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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  September 16, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, stopping a gunman. breaking overnight, a security guard opens fire and kills a man after a shooting outside of a bar. we're live following the investigation. preying on children, a man tries to lure kids in philadelphia. and now police are on the hunt to track him down. what he's been caught doing that has families on alert. churning toward the coast, hurricane jose could have an impact on the jersey shore and at the delaware beaches, as we take a live look outside right now over centere city, some pleasant conditions. you can see we are keeping an eye on this hurricane. we have you covered in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today.
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i'm rosemary connors, 5:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's start with weekend weather. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking our day ahead. >> you can see the picture over our area. a nice picture to start out with. we have maybe a few high clouds out there this morning, but otherwise it's going to be one of those days where this is a pretty good end to the last weekend of summer. and what we're looking as we go a little wider view here is there's not a lot tracking our way either. it's a pretty clear picture across the entire board. now, as we get into the afternoon we could see some of what we have been seeing the last couple days, something called instability showers or a little heating, fires a spot shower here or there, but not any kind of washout forecast moving forward. if you have outdoor plans, you should certainly keep them for your saturday. here are current temperatures, 62 mt. holly and 69 in philadelphia. we're e wilmington 64 and atlantic city at 68. these 60s will rise into the 80s by this afternoon which will be warmer than average. again, not a bad end to our
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summer. look at tropical satellite here. this is hurricane jose still pretty much in the exact same spot that it was a week ago. but the difference is it's now going to start to break free and make that track kind of parallel to the east coast. the question is how close to the coast does it go. we're going to look more closely at that with the latest updated track from the national hurricane center and also talk about the impacts it may have for us regardless of how close it gets to the coastline, we will feel some impacts from jose. >> we'll check back with you shortly, thanks, krystal. now to the breaking news we're following, a security guard shoots and kills a gunman just outside a philadelphia bar just moments before the shooter opened fire on a man and woman. nbc's randy jillen hall joins us live to tell us more about the investigation. >> reporter: this happened outside a huka bar in north philadelphia. police say the security guard is cooperating and been interviewed by homicide detectives at philadelphia police headquarters. the first gunshots started
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flying around midnight, just before midnight, outside the bar at germantown and cumberland streets. police say a 30-year-old suspect began wildly shooting at people outside who were walking down the street. a man and a woman were hit in the legs. and police say that security guard who was on duty at the time saw what was happening and then confronted the suspect. >> security guard had a weapon. he was armed. and he shot multiple times on the shooter, the person shooting at the people walking down the street. >> reporter: that suspect hit multiple times in the stomach. he did run away dropping his gun at the scene. he was taken by private vehicle to temple hospital where he later died. meantime, those other two victims are expected to survive. police are still trying to work out exactly why those bullets started flying just before midnight in north philly. for now live at police headquarters, randy gyllenhall,
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nbc 10 news. also breaking overnight, this time in the midwest, violent protests erupted in st. louis after a judge acquitted a white former police officer in the death of an african-american man. protesters threw bricks and bottles. at least 11 officers are hurt. the protesters also targeted the mayor's house with rocks and paint. police have arrested 32 people in the incident. yesterday, a judge acquitted former officer jason stockley of first-degree murder. he was accused of shooting anthony lamar smith after a car chase in 2011. prosecutors say the former officer planted a weapon in smith's car. after the judge read the verdict, stockley says he understands the anger of the smith family but he's not to blame. new overnight, an armed gunman targets two women in south philadelphia. here's the story, the women were in a car in this parking lot at the holiday inn in south philly around 1:00 this morning. that's when a man with a gun
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approached them and robbed them. at one point the gun went off, but nobody was hurt. the suspect got away with a purse and a cell phone. this morning, philadelphia police are hoping that a picture of a car will help catch a man wanted for trying to prey on children. this is the car police believe is connected to six attempted lurings in northeast philadelphia. a neighbor who does not want to be identified gave the photo to police. yesterday, she helped a 10-year-old girl who claims the man unzipped his pants right in front of her on gillespie street. >> she was crying and hysterical. i was like calm down. i was like what's going on. she's like the man in the black car. >> investigators tell us the man they're looking for also targeted women on nearby ditman street on two separate occasions. yesterday morning he pulled up alongside a girl walking to school and asked if he could take her picture for money. police say on thursday witnesses spotted him taking pictures and recording children here at the sullivan school. we have some good news for
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some neighbors in conshohocken. a water main break is now repaired. crews worked overnight to fix a break that left about 150 households without water. it happened around 6:00 last night near the corner of elm street and calwell lane. a plea deal means no trial for jeffrey sandusky, the son of convicted child molester jerry sandusky. yesterday jeffrey sandusky pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges. his trial was set to begin in just a week. under the plea deal the 41-year-old will serve at least three to six years in prison. but the judge could give him more time. prosecutors say sandusky asked two underage kids to send him nude pictures and to perform a sex act. in 2012 a jury found jeffrey's father, jerry sandusky, guilty of sexually abusing ten boys. the former penn state assistant football coach is now serving 30 to 60 years in prison. overseas in london, more police and troops will be on the
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streets today as the city prepares for another possible terror attack. the terror threat is now at a critical level after a bomb attack on a london subway yesterday. this is what was left of the device that burst into flames. >> fireball just engulfed the whole tube carriage. the whole carriage was orange. like coming towards us. >> 29 people were hurt. police in london say they've identified the person who planted the explosive device. a massive manhunt is now underway. the device had a timer and it did not detonate properly, which may have helped police identify the person responsible. today, a final farewell for a south jersey sailor killed in a collision involving the "u.s.s. john s. mccain," an electronics technician on the ship. visitation begins at 1:00 this afternoon in cherry hill. smith was one of ten sailors who
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died when the mccain collided with an oil tanker just off the coast of singapore last month. the navy sent a cyber team to confirm that computer hacking had no role in the collision. now developing, pennsylvania has gone broke for the first time in history. the state missed paying some bills because it doesn't have the money. democratic governor tom wolfe and republican lawmakers remain at odds over how to plug a $2.2 billion budget deficit. because of the cash crunch the state will delay more than $1.5 billion in payment to medicaid insurers and school districts. governor wolfe says he will be making phone calls this weekend talking to lawmakers about the funding stalemate. eight minutes past 5:00 right now on this saturday. stepping up security. today, a charity race will return to the jersey shore one year after it became a target of a terror attack. what's being done this year to protect runners. running out of time, a local school district is facing a deadline to keep teachers in the
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classroom. why many worry students are getting stuck in the middle of this fight. plus, beer battle. a new way to get brews delivered right to your door has sparked some competition in philadelphia.
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welcome back. we're starting out with a look at our visibility map. this is visibility in miles. now, it goes up to a max of ten, but when you're at a quarter of a mile or zero, that's when you know there's more dense fog that's filled in. we have a few areas dealing with that lancaster at a quarter mile, redding at 1.5 mile, doable but kind of rough. half-mile in atlantic city where the airport has been reporting issues as well. dover's at half a mile as well. these are locations where more thick to dense fog is building in, which means driving conditions not the best, but it's early and it's your weekend so hopefully you're watching from bed and not planning on driving quite yet. on radar and satellite you can see fog not showing up because that's so low to the ground.
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otherwise there's not real thick high cloud coverage. today we're actually going to see a good bit of sunshine out there. partly cloudy conditions. and just an isolated shower possible in the afternoon. for the most part fairly dry and warmer than average day that we've got for our last weekend of summer. can't complain. here's a look at the neighborhood planner, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. in philly up to 83 around 3:00 in the afternoon. in the suburbs 77 at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. you're at about 81 degrees. and we're similar forecast in the lehigh valley right near 80 by your afternoon high. delaware 63, 7:00 a.m. this morning up to 82 at 3:00. there's isolated shower as mentioning, it's not limited to new jersey, most of our neighborhoods could see a spot shower but it's going to be very weak and spotty in nature. at the shores, 68 this morning. about 77 at 3:00 this afternoon. the shore may be fairly nice out there, but we are going to talk about some of the impacts of jose including the rip current risk coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. tonight, it will be dancers, not
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drivers, on the falls bridge in philadelphia. the annual dance on the falls bridge begins at 7:00 this evening. sounds like the weather will cooperate. the bridge is shut down and decorated so dancers can make their moves all night long. the event benefits the east falls development corporation. 5:13 right now on this saturday. coming up on alert, how police are protecting runners at a charity race at the shore one year after it became the target of a bombing. plus, bananas left on doors. temple police are investigating what some are calling a racist incident on campus.
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at longhorn, tonight's special, the great american steak dinner for $12.99. a center-cut sirloin with a side, plus a starter, or dessert. and for lunch, try one of our new burgers. like the bbq bacon burger. you can't fake steak. today, folks at the jersey shore are preparing to host a race that was targeted in a terrorist attack.
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the semper 5 marine corps charity run is just down the road from last year's site in seaside park. that's where a suspected terrorist blew up the trash can just before the start of the event. seaside park was just one target a year ago. a bomb also went off in new york's chelsea neighborhood injuring more than two dozen people. no one was hurt when two men found a backpack filled with pipe bombs in elizabeth, new jersey. so those are the two other incidents. ahmad khan rahimi will go on trial next month. the police officer in seaside heights says security is top priority with officers posted and crews removing trash cans all along the race route. >> just kind of threw a whole search net over the whole town. this is a huge undertaking for seaside heights and we're not going to take any chances something's going to happen on our watch. >> i think that's a good idea that we see them around. and it's beforehand and not
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after. >> police tell nbc 10 there's more security in place for today's race than there was for prince harry's visit to seaside heights following hurricane sandy. also today, the latest in a series of 9/11 heroes runs is set for feasterville, bucks county. a one-mile fun run scheduled for russell elliot memorial park later this morning. the annual races are hosted around the philadelphia region. they will be running to the beat today in philadelphia. the rock and roll half marathon starts this morning at 7:00 right here along the ben franklin parkway. 5k and 10k races will take off while live bands play. the event raises money for cancer research. and it sounds like the weather is really going to cooperate for all these events, all these runs that are happening outside, k z krystal. >> so this is the official last weekend of summer. i know we said it was labor day, but we were dressing -- i got to get in the sleeveless dresses i can. and it's 80 today.
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not a bad forecast. conditions outside a little crisp to start this morning. temperatures around 63 in the lehigh valley and 59 in the suburbs. philadelphia at 69. this really isn't bad, i remember this past week when i was working we had some temperatures in the 40s. so it could be worse, but we are feeling a little cool to start. and you see a lot of 60s on the map here in our philadelphia neighborhoods this morning. 65 chestnut hill. 71 society hill. 68 in toursdale at 67 degrees. radar and satellite view, wide view. not a lot to look at over us, not a lot to look at pretty much our entire region here. what's going to happen is through the day we'll see some scattered clouds. we may have a few spotty showers pick up in the afternoon. i am not talking a washout. i'm not talking a he vi rain. i'm not even talking all of us seeing a drop of rain. some of us may see a few spots of rain in the afternoon, but that's about it. take a look at our neighborhood for today. 84 center city and 85 somerton. these are warmer than average.
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average is now atd upper 70s for many locations. not a bad forecast for saturday. doylestown 82. allentown the same. trenton, 82 degrees, mostly upper 70s possibly jersey shore today and delaware low 80s as well, 81 for wilmington and smyrna and isolated showers to pop up. here's the hour by hour model to show you what i'm talking about here. as we get into the afternoon, this is 12:30, notice a few scattered clouds across the board. afternoon hours now we have these sprinkles popping up on the map. not much of anything but you may get a drop or two as you go through the afternoon hours. and this lingers into the afternoon. you see this peek of yellow, showers inherently mean there could be a very brief period of more steady rain, but i just don't think we're going to see much. in fact, i think the model is going a little more so than what we'll even see, especially sunday. take a look sunday here, 6:30 in the morning scattered clouds out there, otherwise an isolated shower in the afternoon possible, maybe. i think that for the most part
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we will stay dry for your sunday. this is a pretty good weekend forecast. now, the one thing you have to notice we're under moderate risk of rip currents developing yet again. we've been seeing this all week long, it's thanks to jose churning up the waters out there. check with beach patrols and note that it could be dangerous to be in the water. honestly, the best plan is hopefully you got it in in your summertime, now it's time to maybe look at the water from afar, not necessarily get in because we're going to be dealing with these issues throughout the next several days straight thanks to jose. here's satellite view of jose. you can see pretty much it's still directed to the east of florida but far out, we're talking hundreds of miles. what's going to happen here is it's going to track along the east coast, but not against it, parallel to it. fairly far out from where it currently is. right now it has winds of 80 miles per hour. and there's a look at the track as we go through your weekend into your next workweek, between tuesday and wednesday appears it will be offshore. but close enough that it may start to make the waters a little more hazardous. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. thanks, krystal.
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get ready for the beer delivery wars to begin. postmates is an app that delivers takeout to your door and now expanding to include beer delivery in philadelphia. anybody who uses the new option in the first week will get free delivery for a month. now, go puff already delivers beer in the city and in the wake of this new competition go puff is now offering 20% off all beer in philly. and the company says the deal is permanent. 5:21 right now on this saturday. coming up, a new tool. what's now being used to keep school buses safe while keeping an eye on drivers out on the roads. plus, the high school blitz features what could be the game of the year in pennsylvania. two heavy ragweights battle it for bragging rights.
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it wouldn't be a saturday morning in september without some high school football. welcome to the blitz. didn't win our game of the week as we begin that's because this is game of the year in pennsylvania. st. joe's prep and archbishop both reigning state champs, both coming off wins against north jersey national powers.
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cheerleaders ready and rocking, but the nationally ranked hawks tame them late in the half. mccray fires a strike to freeman for a first down. and marcus mason polishes off the drive by banging his way into the end zone from seven yards away. 17-7 lead then it's mccray at it again. this time calls his own digits. look at him move. he's got some wheels. swats away the wood defense. takes it just shy of the promise land. sets up another t.d. as prep rolls by 27-7. in south philly last night, knocking on the door, give it to the fullback. the meat truck bangs it hope. they shut out dobbins 22-0. catholic league versus pub league. brown finds a seam and busts out a big run. not much offense in this one. saints survive 8-7. and, oh, baby, even the little
5:26 am
ones ready to see kensing totond edison do battle. right into your living room and over a few defenders, get out the way. that's a six-point romp. they roll 33-6. and strawberry mansion, all mansion early, william pope out of the shotgun, throws up a prayer with a name like pope you know it's answered. white with the t.d. grab. the six with six, mansion rolls 30-8. let's go to lehigh valley, easton and parkland. into the first half easton coughs up the rock and werth making it rain with the scoop and score. breaking tackles for a 37-yard house call. parkland rolls 42-7. and south jersey catholic riled up to welcome bishop, all fighting irish in this one throwing haymakers as marcus cashes in from five yards away. c camden catholic spanks ewe tis
5:27 am
35-0. cherokee with the rock runs into trouble. release the hounds timber creek defense up to the task. the ball comes out, the crowd clears, stevenson stays on his feet, takes it to the end zone. timber creek wins 35-28. west depford hosting rolling bo ro, check out david green with a catch between two defenders. gets rocked but hangs on. enjoy that because that was their only score. west deptford wins. misshamny and north, brody mcandrew rolls and finds nice grab on the far sideline for the big game. let's go to first state. jordan benet breaks free. no whip. he's off to the races. i'm going to get that joke one of these types.
5:28 am
bird's eye view of the action with some skylights upper motherland and plymouth. upper moreland pinned on their own five, but forget about it. ster lin says i'll take this, romping 95 yards for the touchdown. they win 41-7. william pen net looking for first "w." eddie receiving the punt here. and look at him work. bobbing and weaving like a young ali in his prime. watch this defender. makes him look silly. almost gets it to the end zone. he'll score on the next play. penn ridge visiting, diving in from four yards away, they win it 34-3. tfrs fun but that's it for the blitz. have a great saturday. >> here's your choices for next friday's game of the week, good one between south jersey between millville and st. augustine,
5:29 am
oxford and unionville or downing town east versus boishop shanahan. call, text or log onto we continue to follow breaking news out of philadelphia. a shooting just outside of a bar. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live outside police headquarters. randy. >> reporter: yeah, bullets fly outside of a hooka bar in north philly. coming up next, the security guard at the right place and right time who helped stop even more carnage. and take a look at our radar and satellite, not a lot to talk about in terms of rain on the forecast today, but as we go into your next workweek we'll look at impacts hurricane jose might have. still dark outside this morning, but i think you'll like your saturday forecast. it's coming up. where are we?
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