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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we've issued a first alert as tropical storm jose continues to batter the jersey shore and delaware beaches. while jose brings flooding and rough surf to the coast, hurricane maria is bringing devastation to the caribbean. we're tracking the impacts of both storms this morning. jose has already brought flooding to the jersey shore. you see the floodwaters are covering a street as waves crash over the sea walls. we have team coverage tracking jose's impacts. nbc10's matt delucia is live along the shore. we begin with first alert meteorologist bill henley with the latest on the storm's path. bill? >> high tide this morning is between 8:00 and 9:00. that's when ocean city could be in for some more flooding. you see the waters running high. there's jose spinning offshore. weakening and pulling away from us. it's not going to get much farther away. it will weaken, but it's going to be spinning in the ocean for days. today, we'll see some sunshine in our area, turns out to be a nice day. unfortunately, with the impact of jose, we're still looking at
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flooding. moderate flooding from the delaware beaches and jersey shore, and the how surf will continue. rough seas. we're under a first alert for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches through tomorrow morning. we will see improvement later today. high surf, dangerous rip currents, moderate coastal flooding this morning, not this evening. beach erosion will likely continue. the rest of the area looking nice. 68 in the suburbs. new jersey 70. clouds, 71, no fog this morning. philadelphia at 71. a northerly wind at 13 miles per hour. that wind will be blowing at 10:00 this morning, though not as strong as yesterday. we'll get to see sunshine. 76 at 10:00. warming into the 80s this afternoon. well above the normal high. 80 this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you what to expect in your neighborhood in a few minutes. first, first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington,. starting off in new jersey,
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cherry hill. there's a construction project underway on route 38's westbound side near chapel avenue. the right and center lanes are currently closed. getting through the area shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. you won't be able to get through the vine street expressway for at least another half an hour. the vine is closed. this is the camera at broad, in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, bridge repair closing it down eastbound and westbound. that typically clears around 5:00. we're waiting on the edge of our seats for that. watching amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco, all on time and close to schedule so far. the jersey shore and delaware beaches are facing rough and dangerous conditions from tropical storm jose. >> parts of the jersey shore have already seen flooding. matt delucia is on the jersey shore. matt, tell us what it's looking like right now. >> reporter: just within the last half hour, we've seen the wind pick up. we see more of the waves crashing here along the jetties and along the shoreline here in
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avalon. we're by the townsend's inlet bridge. the big concern is high tide which comes between 8:00 and 9:00 at the oceanfront here and back bays. high tide is a little bit later. at the shore we've seen preparations for a couple of days for coastal flooding. and those preparations continue once again for what is expected in a few hours. how about people kayaking in the street. high tide came around last night. while homeowners tried to protect their properties, the post season vacationers really tried to make the best of it. we did see a shed wash away in the flooding. police working hard to keep everyone safe. neighbors lined up along jfk boulevard to watch a show. some really entertained by the crashing waves. >> it was a roller coaster. you're waiting for it to go down. i said to her, hold on because it's going to knock us over. it did. >> i was concerned and wanted to
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make sure that it wasn't too, too dangerous and everybody was up there. looks like a party going on. i should have set up a bar. >> reporter: while some people are enjoying themselves and having a party, you have some of the folks here concerned about their properties and concerned about the coastal flooding that could happen once again. you see these waves just crashing here. granted, we're at the shoreline where you see the waves crashing. of course it's a lot more dramatic where we are. the winds have picked up, and we have seen wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour here. that has increased in the last half hour. we are still feeling the remnants of jose even though it's far offshore. it's impacting our area. we'll continue following this as it tracks north here in south jersey. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. we're tracking hurricane maria as it's pounding st. croix and the u.s. virgin islands. the eye that has already moved over the island, and the storm
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expected to make a direct hit puerto rico before sunrise. >> maria is still a category-5 storm with 165-mile-an-hour winds. you can hear the wind and see palm trees being blown about as the hurricane approached overnight. this video was shot by an nbc producer in san juan. as maria heads toward puerto rico, the u.s. territory's governor warned people to take cover, get out if they can. people who got flights out of san juan to miami said they escaped in the nick of time. >> i made it out of san juan, puerto rico, just before the bad news that's coming from hurricane maria. >> you had everybody leaving from the pvi, but i'm glad to be in miami now. >> again, hurricane maria is expected to make landfall on puerto rico in a matter of hours. the powerful has parted
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martinique and guadalupe. dominica took a direct hit where communications are cut off. officials on that tiny island nation reported widespread devastation there. and tracking the tropics any time, download the nbc10 app and monitor the forecast and weather down to your neighborhood and get instant alerts on the path of the storm. the man found guilty of sex assaults on girls gifted to him by their parents will learn his sentence today. bucks county jurors convicted lee donald kaplan earlier this year on 17 counts of child rain, statutory -- child rape, statutory rape and other offenses. the parents gifted their daughters because kaplan helped the families out of financial ruin. the parents are awaiting sentencing on child endangerment convictions. 5,000 students in the methacton school district are missing a third straight day of school. teachers walked off the job monday. yesterday the school board asked the union to join them in arbitration in hopes of quickly working out a new contract.
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if the union accepts the school board's invitation, school could be back in session tomorrow or friday. today in new york president trump will meet one on one with leaders from britain, jordan, egypt, and other nations and host a luncheon at the general assembly. yesterday in his first address to the group, president trump threatened to "totally destroy north korea if the united states is forced to defend itself or its allies." the moment was met with gasps in the room. he also mocked kim jong-un. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> north korea has not responded to the president's speech. later this morning on the "today" show, united nations ambassador nikki haley will join matt and savannah to talk about the address. the "today" show starts at 7:00 a.m. right after "nbc10 news today." angry and hurt. another message of hate is found at a local university. what students are saying as the school takes new measures to
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combat the racist incidents. swallowed up. how a family escapes their home just as a sinkhole opens up beneath their feet. new at 5:00 a.m., hiring for the holidays. the big box store welcoming seasonal workers. ,$88doooooorw
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4:40. breaking news, the death toll continues to rise in mexico. a powerful earthquake leveled buildings and knocked out electricity. this morning, rescuers and volunteers are digging through the rubble of a collapsed school. also homes and apartment buildings looking for survivors. the magnitude 7.1 quake hit yesterday, centered about 75 miles southeast of mexico city. the death toll is now at least 217 people. that is expected to climb. all over mexico city, crews and
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volunteers, as we said, were digging through rubble of collapsed buildings. the desperate search for survivors is going on at a school that crumbled in mexico city. at least 25 bodies have been pulled from the rubble. all but four are children. power is out for half the people in the area hit by the quake. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington. starting on the roosevelt boulevard, cameras at 17th. both directions look okay, as you see. the northbound and southbound sides moving fine. roads are particularly dry. we're also watching the vine street expressway. moving through center city, closed in both directions, this point at broad headed to the schuylkill expressway for overhead bridge repair. that will be there for at least another 20 minutes or so until about 5:00. watching 422. ending with the drive time. we're green both directions. seven minutes westbound, eight minutes eastbound. from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, speeds also into the
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60s there. i'll have updates and economic this with new jersey in -- and check in with new jersey in about ten minutes. flood warnings in effect this morning. between 8:00 and 9:00, we could see another round of flooding at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. moderate flooding expected with jose lingering offshore. breezy, 14-mile-an-hour winds in flick city. it's dropped to the 60s in the suburbs. most locations in the 70s. today we'll see the neighborhoods warm into the 80s. we'll get sunshine. in fact, clouds have already broken for philadelphia, wilmington, allentown, reading in the clear. dover looking at getting ready for sunshine along with cape may. the showers are just offshore. that's where jose is and continues to spin offshore and will for days. we'll get sunshine today. 73 degrees at 8:00 this morning.
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millville, clouds and 70. no sign of showers for wilmington, pottstown, doylestown, a dry day today. 76 degrees at 11:00. near 80 in millville, a nice warmup at the shore, too. the flood threat will be easing by 11:00 this morning. the clouds will be breaking, and the temperatures will climb into the upper 70s to near 80. 80 degrees even at 4:00 in atlantic city. look at philadelphia -- 86 degre degrees in the afternoon. doppler radar and satellite shows the caribbean. it's puerto rico that is about to minutes away hit landfall, the eye of the storm. passing back to you st. croix. st. croix took a pounding as the strongest side of the storm moved through. part of the island now in the eye of hurricane maria. mar maria's with 160 mile-an-hour winds, category 5. destruction is happening unfortunately in puerto rico even though the eye hasn't made it on land. we'll get the eye passing
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through possibly within an hour's time and then moving out to sea. it's going to be a number of hours before we'll see conditions improving. we'll see what maria has done to puerto rico and get the first images later this morning. a look at the path for maria and what's next when i come back with the ten day on ten in a few minutes. impacts off the field. the long-term health effects new fabcould be having on children -- new football could be having on children. dream come true. how a visit to citizens bank park fulfills a lifelong dream for this couple.
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for the third time in receipt days, messages of hate -- recent days, messages of hate at a cabrini dorm. >> the messages of hate prompted a major response from the school and students to stop it from happening again. hundreds showed up to a closed door town hall meeting last night. university staff and radnor police addressed the racist
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messages left at a dorm student -- at a dorm, and students we spoke with say they're angry, hurt, and concerned about the racism. >> it hits close to home because it's usually pretty united here. things like that are hurt follow to hear from your friends and see your friends go through things like that because you think you're accepted here. >> cabrini says it's increased security and plans to hold another town hall today. new this morning in atlantic county, stockton university, campus police are searching for three people seen putting up white supremacist flyers. someone reported seeing the posters monday, and police removed them. a judge ruled against a penn state fraternity seeking to retrieve video recording equipment seized in the hazing death investigation of a pledge. beta theta pi wants prosecutors to return its inhouse surveillance from the night timothy piazza was critically injured. the judge said prosecutors are entitled to keep the equipment
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because it's evidence. the prosecution sent some of the equipment to the fbi in order to recover more images. piazza died in february after drinking at the fraternity house and falling headfirst down the basement stairs. 14 members of beta theta pi face misdemeanor charges in the case. the debate is heating up over whether to allow teachers to carry guns in pennsylvania. the gun control group, cease-fire p.a., joined a city councilwoman. they're launching a video campaign against a bill moving through the legislature that would allow districts to decide if their teachers can be armed in school. >> they claim it's for security. we know these dangerous proposals won't keep our kids or teachers safe. teachers, parents, even kids that we've talked to are opposed to this. >> in july the state passed a bill allowing districts to have a say at whether teachers can be armed at school. no votes have been scheduled in
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the house. governor wolf says he will veto the bill if it gets to his desk. compelling video. a florida family escaped their home hours before a sinkhole swallowed it up. take a look. wow. crews rushed to the scene yesterday to find the sinkhole had already swallowed part of the home. the homeowner says she noticed a problem the night before and says there were deep cracks in the bathroom, and the tub was already sinking. the family grabbed everything that they could and put it on the front lawn before the home crumbled. look at new images of a fallen tree that trapped a man on a new york city sidewalk. a truck hit the tree yesterday afternoon, knocking it on to the man. witnesses ran to free him. they say he was dazed but didn't seem seriously hurt. a new study suggests playing youth football could have long-term health kwex. refers e researchers -- health effects. researchers found those playing the sport have an increased risk of mood swings, emotional
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problems, and depression later in life. the research says that the risks were consistent regardless of how many years they played or concussions they reported during their career. a lot it get to the weather department. >> bill henley with the forecast. >> we're still feeling the effects of yesterday. yesterday, mostly cloudy, a few showers inland. this is a view from the nbc10 studios, a view showing more sunshine today. mean time, rehoboth beach will see sunshine with jose weakening and pulling away. the main threat for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore is the potential flooding this morning between 8:00 and 9:00 later in the back bay. 70s if you're heading out the door in delaware, philadelphia, south jersey. in philadelphia, this time of year, the temperatures should be in the 50s. running 50 degrees above in parkside, chestnut hill.
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72 in pennsport and northeast philadelphia airport and bustleton. the clouds have backed off. showers inland will not be affecting us. a nice break. we'll see sunshine while we're monitor i monitoring jose as it lingers off shore. no longer a hurricane, a tropical storm and weakening, becoming a tropical depression. strong hurricane, that's maria. maria is minutes away from making landfall in puerto rico. the storm system is moving to the northwest at almost ten miles per hour. so within the hour, it is going to hit puerto rico and then move past that island with devastating effect. the category-5 storm has winds of 160re iis, 160 mile-an-hour winds. moving park san juan, and coming down in wind speeds. still a major storm with category 4 into thursday morning and thursday evening, as well. as it moves farther to the north, it will weaken. no longer a major storm, major
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hurricane by sunday at 8:00. still a threat for the east coast of the united states as we head into next week. today, 84 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies. a warm day tomorrow as winds die down. the temperature warms up to 86 degrees. then autumn arrives in the afternoon on friday. just after 4:00. 82 degrees the high. here's your first weekend of fall. looks like a summer weekend. 85 on saturday. near 90 on sunday. a chance we'll see some showers potentially from jose, still lingering in the area on monday and tuesday. a chance of showers monday and tuesday. drying out and cooling down next week finally. it will feel like autumn next thursday and friday. >> all right. that unc. 4:52. let's talk about getting to work on hump day. >> let's check in with jessica boyington looking at the admiral wilson boulevard on the jersey side. >> we're watching that
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approaching the ben franklin bridge. you see the bridge right back here. the tonight's below that, of course. -- the tonight's below that, of course, no problems now. seeing parts of new jersey, construction out in cherry hill. watch for this on the westbound side at chapel avenue. the right and center lanes closed there but getting by shouldn't be too much of a problem. the vine street expressway is still closed, too. in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. we have that overhead bridge repair which is causing it to be closed down. it typically is closed until 5:00. so within the next couple of minutes we should start to see the construction project move out of the way. i'll have updates when i come back, and the next one's in ten minutes. out of the park, a phillies rookie once again steals the show as he continues his record-setting run. and field of dreams. how a visit to citizens bank park helped a couple fulfill a lifelong mission. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you with
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a check on the roads. we're watching, this is actually the schuylkill expressway headed to the vine street expressway. right here the on ramp blocked as we can see it's closesed on the vine between -- closed on the vine between broad and the schuylkill. typically clears at this time. you see the flashing lights at the sides. we'll see this clear soon. i'll have updates for you on that and more on the roads when i come back. in bucks county, ben salem police need your help in identifying this alleged thief. he stole more than $3,000 worth of phones from the t-mobile at mechanicsville and street roads. he's taken phones from the same store five other times this year. and these red boxes are being set up across pennsylvania to fight the opioid epidemic. yesterday governor tom wolf announced the opening of 55 prescription drug take-back boxes set up at police stations across the state, open 24/7. authorities say you can use them to safely dispose of unwanted prescriptions. in atlantic city today, the battle of the badges.
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firefighters and police teaming up with the red cross to find out which agency can recruit the most people to donate blood. firefighters won last year. blood donations are being accepted at the atlantic city and moose lodge 216 on west end avenue. the red cross will be there from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 this afternoon. at this point in the baseball season, the foils are playing -- phillies are playing for pride since the playoff run is not in the cards this year. they are sure making a losing season interesting. last night phillies' rocky sensation rhys hoskins added to his recordea the bases-clearing hit. get this, the phillies made it two wins in a row against the best team in the makers. >> we're competitive. i think it's good that we're not shying away from the big games. you know, especially against, like i said, one of the best teams in baseball. it's fun, good for us. >> yes, it is. the phills' series against the dodgers continues tonight. and new this morning, new
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uniform needed. the philly fanatic turned heads in stands. >> what? >> and on the field when he decided to streak across the field at citizens bank park. close your eyes, tracy. >> i don't want to see him like that. >> it mascot made it safely off the field without having to answer to philadelphia police. citizens bank park is a field of dreams. >> for a california couple, it's where they fulfilled a lifelong dream. ken and sentara talker completed their tour of all the major league baseball parks. last one, citizens bank park. while all the parks were memorable, the tuckers say it was the people who really made their journey so special. >> we meet all sorts of people in the parks, sitting with us. walking around in the stands. we always get to the games a couple of hours early. fascinating people. people are great. baseball fans are fantastic wherever you go. >> these lifelong giants fans aren't done yet. next goal is to see the giants
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play at all 30 ballparks. >> wow. >> they are fans. >> what a great bucket list thing to do. good for the tuckers. now for more of the stories we're following now at "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> flooding fears. tropical storm jose is moving closer and closer to us, causing concern at the jersey shore and along the delaware coastline. chaos in the caribbean. a monster hurricane is moving in, tearing through islands still in and septa showdown. a violent fight and robbery on a train caught on camera. happening now, tracking strong storms. hurricane maria, a strong storm, set to slam puerto rico in the next hour. tropical storm jose trends closer to our shore causing flooding concerns for beaches in new jersey and delaware. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. the flooding concerns are why we've issued a first alert this
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morning. meteorologist bill henley is tracking those storms. bill, fill us in. >> yeah. the wind is blowing in our area because of jose. that wind won't be as strong as yesterday. still an issue for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. moderate flooding is possible this morning in both areas as jose continues spinning off shore. high surf and flooding dangers this morning. they'll ease off for the next couple of days. for now, even though we'll see sunshine, we're under a first alert for tropical impacts for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches through tomorrow morning. high surf rip current risk, moderate coastal flooding this morning. beach erosion is likely to continue because of jose. otherwise, 70 degrees right now in new jersey. pretty quiet in the suburbs. 68 degrees. we'll see sunshine in philadelphia. warm from the low 70s into the 80s. going to be a warm summer day. even at the shore some nice sunshine. it's the seas that will be a problem this afternoon as it warms up to 80 degrees later today. take a look at a forecast hour by hour, i'll break it down to shha


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