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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 18, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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dangerous rip currents will stay with us through the time. minor coastal flooding with heavy rainfall possible tomorrow and also elevated ways the high tides coming in could cause minor flooding at the shore and beach erosion, as well. as well as dangerous winds later tomorrow and tomorrow night. this morning, dealing with fog in the suburbs. a long way away from anything tropical. hazleton, zero visibility, two-mile visibility in coatesville. that's improving. the fog starting to disappear already even though the sun is not up. 70, around 70 degrees to start with. we will warm into the 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. a chance of some late-day showers. most of the day, just going to be mostly cloudy. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you what you can expect from jose in your neighborhood when i come back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. right. and we're starting on 95. gerard avenue, both directions okay. southbound is what we typically
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watch for the morning commute because that's headed toward center city and sees the most delays. southbound from woodhaven to the vine, speeds are into the 60s. a 12-minute trip there. no problems so far on 95. the 42 freeway in jersey looks good, too. northbound side, moving up to the walt whitman bridge, a four-minute trip. light there. we're moving quickly. and checking in with the bridges, too. the ben franklin is clear. the tacony palmyra and burlington bristol bridge right now have no openings on the way. of course i'll keep checking and have another update when i come back in about ten. as jose nears the east coast, rough surf is already making it dangerous to go into the water at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. katy zachry is live in atlantic city. katy? >> reporter: to my right where the coastline is and the water, the surf is rough and only going to get rougher. on the boardwalk things have changed in the last half hour. the light mist that we were feeling and slight wind seems to
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have dissipated a little bit. it's definitely muggy here. that mist could easily return. now take a look at video we got yesterday of the conditions in the water. the rip current threat is high here at the jersey shore, as well as for delaware beaches. that started this weekend. yesterday, beach-goers dealt with strong surf, big waves, and overcast skies. in ventner, lifeguards were telling people not to swim, and if they did go in the water, to stay close to the shore. those who did venture in tell us it was rough. that worries people like ken babbitt who has a house here at the shore. it was damaged in superstorm sandy. he's not taking chances even with hurricane jose expected to stay well off the shore. >> we're not going to be here -- we can let it go and take things upstairs. i brought them upstairs, beach chairs, things that might be floating in the water like last
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time. >> reporter: coming up in the next half hour, while a lot of people are moving away from the beach and leaving the beach, not going in the water when conditions are like they have been and as we're predicting the next few days, we did found people literally rushing to the beach and jumping in. you'll hear from them coming up at 5:30. reporting live, nbc10 news. >> make sure you have the nbc10 app to keep track of jose on the go. sign up to get severe weather alerts for your neighborhood. 5:03. in montgomery county, teachers in the methacton school district are on strike, meaning no classes for 5,000 students. emergency contract talks in eagleville last night ended without a deal. we're told progress was made on salary increases, but the talks broke off when the district and the union could not agree on how much teachers should pay for their own health insurance. >> we don't want anybody to think we don't care about the kids and their education, but our group is solidly together.
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>> we're all reeling from the shock of the message. >> we will be meeting as appropriate and hopefully in the next week. >> coming up at 5:30, nbc10's pamela osbourne will have a live report on the strike and how it's affecting parents. and the methacton school district released its contingency plans for students and parents. you can find a link to the plans on the nbc10 app. 5:04. this morning, philadelphia police looking for a couple who robbed an 87-year-old woman of her jewelry and knocked her to the ground. the woman's daughter told nbc10 the pair knocked on her mom's door in south philly yesterday. they asked for directions before forcing their way inside and robbing her. even taking the wedding ring off her finger. >> threw her to the ground, assaulted her, held a gun to her neck and told her not to scream or they would kill her. >> the victim went to the hospital to get checked out. she's expected to be okay. senator bob menendez is
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focused on his job during his trial for federal corruption charges. his twitter feed shows tweets about health care, the huge national guard and hispanic heritage month. before court adjourned for the weekend, we learned more about the flights at the center of the bribery charges against him. two pilots testified that they flew mendez on private planes paid for by a florida eye doctor. prosecutors say the flights were part of a path earn of bribe -- pattern of bribery. menendez denies the allegations and says the gifts were between friends. now to a still-developing story in st. louis. a third straight day of protests led to more than 80 arrests overnight. police took guns, protective gear, and other weapons from one rioter. the mayor says the vast majority of protesters were nonviolent and blamed agitators for the unrest. the chaos follows a not guilty verdict for a white police officer who shot and killed a black man. saturday the peaceful protests
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turned violent. several hundred protesters screamed "stop killing us." protesters also smashed the windows of two dozen businesses. >> we do not condone this. and i'm probably speaking for a lot of us. >> both u2 and ed sheeran canceled concerts in the area this weekend. everyone is safe following a house fire at the jersey shore. here's at scene at 87th and stone harbor. the fire erupted before 1:00 sunday afternoon. we're told despite the entire home being engulfed in flames, it did not take firefighters long to get the fire under control. meanwhile, septa maintenance work will close part of spruce street in university city starting today. spruce will be closed between 38th and 40th through september 29th. the detour route in both directions will follow baltimore heavy. here's a look at the detour signs. the roadway will be closed, but sidewalks will stay open. septa is replacing trolley
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tracks in the area. here's a live view from the lafayette hotel to cape may. winds changing, a nine-mile-an-hour breeze in atlantic city. stronger than wilmington or philadelphia, but not by much. lingering fog in easton. the thickest fog in hazleton, the mountains, coatesville was down to zero visibility. now it's two miles there. it was down to one-mile visibility, an improvement in quakertown. no sign of fog at the northeast philadelphia airport, philadelphia, or wilmington. fog free, though clouds are starting to move into delaware and south jersey. a chance of showers later today. 60s, warm and muggy. there's a difference, south jersey, 68. 69 in philadelphia.
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a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. just enough of a cooldown to allow the fog to form. cooler, and you have the foggy spots. what we don't see is any rain from jose. the strong storm system is weakening. down to 85 miles per hour. a category-1 hurricane. the hurricane force winds will stay offshore. a massive storm. you see the clouds just off the jersey shore and delaware beaches. clouds moving in during the day. a chance of showers today, but heavy rain will hold off until tomorrow, and that's when we'll see stronger winds tomorrow for the jersey shore and delaware beaches. we're already seeing the rip current risk. the rough surf continues all day. a high risk of dangerous rip currents. don't even think about going into the water. temperatures will be warming into the 70s this afternoon. still 60s at 9:00. clouds, sprinkles possible in new jersey. hour by hour, noontime, 73 in
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philadelphia. 72 in allentown. you're more likely to see breaks of sunshine in the lehigh valley and berks county and lancaster than you are in delaware and south jersey. clouds will stay with us into the afternoon. 5:00 this afternoon, maybe a few sprinkles moving through inland, the clouds are coming inland from jose. that's 9:00 this evening. you see the light showers just shore. if you're looking for heavy rain, that's what i'm expecting tomorrow. at times at the shore and for the delaware beaches. at 5:00 tomorrow morning, the heaviest rainfall will be just off shore. then it moves in during the day. especially tuesday afternoon and into tuesday night. this is tuesday afternoon at 2:00. the rains will be spreading into philadelphia. a slow-moving system will impact the area more tomorrow than today. but it is going to be moving away eventually, too. i'll show when you to expect clearing skies when i come back with the ten day on ten 10 in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. almost ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. we'll take a look at the
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boulevard for your morning commute. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. jessica? right. guys, watching, that the boulevard around 17th. both directions so far look good. here's southbound. that's what's moving toward the schuylkill expressway. so far, so good. no big problems or delays reported. you see the cameras looking good. 422 is also great. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. no increase in the drive time yet. an eight-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s. we'll end here in new jersey on the 42 freeway, deptford at 41. so far, flno problems heading tt direction. offering hope and help to women caught up in violence. the new place women in our area will soon be able to get help when they feel like they are caught in a trap of violence at home. and not what he expected. the unusual tenants at president trump's old home.
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coney island has been around for a long, long time.
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refugees are taking over president trump's childhood home in new york. they wanted to draw attention to the refugee crisis as the united nations general assembly meets this week with a speech from president trump scheduled for tomorrow. the organization, oxfam, rented the home to send the message to world leaders and the president that they must do more to welcome refugees. mr. trump and his family lived in the house until he was about 4. in philadelphia crowds will come together for peace this week. >> peace day philly happens thursday. there are events already happening this week. these are pictures from last year's event. the international day of peace is september 21st. organizesers in our area -- organizers in our area say this year people are getting involved like never before. >> people are standing up. people who have never stood up for equality, for refugees, are standing up and getting involved. >> for more details on peace day philly, go to or check
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out our nbc10 i don't want. constitution day will be object -- nbc10 app. constitution day will be observed, the annual festival, filled with special programs. among them a naturalization ceremony like the one here. admission to the center is free. last night the ben franklin bridge was bathed in red, white, and blue to commemorate two special dates. 30 years ago the bridge was first ulime gnatted. and 230 years -- illuminated. and 230 years ago the constitution was signed. in the lehigh valley, get free vaccinations for your child at a back-to-school fair in bethlehem. officials will vaccinate students not covered by insurance at the middle school. the students can also get free school supplies, as well as books. 5:15. we'll find out how the roads look. >> jessica boyington is looking at that and 309. what are you seeing? >> so far, so good.
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around the p.a. turnpike, both directions look nice. roads are dry. everything's moving along. 95 looks good, too. moving toward center city, 13 minutes for the drive time on the southbound side. woodhaven to the vine street expressway. speeds still averaging into the 60s. so we typically don't see any big delays at this point on 95 until about 6:30 or so. we're about an hour still away from the delays. admiral wilson boulevard at the ben franklin moving that way. moving through new jersey to camden, over the problebridge, problems. the burlington bristol bridge, tacony palmyra tax, also clear. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. >> thank you. 16 minutes past 5:00 a.m. we're getting a little bit of everything today. a little fog, little mist, rain later this afternoon, i think. >> and meteorologist bill henley is watching two storms, right?
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>> yes. one that's going to be affecting us for the next few days. then maria could be impacting our area with winds and rain next week. for now, though, mostly cloudy skies here at the nbc10 studios. dry. rehoboth beach, the winds will be picking up this afternoon. not terribly strong right now. but the rough surf that we saw yesterday for the delaware beaches and jersey shore, that's still going. that's not going to be easing today. in fact, it's going to get worse later today and tomorrow. the winds lighter inland. that's going to be the case the next 48 hours. the stronger winds will develop this afternoon along the coast. they still expect we'll stay below 20 miles per hour. the 14 mile-per-hour an hour winds in wildwood. stronger for rehoboth. winds will be ramping up on tuesday. tomorrow. jose, still off shore. going to stay off shore.
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the hurricane-force winds down to 85 miles per hour. it's moving north, getting closer by staying offshore and moving north. that's why it's going to be getting stronger. the impacts in our area over the next 24 hours. right now, completely dry. clouds will be moving in especially this afternoon, with rain, as well. a category-1 storm. it will continue to weaken. expected to be a hurricane by 2:00 tomorrow morning. it will be off the north carolina coast at that time. as it moves north, eventually it will take a right turn as it weakens. that's a minimal hurricane off the jersey and delaware coastline. you see it's hundreds of miles offshore. the hurricane-force winds will be offshore. we could see tropical storm-force winds reaching the coastline. that's why we've issued a first alert, at least part of why we've issued a first alert. then as it weakens more, it becomes a tropical storm, it takes another turn to the right.
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it moves away from the area. the chance of showers, later today. most of the day, dry and mostly cloudy, 78 this afternoon. wind and rain will be ramping up tomorrow, especially right along the coast. we'll see showers inland. the winds to 20 miles per hour in philadelphia. but potentially tropical storm-winds, 39-mile-an-hour winds or higher at the coastline tomorrow. wednesday, still showers in the area. the wind will be elevated. not as strong as tuesday. the rough surf continues wednesday into thursday morning. look how nicely we clear out later in the week. temperatures in the low 80s. and low 80s for the first weekend of fall. 80 degrees on saturday. sunday up to 81 degrees. the nice weather continues next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> see you then. 55:19. the eagles will regroup after the loss in kansas city that came down to a wire. down by a touchdown under a minute to go. the birds recover the
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desperation on-side kick in the final seconds. quarterback carson wentz taking one last shot at the end zone for the tie. a hail mary. the chiefs tip it away as the clock runs out. wentz threw more than 40 paddle in the game -- passes in the game. his teammates say that's too many. >> i mean, that's not ideal. low 30s probably where you want them at. 30, 30, 30 runs, 30 passes if you're going to get 60 plays. >> obviously more balance is usually the way to go. it was the nature of the this game. >> and eagles' head coach doug pedersen gave props to coaches andy reid. they will play the giants coming up sunday. trouble for one of 'r' us c stock of one of the most popular items ahead. and up for sale. an iconic magazine putting out the "for sale" sign. what's behind the decision. and going healthy. the change that one fast food
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giant is making in order to get kids to make a better choice.
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jobseekers may want to stand out for the crowd, but a survey shows lying on a resume won't help them. careerbuilder found 70% of human resources have caught a lie on a resume. they gave examples including one applicant who claimed to be a spy for the cia during the same time he was in elementary school. another guy said he worked for microsoft but had no idea who bill gates was. lying doesn't work. h.r. managers surveyed say these three things will happen you land an interview. first, customize your resume to the position you're applying to. include a cover letter, and list your skills first. meanwhile, this morning, "rolling stone" magazine is up for sale. the magazine's co-founder said that he's selling his majority stake to best position the "rolling stone" brand for future
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growth. the magazine is considered the bible of rock and roll with some of the most iconic covers in publishing history. trouble for toys 'r' us as the chain gets ready for the upcoming holiday season. landon dowdy with more in cnbc business news. hi, good monday morning. toys 'r' us could be headed for bankruptcy before the holiday shopping season. the "wall street journal" reports the retailer could file for chapter 11 in the next several weeks. the company's suppliers are behind the move. reports say they're not shipping items unless they're paid in cash. toys 'r' us has most of its merchandise for the holidays, but restocking items could pose a problem. let's talk about immediately making a healthy -- about mcdonald's making a healthy change for kids. what's that about? >> reporter: mcdonald's happy meal is about to get healthier. fast food giant will switch to organic apple juice with less sugar starting next month. customer opt for 1% milk or
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nonfat chocolate milk. organic food is more popular than ever. last year sales of organic groceries topped $43 billion. checking markets on wall street, wall street looks to start the week in positive territory. the markets are coming off of a strong we go that saw the dow have its best week of the year helped by gains in the energy sector. and focus this week, a two-day meeting by the federal reserve. >> thanks. 5:26. 59 degrees outside. this year's emmy ceremony was about more than dramas and comedies. ahead, the new voices making waves. plus, putting the spotlight on hazing on college campuses after the death of penn state freshman timothy piazza. what the experts are saying needs to be done now to save lives later. 5:26. 69 degrees. clouds are starting to move into the area. a mostly cloudy morning. another day of rough surf at the jersey shore. dangerous rip currents as jose
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is still a hurricane and staying off shore but comes closest to our area. it will bring rough surf and high winds at the shore. i'll show when to expect those with the neighborhood forecast coming up.
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5:30. tracking hurricane jose and its impact on the area. heavy surf, strong winds, we'll talk about when the worst will arrive in the first alert forecast. sign of hate. a student at college finds a racist message on her door and how the school is responding. no school today. teachers in a montgomery county district will walk the picket line instead of heading to the classroom. a look at what's next for parents and students. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 today," i'm tracy davidson. >>


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