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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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continues with a nightmare that quickly became reality. >> a man in his 70s tied up and robbed inside his roxborough home this morning. police believe a former neighbor chose his victim because he would be an easy target. nbc10's rosemary conners joins us live from roxborough. >> you just got an update on the victim from the family? >> reporter: i spoke to the family before they took off for temple hospital. they got a call from doctors that the victim has head trauma, that he has a broken rib and that he is not doing well. this is normally a pretty peaceful place to live, but the family tells me the former neighbor has terrorized this elderly man and his sister before. even cutting their phone line outside their house so they couldn't call 911. >> our neighbor came up and knocked and was shaking. >> reporter: it makes sense that the woman came to her house first. her husband is a police officer.
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the woman and her brother in his 70s found an intruder in their home this morning. he tied up the brother and stole the sister's purse along with her car. >> it is outrageous. i don't know. >> reporter: neighbors and the victim's family tell us the intruder is a former neighbor in his early 20s whose house is now abandoned. when he lived here the sister tried to help him out once. >> she let him borrow her car. and that's -- from there he took her generosity and just -- i mean, it's a shame. >> reporter: neighbors on this quiet street say the intruder has had run-ins with police and wonder if drugs may be to blame. >> if he has her car, hopefully they can get him finally. >> reporter: i have been speaking to the family as well off camera. they hope police tracked down the car. it's a 2015 silver kia forte, it's a compact car. call police if you know anything.
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rosemary connors, nbc10 news. now to the impact of hurricane irma. today we learned six people died after the storm knocked out the air-conditioning to a nursing home. >> let's go back to nbc10's erin coleman in the breaking news center with new information. >> police received a number of calls from nurses at that nursing home. as soon as first responders got there, they noticed just how hot it was and got everybody out. three residents died at the facility. three others died later at a nearby hospital. police say the building had electricity but had been without air-conditioning since irma hit the area on sunday. city officials are determined to keep this from happening at senior centers and nursing homes in the area. >> myself and county administrator bertha henry realized there were some senior citizen communities that did not have power. we asked for them to be
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escalated in tir escalated. >> the residents are being treated for dehydration at local hospitals. in florida we got a better look today at how much damage irma left behind. look at this drone video. it's an aerial look of the widespread destruction at big pine key. according to fema, 25% of the homes in the keys were destroyed. another 65% sustained major damage. florida keys tourism says travellers should postpone trips until the destination is ready to receive visitors. here are some of the other stories out of florida. president trump plans to visit naples tomorrow and daytona beach. one person is dead and three others are hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning after a generator was running inside a home. utility crews warn it could take ten days or more before power is fully restored in florida. florida's governor took a boat tour to look at the damage along the st. john's river.
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the governor says his main goal is saving lives and getting power restored. people from the virgin islands arrived in san juan with emotional stories of surviving 220-mile-per-hour winds. >> the most terrifying storm i have ever been through. >> we rode out the horrible storm in a shower. >> we had a bunch of friends there. all the stuff that's happening to them right now, our hearts are looking for something. >> there have been reports of looting in st. martin because supplies are so scarce. government denies the reports. erin coleman, nbc10 news. while recovery efforts are just beginning, residents in parts of texas are trying to get back on their feet after hurricane harvey. baptist churches across philadelphia came together to accept donations to help those in need. a truck is parked outside sharon
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baptist church in wynnefield heights right now. we were there as cars lined up packed with food, water and toiletries. once the truck is full it's headed to houston. >> there are people in need. we decided to get all of the baptist churches in the city of philadelphia and provide supplies for those who are -- who have suffered such a devastating tragedy. >> if you didn't have time to drop off a donation, the truck will be accepting donations tomorrow also. if you are looking for ways to help victims of hurricane irma or harvey go to our website,, we've posted links and information. donating money one way to try to help the hurricane victims get back to normal. it's hard to put a price tag on the service a south jersey company is extending. we explain how the camden county business is providing help for people who have already lost so
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much. nbc10 first alert weather. irma giving us a few showers today and more could tom tomorrow. you see the bands right there on first alert radar. the umbrellas were out today. nbc10 was on front street. a live look at citizens bank park where the phillies host the marlins tonight. >> may want to keep the rain gear handy. meteorologist glenn schwartz is tracking the showers for tonight. >> we have the chance of a couple showers. they'll get the game in. looks a whole lot worse than it really is. this is fog. you can barely see the city skyline as a result. we had showers earlier. that led to the fog. the ground is damp in wilmington. the fog is not as bad. it's variable across the area now. the showers we had in the middle of the day, that's up into new york state without any real showers on the way. we just have plenty of low
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clouds behind that area of rain. bulk of the rain is in the ohio valley. some of it will be coming over during the next 24 hours, especially late tomorrow. the fog reduced visibility to one mile in coatesville, two miles in pottstown. five miles in bluebell. one mile atful philly international. could be delays at the airport. not everybody has fog but there will be more places as the night goes on. isolated showers tonight. most of us pretty much staying dry. but we could wake up with fog in the morning. it will be humid and some of the extra moisture from irma comes over. so tomorrow looks like it will be perhaps a good bit wetter than today. more on the timing of the rain and if it will last into the weekend coming up. all right, glenn.
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new details this afternoon in the death of a local college lacrosse player. late this afternoon it was confirmed the freshman died from a head injury. nbc10's steven fisher is live near the campus this afternoon in easton with that information and some reaction as well. steven. >> reporter: jim, the coroner told us the cause of death here is blunt force injuries to the head. how he sustained those injuries, though, we're still not sure. police say they're investigating. and a toxicology report could take weeks. there was a vigil for 19-year-old freshman mccrae williams. today the picture with ta messae was posted. >> parents drop their kid off to school and three weeks later this happened. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: students admit it's a tough week trying to get back to school. >> many of the professors said, like, this isn't a normal day. i know a lot of you are hurting.
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we can try to say this is a normal day and go on with our lives but it's not. >> reporter: police believe williams was involved in a chain of events that ended with his death on monday. we know lafayette public safety officers found williams when responding to a medical emergency sunday afternoon outside a dorm on campus. he was unconscious and taken to easton hospital and transferred to lehigh valley hospital. now everyone waits to find out how the 19-year-old student athlete lost his life. >> answers should happen. not necessarily for me but for the campus community as a whole. >> reporter: we did reach out to the school to try to get those answers. we also tried to reach out to the coach. the school told us they will not be making further comments. as for students, we are told counseling will be made available on the campus. steven fisher. st five lehigh university students ended up in the hospital over the weekend for alcohol poisoning. they were part of a group of 20
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students charged with underage drinking. two fraternities have now been suspended. last year four students nearly died from excessive drinking. police say they are cracking down to prevent a serious injury or death. happening right now, a protest at the university of pennsylvania. in allentown an informational session for residents on immigration services. it will help people understand new policies coming out of washington. residents can speak to bliilingl attorne attorneys. the meeting runs until 8:00 tonight. a spring garden community said good-bye to the father shot and killed in front of his 2-year-old daughter. a mass was held for jerrard gransal. he was returning home from a game of frisby with his daughter when he was robbed.
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marvin roberts shot and killed him when he didn't give up the keys to his car quickly enough. back to work in harrisburg today trying to find a solution to the budget impasse. still no plan to fund the $32 billion budget. there is a short fall of $2 million. if lawmakers cannot come up with a solution the governor says he'll have to cut programs. lauren mayk takes a look at potential cuts that could impact services you rely on. that's new at nbc10 at 6:00. the federal government has agreed to build and pay for an underground drainage system to prevent severe flooding on the beach in margate. you may remember ponding on the beach after strong storms over the summer. it happened after the government started the dune construction this summer. a federal judge will have to sign off on the agreement. it's official now. the olympics are coming back to the u.s.
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today the international olympic committee announced paris will most the summer games in 2024 and then los angeles in the summer of 2028. the decision marks the first time the ioc has granted two summer olympics at once. dozens of landmarks across l.a. were lit up last night to celebrate. the coliseum, getty center. the pier all glowed in pink, purple, yellow and orange. john doorbas is on everyone's mind. >> he is resting after successful open-heart surgery. dorenbos had the surgery after an aortic aneurysm was discovered during his physical. we got an update earlier today. >> everything went well yesterday for surgery. he is resting comfortably. just wish him and his family well and our prayers are with
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him and hope for a speedy recovery. >> the draft pick the eagles acquired in the dorenbos trade has been returned to the saints. coach pederson spoke about going against his mentor and former eagles head coach andy reid in kansas city this sunday. hear what he expects from the game coming up on nbc10 news at 5:00. in camden, a new approach to ending homelessness. something that's never been tried before. the plan was announced at a resource fair. it combines services under one roof and makes social workers available 204 hours a day. it opens seasonal work and helps people just released from jail. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a statue standoff in center city. >> the statue of frank rizzo has been the center of controversy in recent weeks. it has a new neighbor. an 800-pound afro pick
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sculpture. the group says the site of the statue had been in the works for weeks. that's not stopping critics from calling it to come down. >> aaron is live at the site. >> reporter: we have been out here all day watching folks stop by this large, black fist behind me. they have been taking photos, selfies. it's all about this right here according to the artist. all power to all people. it's a part of monument lab. all different works of art will be displayed throughout the city at several different locations. that kicks off this saturday. right over there you can see the frank rizzo statue. that has been the center of controversy around here for weeks. people calling for that to come down. in talking to one woman this afternoon, she wants the black fist to be taken down right away. >> that is not representation of everyone. it's a black power sign. that's exactly what it is.
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>> reporter: if the goal was to ignite conversation, it certainly worked. >> it's not a -- it's not for everybody. >> >> reporter: do you think it should be taken down? >> yes. >> reporter: some would say it's inclusive. >> it's not. why didn't they paint it green, red or multi-color? why is it black? why is it a fist. >> reporter: this woman calling it a disgrace. it's stationed 50 feet away from the controversial statue of fomer philadelphia mayor frank rizzo. demonstrators have demanded that monument be taken down. some believing he was racist. others say he was great for the city. >> is it a tribute or an insult. that's my point. is it a tribute or an insult. >> exactly. thank you. >> there was a constant back and forth outside the statue and work of art. many confused about why it's there and what it means. alonso says he was in new orleans when one of the confederate statues came down and claims the 12-foot symbol of
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resistance stands for everyone. >> it's not racist in my opinion. like it says on the paper it's for all the people. muslims christians. hebrews, jews, whatever you are. >> reporter: no shortage of opinions when it comes to the black fist. we caught up with the artist this afternoon. he is in new york. he comes back to town on friday. why he chose this location along with a team of others, that's coming up at 5:30. for now, live in center city, aaron baskerville. nbc10 news. >> we're asking for your opinion. what do you think about the placement of the sculpture near the frank rizzo statue? head to our facebook page or tap the nbc10 to weigh in. at last check 43% say the statue goes too far and 31% call it a legitimate piece of artistic expression. >> skies were gloomy this morning near the ben franklin parkway before the showers hit. just how long will the threat of
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more showers hang around? and take a look behind us. that pretty much says everything. just how it is all day today, gloomy and gray. at least we're not dealing with what people are dealing with in houston and florida and other states. over to glenn schwartz. >> this raindrop at philly international is more like drizzle. nothing heavy is expecting. phillies should get to play the game. though you might not be able to see the center fielder if you're behind home plate. various degrees of cloud cover and fog across the area. of course, the clouds were helped keep the cubic intempera down. 67. blanton, 68. allentown, 69 degrees. white hall, bethlehem. nazareth, 69 degrees.
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that's warmer than other parts of the area. it's been really cool in delaware, for example. the visibility varies. it's fine in allentown and quakertown. not so good in coatesville, philly or wilmington. in some areas the visibility will go down some more and there will be some airport delays as a result. you don't see anything on the radar close by. drizzle drops too small for radar to detect. that's about all we've got here. we do have low clouds in the area. the main area of moisture from irma still way back to the west. it's going to be lifting out over the next 24 hours. that's why we've got an increased threat of showers and storms for tomorrow. just a couple of the drizzle drops scattered around during the evening hours. it's not going to rain out anything unless you need a totally dry ground. tomorrow morning, again we start off with the clouds. by afternoon, any breaks with sunshine will help create showers and even thunderstorms
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across the area. you can see the reds here. some locally heavy rain. it would be moving through. it's not going to be flooding or anything like that. better chance of more significant rain during the day tomorrow. then on friday, we still have a little moisture left over. one or two showers around. once again, it looks like thursday will be the wettest day. by friday night, there is a chance of a couple of showers for the temple game, especially toward the beginning. a little bit on the humid side for football. here we are with josé. there is florida. the bahamas. and josé still spinning out there. still kicking up the surf, all the way up to the jersey shore. and the computer models continue to start bringing it toward the united states. and then up towards the north. problem is, the northeast coast of the united states sticks out
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into the ocean. so this is too close for comfort. as we go into next week. so this is something that we're going to have to watch very closely, and the official forecast so far takes it in that general curve up toward the north. you abo that's next monday, but it's something to watch. >> all right, glenn. preserving precious memories for dozens of hurricane victims who have already lost so much. >> still ahead at 4:00. south jersey companies helping happened for harvey and irma's victims. what it has to do with these old photos. first day of class for thousands of preschoolers. does their education come at the expense of local businesses? we'll break down the debate. still ahead. and runaway plane. why this flight had to abort a landing and take passengers to a different destination. that's next. first, here is a look at the closing bell on wall street.
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the s&p 500 and nasdaq posted record closes for the second straight day.
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. if you don't like flying, don't watch this. this plane as it tries to land in myrtle beach, south carolina. irma's winds blew the plane towards the trees. the crosswinds were so bad the plane had to abort the landing, pull up and head to raleigh. the airport had a lot of delays and cancelations yesterday as irma made her way north. they did land safely. today former presidential candidate hillary clinton sat down for her first live television interview since losing the election. >> she spoke about how she was dumbfounded when james comey reopened the infamous e-mail
4:25 pm
investigation at the end of the presidential campaign. >> and i was stunned, to be honest. i didn't know what to think about it because i knew there was nothing there. and we had trouble finding out what was really going on, and so i was just dumbfounded. i thought, what is he doing? the investigation was closed. i know there is no new information. i certainly have given everything of any relevance to them. then it became clear -- >> hillary clinton appeared on the "today" show as part of her promotional tour for her new book titled "what happened" focusing on her defeat in the presidential election. >> philadelphia preschoolers get a shot at an early education with the start of classes today. >> does funding for the program take a shot at some local businesses. next, the owner of several of the city's grocery stores weighs in about the impact the tax is having on his business' bottom line. we're feeling the effects of
4:26 pm
irma with a few showers in the area today. a lot more to come tomorrow. how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood, plus a warmup on the way in the most accurate weather forecast. also, a soda delivery truck dangling off the side of an interstate exit ramp. what caused the driver to lose control. that's at 5:00. don't forget to vote for our high school blitz game of the week. choices are archbishop ryan and father judge. archbishop wood and prep. call or text your choice to 610-624-4111.
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together, all the way.
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we have new information about the breaking news we are following out of washington
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state where a student is dead and three more children hurt after a school shooting. >> erin coleman is live in the breaking news center. >> we learned that the shooter is in custody. officers are starting to reunite parents with their children. authorities have not said who the gunman is or given a motive for the shooting. again, one student is dead. the three injured children are all expected to be okay. that school was placed on lockdown as a precaution. the lockdown has since been lifted. we continue to gather new information on this shooting. we'll bring you the very latest on the air and on the nbc10 app. erin coleman, nbc10 news. right now at 4:00. back to class today for thousands of young students in philadelphia's pre-k program. >> city soda tax is funding the early childhood education. some local retailers say the program comes at the expense of their business. the owner of more than a dozen shop rites and fresh grocer
4:31 pm
stores say sales are down 15% because of the beverage tax. he claims his stores are down more than 200 jobs. >> you aren't -- >> pink. >> reporter: beautiful beginnings, a fitting name for this pre-k. especially on first day of school. for the first time, there is a waiting list. teachers are getting paid more and two new teachers have been hired. it's all made possible because of the city's soda tax. >> in addition to funding slots for children we're making investments into the provider system as a whole to help them improve and maintain quality. >> reporter: after nine months the calls of the controversial tax is being felt far outside the classroom. at this shop rite in south philadelphia, special price tags are on 4,000 sugary beverages. >> since the soda tax, i come here, pick up one little one,
4:32 pm
and when we make our trip to jersey we get our -- we stock up. >> reporter: as a result, tax collections show the city is not making as much money as it projected. grocers fear the shoppers are going to the suburbs. >> i spend probably a little more than half my time on community efforts, on things to make people healthier. >> brown owns 13 supermarkets mostly in philadelphia's food deserts. at stores outside the city revenue is up. in the city total sales are down 15%. >> when 15% leaves, 15% of the jobs leave. so far this year, we're down 220 positions. >> reporter: some businesses benefit, but others say the soda tax is harming the very communities it's supposed to serve. it's a cause consumers in theory support but show at the register they're actually not willing to fully pay for. >> i have two kids. i'll be all right with that.
4:33 pm
i'll still make my trip to jersey. >> reporter: nbc10 news. first alert weather. dry start to the day for these folks. they made their way down main street before the showers. first alert radar shows a few of the showers that moved through earlier today, more to come tomorrow, all left over from irma. we won't dry out for a few more days. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the chance for showers in your most accurate weather forecast. glenn. >> we are feeling a lot like summer, at least in the humidity department. that's leading to some fog. citizens bank park. they'll play a game tonight. they'll get to play the game tonight. not necessarily going to be beautiful weather. drizzle drops possibly. but the rain -- the main rain area, that's already gone to new york. and there really isn't anything coming back up at us. at least not for tonight. that is going to be coming our way starting later tomorrow. that's the main remnants from
4:34 pm
irma. as we go through the night tonight, nothing more than a couple drizzle drops. clouds hang around. fog. as we go into the morning hours. but watch the rain increase as we head into tomorrow, maybe even in the morning rush. but most of it comes later on during the day. the temperatures today held down by the clouds. 72 in philadelphia, 68 in redding, 79 in wildwood. feeling like summer at the shore. we'll be seeing temperatures stay up tonight due to the high humidity. generally cloudy skies. a few drizzle drops and a little bit of fog. that's the story for tonight. the showers tomorrow, we'll see what's ahead for the weekend coming up. a new detective in delaware county has a nose for technology. >> she is part of the delaware county internet crimes against children task force. you won't find her sitting behind a desk. meet charlie.
4:35 pm
her job, to protect every child in pennsylvania. the 2-year-old labrador retriever can sniff out hidden electronics. every year countless children fall victim to sexual predators. when the acts are recorded and posted to the internet the emotional scars can be devastating. charlie will play a key role in stopping these crimes. >> we're seeing if there is anything else that the investigators, that the police has missed. and in many cases, of course, because they're so well hidden, they have missed and charlie makes the hit. >> in training, she located a micro usb cord that was under a carpet. >> she is the only dog of her kind in pennsylvania. there are only 12 like her across the country. a look at some of the other stories we are following. county by county at 4:00. starting in montgomery county. police need your help to find the man in these images accused of rock the beneficial bank in blue bell last wednesday. the police say he handed a note to the teller and made off with
4:36 pm
an undisclosed amount of money. newcastle county. police looking into whether alcohol may have been a factor in a hit-and-run that injured a 47-year-old man last night. police are checking the victim for alcohol. the victim, not the driver. police say michael eakin was not using a marked crosswalk when he was hit on kirkwood highway in wilmington. in bucks county, congressman brian fitzpatrick hosts an informational session for students seeking nominations to military service academies. it's 7:00 to 9:00 tonight at holy ghost prep in winston-salem. camden has a new high school, the camden academy charter high school includes expanded science labs and a swimming pool. officials say 95% of its graduating seniors go on to higher education. a ribbon cutting ceremony happens in an hour and a half.
4:37 pm
roll up your sleeves and get ready for a pinch. >> it's that time of year to get your flu shot. the virus we are told is hitting hard and early this season. next at 4:00, what doctors say about a possible link between the vaccine and miscarriages of pregnant women. hurricane irma and harvey have a local company swamped to preserve your precious memories. i will explain next. all new on nbc10 news at 5:00. special deliveries. the story of what went down outside a new jersey burger king, not once but twice.
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doctors say there is an early flu outbreak in parts of the country this year. waiting to get vaccinated could be a mistake. one doctor in mississippi says he has had a large number of college students test positive for the virus. federal health officials warned that only injectable shots are recommended this season, not the
4:41 pm
nasal spray. researchers say they're puzzled by a new study that shows a possible link between miscarriage and flu shots. doctors discovered that pregnant women who miscarried were more likely to have had the annual shots back-to-back. they warned there is no proof the vaccine is responsible. women who lost babies were also more likely to smoke, have diabetes and be older. all risk factors for miscarriage. keep the rain gear ready for the next few days. >> feeling the impact of irma across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. glenn. >> a bit of a taste of it today. more showers are headed our way for tomorrow. i'll track the timing to help you plan ahead. a warmer weekend in your most accurate weather forecast. all new at nbc10 news at 5:00. help wanted. close to 100,000 jobs will be up for grabs. what you need to know. new at 5:00. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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target is recalling about 175,000 dressers after a dozen reports of them tipping over or collapsing. it's room essentials four-drawer dressers sold in three colors. if they are not anchored to the wall they can tip over on a child. return them for a refund to target stores. attention kmart shoppers. the store is doing away with plus size. they're renaming the section to fabulously sized. it includes extended size. two other brands come in a wider range of sizes up to 4 and 5 x. many items will be mixed into the main women's section. tennis star serena williams is a new mom. >> she wants to share her baby girl with all of her fans. meet alexis olympia.
4:46 pm
she and her husband the founder of reddit documented the pregnancy and compiled the photos in a diary. they want to share with the fans and let her daughter see it when she is old enough. >> so we're leaving the hospital after six days? it's been a long time. but we had a lot of complications. but look who we got? we got a baby girl. >> she is beautiful, and she will be called olympia. >> the baby is named after the father. the father's name is alexis. she was two months pregnant when she won the australian open in january. many people at that time didn't know she was pregnant. that's unbelievable. >> the name is a winner. olympia. sounds like a future tennis star maybe. >> that's an ace in love. enough of the puns. a look at cloudy and gloomy
4:47 pm
citizens bank park. the rain should in the impact the game tonight. more showers are headed our way tomorrow, glenn. >> it looks more threatening than it really is. it won't be rained out. probably won't even be delayed during the night tonight. just a little moist. 73 degrees. cloudy skies, fog around the area. we are not getting any reports of rain falling. about the most you'll see is a little bit of drizzle. some of the warmest places today, right near the beach because of the wind coming in off of that ocean. 75 cape may point. stone harbor. fentner. ocean city, somers point, 74 degrees. not the prettiest of days, but at least it was warmer than northern delaware, for example. the showers came through in the middle of the day. up in new york now. nothing else on radar close by. we do have the low clouds giving the fog, but drizzle drops too
4:48 pm
small for radar to detect. that's the most we can expect for much of the night tonight. you can see some spin still in all those clouds, and showers over the ohio valley. some of that is what's headed our way for tomorrow. nothing more than drizzle drops and fog during the night tonight. tomorrow we start seeing another increase in moisture. especially if we get a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. that will help to trigger the showers and maybe even thunderstorms if we stay totally overcast, that would reduce the chance of thunderstorms. we would still see showers around the area. there is just so much moisture related to the remnants of irma. and then, that moves out. we are still with clouds. some fog. friday morning and one or two showers around. friday is not nearly as wet as thursday. and then we have a chance of some more showers on saturday. it's still, again, not looking
4:49 pm
anywhere near as wet as thursday. here is florida. and we still are tracking things in the tropics here. this is josé. and it's going to be around. on the map, for at least another week. now, as it heads towards the west it's going into warmer water. it has a chance to eventually strengthen. and then generally head up toward the north. computer models varying with how close it gets toward the east coast as we go into next week. some of the models are a little too close for comfort so we obviously can't discount the influence of that. it's certainly going to keep kicking up the surf for another week. for the eagles game, they do have a chance of showers and thunderstorms at kansas city, high temperatures getting into the 80s. not quite football weather. >> not at all. next at 4:00.
4:50 pm
memories restored. the south jersey helping harvey and irma victims preserve their precious photos. also, held at gunpoint. a restaurant owner talks about the terrifying moments this robber held up his business. that's at 5:00. nbc10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. we're getting you ready for game two of the season. this sunday the birds head to kansas city to take on the chiefs. coverage begins at 9:30 sunday morning with game-day kickoff. join us after nbc10 news at 11:00 for gameday final.
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. for some of harvey and irma victims you can imagine a lifetime of photos washed away
4:54 pm
in the storms. >> a south jersey company has been working to restore their memories. victims have been mailing photos to the company in west berlin. it's one of a handful in the country that can take physical photos, scan and save them digitally. cydney long has the story. >> reporter: they are family weddings, grandparents black and whites. christmas, halloween. '70s hairstyles, swimsuits and laughter between siblings. all the photos were soaking wet. joyful memories nearly washed away by hurricane harvey. >> we could feel the moisture even through the outside of the box and knew immediately that these needed to be dried. >> reporter: from texas to florida, boxes are pouring into south jersey based photo bridge. >> they found us on the web by doing a quick search for photo restoration. >> reporter: some floating in basements filled with water. >> we had 18 to 20 inches.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: for lily warden of houston's hard hit willow meadows there were tears. her life events full of smiles laying on this table. >> this is about 3,000 photos. >> reporter: to be dried. >> when photos get wet, they actually act like cement. >> reporter: dusted. >> everyone will go around the clock. as stuff arrives we won't let anything sit. >> reporter: scanned. >> looks like we'll be able to save 90% of the photos. >> reporter: to be saved for good. the cost is $185 for 1,000 pictures. the box of albums you send that may be sandy, wet or stuck together, can be preserved on a floo flash drive. peace of mind in the palm of your hand. >> i just felt so compelled to try to save them. that's my kids' legacy, my grandkids' legacy. >> it's smiles.
4:56 pm
people do this because they love their families. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc10 news. >> great to preserve those memories. all new stories on nbc10 news at 5:00. cracking a cold case. >> only on nbc10, the sister of a man killed after leaving the wells fargo center pleads for help finding his killer. breaking news out of washington state where one student is dead in a high school shooting. we hear from police for the first time. next at 5:00. keep your umbrella handy. this is just the start of the rain. we'll be soggy the next few days. we'll take a look at what hurricane josé is doing now. tragedy strikes at a nursing home. we take you to florida where more deaths are being blamed on hurricane irma's aftermath. that's next at 5:00. ú#ú#ú#ú#@'@'@'@'
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they are expected to be okay. authorities say the shooting was especially hard for first responders. many of whom have children at the school. they got the news on the radio that their kids were in an active shooter situation. that's a lot to take from a first responder's perspective. it will be a while before they recover. >> situation that was difficult for everyone involved. a motive for the shooting is unknown. as we get more information we'll relay it to you. live in the breaking news center. jacqueline london. nbc10 news. new at 5:00. we are hearing from the sister of a man killed just blocks from his home. she is pleading for help to find the gunman in a case that's stumped police for months. we spoke


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