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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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everyone before it's too late. a curfew goes into effect right now at 6:00 until 6:00 tomorrow morning so people can stay out of the way of rescue crews. all the power is out on the island. many streets there look like rivers. the governor says this is the most devastating storm in the history of puerto rico. >> the puerto rico and san juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there. don't forget us. >> we're bringing you live team coverage of hurricane maria's wrath. let's begin with tammie souza. people are feeling it. >> let's look at this hurricane which already the intensity is stronger than that of irma. we saw how big irma was.
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this storm is smaller in size but it's based on the central pressure. i have to tell you it was st. croix and the islands around and puerto rico itself that bore the brunt of this huge storm. look at the eye. it falls apart as it moves across the mountains. on the other side of puerto rico there it is. the eye is trying to reform. that means this storm is trying to restrengthen. let's look at maria. it will be expected to restrengthen to 130 to 156-mile-an-hour winds. it's headed toward the turks and caicos. it will graze the northern side of the dominican republic and then north along the eastern coast of the u.s. and it is the tenth most intense atlantic hurricane on record with a minimum pressure of 906 millibars, 175-mile-an-hour winds. that was last night. this was an incredible storm. when we come back in a little while we'll take a closer look at where the track of maria will go. back to you, jacqueline. local families are on edge
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as they watch the storm pound puerto rico. commu communication with the island has almost completely wiped out. aaron baskerville is nilive in kensington where residents are struggling to contact loved ones. >> reporter: a lot of people are having major difficulty getting in touch with loved ones in puerto rico. 23 different workers here have relatives in puerto rico, and the struggle is real inside here. as you walk around you can see the place is empty for now. this place is closed down around 5:00. still major concerns out there. i had a chance to talk to a bunch of customers. they reached out to loved ones early this morning. they were able to talk to them then, but now everything is shut down. inside this store in kensington, nearly everyone has a story about how hurricane maria is affecting their families.
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this man is one of 23 workers who have loved ones fighting off the massive storm in puerto rico. she can't get hold of her grandmother. >> they don't have any communication, no electricity. it bothers me. >> i know -- maria is horrific. >> reporter: the anguish of not knowing haunts the owner yasmin. she understands the trouble her coworkers are having concentrating. she is going through the same thing. >> it's hard. it's hard because i know. all my family is there. living here only with my children. so it's hard for me. >> reporter: also at the restaurant state lawmaker cruz trying to calm his nerves with a familiar lunch but communication issues are weighing heavy. constant images of destruction from maria are not doing him any favors. >> you can't call land lines. and now they're having problems with cellphones. i got some phone calls late last
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night and early this morning saying we are getting ready. it's going to hit us hard. >> reporter: everything is all about helping out folks in puerto rico now. you will see it in this restaurant. buckets like this. this was for hurricane irma but now this will be for maria. they're asking anyone to please donate and start to help out in the relief efforts. live in kensington. aaron baskerville, nbc10 news. while hurricane maria keeps hammering the caribbean, josé has weakened and is causing less of an impact in our area. josé is still loushgiurking off east coast. the jersey shore will see dangerous surf and rip currents for the next few days. tonight, the death toll from the earthquake that rocked mexico is now at least 225 people. crews have saved dozens from underneath the rubble. one of the buildings levelled during the quake, a school where
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25 people were found dead. 21 of them were children. and right now crews found a girl under the school's rubble, and they are still working to pull her out. here at home neighbors are trying to make sure their loved ones in mexico are safe. but that's been an issue of its own. cell service is spotty because power is knocked out to millions. that has people back here wondering if their family is okay. >> my mom, my sisters, are they okay, what is going on. i got into this panic attack. >> luckily miriam found out her family is okay. stay tuned for "nbc nightly news" right after this news cast. they're tracking the aftermath of the earthquakes. a driver trapped in the middle of a flooded road in south jersey. skyforce10 was over the scene. the minivan driver couldn't get
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out, so they rushed to the scene and pulled her from the vehicle. new at 6:00. nbc10 is looking for answers after a patient walked away from her lehigh valley nursing home. then she was found dead weeks later. she walked away last month and was found dead about two miles away from the facility. her family says they trusted them to look after her. nbc10's deanna durante has spent the day digging into state records, finding many violations the state wants to fix. >> she definitely was one of a kind and irreplaceable. >> reporter: audrey penn was a mom, grandmother and for more than three decades worked as a nurse's aide. >> that was her thing. carrying for other people. >> reporter: the family struggled a place for finding a place for her full-time care. after research they chose woodland terrace at the oaks. >> they kept stressing how they had the locked, secured unit. >> reporter: an august 23rd. carl got the call his mother was
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missing. her body was found three weeks later in a ditch two miles away. audrey's family wants to know how she could have walked out the front door. we asked the facility for comment. they responded we continue to test our systems and review safety measures to ensure all technology and processes continue to work effectively. we asked the home and state department of health and human services about the home's past inspections. over the last two years we found the facility had been cited for issues like missing paperwork to expired medication. state inspectors say they found loose pills in common areas and the facility failed to report suspected abuse. a spokes woman for the facility says at the time audrey walked away the home was operating on a provisional license because of past infractions. she says the facility has until friday to create a new plan of action in the wake of audrey's disappearance. >> they failed us. we entrusted her care with them, and they failed her, they failed us. we don't want to see any other
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residents being put in this same position. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc10 news. in bucks county a man will spend three decades in prison for sexually abusing amish girls gifted to him by their parents. today a judge sentenced lee kaplan to 30 to 87 years in brisson. kaplan was convicted of sexually abusing six girls and fathering two children by one of them. prosecutors say the girls' parents gave their daughters to kaplan because he helped them out of financial ruin. in chester county a man will go on trial for sucker-punching someone with cerebral palsy. barry baker rejected a plea deal today. prosecutors say the video shows him punch a victim outside a convenience store. new at 6:00. a top philadelphia election official says hundreds of immigrants not eligible to vote were registered to cast ballots.
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the penndot glitch was blamed for letting ineligible but legal residents register to vote. turniso far the city commisr has only identified that 220 non-citizens were registered when they shouldn't have been from the years 2006 to 2017. and of those registered, only 90 voted. new from delaware. some cancer patients can now get access to cutting-edge therapies earlier. the governor signed a bill today requiring health insurance policies to cover new treatments for stage iv cancer that's spread to other parts of the body. those patients no longer have to prove that they've first tried other drugs. the law is based on a similar bill inspired by former president jimmy carter's cancer battle. up next, new at 6:00. screaming over a service dog.
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the video caught inside a delaware restaurant is going viral. the veteran whose dog was at the center of the outburst tells us what he wants now. the return of summer this weekend. it's going to be a hot one. plus, we are tracking maria and how close this will come to philadelphia. plus, trap game? the giants are 0-2 ahead of the game with the eagles sunday. what carson wentz is saying about not underestimating the competition. fran grenier.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet.
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that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. just look at that devastation. the latest now on hurricane maria. the entire island of puerto rico is in the dark tonight. no one has power. rescues continue as flooding leaves some villages completely under water. and the area is under curfew until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. tonight the storm is moving away from puerto rico and up toward the eastern seaboard. you can see it on this live satellite image. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist tammie souza is tracking the path. that's ahead in her full forecast. new at 6:00, a video going viral of a woman screaming about
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a veteran's service dog inside a delaware restaurant. [ screaming ] >> no it's not. >> it's nasty to me. >> the woman seems to be angry that the staff let the dog in. tonight tim furlong spoke to the veteran about the outburst. >> it's nasty to me. i don't care. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: by now millions around the world have seen the video. a woman losing her temper in part because there is a dog in a restaurant. it was a veteran with a service dog. turns out the video was shot friday night here at cathy's crab house in delaware city which today proudly says service dogs are welcome. cathy owns the place. bill is the veteran. a delaware native now living in montana who was here with his service dog jp. he did tours in bosnia, iraq and afghanistan. the dog helps him with ptsd.
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bill was surprised when things got so ugly on friday. >> it's disgusting to have an animal inside a public restaurant. >> reporter: the woman didn't like the idea of a dog in a restaurant. but it wasn't just a pet. it's a service animal. under the americans with disabilities act the dog was allowed to stay. the woman's only option was to take herself out of the restaurant. she didn't leave quietly. some good has come out of folks seeing this video. >> it's making people understand, you know what, this is not the way we should be treating each other. >> reporter: i dug up the laws surrounding service animals. police are investigating what happened and are not yet releasing the woman's name. for legal reasons we have to blur her face. cathy is there in the kitchen and on the phone. the support for jp has been overwhelming. >> people are calling from all over the united states in support. they want to buy him a meal, they want to buy the dog a meal.
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they want to support him. >> reporter: in delaware city, tim furlong, nbc10 news. [ drum roll ] tonight, peace rally outside the school district of philadelphia. this is all part of the international day of peace celebrations around the world. students from parkway northwest high school led the rally with uplifting songs and messages of peace. take a look at this from the jersey shore. a truck stuck on ventnor's boardwalk. it travelled two and a half miles from atlantic city before stopping here. crews worked for hours dismantling railings and putting down planks to finally get it off. the driver was ticketed for being on the boardwalk. back to first alert weather. what was hurricane josé has weakened to a tropical storm but not before it damaged the jersey shore. beach erosion is now a problem
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along the shore. this section of the beach in north wildwood was totally consumed by water. rough seas and high rip currents continue at the shore due to josé. a live look at conditions in avalon right now. since hurricane josé is so far out to sea it is making way for less dreary conditions today further inland. a look at broad street from the kimball center camera. hurricane maria is tearing through puerto rico. roofs being ripped off, homes flooded. millions without power. the entire island is without power. let's go to nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza tracking maria and our local weather. >> we'll cover both storms and the effect it's having on us. the clouds are gone. low coastal fog and the surf is down but get used to seeing big waves, dangerous rip currents and high seas. we'll now watch maria. it will be tracking through our neck of the woods. we'll have to watch that closely. in avalon right now, 79 degrees
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and calm winds. that's helping. philadelphia 85. the high today, 86. winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. around the area. wilmington you are at 85. 76 in mount pocono. 80 for mount holly. trenton, 86. a steamy, sticky day out there. just being brushed by the clouds from what was josé, now just basically a tropical storm swirling off the coast. not moving a whole lot. let's look at the way the track will move. it's kind of crazy. it moves in a circle. 70-mile-an-hour winds moving to the northeast. let's go back to the west. maybe a little southwest. anywhere in the circle is where it could wind up. it will become a remnant low, but it could still bring a little shower activity by monday. let's turn to maria. maria has been downgraded to a category 2 storm. this storm will restrengthen.
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it's the tenth most intense hurricane on the record in the atlantic basin with the lowest pressure that got down to 906. lower than irma was. you see the eye trying to reform as it pulls away from puerto rico. category 2. it will move past the dominican republic. likely staying offshore. moving through the turks and caicos. strengthen to a 3, possibly a category 4. move past the bahamas, out to sea. it will be between bermuda and the east coast of the u.s. sunday and monday. let's look and see what goes on with this track, because for the most part we'll see this moving a little bit sclocloser to us, staying offshore. by the time we get into a week from today or tomorrow we could be brushed by showers, high surf and a bit of a mess out there. when we're done with maria, this used to be lee. right now it's just remnants but it could reform, so we may be looking at another storm in the atlantic. for us here at home, here is your ten-day on 10.
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87 for tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds. heavy on the sun. 83 friday. 87 saturday. 88 sunday. some 90s in the area and possibly some showers on monday and tuesday. jacqueline. surprise. it's john. i am john clark. eagles making a change on offense. we'll hear from carson wentz. joel embiid is not yet cleared. any concerns? we'll hear from the sixers coming up.
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i am john clark from csn. looks like the eagles will be making a change on the offensive
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line sunday. chance war mac gets his chance at left guard. the birds are missing three players in the secondary all out with hamstring injuries. rodney mcleod, jalen watkins and cory grahams. the birds hosting the 0-2 giants. the giants only scored 13 points in the first two games. eli manning sacked five times last week. i asked carson wentz how desperate about the winless giants be? >> i don't know. they are a good football team. they are 0-2 but they are a good football team. they were good last year. they're very similar to last year, we can't overlook them because they're 0-2. i mean, this is the national football league. anybody can beat anybody at any time. >> that's true. sixers camp. joel embiid not cleared for five on five. sixers don't believe the minutes restriction will be as steep as last season. here is president bryan
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colangelo. >> he will be out there on the first practice and the first game. the question is how much, how little, if at all. those things will be determined by him hitting certain criterion along the way. >> ben simmons cleared and go to go. >> played five on five basketball. dominating the gym right now. >> i think he has the foundational pieces. he has a real chance to be great. i don't say this lightly. >> that's rhys hoskins. philly going for three straight against the team with the biggest game in baseball. last night. facing 30 pitches. amazing for a rookie to have such plate discipline. >> i think the longer i am in there, the more pitches i see, the more comfortable i start to
6:26 pm
feel. i am able to home in on the timing. for me, which is -- that's pretty important for me. >> he has had a history-making start to his career. ryan howard has noticed, tweeting ree tweeting rhys hoskins is a beast. ryan got a reply. big shoes to fill. appreciate the love, big man. brotherly love. i am john clark. we're right back.
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. breaking news, the teacher strike is over. teachers agree to arbitration. they are back to school on friday. a final look at our weather now with tammie souza. >> it will be hot and sweaty. >> feels like summer. >> we thought those days were over. >> no, no, no. summer does not end until friday technically. we'll feel like summer all the way through the middle of next week. we're also going to be feeling the effects of josé
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transitioning to maria. we'll keep an eye on the coastline as well. >> i'm jacqueline london. up next, "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. see you back at 11:00. breaking news tonight. double disasters unfolding as we come on the air. hurricane maria hammering puerto rico with a direct hit. still a monster storm. the strongest to slam ashore on that american island in nearly a century. power reportedly knocked out to 100% of the island. torrential rain, as much as two feet. life-threatening floods turning roads into raging rivers. our team is there and al roker is tracking the danger. while in mexico, a race against time after that powerful earthquake. first responders and volunteers digging to rescue survivors in the rubble, including children trapped when their school collapsed. the death toll soaring into the hundreds from the quake that leveled buildings and sparked explosions. tonight, we're live from both disa


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