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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. next level stuff. >> right now at 11. feeling the power. this video from the island. where hurricane maria land fall
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within the last 90 minutes. that has grown to category five tonight. experts warn the damage across the caribbean could be catastrophic. >> not the only hurricane we're watching tonight. we have a double dose of storms with hurricane jose moving closer to us here at home. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> we're tracking the tropics tonight and how the storms could have an impact from the jersey shore to the island of the caribbean. >> brandon hudson kp keith jones showing us how folks are getting ready tonight. we begin with glenn schwartz. the jersey shore could see the impact tomorrow morning. >> there could be showers and winds picking up. we're seeing the high clouds across the shore right now. the center of jose is well offshore. it's tracking to the north. it's not going to make a direct hit. the outer bands do start moving back our way. the center of the storm about 350 miles off the atlantic city.
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the first outer band about 100 miles offshore. and that's why we have a first alert out. for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. through thursday morning. it will take a while for the ocean to calm down. and we have high surf, rip current is going to be really high. the modern coastal flooding maybe the biggest problem we have. and as we go into the morning hours, we'll find an increase in the shower chances. the latest computer models this just in. kind of delays some of the showers. and doesn't bring them as far inland as previous models did. and you can see some of those when they get in, they are heavy. and if they occur around the time of high tide, you'll get even more flooding with that. you can see it just keeps coming right near the shore. we'll talk about the hour by hour forecast for jose and also of course the powerful ma are i ya.
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coming up. >> our team coverage continues now with brandon hudson. live in atlantic city. they are watching the tide very closely. >> the bay appears calm right now. the water rises over the next few days, these boats, these homes they could be in trouble. so could the families that live over on this street too. they're waiting to see if they need to move their cars. >> reporter: on the bay in atlantic city, serenity with a hint of moderate winds. a few feet away on arizona avenue, families worry about the high tide. >> pretty nerve racking coming up the coast. so far so good. it will stay out. i don't know. we're worried about the water here most of all. >> reporter: the threat of hurricane looms in the ocean chl homeowners wait. it's all they can do. >> i choose to live here. i have to deal with it. >> reporter: it doesn't mean she likes it.
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she's lived on this block for 35 years. she doesn't like hurricanes. especially not sandy. >> we had four feet of water in the house. >> reporter: elsewhere, a public works crew protecting the sand dunes and wild wood already damaged by irma. high waves crash along the coast. mother nature paints an ominous picture over the town. back in atlantic city, free parking until 6:00 a.m. thursday for anyone concerned about flooding. for those on arizona avenue. >> it stays here until the storm is done. >> >> reporter: they cars remain close to home. as the wait continues. >> it gets your nerves going. we're a strong community here. we'll see it through. >> a neighbor told me he doesn't expect the water to clear this. he says the city did install several check valves to reduce flooding in low lying areaing
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including this one. this storm will be the first test for the valves. >> take a look again at the other hurricane causing trouble in the tropics. >> hurricane maria is category five that made land fall within the last hour and a half. many countries in the caribbean are struggling to rebuild after hurricane irma. now bracing for the worst. keith jones will have that story coming up. new at 11. fire tears through a landscape supply company in delaware county. you can see the smoke and flames shooting from mulch express. crews were called to the scene before 9:30 tonight. the fire was under control an hour later. and no one was hurt. this suv police say a man and a woman were driving it when they tried to lure two little girls in bucks county yesterday. investigator rs say a nine year-old and 8 year-old were on park lane when the suv pulled
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up. the man asked the girls if they wanted to g for a ride. the girls said no and called police. new information on a crash that seriously injured a student outside high school. police have charged james clark with aggravated result and reckless endangerment. he was speeding and driving distracted when he crashed into 14 year-old kelly williams last month. she was looking at her phone. but was in the crosswalk. tonight she's still recovering from injuries to her organs. spine and pelvis. >> the latest now on a teacher strike in montgomery county. students will not go to class for a second straight day tomorrow. >> nbc10 denise nakano is following the latest. families now realize that more days on strike means more cost for them. >> parents are having to pick up the additional cost of child care. they were not expecting. so they're excited to hear talks
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will be resuming as early as tomorrow morning. >> reporter: school district teachers sp supporters chanted in front of the school district billi building in the final rally for the night. ending day one of the teachers strike. with the talks resuming in hours. >> they were under valuing teachers. they need to be paid what they deserve. >> reporter: the longer the strike goes the tougher it gets on families paying more than 0 $100 out of pocket each week for care. the cost adds up for households with two or more children. >> it takes a toll on the family. >> there's an additional financial burden. and we have to make the days up at some point. >> reporter: the talks went downhill after health insurance premium. submitting a counter proposal tomorrow morning. >> we're hoping that this effort
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will move us off the dime so to speak. and there will be dialogue again between the parties. >> reporter: the last strike in 1985 lasted 25 days. school board members realize the burden placed op families. at 5,000 students will miss another day of school. >> any disruption to the daily life is a big issue. and we don't take that lightly. >> so the strike is still on. teachers are expected to be back on the picket line as early as 7:30 tomorrow. and talks will resume after that. tonight in delaware county, a 15 year-old boy is dead and two other teenagers hurt after a drive by shooting. police say it happened at 3:00 today on west seventh street in chester. police rushed to the scene to find the three teenage boys shot. they were all taken to the hospital. youngest of the victims died. so far, no arrests. new jersey governor announced a major step forward
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in the fight against opioid addiction today. he hosted a roupd table with pharmaceutical companies from around the country. the company leaders promised to working towards non-addictive medication to deal with addiction. christy and white house advisor. private and public sector have to work together. it can range from under age drinking to physical attack. a renewed push to end college hazing. today marks the start of national hazing prevention week. nationwide there's been at least one death every year from hazing. now congressman of pennsylvania is cosponsoring legislation to crack down on it. it would require college campuses to report hazing incidents as part of annual crime report. >> we will educate students about first what inappropriate hazing is. and then second, where and how they can report it.
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third the school itself needs to be a partner in cracking down on the inappropriate activity. >> a new survey asked is hazing acceptable? the answer was overwhelmingly no. still, some say it's fosters pride and. two buses collide on the streets of new york city. one drivers criminal past. and his bus companies troubled history. watch what you post. how some vacation photographs on facebook led to federal charges against a jersey shore mailman. >> the biggest name in toys. right before the holiday shopping season.
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we continue tracking the tropics tonight. hurricane maria made land fall on the island. in the kri yan.
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this storm has grown to a monster category five. experts warn it could bring catastrophic damage. >> many islands are still struggling to recover from hurricane irma. several people are bracing for this storms arrival in puerto rico. >> a nerve racking waiting game. >> there are tens of thousands o pop there who still don't have power after hurricane irma. 6,000 people still without water. so right now panic is setting in. just the last few minutes from the national hurricane center. loaf contaminations maybe uninhabitable for weeks or months. >> reporter: thousands stocking up. >> i have, i have been making. >> reporter: ready for a drkt hit from a catastrophic category five hurricane. >> i think everybody is nervous
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here. >> reporter: there's nothing left to do pu but wait and pray. the government declaring a state of emergency. rationing water and baby formula. president trump signing an emergency declaration. tonight, hope and relief. and bucket of donations in north philadelphia. >> i am very nervous for my family over there. >> reporter: among thousands in the area with family in puerto rico. paren parents hunkering down for what could be the worst storm there since 1932. >> keep in mind thousands evacuated to port roek after irma. now they're in the direct path. locations maybe uninhabitable for weeks if not months. meteorologists glenn schwartz will have an update on both hurricanes coming up in minutes. you can track the tropics any time by down loading the nbc10 app. new information on a deadly
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crash. new york city. caught on camera right here. three people were killed. and 16 others hurt. when are private tour bus ran a red light and smashed into a city bus. the bus then barrelled into a row of store fronts starting a fire this morning. here's video of the after math. tonight we have learned the tour bus driver who died in the crash was a former city bus driver. he was fired in 2015. after he was arrested for drunk driving and a hit and run. several drivers from the tour bus company have been cited for things like speeding and ignoring traffic signals. some facebook photographs have led to federal charges against a jersey shore postal worker. he fraudulently took $75,000 in workers compensation benefits. he claims he couldn't work. but investigators said they found vacation photographs of him zip lining. and repelling. they spotted him doing heavy yard work reportedly in front of his home. no fun and games for toys
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are us. it could be headed for bankruptcy. just before the holiday shopping season. retail experts blap the shift towards online shopping and increase demand nor electronics. high price real estate for store locations hurt the company bottom line. they haven't confirmed the reports. some fierce fashion hit the cat walk tonight in center city. 16 local designers of the philadelphia fashion showed off their fall collection. on the style gala run way. it was so fun to be there. after the show, guests got to do shopping. the style gala is official kick off of fashion week in philadelphia. >> tonight a new castle county celebrating everything polish. food, beer, merchandise and pottery. it wraps up saturday. first alert weather. raging waves down the shore tonight. take a look.
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at jose's impact in ocean city. we have been telling you at the threat of dangerous rip current. you can see how rough that surf is. the rain from hurricane jose could start hitting the jersey shore by morning. >> let's get an update now. >> all right, thanks. we're seeing not only the clouds by the first rain bands on the radar. not that far offshore. it's about 60, 70 miles. some parts of the shore could see rain by the morning rush. this is the main outer band. center is still way offshore. and it's not going to be making land fall. we have sent storm ranger ten up to cape cod. this is the area that's going to be the closest to the lapd fall of the jose. you can see some of the rain bands getting closer and cleser. just over last few hours and will be reporting all day tomorrow. the track takes it up to the north and as it goes into colder water, it's going to weaken.
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we have indications that it may start to make a bit of a loop. and start to move back. one of the things that happens is as it does that it's moving back into warm water again. so it does have a chance to regenerate. and possibility of it getting closer to the east coast. in the meantime, the tide just keep going up and up. the worst will come tomorrow evening. 7:ha moderate coastal flooding. that's significant. you get streets flooded with that kind of impact. the worst of the storm does stay well offshore. and that's just fine. you can see some of the showers moving in during the morning hours. even more during the afternoon. you can get some waves of downpours here. and even street flooding. while inland, to go inland far
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enough you may get a drop of rain tomorrow. sitting not too far away because it won't be able to keep going straight out into the atlantic. it's going to be churning up the waves for days. this one is -- this is catastrophic event here. right over the island of dom. two category fives have made land fall in the atlantic basin in the same year. this is not the last land fall that is going to happen here. it's a category five now 160 miles per hour winds. it's only moving at nine miles per hour. 0 miles northwest. there it is a cat five. going straight towards puerto rico. wednesday with 150 miles per hour max winds. somewhere between a four and five will be very close. it goes just east of the bahamas. and then what happens to it? it doesn't necessarily go
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straight out to sea. we could end up having an interaction of this storm and jose. as jose comes back towards us. you can see the track over puerto rico. is very clear cut. and then it starts moving up to the north. and getting too close to jose. i have a blog on that on our web site. from digging in the dirt to playing with kids. see how eagles players are doing good work across the community. next.
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some eagles players spent the day off digging in the dirt. they helped plant trees and flowers. which pr vid housing and services to homeless families. the team presented the non-profit with a $5,000 grant courtesy of nfl play 60. >> eagles defensive tackle bow
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allen visited the boys and girls club. he brought along $5,000 in sports equipment from good sports. the donation includes basketball, footballs, equipment bags and hoo la hoops. >> the giants this sunday. it all starts at 9:30 a.m. with eagles game day kick off. thanks so much. eagles have to cure was ails the run game and take the pressure off the young quarterback. a member of the phillies does something that's never been done before. i'll tell you what it is. next.
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the phillies face the best
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team in baseball tonight. the 96 win dodgers. and one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last decade. in kershaw. means chase utly back in philadelphia. the first inning, chris taylor. watch this one. looks like test gone. it bounces off the top of the wall. and away from odubel herrera and he can really motor. he's on his horse. flying around the base bis. he trots in standing up for the inside the park home run. not something you see that often. here's something rarer. kershaw with the bases loaded. the first grand slam kershaw has ever allowed ever in his ten year career. phillies win 4-3. >> he told me the inning after wards that's the first time it
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happened. it's obviously pretty special to be the first to do that. i don't take it for granted. he's a really good pitcher. thank god i was able to get a pitch to hit. >> that's a well earned kour tan call. eagles focus this week is shifting to the home opener with the giants coming in to the link on sunday. two games leading rusher is carson wentz. birds called 13 run plays yet. blunt's carry the only one with nullified by a penalty. >> we have things to fix. we have to debug some things. a lot of things that play into the factor. there's eleven guys out there. 11 guys that have to make a play go. nine guys have to execute things ferktly for the running game. it isn't doing so well. we have to figure out what's going on and fix it. >> plenty of pressure on wentz.
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the chiefs. eagles know the second year franchise qb cannot be under that sort of duress. >> at the same time i have to look at the whole picture the the whole pie. and focus in on the run game. and getting that going. will give us a better balance moving forward. >> i'm not overly concerned about the run game. >> we'll see thousand works out in the home opener sunday at the link. we're right back with more news right after this. (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions.
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and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
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all right. you'll be hearing and seeing more about this maria. category five. and as it approaches puerto rico, we're going to be grazed by jose. just get a few showers tomorrow. especially at the shore. and look at what happens. it gets warm and sunny all the way into next week. way above normal temperatures. once jose moves away. >> feeling like summer again. >> for the start of fall. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. the tonight show is coming up next. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- demi lovato, john cleese,


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