you see that the center is spinning around over here.
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this area of rain will impact us. but that's going to be more your thursday, friday, and possibly even saturday. right now, we're looking at this wave that's moving through. that's going to bring showers to us periodically through the day. you'll probably want to snag an umbrella, toss it in the bag, the car, whatever. not going to be flooding rain, anything like down south. high today, 78 in philadelphia. 76 for the suburbs and lehigh valley. and you see this is pretty much a theme, around 76 to 78 for highs today. with spotty showers, could you see peeks of sunlight? yes. are you going to see a lot? no. it will be mostly cloudy with bands of clouds rolling throughout the day across the region. let's look at the hour by hour. this is our high-resolution model. showing a few hours out throughout today. you see through 9:00 a.m., spotty showers starting to approach the area. into the afternoon, here's the 12:45 hour. pockets of orange or yellow, that's a little pocket of heavier rain that is possible. that's kind of more isolated
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location. we could see an isolated storm or pocket of heavier rain. most of us, this is going to be light spot showers that roll by from south to north through 5:15 this evening and fall apart overnight. that's through 8:00 p.m. now let's shift to the model that goes longer out. it's not as high resolution but shows the idea. we go overnight into your thursday. more rain starts to approach. this is at 6:30 in the morning. there you go at 10:30 a.m. showers starting to move by. yeah, you might need the windshield wipers tomorrow morning. more widespread rain is likely tomorrow afternoon into the evening. it clears by 11:00 p.m. thursday. that's what we are watching for over the next couple of days. lingering showers, more spotty through friday and your saturday. now let's talk about hurricane jose. still a category-1 hurricane. winds at 75 miles per hour. barely still a hurricane. 74 is the threshold. it's meandering.
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the latest updated track has it spinning around here through your thursday into friday. this is friday night, now it's starting to make that drive a little farther along to the west. here's the good news. the updated official track here does show it pretty much constantly staying out to sea. some models still have it closer to the shoreline. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next half hour. we'll look at the european model as well as the american model. i'll show you what the tracks are doing lately. something to watch, but it is looking more likely it may stay out to sea. >> fingers crossed on that. thank you. nine minutes before 5:00. let's get you to work. >> jessica boyington looking at the schuylkill at montgomery drive. >> earlier we were watching a disabled vehicle in the eastbound side approaching center city blocking two lanes. one lane was getting by. you're starting to see build-up behind it. it cleared relatively quickly. that's all gone. right now we have a disabled tractor-trailer off into the right-hand shoulder. not bugging any of the lanes. you see everything's moving toward center city just fine. 202 looks good also.
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everything's green. ten minutes in both directions from route 30 to the schuylkill. watch for the clearing of the construction. at least within the next 20 minutes or so, the outer lanes blocked on the roosevelt boulevard at 9th. supposed to be blocked until 5:00. the inner drive is still open so you'll be able to get by. back to you. >> time to go state by state and county by county with a look at some of the stories from across our region. >> we begin in new castle county. a man accused of trying to swipe two babies from a daycare center is facing more legal trouble this morning. police say calvin davis is responsible for another incident at his elementary school just days before trying to kidnap infants from the happy kids academy in newark last week. police say davis punched his way through the daycare center in an attempt to kidnap the babies. just two days before that, he reportedly buzzed in to nearby albert jones elementary school and made threatening statements. police charged him with disorderly conduct and fighting in that case. to bucks county.
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police can't believe no one was hurt after a man fired at least ten shots into an office complex in morrisville. investigators say this apparently started as a maintenance dispute between a man and the management at the trailer park. the shots frightened children waiting at a bus stop. the shooter is charged with attempted murder. pennsylvania lawmakers will be back at work today in harrisburg trying to find a solution to the budget impasse. there's still no plan to fund the $32 billion budget. right now there's a shortfall of more than $2 billion. if lawmakers can't come up with a solution, the governor says he'll have to cut programs. and today, pennsylvania senator bob casey will take the fight over water contamination in bucks and montgomery counties to the senate floor. he's proposing two amendments that would increase studies around current and former military bases and raise funding levels for cleanup. public and private drinking wells near bases in horsham and warminster have been shut down
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in the past few years because of concerns over contamination. in ocean county, officials are investigating a fight between students at two schools. >> video of the brawl was posted on social media. watch this. [ shouting ] the fight broke out saturday during a game between brick township's two high schools. students from brick memorial say supporters for the other team stole their mascot's flag. when a memorial student tried to get it back, he was attacked. students from brick township high say the memorial students started the brawl. >> whole brawl just started happening. i got pushed out of the way. i didn't want to be there anymore. >> principals from both schools will review the video and discuss discipline with several students. they're also looking into whether students may have been drinking before the fight. the district says there will be increased security in future football games for both schools. on the defense, who's fighting back against reports about wanting the eagles' head coaching job? and out of the park.
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a rookie shines bright as the phillies play late into the night. plus, how the mascot helped out.
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no comment today from governor chris christie after his infamous beach trip after it's referenced in a tv ad. >> they used to see politics at new jersey was no day at the beach -- until suddenly it was. >> a new ad by democratic mayor as part of his re-election campaign for the first time yesterday. you may remember the sand sculpture of chris christie down the shore. wasn't really down the shore. just one example of the flack that he got for vacationing in island beach state park during the july 4th holiday. because of the impasse, the park was closed to the public. three minutes before 5:00. the eagles have a new kicker. they signed jake elliott off the
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benga bengals' practice squad. >> caleb sturgis could be out at least a month. there's rumors of an upheaval. reports that jim schwartz has his eyes on head coach doug peterson's job. yesterday schwartz said he has the utmost respect for coach peterson. >> i am very comfortable with my relationship with doug peterson. and i know he's comfortable in his relationship with me. if anybody misunderstands or misinterpets are any actions, just know this -- coach peterson is aware of everything that i do in this building, outside of the building. i'm going to execute the job the way he outlined it for me. >> saying he doesn't want the job. eagles play sunday at illinois stadium in kansas city. they'll take on the chiefs at 1:00 p.m. >> i was waiting for you to weigh in. a wild win for the phillies after they battled it out with the marlins in the 15 innings.
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a lot of thanks for the 9-8 victory goes to reece hopkins. his legend is growing. reece hopkins, what a man after he helped the comeback with the 7-2 deficit with his 15th homer in the seventh. another homer in the 10th tied the game. it took almost five hours for the game to play out before some very happy and tired fans. check this out. this is a key part of the game. the philly fanatic, he put a hex there on the marlins pitcher. that's when hopkins blachted the 15 -- blasted the 15th homer into the stands. the fanatic, happy with his efforts. takes a bow. thank you very much. >> look at this -- trending on twitter. >> so good. could be the rookie of the year. now for more of the stories we're following now at 5:00 a.m. -- >> questions amid heartbreak. a lehigh valley college student is dead. the mystery surrounding his death as the campus mourns.
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road to recovery. millions are desperate for food, water, and power as relief efforts launch across flooded florida. and new neighbor. a controversial statue that is no longer alone in center city. the message behind the new work of art. good morning. welcome to the "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we'll get to meteorologist krystal klei with the neighborhood weather forecast. we're looking at irma rains? >> what's left of irma. not a lot left which is good news for us. we're not talking flooding rain, not any high totals. we're watching moisture move our direction. we have this little area of rain here and another area here. what's going to happen is that first area, that's going to move through today. then this is going to start tracking our direction. that means more shower chances as we go on into your thursday. isolated chances friday. even a spot chance on our saturday. look at radar and satellite now over us. we just have clouds out there.


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