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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ right now on nbc 10 news today, stopping a gunman. breaking overnight, a security guard opens fire and kills a man
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after a shooting outside of a bar. we are live following the investigation. preying on children, a man tries to lure kids in philadelphia. and now police are on the hunt to track him down. what he's been caught doing that has families on alert. churning toward the coast, still a ways away, but we're watching it, hurricane jose could eventually have an impact on the jersey shore and at the delaware beaches. we've got you covered in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm rosemary connor, thanks for being with us. just a little after 6:00 on this saturday. let's start with weekend weather. we are keeping an eye on jose, but in the meantime pretty pleasant conditions out there. meteorologist krystal klei has the details. krystal. >> for those who don't want to quite yet let go of summer, this will be a very welcome weekend forecast. take a look at radar and satellite map. we have pretty much clear sky conditions, few spotty clouds
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out there this morning and that's about it. no rain to track. if we go wide view, there's no large systems moving our way either. we don't have a front or low pressure center bringing in a good bit of rain. instead, all we're going to see this afternoon are chances of some isolated showers due to just some of that afternoon warming and a little bit of moisture that's suspended in the air. really it's a fairly dry forecast today and even tomorrow. current temperatures right now we're at 62 mt. holly, 69 in philadelphia. dover also at 66 degrees. so we've got these temperatures in the 60s right now, but by later today we're going to warm up to warmer than average temperatures. average would be 78 in philly, we're talking low to mid 80s for high temperatures. warm and humid today. not the kind of warm and humid you would picture in the middle of summer but you might notice more sticky air than we've been seeing. tomorrow a mostly dry forecast as well. then we're watching jose and the impacts it will bring to us monday through wednesday. in a few minutes we'll talk more about what those impacts are and who could see rain with jose.
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all right. now to that breaking news we're following out of philadelphia. a security guard shoots and kills a gunman just outside a bar moments before the shooter opened fire on a man and woman. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live from police headquarters to tell us more about the investigation. randy. >> reporter: rosemary, this happened outside of a hookah bar in north philadelphia, and that security guard you mentioned is cooperating with police, being interviewed by homicide detectives here at police headquarters. the bullets started flying just a bit before midnight at this hookah bar near the intersection of germantown and cumberland streets. police say the 30-year-old suspect was outside and began wildly shooting at people who were walking down the street, including a man and a woman who were hit in the legs. they were possibly patrons heading to this bar. police say the security guard who was on duty at the time saw what was happening and then confronted the suspect.
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>> the security guard had a weapon. he was armed. and he shot multiple times on the shooter, the person shooting at the people walking down the street. >> reporter: and that 30-year-old shooter was hit in the stomach. police say he ran away dropping his gun. he was taken by a private car to temple hospital where he later died. meantime, those two other victims are expected to survive. they were hit in the legs. right now police still working to figure out exactly why that shooter began opening fire outside a busy bar. for now, we're live at police headquarters, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. also breaking overnight, this time in the midwest. violent protests erupt in st. louis after a judge acquits a white former police officer in the death of an african-american man. protesters threw bricks and bottles. at least 11 officers are hurt. the protesters also targeted the
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mayor's house with rocks and paint. police have arrested 32 people in the incident. yesterday a judge acquitted former officer jason stockley of first-degree murder. he was accused of shooting anthony lamar smith after a car chase in 2011. prosecutors say the former officer planted a weapon in smith's car. after the judge read the verdict, he said he understands the anger of the smith family but he is not to blame. knew overnight back in our area, an armed gunman targets two women in south philadelphia. the women were in a car in this parking lot here of the holiday inn around 1:00 this morning. that's when a man with a gun approached them and robbed them. at one point the gun went off but nobody was hurt. the suspect got away with a purse and a phone. this morning philadelphia police are hoping a picture of a car will help a man wanted for trying to prey on children. this is the car police believe is connected to six attempted lurings in northeast philadelphia. a neighbor who does not want to be identified gave this photo to
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police. yesterday she helped a 10-year-old girl who claims a man unzipped his pants right in front of her on gillespie street. >> and she was crying hysterical. andiv and i was like, okay, calm down and she was like the man in the black car. >> investigators tell us the man they are looking for also targeted children on nearby ditman street on two separate occasions. yesterday morning he pulled up alongside a girl walking to school and asked if he could take her picture for money. police also say on thursday witnesses spotted him taking pictures and recording children at the sullivan school. a plea deal means no trial for jeffrey sandusky, the son of convicted child molester jerry sandusky. yesterday jeffrey sandusky pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges. his trial was set to begin in a week. now, under this plea deal the 41-year-old will serve at least three to six years in prison, but the judge could give him more time. prosecutors say sandusky asked two underage kids to send him nude photos and to perform sex
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acts. in 2012 the jury found jeffrey's father, jerry sandusky, guilty of sexually abusing ten boys. the former penn state assistant football coach is now serving 30 to 60 years in prison. overseas in london, police are announcing an arrest in yesterday's subway terror attack. this just came into our newsroom within the past 15 minutes. an 18-year-old young man is now in custody. meantime, more police and troops will be on the streets today as the city prepares for the possibility of another attack. the terror threat is at a critical level after the bomb attack on a london subway yesterday. remnants of the device that burst into flames were left behind in the subway car. >> fireball just engulfed the whole tube carriage. the whole carriage was orange coming towards us. >> 29 people were hurt. the device had a timer but did not detonate properly, which may have helped police make that
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arrest. today, a final farewell for a south jersey sailor killed in a collision involving the "u.s.s. john s. mccain." k kenneth smith was an electronics technician. visitation begins at 1:00 this afternoon st. andrew's united methodist church in cherry hill. smith was one of ten sailors who died when the mccain collided with an oil tanker off the coast of singapore last month. the navy is obviously investigating what led up to that crash. they did send a cyber team to confirm that computer hacking played no role in the collision. now developing, in pennsylvania the state has gone broke for the first time in history the state missed paying some bills because it doesn't have the money to do it. democratic governor tom wolfe and republican lawmakers remain at odds over how to plug a $2.2 billion budget deficit. because of the cash crunch the state will delay more than $1.5 billion in payments to medicaid
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insurers and to school districts. governor wolf says he will be making phone calls this weekend talking to lawmakers about the funding stalemate. nine minutes past 6:00 on this saturday. coming up, stepping up security. today, a charity race will return to the jersey shore one year after it became a target of a terror attack. what's being done this time to protect runners. running out of time, a local school district is facing a deadline to keep teachers in the classroom. why many worry that students are getting stuck in the middle of this fight. >> another fight is looming, brewing, i suppose, a beer battle. a new way to get brews delivered to your front door has sparked some new competition in philadelphia.
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welcome back. we're looking at visibility map again. this is in miles we're looking at. the max will be ten, that means it's perfectly great visibility
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for philly, northeast philadelphia. the lowest is of course zero, but when you see a half and quarter of a mile, that's more dense fog in place. and that's what we're seeing at half-mile in allentown, reading, quarter mile in lancaster, that's when you run into driving issues. areas like lancaster, atlantic city and millville all the way over the bay to dover, these are areas we're driving if you can hold off i would say hold off for maybe another couple hours because once the sun comes up we'll see the fog burn off and it's a much better picture outside than what it currently is in these locations. but again, we have that fog in place right now. some moisture kind of suspended in our air currently and it's going to make it feel a little humid by this afternoon as a result. but take a look there's really nothing to track out there. i know you see this blip of green, i don't think that's rain actually falling to the ground, just a false return from radar this morning. we will see an isolated chance of a shower this afternoon, but isolated being the keyword. spotty, light in nature, we won't all see it. 70 in philly this morning. 82 by 4:00 in the afternoon. about 80 80, 4:00 p.m.
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up to 82 at 4:00 in delaware. it's not just new jersey with the chance, but you see our planner is showing just a little spot shower for new jersey, the shore at about 77 at 4:00 this afternoon. i want to talk more about the impacts of jose, specifically on the shore, coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks for that, krystal. tonight, it will be dancers, not drivers, on the falls bridge in east falls. the annual dance on the falls bridge begins at 7:00 this evening. the bridge is shut downright now. it's decorated so the dancers can make their moves all night long. the event benefits the east falls development corporation in philadelphia. 6:13 right now on this saturday. coming up on alert, how police are protecting runners at a charity race at the shore one year after it became the target of a bombing. plus, a banana left on a door? temple police are investigating
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at bass pro shops. yeah. must've been hot out there today, huh? yeah ok. yeah. beat even the toughest stains and odors with new super... ...concentrated tide sport. the new tide sport collection. it's got to be tide today, folks at the jersey shore are preparing to host a race that was targeted in a terror attack last year. the semper five marine corps charity run in seaside heights is just down the road from last year's race site in seaside park. that's where a suspected terrorist blew up a trash can just before the start of the event. fortunately, nobody was hurt. seaside park was just one target a year ago. a bomb also went off in new york's chelsea neighborhood injuring more than two dozen people. and in elizabeth, new jersey, fortunately nobody was hurt when two men found a backpack filled with pipe bombs. ahmad khan rahini will go on
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trial next month. police arrested him following a shootout with officers. the police chief in seaside heights says security is this year's top priority with officers posted and crews removing trash cans all along the race route. >> just kind of threw a whole search net over the whole town. this is a huge undertaking for seaside heights and we're not going to take any chances that something's going to happen on our watch. >> i think that's a good idea, that we see them around. and it's beforehand and not after. >> police tell nbc 10 there is more security in place for today's race than there was for prince harry's visit to seaside heights after hurricane sandy. they will be running to the beat this weekend in philadelphia. the rock and roll half marathon and all the events related with it starts this morning at 7:00 along the ben franklin parkway. here's a live look from the starting line. nobody out there just yet, but they're stretching and making their way down to the parkway.
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the 5k and 10k races will take off while live bands play. the event raises money for cancer research. i was looking at the race routes, so keep in mind that there may be a little bit of a traffic detour. looks like they loop around mlk, martin luther king drive, but the half marathon come into center city, stop by around city hall. in years passed they've gone down to old city. little bit of change this year. >> this is a day where you walk instead of drive if you're in the city already because we're looking at pretty nice conditions for our last weekend officially of summer this coming friday as we will turn over to fall. let's look at radar and satellite map. right now not a lot to talk about. there's no rain, no clouds, no system moving our direction that would bring us a good bit of rain. instead, today just an isolated shower is possible in the afternoon. kind of like what we've been seeing for the last handful of days where a little shower here or there in the afternoon is certainly possible, but it's not a guarantee. and you can see that we decided to go with icons and show the
6:19 am
mix of clouds and sunshine because that chance is fairly limited. so you might see sprinkle, but it's not going to be long lasting and will not ruin afternoon plans if you have them. 84 in philadelphia, 83 pennsylvania suburbs. south jersey at 82 and delaware 81. those are temperatures warmer than average for this time of year. the average in philadelphia is 78 degrees. you can say thanks to high pressure for the warmup in our temperatures. hour by hour let's talk about the sprinkles you might see. here we go 1:30 in the afternoon you see blips of green on radar, or future radar i should say, it's not going to be a lot of rain if anything, some of us might not even see a drop at all. through 4:30 see a little shower moving by parts of philadelphia, chester county and those kind of fall apart through 9:00 in the evening might have one lingering shower over parts of the suburbs or lehigh valley. but really it's going to be scattered clouds and sun today with that just low chance of a drop falling overhead. as we go into your sunday, scattered clouds again, and i personally looking at some of the different models to run through, think sunday's going to
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be dry. but we do see this model giving us an isolated shower along the northern edge of our viewing zone. a little leftover moisture suspended in the air makes it feel more humid, which is why this model is likely giving us just that isolated chance. switching gears now, let's talk about hurricane jose. category 1 hurricane right now. you can see satellite imagery but still pretty much in the exact same spot it was yesterday. i haven't had to change that cam fra frame at all which shows you how little it has moved over the last handful of days. we have a rip current risk though locally as a result of jose. no surprise we've been seeing this. moderate risk today. so check with beach patrols in the area and if you can stay out of the water and enjoy it from afar that's the best plan because this is moderate risk threat for all of our delaware beaches and jersey shore. let's talk about the track a little bit. what we're looking at with hurricane jose, winds right now at 80 miles per hour. that is a category 1 hurricane. you can see the previous track why it hasn't moved anything and did a little loop out to sea. now it's going to start making that drive to the north paralleling the east coast
6:21 am
getting kind of close to parts of cape hatteras here by right around the early hours of your monday, still a category 1 hurricane. look at the projected track from the national hurricane center. it keeps everything out to sea, but the cone indicates how close it could be to us locally. i want to point out that the air on day four to five is around 175 miles per hour. i measured from this red line to jersey shore, that's 175 miles. is there a possibility this could come closer? yes, that's something we'll clear up in the next couple days. we'll talk about local impacts in your next half hour. get ready for the beer delivery wars to begin. postmates is an app that delivers takeout to your door and now expanding to include beer delivery in philadelphia. anybody who uses the new option in the first week will get free delivery for a month. sounds like a pretty good deal, right? well, gopuff already delivers beer in the city. and in the wake of this new competition, the company is now offering 20% off all beer in philly. and the company says that deal is permanent.
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6:21 right now on this saturday. coming up, a new tool. what's now being used to keep school buses and the kids who ride them safe while also keeping an eye on drivers. plus, the high school blitz features what could be the game of the year in pennsylvania. we're talking prep, wood, we got it all for you as the two heavyweights battle it out for bragging rights.
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it wouldn't be a saturday morning in september without some high school football. welcome to the blitz. didn't win our game of the week as we begin, but that's because this is the game of the year in pennsylvania. st. joe's prep and archbishop wood both reigning state champs both coming off impressive wins against north jersey national powers. here we go, cheerleaders ready and rocking from wood. but the nationally ranked hawks take control late in the first half. mccray fires a strike to johnny freeman for a first down. and marcus mason polishes off the drive by banging his way into the end zone from seven yards away. prep grabs a 17-7 lead. then it's mccray at it again. this time calls his own digits. look at him move.
6:26 am
he's got some wheels. swats away the wood defense, taking shy of the promise land, sets up another t.d. as prep rolls by 27-7. dob bins and polumbo in south philly last night. why not give it to the fullback ernst collins? the meat truck bangs it hope shutting out dobbins 22-0. catholic league versus public league, letty versus northeast, letty brown finds a seam and busts out a big run. not much offense in this one. saints survive 8-7. and, oh, baby, little ones ready to see kensington and edison putting on a battle. smith running right into your living room and over two defenders. get out of the way. that's a six-point romp. they roll 33-6. strawberry mansion, all mansion early. william pope out of the shotgun, throws a prayer and with a name like pope you know it's answered. white with the t.d. grab.
6:27 am
the six god with six, mansion rolls 30-8. let's go to lehigh valley, easton and parkland. into the first half easton coughs up the rock and worth making it rain with the scoop and score. breaking tackles for a 37-yard house call. parkland rolls 42-7. and south jersey camden catholic all riled up to welcome bishop eustice, all fighting irish in this one throwing haymakers. camden catholic spanks 35-0. cherokee and timber creek battling it out. cherokee with the rock but they run into some trouble, release the hounds timber creek defense up to the task. ball comes out, crowd clears, stevenson stays on his feet, skates into the end zone. timber creek wins 35-28. west dept ffford hosting
6:28 am
willingboro. enjoy that, only score, west deptford wins 34-6. the council and rock north, this one brody mcandrew rolls and finds zack and nice grab on the far sideline for the big game. they cruise 32-0. let's go to first state delaware where st. marks late third quarter caraville's jordan benet breaks free. no whip. caravel rolls. i'm going to get that joke one of these times. bird's eye view with action. uppermoreland pinned on their own 5, just ten seconds in the half, but forget about it. romping 95 yards for the touchdown. they win 41-7. wi william looking for first "w." north receiving the punt here and look at him work.
6:29 am
bobbing and weaving like a young ali in his prime. watch this defender. makes him look silly. almost gets it to the end zone. they will score next play. penn ridge visiting souderton. diving in from four yards away, they win it 34-3. . it was fun, but that's it for the blitz. i'm danny pommells, have a great saturday. not to worry, we can have more fun friday night. you get to pick the game of the week. we got a good one out of south jersey between millville and st. augustine, oxford and unionville, or downingtown east versus bishop shanahan. cast your vote, call, text or log onto it's just before 6:30 right now on this saturday. we continue to follow breaking news out of philadelphia. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is live at police headquarters to fill us in, randy. >> reporter: rosemary, bullets fly outside of a hookah bar in north philadelphia.
6:30 am
two people shot. and coming up next, the security guard who stepped in and may have even saved some lives.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, gunned down by a guard, a shooter opens fire outside a philadelphia bar hitting two people. we're live at police headquarters with details of the security officer who jumped in to action. outrage and violence, nearly a dozen cops in the midwest are injured this morning as protesters take to the streets in the wake of an officer's acquittal. we are watching this storm. hurricane jose is inching a little bit closer to the coast. and it eventually could have an impact at the delaware beaches and at the jersey shore. we've got the latest on jose's track in the first alert neighborhood forecast. still a little ways out but don't want to be caught off guard, right? good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us.
6:33 am
i'm rosemary connors, just after 6:30 on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate forecast in the region. and we're starting off with some pretty pleasant temperatures out there, krystal. >> not a bad start at all, rosemary. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. a few of us flirting with the 70s. 69 in northeast philadelphia and officially at the airport as well. 61 in mt. holly and 66 trenton, lancaster at 62. i should note quickly we have more dense fog lining up from about lancaster to allentown and from about dover to atlantic city. so that slices right through millville. those are the areas right now with more dense fog that will likely start to burn off now that the sun is starting to come up and temperatures should begin to rise. here's a look at radar and satellite view. fairly clear picture out there right now. some high clouds possible, but mostly sunshine to start. partly cloudy through your afternoon, but really no big worries. an isolated shower is possible, but look there's no big cold front moving in or large storm center that would roll by and cause issues. this is a pretty good weekend forecast that we have. now, as we go through the
6:34 am
weekend, we will feel some of the impacts down at the shore from hurricane jose. and by next week between monday and wednesday we may see jose brush somewhat close to our neck of the woods. we're going to talk more about the updated track potential and what we'll feel locally, coming up. >> we'll keep a close eye on it, thanks, krystal. now to breaking news we're following, a security guard shoots and kills a gunman just outside the bar. the guard fired his gun after a gunman shot two passers by. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is helping us piece it together. he joins us live from police headquarters, randy. >> reporter: rosemary, this shooting happened outside of a hookah bar in north philadelphia. that security guard you mentioned is cooperating with police. he was interviewed by homicide detectives early this morning. the first bullets started flying just before midnight at the hookah bar near the intersection of germantown and cumberland streets. police say a 30-year-old suspect began wildly shooting at people
6:35 am
who were outside walking down the street including a man and woman who were shot in the legs. they may have been patrons heading to this bar. police say the security guard who was on duty at the time saw what was happening and then immediately moved in to confront the suspect. >> but the guard was on duty at the time standing by the front door when he observed only feet away from him this male approach from cumberland street and begin open fire on pedestrians that were walking down the street. >> reporter: and that security guard shot the suspect in the stomach multiple times. that suspect then ran away dropping his gun. he was taken to temple hospital where he later died from his injuries. meantime, those other two victims are both expected to survive. and right now police are still trying to work out what exactly caused all those bullets to fly this morning in north philadelphia. for now, live at police headquarters, randy gyllenhaal,
6:36 am
nbc 10 news. more breaking news, this time in st. louis. violent protests erupted after a judge acquitted a white former police officer in the murder of an african-american man. at least 11 officers are hurt, 32 people have been arrested. protesters say they plan to return to the streets today. this comes after a judge acquitted former officer jason stockley of first-degree murder. he was accused of shooting anthony lamar smith and planting a weapon in his vehicle following a car chase in 2011. back here in our area, parents in northeast philly are on edge and on the look out for a man who tried to lure children in the neighborhood six different times. take a look. this is the car police believe is connected to the incidents that happened on thursday and friday. a neighbor gave the photo to police. she tells us she helped a 10-year-old girl who claims a man unzipped his pants right in front of her yesterday on gillespie street. parents are concerned.
6:37 am
>> they managed to get away, so that's a good thing. i'm happy about that. >> that the kids got away. but, again, police still looking for the man who got away. they believe he targeted children on ditman street on two separate occasions this week. yesterday morning he pulled up alongside a girl walking to school and asked if he could take her picture for money. and then on thursday he was seen taking pictures and recording children at the sullivan school. now to new details in the death of a college student athlete in the lehigh valley and how alcohol may have played a role in the initial call for help. mccrae williams was found unconscious outside of his dorm at lafayette college sunday afternoon. the school official confirms to nbc 10 that a caller told campus police the 19-year-old lacrosse player had been drinking and needed medical help. williams died at the hospital on monday. an autopsy revealed that he died from blunt force head injuries, but it's unclear how he got those injuries. let's head now to montgomery county where representatives
6:38 am
with the methacton teachers union say they're optimistic about reaching a contract deal before strike deadline tomorrow night. the strike loomed over friday night football at methacton high school. the union gave a 48-hour notice to parents. the school district calls the times of the strike decision disheartening with students stuck in the middle. >> you can't go into a class without someone bringing up the strike to their teacher. >> we're not anti-teacher, but we're just, you know, looking out for the kids and hoping it's resolved quickly. >> contract negotiations between the school district and the teachers union began back in january. wages and insurance premiums remain the sticking points. bill cosby's retrial on sex assault charges is now scheduled for april 2nd of next year. it will once again be in norristown, montgomery county. cosby accused of sexually assaulting a former temple employee at his home in 2004. the first trial as you may
6:39 am
remember ended earlier this summer without a verdict when the jury told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked on all counts. 6:39 right now. is it a sign of intimidation? the racist messages some students say at temple university were left on their dorm room door. plus, talk about an expensive drink. why a pint of beer will cost a restaurant in atlantic city $750,000. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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it's just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00, we head to new york and say good morning to shenl jones. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today," we're following breaking news out of london where police have just arrested a man in connection with a subway bombing. plus, we're live in st. louis where overnight dozens of people were arrested when a protest
6:42 am
over the acquittal of a police officer in a deadly shooting turned violent. several officers injured and this morning the officer who was acquitted is speaking out. also ahead this morning, the steps you need to take right now to protect your credit in light of that massive equifax data breach. and how nba players on both coasts are coming to the rescue of hundreds of pets left homeless after hurricane irma. >> those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today," rosemary. >> all right. we'll see you at 7:00. plenty to cover. thanks for that. all right. we're back to the visibility map. we've been checking this every half hour to see how conditions are improving or falling apart. you can see they're improving a bit to the north. lancaster now at 3 miles visibility, which is fine to drive in. quarter mile still in reading and half a mile in allentown, don't drive in it if you don't have to. farther south things have gotten worse over dover. now that visibility is reading
6:43 am
zero which means driving just not really an option because it's so dense even with fog lights. so if you can skip out for another half hour or so, i think you'll be in better shape. also see dense fog over parts of atlantic city. at the airport there's been concern with flights having issues so you might want to check out online if you're flying out of there. let's look at the hour by hour model. so as we go through today, we're going to see scattered clouds, some isolated showers possible. i actually think this model goes with a little too much rain, but what it's showing it's so spotty and light in nature from 3:00 p.m. right on through 10:00 at night, just really isolated showers. a little drop here or there certainly possible but it's not a washout and not going to ruin your saturday plans. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast and what to expect with hurricane jose. field of dreams, also coming up, the story behind this special message for the philadelphia 76ers. cancer challenges us.
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to find smarter solutions. to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at
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in a new jersey court ruling, a restaurant patron who drank tainted beer in atlantic city will receive half of a $750,000 jury award. richard washer won the award after filing a lawsuit claiming he burned his esophagus and stomach at the mccormick's restaurant in harrah's casino in 2012. the beer was tainted with a chemical used to clean the tap lines. the restaurant's parent company which blames the cleaning company for the chemical left in the line says it will appeal this ruling. temple university is investigating an alleged case of racial intimidation on campus. two black students tell nbc 10 they found this banana hanging outside their dorm room monday night. roommates say they confronted the student they claim is responsible. according to roommates a student told them he just happened to
6:47 am
toss the banana in the air and it happened to land on the door. we're told that student will be punished and the roommates will have a say in the penalty. >> i want them to understand what they did wrong, you know what i mean? >> do you think they should be punished at all? suspended? anything like that? >> yeah, that was rude. >> students say this is the second time this has happened at that same dorm just this week. temple university officials tell nbc 10 the school will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment. temple university is also taking on another issue that faces college campuses really across the country. this morning the school says it's doing something different when it comes to sex assaults. the school unveiled a new online reporting system for anybody who has been assaulted. the psa was shown during last night's football game at the linc. thousands of students -- the system isn't only for students at the school, it's for any victims. the reports don't go straight to the police though because some victims don't want officers to know about it.
6:48 am
we're going to continue to follow that story. 6:47 right now on this saturday. we're also following the weather. meteorologist krystal klei has the details in the first alert neighborhood forecast, krystal. >> hi, rosemary. few cameras to show the fog i was talking about a few minutes ago. this is the cape may marina, it's hard to tell because of the fogginess. these are the areas if you don't need to drive this morning, that'd be best. it's not going to be like this all day long, but during our morning hours when our dew point and temperature they match, that's when you start to see the foggy conditions. good thing is the temperature's going to be picking up here throughout the morning hours. live camera view looking over center city. this is from south philly looking to centre city. we have moisture suspended in the air so a little foggy. then you see the same situation in easton, pennsylvania, a little foggy but certainly you can drive in these areas. on our radar and satellite, so we've got this wide view here but not a thing to track. maybe a cold front moving through with rain or storm center bringing us rain. we don't have any of that. this is actually a pretty good
6:49 am
weekend forecast. we've got the chance of some isolated showers, like i just showed you a moment ago with the future model. otherwise a mix of clouds and sun today. 84 in philadelphia, 82 lehigh valley, delaware at a high of 81. average this time of year is in the upper 70s. so this is warmer than average for our last weekend of summer. on our sunday, about the same. low 80s across the board, some upper 70s at the shore and delaware. i think it will be even a little more dry on sunday meaning the chance of isolated showers pretty much lifted for your sunday. so this is a pretty good forecast. but again, today you could see a spot afternoon shower. now, something that is not so good, the rip current risk. a moderate risk today along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. this is because the waters have just been churned up by hurricane jose. and will continue to be like this until jose passes. so this is going to be an issue day after day, in fact i wouldn't be surprised if this is elevated to high in the next day or two. so few you can stay out of the water certainly the best option. same situation for small craft. there's an advisory in place
6:50 am
building waves to six feet, which means dangerous boating conditions for smaller craft certainly possible. you can ta up-to-date with this by downloading our nbc 10 app where we continue with updates. let's talk about the track projection here. so we're looking at winds currently of 80 miles per hour with jose. it's going to make that hook parallel to the east coast from today on through early monday. and then from monday through tuesday, wednesday this is when it approaches somewhat close to us. notice while the red track may have it out to sea, the cone is very close to us. and that is the area where this could wobble around still. so there's certainly going to be local impacts including rough surf and for the shore some possible beach erosion or minor coastal flooding. we'll talk more about that in your ten-day on ten in just a bit. this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good to see you this saturday morning. i'm danny pommells from csn. the phillies coming off a
6:51 am
three-game sweep against the marlins hoping to ride that momentum into their weekend slate with the oakland athletics coming to south philly. starting pitcher getting roughed up compliments of a home run that went upper deck off matt olsen's bat. my goodness, a's up 2-0. next batter, next inning i should say, this time matt joyce with the yard work over the right field fence. oakland extending their lead 4-0. and that would be enough. phillies get shutout 4-0. didn't get any last night, but rhiyshos kins now up to 18 home runs in the season in 35 games and even his own teammates are surprised what he's been able to do at the dish. >> fun to watch, but it's still underappreciated. i don't think everyone quite understands how hard it is to just do that over and over again. >> yeah, i get some texts every now and then like, hosky is unbelievable. yeah, we all know. that guy's awesome.
6:52 am
>> just every day seems to hit a home run, just seems like he can never keep it up but he still finds a way. >> if you could pick one word to describe what he's done, what would it be? >> wow. >> yeah, wow is right. now, that clock you hear ticking, that's because the countdown to kickoff is on. eagles and chiefs tomorrow 1:00 at arrowhead stadium. the birds heading to the week two matchup with the chiefs though minus rookie running back. he'll miss at least half the season with a torn hamstring. meanwhile rest of the team have a tough test on the road at one of the hardest stadiums to play in the nfl. >> arrowhead stadium there's quite the atmosphere, heard nothing but great things. obviously their fans i'm sure will come out rocking. we have to be able to handle the noise and be on our ps and qs in terms of communication. >> we know we didn't play that well on the road last season. it's a time to prove that we can play on the road. but, you know, also win on the road. >> story lines abound in this one. this will be the first head-to-head matchup between doug pederson and andy reid,
6:53 am
both long history with each other stretching back to the '90s when doug played for andy here at philly. once that whistle blows at kickoff, it will be all business on both sides of the rock. >> and it will be exciting. it will be fun. you know, i know the emotions will be -- they'll be flying high. but i'll keep him in check the best i can. and once the game gets here and we kick it off, all that goes aside and, you know, he's wanting to beat me, i'm wanting to beat him and just try to get our guys in position to be successful. >> yeah, football kicking off, baseball winding down. but hockey season right around the corner. flyers back on the ice. the team opened their training camp at skate zone in voorhees. gla claude giroux talking about how important to get camp. >> the first game comes you're at your best and to be able to
6:54 am
have a win. so just today's practice was the intensity is probably one of the best i've ever had during camp. and it wasn't easy out there. i think that's the kind of camp you want. >> finally, the sixers get back to work later this month. and this is modeling of the new threads. this is special statement jerseys. they'll wear these for eight games this season, three of them will be home games. that's all for sports. i'm danny pommells from csn.
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a south jersey school district is now using a new tool to keep students who ride the bus safe. franklin township in gloucester county added stop arm cameras to its 35 buses. so here's the deal, when the school bus stops and that arm comes out with the stop sign, a sensor turns the camera on and will record drivers who go around the bus illegally. the pictures as you can see are clear enough to read license plates. citations will then be sent to the car owners. we are, you know, early into football season, but this farm in montgomery county is ready for basketball season to begin. yesterday skyforce 10 came across this 76ers themed corn maze, of course sending the message to the 76ers, trust the process. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning. breaking news. captured. police in london make an arrest in connection with that terror attack inside a london subway. the arrest coming just a day after dozens were hurt in an incident that could have been far worse. while authorities there warn another attack could be imminent. breaking overnight, violent protests. dozens of people in st. louis under arrest after taking to the streets in anger hours after a white police officer was found not guilty in the shooting death of a black suspect. the protest making it all the way to the st. louis mayor's house as the officer speaks out about the deadly day. >> it was an imminent threat to my life.


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